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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 8, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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was against it, donald trump trying to explain how co-have been against the iraq war when he made comments supportive of it before the invasion. >> i would have been tougher on terrorism, bin laden would have been caught a long time ago. >> trump taking his campaign to the battle ground state of ohio today. but on the defensive, on iraq, and over several other controversial things he said at that forum, here on msnbc last night. and hillary clinton meanwhile, seeing political opportunity in those trump comments. >> every republican holding or seeking office in this country, should be asked if they agree with donald trump about these statements. >> clinton saying she has no sympathy for republicans who support trump. meanwhile, the top republin in washington back from vacation and in no mood to talk about his party's candidate for president.
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>> you think i'm going to stand up here and be the election pundit, i've got other -- >> you're backing a nominee. >> yeah, because he won our nomination fair and square. >> there is a lot we will get to this hour but we begin with our top story right now. donald trump and iraq. last night at commander-in-chief forum, he said he was against the iraq war from before. this is a position he has been taking on the campaign trail. the only problem, before the war began, the only comments we can find show him supporting the invasion. so he is in cleveland today trying to address that question. here is what he said. >> iraq is one of the biggest difference fles this race. i opposed going in. and i did oppose it. despite the media saying, no, yes, no. i opposed going in. and i opposed the reckless way hillary clinton took us out. along with president obama.
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letting isis fill that big terrible void. but i was opposed to the war from the beginning. >> all right. katy tur is on the phone in cleveland. katy, he says over and over there, i was against the war from the very beginning. take us through what we know, what record exists about what donald trump had to say about the iraq war in the lead up to it and as it began. >> we don't have a record of donald trump saying he was against the iraq war before the invasion began but today in cleveland, before he was set to give this education policy speech, he ran through the detailed explanation of how he believes he was against iraq war that we have seen so far this campaign trail. and specifically, a january 2003 interview where he said perhaps the u.s. should wait for the u.n. on the iraq invasion, i
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think the iraq situation is a problem and that the economy is a much bigger problem as far as the president is concerned. that is not necessarily a full vote of confidence for the iraq war but also not a vote against the iraq war. he is trying to use that as evidence of his strong opposition for it. use that as evidence that he has better judgment than hillary clinton. then he pointed out to a 2004 interview with esquire magazine where he trashed the iraq invasion and said it was a disaster. that, as you know, steve, is about a year and half after the invasion started. so benefitting from 20/20 hindsight there. so he is trying to use his opposition to the iraq war to prove to voters that he will have better judgment if he is commander-in-chief. he will know where to go in and where not to go in. instead of saying he was wrong at time or didn't have the intelligence that he needed or now he changed his mind after seeing what has happened in the
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middle east, donald trump repeatedly is trying to say he was against something that we have no evidence of him being against. take a listen of how he tried to sell himself today to voters in cleveland. >> i didn't have access from all of the intelligence information that she did and everybody else did. but in iraq, my judgment was right. and hers with all of this information and all of this great intelligence information was wrong. along with a lot of other people in all fairness. a big mistake. >> donald trump is also saying that had he been in congress at the time of the invasion, he would have cast a vote in opposition. but again, steve, there is no evidence from the time of the iraq invasion that donald trump was strongly against the invasion in such a way that he would have voted against it.
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>> all right, katie tour on the road with the trump campaign. thank you for that. hillary clinton meanwhile using the day after that forum to attack trump on his foreign policy record. first hitting a press conference, first full-fledged press conference in a while. that was this morning in front of her campaign plane here in new york. and later a rally in north carolina. take a look. >> last night was yet another test and donald trump failed yet again. bizarrely once again, he praised russia's strong man, vladimir putin. it is like's living in his own celebrity reality tv program. you know what, donald, this is real reality. this is real people. this is real decisions that have to be made. for our country. >> so that's clinton in north carolina this afternoon. two new polls out of the tar heel state with conflicting informing about where that state stands now in the home stretch.
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suffolk university put donald trump ahead. this is a state mitt romney won by two point in 2012. they have trump leading by three. check this out, in the last minutes from quinnipiac university, having clinton ahead by four in north carolina. kasie hunt is on the campaign trail with clinton in charlotte. so hillary clinton doing that press conference, now i know she talked to reporters on her plane a cup he times in the last week. but having the podium there, taking any question from any reporter in front, this was her first full scale press conference in nearly 300 days. what triggered it? >>. >> reporter: hi, steve. a combination of things. first of all, in response to the commander this chief forum that we saw last night. obviously there were things in that that were difficult for her. but it is a message that she and her campaign feel is beneficial for them. so they were interested in keeping the subject, keeping the focus on national security.
