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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> everybody here today has stumbled on their own stoney paths. it's grace that lifts us up and grace that leads us home. >> grace taking us home. is this a new, softer hillary clinton we are seeing in the last 24 hours? >> reporter: it absolute slly i. not just because of the criticism she is getting from the rnc chair but because of her high-end favorables. this is an attempt to try to counter those, reaching out to voters, showing a more personal side. she writes about the pressure that she felt as a young woman taking the bar example at harvard university. she was one of only a few women in the room. she was getting a lot of pressure from the men who were saying, hey, if you do well, i could be enlisted to serve in vietnam. so a lot of pressure there. she said it was there that she learned to really control her emotions. take a look at a little bit of what she wrote on this blog post. "i know that i could be perceived as aloof or cold or unemotional. and if i create that perception,
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then i take responsibility." so really a stronger attempt here on the part of the clinton campaign to counter some of those negative perceptions about secretary clinton that she might be cold or aloof. but make no mistake, steph, she is still taking very sharp attacks against donald trump. >> thanks, kristen. turning now to jacob rascon in pensacola, florida where donald trump will hold a rally later today. donald trump started defending his stance on the war in iraq during a speech on education. take a look. >> three months before the iraq war started, i said in an intervi interview that perhaps we shouldn't be doing it yet. >> help me out here. what happened? >> he said during the forum he was totally against the war in iraq. the truth is he was, but not at least publicly until more than a year after the war started.
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the reference there is an instance where he said maybe the economy is a bigger deal than the war. but he wasn't totally against the war. and even before that statement, he was asked about it on howard stern's show an he said there, yeah, i guess so, we should go into iraq. so it seems very clear that he was not totally against the ar in iraq before it started, at least publicly. >> not totally. i want to talk something he has been publicly backing. that's vladimir putin. it is not just donald trump praising the russian leader. mike pence doubled down on it yesterday. >> right. mike pence said what is clear, at least in his words, is that vladimir putin is a stronger leader in his country than obama is here. that was surprising to some because a lot of the time it ended up that mike pence cleans up or explains a little bit the statements from donald trump. even paul ryan was asked about this. he didn't back trump, of course. he said that putin is an
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aggressor. others like marco rubio and other senators also now left trying to defend the indefensible at least for republicans. this morning, i'll end with this, the campaign manager for the trump campaign tried to clean it up by saying they're not praising putin as much as they're saying we'll work with him to defeat isis. that's what -- where they want to go with the conversation. >> the saga continues. jacob rascon, joining us from florida. we're following breaking news out of north korea. the regime says it's conducted a new nuclear test the second in eight months. i want to bring in nbc chief global correspondent bill neely joining us from london. bill, what can you tell us? you know what? i'm afraid we may have just lost bill so we don't have him right now. we'll move back here talking politics. national security is the topic as has been dominating the campaign trail this week. both candidates have talked
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national security. joining us on ot commander in chief forum and the backlash since that forum continues. many say donald trump won the night when talking about the state of our nation and the future of our safety. joining me now, nbc news political director around moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. chuck, i need your help here. >> okay. >> do you think donald trump won? >> oh, no, i don't. i think it depends on -- look. i don't think -- it is one of those situations where i think -- i understand why they feel good in the moment, but i think the statements that he made have a shelf life that is not going to wear well for him. i think it begins with what you've highlighted here at the top which is these statements on putin. i think this whole putin situation and this whole decision to sort of start playing nice with a country and with so much evidence now in the last couple of years that russia's doing everything they can to undermine u.s. national
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security policy, whether it's undermining u.s. influence in ukraine and eastern europe. we see what's going on with syria. never mind the hack. i think this is going to be something that's not going to go away from him. we're already seeing, stephanie, that it's splitting republicans. it is sort of a new wedge inside the republican party. paul ryan basically said putin is our adversary, we shouldn't be cozying up to him. then these verbal gymnastics that mike pence did about it. it is startling. >> chuck, lindsey graham said saying something like this is the biggest mistake since saying hitler may be an okay guy. could this be the moment where gop leaders say you know what, donald? i'm no longer going to support you anymore. >> stephanie, i don't know how many times i've heard that phrase, could this be the moment? where this whole swath of sort of mainstream wing of the
