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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 7, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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museum in new york city. this historic ship saw active combat from world war ii through vietnam and resides in the hub son river. and tonight this ship will host the first commander-in-chief forum and the battle for your vote. the stage right there is set for the major party's 2016 presidential nominees. the first back to back appearances in this general election. hillary clinton and donald trump will answer pointed questions on national security. as we have been talking about, the new nbc news survey monkey poll shows trump has a sizable edge among active and veteran service members. a short time ago he laid out plans to revamp the military and turn hillary clinton's rhetoric and hit lines against her. >> it's produced only turmoil and suffering and death. she's trigger happy and very unstable. she's also reckless.
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honestly, she's totally unfit to be our commander-in-chief. totally unfit. >> hillary clinton has taught us really how vulnerable we are in cyber hacking. as probably the only thing we have learned from hillary clinton. >> so our intrepid campaign reporters are on deck and back at msnbc headquarters. i want to start with kasie hunt, who is right here beside me. great to see you. we're talking about the excitement for this evening. we know donald trump is using hillary clinton's own words against her. the new poll out today shows trump with a sizable lead among active and retired military service members. how nervous is the clinton campaign and what's the number one thing you're hearing they need to do. >> i don't think the number in the poll is a surprise. republicans do better with veterans.
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but the clinton campaign is cognizant of how the trump has changed over the last couple weeks. this new tone, he's sticking to the script. he has a new staff that seems to be execute whag they said they were going to come out and execute much different than in the past. for the clinton campaign in the context of national security, this has been such a focus for her from the very beginning of the campaign. she found her groove. you saw this speech from trump today where he tried to apply the new model to national security. he's trying to reassure women he knows what he's doing and he has plans that he can explain with numbers and facts and make more establishment hawkish republicans comfortable with him. the challenge is to continue this it argument that he's temperamentally unfit and making americans believe that. >> hillary clinton has been playing that up about the temperament of donald trump. republicans have agreed with that. it is that campaign strategy of
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trying to actively get more on board something they are currently doing or as some critics have said, clinton is coasting right now. >> she has in the last 48 hours a remarkable strategic change. is this it a strategy they are testing out and will go back to something else or if it's something they are going to find success with. one challenge for them going into the fall is making sure that they are getting into the news coverage as much as donald trump is. i think they see that as something that's important. that's part of why you saw her spend her first few days with reporters. maybe that news that day is the clinton foundation. if she takes more questions, i think that's going to start to feel more normal. we'll see how it adjusts with them.
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>> it's precious time all-in-one place. it's good access. thank you so much. we'll be seeing you later today. senior political editor mark murray joins me now. with tonight's focus on national security, we had donald trump earlier today trying to distinguish himself with this speech in philadelphia. i want to play a part of it. >> in a trump administration, our actions in the middle east will be tempered by realism. the current strategy of toppling regimes with no plan for what to do the day after only produces power vacuums that are filled simply by terrorists. gradual reform, not sudden and radical change, should be our guiding objective in that region. >> is trump's message going to
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be a shot at past republican presidents? >> that's one way to look at it. i think he's taking a big shot at hillary clinton. but by extension also the bush administration, particularly when trump was talking about realism to foreign policy. that's whun of the reasons why there are key figures from the bush years who have either been sitting on their hands who are now backing hillary clinton's campaign because of that philosophical difference. it is worth noting that donald trump when he talked about a realistic approach to the middle east or also when he's very critical about the iraq war, that was one of the things that helped him. even the primary season. it cuts both different ways. he's staking out ground that's much different from other republicans we have heard from in past cycles. >> and while we ramp up to the forum this evening, the first commander-in-chief forum of its kind, the national security theme for donald trump is big, but it's also being overshadowed
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by the pay for play. in politics is this the prime example of pay for play? >> yeah, and there is an argument that's been made that this is actually certainly something that is more clear cut than any of the pay for play allegations regard iing the clinton foundation that received a lot of scrutiny, deservedly so you could argue, but from the time line of things when you look when pam bondi shs the attorney general was waying on whether to have a lawsuit against trump university and then joining a lawsuit against them and three days later ended up receiving a $25,000 contribution from the trump foundation and people -- there's no smoking gun here, but people are able to look at the time line and see, a-ha, there was benefit that donald trump got from his donations.
