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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 9, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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worse. common core. we're going to end it. we'll bring in education. i will fight for every child in this country who deserve better futures. the african-american community has heard my message that i am going to make the inner city safe again, and i'm going to bring back jobs and i'm going to bring back the great education. don't be surprised -- remember this, november 8th. don't be surprised because we have been given a lot of support over the last three or four weeks. if on november 8th i get more african-american and hispanic votes than anyone thought possible about a month ago, you see what's going on. people are starting to hear about this, and they're saying, wow. wow. they are liking it. and again, can't get any worse. it's going to get a lot better. but only if i do it.
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they can't do it. the democrats, they have -- what they've done is incredible. and hillary clinton will be absolutely more of the same. rigid. it will never change. remember, 100 years. 70 years. 50. it's not going to change. not going to happen. now let's talk about another issue that will define the future of this country for generations to come. the united states supreme court. earlier this year we lost the great justice antonin scalia. the next president will not only have to fill this seat but as many as four others. it could even be, i mean, we could end up with a total of five judges by one president. would be record-setting. probably be three. could be four. could even be five.
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and you pick the wrong people, you have a country that is no longer your country. it will be a disaster. one of the most important issues, frankly, other than maybe defense because we'll build up our military. it's so depleted. we're going to take care of our vets. we're going to protect our second amendment. so many things. but one of the most important, some think it's the most important, is the filling of the seats -- the united states supreme court. you see what's happening now. essentially it's 4-4. and you see how bad it is. we're going to pick great judges. i've already put a list of 11 federalist society, highly recommended. got uniform great reviews on these 11 people. and we are going to put truly great people. maybe we use judge scalia as the ultimate example of what we're using foe inine ining -- lookin?
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this will determine whether or not we remain a constitutional republic. that's what's going to happen. i have pledged to appoint judges who uphold the constitution to protect your religious liberty and apply the law as written. we reject judges who rewrite the constitution to impose their own personal views on 300 million-plus americans. we're going to have that. i've made public a list of judges, as i said, that will guide my selection process. hillary clinton has refused to provide such a list. we brought it up. let's see your list. you ever saw the list? you would walk out of here not feeling very well.
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because she knows the extremist judges she would pick would be rejected by the overwhelming majority of the american public. they'd be rejected. clinton's judicial picks would allow her to completely take over american health care, the american economy, and americans' religious liberty, not to maengs your second amendment which is on very thin ice right now as you know because of the fact we're 4-4. and if they even pick one judge who is wrong, you can probably, as you know it, you can kiss the second amendment good-bye. and we don't want to see that. another issue in this race of great importance to everyone in this room is the issue, of course, of national security. just today, it was announced that north korea performed its fifth nuclear test. its fourth since hillary clinton became secretary of state.
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it's just one more massive failure from a failed secretary of state. failed at everything. her policies have also put iran on to a path of nuclear weapons. n i have to say, made them overnight an absolute power. they were dying three years ago. the sanctions were choking them. they would have fallen, but obama didn't support people that would have taken over. i think in this case, probably would have taken over the right way. had no support. but you look at what's happened to iran in such a short period of time. but remember the ransom payment was $400 million two weeks ago. but then they made a mistake. this is cash.
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remember they said they paid cash because they couldn't open a bank account. no way of sending it into a checking account? all lies. just like obamacare was a big lie. you couldn't lose your plan, couldn't lose your doctor. 27 times. lose your doctors, lose your plan. turned out to be a lie. it's all a big lie. it's a rigged system, and it's a lie. i'll tell you what. i'll tell you what. the $400 million for those that haven't been reading the paper over the last two days turned out to be $1.7 billion in cash. cash. and i actually said -- they said that money is going to be used for terror. no, they've got $150 billion. that's in addition to the $150 billion that we gave them back. they don't need it. this is going into their swiss accounts and going into their accounts. they'll not use it for terror. they have plenty of money for terror. $1.7 billion in cash. massive, big vats of cash.
