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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  September 8, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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have some good information on where the situation stands now. continues our live coverage. he'll check in with some of the road warriors hillary clinton's new assault, after making her case to be the next commander in chief. >> even i was shocked by this. the strong man, vladimir putin, he prefers the russian president to our american president. that is not just unpatriotic. it is scary, it is dangerous. >> donald trump. under fire for so much of what he said last night comes up with a whole new claim on national security. >> i would have been tougher on terrorists. osama bin laden would have been caught a long time ago.
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prior to the downing of the world trade center. >> and a parting shot at his opponents. >> she will get your vote, and she will say see you in four years, she might even say, see you in four years, suckers. >> this is "the 11th hour" with brian williams. >> good afternoon, with 60 days left for the candidates, they have been asked to avoid personal attacks at the commander in chief forum just last night. both faced criticism last night, donald trump for heaping praise on vladimir putin in russia, and hillary clinton criticized for not smiling enough, trump and clinton came out on offense today. the democratic nominee starting her attacks before getting off the ground, holding a rare news conference on the tarmac.
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westchester county, new york on her way to new york city where two new polls showed today it's anyone's race. for his part, donald trump was in ohio today where the latest poll there shows a statistical dead heat. he was there to talk, but couldn't resist his attack on clinton from last night, so without delay to the candidates now beginning with clinton. >> last night was yet another test. and donald trump failed yet again. we saw more evidence that he is temperamentally unfit and totally unqualified to be commander in chief. he trash-talked american generals, saying they have been quote, reduced to rubble. people who have sacrificed and spent their lives protecting our country valuing what makes us exceptional.
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and already great. see donald trump and know he should not be anywhere near the white house. one thing you did not hear from trump last night is any plan to take on isis. one of the biggest threats facing our country. he said his plan is still a secret, but the truth is he simply doesn't have one. meanwhile, bizarrely, once again, he praised russia's strongman, vladimir putin, even taking the astonishing step of suggesting that he prefers the russian president to our american president. even i was shocked by this, and i didn't know much could shock me coming out of his mouth anymore. what would ronald reagan say about a republican nominee who attacks american generals and heaps praise on russia's president. >> i would have been tougher on terrorism. osama bin laden would have been caught a long time ago before he was ultimately caught.
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prior to the downing of the world trade center. for years, i've been a critic of this kind of reckless, foreign invasions. and look, let's face it. interventions, that is what they are. have been a hallmark of trigger-happy hillary and her failed career. it's been a disaster. i want to briefly discuss new revelations about hillary clinton's very famous e-mails. every time she talks about the subject it's different. she has to get her act together. remember, hillary clinton was mailing about the drone program among many other extremely sensitive matters. this is yet more evidence that clinton is unfit to be your commander in chief. hillary clinton created a lot of the problems. and now she is saying how she is going to take us out. she does not have a clue.
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not even a little clue. >> with us tonight to start off the fastest half hour in television, kristen welker, who will be joined by katy tur. and we will be joined, by my count, kristen welker who works 23 hours a day, remind me to talk to you about the other three. a dual question, what was she doing today and tonight, and how does this campaign look or seem different than this time last night? >> reporter: it seems very different, brian. and by the way, your count about how much sleep i get is actually dead on. in terms of what we saw today, and tonight, we actually saw what is becoming a two-prong strategy, today, really sharp attacks against donald trump taking him on for all of those comments that he made last night
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at the commander in chief forum which you just talked about, brian, the fact he praised putin. his comments about the generals. but then tonight, a very different part of her strategy and this is new. she is trying to show a more personal side of herself. she spoke at a baptist church in missouri and talked about her faith and talked about growing up as a methodist, she is doing that to counter some of the unfavorable polls she has. and she did not miss a chance to go after donald trump, as you know she has been using. hillary clinton has taken aim at that tonight without mentioning him. take a listen to what she had to say. >> we are facing a candidate with a long history of racial discrimination in his business.