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i think she succeeded in doing that for the campaign trail today in part by highlighting it at a press conference which of course has been an unusual occurrence. but it is also the continuation of a strategy that seems to be making hillary clinton seem more accessible, to the press and also to americans. many of whom have said that they don't trust her. they feel like she is aloof. we have seen it a couple of different ways. first of all she talked to reporters all three days that she has been flying this new campaign plane. and of course she talked to matt lauer yesterday at the commander-in-chief forum and has been doing interviews where she opened up a little bit about her personality. she talked to humans of new york that outlet who interviews usually form normal new yorkers. in this case they spent time with hillary clinton and she actually told a story about her own background, about being harassed as a woman who was taking a law school exam, and how that helps teach her not to
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show her emotions and that that may have resulted in people believing she is aloof. she hasn't really, in many ways, opened up that way about herself. and i think taken together you can see the campaign strategy to try to push back against this. and i think there is an acknowledgement that this race is tightening and that they need to potential i make some adjustments instead of just coasting along, steve? >> all right, kasie hunt traveling in north carolina with the clinton campaign. thanks for that. let's bring in mike, msnbc contributor, column nest for the news and editor of msnbc news. so let's start with trump. he wants to run saying hillary clinton is too much of a hawk, too of of an interventionist. he points back to the iraq war. and to the extent any evidence exists, this consists of comments on the howard stern show and to the extent you scant find him being against it ahead of time, can he pull it off?
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>> it will be hard to pull it off. he remind me of an old country western line. who are you going to believe? me or your own lying eyes. it is like watching pt barnham run for president and watch him duck punches and not give straight answers. back when the central park jogging case happened, he felt free enough to go and take an ad in the newspaper about them. if he was this outraged about going into iraq at the time, why didn't he take an ad then? >> as you say, a couple of comments we are trying to parse. but the fact he addressed this today, he has the commander-in-chief forum last night. hillary clinton hit him on it when it was her turn. this seems like they are concerned about the message on this and they equipped him with talking points on this today. >> we know donald trump is obsessed with social media. as soon as he said i was against the war from the beginning opt
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forum, social media exploded with evidence that he had actually spoken out against it. now again, like you say, a funny little thrown away comment on howard stern's show of all things. but that is, as you say, piecing together strings of evidence, that's one significant string that he said he was for it. so donald trump reads his twitter very carefully. they wanted to go out today and somehow correct the record, but they can't correct the record because the record is there. the record is that back then when the war was about to start he said he was for it. 2004, this esquire article he keeps bringing up, 2004 the war was very unpopular. i just went back and looked at gal up numbers, it was 74% unfavorable in 2004 again the war. he was there with public opinion. he was not out there leading, just out there following. >> and other things that came up in the debate, again, hillary clinton and the fact that press conference from hillary clinton, like kasie said, the clinton campaign thinks they were handed
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opportunities by donald trump in terms of what he said. and hillary clinton called this today unpatriotic, that's how she described what donald trump had to say about vladimir putin. take a listen. >> let me ask but some of the things you've said about vladimir putin. you said i will tell you in terms of leadership, he is getting ar president, not doing so well. when referring to a comment about you, i think calling you a brilliant heard, you said it is a great honor to be so nicely complimented about a man so highly respected within his country and beyond. >> he does have an 82% approval rating according to the different polsters who, by wath way, are based here. i think when he calls me brilliant, i will take the compliment. >> it is easy to be tough when you're a dictatodictator. >> bet stallin polled great if he only talked to people under his thumb. of all the shameful things that donald said, to throw down with
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a thug like vladimir putin, and suggest that somehow he is a better leader than the president of the united states, forget about iraq. how does he get by with that? >> to contrast leadership of somebody who is president of the united states in democracy, checks and balances, with a guy who with snap his finger and make anything happen, including make journalists disappear in russia, an fair comparison. >> i feel like the republican candidate for president is praising the russian strong man and calling american generals rubble. this is what republicans consistently complain about the democrats. it is going right to the opposite. now we have hillary clinton saying how dare you disparage our military, donald trump. >> by the way, in saying that generals who have devoted their life to fighting and defending this country have been reduced to rubble, you can't get by with