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you saw them. cartons. never saw anything like it. i've seen a lot of cash. never saw anything like this. $1.7 billion. can you imagine these guys? member they wouldn't give back the hostages. they waited forever hours and hours and obama kept saying, no, this has nothing to do. even the hostages said they kept us waiting for a certain plane to come in. not to take them back. because they were waiting for something. just another lie. but can you imagine these people sitting there and they see $1.7 billion in cash? they think we're stupid. they think we're stupid. they won't be thinking it for long. very sad. at the same time, isis is
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hunting down and exterminating what it calls the nation of the cross. isis is carrying out a genocide against christians in the middle east. we cannot let this evil continue. can't let it. isis must be destroyed. have to. have no choice. to defeat isis, we must use military warfare, but also cyberwarfare, financial warfare and ideological warfare. it's a whole different ball game than it was 50 years ago and 200 years ago. different world. we must also establish a bipartisan goal in the united states and an international goal with our allies of defeating
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radical islamic terrorism. words that our president won't use and words that hillary clinton won't use. just like we won the cold war by identifying our enemy and building a consensus to guide a long-term strategy. so, too, must we do the same with islamic terrorism. by the way, president obama has allowed syrian refugees to pour into our country at unbelievable rates. and hillary clinton wants to allow 550% more. but it's almost impossible to get a christian in from syria.
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they take others, but they don't take christians. very rare. so i said that we need to make safe zones in the region. we want to take care of people. but we absolutely cannot allow this potential, tremendous threat to continue. and we have to stop this. this is going to be potent yelly a catastrophe for our country. it's from within. this could be the all-time great trojan horse. this could be it. you ever notice on the -- you look at the migration trail and see people with cell phones. some of the cell phones have the isis flag printed on them. and some of them have things far worse than that. scenes far worse than that. so it was the failed policies, you have to remember, of hillary clinton and obama that unleashed
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isis in the first place. if they did the right thing, you wouldn't be talking about isis right now. now she wants to get rid of -- oh, we're going to get rid of them. she tells them already, there will be no boots on the ground. even if you don't want boots on the ground, don't say it. now they're saying, i hope she wins. oh, boy would they dream of having her as president. can you imagine? they'd dream about it every night having hillary clinton. but even if you believe -- and i can understand that, no boots on the ground, you don't say it. let them think they're going to go through hell. don't say it. can you imagine the great general douglas macarthur, can you imagine the great general george patton or one of our great generals we have today, general flynn who is here some place. i love general flynn. can you imagine these people
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saying, i mean, they're basically giving out the strategy. there will be no boots on the ground. if you don't want that, i fully understand. don't say it. don't say it. can you imagine macarthur saying, we're going to fight the enemy, and wire going to move our troops in in about a month. we're going to move from behind. we're going to hit them from the front. and everything they say turns out to be true. you know, i hate to say this because we have a lot of evangelicals in this room. maybe we shouldn't be so honest when it comes to military strategy. hope i didn't lose your vote for saying that. just look at what her policies have left us with in iraq, syria, and libya. the problem is hillary clinton is trigger happy. she really is.
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she's trigger happy and yet she says no boots, which is interesting. probably will be boots. probably turn out to be another disaster. her tenure has brought us only war and destruction and death. she's just too quick to intervene, invade or to push for regime change with people we don't even know who they are. they take over and they're far worse. this creates the power vacuums that are filled by terrorists in groups like isis. my administration on the other hand will work with any country that is willing to partner with us to defeat isis and halt radical islamic terrorism. and by the way, that includes russia. if they want to join us on knocking out isis, that is just fine as far as i'm concerned.
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it's a very imperfect world, and you can't always choose your friends. but you can nevvr fail to recognize your enemies. we have some real enemies. unfortunately for our country, our enemies probably hacked into hillary clinton's e-mails. these are the same e-mails she destroyed after receiving a federal subpoena. what's that? using software in order to bleach the e-mail so you can never, ever see them. she even mysteriously lost 13 different phones before the fbi got them. and many were destroyed with a
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hammer. did anybody ever hit a hammer -- you know, maybe two or three people. but they were just released from prison, those two people. can you believe this? destroyed them with a hammer. the old-fashioned way, i guess. the other night, in the commander in chief forum, did anybody see that? how did i do? we have a big debate coming up. there but i will say every poll has me winning big league the commander in chief. we had -- the polls came out after that event, and we won big league. now we have a debate coming up. i don't imagine any of you are going to be watching the debate. hillary clinton answered questions on her e-mails
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horribly. that's why she lost. that's why she did so poorly. she was terrible. honestly, shouldn't be saying this, she was terrible. she keeps talking about the e-mails every time she talks about them, she talks about them differently. it seems each week, true, she has like a different answer. but there can be no answer when she deletes 33,000 e-mails, bleaches them so they can never be recovered, an unheard of practice. hammers them into total silence. you know what's happening. you know what's happening. i always say getting away with that will be the single greatest accomplishment of her career. true. it's true. so her answers were bad.