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republican party just says that's it, we're out, let's stop doing this. i guess the scary thing about this with putin, and with this cozying up to putin is how normal it is looking and how it is getting normalized. this is what's i think so alarming to some people here, is that this is a guy who is actively -- appears to be actively trying to undermine our democratic process and we're normalizing this idea that it's just sort of one side says say nicer things about putin and work with him. the other side says don't say things things about him and work with him when you have to. this is not one of those issues. again, i think this is something that isn't going to go away but i don't think it becomes the moment either. >> what's donald trump's motivation, whether he didn't know or it was a plan to appear on russian tv? could one guess is he giving a wink saying you want to hack? hack away, here i am, i'm your boy? >> you know, none of us can crawl inside trump's head on
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this one. i think there are two things you got to realize about trurl. one is he's fixated on the '80s and '90s. he makes a lot of '80s references. larry king for him is a touchstone. so i buy about half of that argue. . but i don't buy this idea that they didn't know it was going to be on putin's propaganda network. knowing trump, i think he sees it as a way he figures, oh, let them have at it. he is one of those that doesn't mind sort of -- sort of like shooting flack to like let bullets follow the flack? he doesn't mind creating little controversies like this. i think he sees it as helpful distractions to him. i think though on this one he is playing with fire. >> one other thing that donald trump isn't is hillary clinton. many times when you talk to trump supporters they're not praising him or his policies, they are saying he's not hillary. i've known her for 30 years and i don't like her. in the last 24 hours hillary clinton is aggressively trying
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to soften up, trying to bring out of it a humanity. is it too late? we've known her for a long time. >> it may be too late to fix the trustworthy numbers and things like that before november 8th. but this is something she has to keep working on. if she wins, you got to have decent trustworthy numbers. you got to have decent personal likability numbers if you want to effective live govern. and it makes it easier to govern if you have that. so i think it is something regardless of whether she can repair this in time for november or does she have to sort of win as saying i'm not trump. regardless, this is a project she has to do. one thing to keep an eye on is next week. next week president obama goes back on the campaign trail. he hasn't been involved in the campaign in six weeks. it's been the worst six weeks for hillary clinton. i think when obama gets back on the trail, i won't be surprised if that becomes the most important helpful lift that clinton receives until the debates. >> i'm not ready to think about
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next week. do you know why? because i got to think about this weekend. "meet the press." hello. >> well promoted. >> watch mtp daily today on msnbc. you can join him again on "me the press" this sunday on your local nbc station. back to the breaking news in north korea. their latest nuclear test. nbc chief global correspondent bill neely, what can you tell us? >> good morning, stephanie. apologies for the previous glitch. no glitches in north korea. this was way beyond anything it has tested so far. the most powerful nuclear test announced by their news anchor with great pride. she, by the way, is brought out of retirement any time there is a huge national story to tell. this one, well, it was north korea's fifth nuclear test. so strong it caused an earthquake with magnitude 5.3.
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according to the north koreans with be it is proof that they can mount a nuclear warhead on a medium range missile. now that's a big threat to its neighbors, principally to japan and south korea. but the bigger concern of course is that north korea is on the path towards a missile capable of reaching the u.s. west coast. >> bill, for us here, it is so hard to even understand what it's like there. you were just spending time in north korea reporting there. what is it like to be inside such an isolated country? >> well, yeah. i mean it is very isolated. i'll give you -- just give you a quote from someone who was interviewed on the street this morning who said, "it is really great news. i am full of confidence that if the enemies make any little provocations we'll make a counter attack and we will surely win." that was the kind of comment i heard all the time. north korea believes the united states wants to attack. and the nuclear deterrent is just that. the question is what on earth account world do to stop this?
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i was there just four months ago. they were already anticipating this nuclear test. president obama says the world has to ensure that there will be serious consequences. but what exactly? more sanctions? well, no state on earth is more sanntioned, and all those tough sanctions and diplomatic pressure have no effect at all preventing this test. so this is a real problem for the international community. stephanie? >> all right, bill neely joining us from london. thanks, bill. coming up, some republicans are out blasting donald trump over his praise of vladimir putin. will trump support for the authoritarian leader hurt or help his campaign? is. are and later, what was donald trump's stance on the iraq war? we take a little history lesson. we've just been hearing so much about how you're a digital company, yet here you are building a jet engine. well, ge is digital and industrial. like peanut butter and jelly. yeah. ham and cheese.