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as we have often heard donald trump boast in the past, sometimes these donations are meant to get favorable actions and responses from politicians. so this as donald trump has charged about pay-for-play regarding the clinton foundation, you're seeing them try to turn the tables. >> mark murray, great to have you with me. thank you so much. joining our conversation now is william cohen, bill clinton's secretary of defense after years of the republican senator from maine. he's also been a sharp critic of donald trump in the past and said he cannot vote for him. it's good to have you with me. will a dramatic expansion of the military as donald trump is proposing, do a better job of securing our nation when it seems that modern warfare is more about cyber attacks? what's your opinion? >> you need both, actually. what you have to look at is not the total number of dollars that are spent, but how the money is spent. one of the types of threats that face us today and have to
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anticipate those threats and then try to shape your budget and your procurement requirements to fit against that threat. so it's not so much how much you're spending, but how it's being spent. that's the real challenge. and looking into the future, we're going to see we're not likely to be in a land war in asia or in against russia as such. so what kind of threats do we see out there? you mention the cyber threat, which is critical. we also had to be careful about nuclear weapons. this is one of the reasons i have been certainly unhappy with the position taken by trump saying we should -- south korea should consider having nuclear weapons. the more nuclear weapons that are in existence, the greater likelihood some of that material, bombs themselves, may fall into the hands of terrorists groups. nuclear weapons, we have to maintain a strong deterrent and then systemically reduce the numbers that we have until we get to the point they don't
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present a threat to the globe. >> it's because of examples like that, donald trump using rhetoric about nuclear weapons, there are certain republicans that are having a hard time explaining away what trump is saying. we have senator bob corker, chairman of the foreign relations committee, who was on "morning joe." take a listen to how he described it. >> do you have confidence in donald trump as commander-in-chief, especially as it pertains to foreign policy. >> again, look, neither of the campaigns to my knowledge have laid out much of anything. >> that's pretty much a yes/no question. i think the candidate is certainly deepening in what donald trump in what he's throwing out. >> so we know that hillary clinton has been inside the situation room as a cabinet
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member under president obama. but take us inside the situation room and can a candidate like donald trump as corker suggests overcome knowledge and experience simply by having skilled advisers. >> as you mentioned earlier in the program about temper and temperament, that's a key question for me. if you go back to the cuban missile crisis, you can see john kennedy in the oval office debating what to do and an issue as such. you can see ronald reagan in there. you could see george bush in there. i would not feel comfortable with trump having that responsibility under those circumstances. i think by history, he has very little knowledge, working knowledge of our military or of world history, of global issues. one issue that has not been discussed to date and amongst the retired generals and the admirals is the climate change. that you had over 50 retired
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officers sign a letter saying we need to consider climate change as a national security issue because climate change is going to cause droughts, flooding, it's going to cause more migration, which means more refugees and instability. so these are big issues and i think that hillary clinton certainly in the oval having been in the oval office before with her husband, but also having been in the situation room on many occasions as secretary of state i would feel more comfortable under those circumstances. >> does that mean she earns her vote in november? >> in all likelihood, i would say yes. my candidate would be jeb bush and john kasich. but i think in terms of feeling comfortable of someone having access to the nuclear codes under very serious circumstances, i would feel more comfortable with hillary clinton certainly. >> is this the first time you have expressed that it you'll
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vote for her? >> it is. >> former secretary of defense william cohen, thank you for going on the record with that. >> thank you. >> we have been asking in the pulse question with donald trump leading hillary clinton by 19% among vet voters, are you confident in trump's ability as commander-in-chief? the pulse is live. you can cast your vote. 11% say yes. 89% say no. the pulse is live. check it out at recent polling e shows donald trump culting into hillary clinton's lead. lingering questions abouter e-mail server are hurting. i'm going to ask congressman jim clyburn next. this is the type of leadership, specific policy prescriptions that we need in our next president and commander-in-chief. >> i'm hoping that donald trump tonight off script is able to articulate a foreign policy
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that's agreeable. >> as lawmakers weigh in, the ranking member of the house armed services committee is going to be here on this show to share what he wants to hear from the candidates tonight. it's all leading up to our commander-in-chief forum this evening hosted by matt lauer and simulcast on nbc and msnbc. we are back with much more live here at the intrepid museum on a beautiful and somewhat cloudy day. we had a little rain a second ago. now it's sunny ago. who knows what's coming next. stick around. you work at ge? yeah, i do. you guys are working on some pretty big stuff over there, right? like a new language for crazy-big, world-changing machines. well, not me specifically. i work on the industrial side. so i build the world-changing machines. i get it. you can't talk because it's super high-level. no, i actually do build the machines. blink if what you're doing involves encrypted data transfer. wait, what? wowwww... wow? what wow? there is no wow.