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they were bad. and a lot of people said they were so totally dishonest. and you know, she was blaming matt lauer. i thought matt lauer did a good job. his questions to me were very tough. but the gentleman who stood up and said, honestly, you should be in prison for what you did. to me, that's was the tough one. that was the tough -- that was a tough question. sort of a question in the form of a statement, right? hillary clinton is unfit to be our president, for many reasons. true. true.
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[ crowd chanting "lock her up" ] >> she's unfit for many reasons. the biggest of which is her judgment. it's just so bad. it's time to restore honesty and integrity to our government. have to do it. and one more issue, final issue i want to discuss today is the economy. and helping those in need. there is no more charitable group in this country than christians. and all of u -- true. and all of us here today are determined to lift suffering americans out of poverty. with a lot of other people are going to help. as your president, i will pursue a complete reform of our economy to bring back millions of new jobs into our country. millions of new jobs.
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we've lost our jobs like we're a bunch of babies. they've gone to other countries. they've gone to mexico. many other countries. china is taking massive advantage of us. it's all so easy. believe me. . it's all so easy. that includes, we will be doing massive tax cuts for working families and for businesses. it includes very importantly, the elimination of all needless job-killing regulations. it includes lifting the restrictions on american energy which is under siege. i will also renegotiate nafta.
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and if they don't want to renegotiate itto it becomes a two-way highway, not just a one-way highway out of the united states for our companies and our jobs, we will terminate nafta. believe me. we'll stand up to china, and we're going to fight for every last job. it's going to be america first. and it's going to be the american worker first. crucially, i will also fight for the american family and american family values. the family must be at the center of any anti-poverty agenda. has to be. thank you. our country just lost one of the great champions for the american
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fami family, phyllis. really great woman. we send our thoughts and prayers to her loved ones. i will be going to her funeral tomorrow in st. louis. phyllis fought very hard to the very end for a free and prosperous america. she understood that to be truly united as a country, we can't simply turn to government or to politicians. the bedrock of our unity is the realization that we are all brothers and sisters created by the same god. phyllis understood that. phyllis understood that. and by the way, phyllis endorsed me a long time ago when it wasn't nsari something that was so easy to do.
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she was incredible. she was so brave. she endorsed me, and that was not the thing to do at the time. people said, trump. she said, he's going to win. you don't understand. he knows how to win. he's going to win. they said phyllis, it's not going to be trump. and we went boom, boom, boom. but phyllis endorsed me at a time when it wasn't necessarily the thing to do, even the popular thing to do, and i will never forget that. that had a huge impact. she was a great, great, powerful woman with a tremendous heart, and i look forward to being with her family tomorrow because that's a celebration. she was 92 years old. we are all equal, and we all come from the same creator. if we remember that simple fact, then our future is truly limitless. there is nothing we as americans
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can't do. there is a biblical verse that i've often read, and i want to repeat it again because i think it is so important to what we're trying to achieve right now for our country. it's from 1 john 4. no one has ever seen god, but if we love one another, god lives in us, and his love is made complete in us. so true. so true. imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people under one god, saluting one flag.
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it's time to stop quibbling over the smallest words and time to start dreaming about the great adventures that lie ahead for our country. this is my promise to all of you. starting in 2017, we will be one american nation. it's time to break our ties with the bitter failures of the past and to embrace a new american future. have to do it. together we will make america believe again. we will make america united again. and we will make america great again. thank you very much, and god bless you. thank you. ♪
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>> all right. steve kornacki here in new york. that was donald trump down in washington, d.c., talking to the values voters summit. that's a conservative christian group down there having a big meeting in washington, d.c. obviously evangelical christians, social conservatives. that's a group of voters that typically votes for the republican by large margins. donald trump concerned not just with winning the evangelical christian vote but getting a big turnout. you heard him in the speech saluting phyllis schafley who had been a big part of the american political debate for the last half century. a leader in the fight against the equal rights amendment in the late '70s, early '80. she passed away this week. her funeral will be held tomorrow in st. louis. donald trump will be going. and he will be speaking at that funeral in st. louis tomorrow
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for phyllis schlafly. >> we're keeping an eye on a podium set up just across down from us here in new york. that podium is not far from where hillary clinton right now is holding a meet with a bipartisan group of national security luminaries. she's expected to issue a statement to come out and say something to the press. as soon as that ends. that's just across town here in new york. we're keeping an eye on the podium. we're going to bring in kristen welker. she's at that hillary clinton event. jacob rascon is in florida. that's where donald trump will be heading now that he's finished his speech in washington. kristen, you're at the new york historical society where hillary clinton is holding this meeting. she announced this meeting just yesterday. she announced this bipartisan meeting. what is the campaign trying to accomplish here? >> a couple of things, steve. she's trying to capitalize on some of the momentum she thinks she got out of that commander in chief forum.