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sunday marks 15 years since the 9/11 attacks. right now you are looking at one world trade center in the financial district of downtown manhattan. this is the area where the attacks happened. if you remember, the devastating attacks here in new york city. in just a moment there will be a moment of silence down the a the new york stock exchange. tom farley, president of the stock exchange, at the podium now. so many people in that community who lost loved ones, colleagues and friends. it is an important moment. we're going to take that moment of silence now.
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[ opening bell ] >> that bell concluding the moment of silence, remembering 9/11 victims. something we'll never forget. we'll be right back with more. you're watching msnbc. ♪ at northrop grumman, our microchips are getting so small and fast... they're taking on far bigger roles.
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donald trump's praise of russian president vladimir putin has opened the door wide for hillary clinton to pounce. take a look. >> certainly, in that system he's been a leader far more than our president has been a leader. >> that is not just unpatriotic, and insulting to the people of our country, as well as to our commander in chief, it is scary. >> i want to bring in former georgia congressman and trump campaign senior advisor, jack kingston. good morning, jack. >> good morning, stephanie. >> do you agree, is vladimir putin a better leader than president obama? >> i think what mr. trump was saying is he's stronger. take, for example, obama's very famous apology tour once he was elected. he goes around the world apologizing for america. consider him calling the isis jv or saying to the syrian troops assad, if you go over to the red
6:21 am
line, use chemical weapons, we're going to push back. or maybe his embracement of the muslim brotherhood. i think barack obama and hillary clinton have led a very, very weak foreign policy and therefore send a signal that america's weak because the leadership is weak. what donald trump is saying is you need strong leaders. he's going to be a strong leader. >> congressman, strong leaders -- we're talking oppressive dictator-like leadership. someone who kills journalists, who breaks international law over and over, invading other countries. do we understand -- do the american people understand who vladimir putin is? what he has done over and over? >> but donald trump was not praising his actions in that regard. he was just saying he was strong. strong cannot necessarily mean that you're good and doesn't mean you agree on everything. but remember, it was hillary clinton to famously had the russian reset that she embraced putin and the russian policy saying this is great. a new era.
6:22 am
the reset was a huge deal. she proudly pushed the button on international television. then if you think about not really standing up to him at all when it came to the uk and crimea. we don't need to bring up -- i hope the clinton foundation and the transfer of uranium -- >> i would like to talk though about donald trump. because to win the election, you need to do more than just not like the other candidate. lindsey graham said it is the biggest miscalculation since people thought hitler was a good guy. does donald trump understand even by saying, listen, if vladimir putin wants to praise me, so be it. going and speaking on russia sponsored tv, does he understand the dangers? >> well, stephanie, keep in mind, lindsey graham, a friend of mine, i like him, i serve in the house, but the reality is he
6:23 am
is aesth 1 pr% of the vote and he is a never trumper. >> hold on. it is expected that he would make a reference, a comparison to adolf hitler? that's expected? >> well, i would just say that lindsey has ways of saying quippy comments. that's lindsey in action. but he does not support donald trump and we understand that. here is where donald trump is on the military. by the way, i was just reading a poll said we're winning 58%-35% on military family voters. donald trump says we have to rebuild the air force. the thatnavy, the ships cut in . troops going from 1 million to 2 million. donald trump is talking to mill pear families about peace through strength and rebuilding the military. >> congressman, exactly on that military front, when he talks about defeating isis and we don't know exactly what his plan is or if if he has one. he said he is going to be listening to generals and
6:24 am
bringing in new ones. as far as the military goes, are there generals we don't know about that are waiting in the wings with some sort of game plan to attack isis? >> stephanie, you know what? there actually are. there are a lot of plans out there and the commander in chief, as all commanders in chief do, kind of cherry pick their leadership team, if you will. as you remember, president obama fired stanley mcchrystal. president trum president truman fired douglas macarthur. a president has that right. i think what donald trump is saying is i'm going to have a team that's going to change things. if you're happy with the middle east and you think what's going on in iraq and afghanistan and syria, libya, if you think those are good things, then give barack obama a third term with his proxy of hillary clinton. but if you want change, i'm going to bring change and i'm not going to broadcast to the enemy what my game plan is the way barack obama and hillary clinton is. as someone who served on the
6:25 am