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she put her e-mails on a secret server. >> nothing threatens the integrity of our democracy more than when government officials put their public office up for sale. >> joining me now is south carolina congressman jim clyburn. he is one of hillary clinton's first endorsers in the primary. it was a week ahead of the south
11:18 am
carolina primary and right before the nevada caucus that you gave your endorsement for hillary clinton. but before we get to the forum tonight, we have the governor and the vice presidential candidate in mike pence being asked about donald trump and his activity of being a birther. should donald trump apologize for that. he said, i believe barack obama was born in hawaii. i accept his birthplace and i just don't know where he's coming from on foreign policy and on economics and on obamacare. a lot of this was inspired by the fact that ben carson, who took donald trump to detroit over the weekend to meet minority communities, said it would be a good idea for donald trump to apologize for the birther comments. do you think it's a good idea for donald trump to extend an olive branch and say he's sorry for how he drummed up that type of wording and action against the president, which was basically a dog whistle of racism? >> thank you so much for having me, thomas. the fact of the matter is i
11:19 am
think we're beyond that at this juncture. the birther movement has been discredited tremendously by everybody. his apologizing for it isn't going to do much for me. hopefully it won't do anything for anybody else. if he owes an apology to anybody, he owes an apology to the disabled community, and i think he owes an apology to african-american community to visit upon us at the republican convention a fake preacher who has a fake resume who they held out as being a leader of the african-american community. the african-american leaders are not people who conjure up fake resume, go out and something
11:20 am
that they aren't. so i think he owes an apology to
11:21 am
11:22 am
now. we might put out some teases as it goes, but we might put out teases as early as next week or the week after. >> so sir, are you worried about that? is that the thing you're thinking about? a a sound byte can ruin the chances of a candidate with a september or october surprise even if julian assange has nothing? >> that's quite true.
11:23 am
and a lot of times when people come out with the real facts, it's too late. trump has the master of sound bytes. the gentleman running the campaign was involved in the effort that caused job of an outstanding grandmother working at the department of agriculture. when they found out it was all doctored up, they attempted to do it to planned parenthood. they can destroy reputations and people. i'm always concerned about the sound bytes and he ought to be
11:24 am
ashamed of himself. i'll stop at that. >> congressman clyburn, always nice to have you with me. i appreciate your time. >> thank you so much for having me. >> coming up next, as we come to you live on flight deck of the intrepid museum, what they are looking for in their next commander-in-chief. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ♪ [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs.