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as you know, she has been taking a number shots at donald trump in the wake of that event for his comments about vladimir putin, in which he seemed to embrace vladimir putin. she's also trying to show that she can bring together folks from a large swath of the national security community to % make the point if she were commander in chief, this is how she would govern. she's trying to draw a sharp conttast with donald trump in doing so because he's made statements like i alone can fix the problems within this country. so that's sort of the strategy going into this meeting. they've been meeting for over an hour. it will likely wrap up soon n we'll hear from secretary clinton. some of the folks meet with her include secretary michael chertoff, michael morel, janet napolitano, the former homeland security secretary and matt olson. just a few of the names that are here, steve. it's important to point out this is part of a broader strategy we're seeing within the clinton
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campaign. she's trying to show strength but also her more personal side as well. last night speaking at a baptist church in missouri and got very personal. talked about her methodist faith and how that really inspired her to get into public service. i'm told she is going to hold more of these types of meetings addressing a broad range of different topics. she's going to be giving speeches. and we'll be getting more up close and personal with voters. this all comes as the polls are getting tighter, steve. >> kristen welker across town in new york. again, lower right-hand corner of your screen. we're keeping an eye on that podium. we'll bring you hillary clinton as soon as she comes out to talk to the press. donald trump wrapping up those remarks at the values voters summit in washington, d.c. his next destination is where we find jacob rascon, pensacola, florida. you're in a state we had a brand-new poll come out that showed a dead even race. 47% for trump. 47% for hillary clinton.
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this is the definition of a battleground state. the definition of a must-win state for donald trump. what is he up to down there tonight? >> so tonight we expecc he'll focus on some of the topics still talking about minority outreach. ph's been consistent for the past 2 1/2 to three weeks. we're talking about the poll that shows a dead heat here. an important caveat there is the ground game here and what will make the difference? what will push either hillary clinton or donald trump over the edge? and we had today as we haven't had in the past, a voter come up to us very hard core trump supporter who volunteered during the primaries, visibly frustrated because he was trying to get involved in the groundwork, the ground campaign here. he went to the address listed. it was a vacant building. tried to get a hold of some people in the campaign and hit a lot of dead ends. the trump campaign has reorganized in florida. we'll see if they can make up some of that ground game difference in the next 60 days.
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back to the speech that we just heard from donald trump. he talked a lot about hillary clinton. he's consistent on that front. he mentioned something that hillary clinton had talked about in the commander in chief forum as well. take a listen. >> even if you believe, and i can understand that, no boots on the ground, you don't say it. let them think they're going to go through hell. don't say it. can you imagine the great general douglas macarthur. can you imagine the great % general george patton or one of our great generals we have today, general flynn who is here some place. i love general flynn. but can you imagine these people saying, i mean, basically they're giving out the strategy. there will be no boots on the ground. >> one of his main points he
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says he doesn't want to talk about his military strategy. that's a plus and a minus for a lot of critics and a lot of supporters out there, steve. >> jason rascon in pensacola. to the third candidate in this presidential race. it may not be the publicity he was looking for but the libertarian candidate gary johnson getting some attention on late night television last night. >> libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson was on the msnbc, and e had a little trouble answering a basic question about syria. >> what would you do if you were elected aaout aleppo. >> about? >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis -- >> okay, got it. got it. >> got it. got it. aleppo. i thought you said a leopard. i was like -- what do i do about
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a leopard? probably run away from it. but let's talk about this syrian town of alpo. obviously, that's where they make the dog food. next question, please. >> all right. and the former governor of new mexico, the libertarian candidate, gary johnson joins me now. thanks for joining us. >> you bet. >> i saw you yesterday on "the view." you talked to mark halperin. you said context here. you thought it was an acronym coming your way. took you a minute to figure it out. if we did a man on the street interview with people all across the country, i'm sure there's a lot of people who would not be able to answer the -- >> but a man on the street is not running for president. >> how fair is it that -- >> everything is fair. everything is fair. was i 100% certain that yesterday was going to happen in this process? i was. and it won't be the last, steve. >> take me through that moment, if you will. what is it you thought you were hearing. >> well, no, i was simply thinking this was an acronym,
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and i was trying to, you know, american, latin -- what is it. and asked. and so, you know, filters. honesty. tell the truth. how can you ever go wrong doing that. it's always served me very well. do i understand the policy behind aleppo? do i understand the policies, what's happening in syria right now. yeah. >> tell me about that. here's one of the criticisms i've heard. tell me if this is fair. he got caught off guard. he knows the basics of the syrian conflict and has a policy on syria. gary johnson and libertarian party in general is more concerned with domestic policy, personal freedom, the size and role of government. those are your core issues. >> yeah, i think -- >> foreign policy, national security. there's a reason he didn't make the connection because you don't think about it that much. >> that's unfair. this is running for president of the united states. there has to be a balanced approach to everything that's happening. and national security is a big part of that. what's happening in syria.
