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tv   Sex Slaves  MSNBC  September 9, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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she's going to have a little news conference over the next couple of weeks. that's good. >> next couple of weeks, that was a month ago. so i guess the, maybe she came here illegally stories aren't worth fighting after all. that's it for the last word, chris hayes is up next. you're under arrest for soliciting prostitution. >> even though it is illegal in 50 states -- behind the smiling faces lives shattered souls, helpless and in fear. >> they're dominating entirely. they're treating the women like a piece of furniture. >> don't do it. get out of the car right now. >> are you on probation or
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parole? >> who are the every day johns who buy these women in. >> are you married? >> this is humiliating. i've never done anything like this before. >> while police figgt the rising tide of criminals who profit, san francisco is cracking down. unmasking the ceos, husbands and workers who fuel the black market sale of girls. >> i like girls. why not? >> it's 9:00 p.m. on a friday night and the inspector, a 14-year veteran of the san francisco vice unit is headed to the upper tenderloin, a well known area where women are sold.
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>> tonight we're doing a, what we call a first offender's prostitution operation. we send out a female police officer posing as a prostitute. and the johns will approach her. if she gets all the elements of solicitation, they'll be arrested for soliciting prostitution. >> this san francisco police officer is an undercover decoy who has worked this corner many times. >> this corner is known for transgender and for female prostitutes. a lot of times i will get men who ask me if i'm male or female. >> drug dealers, muggers and sex traffickers also roam the tenderloin so the undercover's safety is a primary concern. >> you never who know the person is pulling up. sex offenders, pimps, we have a an undercover officer.
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>> is the wire still good? copy. >> as soon as the team assembles at the corner, there is a problem. two regulars have already set up shop and are open for business. >> made contact with them and asked them to leave. >> steve wants the stroll completely clear for the undercover. as soon as the competition moves to another corner, the decoy immediately makes her first date. >> let me know what verbiage you hear coming out. they quickly close in on the john. >> you idiot. turn off your engine. turn off your engine.
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step out of the car. face car when you step out. put your hands behind your back. relax. you're under arrest for soliciting prostitution. that girl you were talking to is a police officer, okay? >> while some jurisdictions might consider buying sex a minor crime, this man and others quickly learn the san francisco police do not. as the john is walked to the staging area, he says that he works for an online taxi service. there's a problem. he has no way to prove his identity because, he claims, he recently lost his driver's license. >> so if we run that naminger it will come back with a picture with your name on it. >> yes. >> after 20 minutes and a thorough search, officers cannot find the name the man has given them. >> your name is coming one no record for a driver's license.
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i don't know are you telling us the right name? >> police suspect the man is lying. >> if you don't have a valid driver's license, we can't prove who you are, you're going to jail. so home any you're telling the truth. >> truth might be an elusive concept for this mystery man as our producer grace finds out. >> have you ever bought women before? >> no. this is not for me. >> i'm sorry? >> this was not for me. it was for the guy who asked me to do this. >> you were buying for a guy. >> yeah. >> where was the guy? >> he was at the corner of farewell and l street. man claims he was paid by a client to buy a girl and bring her back. >> where is the client? >> he was at farrell street. >> if we go back there now, he will be there waiting? >> i'm sure he's still waiting. >> have you ever done that before? >> no. this is the first time. >> did your client actually see
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the girl? >> no. he said just any of them on the street will. >> just go buy any girl on the street? >> yeah. come back and drop here. >> the story of the phantom client seems less than convincing. >> did you know that's illegal? >> i don't know. >> did you know that buying sex is illegal? >> yes. >> in the state of california. >> yeah. >> so knowing that it was illegal, you were still going to do it? >> i wasn't sure. i told myself, i'm not buying for myself. maybe hike giving her to him. >> do you know what's happening now? >> no. >> you actually negotiated a deal for oral sex with the undercover officer. you did not tell her that you were buying her for a client. you said it was for you. you do know that you did that, right?
