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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 10, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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hey there, everyone. i'm alex whit. it is 1:00 here in the east. 10:00 a.m. out west and here's what's happeninging. new reaction in the last hour from donald trump's running mate, mike pence, hitting back at hillary clinton for calling half of trump's supporters a basket of deplorables. >> hillary clinton's low opinion of the people that support this
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campaign should be denounced in the strongest possible terms. the truth of the matter is that the men and women who support donald trump's campaign are hard working americans. hillary, they are not a basket of anything. they are americans and they deserve your respect. >> pence made those comments at the values voters summit in washington and come a day later after he released tens worth of his returns. meanwhile, here's hillary clinton's reaction when crikris welker asked her about it in new york city. >> every day that goes by, it's just becomes more of a reality television story. show. it's not, it's not a serious presidential campaign. not sure anything surprises us anymore. but i was dispinted that somebody running for president of the united states would
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continue this unseemly identification with and praise of the russian president. including on russian television. >> but trump is insists he has no ties to the russian president. here's what wha he said last night in florida. >> hillary clinton failed, totally. with her russian reset. fz she tried so hard. she talks about me, oh, donald trump, likes putin. and putin likes trump. honestly, i don't know gentleman, but he's been nice to me. if he's nice to me, that's fine. if we got along with russia, that wouldn't be so bad, would it? that wouldn't be so bad. >> in just a couple of hour, trump will be in st. louis where he will attend the funeral of a conservative icon. on the democratic side, clinton is off the trail as tim kaine speaks in washington.
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we have reporters covering both campaigns. casey hunt covering clinton, kate ty tur covering trump and with a good day to both. how is trump responding to these attack sns. >> the deplorables comment is becoming an issue for the trump campaign. their trying to use it to their advantage. trying to make it their mitt romney 47% issue saying hillary clinton is denigrating americans. you see the family tweeting this today. his social media manager tweeting an image of a number of law enforcement officials with trump saying do you believe these men are deplorable. so, they're definitely trying to use this to their advantage, but to put it into context and to try and ek plain what it is like at a trump rally, having been covering this now for 15 months, there is quite a bit of anger and some could call it hate at these rallies. many people, some people bring
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confederate flags when trump mentioned hillary clinton's name, you often hear chants of lock her up. when he mepgsed president obama's name, you hear people yell he's a momentum luslim. they say they agree with it because they believe many of them that muslims are a problem in mass, that they don't agree with western values and can't possibly agree with western values because they believe in something they call sharia law. there is a lot of unknowns for them when it comes to the muslim community. that's not everybody. but it is out there. and hillary clinton is clearly trying to tap into that. listen, nobody going to a trump rally is going to be voting for hillary clinton. we don't hear anyone support hillary clinton really in any way, shape or form at trump rallies. there's a loft anger towards her. there's a lot of distrust forwards her. and the american electorate, frankly, so you have to wonder who she's trying to speak to
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with these comments. i've heard some say they believe she's trying to maybe get people who are on the fence to maybe mott don't want to be associated with some of the rhetoric you hear at a trump rally or some who have expressed their outward support for him. that includes folks like david duke and the alt right, but of course, donald trump and republicans are going to try to use this to show hillary clinton out of touch with real americans. >> well, i'll tell you, after 15 months there on the trail with donald trump, your interpretati interpretation, very valuable. >> he'll be going tomorrow to a ground zero. the trump campaign hasn't officially announced, so his plans could change, but we are told that officials down there have been told to prepare for a visit of his. again, this is the 15th anniversary. donald trump is a new yorker. it would be quite surprising if
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he did not have plans to go down there. i spoke with the fire department earlier. this week and they said they had not heard anything from the trump campaign about visiting a fire house or something like that, so, it would seem natural at least at the moment that he would go to ground zero. hillary clinton is doing that as well. it's unclear if their paths will cross. but there is a read iing o f th names as there is every single year at ground zero. of everybody who died during the attacks. that takes some three hours, so there is a very good chance that if they both go down, they won't see the other. >> something we will be watching closely. thank you very much for that. let's bring in casey hunt. so, another good day to you. are you hearing anything from the clinton campaign about mike pence's comments made an hour or so ago? >> so far, we just have kind of a clarification i would say from the clinton campaign on what she meant by that basket of deplorables comment. that is on tape from that fund-raiser last night. her spokesman tweeting pretty quickly in the wake of it, a