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the civil war in syria. that's a big part of this. >> we asked voters, what are your top concerns in the presidential election? and national security, really terrorism comes near the top of that list. i think we can put this up. take my word for it. there it is. >> yeah, sure, sure. >> military, national security. where is it on your list? >> it would probably be the same. economy, immigration, i mean, when it comes to the economy. look, smaller government. less taxes. when it comes to immigration, we should embrace immigration. we're a country of immigrants. let's make it as possible to get work visas to come to this country. when it comes to terrorism and national security. we should have an invincible national defense. invincible. are we going to deal with terrorism? yes, we are. but let's recognize that the reason we're in the position right now is we've supported regime changes and those regime changes our support of those regime changes have led to the
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current conflicts. if you look at syria, you can chase that back to our invasion of iraq. >> you're looking at the roots of it. put yourself in the shoe of a voter in this country who answered this and said this terrorism worries me. they look at what's happened in europe. they worry about that happening here. whether it's isis coming from abroad. whether it's somebody here who gets radicalized on the internet. what is the gary johnson plan to keep that from happening here? >> what's i have been saying for months since i entered into this is the biggest threat in the world is north korea and the fact at some point these intercontinental ballistic missiles are going to actually work. here it is, clearly, they are advancing that. to deal with north korea, to deal with syria, this has to happen diplomatically. >> what about isis? diplomacy with isis really isn't the option here. you're talking about the possibility of somebody getting radicalized who lives in this
1:36 pm
country already carrying out one of those attacks like we've seen. what do you do to prevent that? >> to pretend that politically you're going to prevent someone from committeeing suicide, from committing a horrible act that has been inspired by isis, i mean, is that really a fairy tale that anybody can believe? >> what are you going to do to reduce the risk as much as possible as president? >> we've talked about that we would be vigilant in that role, creating a task force. look, the fbi interviewed the shooter in orlando as a president of the united states, i would love to know what transpired between the fbi and the shooter given the system worked, obviously, up to a certain point. at a certain point it broke down. i bet the fbi has some real ideas on how we move forward. >> let me ask you about the subject of russia, vladimir putin. that's been in the news a lot. you heard donald trump talking about what he sees as vladimir putin being a very strong
1:37 pm
leader. stronger than president obama. hillary clinton saying that's very unpatriotic that donald said that. how do you view vladimir putin and russia. are they fundamentally an adversary? >> fundamentally, we shouldn't go out of our way -- we don't want to go to war with russia. russia doesn't want to go to war with us. there are human -- i think there are human rights issues. vladimir putin is an authoritarian. i think trump is an authoritarian and i think clinton is an authoritarian. look. i'm looking to get elected president of the united states. >> you think they are all authoritarians but there are differences you see -- >> oh, clearly. i don't know so much -- trump may, in fact, look at vladimir putin -- at putin as a ro model when it comes to how to govern. in his speech just now, i was surprised he did refer to our country as a constitutional republic. i am surprised that at least in words he's able to say that. >> he talks about not just what he says about putin.