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it's just six hours away. and there it is. the stage is set. presidential normminees on this ship. their first back to back appearances of this general election. tammy leitner has been our tour guide today giving us the behind the scenes look of the intrepid. tell us more about the significance of this ship. >> i'm standing next to an attack helicopter. it's very cool. you can see where the two pilots sat and piloted this. there's about 28 helicopters and planes on board that have been restored and right now a couple floors below us, they are setting up for tonight. they are expected to be about 300 people in the audience. and those are veterans from iraq and afghanistan wars. they will be the ones asking questions. we actually had a chance to catch up with one of them this morning who will be there tonight in the audience. let's listen to what he had to
11:29 am
say. >> credibility and experience. that's all part of being a leader. >> someone who can take command and lead people when there's a sense of instability in the world. terrorism is definitely something that hits home. especially with september 11th around the corner. and just what you see in paris and france and just the world. >> as you can imagine, i'm sure veterans will have interesting questions for the two presidential candidates. back to you. >> it's a must-see tv event on nbc and msnbc. good to see you. as donald trump continues to hammer hillary clinton over new revelations about her use of a personal e-mail server, he's facing questions about his ties to florida attorney general pam bon day and questions about his tax returns. so we have his former senior
11:30 am
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the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder. now get 0% apr for 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. welcome back. as e we broadcast live from the intrepid sea, air and space museum, this is ahead of the forum here in new york city. we have hillary clinton ramping up her attacks on donald trump. also renewing calls for the republican presidential candidate to release his taxes. >> he said that the american people don't care about his tax returns. and in fact, he's also said that it's none of our business. i just think he's dead wrong. >> so for months, trump has claimed an ongoing irs audit prevented him from disclosing his finances. last night when pressed on that issue, he tried tying tax returns to hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. >> when the audit is complete, i
11:34 am
will release my returns. when the audit is complete,ly release my returns. in the meantime, she has 33,000 e-mails that she deleted. when is she going to release her e-mails. >> so peter alex and r joins me with more on this story. one republican nominee since richard nixon has not relowsed his taxes. gerald ford. so is it necessary or can he ride out the clock? >> the americans think it's necessary. if it you ask the electorate at large, 74% of americans say he should release his taxes publicly before the campaign season is over. even if it he asks republicans, it's striking. two-thirds of republicans believe donald trump should release his tax returns. you have played some of the clips that were striking from donald trump himself. he's insistent it's an audit
11:35 am
from putting out his taxes. if that's what it's about, then i think it undermines the argument and saying this is a political decision that he's making right now for fear there may be something in there or speculation about what some of the complicated data says about him as a candidate. >> he's also asked russian hackers to find those e e-mails. they have not to find his taxes. but pns pensacola might be putting out his taxes this week. does that put a contradiction in play to allow his vp to do that and even though the irs has said it's okay if you are under audit to put those out, they cleared the way to say you can. >> mike pence has been a good team player. he said i'm going to put my taxes out. donald trump says i will trust that will happen right now.
11:36 am
mike pence within the last few minutes making news was asked on the topic of the birther issue saying i believe barack obama was born in the united states. he said what i really have issues about is where he is on foreign policy and on obamacare. so the taxes issue vis-a-vis donald trump is not going away immediately. >> we'll see if it comes up tonight for the forum. good to sigh you. a former senior adviser to the donald trump campaign joins us now. as peter just mentioned, trump said he would release his tax returns immediately if clinton released her missing e-mails. do you think it puts more pressure to relent on this issue? >> this is an issue this is going to keep going on until he does. i don't think that a lot of voters are trying to figure out if he's worth $10 billion. i don't think it matters to a lot of people.