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>> the john appears stunned upon learning police recorded the deal he made with the decoy. >> you don't remember? >> no. like i'm telling you that i did not did it for myself. >> do you know what human trafficking is? >> yeah. >> what is it? >> forcing somebody to sell their bodies? >> right. >> so in purchasing a girl for yourself, or for a client, you're kind of participating in that, right? >> we noticed the man's shiny wedding band and asked about his spouse. >> are you married? >> yes. >> what would your wife say if she sees this? >> i don't know. >> when police can't find the name in the system they search his vehicle and find several documents with conflicting information.
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the car is registered to a person but the man adamantly insists that's not him. >> one more chance. take a moment and think about it. you have multiple pieces of paper with someone with the same last name but a different first name than you're giving me and that could make a big difference right now. that name that you gave me. this is you, right? >> [ inaudible ]. >> what's your real name? last chance. come on. >> that's your real name? the other name? >> officers run the new information found in the vehicle and make a positive identification. >> tell me why you didn't give us the right name to begin with. just curious. what were you afraid of?
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>> i don't know. >> you don't know? >> i'm going to put some ink on your right hand. press really hard. >> the 25-year-old is ticketed, fingerprinted and must appear in court or attend the first offender's program which is basically a reeducation camp for johns. >> this letter i'm going to give you outlines a class on a saturday for eight hours. you might be eligible for it. you might want to choose that as an option. >> by finally giving his real name, he has avoided spending the weekend in jail. >> occasionally you will get an individual that thinks that by giving you some false information, that they're going to get a citation and walk out of here and we're going to be dumb and not check to see if in fact he is who he is. which we did this evening and eventually, we prevailed and found out who he was. >> that woman you were talking to is a police officer.
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you're under arrest for soliciting prostitution.
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in san francisco, a city with a long tradition of vice, the police do not turn a baseline eye to the men who buy sex in the city. >> you're under arrest for soliciting prostitution. >> to combat the rising tide of traffic of girls fueled by the internet, the san francisco police department changed course and started stinging the men instead of the women who sell. >> we don't look at the prostitute as the suspect. we look at the prostitute as the victim. we go after the johns, the pimps and the predators preying on these women. >> now in its sixth year, the san francisco's police department first offenders' prostitution program or fop is
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not just about punishing johns. it reeducating them. >> first offenders have an option of attending a class and getting educated on why they shouldn't be out there doing this kind of stuff. >> we'll be doing an fopp education in the central northern police districts. >> once a week the team meets to take down johns. >> one of two thing will happen. there will be a pedestrian walk-up or it will be a vehicle. tony, i want you to be on the district channel. tonight detective tony flores of the human trafficking task force joins the team. >> the whole thing regarding human trafficking is that we're talking about people. we're not talking about an item. we're not talking about drugs. we're talking about individual people. their soul has been taken away. >> it is usually okay. >> are you wearing a wire? >> yes. >> the operation includes a married patrol officer playing the role of a prostitute.
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>> they asked me how much. and i tell them what my prices are for a blow job, sex, everything which is a blow job and sex. >> what are some of the thing that happened to you on the street? >> sometime when i'm out on the street i'll have other girls come up to me and talk to me because their pimp has circled the block a few time and they've eyed me and seen me. so they get their girls to come over to talk to me to see who i'm with. >> have you ever been in a situation that made you nervous? >> i have. yeah. i think in the past, the pimps have made me nervous. sometime they get kind of aggressive. i had one almost jump out of his car at me but luckily my close cover was very close by. >> tonight the sting takes place in the tenderloin district. >> there's a the love drug sales there. robberies, prostitution. you have regular everyday people trying to get by and survive and they have to deal with this stuff going on around them.
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>> we're on post street facing eastbound. >> he'll be on this side right here. and there is a laundromat right there. he'll be there looking out the window. >> all right. >> you got wire original right? >> wire is on. >> steve and tony, wire working still? >> all conversations stop once the undercover hits the street. eight pairs of eyes track her every move. >> so now basically sitting and waiting. >> who will grab the john? >> all three of us will exit the vehicle. john in the car will be told to turn off the engine. put in it park, put the brake. on then we ask them to get out of the car. once he gets out of the carering with handcuff them and then transport them back. >> within five minutes of standing on the corner, a driver calls out to the undercover.
