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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 12, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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clinton's health scare. this morning, clinton's campaign says she's at home feeling better after nearly collapsing yesterday. clinton later emerged unassisted waving and smiling but did cancel a trip to california. what her campaign is saying right now, we have some new information and i'll talk live with new york congresswoman carolyn maloney at clinton's side sunday morning. and donald trump now says he will reveal specifics about his own health this week after a one-page letter from his physician calling him the healthiest individual to run for the white house but still no word on those taxes. even after running mate mike pence released his taxes on friday. plus, solidarity on the sidelines. joining colin kaepernick's protest against racial inequality. some even raised their fists. how the movement is going nationwide. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. coming to you live from our
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msnbc headquarters in new york. we have new information to report to you this morning. hillary clinton's campaign is responding to the criticism about the late revelation yesterday that the democratic presidential nominee is suffering from pneumonia. in the past hour, clinton campaign communications director jennifer palmieri said, we could have done better yesterday but it is a fact that the public knows more about hrc than any nominee in history. while also this morning, donald trump is commenting publicly for the first time about what happened to hillary clinton. >> i hope she gets well soon. i don't know what's going on. like you, i just see what i see. the coughing fit was a week ago. so i assume that was pneumonia also. i mean, i would think it would have been. so something's going on but i just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail and we'll be seeing her at the debate. >> now, donald trump has been raising questions about secretary clinton's health for many months. some of his supporters even
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referring to "national enquirer" headlines that predicted her death in some months. after clinton abruptly left the 9/11 ceremony, donald trump was attending that, there were no details from her campaign about where she was going or what happened. until a short statement was announced that said, she was overheated and had to travel to her daughter's aapartmepartment miles away. she e lermerged saying she was feeling better and headed home to chappaqua. an hour and a half later, posted her leaving the 9/11 ceremony. she appears unsteady, stumbles and clearly requires support to enter into the van. four hours after the video appeared, the statement from her doctor said in part, secretary clinton has been experiencing a cough-related allergies on friday during a follow-up evaluation. she was diagnosed with pneumonia, put on antibiotics
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and advised to rest and modify her schedule. this morning's event, she became overheated and i just examined her, now rehydrated and recovering nicely. she had a rigorous schedule. friday alone, held a national security forum, a news conference and a fundraiser and another fundraiser saturday. kristen welker live now. her home in chappaqua. more statements and remarks from the campaign about what happened in the past 24 hours. what can you tell us, kristen? >> reporter: first of all, campaign spokesperson nick merrill saying secretary clinton does continue to feel better but she is resting today at the recommendation of her doctor and as you pointed out, tamron, she has cancelled those campaign events out west. we are also told she is going to appear at the san francisco fundraiser she had tonight via teleconference. in terms of yesterday, you mapped it out really well and
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the striking thing about the developments yesterday. the press was really left in the dark for much of the day. the campaign saying that the reason why they didn't let folks know about her pneumonia diagnosis is that they thought she could power through it. she wasn't coughing saturday but realized after what happened on sunday that that was a mistake. so the question is, what happens now? how do they move forward? they are on defense today in addition to the tweet you read, jennifer palmieri had a second tweet, tamron. it said, in contrast to hrc, trump has been less transparent than any nominee in modern history. that, of course, a reference to the fact he hasn't released his taxes and the fact he's only released a one-page medical report. now, of course, he said he's going to release the results of the physical he recently had and of course, still waiting to see if that does, in fact, happen. but secretary clinton resting here as her campaign tries to determine what, if any, events
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she'll have. >> going back to the events of yesterday. kristen, i believe i heard a line that said she left the press in the dust, i think that was the line that was repeated. in reality though, the press corps that follows hillary clinton, donald trump does not have a press corps following him around. but this distinction is made. i find it very intriguing this morning as if there's some difference in the way these campaigns have handled the press. in that regard. >> reporter: there have been some differences, absolutely. and secretary clinton right now does have a press pool that follows her around and donald trump doesn't yet have that and yesterday, they were updated. there were moments when they didn't know what was happening but there were updates that did occur throughout the day. it wasn't until 5:00 we learned about the pneumonia diagnosis so you're right about that, tamron. the clinton press corps has been more transparent in that regard
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and worth noting she's been holding the press conferences with reporters. a quick broader look, tamron, at secretary clinton's medical history and this is one of their arguments for why she's more transparent. we know back in 1998, a blood clot was found in her right leg and another one was found in 2008 and in 2012, fell under the weather and wound up passing out. it was determined she had a blood clot in her head. but her physician just released an update on her medical history saying, look, she is perfectly fit to serve as president and is in excellent health but this will shine a light on both campaigns and the level to which they're being transparent. >> absolutely. thank you very much, kristen and this morning, donald trump is promising to soon release results of a physical he says he took last week and scheduled to appear on the dr. oz show this thursday to discuss, quote, his
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own personal health regiment. >> this last week, i took a physical, and i'll be releasing when the numbers come in, hopefully, they're going to be good. i think they're going to be good. i feel great but when the numbers come in, i'll be releasing very, very specific numbers. the report should be finished this week. >> we'll hear from donald trump in a couple of hours when he addresses the national guard association annual conference in baltimore where nbc's kelly o'donnell joins us live. so putting this disclosure of his health aside, donald trump said he's going to release it. mike fepence on friday released his tax returns. how complicated is it now that mike pence put his papers in the game? >> reporter: they've been able to sort of run separate tracks with mike pence, sitting governor of indiana and also someone who had been in public for a long time. he has put out a decade's worth