11:37 am
this election is about america. you better get to start talking about people who are suffering and feeling real pain and stop attacking one another. >> is the real issue for donald trump fearing that he has not paid taxes into the american system and has shorted the american people? is that one of the reasons why u donald trump might not want to reveal that? >> it would well be, but he didn't design the system. washington is the part that's broken here. that's why he's running. there's no doubt our but it needs to be reformed. he's committed to that. >> so this whole issue about the taxes has come back to late because of the florida attorney general issue of pam bondy and donald trump donated money to her through the foundation. some in order to make the investigation of trump
11:38 am
university go away. here's them responding to these allegations. >> i will not be collateral damage in a presidential campaign nor a woman bullied by hillary clinton. this is about her trying to deflect everything she did as secretary of state. i ask donald trump for a contribution. that's not what this is about. she was saying he was under investigation by my office at the time and i knew about it. none of which is true. >> does this story make it any harder for donald trump to continue going after clinton and the clinton foundation? >> i don't think so. it doesn't seem like the story is true. but this is the problem. >> donald trump had to pay a fine. he paid with a a c-3 instead of a c-4. that's a tiny thing compared to some of the stuff that's gone on inside the clinton foundation. >> also trump u not getting
11:39 am
investigated by the attorney general. it didn't stop and there are active cases around it. if she has colleagues in other states going after trump u. >> i think that pam was one of 50 attorney generals across america. a few of them decided to investigate. all the others decided there was nothing there. so far the ones that did investigate haven't found anything either. >> we still have active pending litigati litigation. but the judge was thrown into the mix over what was going on with all of this. that was also a fumble within the campaign. you were on board during that time. donald trump right now seems to be making a bigger play as e we look at ad spending. i want to get you on the record about this. virginia for donald trump trying to put it in play. hillary clinton's running mate,
11:40 am
senator tim kaine is popular there. this is according to real clear politics. do you think this is a head fake by the trump campaign to put in ad spending there this week? >> i don't. there's a poll out a few minutes ago that new jersey is plus 4 clinton. as we get closer to the election, the electorate this year is going to be hard for pollsters to figure out because it's not going to look like 2012. it looks very different. as they figure out who will be volting this coming fall, really see a lot more states come on board. >> real fast. filings demonstrate that there are past and present staffers that have not been paid for the trump campaign including yourself. how much money do they owe you? >> u never worked there so i don't have a contract. i never sent an invoice. >> so when you left running ben carson's ka campaign and went on board and were described as a senior adviser on our air for
11:41 am
donald trump, you weren't working for him? >> no, i was a volunteer. i found out i was a senior adviser in the "washington post" and wasn't on cnn. >> so you were in the volunteer camp. no money is coming your way. >> i'll take a check, though. >> you will, all right. if the irs is listening, they will be super confuse d about this volunteer, not staff trump guy. thank you. coming up next, more reaction to donald trump's speech today contrast k his foreign policy to adam smith who will be joining me here. will be joining me here. he said that
11:42 am
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learn more at welcome back as we count down to the big evening for the commander-in-chief forum. we're broadcasting on msnbc all day here live from the intrepid along the beautiful hudson river. and donald trump has been talking foreign policy today. he did so in philadelphia, but sounding at times less like a hawkish republican and like a democrat as he touted his policy of peace through strength. >> my foreign policy will emphasize diplomacy. hillary clinton's legacy in iraq, libya, syria has produced only turmoil and suffering. >> joining me adam smith, who
11:46 am
represents the 9 ths district in washington. he supports hillary clinton. good to have you with me. we know that donald trump has been using words that many have used to describe him in a negative light as you're reversing that on hillary clinton now. hillary clinton as not being stable enough for this. what do you think that trump's claim is doing about hillary clinton's chances in november that she does not have what it takes to be president. >> donald trump has been all over the map. every foreign policy position he's taken at one time or another. so whereas hillary clinton has been a senator or secretary of state has extensive experience in diplomacy. has exercised diplomacy across the globe in many regards. what donald trump's foreign policy would be is far from clear. he didn't know that much about the issues. he claims he was against the iraq war, but at the time, he
11:47 am
claimed he was for it. he has said that we should abandon our nato allies. he's questioned whether or not we should support south korea. so our allies have to be looking at a trump presidency with great concern. >> i don't think there's any evidence of that whatsoever. first of all, trigger happy in syria, the complaint that republicans have been giving is that we didn't send in 150,000 troops to syria. and i happen to agree with president obama and then secretary clinton that's sending in troops to syria would not have made the situation any better. i don't get the trigger happy reference to syria. syria is an ugly situation to which there's no easy solution. clinton did not commit u.s. troops to that conflict. where libya was concerned, gadhafi was about to slaughter a bunch of his civilian