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>> a white or beige hatch back. she's talking right now. a driver's license. >> all right. >> sir, police. turn off your engine. put in it park. put the brake on, please. take off your seatbelt. keep your hands where i can see them. >> i'm not doing anything. >> just do what i'm telling you. step out of the car please. >> you're not going to arrest me? >> step out of the car, sir. >> face the car. turn around and put your hands behind your back. just relax. okay. that woman you were talking to was a police officer. you're unarrest for soliciting the act of prostitution.
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>> she said she was -- >> listen to me. >> all right. >> this is what's going to happen. if you have identification, and you don't have any outstanding warrants and you've never been arrested for this before, you're probably going to get a ticket and be on your way in 20 minutes to a half-hour. just cooperate and everything will be okay. how about my car? >> we'll drive you over to our staging area in your car. >> oh, boy. >> there is a really positive thing happening these days. which is in law enforcement attempts to stop trafficking -- >> anti-trafficking advocates want other police agencies to follow the sfpd's aggressive lead. >> they've learned just as the rest of us have learned that the best way to stop trafficking is to arrest johns. because where are people trafficked to? strip clubs, gentlemen's clubs, massage parlors, escort prostitution.
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this is where women are trafficked to. and into the hands of johns. so arresting johns tends to stop them and it removes the kind of social invisibility that johns have. >> howl are you, sir? >> 78. >> he might have been a young guy when he started doing it and he can't stop.
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in san francisco it is buyer beware for those looking for sex on the go. they are crackinging on the johns. he is identified as real he is state broker timothy hudson. >> we were in the car and he said not again. what's that mean? emi got picked but that six years ago.
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what happened then? i went to john school. did you learn anything from that? he goes, obviously not. >> why could they have to take all these photographs? police arrested huddleton after he offered an undercover decoy cash for sex. >> it was record asked she is going to write a statement as to her interaction with the john that was just arrested. >> oh, boy. this is the [ bleep ]. >> huddleton beckons detective flores over. he is apparently worried about what officers might find in his prius. >> a medical marijuana card. >> that's all right then, right? >> yes. >> you can't bother me with that. >> i won't bother you with that. how old are you, sir? >> 78. >> while we express surprise at huddleton's age, he is unimpressed. he said the unit arrests a lot of senior citizens. >> we don't know what's going on in that guy's head. he might have been a young guy when he started doing it and he can't stop.
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sort of addicted to it. a lot of these guys. they got to have their fix. >> i hope we never see each other again. >> i hope so too. >> i'll take your photograph. look straight at me, please. thank you. >> as he is processed, our producer tries to learn more about the 78-year-old. >> we're out here with the san francisco police department recording everything that they do with regard to the first offender prostitution program. my understanding is you've been through that program before, right? >> yes. >> and my understanding also from one of the officers is that you feel like you have an addiction to this. no? no? is this the -- >> i like girls. why not? >> so you think this should be legal? do you think that buying women is a crime? >> no. >> do you think that the women out here are doing it willingly in. >> yes. >> and that they're making all the money?
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>> yes. >> have you read about human trafficking? >> no, i haven't. >> you don't believe any of the women are being coerced? >> i don't think i want to talk to you anymore. >> okay. >> this is a letter from the san francisco district attorney's office, okay? this outlines a class on a saturday that they give. okay? for eight hours. i don't know if you're eligible for this class or not. now, the last thing i want to afford you the opportunity to talk to me about what happened. would you choose to talk to me about what happened? i'll tape-record our conversation and i'll read you your rights. knowing this, do you want to talk to me about what happened? i'm asking you if you want to talk to me or not, sir. >> should i talk to you? would you let me go? so what good is there to talk to you? >> that's a determination you have to make. i can't determine for to you talk or not talk. >> that doesn't make sense. do you want to talk to me or not? >> about what? you pull me over. that's why.