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series of tweets, clarifying that she was referring specifically to the alt right and she gave a manl speech in reno talking about the alt right, the group of white nationalists. you can see nick saying she gave an entire speech about how alt right is using its campaign to advance its hate movement. he says following up, obviously, not everyone supporting trump is is part of the alt right, but the leader rs with trump and their supporters appear to make up half of his crowd. so that speaks a little bit to what k arkkaty was talking abou. hillary clinton has used this phrase in the past. she started to use it at fund-raisers, but what's different is the word half. in this case, she said half. half of trump supporters embody these qualitiequalities. now, in the past, she's talked about how a segment of these supporters have these qualities and potentially not people who
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are have upstands american values. she's separating the group from republicans, conservatives, people who have voted gop. maybe think they should. she's trying to make space for them to support her, to make it seem more natural, even for people who voted republican her whole life to back her. so, if anything, she was trying to welcome those people. the tricky part if there are people who feel as though she was speaking about them. and saying that they are you know, racist, islamophobic, all these things she listed when they might say item not any of those, but i don't agree with president obama. i don't know if i want to go for hillary clinton. >> do you know about the plans for 9/11 tomorrow? donald trump intended to go this as well and we're trying to figure out if they'll cross
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paths. >> well, as katy talked through, this is large memorial event. somber occasion. that is not going to be a political day. this is something that she has put a lot of focus on throughout the course of her career. she was serving as a nart from new york on 9/11. 15 years ago and talks quite a bit about that and how it helped form her as an independent. a kind of public servant. that was her first independently elected position, although she had been first lady, so i think you'll see her in that capacity in public. if they cross paths, tlgd be interesting as they haven't over the could you rephrase this campaign, but i think at h point whatever happens tomorrow, both sides are going to view it a politically. >> thank you so much from washington. let's bring in molly hooper, congressional reporter at the hill and sima. good to see you both and i want to ask this question to both. reaction to hillary clinton's
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deplorable comments. molly, you first. what kind of impact do you think this will have over the next 49 days? >> it's interesting, following up on what casey was saying, this is a comment that instead of donald trump going out and saying african-americans for me. she went out and basically alienated half of the people that are voting for donald trump. and so, instead of trying to include people and appeal to more people, it's almost as if she cut off a segment of voters. and it will be interesting to see how she follows up on that. this is a comment that one may scribe something that donald trump would say. you know, sort of a comment that it's not necessarily it's tough to defend, but it does offend people and you know, this isn't something we usually see from hillary clinton, so it will be interesting to see how she follows up on it. whether she doubles down or backs away. >> but to that point, you heard katy talkinging about the people. these people are not likely to vote for her any way, so the question is, how much the
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independents, those that are you know, the moderate republicans, how much they may swayed by this. >> exactly. that's point. see, donald trump, when he goes out to these african-american you know, communities and he appeals to the african-american vote saying what do you have to lose by voting for me. you know, quite a few political prognosticators and analysts say he's really just trying to get the independent voter who might vote for hillary clinton. he's not necessarily expecting to pick up african-american votes. and so, by doing that, he again is not alienating people, where as when hillary clinton made that comment, she's ascribing a certain kind of person that's already voting for trump and as kasz kaseysy said, say i am a voter for trump, does that mean i'm one of those things? and so, it's a different take and a different tactic on reaching out for those independent vote errs. >> aing a lot of people are comparing this to mitt romney's 47% comment, but what people are
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forgetting is that nobody thinking the comment is the reason mitt romney lost the election. so you go back to 2008, president obama was caught saying people cling to religions and guns and he wins. i don't think this is going to have any lasting effect. >> what about this because trump tweeted this morning that clinton was so insulting, there's a quote to his followers, but he's literally a billionaire. how does he keep selling himself as the pop u list candidate? >> i think it's something we underestimated, his ability to connect with working class voter, people feeling unsteady because of this economy. who feel it's left him behind. he's connected with them in a way that's shocked everybody in a way that hillary clinton has not been able to do. >> holly, to the "new york times," which predicting the electoral map won't look a lot different than it did in 2012, expect clinton could flip north carolina. do you think that's accurate?