defense committee, i was always appalled when we would announce, hey, we're going to withdraw on these dates, because particularly in that area of the world, they know how to wait out foreigners. >> then where do you gain your comfort level? if you don't know donald trump's plan going in and he doesn't have government or military experience, and these new generals whose names we don't know who possibly have this game plan, why do you feel comforted that he has a plan that will in fact defeat isis? >> you know, stephanie, i represented -- had the honor of representing five military installations in every branch of the military. i spent a lot of time with the third infantry. i can tell you, there is a lot of angst the way barack obama and hillary clinton have implemented our foreign policy in iraq and afghanistan and syria. i get a lot of comfort by talking directly to the soldiers and the people in uniform. but the other thing is, i get a lot of discomfort when i see that hillary clinton absolutely,
6:26 am
positively mismanaged classified material. you talk about who do you trust on the nuclear trade deal? certainly not anyone who played loosy-goosy with classified material and someone who has been qualified for classified briefing and sat through them, i can tell you there is absolutely no way you could get away with what she's been saying. you know when something's classified or not. she signed papers saying that i understand classification and confidential material. then to carry blackberries into areas that were supposed to be scrubbed and to have 13 different electronic devices -- >> congressman, do you believe mr. trump understands the sensitivities and privacies around intelligence briefings as we're hearing about body language? >> absolutely. i think that that -- a lot of this is on the left. keep in mind that on february 25, 2008, george bush gave a briefing about our troop movements in iraq and hillary clinton went straight to the press about it.
6:27 am
i don't agree with anybody going straight to the press. this stuff is very sensitive. i know one of the frustrations sitting in classified briefings is sometimes you read exkt aly what was said the next day in a major newspaper. i don't know how it gets out and you don't know, well, maybe they're holding back a little bit more. but i think it is important for both of them to have a vision and have an understanding of what's going on in the world today. so i got to say, i'm glad they both get these briefings right now but donald trump is somebody who is a strong leader, who knows how to pull people together. he's done it in the business world and he'll be doing it on a national stage. keep in mind, george bush had an active coalition of countries in iraq and afghanistan. i believe it was something like 45. the countries now -- their contributions to the international coalition, they're just paper. >> congressman -- >> hillary even said there weren't troops in iraq the other day and no one was killed in libya. where did that come from and why
6:28 am
doesn't that cause angst and discomfo discomfort? >> congressman, there is angst and discomfort across the country and world right now. that's part of the reason we are having the discussion. coming. donald trump has currently said generals leading the fight against isis have been reduced to rubble. i'll talk a former four-star general to see if trump's isis plan has any basis in reality. this is humira. this is humirarahelpg n and protect my joints from furer damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. doctors have been prescribing humira for over 13 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened, as have blood, liver and nervous system problems,
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6:32 am
less than a decade there will be an active strategic nuclear threat to the united states m n mainland from north korea. the question is what do you do about it. >> what do you do about it, making it even more important who our military leaders are. a few nights ago donald trump said our generals under barack obama and hillary clinton have been reduced to rubble. have you heard anyone in that kind of position say anything like that before zp. >> well, it was an interesting comment, stephanie. i spent most of the last 15 years in and out of these war zones as a civilian analyst or academic. you take people like stan mcchrystal and the current army chief of staff, general mark millie. these guys have been at war continuously for 15 years. 50,000 killed and wounded. they are the best people we ever had in uniform. so it is a surprising comment and not well founded. >> when donald trump says he's going to bring in newerals and his plan is to wait and hear
6:33 am
what they have to say in terms of defeating isis, who is it that you think he could be speaking about? >> well, you know, certainly every new commander in chief appoints the very senior people. but remember, our civil service and our military are non-political. you know, the chairman of the jcf, general joe dunford, a terrific marine, is in a senate confirmed position for two years at a time. so the chiefs of services. so unlike some dictatorships, we don't fire all the military leaders when the new president comes in. that's, again, a concern for people listening to mr. trump's take on all this. >> hillary clinton just yesterday, do you believe she's put herself in a corner saying she doesn't want to put troops on the ground as it relates to some countries overseas, specifically in the middle east?