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who traffics in toxic conspiracy theories like the lie that president obama is not a true american. if he doesn't even respect all americans, how can he serve all americans? >> reporter: now the other part of this new strategy will be on display tomorrow. that is when secretary clinton is going to meet with top security officials here in new york, including former cia director david petraeus, as well as other big names like janet napolitano. michael chertoff, and brian, i talked to one top official who said this is one of several meeting that they can expect
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secretary clinton to have a subject on in the coming weeks. she will try to draw a sharp contrast with donald trump. also she will try to deliver a wide range of speeches that fit into her campaign. >> stay awake and stay with us one more second, i'll bring in other friend s with us. nicole wallace, former communications director for george bush. and co-author of game change. welcome to you both. nicole, what do you think has transpired. we're taking clinton land before trump land, what do you think has conspired? >> we talked tuesday how the long hot summer has changed the candidates. i was told they woke up with three communications goals, they wanted to get on this attack about the comments, the comments about putin and the generals
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reduced to rubble. they wanted advice that she really had to show more of her heart. i'm told it was her suggestion to get the podium in front of the plane and do the press conference before they even took off. this was a candidate that resisted this interaction with the press and seems to be more and more unwilling to engage. >> and i heard david gergen say he thought she went into last night. rusty, having sat on her lead, because august is different than a presidential lead. do you concur with that? >> if she performed last night, this would be a very close race and she would be in a lot of political pain. must do better than she did last night and she did today. last night i would say is an aberration, it was not her absolute worse, but it was not good enough in style of terms, they want a president that is comfortable in his or her own
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skin, she was none of those things. >> it's this asymmetrical fight against donald trump. she knows the answers, she was the girl in law school, the girl in the senate. that is not the fight she is in right now. she is in a fight with a guy who communicates at a gut level almost expertly. >> and the psychology for her now is framed in part by the polls. the press is saying that trump has done better in the last ten days and the polls suggest he must be doing better, because the national polls are tightening. and she looks at that and says, i can't believe i'm not losing to this guy but this guy is catching up to me. she wants to win this now by disqualifying him. and that is why you're seeing this aggressiveness. break his back politically now, she doesn't have to fight trench war fare for two months.
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>> kristen, are you going to see on her official schedule now lengthening gaps of so-called down time in politics where this essential debate prep, again, against an asymmetrical nominee, again, who is praising the president of russia. >> well, i'll answer that in a couple of ways, brian, first we know she took two weeks off to fundraise, but also to start her debating strongly. i anticipate there will be large chunks of various days carved out for debate prep. but i also think the clinton campaign thinks they can't really spend a whole lot of time off the trail at this point in time. i spoke with one person who is uniquely involved in the debate prep saying look she is preparing to take on two different donald trumps. that is why this is so challenging. the donald trump who will be
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very aggressive against her, and then the teleprompter donald trump. >> the audience's role in these debates is tbd. how would you prep a hillary clinton for this asymmetrical opponent? >> you know, they have to loosen up. you know, i once made a reser s reference to a seinfeld episode. her goal now, they understand they are very clear-eyed about what their baggage is. it's a sense that she can't be trusted, why for the last three days she has taken questions from her press corps. i think showing herself to be more nimble. i thought her answers were too long last night. i think looking looser, looking
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like you're listening, following the conversations. one reason it's so easy for donald trump to do that is it is because he sort of has that, that is all he has. she has to make up a little bit of ground on that. >> how do you prepare to be prepared and spontaneous? her nature is she will be the most prepared person i believe based on her team. i am not sure it is to her advantage, there will be a lot in her head, for me, it's not bad, she knows how long her answers are. it's about how calm and gracious and controlled she seems. if she goes after donald trump in the debate the way she did last night, mean, aggressive, tense, look at george bush, when he went after john kerry. humor, light touch, mocking. i think she will practice it,
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but does it allow her to execute it. >> well done, mention anybody named bush and you will get a smile. nicole wallace, thank you, kristen welker for joining us as well in your 21st workout. we'll take our first break here. and when we come back, what happened inside donald trump's campaign today? and more importantly, referencing something last night, what happened at that intelligence briefing? nbc news has new details. katy tur will join us, and what happened with that presidential candidate gary johnson? we'll explain aleppo-gate when we come back. using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs needed to create a pop-up pick-your-own juice bar
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remember this. she is always talking about -- things that she is going to do. but she has been there for more than 30 years. and she has never done anything about it. never done anything. >> just part of donald trump from earlier today. welcome back to the 11th hour, again, that was an appearance in cleveland. today we heard from him again, insisting that he was against the gulf war, quoted evidence to the contrary. and that he would have taken out osama bin laden before 9/11. katy tur, who works 21 hours a day, covers the campaign for us,