10:13 am
do you think trump's fig fighting an uphill battle? >> ever since the general election started, he's been fighting an uphill battle. he's been doing better because hillary clinton hasn't been on the campaign trial or sthjust started back on the campaign trial last week. but you know, talking again, talking to these political prognosticator prognosticators, it is kind of an uphill battle. they're just hoping that donald trump remains a disciplined candidate. so that he can build support in north carolina and i spoke with a member from north carolina. he said you know, they're working, they're working on getting these voters out for donald trump, but again, he needs to stay on message and be disciplined. >> you know, there's the new national poll out today from your paper, the "l.a. times." it shows clinton's got a one-point lead and clinging to it, but in the map is supposedly tilted h her favor, why isn't she further ahead? >> after the convention, she had
10:14 am
a bounce. up by eight points in polls across the country, then it narrowed. ipg it's labor dachl the um isser is over. people are now paying attention. this is a twided country. this is a polarized country. all the polls reflects. she's clearly going to go out on the trail. she's on the plane with her press. talking to the press a lot more. i think that they are trying to move those numbers. the thing that the polling doesn't refleblgt which is the other big question. most believe she has an enormous advantage. most believe she has a big advantage in terms of offices, staffer, paid staff and battleground states. that's what the other thing that could change the dynamic. >> molly, something else. trump arguing last night that clinton could shoot someone in public in the heart, not get
10:15 am
prosecuted for it. that's a reflection of not being prosecuted for the e-mail situation. what do you think happened to the more subdued, presidential trump? >> he can only be so subdued, alex. we still need to have some entertainment. just kid l. i take that back. but i mean, remember when he said several months ago or last year, he could walk down the streets in new york city and pull out a gun and shoot someone. >> right there on 5th avenue. that's what he said. yep. >> and so, you know, donald trump can be disciplined to a certain extent, but there's just some comments like that that you know, you've got to factor in to his whole equation. >> lady, good to see you. see you again next weekend. thank you much. >> thank you. a native american fight to stop an oil pipeline and the one decision to help them. ♪
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the federal government has moved in to halt construction on a controversial pipeline in north dakota after a federal court declined to stop this project. native americans and their support errs have been protesting the pipeline claiming it presents a threat to the environment. the standing tribe sued in federal court to halt the pipeline chrks runs right near its tribal lands. the court ruled against the tribe friday. later in the day, federal regulator ordered work to stop on one segment. the project would run from north dakota to illinois, some 1100 miles or so. let's bring in national campaign organizer for the indigenous environmental network. dallas, with a welcome to you. your reanchor because first, you have the court ruling against the tribe, then federal officials ordering construction
10:20 am
halted. was it an order or suggestion? >> suggestion. three federal agencies had requested to stop construction 20 mile east an west of the missouri river, but it's up to the pipeline whether heir going to accept it or not. honestly, yesterday wuf a roller coaster of emotions. we get the judge's decision to deny tribes injunction and then you have federal agencies who decide they're going to halt construction underneath the river. we accept that as a moment tear vikt vi. this is not a win, demonstrates that are we are winning. the fight we have is going to be a very beautiful movement so far. >> so, dallas, for those who haven't been follow thg closely, describe this land and what is it at the crux of this? >> there's a couple of things here. the main main issue for the tribe is the many, the numerous cultural and historical sights
10:21 am
across the land. the code of access said they've done a survey, found in significant site, which is not true. that there are significant culture sites and burial grounds along the proposed route. that was reflected by what happened a week ago when the tribe through the help of a local landowner, identified old graves and they had marked those sight, but before the states to come in and officially document them, access came in and bulldozed the entire area. it's just an absurd access, saying it's well within the laws to to follow through when they have disregarded the tribe's consultation process. they've disregarded any kind of you know, to be accountable to the communities to which they're trying to ram this dirty oil pipeline through. >> i'm going to say the dakota access team, they have said
