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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 10, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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donald trump's body mass index and what happened to the heel spurs that kept him out of vietnam. that does it for us tonight. msnbc live is next. good morning, everyone. i'm dara brown at new york msnbc headquarters. here's what's happening. 59 days and counting. hillary clinton and donald trump ratcheting up the attacks. >> i never thought i would see the day where this is happening to our country. >> meanwhile, trump's running mate did something yesterday that the gop presidential nominee may never end up doing. >> it is not a serious presidential campaign. >> hillary clinton railing against donald trump's entire campaign and striking at some of his supporters.
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ahead on the on place for politics. how much of a danger does it pose to the u.s.? and asa ga of ronald reagan's would-be assassin closes. and comments hillary clinton made at a fund-raiser here in new york city last night. >> you could put half of trump's supporters into the basket of deplorables. the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamaphobic. and he has lifted those up. some of those folks are irredeemable. but they are not america. >> just when hillary clinton said she was going to start
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running a positive campaign she ripped off her true mask. trump held a rally in florida where he used this analogy to describe clinton's e-mail controversy. >> because she is being so protected she could walk into this arena right now and shoot someone with 20,000 people watching right smack in the middle of the heart and she wouldn't be prosecuted, okay? that's what's happened. that's what's happened to our country. i never thought i'd see the day when this is happening to our country. >> meanwhile, trump's running mate mike pence released his tax returns as promised. pence made 110 last year and paid a tax rate of 12.4%. they gave about $9,000 to
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charity last year. pence will be in washington this morning where he will speak about the voter summit. and his running mate spoke with evangelicals yesterday. on the democratic side, clinton is off the campaign trail as tim kaine speaks at the human rights campaign dinner. for more on the clinton campaign, let's bring in kasie hunt at our washington bureau. kasie, good morning. what are we hearing? >> these comments echoing other politicians who frankly had a little bit something different to say at a fund-raiser than they might have at a regular campaign event. and hillary clinton obviously characterizing a pretty broad swath of supporters. in a series of tweets he wrote, she gave an entire speech how
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the alt-right movement is using its campaign to advance the movement. nick merrill tweeting obviously not everyone supporting trump is part of the alt-right but alt-right leaders. and their supporters appear to make up half his crowd when you observe the tone of his events. it is a broad group she has labeled in this way, dara. >> kasie, thank you for that report. now phillip bump and jay tam. essentially saying she could get away with murder. is this the strategy now for trump's campaign, or is he just going rogue?
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>> it is is incredibly peck. donald trump said he could kill someone on fifth avenue and no one would stop supporting him. it's almost like he's forgetting what he said in the past. he is trying to make sure i untrust worthy. that is his only real advantage on her. his hope is to make her more unpopular before november. >> phillip, so much happened this week. from the commander in chief forum to trump praising president vladimir putin. and the first news conference in a while. what do you take away from the week? >> i think one of the things that's remarkable is the campaign itself is changing very slowly. but regardless of that, it is still the case that hillary clinton is maintaining the lead after the conventions, the lead
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in most swing states. until there is a shift in that, it doesn't change the nature of the race. donald trump still needs to win a race that he lost in 2012. so the big picture is while it is tighter than it was a couple week ago, it is still hillary clinton's race to lose. >> and 59 days to go on that. i wanted to ask you about the post on the front page article. what is the focus of that story and why secretary clinton ahead? >> look at why the gap is narrower. part of the story is democrats tend to worry about these things. when barack obama, his race in 2008 by relative standards was not that close at any given point in time. yet we were still worried about it.
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races are now generally closer because of the elect rat is so polarized. a large group of republicans, a large group of democrats who will go out is and vote for the republican or democrat. part is just the polarizing of it. it will mean more close record. we will not see any 1984s or a complete blowout. >> another issue, the trump's prior claim about president obama's birthdays. here's rudy giuliani on ""hardball". >> donald trump believes he was now born in the united states. >> this is fundamental question. if you believe it, why is does your candidate state it? >> i believe it. you believe it. we all believe it. >> is he just going to have the surrogates repeat this?