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he talks about having a more cooperative relationship with russia. is that something -- where do you fall on that question? is that something you think is possible? would you pursue that? >> absolutely. that's the solution when it comes to syria. and here it is. we're in a situation in syria where we may risk actual conflict in the air with russia. this is a civil war. the only way we bring it to an end is to engage russia and, clearly, kerry is trying to do that right at the moment. i don't get national security briefings. i don't understand where we're at the the moment. as president that would be part of a daily routine. i wish that were part of my daily routine right now to get these security briefings to understand these issues better than just maybe guessing at them in some instances. >> along those same lines, what we have coming up are the
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presidential debates. this has been a big focus. getttng on the stage in those debates. no libertarian has ever been in a better position. you need to be at 15%. that's the average -- >> so we can -- >> i want to show the viewers at home. this is the average of the five polls they'll use to determine eligibility. you have to hit 15%. you're at 9% right now and maybe a wake or two to turn that around. you've been stuck around 9% for a while. are you optimistic you can get there? >> yes. surveymonkey, "washington post" this last week, 13%. so are we going to parse a couple of percentage points when it comes to being in the debate? this is not law. 15% is not law. this is -- these are democrats, and these are republicans that make up the presidential debate commission that have no interest whatsoever in seeing anybody else on stage. and when you consider that 50% of americans right now that go to register to vote are independents, where is that
1:40 pm
representation? i happen to think it's bill -- the only two third party candidates that will be on the ballot in all 50 states. >> if the debate commission, they said mid-september. we're coming up fast on mid-september here. if they come out in a week or so and say tough luck. hillary clinton has a podium. donald trump has a podium. you didn't make the cut. do you have a recourse? >> i think there will be a recourse to the presidential debate that they have 18 million voters to actually, you know, what are they saying to 18 million voters. sorry? let's see how that reaction goes down. i don't think it's going to be very palatable. >> what would it take to get a quick jolt for the libertarians to get them to 15%. a lot of people say -- >> just appearing on the top line of the polls. 100% of the media reports this
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is a two-person race. >> we have been consistently reporting this as a four-way race. >> not at the top. about 50% of the time you report it as a third or fourth line but right off the top consistently it's trump and clinton. now let me report to you, and i appreciate it every time you guys do it. but you don't do it all the time. whenever you do, it's second, it's just before you sign off. >> people have suggested mitt romney. estranged from the republican party right now. the donald trump republican party, i should say. it's unclear what his intentions are. if he can come out and endorse the libertarian, give them an endorsement, that could be the signal that gets you the critical support you need. i want to put up what mitt romney said. he did suggest it might be a possibility in an interview or a public event. he said i wish bill weld, your
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running mate, were at the top of the ticket. i don't know gary johnson as much. have you been talking to him, pursuing this? >> just two days ago he did tweet that we should be in the presidential debates. i thought that was a very positive step. there are a lot of republicans lining up saying that at a minimum, we should be in the debates. what does anyone have to fear having another choice in this. there are some big voices between hillary and trump. trump starting with immigration and free trade. hillary, big government. taxes. continued foreign policy that supports regime change. and the pay to play thing when it comes to hillary clinton. oh, my gosh. let's connect the dots. and me first in line. i haven't been connecting the dots on these speaking fees that bill clinton has gotten thinking that they were kind of sort of
1:43 pm
payola for him having been president when in fact it had to do with hillary clinton being secretary of state and her signing agreements the next day after he received a speaking fee. pretty easy to connect those dots. >> you aren't a fan of hillary clinton or donald trump. i understand that. but at the end of the day, when you look at the two of them side by side, is there a lesser of two evils at all? >> no. there's been a libertarian on the ballot since '72. my first vote for libertarian was bergland against ronald reagan because reagan blew the lid off deficits. this was suppose to be a small government by and we were running up record deficits. for me, small government is small government. spending less money. taking less of my money when it comes to taxes. and, to me, government should stay out of the bedroom. let me make choices in my life that only i should be making as long as those choices don't adversely affect others. add to that the leg of these
1:44 pm
manageme military interventions, our support of regime change. the active military came out with a poll three weeks ago on who they supported for commander in chief, and that was me. and i think i'd like to think anyway that's baseod what i'm saying. >> i want to take one more shot at this question i asked you, though. if it can't be you. if we're getting close to the election if you haven't made the debates and it can't be you, when you look at hillary clinton and donald trump side by side, is there one who is a lesser of the two evils to you who would be preferable. if it had to be one of them, this one should be -- any difference? >> no, i'm not going there. no, it's really one or the other, and it's horrible and that's where we've gotten to in politics. n that's reflected in the fact these are the two most polarizing figures in all time and space and how disconnected everybody is from this. it's not a surprise going back to 50% of americans declaring themselves as independent now when they go to the polls.