10:22 am
here's the quet. they've conducted on the ground surveys of the proposeded route to ensure that the route had taken into consideration every aspect of the land in order to mitigate any risks. so, they say they've takenen the appropriate steps. what do you say to that? >> i say that is that how they hired their own cultural surveyors to survey the land to build their own pipeline. i mean, there's a serious question of how reliable are those sources for that survey. the tribes along the entire missouri river have numerous stated, a number of times, those surveys are inadequate. those surveys have misseded significant sites and that through common practice, they should have consulted the tribes about identifying potential sites that have been impacted. there was no consultation, proper consultation throughout
10:23 am
this process and now, there's federal law, policies to back that up an support that. that's the crux of the tribal's position. the other major issue here, does this pipeline crosses the missouri river. doesn't matter six miles north of the drinking water intake for the tribal nation. that's over 40,000 people whose drinking water is at risk. >> they're supposed to lay this pipeline underneath the river, any leak, it would have catastrophic ramifications. i want to ask you about the clashes at these protest sites. what can you tell us about us about them and with whom are the supporters clashing? federal, state, local officials? who are they? >> well, the recent clash that happened a week ago was with private security force that dakota access had fired. they hired these goons to come in who had canine units and dogs. put mace upon a peaceful crowd.
10:24 am
peaceful prayer, one of the major -- they saw bulldozers going through a site. to be concerned about, so security forces have been with canine unit, dogs ab those dogs were sicked upon the crowd. over 40 to 50 people maced in the crowd. this were children in this crowd. people bitten and were attacked and so, it's absurd to have a security force that's and it was such a, a high level of violence inflicted upon peaceful protesters. as we like to call ourselves. call into question the integrity of this company who continues to aggravate and continues to provoke the situation just to
10:25 am
they can get their pipeline into the ground. >> we're showing pictures now of that protest, being people injured and those dogs really lunlging at people. thank you, dallas, appreciate your time. >> appreciate this moment. thank you. >> it was a place donald trump once called home and soon it could be yours. that's next. here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. we are all in for our customers. ♪ everything kids touch we at school sticks with them.s. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products.
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welcome back. as we're just past a half hour, here's what we're monitoring. people in miami beach with concerned about spraying to kill mosquitos in the fight against zika. some are wearing masks to protect themselves and protesting against the spraying.
10:32 am
and new funding for zika is on the agenda for a white house meeting between the president and congressional leaders. president obama is also preparing to discuss the looming budget kris and a potential shutdown at the end of this month. weal well, the man who tamted to assassinate president reagan is is expected to be freed today. john hinckley jr. is to be released from a washington psychiatric hospital. a federal judge approved the release in july. he'll live with his 90-year-old mother in virginia. hans, what do we know about his where abouts at this moment? >> alex, we believe mr. hinckley, the man who tried to assassinate the 40th president, could be arriving here to join his mother any minute. earlier this morning, "the washington post" reported he was discharged from st. >> lesleelizabeth's hospital in washington, d.c. now, there are two entrances here, so i should add we're not
10:33 am