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>> this is a fundamental part of the name. they should not be making news. they shouldn't be saying something donald trump ever said. his supporters believe it. he said i just don't talk about it. it is not app acceptable answer to say maybe the president, even to shed doubt that he was someone born out of the country, ineligible to be president. i think this is key with him moving forward. he said just a few days ago, i'm not going to deal with it because it's the home news story. it is is big. >> it is big. we played half of trump supporters being this basket of deplorables. this is a new one. where did that come from and how did it play? >> to get republicans more traditional and moreirense to
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separate from donald trump. it is not going to support the racists who support donald trump because they are racist and that's who she was calling out. what she is hoping to do is take some chunk of a group that say i don't know to be associated with his people. right now what she is hoping to do is peel away or at least get some of the trump supporters who don't want to be associated with that to stay home in november. >> mike pence's tax returns. what did we learn and what does this to to trump? does it put pressure on him. >> it does in a way. it is normal to release your tax returns. it sheds more light auto that. donald trump says america don't care about his tax returns. that's untrue.
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they do want them. and they are saying what is in those tax return? donald trump makes jokes, oh, i'll release my tax returns after hillary clinton deleted e-mails from her server. >> what potentially is he hiding? what is so crazy? >> i heard everything from maybe he didn't pay taxes, he had a swraoer percent taxes. maybe he is not giving to charity any way he says he's given to charity. we have struggled to find any proof of his donations that he says he has given. we see a lot of rounds of golf. we don't see a lot of checks. maybe he doesn't want to be the headlines. >> and definitely things he would have to answer for.
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>> yes. >> on wednesday, did that gave us a reason for the debates? >> i think it did. we have been hearing that donald trump is putting a lot of effort on style and figuring out how he affects his dumpiness to him. it wasn't very much tkopbdonaldp being donald trump and doing his had sparpd thing. which i don't know will stand up. this was not donald trump, being abe to articulate pure policy points. i think voters may respond to what they saw from donald trump at the forum and debates differently than one might anticipate. >> which is your take? which was happier with the outcome?
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>> both camps say they are as happy as could be, right? i think -- my guess is that clinton's team feels -- rightly feels they did better in that forum. a lot of news made out of that trip by trump. his praise of vladimir putin. >> he really doubled down on his past statements that were inflammatory. she can bring them and make him address them. keep getting flustered. and the debates will be an hour and a half long. so it going to be difficult to stay on point, or will we see
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the u.s. and russia are hailing a breakthrough deal that launches a cessation of hostilities in war-torn syria. this agreement is scheduled to begin monday at sunset. obviously we work very, very hard to make sure we weren't just repeating the same thing. that doesn't mean that it's
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going to automatically going to succeed. but we have created an entirely different struck they are this time. >> richardening will is in jean knee va where it all went down. rich, walk us through this teal. >> good morning, dara. secretary kerry described this as a potential critic point. it has a chance of of ming a difference on the ground in syria. what happened here was secretary kerry and sergei lavrov agreed to a framework of a cease-fire in syria nationwide on monday with russia pressuring the regime to stop fighting. if that lasted seven days, something they have not even come close to, there would be a
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series of other events and a series is of other coordination that would begin. specifically, the u.s. and russia would start focusing together. joint targeting syria. and discuss the beautiful future of the syrian regime. haos that is only if this can last. none of them has in the past. dara. >> medal of honor recipient, colonel jack jacobs. good to have you here. >> good morning. >> there's so much to start with. there is cease-fire teal because the previous ones have not held up. >> you have to be optimist but realist. too many conflict interests for
4:19 am
this to be applicable across the country and particularly aleppo. you have iran involved. this means you have to convince bashar al assad to actually quit bombing his own civilians. i don't think it's going to work, dara. >> if the cease-fire does work, what will be the most important part of it and where do they go from the first seven days. >> well, they're going to have to get a framework. they have a framework for a cease-fire that will supposedly last seven days. like i said, there are lots and lots of people who are interested in syria, involved in syria. whatever framework that is, it's going to have to in corporate all of these diverse and conflicting distances. don't forget also, russia is vital. it wants a warm water report on the mediterranean.
4:20 am
it will not cease until it has some convention has started. poor is civilians. half a million people killed during this exercise, these are the people who are going to benefit the most from the cease-fire. if there is a possibility of any sieges that will be broken, they will try to get out of the area. if the cease-fire does hold, and it probably won't, there ppls a problem for place look turkey, for example, into which refugees have been streaming. none of it will be easy to accomplish. >> i want to move on to north korea and its biggest nuclear test on friday. how serious is this? what are our options. >> yes, yes serious.
4:21 am
we're talking a larger explosion but it looks like north korea is merging two technologies which they have to do to thraepb tdo. they are four year away from putting the west coast and united states under the gun. they are in the region, already scared about the developments. it doesn't look like do anything. up until now they have had structures. we have to completely eliminate the possibilities of cash flows.