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>> based on our conversation we're having right now, i'm going to make the determination you don't want to talk to me. >> can i leave? >> you're free to go. >> thank you. >> as huddleton makes a hasty exit, grace realizes she knows the 78-year-old. >> i know him. as he member of my tennis club. >> that guy? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. and i was trying to preten like i have no idea who he was. >> the detective said everyone probably knows someone who is a john. >> i don't know if we can stop this but we can put a dent and let these individuals know, no, you will not do this. >> good thing you used your head. >> trust me, i was not going anywhere.
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in san francisco you would be hard pressed to find anyone who understands johns better than the inspector. >> you're getting out of the van. >> for the last decade his team put names and faces to the anonymous men who perpetuated the exploitation of the vulnerable. >> another confirmation that the wire is working.
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>> with all units in position, the undercover decoy works the evening's first stroll. >> a good little spot. you can see her. when the lights are on above her. >> within moments, a man approaches the undercover. >> the guy in the black beanie, white shirt, the blast vest, black pants. a male in his 40s. >> they're walking together. >> no signal yet. >> not yet. >> she's following him to a liquor store. >> i got her. still talking. no signal yet. >> there it is. good signal.
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>> i'm going to open the door. >> the window, the wind officially put the bag down. get up, stand up, stand up. you want to go down? relax your hand. don't tense up. all right. do you speak english? can you walk back with him? >> this john who spoke english just moments before with the decoy now claim he doesn't understand the language. >> i don't understand nothing. >> why is he laying down like that? >> i didn't tell him to. i wanted him to stand up. i had to go with what he wanted to do. maybe because he saw the cameras. he seemed like he was trying to get down to conceal himself. >> oh, okay. >> san francisco police detective tony flores comes in to translate. a voter registration card for mexico i.d.'s the john.
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>> if he talks it will be recorded. >> the 31-year-old said he has no idea why he is being arrested. [ speaking spanish ] >> was he just on his way home? what happened? >> he said he really didn't understand what was going on. >> he didn't understand what was happening? >> he doesn't speak really good english. >> just talking to the pretty ladies. >> the undercover has him on tape asking for sex in exchange for cash. >> thank you. >> as temperatures drop and the light faith, the decoy works a new corner. >> a lot of the girls that work out here, they actually have apartments in the area and that's usually where they take
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their dates. >> so they go inside. >> and some guys, any place that's secluded in dark, they're willing to go do it. >> it's freezing out. >> they still do it. >> i think most people don't quite understand what prostitution is really like. if you look at the popular media, you think it is rather glamorous, sexy, fun and a good time. in fact, to be blunt, having someone who is unpleasant to you, who you don't want to have sex with, [ bleep ] on your face, who really doesn't care anything about how you feel. it is painful for the women and it is actually something that many people would rather not know too much about.
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>> hasn't approached the window yet. all right, good case, good case. >> don't do it. don't do it. get out of the car. get out of the car. >> i promise, i promise. >> face the car. put your hands behind your back. put your hands behind your back. >> that girl you talk to was a cop. you're under arrest for soliciting prostitution, okay? >> unlike the earlier arrests, he moves quickly and with force to take the suspect into custody. when police saw him attempting to close his passenger door, they thought he might run.
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he was reaching over to close the passenger door. >> have you ever been arrested before? >> no, sir. >> for nothing? how old are you? >> 34. >> all right. man. thing you used your head, you took off or tried to take off, that would have been the biggest mistake of your life. >> i wouldn't even try it. >> you were reaching over for that door. >> as soon as i saw you guys, trust me, i wasn't going anywhere. >> detective flores searches the car to see if this is anything to explain why the 34-year-old tried to flee. >> take the hat off please. >> he hales from an affluent. he qualifies for the first offender program and is cited and released. >> without admitting guilt,
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circle that in. i'm going to need to put some ink on your right thumb. >> to steve's surprise unlike the other men arrested this evening, he said he wants to speak on tape. >> will it benefit me if i talk to you in. >> i can't make that derrellation for you. but listen to what i'm telling you very carefully. i'm going to read you your rights. basically i'm going to tell you can and will be used against you. if you still want to talk to me, i'm going to activate the recorder and we can talk. >> i guess i'll pass. >> all right. then you're free to go. >> no, no, i'm not. >> your money is right there. >> does anybody ever agreed to
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be interviewed? >> once in a blue moon we get a guy who does but the majority don't want to. >> but this guy didn't have any warning. >> double check on everything. we did run a check on communications at the time. it shows that he has no arrest record and no warrant. he's going to trade meth for sex.