certain it's this one. there's another one around the way. he is allowed under this court order, he is allowed to drive. he has been coming down here and been allowed to stay for 17 nights. what today does is officially, he can make this his home. he can stay here for longs he wants. there are however some restrictions. he does according to court, need to avoid government offices. if he's going to travel anywhere outside of the 50 mile radius, he needs a special court approval and then he is allowed to have access to the internet. he will have to survey rend user names and passwords to authorities. one other thing, whether or not we see any secret service. we know they opposed to release of mr. hinckley. they said he was lying in 2011 chen he said he wasn't where he was supposed to be, so they may be keeping close tabs on him. >> after a year f live wg hi mother, then what happen sns. >> well, he is free to live by
10:34 am
himself or friends. the requirement that he stay with his mother is really only for one year. i should add, going to be quite a bit of back and forth on this, with st. elizabeth's, with the medical team. once a month, he needs to go back to washington, d.c. to have an evaluation. needs to stay in close contact with other folks here and then crucially, when b he goes to washington, d.c., he is not allowed to spend the night. he's got to come back here to williams burg to this gated community. >> thank you so much for that. well, the u.s. and russia are hailing a breakthrough deal that could begin the reduction of hostilities in syria and opening the region to humanitarian aid. the agreement with scheduled to begin monday at sunset. let's go to matt bradley from london. what do we know about this deal and how long is it supposed to last? >> thanks, here's what we know about the deal so far. it would see an immediate halt
10:35 am
of the fighting starting on monday night. it would also allow humanitarian aid to flow into blockades areas of syria, particularly aleppo. now, if all of that holds up for senne day, then russia and the u.s. will establish what they're calling a joint implementation center. the share and intelligence and targeting day that. that would allow the u.s. and russia to cooperate on targeting islamic state and other groups like the al qaeda linked news ra front. now, this is big deal. it could be the best hope for some kind of humanitarian reprieve in syria. the chance for this entire nation to finally come up for air after five year of war that some estimate has left nearly half a million people dead. but it could also be a stillborn deal. a kind of toothless accord between hostile countries that's not even really worth the paper it's written on. now, there's a strong possibility it won't work. it took ten monlts of tense negotiations just to get to this deal. and a more modest agreement that
10:36 am
came out in february with just this kind of feign ware was abandon abandoned. rebels have all but dismisdsed this deal and even john kerry sounded cautious when he announced the agreement. >> no one is building this based on trust. it is based on a way of providing oversight and compliance mutual interests and other things and we are determined to explore every single avenue possible. for progress. it is an opportunity and not more than that. until it becomes a reality. >> now, alex, if this does become a reality, the implications could be felt well beyond the battlefields of syria. it could mark a real diplomatic reproach between -- and that
10:37 am
could be felt throughout the world. >> we are closely watching this. thank you so much. let's talk further about this and bring in bill richardson, fomer governor of new mexico. always good to see you. lots to talk about. your reaction to this syria deal. as you know, the last time the u.s. and russia tried to broker a cease fire, it happened in fib. didn't last. can it this time? you think it will? >> well, i think it's 50-50. it seems to be -- we have to try. whether it's a seven-day cease fire, i think the rebels have to be a lilt more positive than they have been. we're help -- there's a humanitarian tragedy of great proportions, but it depens on the u.s. and russia. that relationship is shaky, but i think mutual interests deck tate we try to correct the huge, huge loss of life and the
10:38 am
instability. we have to geive it a shot and proceed and give it the best opportunity to succeed. >> okay. getting your personal experience of north korea right to this because in the wake of north korea's nuclear test, the president issued a statement saying in part the united states does not and never will accept north korea as a nuclear state. so, how do you negotiate with a government like north korea? you've done it. where do you start? >> well, it's very difficult, especially with this new leader. you don't know where he's coming from. he's sending various messages. the first is we're going wait for the next administration to gaucnegotiate if we do. secondly, sanctions are not working on us. third, they're saying our nuclear program deminnishing it is not going to work. it's not a bargaining chip the way my father and grandfather had it. so, with that very difficult scenario, we have limited options right now.