4:22 am
>> by 2020, they should have nuclear warreds that could host the coast of the united states. >> yeah. eek i had, the reason people are already scared and south korea is talking about warming with nuclear weapons because they don't believe the united states will protect south korea if they have a fully deployable possibility 06 delivering nuclear weapons. the area is in turmoil. so far none of the options have done anything at all to alleviate the problem. it doesn't look like we have very many options we're willing to use. >> and if i can, i will like to turn on the u.s. commander in chief forum. he doubled 00 takes his praise for president putin. >> he said it in the first place. it is is very difficult in
4:23 am
public to walk that back. i think donald trump thinks those comments are innocuous made by themselves, they are. at a cocktail party. you in general election, they're corrosive not only to the exchange to the public discourse, but it is is difficult for his campaign if it's not going to do him any good. >> colonel, thank you so much. >> you bet. today is the day john hinckley jr. gets ready to start his new life. hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti.
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is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to yo passions? your personal success takes a financial partner who values it as much as you do. learn more at welcome back. i'm dara brown at msnbc world
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headquarters in new york. john hinckley jr. is expect to be released from a washington, d.c. psychiatric hospital today. he attempted to assassinate president reagan in 1981. we'll have a live report with more on where he will live in just a few minutes. >> back to politics. and donald trump campaigned last night in the key battle ground state of florida where he and hillary clinton are tied in a new poll. let's bring in nbc's katy tur. what is the state of the race today. >> aides to the trump campaign are saying i told you so this morning after hillary clinton bashed trump supporters last night. trump has opened a pandora's box of hate. you know we are getting to the end when it starts to look at like a street fight than a race for the white house. hillary clinton and donald trump trading barbs friday night, trying to see who could land the
4:31 am
nastiest attack. >> you could put half into the category homophobic, isl islamaphobic. the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamaphobic. >> trump for his coziness to russia again. >> i think the dishonesty of the media. >> now taking heat for trashing the american press on larry king show which appeared on russian state television. >> in that system he's been a leader far more than our president has been a leader. >> fellow republicans like marco
4:32 am
rubio are concerned. >> putin is not a president. he's a dictator. >> convened a meeting of bipartisan security experts, including george w. bush's homeland security secretary michael chertoff and david petraeus. >> when it comes to questions at war, peace, and the safety of our country, we can't let party affiliation stand between us. >> with timing polls, she is reintroducing herself as a problem-solver. but down to the final stretch, will it work? >> neither trump nor clinton have any commitments today. mike pence has released his taxes shows he made about $113,000 last year. trump is still refusing to release his.
4:33 am
when he talks about hillary clinton shooting someone and not being frommed for it, let's not forget he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and not lose any votes. that you know for that report stphrfplt thank you. >> washington strategy eupl and former white house aide and rick tyler for the cruz campaign. thank you both for joining me this morning. trump saying clinton could shoot someone in public and still not get prosecuted. katy just said that. is trump just making this up as he goes along? >> they say you should think about what you say not say everything you think. this is a case of the latter. donald trump says whatever pops into his mind. i don't know what the strategic advantage is other than to say -- the clintons do seem -- there seems to be a lot of smoke all the time around the
4:34 am
clintons. yet no one seems to be able to find the source or the fire. he is probably referring to that, i'm sure. >> as i mentioned a few minutes ago, a new poll with trump and clinton tied at 47%. joe, how big of a deal is that because they are tied in such a curable state? >> that's significant of course. at one tiaoeupime hillary clint a significant lead in florida. it will continue the next couple months. it underscores this has been the year of the outsider. so much of what donald trump has said has been counter intuitive to succeeding. the comments that he made. the fact that he has offended large groups of people. none on of that has had the impacts that you suspect it would have on a republican candidates running for the president of the united states. he finds himself tied in a dead
4:35 am
heat in the battleground state of florida. pennsylvania is one. and so it's going to be interesting to see how the debates play out and the campaign commercials play out in the last weeks of the campaign. >> and these states are crucial. the "new york times" model predicts actually won't look very different than in 2012, except that clinton would take north carolina. is that right? is trump fighting an uphill battle to change the map here? >> historically, it looks very difficultment i think clinton has had a bad couple of weeks. he's expanding any supporters, basis of support. but actually she seems to have lost some. some may have gone to gary johnson. we have yet to see how gary's
4:36 am
gaffes might go. florida is an interstate. it sort of representing the northeast, represented by the south, the midwest represented by the western coast of florida, and then the north is actually the south. so it will be a very competitive state the. if you look at the electoral map right now, hillary clinton has probably hrod up 230 of 270 to get elected. donald trump is locked up at 150 or so. so he needs to get 116 more. so he has a steep climb. if map is tkaeufrt, it's hillary clinton. she's competitive in texas, much before they than should be. >> do you think there is a way
4:37 am
to turn the map in 4eus favorite? >> reporter: rick is right. the electoral college, he's having is a hard time with college educated white voters. if he is able to by some miracle turn that around and get larger percentages of white college voters that support him. i don't expect him to do any better with women going forward. but he has hope to get white college educated voters, men in larger numbers that might impact his numbers. >> trump announced he raised $90 million in august, up $10 million from the month before. how much stock do you put in his growing donations? how much of that would be an indicator for his chance of success? stkph well, it is an impressive haul. a lot of it is coming through
4:38 am
his other competitors. that's where the money comes from. it's not from donald trump asking for large donations. it is coming in online, direct mails and phone calls. the problem is if you look at the comparison between donald trump campaign and hillary clinton's campaign, hillary clinton has a very sophisticated campaign with a ground game, data, microtargeting, everyth g everything. in the past it really made the difference. >> last night he talked about something that's been a controversial target. here's what he had to say. >> honestly, i don't know the gentleman. but he's been nice to me. if he's nice to me, that's fine.