11:48 am
population. libya was falling apart at any rate. the entire arab world asked us to help, and we did. the notion that libya is hillary clinton's fault is one of the greatest falsehoods out there. libya is a problem because of the way gadhafi ran it for 30 years. it was going to be a disaster whether he stayed in power or not. blaming that on hillary clinton is incredibly myopic. >> knowing what happened in libya, you don't think the state department and obama administration could have predicted what could have happened there with his departure and death? >> i think surely they were predicting that there would be a great deal of chaos and difficulty. but what donald trump is asserting is that somehow the united states could have, i don't know, been involved or not been involved depending on his perspective and fix that problem. the problems that have been brewing with the arab spring have been brewing for 30 or 40
11:49 am
years. they were going to and were leading to this chaos. and how you manage that, how you make the best of a bad situation is really the measurement here. if donald trump or anyone else is claiming that somehow there was a switch that the u.s. could have flicked that would have brought peace and stability to the arab world in light of this, that's incredibly naive. we needed to be experienced, very patient and work in any way we can to make the situation better. >> if donald trump is elected in november, could you work with him? >> i can work with anyone. it's my job as a united states congressman. but i think u.s. national security interests would be in grave jeopardy if he was elected. for one, he's an incredible loose canyon. look at the debates and what he said over the years. he's all over the map on every conceivable issue. no one is going to know where the u.s. stands or will stand if
11:50 am
he's president. he does not have the experience and knowledge of the global to do the job. he's kind of said i'll let the generals tell me what to do. we need more out of a commander-in-chief than that. >> we'll see how they answer questions tonight. thank you for your time. i appreciate it. we have been asking folks at home about our pulse question today with donald trump leading clinton by 19% among voters in a new poll. are you confident in his ability as commander-in-chief. take a look. 11% say yes. check it out. so issues surrounding our military very much apart of the big conversation during the commander-in-chief forum. up next, i'll speak with a former marine who founded a group aimed at breaking cycles of violence abroad and what does he want to hear from both candidates. we're back live on the flight deck. much of of msnbc, right after this. with the right steps,
11:51 am
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back live here on the intrepid museum in new york city along the hudson river. and we are in place in advance of the commander-in-chief forum tonight. this is where hillary clinton and donald trump are going to be answering questions of concern to the military community as they lock to lock in the military vote. however, each candidate carries unique issues. donald trump has drown criticism for comments about a gold star family. hillary clinton for mishandling material. one of the biggest questions on the minds of veterans. joining me is a marine veteran and author of "it happened on the way to war." we have been talking about our poll that found more than half of active and veteran service members are confident in a donald trump. what do you hear from your
11:55 am
friends that you served with about his platform that gives him this edge? >> well, i think a lot of americans and veterans are hurt ing out there and are frustrated with the status quo. just looking a at something that can change it and shake it up. but i also think that a lot of folks haven't really tuned into what donald trump actually says and stands for, which to the best of my knowledge is i can't pin him down for anything. i got this survey from a vet and it was something like trump disagrees with every position held by trump. and you google this and this article comes up with a little video. it's unbelievable. it's truly the guy has taken every other position to what he has to say. i think a lot of americans are just frustrated. i'm with him in that boat. but we'll see the show that arises tonight. >> what do people say in military community of his
11:56 am
treatment of the khan family? >> i think it is an issue. there's so much noise out there. just listen to the words that the candidates say. and to e equate building a business, i'm a businessman. i have started a business on my own. i have been duking it out. that is not a sacrifice on the level of any form of service. and i think donald trump is just clueless about a lot of things in the world but is willing to say anything. >> we'll see tonight the questions we'll be live with both of the candidates appearing in hillary clinton and donald trump. thank you, appreciate your time. we're back live here in a moment from the flight deck of the intrepid in new york city after this. stay tuned. mastery is a journey of continuous improvement.
11:57 am
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want to give you a last check on the pulse question. with trump leading clinton by 19% among veteran voters in the new poll, are you confident in his ability as kmap commander-in-chief. let's look at how you have been voting so far. 11% think yes, 89% say no. the pulse is live. thank you for your time. that's going to wrap up this hour live from the intrepid museum along the hudson river. don't go anywhere. kate snow picks things up. we have a beautiful afternoon. a little wind. a little rain. >> i have the ponytail. it's okay. it's just so stunning to be out here. i love it. hello to you. i'm kate snow. not our normal studio. aboard the intrepid museum here in new york city. the site of a huge event tonight. it's the first ever commander-in-chief forum right here on


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