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that either. steve, you watch this campaign play out for the republican side. and he now exist in a post factual reality where he simply thinks he can go to twitter everyday and rewrite reality as it suites the needs of that particular news cycle. it is really quite thrilling to watch. >> do we know, on the putin russia thing, where does this come from? russia is this issue where he is so -- he is taking positions, as you say, so in line many times with public opinion. so mindful of opinion. on russia, i want it defend russia, i want to defend putin. >> he likes people who are very powerful and putin is powerful. he can exert that kind of power. back when paul manifor was part
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of the campaign, trump is still saying things about putin. >> this involves the third candidate, gary johnson, libertarian, and johnson is trying to get to 15% in the polls. co-get a spot on the debate stage. if he can't, that's pretty much it for his campaign. with that in mind he was on morning joe this morning, this is what happened. >> what would you do if you were elected, about aleppo. >> about? >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding? >> the exchange continued and then he was recognized, the epicenter of the refugee crisis in syria. he tried to address that a few hours later on "the view." takes a listen. >> no excuse. i was thinking in terms of the acronym, aleppo. no excuse. it's fair game. i'm running for president of the
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united states. and everything is fair game. and hey, it's how you deal with adversity that ultimately determines success. >> mike? >> i was glad that he didn't say that like aleppo was the most underrated of the marks brothers. when you watch gary johnson, aren't you surprised he didn't end up on the stage with those 16 other republicans running against trump? sometimes you think that their whole race is, i think it would be fun to be president. why don't i run? >> and this is supposed to be for republicans who can't stand donald trump but do not want to pull the lever for hillary clinton. gary johnson has been propped up as here is your option, you've got a vehicle this year. this has to be devastating. libertarians have never add more favorable landscape than they do right now and this happens. >> right. and mitt romney, 2012 republican nominee tweeted yesterday that helped the gary johnson would be
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included in the debates. that's a big prop-up for that tick wet governor wells as the massachusetts as vice president. look, this struck me when i saw what gary johnson did as proof that as you say there are people out there who think running for president is fun and they don't need to prepare or talk about or learn or absorb the issues of the world that they need to know about if they are going to hold the most powerful position in the world. sometimes we find ourselves saying that about donald trump too. clearly in this case, gary johnson isn't paying attention to what is going on internationally. probably the most serious situation we findurselves in internatnally. he just didn't know. >> hillary is marginally a better candidate than she was eight years ago against obama. she is just an good candidate. but when you put her up against trump johnson, she wildly overqualified for this job. that's her mandate over the next two months. she has to convince the american people of that. >> a programming note, tomorrow
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you can think of last night's commander-in-chief forum as something like last night. a scrimmage before the presidential debates. first one kicking off less than three weeks from now. this is the closest they would be as a debate between candidates before the actual debates. both candidates answering questions back to back on
1:21 pm
national security and giving a preview of sorts of what their combat skills might be like. >> the main thing is i have great judgment. i have good judgment. i know what's going on. hey, matt, again, she made a mistake on libya. she made a terrible mistake on libya. i always said, shouldn't be there but if we're going to be out, take the oil. if we would have taken the oil, you wouldn't have isis. >> we have to defeat isis. that is my highest counterterrorism goal. and we've got to do it with air power. we've got to do it with much more support for the arabs and kerds who will fight on the ground against isis. they will not get ground troops. we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again and we're not putting ground troops into syria. we're going to defeat isis without committing american ground troops. >> clinton and trump showcasing two very different styles last night in that forum.
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something we can look forward in the debates as well. clinton offering long some what detailed responses on policy. almost mini speeches. sometimes seemed as if she was delivering trump doing just about the complete opposite speaking in short sound bites lacking policy, specifics or details. that's the contrast we are o probably going to see in the debates when she start in a few weeks. to give a preview, now jeff weaver, former campaign manager for bernie sanders. he knowes a thing or two about what it is like to get ready to debate hillary clinton. jeff, thank you for joining us. we thought you would be the perfect person to call on for this. let's start, in this case, donald trump in primaries, you guys, getting ready to debate hillary clinton. what you saw last night, what are the tactical, what are the strategic pieces of advice to debate a candidate like that. >> hillary clinton is a well-versed person. she knows the facts. she has deep policy knowledge.