4:39 am
not going to make a bit of difference. if we don't get great deals for our country, nothing matters to me. it's all about getting great deals. and i'll tell you this, if we got along with russia, that wouldn't be so bad, would it? is in a campaign trail bluster or is there worry about the way he talks about foreign policy here? >> normally campaigning would be a little more guarded in his or her comments about vladimir putin, about the leader of russia, a leader who has been aggressive, exited crimea. somebody who has sanctions against him. you would be a little more guarding for the president of the united states. they are playing into putin's hands that is to say if donald trump were to become the
4:40 am
president of the united states. for some reason they haven't significantly impacted his polling data. but these kinds of comments are troubling to many americans. certainly to a lot of republicans. >> rick, i'm going to give you the last word here. what is your response to that? >> the problem is he is splitting the base. i lived through part of the cold war. praising russian leader, former kgb head is not very attractive. it doesn't make sense defensively. it makes a difference. the idea of praising a dictator, that's -- i don't think that's a very smart thing for him to do. >> rick tyler, joe watkins, always a pleasure to have you. ta thank you so much. >> thanks, dara.
4:41 am
>> thanks, dara. john hinckley getting ready to be released from a washington mental hospital 35 years after shooting him. and how qaa keep jeffries will report hillary clinton is having trouble with african-american millennials. max and i just discovered this dog treat called dentalife. it's really different. see? it's flexible... ...and it has a chewy, porous texture, full of little tiny air pockets that gives dogs' teeth a clean scrub all the way
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amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there's only one place where real and amazing live. book a seaworld vacation package and eat free. the man who attempted to assassinate ronald reagan will today be a freeman. john hinckley junior is being released from a psychiatric hospital. he will live with his 91-year-old mother in a gated community in virginia. hans nichols in is williamsburg, virginia with us. what is john hinckley's status this morning? >> reporter: well, he has made more than 80 unsupervised trips out of st. elizabeth's but saided he doesn't have to
4:45 am
return. instead, he will call this gated community help. time has aged john hinckley. and psychiatric treatment, according to a federal judge. and time has healed him. he is no longer officially a threat to society. but the man who prosecuted him disagrees. >> i don't think anybody who tries to nullify a national election with a bullet should ever be walking free no matter what their mental state. >> he he entered the public consciousness with is six pops of a volver. his target, president ronal reagan. his motive, a desperate and deranged attempt to impress the actress skwroed where foster. reagan nearly died. three others, including james brady, were shocked. according to the judge his mental illness has long been in control. for almost 30 years he mass no signs of psychotic ten i did
4:46 am
seus. >> bringing him and putting him under the care of his 90-year-old mother seems to be a bit foolish decision. >> and reagan's daughter also suppressed concern. her dad may have found forgiveness but patty davis said it doesn't mean you let them loose in virginia to pursue whatever dark agendas they may still hold dear. >> for hinckley, his adjustment has been difficult. he is required to continue psychiatric treatment, get a job or do volunteer work and stay away from deposit officials. and dara hinckley cannot have contact with members of the press. that requirement to live with his mom is only good for one year. >> thank you so much for that
4:47 am
report. to ohio now and shocking photos by a police department that highlighted the heroin epidemic on children. two children unconscious in the front seat of their car with a child in the back. the images are horrifying and heartbreaking. a couple unconscious from a suspected drug overdose while the woman's 4-year-old grandson is helpless in the back seat. officers want the photos to be wakeup call. >> when you see that, you get the lump in your throat. sit sad, especially when you have children of your own. >> the couple's car narrowly missed a group of children before stretching to a start. they had been arrested, the child taken to protective custody. when you see something like that, it's just an addiction
4:48 am
that's just terrible. >> all across ohio, hear win doses are spiking. 76 overdoses. every month, 92 on average. double the rate from last year. nan francs has been an addiction specialist for 40 years. >> why ohio? >> we think in ohio because we have hey long history with the opiate business. the pill mill was big in the south. >> heroin, now being laced with deadly synthetics. >> people are pushing the envelope to the next high, the biggest high, the maximum high. >> and as these photos show, children are living through the horror of addiction too. >> that was nbc's blake mccoy ruling. asking the governor to declare a
4:49 am
public emergency and more treatment or addicts. even though right now they are off wasted. authorities released details of what happened during a mass shoot anything california. three men tried to rush the shooters but were killed. it focused on the police during the moments and after the shooting. owners of galaxy note 7 told to stop using the devices after there is a recall of the lithium battery. samsung is planning to recall 2.5 galaxy note 7 phones worldwide. after weeks of protest, a federal job has denied a sioux tribes request on on a pipeline. it would run under the missouri river, the tribe's sole water source.