6:34 am
>> there's been analysts yammering about that in the last 48 hours, clearly. if you were at a seminar on defense thinking at harvard, you wouldn't say that. but practically speaking, stephanie, i mean we had 150,000 troops in iraq. we had over 100,000 in afghanistan. there is no political will to reintroduce significant combat forces on the ground, nor is it a good idea. so i don't think there is any problem in her reassuring the american people that this isn't where she is going to go if elected. >> then if there's no problem with what she's saying, and you have said before that you think donald trump is a danger and you wouldn't support him, time has passed since he went after the khan family. are you now endorsing a candidate and is that candidate hillary clinton? >> i am not affiliated with either political party. i'm not going to endorse any of the candidates. i express strong concern about 1 mr. trump. his level of ignorance about
6:35 am
defense affairs is astonishing to me. statements like urging north korea -- south korea and japan to potentially be a nuclear power, praising mr. putin who is a major threat to western europe. poland, the baltic states. praising saddam hussein as an effective counterterrorist? so i think we need to have reasonable, steady, experienced, smart people in public life. >> but you're not saying who that person is. >> well, i express significant concern about mr. trump. i don't think from his public statements that he would be an effective commander in chief on national security and foreign policy affairs. never mind statements like selectively not paying u.s. federal debt. >> thank you, general, so much for joining me this morning. coming up, despite other
6:36 am
interviews, donald trump continues to claim he was against the iraq war. author of the 2004 piece mr. trump references has proof of his opposition joins me next. with the right steps,
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yes it's plain to see the surface pro 4 is made for me i opposed going in and i opposed it despite the media saying no, yes, no. i opposed going in. >> the media saying yes, no. that was donald trump yesterday in a lengthy explanation of his opposition to the iraq war. but here's the thing, it is just not that crystal clear. so here are a few facts. in 2002 as the country was gearing up for war trump was asked about it on howard stern's radio show. >> are you for invading iraq? >> yeah, i guess so. you know, i wish the first time it was done correctly. >> yeah, i guess so. that is the clearest statement anyone has been able to find of
6:40 am
his thinking before the war. but trump pointed yesterday to another interview. >> three months before the iraq war started i said in an interview with neil cavuto that perhaps we shouldn't be doing it yet. and that the economy -- these are quotes -- that the economy -- this was on live television. the economy is a much bigger problem as far as the president is concerned. . >> but according to politifact, in that interview he never actually opposed the war. he only said that the economy should be a bigger priority. this brings us to the echo"esqu magazine interview donald trump often points to including at yesterday's commander in chief forum, and yesterday. >> then in august, of 2004, i made a detailed statement in an interview to "esquire" magazine. and here's what it said.
6:41 am
>> i would never have handled it that way. >> joining me, the author of that piece. cal, take us back to 2004 when this article was published. what was the state of iraq at that point in the war? >> i think that is the most important question because when you look back at the time, you are looking back not only at the war, but you are looking at donald trump not as a political candidate. you are looking at him as the biggest television reality star in the country. he's walk down the streets and kids are running up to him. "you're fired!" "you're fire!" and it was that donald trump that i met in late spring of 2004. at that time, i got to say, i
6:42 am
don't remember too many people coming out against the war. i mean, president obama was the one that we all saw as coming out against it from the beginning. so when donald, during that interview, came out so deeply against the war, i remember taking a step back and saying, whoa. this is going to make some news. >> but did you feel that that was a new view for him? because in that interview with howard stern before the war started, he had a different message. did he reference that at all? >> not at all. and this goes back to the point i was trying to make. this was not a presidential interview. it was a very light interview. i don't know if you've seen the cover, but on the cover of "esquire" magazine you saw donald draped out in bling like he was a rap star. so there was nothing really
6:43 am
presidential about this. it was very light. the idea behind the story was what it feels like to be donald trump. so i was really looking at what it felt like at that moment to be donald trump. >> just yesterday, "esquire" put out a piece trying to help us qualify or understand what donald trump's position was. it doesn't necessarily seem to go against donald trump saying i was against the war, i always was. can you explain that qualification? >> that's a very good point. if you look at the timeline, clearly when i spoke with donald, this was at a time when the war was about a year old, little more than that. and so you can make the case -- which "esquire" did that, hey, donald, you can't take what you
6:44 am
said in 2004 and apply it back to 2000. but, on the other hand, we don't really know when this crystallized in donald's mind. probably the only person who would know is donald, and that's if he was keeping a diary. >> if he was, it would be pretty exciting. all right, cal, we have to leave it there. >> all right. thank you. coming up, musician and activist joined me to talk everything from black lives matter and if hillary clinton is taking the black vote for granted. that's next. 80% of women say a healthy lifestyle is a priority.