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it was that white suv, after proceeding west he won't be coming back. >> that 14 years in vice, steve has a front row seat on how human trafficking has evolved.
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>> back then there was no internet. predominantly it was on the street. back then the big track was shot well and cap street in the mission district. you're talking about 30 to 50 women like on a friday, saturday night. maybe 20 plus during the week. it was just off the hook. >> now he says it is the online automatic of women that is off the hook. now men can order a girl from their smartphone. though technology of trafficking has evolved, he said the typical profile of men who buy sex has not. >> get these guys with the infant seat in the back ask pull up and proposition the female police officer for second for anyone. and then while we're in there with them we find out that they're picking up their kids a block away.
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when they get out from school. >> at this time of night, in this area of the tenner loin, this corner is one of the hotter corners. >> why? >> johns cover this area specifically looking for female prostitutes but also transgender prostitutes. >> right now on the square i'm standing, i've noticed there are a lot of transgenders out. and a lot of them do wear wigs. so i'm going to try to do it without the wig to see if i can get a few more people looking for a female prostitute. >> the decoy's wardrobe change pays off. two men are seen approaching the undercover. >> they're crossing northbound. there's another bmw w them
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wearing a beanie. >> he's going to take it. i'm going ahead of these guys. you go up from behind. >> as the decoy and her clients head up the hill, the close cover tells them they only have a case on the john in the baseball cap. >> gentlemen. keep walking. that girl you were talking to was a police officer. don't do anything stupid. put your hands behind your back. >> we don't have anything on the other guy. >> what happened? >> i'll let you know in a second. >> steve meets with the decoy to confirm the case. >> he wanted a massage and a blow job. >> might have meth on him. >> okay. >> he was going on trade meth for sex. >> was there anything else we need to know about? >> no.
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>> are you on probation or parole? >> yes. >> on probation? >> like two days ago. i just got out of jail, y'all. i was not doing nothing. >> 32-year-old parolee's unlucky day. a search of his pockets turns up a crack pipe. >> a lot of these guys now are hiding it where the battery is and stuff on the cell phone. >> not a real cell phone. >> not a real phone? >> no, sir. >> you're under arrest for soliciting prostitution. you said you were going to change drugs for sex. it is all tape-recorded. >> have you ever been arrest in the san francisco before? >> yes, i have. >> so we're going to do a check and with that number will be a mug shot and that mug shot should be you, right?
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did you have a phone here that says it is not a phone? >> what's this right back here? >> nothing. >> what do you mean nothing? it opens up, right? no? >> despite finding a fake phone with a hidden compartment, officers do not find a drug stash. >> how often? >> once a week, twice a week. >> do you buy women often? >> no. i don't buy women at all. i'm sorry. i don't. i got a girlfriend. i don't buy women. i'm not like that. >> why are you here? >> i was playing around. >> playing around? >> yeah. i was trying to get her interest. >> you were trying to get her interest? >> she's fine. she's attractive.
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that's why. from a male to a female. she's a good looker. not that i was trying to get, i know it ain't that easy in the world. nowhere in the world. when you're approaching a woman you're attracted to, you negotiate price? >> no. no. not really. she's a fine looking women. >> that's flattering? >> if i say something to a woman, it cost a dollar, i'll going to get hit. as far as that, i'm not one to go out there. i've been doing a lot of stuff. i don't like to pay for it. >> you have to a girlfriend? >> yeah. >> will she be upset if she sees this? >> i'm sure she would. she's always so upset. >> you never bought women before?