10:39 am
i think the key again, alex, is china. china is not really playing ball with us. they are letting a lot of trade go through to north korea. despite the sanctions. they could really put pressure on north korea, give them food, fuel, emergency assistance, but for some reason and i think they want to just cause trouble for us, they don't want a humanitarian refugee crisis from north korea into china. they're not really pulling the levers they could, so we're at an em pass. >> can you gauge how big a threat this guy is? >> well, this latest nuclear blast was close to 12 kilotons. ten to 12, so they've advanced a lot from the fourth test to the fifth test. they're moving forward, so, you know, it's a danger to america. we have 30,000 american troop,
10:40 am
our south korean, our japanese are very nervous. this is an important strategic objective. i think president obama's done all he can to try tone gauge them, but for some reason, the north koreans are not moving. now, they could. i'm not saying they're going to, but i think steps should be taken to build some trust. we've got an american detainee, who needs to come out. humane tear yan negotiations on that front. on perhaps the remains of our soldiers. from the korean war. that is a negotiating issue that's important to our veterans and our military families. you know, some kind of hum humanitarian negotiation that proceeds some really tough negotiatings, but i think this is something that's got to come
10:41 am
from the next administration. i don't see a breakthrough. >> i know you saw "the new york times" article that says by 2020, north korea will have a nukerer warhead that could reach the west coast of the united states. you think that's legit? >> yeah, they're advancing rapidly. they can't get it to us now. but yeah, they're advancing rapidly and our scientists, our military experts are saying that, so it is a serious threat. the question is what do you do? have more sapgss? block shipping lanes that bring supplies in to north korea? that could cause you know, a con fill gracious. japan, south korea, very nervous about that. but i think there are some steps in between. that involve china. closing some of the chinese trade that can go through the loopholes of the sanctions that
10:42 am
is happening. and you know, china needs to step up more. the question is who's going pressure china? we've got minimal leverage with they will. russia might have it. i think it's going take a recognition by china that instability in that region is not good for them either. >> you know, you mention russia and at his florida rally last night, donald trump tumped on a number of issues that could include russia. also, talked about putin. can this rhetoric be dangerous? would any candidate talk like this if he was faced with these diplomatic challenges? >> well, i think if you're a north korean lead e you're saying well, maybe i'm going wait to do anything with the u.s. until after the u.s. election. i kind of like what trump is saying that he's willing to talk to me directly. which president obama has not done and i agree with president obama. you don't talk to this man directly. i think you have to have a lot of preparation before doing that, with diplomats and
10:43 am
dpoeshuating stances. so, i think basically ark lot of countries right now, alex, are saying we're going to wait until the u.s. election. we don't know what's going to happen in america. we don't know if there's going to be a transition period where u.s. policy is going to change. so, they're going to wait it out. so they maximize their leverage. their opportunities. their rhetoric to the toughest position and i think this is what north korea is doing. they're saying we are not going to have our nuclear program as a bargaining chip and we have said the united states, the only way we're going to have negotiations with north korea is you agree to dismantle your nuclear program. well, north korea is not ready to go that but maybe there's a step possibly in between. limit their missile program. some moritorium of some kind. i think we have to be realistic, too, but right now, the president's policy is the correct one. this is something that will be
10:44 am
decided in the next administration. >> all right. our friend bill richardson. thank you so much. >> thank you. getting closer. the presidential race in some battleground states is tightening, but what are the issues changing opinions? thax next and next hour, is donald trump fit to be commander in chief? richard lee takes a closer look. . (engine revs) like how hard it's gonna fall. (engine revs) the things it does to your parade. we've got a saying about rain, too: when it rains... it roars. the all-wheel-drive lineup from dodge. domestic. not domesticated. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit...
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10:48 am
nevada. the latest numbers there have clinton just two points ahead of trump. joining me now, political analyst for ktnv and he has covereded n nv politics for more than 30 years. thanks for joining us. >> let's get to it on paper. looks like nevada should be going blue. has a large nonwhite population, so why is it such a close race? don't you think clinton should be dominating? >> yeah, she should be. we have a very large hispanic population. here, could be 20% of the electorate. but trump has been consistently as you pointed out here, some polls have shown him ahead. so many explanation is that there's a large population of uneducated voter, either without a college degree or without a high school education and polls consistn'tly show that's a strength for trump. nevadans a traditionally late deciders and i think the state does lean blue, but it's clear
10:49 am
from the clinton campaign behavior, hillary clinton is coming here again to las vegas on wednesday. that they consider this state very much in play even though barack obama won the state very decisively. double digit, in 2008 and by six points in 2012. so they're concerned about nevada. >> also something concerned, it has what's considered a pretty low voter turnout, especially given it's a swing state. you mentioned 2012. ranked just 37th. 57% of eligible voters cast their ballots. how do you think that plays out and who do you think it hurts more if turnout isn't greater? >> i think it hurts hillary clinton. thanks for depressing me b about those numbers. and listen, i think it hurts hillary clinton, but what helps hillary clinton is that she has a tremendous organization here. she got here early in the spring of 2015, reached out to the h hispanics community. got some of the best operatives
10:50 am
in 2008. trump's ground game in nevada is nonexistent. the rnc has sent om good people out, but they're democrats also registering voters at a very, very fast clip here compared to the republicans. they have about an 80,000 lead statewide now, alex, which is pretty large in nevada. the wild card here in nevada, though, is that 25% now of registered voters are not registered with either party. how they vote could determine how the state goes. >> yeah. that's a great point. big picture, tight races in florida, pennsylvania, ohio. how magical is nevada to get to the magic number? >> it's the most important state in the union. i kid. but nevada, listen, we have determined the winner of the presidential race every year, i think, except one in the last hundred years. so we are a bellwether state. we're a melting pot.