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outside trump tower in mid-town manhattan, not far from here, which we should also add has become a secret fortress in mid-manhattan. katy, let's talk about the campaign and was there more on the intelligence briefings today? >> reporter: yeah, we had quite a bit of reporting on the intelligence briefing today. remember, donald trump said that his briefers were unhappy with president obama because he could read their body language, essentially unhappy that president obama didn't take their advice when it came to national security and terror. now u.s. officials tell nbc news there were previous problems with that. number one, the briefers are trained not to give away their emotion through body language. so it would be unusual for donald trump to be able to tell something like that. and two, they're trained also not to give advice or recommendations. but rather to give situational
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assessments, so they would not necessarily be telling president obama what to do in the middle east on various issues. the former cia director, mike morrell, coming out and calling this highly unusual and highly inappropriate. he never came out and heard somebody use an intelligence briefing, using this as another reason he believes donald trump is unfit to serve as president. former cia director michael hadden saying pretty much the same thing, the problem is, many say they see donald trump as politicalizing, which should not be a political issue. political sizing intelligence, trump is moving on from that and trying to address the voters at the summit tomorrow and in washington, d.c., the conference they have every year, the conference, hi was there last year, i can tell you he was not necessarily received very warmly in the race. ted cruz was a favorite down
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there, as well as marco rubio. in fact, he called him a clown and a baby. the crowd in that room booed him, strongly, first time that donald trump had really gotten boos. he did not take it well, i tried to ask him a couple of questions about it. and he literally almost ran from the cameras. it will be very interesting to see how this conservative and evangelical crowd takes him tomorrow. >> katy tur, continuing to hang out with us for one second, nicole wallace, on the briefing, you have to believe that an intelligence professional or professionals answered a question like of course try telling obama that. and we're acting it out visually. >> i like the posture there, too, that was good. >> body language. >> i thought -- folks that are familiar with the experience -- >> and you have been in on these. >> that it's possible he may
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have misread the room. he is so attuned on how well he is being received. but i think is a mike morrell said, it's just not how they operate. >> and you know, some things donald trump does is unorthodox. and i think some people will say oh, that is horrible, you can't conduct yourself that way. like he is doing a different way and you can't actually do that. this is different, you just can't play around with those intelligence officials and violate the privacy that has to go along and the confidentiality that has to go along with that. >> and if it keeps up, he underscores the message that hillary clinton is making when she began her move up the polls in june, when she made sort of her best case in dismantling any best chance he would have as becoming commander in chief. it was her best speech and best
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takedown. she has had fewer and fewer opportunities because he does things like stand on stage in new mexico for 24 minutes. if he goes down this road, he reopens what has sort of been her most effective attack on him. >> before millions of americans in fact were up and awake and around for the day, the libertarian candidate, gary johnson, of new mexico, it's johnson weld, running in that party, was on morning joe, in a discussion about syria. we'll play this sequence, a question about a specific city from mike barnacle. here is what happened. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? about aleppo. and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> mark halpern, you caught up
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with governor johnson afterwards. what was his explanation and should this be a disqualifying moment or are voters free to -- >> in a very dignified way i chased him down the hall. >> he knew it was a problem, his team told him, he is a smart guy, his team told him. his explanation was, i thought you were speaking about an acronym. a lot of people questioned it. lucked out with the politics between secretary clinton and donald trump. it didn't get a lot of attention, i interviewed him yesterday and thought he had enough momentum. he has a moment now getting more attention than he has ever gotten to try to convince people to look at me, i'm more than one gaffe. >> i heard you make your point
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on the broadcast very quickly. this is tough when you're trying to get to 15% to get in the debates. >> and when you're trying to pass yourself off as a credible -- the truth is, people are attracted to him as people who don't like their choices. if he doesn't pass this fundamental test, it's an awareness of the sort of grave humanitarian crisis that is happening on the globe tonight. i think it is disqualifying. >> you have to read the paper. >> nicole, mark, katy tur, thank you for joining us. another break for us. and the nfl season, officially under way. so is the national debate, on a form of public protests. it came up again tonight. hey team, i know we're tight on timebut i really need a...
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one last thing before we go, requires full disclosure. if we had not been working we would have been watching football. carolina panthers at the denver broncos. while ours is a show of american politics, increasingly, football has been too. another player took the knee rather than stand, linebacker brandon marshal became the first to do so. we'll see more of this during the first full week of football. colin kaepernick said he was exercising his right. the nfl commissioner didn't
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appreciate it. said he doesn't condone it. we'll hear more right alongside this presidential campaign. that is our broadcast tonight. we'll see you back here on monday, "hardball" with chris matthews starts right now. two months left, let's play hardball. good evening, i'm chris matthews, back in philadelphia. it's the day after hillary clinton and donald trump both appeared before veterans and answered questions about protecting our country. donald trump made the most news and stirred up the most heat. he ridiculed american military leaders saying the generals had been reduced to rubble. and he suggested he fire them. praising vlar


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