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come on, tony. you haven't paid for sex before? >> no, i felt like that, yeah. i felt like it before. >> you fell lying it before but you never actually did it? >> i've taken a woman out and it ended up being like i just paid for her. i just paid for sex or paid to be with her. you know that? it's not like i want, like i would pay for. >> do you think the women selling sex are doing it willingly or do you think they're in trouble? >> i think if they do it, they do it because they in trouble. >> you know that, right? >> yeah. i know that. >> you got arrested for violating the penal code, soliciting prostitution. having possession of drug
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paraphernalia. that crack pipe. okay? promising to appear, sign there please. >> possessing a crack pipe and soliciting for sex puts tony in violation of his probation. he will most likely return to jail. >> these men are pretty much every man. they're men of every age, every color, every educational level. most of thes are married or partnered. they're buying a particular sex pact their girlfriends or wives will not do. and it is not just oral and anal sex. it is frequently far more violent acts like slapping, hitting or choking. >> this is humiliating. i've never done anything like this before.
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as nighttime fades into early morning, the bars close and street traffic picks up. the police unit that is targeting johns prepares for its last round of arrests. >> it is 2:20. around 3:00, it will really die off. there might be an occasional john but most of the girls out working will actually go home because they're not going to stand out here because the clientele is not out here. >> she said the guy was looking for me.
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it's the witching hour in the tenderloin. a time for bad decisions and wrong choices. >> oh, my god. he's got like alcohol poisoning. >> a block from where we are, there are five or six bars. they're letting out right now. occasionally we'll get a drunk driver that tries to pick up the police decoy and then not only do we have a list isation case but then we have to deal with the drunk driving aspect of it. >> up top.
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>> the van races toward the suspect while straining to keep visual contact with the decoy. at first the suspect tries to wrestle free. >> that girl you were talking to is a police officer. you're under arrest for soliciting prostitution. if you don't have any outstanding warntss and you cooperate, you will get a ticket and object your way. do you have any weapons? do you have i.d. on you? >> she asked me if i was a girl or a transgender. i told them i was a girl. >> and he said he usually is into transgenders.
11:56 pm
>> is that really necessary? i can't be more humiliated right now. >> i have a current driver's license. >> the 25-year-old can't hide his distress. >> have you ever bought a woman for sex?
11:57 pm
i'm sorry. >> we need to take a picture. >> he admits to having too much to drink. >> this is humiliating. i've never done anything like this before. and i feel degraded. if you've ever had too much to drink and made a bad -- >> do you want to go to jail or get a ticket? if you want a ticket, cooperate and do what we're asking you. >> sir, if you would take these other cameras off my face i would happily comply with whatever you say. he's going to take off your handcuffs.
11:58 pm
instead of going to jail you'll receive a citation. every i explained to you, you're going to get a copy of. >> the arrest has a sobbring effect on him. he realizes his dreams of going to the fire academy may have just ended. >> the last thing is, listen to me carefully. okay? if you want to talk to me about what happened, number one, i will record our conversation. number two, i'll read you your rights. whether tau you can to me or not, i'll still be leaving here. >> right now. >> no. >> he was looking for a transgender but he chose to go with the police decoy who was that she was a female. he said it was very embarrassing for him. that's what happens when you're out trying to pick up prostitutes. >> getting tough on the men who buy is necessary for what they see as an epidemic.
11:59 pm
>> the men buying sex, the johns, they're treating the women like a piece of furniture. >> research for melissa says the public should feel zero sympathy for the men who buy other humans. >> they're buying a particular sex act. they're buying compliance, they're buying servitude, they're buying their right to dominate another person entirely. >> and that trans rates into modern day slavery. something the police won't tolerate. we do these sporadically, you'll never know when a girl that you pull up on and you interact with and talk to and solicit could turn out to be a police woman and you'll get arrested. because san francisco doesn't want your business.
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in the suburbs of orlando, florida, and all across america, the business of sex for sale is ruining young lives. >> i've heard a lot of people say that prostitution is a victimless crime. but it's not a victimless crime. if it was your daughter there, you would not be saying it's a victimless crime. >> girls and young women trapped in a world of despair and degradation. >> this is not some concepting adult having sex with another consenting adult for exception. these property. she's property to be bar teared


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