1:23 pm
this is a challenge, obviously, for a candidate to go up against hillary clto she is very formidable. she is very good at debates. she is good about time management. you talk about mini speeches, that is part of time management. so for donald trump who appears not to want to prepare for the debates, doesn't have the knowledge, a one-liner kind of guy, i think he has some real challenges facing someone as formidable as hillary clinton, frankly. >> strategically here, because you've got a good look at her in the primary debates, what is the biggest vulnerability she has in a debate. >> i think what you need to do is go back and forth. i think when there are more back and forth between the candidates and you get less off the prepared script, i think for every candidate, it becomes much harder. so hillary clinton does prepare intensely, as i understand it. and so knows a lot of material and a lot of material just based on her experience and life and
1:24 pm
having been in the government. but with every candidate as you drill down deeper and deeper and go three or four rounds on the same question, candidates are forced to talk more off the cuff and so you know, preparation is as much of an advantage. >> let's turn to donald trump. this is trump last night talking about the issue of hillary clinton in the e-mails. this will be a message of the e-mail he will take into the debate. let's listen to that. >> we have a divided country. you have hillary clinton about her e-mails that no one has seen where she deletes 33,000 e-mails and that's after congress. if you do that m private business you get thrown in jail. >> we saw what got when she faced bernie sanders. when you look at donald trump, what is the dynamic like? what is she in store for, do you think? >> i think a lot of one-liner attacks. the problem for him is that both candidates have high negatives.
1:25 pm
without talking about why those are deserved or not deserved, what these candidates have to start talking about and what donald trump has to start talking about is not why you don't like hillary clinton but why should you vote for donald trump? i think he has, you know, bernie sanders ran a campaign where he talked about substantive issues, about why someone would want to vote for bernie sanders. that's a more effective strategy. a lot of the attacks, and he has to convince people why is donald trump the best person to be president? so far he has not laid out any case for why he would be a seerory president in terms of why he would be minimum wage or a host of other issues because he hasn't laid out any programs. >> so trump should be focused more on a positive message. he does see political opportunity in this whole e-mail story. i got to ask you because it was your candidate who famously said in that debate, i'm sick and tired of hearing about the damn e-mails. bernie sanders didn't want to talk about this in debates.
1:26 pm
from a strategic standpoint, trump thinks it is a winner politically. do you look back and say if we had done more with the e-mails, would we have gotten more traction? >> no. as far as traction, bernie sanders won 22 states. and 23 contests. he did very, very well as insurgent candidate. the truth of matter is, anyone concerned about the quote unquote e-mail issue is already voting or not voting for whoever they will vote for. what people want to know is why they should vote for a certain candidate. hillary clinton, her campaign and ours worked on the most progressive democratic platform in the history of the country. full of policy else that help working families and middle income families and retirees and veterans and i think candidates need to talk about what they will bring to the country. i understand the media likes to focus and easy to feed the media into a negative narrative about your opponent. but the challenge is to build the excitement of voters you need to talk about what you will do as a candidate to make the
1:27 pm
lives of average people better and e-mails have nothing to do with that. >> all right. jeff weaver, campaign manager for bernie sanders. thanks for talking us to. we appreciate it. >> always a pleasure. >> and first full pledged press conference since december, but an interview she gave to israeli television that as many republicans angry today. more on what she said when we come back. four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two yfriends, three jobs... yore like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles thanour old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. incr...think it wouldotection in a pwork, but it does.dn't... it's called always discreet for bladder leaks, the super...