1:45 pm
that independent, that whole 60% right there in the middle, bill weld and i represent that 60%. >> former new mexico governor gary johnson, thank you for the time. >> thank you very much. >> we appreciate you stopping by. >> lower right-hand corner of the screen. you saw donald trump at the top of the hour. you're going to see hillary clinton at that podium in the corner of your screen any minute now. you just heard from gary johnson. he's the lib taureertarian cand. we're getting all three candidates to you this hour. while we wait for hillary clinton at that event in new york city, we want to bring in susan page. sam stein is the politics editor and reporter with the huffington post. susan page, let's start on donald trump. we heard from him at the top of this hour at the values voter event in washington, d.c., going after evangelical christians there. going down to florida, the big swing state tonight. donald trump coming out of this
1:46 pm
week the commander in chief forum, what is donald trump's position right now in this rairx do you thin >> i think it's pretty clear the polls have tightened, both nationally and in some of the key states. we saw that in the quinnipiac polls in four key states that came out today. you see him doing something conventional for a republican candidate and that is going after evangelical christians. not only going to florida for a rally but tomorrow heading to st. louis to speak at phyllis schlafly's funeral. they've not been a particularly natural target for donald trump who has been married three times and doesn't have a tradition of talking about his personal faith. he's going after things like school choice and the johnson -- i've got to say in the campaigns i've covered, the johnson amendment has not been a big critical issue, but donald trump is clearly trying to talk about this amendment from the 1950s that prohibits churches -- makes churches risk losing their tax-exempt status if they openly
1:47 pm
politic. this has not been something that's been a big problem for churches. really it's not been -- very few irs audits on this. and pastors are free to express their personal opinions. but this was certainly a big them we heard in the speech to the value voters summit. >> sam stein in terms of hillary clinton. she's speaking to this bipartisan group of a national security luminaries. this was hastily put together. she announced it just yesterday in the wake of the commander in chief forum. certainly looks like she feels and her campaign felt coming out some opportunities by donald d trump and this is part of that strategy. >> yeah, i do believe that's true. i think the praise for putin generally presented itself as an opportunity for the clinton campaign, and they took advantage of it. not just to express her own bona fides on the national security front but cleave republicans away from trump, notably in the day after. she got on the tarmac, took a few questions and made a point
1:48 pm
of saying every republican should be asked if they agree with donald trump that vladimir putin is a more effective and sometimes more moral leader than barack obama. they sense an opening. the other thing which steaeems t of at odds is they're trying to up her favorability numbers. she's doing these forums. she's making speeches where she's trying to be more personable. humans of new york blog where she talks about her own application or the lsat test. they sense one of their vulnerabilities is that people don't trust her, find her unfavorable and they're trying to get that unfavorable rating down so it's more acceptable so they can vote for her. >> what about the third candidate, gary johnson. the libertarian? here's one thing a lot of people are trying to figure out. if he does not make this debate threshhole, doesn't get in there, he's sitting at about
1:49 pm
2i 10%. who does that help? one of the candidates more than the other? >> i have seen actually a compelling case made for both, although i've noticed the clinton campaign didn't put their foot off the gas after gary johnson's aleppo comment. they actually said he should be held to account for not knowing where aleppo was or what it was, which gives me an indication like they believe some of their support is being bled to gary johnson. disaffected republicans who they try to pick up with these forums would go to johnson over here. if they can make him unacceptable on the foreign policy front, maybe those disaffected republicans would turn to her as the alternative to the alternative. >> susan, one of the next big events on the political calendar, the commander in chief forum this week. the first debate just a few weeks from now. the end of this month. a bit of a preview in terms of styles we'll see from these candidates. what we saw on board the "intrep
1:50 pm
"intrepid." what did you see in terms of offering debate prep? >> you saw a preview of some of the theemmes that are going to struck and one reason the clinton campaign has come back so hard on the russia comments that trump made is to make sure this remains alive in the debate. it seems so bizarre the republican presidential candidate is defending the former kgb officer who is now, according to intelligence officials, meddling in our election process. that seems odd. i know the clinton people would really like to make sure that's something donald trump has to talk about in the future. but i think they also -- i think you also saw a preview of some of the shortcomings on both sides. how donald trump had trouble talking in specifics about issues. and about hillary clinton continues to have problems giving a short, simple,
1:51 pm
persuadable answer when the question of her e-mails comes up. this is a particular problem because we feel sure that more e-mails are going to be released in the next 60 days while this campaign is going on. >> just to reset for folks at home just joining us. in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, a podium is set up. that's the new york historical society. inside right now, hillary clinton is in a meet with some bipartisan national security leaders. a group from both parties. she announced this just yesterday in the wake of the commander in chief forum here in new york city. she says they are talking strategy in terms of defeating isis. donald trump said at the commander in chief forum this week that in terms of his strategy to defeat isis it was more of a secret, something he was going to draw up and ask the generals to draw up for him in the first days after taking office. that they would then present it to thim him. donald trump taking heat for being a little bit vague on the question of how to take on isis. hillary clinton trying to