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♪ ♪ what's going on with the world mama ♪ ♪ where's the love ♪ yeah people living like they ain't got no mama ♪ >> that is the reimagined version of the 2003 black-eyed pea s hit, "where's the love." in order to bring awareness of
6:48 am
the world problems like terrorism, refugees and police brutality. and help from an a-list group of stars who lent their voice to the cause. joining me is the search-time grammy award winner, and founder of the angel foundation, welcome. >> good to be here. >> "where is the love." this is morning a song, this is a movement. what is this? >> in 2001, the original version of "where is the love" was written after 9/11. we went on tour september the 12th. traveled america, and felt the confusion, the hurt. and now we've revisited, because there are so many horrible things that have happened in society. and people were asking us to, you know, do a new version of the song. and this one is about all the things that are happening in the world from syria to here in
6:49 am
america. >> it feels like today there is more vocal hate around the world and domestically than ever. just this week, p. diddy said he felt like barack obama short changed the african-american community. and a lot of democrats have gotten criticism. people saying you have taken the african-american vote for granted. do you feel like the african-american community in some part feels forgotten? >> >> the african-american african-american community feels forgotten starting at a 7-year-old's investment for their education. so it starts from there. you know, how much we support the community's growth and just follow the money, or lack of money. for a child's education. and you'll see the results of it. >> i want to bring up the "where is the love" map that you sort of put together. and when we look at inner cities
6:50 am
and the lack of funding for education, how do you think that gets changed? because we're less than two months away from electing our next president and education is really not even being spoken about. >> that's the part that confuses me, right? so we go overseas and we spend, like, trills of dollars on war. but there's crime and wars here in our inner cities like chicago. and education is not brought up. and, you know, you couple those two things that might seem like they don't belong in the same conversation, like war and education. but if you look at inner cities, where a kid gets $4,000 per year, per student, it's that same community where that kid goes to school, where you have crime, kids killing kids, you know. those same kids are in and out of juvenile hall, and end up in
6:51 am
correctional facilities. and then, you know, they're getting paid, like, 14 cents an hour working in those prisons, making things. so it just seems like a real nasty little setup that no one is really trying to look under the hood and try to solve. >> well, you want to encourage people to vote. what do you want them to do? >> when you look at he pockets of where america is lacking and slacking, and you tell me what candidate we need to solve these problems. but more importantly, what candidate can unite us to solve these problems? not just unite america, but also unite the rest of the world. that's what we need. so i'm not telling you to vote for. i'm just telling you how to align to make the right decision and make love be the thing that guides you. >> we need more thank you, will. you can learn more about the "where is the love" campaign and where is the coming up right here on msnbc, chairman of the house oversight committee. [ crowd noise ]
6:52 am
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that wraps us up this hour. i'm stephanie ruhle. be sure to tune in tomorrow on "weekend today show." for now, we'll give you some more news with peter alexander, who, as he just said, i'm glad you're wearing pants, not shorts. >> you've got to dress up for this gig. up first this hour, praise for putin, forcing republicans to take the ultimate loyalty test. the republican ticket reupping its complement to the russian leader, saying he is stronger than president obama. in fact, donald trump now doing it in an interview airing on russian-state-sponsored media. hillary clinton hitting back, calling the comment insulting. she says it is scary and not the only attack in the campaign that is rapidly heating up. >> if -- look, we should have never gone into iraq, period. but once we went in -- >> we are facing a candidate with a long history of racial
6:56 am
discrimination in his business. of. >> she believes in globalism. not americanism. >> i'm not going to sit up here and do the tit for tat on what donald said. >> everything is a game. it's like he's living in his own
6:57 am
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