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1:31 pm
test and that her opponent failed. how about this, bridge gate. remember that story? it is back. jury selection starting today in the trial of two former allies of governor chris christie for their role in that lane closure scheme on the george washington bridge. that lane closure began three years ago tomorrow. it's been that long. christie's ex deputy chief of staff bridgette ann kelly and former top port authority official both pleading not guilty in may opening arguments are set to start in 11 days. and u.s. swimmer ryan lochte suspended for ten months by the u.s. olympic committee and missing next year's world champions after giving inconsistent accounts of an incident at a rio gas station during the olympics in august. from football to baseball. tim tebow signing minor league contract with the new york mets. signed to their instructional league in florida. tebow last played organized
1:32 pm
baseball in high school. hillary clinton making waves in an interview on israeli television. citing an article from "time" magazine by matt olsen. now matt olsen is former head of the counterterrorism center and his article said that isis wants donald trump to be president. >> he quoted isi spokespeople rooting for donald trump's victory because trump has made islam and muslims part of his campaign. and basically matt olsen argues that the jihadists see this as a great gift. they are saying, oh, please allah, make trump president. i'm not interested in giving comfort to their evil ambitions. i want to defeat them. i want it end their reign of
1:33 pm
terror. i don't want them to feel as though they can get more recruits because of our politics. >> now house speaker paul ryan this morning hitting back at clinton over those remarks calling them scare tactics but trump critics bringing up eyebr eyebrow-raising comments he made last night. >> if i like a combination of my plan and the general's plan or the general's plan, i'm not going to call you and say matt, we have a great plan. this is what obama does tp. >> but you will convene a panel of generals and you already said you know more about isis than those generals. >> they would probably be different generals to be honest with you. it used to be to the victor belonged the spoils. now there was no victor there, believe me. no victor. but i always said, take the oil. one of the benefits we would have had if we took the oil is isis would not have been able to take oil and use that oil -- >> let me ask you about some of the things you said about vladimir putin.
1:34 pm
i will tell new terms of leadership, he is getting an a. our president is not doing so well. when referring to a comment that putin made about you, i think he called y a blliant leader, you said it is a great honor to be so nicely complimented bay man so highly respected within his country and beyond. >> well he does have an 82% approval rating according to the different polsters who by the way, some of them are based right here. >> i think when he calls me brilliant, i'll take the compliment, okay? >> joined now by nbc news and msnbc national security journalist, former assistant to george w. bush as well as national security adviser for combatting terrorism. i was asking about your last name at the break and now i get your first name wrong. give us a bit after reality check on some stuff said. let's start on the controversy with paul ryan and republicans saying that hillary clinton in this interview over in israel repeating this thing from "time"
1:35 pm
magazine about donald trump being the candidate isis wants win how fair is that line of attack from the clinton side of the things against trum. >> it is true that the jihadis have tried to use trump's comment, attempt to create an us-versus-them narrative and policy with respect to all muslims to their advantage. now the jihadis use anything and everything to their advantage. they have used some commentary to fuel their narrative and to draw recruits. whether or not they really care who the next president is, hard to tell. but mat olsen is a colleague and friend of mine. i trust him. and jihadis are using this as part of their narrative. at the end of the day they will use anything and everything to their advantage. >> donald trump on the issue of iraq last night, now he talked about the controversy over what did he say before the war? what is he climbing right now but now he says look the big mistake with iraq he said we should stay and take the oil.
1:36 pm
he said, that the biggest mistake that not taking the oil. what would that entail? how feasible would that be? what would the pit falls be? this is not an issue you we talked about in the debate. take us things to talk about there. >> he is blending two different things he talked about and two different policy questions. the first is should we have done more to actually benefit from the iraq invasion. his argument has been, we got no benefit out of this. we didn't even get access to the oil. despite the narrative that we went in for the oil, we really didn't take advantage of it. so he had that line of argument. other is the reality that isis has used the control of oil fields and the oil trade to their advantage. their principle source of revenue to the tune of millions of dollars. and taking that access away is something that the international community, iraq es, obama administration, coalition have tried to do mightily. in a sense he is con flighting couple of different issues. you want it take the access away from isis but not simply occupy
1:37 pm
it with u.s. troops or with u.s. corporations. i don't think that's feasible and not anything that anyone talked about to date. >> something else, this might have been the single biggest controversy tonight and we have news on that this afternoon. so donald trump last night saying that in the security briefings, intelligence briefings he is receiving as candidate for president suggesting he was told or signalled somehow in briefings that the intelligence community does not feel that president obama is taking their advice, well we have new reporting on that to tell you about. casting doubt on what happened, what donald trump says happened in the meetings, trump's advisers, reporting repeatedly interrupted briefers until chris christie intervened. that's what sources are telling nbc. some reporting out of that meeting. this is a charge you don't hear often in presidential campaign. >> no, i think there are three problems. one, briefings intended to be classified. secondly, you don't want briefings to become overtly
1:38 pm
politicized. and last problem is, intelligence briefers are not trained to give policy analysis. not giving their policy opinions. they are giving the analysis of what the u.s. government knows about threat and what the analysis is about that. that is a good thing for the candidates a. >> they prepare to potentially become president. you don't want to politicize that process and all of this kerfuffle is tainting that process, unfortunately. >> we will see what happens at the next trump intelligence briefing. very interesting. thank you for the time. appreciate it. it has been one of donald trump's most important voting blocks. trump leading clinton by double digits among these voters. but what number does he have to hit if he want to have a chance on election day? we will tell you in our most important number of the day, next.