10:51 am
our demographics reflect the country. i think nevada is important. >> all right, that's why we pay attention to you, jon. highlighting america's race problem the outcry by football players could vont nfl's opening day tomorrow, which is also 9/11. [monster noises] ♪ take on any road with intuitive all-wheel drive. the nissan rogue, murano and pathfinder now get 0% apr for 72 months, plus $500 bonus cash. soon, she'll be binge-studying.. get back to great. this week 50% off all backpacks. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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the growing reaction to colin kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem in protest of racial and social injustice. some players from the seattle sea haw hawks are considering n standing someday. doug baldwin spoke about the time of it. >> it's ironic to me that 15 years ago september 11th was one of the most devastating times in u.s. history. after that day we were probably the most unified we've ever been. today you struggle to see the unity. it's ironic this date is coming up. it's going to be a special day. a significant day.
10:55 am
>> joining me now jason johnson. do you think it's in bad taste for players to sit during the anthem on 9/11? is 9/11 the one exception that could be made for there to be no protests? >> if you can't protest on 9/11, then what is the point of protesting. the constitution matters whether we're celebrating great victories of world war ii or the tragedy of 9/11. i think it's important for them to be able to do it no matter what the circumstances. i'm curious as to what their protest will be. >> okay. to that end, let's talk about the end game. members of the west virginia university women's volleyball team took a knee before a match this week. then ray lewis, the baltimore ravens linebacker said there shouldn't be a protest without a solution. >> i think it's interesting. this is all in football. you know, with colin kaepernick, alex. everyone keeps moving the goal post. first, it was like you shouldn't do it during the players. the one knee is okay.
10:56 am
then colin kaepernick isn't doing enough. he donates millions of dollars and now a solution. the fact of the matter is, each and every one of them protesting now they're a part of the solution by bringing up this topic of conversation. and suggests their protests are legitimate because they don't have a white paper to explain everything they're going to do. it's a way to delegitimize the actual issue of police brutality. >> you mentioned dot nations. the 49ers announced they're going to put a million dollars into three organizations. colin kaepernick donating the proceeds from the sale of his jersey. that, by the way, number one now selling in the nfl. is this going to last this kind of support in sn. >> i think it will. if one thing that matters to the nfl is money. that jersey sale is helping the 49ers. who would have thought a back up quarterback could bring this attention. what i want to see tomorrow is when the seattle seahawks stand up, will they say it's an issue? the thing is -- i don't want unity. i want justice. i want people to be treated
10:57 am
fairly. i hope they don't try to paper it over with all lives matter nonsense and stick to the initial concern which is justice for all in the united states of america. >> okay. one day i wish i could take your classes. good to have you on the show. that wrapping up this hour of msnbc live. up next richard lui looks a the controversial bill that allows 9/11 families to seek justice. when you have something you love, you want to protect it. at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan
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and mixes crisp vegetables with all white meat chicken and bakes it to perfection. because marie callender knows that making the perfect dinner isn't easy as pie, but finding someone to enjoy it with sure is. marie callender's it's time to savor and know there's even more to savor with family size pot pies. good saturday to you. i'm richard lui. msnbc headquarters in new york city. 59 days before election day. we're counting. hillary clinton launching, perhaps, her most pointed attacks on donald trump and his supporters just last night. >> to be grossly generalistic, you can put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> donald trump was quick to respond to that calling clinton so insin


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