4:50 am
energy transfer partners claims it will bring billions of dollars to the economy and create thousands of jobs. the judge ordered both to appear for a status ordered both sides appear for conference next friday. latest on the aerial spraying this weekend for zika virus. >> in regards to spraying, against it. every woman i know pregnant or trying to get pregnant against it. we don't want to be poisoned in our own home. we think we should have a say. >> my wife is concerned about the spraying. [ "dreams" by beck hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. named one of car and driver's 10best, 10 years in a row.
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aerial spray to combat zika in miami beach is under way despite concern over toxicity of insecticide spray. in miami beach, good morning to you, tammy, what is this all about? >> good morning, dara. despite all the ground spraying going on in miami beach, for weeks and weeks, a new batch of
4:54 am
mosquitoes has tested positive for zika, now they are hoping aerial spraying will take care of the problem. while much of miami beach is still asleep, a small plane 300 feet offshore drops an insecticide called nalid from the sky. >> hey, hey, we don't want no spray. >> reporter: despite protests earlier this week that delayed spraying and a growing fear among residents. >> i didn't want them to spray the chemicals here in south beach. >> reporter: spraying of continue sunday morning. >> it's the ride tool at this particular time. we're not using very much. we're using two-thirds of an ounce per acre. that is this much. >> reporter: experts say the insecticide is safe. >> you can never say something like that is 100% safe. tell people if they see the plane going over, to go inside.
4:55 am
>> reporter: some parents did just that, keeping their kids at home as long as possible. >> decide to come to school really late today, just waiting for the spray to disappear from the air. >> reporter: other parents in the zika zone not worried. >> just one more chemical in the air. we have lots of chemicals everywhere already, so i'm not afraid. >> this pregnant mom is more afraid of zika than the pesticide. >> i feel safer that the repellant started. >> reporter: she just found out her zika test is negative and hopes to keep it that way. >> it won't get me. >> reporter: aerial spraying is set for the next two weekends. dara. >> tammy leitner in miami. thanks so much for that. that will do it for me this hour. i'm dara brown, thanks for watching. next hour swing state polls, why donald trump has much higher positives than hillary clinton in one particular southern
4:56 am
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hello. i'm ayman mohyeldin from nbc headquarters in new york. 8:00 in the east, 5:00 out west. here's what's happening now. hillary clinton with new comments on donald trump's appearance on russian sponsored tv. here is her reaction when my colleague asked her about it in new york city. >> every day this goes by, this becomes more and more of a reality television show. it's not a serious presidential campaign. i'm not sure anything surprises us anymore, but i was certainly disappointed that someone running for president of the united states would continue this unseemly identification with and praise of the russian president, including on russian television.
5:00 am
>> meanwhile trump is once again insisting he has no ties to the russian president. here is what he told supporters at a rally in florida last night. >> hillary clinton failed totally with her russian reset. she tried to hard. then she talks about me. oh, donald trump likes putin and putin likes trump. honestly i don't know the gentleman, but you know what he's been nice to me. if he's nice to me, that's fine. if we got along with russia, that wouldn't be so bad, would it? that wouldn't be so bad. >> later trump will be in st. louis where he will attend funeral of phyllis schaafly. mike pence will speak at the values voters summit. the indiana governor released tax returns yesterday as promised. on the democratic side clinton is off the campaignra


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