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now when we say this we are talking here and it is not so much literally about whether you went to college or not or your educational level is this or that. we are talking about socio economic status. job, community, income, the world you live in. two very different worlds exist. blue collar world and more suburban world. we are looking at blue collar white vote. mitt romney did very well with those voters in 2012 at 61%. donald trump is trying to do
1:43 pm
even better with them. he has been getting support especially if republican primaries from group of voters that we hadn't seen before. the question for donald trump is, he's turning off suburbanites and doing poor among sub suburbanites. can he hit this number? can he hit the 61% romney got in 2012 and can he drive it up? he has to drive it up to have a chance of off sitting losses. when they take polls can you break down the polls by different groups and you are talking about very small sample sizes at this point when you're polling. so the numbers are going to be all over the place but here is what you see. donald trump among white voters without a will could ellege deg at 51%. on the high end in recent polls, 68%. not at all a coincidence. 68 wi 68% is in the cnn poll that had
1:44 pm
came out the other day. donald trump was leading clinton. the reason they found him performing so well among white voters without a college degree. also it seems they found voters in their view may be more motivated to turn out in november. we will see if that holds up in other polls but that's the most important number of the day. if you're donald trump, you have to hit 61% that mitt romney hit with those numbers and exceed it. only one poll has him doing it. most important number of the day. still to come, more reaction on the commander-in-chief forum including what one gold star family felt. and their emotional take is coming up. with the right steps,
1:45 pm
80% of recurrent ischemic strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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he praised vladimir putin and said that he is a better leader than the president of the united states. >> do you think i will stand up here and be an election pundit. i won't sit up here and do a tit for tat on what donald trump did against hillary clinton. >> are you still comfortable voting for him to be commander-in-chief? >> i'll leave it at that. >> we're going to start on paul ryan, house speaker, we know he's been very uncomfortable with donald trump. that relationship very closely watched. back from vacation. he has new comments today. kelly o'donnell on capitol hill
1:49 pm
covering this. also covering joe biden who was there today. kelly, set the scene for us. what is happening on capitol hill right now? >> well, being back in session which is one of the things that brings all of these questions right to the principles like house speaker pul ryan, he made it clear for a while he is reluctant to take questions about trump day in and day out. he would rather talk about the business of house republican answers the house overall. for example when asked about russia he was clear saying that putin has been not a representative of what the ideals of america would be and in fact russia appears to be an in-state sponsor of cyber kind of meddling in the u.s. process. we touched a bit on the russia situation. but on the matter of isis saying that house republicans have 60 plus point plan of things that they believe would be good steps in trying to battle isis. and so he is trying to direct attention away from the campaign trail and on to the business of
1:50 pm
the house. now joe biden, vice president wab here today as well. and he sounded a bit more campaign-like in his tone. meeting outside in the hot sun with democrats from the senate and the house making a strong pitch to house and senate republicans to push through some legislation that is on the to-do list. things like funding for the zika virus. the nominee of the president to be the next supreme court justice. that has stalled. republicans say they won't deal with it. so a day when the outside political world was coming inside to the capitol for both house speaker and vice president. steve? >> kelly o'donnell on capitol hill. thank you for that. back here now at the big board. i said i had something to show you. i've got a lot to show you. we've got a bunch of new polls out in key battle ground states. let's start in north carolina. remember, 2012 north carolina romney state by two point. looks like a big battle this
1:51 pm
time. new poll from suffolk university. three-point lead for trump in north carolina. that's the good news. here is the bad news. second poll in north carolina, quinnipiac took this one. hillary clinton by four point. fik your poll. if you're a hillary supporter maybe you like quinnipiac. or maybe you don't like quinnipiac that much because the poll in florida today shows donald trump tied with hillary clinton. remember a lot of other polls we have been seeing coming out of florida showing clinton a few point ahead and this is a very narrow state in 2012 and president won by a point getting reelected over mitt romney and we can show you ohio. this is when donald trump want it flip. that where he is. this is one-point lead and have not seen a lot of polls putting him ahead there and in striking distance and this so little better result for him and we can show you pennsylvania obviously the trump campaign would badly like to win. this is the best result they've had in a while and still down in
1:52 pm
pennsylvania. that looks like a long shot proposition for them at this point. what does this all mean in terms of the electoral map. and this this is our nbc news map and add them all up right now and hillary clinton is over 270 right now. donald trump sitting back nearly a hundred behind. road to 270 right now. this state, this combination of states would give her what she needs. now if you're donald trump, look, if you get ohio if that poll and quinnipiac is on to something there, that's good news for him. but it shows you, look, even if he got ohio all these other states that are up in the air he needs to start flipping. he needs flip a couple of these blue states. or at least one of these big plu states. that's the bad news for him in this new batch of polls. right there in pennsylvania, one of those blue states that want it flip and he is down five point in the new quinnipiac poll. you've got two challenges, first one is you want to shore up all those red states.