1:52 pm
counter that by convening this group in the middle of the campaign. they are calling this a working session. as soon as that session wraps up, she's expected to come out to the podium and talk to the press. these are pictures now from earlier. they had a photo op before they got down to business. that's hillary clinton convening that meeting. that's a couple hours ago. sam stein, in terms of hillary clinton in the debate. a pedebate preview here. what did you see in terms of the hillary clinton we saw on the "intrepid" and the hillary clinton we might see in a few weeks. >> i thought the forum was instructive for hillary clinton. she has to get a better, more concise answer on e-mails because it clearly is going to be asked and sometimes asked repeatedly. i also think from talking to people in and around her campaign that she feels she's going to have to dd a bit of a fact checking of donald trump herself. that sometimes the moderators can't jump in and correct things like when he finally found his opposition to the iraq war, for
1:53 pm
instance, that he's going to have to take that burden on herself and be more aggressive. one other thing that's instructive from the debate and goes to the vladimir putin point. they want to tie this as a holistic issue against trump. it's not just a matter of foreign policy and whether he's too koesy to russia. they want to make the case this goes into the need to release his tax returns and there may be financial transactions, maybe dealings with russian banks that donald trump is not being forthcoming about and that we'd only get if we were to see his tax returns. i wouldn't be surprised if in the next couple of weeks n at the debates she makes that connection saying, this isn't just a matters of geopolitical judgments or being too cozy and braise an autocrat. this is a conflict of interest or potential conflicts of interest and you owe it to the american people to release your tax returns. that's how the putin stuff works for her. it's not just foreign policy. it's domestic as well. >> sam stein at the white house. susan page in washington as well. thanks for the time. appreciate it.
1:54 pm
we are keeping an eye. as soon as hillary clinton comes to that podium, and it really is expected to be any minute now. i sound like a broken record. we've been getting all sorts of advisories. we are expecting her any minute. don't go anywhere. as soon as she comes out, we'll listen to what she is going to say. we're going to squeeze in a quick break here. don't go anywhere. it's time for the" your business" entrepreneur of the week. some salesmen focus all their energy on selling their products. not mort. this new york-based political buttonmaker says building long-term relationships is the key. and his customers prove it with their orders year after year asking for more. for more watch "your business" sunday mornings on msnbc. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well, but after one tradeshow, we took off. all i could think about was our deadlines racing towards us. a loan would take too long. we needed money, now.
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reserve official will be delivering a previously unannounced speech monday in chicago. high dividend stocks like utilities and phone companies took the hardest hits with at&t shares ending the day 3.5% lower. now back to msnbc. we are back. we are waiting for hillary clinton, but while we do, since we have a few extra minutes, there's no place i'd rather go, fill a few minutes than the big board. we're at the end of a week. in the home stretch. let's check in at the end of this week, what does the path to 270 look like? what is the state of this race? let's dive right in. here's how we'll take a look at it. this is what happens in 2012. we'll get hillary clinton to start with the obama states from 2012. he got 332. we'll give trump to start with the romney states from 2012. that put him at 206. if you are donald trump, the name of the game here is you want to flip blue states. you have to.
1:59 pm
romney lost in 2012. you have to improve on that. what blue states is donald trump right now in best position to flip? there really aren't too many he's aheaa in. one poll this week that gave him a lead in ohio. i think at least moved that into battleground. that's clear. iowa he's made a battleground. nevada looks like a battleground. a poll in wisconsin that make that look like a battleground. trump is bringing her numbers down in florida. the good news for trump, that would in terms of getting him to battleground status take clinton under 270. trump can't right now count even on all of the romney states. north carolina is a battleground. georgia, arizona is a battleground. look how far beneath 270 that puts donald trump. look how close hillary clinton is. it sets up a situation you have to win just one of these big gray states or nevada, iowa. those are smaller. you don't have to do much if you are hillary clinton with these
2:00 pm
gray states to hit 270. do a ton if you're donald trump. here in the home stretch, chuck todd has an exclusive interview with bob mcdonnell. the corruption ceeagainst him is dropped. "mtp daily" is starting right now. >> if it's friday, donald trump's praising a vladimir putin is putting republican o o loyalties to the test again. tonight, why praise for putin -- >> he is really very much of a leader. >> is pushing republican loyalties to the brink. >> putin is an aggressor that does not share our interests. >> vindication n regret. bob mcdonnell found out thursday that all charges against him have been dropped. today, he talks to us. >> i know in my heart, chuck, i never believed that anything that i did was wrong. >> also, politics, national security and patriotism. 15 years after 9/11. this is "mtp daily," and it starts right now.


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