1:53 pm
red states there for romney, that means georgia, that means north carolina. you want to make sure those are there for you and you're not sweating about them on election day and then you got start picking off blue states. florida would be one. ohio would be one. iowa would be one. nevada would be one. and you have to do even more than that to get her down under 270. again we are in the home stretch here. polling news today, not entirely bad when you look at states in isolation. not entirely bad for donald trump. given the challenge he is facing, he will need a lot better than that. here is hampton pearson with the cnbc market wrap. >> markets closing in the red. dow tumbling by 46 point. nasdaq following by 24 point. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. >> mmm..... hmmmmm... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm...
1:54 pm
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. this sunday marks 15 years since september 11th, 2001. nearly 3,000 people lost their lives that day. thousands more americans have died since then fighting the war on terror declared in the wake of those attacks. one of those soldiers is caleb lufkin. he died ten years ago after he was hit by an ied in iraq. tragically three soldiers in caleb's unit would go on to commit suicide. right now 20 veterans commit suicide on average each day. an epidemic both candidates pledged in last night's forum to fix. cal perry watched the forum last night with the lufkin family in knoxville, illinois. you're in knoxville right now. we saw this issue come up, veterans and suicide. what's the reaction from the
1:58 pm
family watching this last night? >> reporter: yeah, the suicide issue was a really big issue here for obvious reasons. this family dealing with three soldiers who committed suicide since caleb's death. we have pictures of caleb in iraq. i was there when he was hit by the ied. i was covering the combat hospital. i stayed in touch with the family. we came here last night to get their reaction to the commander-in-chief's forum. interesting to get that view from a gold star family. take a listen to what marcy had to say, caleb's mother. one issue very important to her was the issue of suicide. take a listen. >> tonight trump kind of waived me over. it is a lesser of the evil. but trump knew how many veterans a day commit suicide. three of caleb's committed suicide from that very day. three. >> that moment with donald trump
1:59 pm
really seemed to resonate with her. other thing we have touk that about, 4500 u.s. troops died in iraq. 35,000 wounded. a number looking for v.a. care. we talked to one of the soldiers who served with caleb. he talked about his struggles with the v.a. take a listen. >> i've been trying to get in touch with people and i've been basically leaving voice mails for 3 1/2 weeks. i told them my nurse and cpoc in the local area there, i'm about toward go to a home health care store, get what i need and have the v.a. sent the bill. still hasn't got my reception from them. so i don't know where to turn or what to do. >> so you hear it there, steve, that continuing need to take care of veterans a top issue in knoxville, steve? >> cal perry in illinois. cal, thank you for that. that does it for this hour. i'm steve kornacki "mtp daily" with chuck todd is
2:00 pm
going to start right now. >> if it's thursday, we now know exactly how much hillary clinton and donald trump need to improve before the first big debate. about last night, why hillary clinton needs to work on style. >> i communicated about classified material on a holy separate system. >> and donald trump needs to work on substance. >> no. but when i do come up with a plan that i like and perhaps agrees with mine or maybe doesn't. >> plus, gary johnson, don't know much about geography? >> and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding? >> and gary johnson may have ruined his hopes of playing a role in the presidential race. and a slew of battle ground state polls on "meet the press." this is "mtp daily" and it starts right now.


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