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of tax returns that show a relatively typical kind of tax return for he and his wife, karen. that, of course, does highlight that donald trump has declined to do so saying that until an audit is completed, he will not even though the irs and legal experts saying he's completely free to do so if he wanted to. it's appeared donald trump is t doing that so it raises a question about his willingness to be transparent about financial circumstances beyond the required federal disclosure about income and holdings that's already taken place. so transparency has become a buzz word on the campaign trail now whether it's health or finances and differing views about how far these candidates need to go and adversaries watching more from each of the candidates. tamron? >> going back to this issue with hillary clinton having this health scare and the video of
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it, it does make her health a fair game and should be disclosed with as much information as possible to the american people. with donald trump saying this is not for the audience, just to keep rallying behind, where are your taxes, you have "the new york daily news" saying $150,000 in post 9/11 state funds because he helped people in need. saying it's unfounded and saying he took the money and records show he used it for funds like rent loss, clean-up and repair to properties that needed invested in, not to help people in need as he claimed and this is again why the tax information is relevant, not just to learn how much money he's made or not made but where he's donated money when he's claimed that he has. >> reporter: that is one of the questions that has been raised about what would donald trump want to keep under wraps if, in fact, there is something he would be trying to not have in the public discussion and often,
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charitable giving is something that draws scrutiny when public officials release their records to see relative to their income and their wealth how much do they give? that is one possible theory. he has talked about, as an owner of a building near 9/11's ground zero site there in new york, he's talked about that publicly. there's a dispute about how he was able to get that kind of a reimbursement as a business owner and transparency will be a pressure going forward. there's not a lot of time left. once he put out the health report as he indicated in part intended to prompt hillary clinton to provide more. we'll have to see if that happens. tamron? >> kelly o., thank you very much. and both presidents appeared at the 9/11 memorial in new york and behind hillary clinton was congresswoman carolyn maloney who tweeted out this photo and with me now in the studio. thank you so much for joining us. >> well, thank you for inviting me, tamron.
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>> tell me about what you saw physically in hillary clinton. >> i knew she would be there because as our senator, she had been so deeply involved in the recovery and in helping the families and the responders. and to tell you the truth, i thought she looked fine. i had no idea she was ill and i think it speaks volumes to her perseverance and determination. i'm sure her doctor told her to stop providing but with walking pneumonia, continued powering through, working, continued doing things she thought was importantly and i think it shows she's not one who likes to call in sick. she kept going and doctors told her to rest. i'm sure she'll have rest, chicken soup and pencilicillinp. she'll be fine. i thought she looked good. i thought she looked fine. >> donald trump plans to release more detailed information about his health. does hillary clinton need to release new information on hers?
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>> i think she'd be delighted to release any information. she has been incredibly transparent and her life since college has been one of devotion and working to help others on 9/11. she was deeply involved in getting health care and compensation for the 9/11 workers, helping the families, helping to rebuild. >> as you were -- >> and finally passed it this past year, but she has a record of helping people. just what you mentioned, shocking to me. he wasn't helping people. he was getting, if i heard you correctly, getting a grant to help himself. >> that's what "the daily news" reported. >> to help himself. before he tells you what he's going to do, ask him what he's done and when you look at what she's done, it's been an incredible record of service. >> she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. should her campaign have released that information? >> i think she did what she always does. continues working. >> was that the right thing to do? >> if they asked for it, i'm
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sure they would have released it. i don't release every time i'm sick. >> in fairness given no one would know to ask if she had pneumonia and told it was related to the coughing. i have this allergy related cough. it's going around. but she also had been diagnosed with pneumonia. should she have disclosed that information or her campaign have released a campaign saying she's great, going to push through, but she has pneumonia, she's on antibiotics as many. >> knowing her, she felt she was going to get better and continue working. she had a press conference, a security briefing and several other meetings. and she had walking pneumonia. >> i know you can't get in her head but do you believe there was a worry that donald trump and his supporters who said, you know, cited the "the national
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inquir inquirer" who said she would be dead in six months, saying she doesn't have the stamina and alluded to her not looking presidential and going home, taking naps because she doesn't have the stamina. did they not disclose this information for fear donald trump would be able to capitalize on it? >> i say on the contrary, it shows her stamina. and that she knew that the first responders and those deeply involved in recovering from 9/11 would be extremely disappointed if she wasn't there. it was one of her signature efforts when she was in the united states senate and i feel that she wanted very much to be there and was determined to be there. i think it shows her determination, her commitment, and her stamina. >> you know, we should applaud your commitment as well to the people of 9/11. the first responders. you worked hard in getting health care for the survivors and the first responders. >> i think she needs rest and
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chicken soup and we should all send her a get well card and thank her for a life of commitment and service. and again, i say to you and others, ask him what he's done before he tells you what he's going to do. from your report today, during 9/11, he was making money off of government grants while she was serving and helping people and putting people first. there's no comparison in their record of service and it also, i think, 9/11 showed her character and showed her understanding of domestic policy and how to enact it. it's not easy to bring people together and really fund and pass a major program as we did in recovery from 9/11. >> congresswoman, thank you. >> i hope she gets well soon and i'm sure the doctor is fighting with her. she's saying, i'm fine. i want to go back and i think it shows her strength. >> we'll see if the campaign releases more information and we look forward to hearing from the candidate. we've not heard from her since
8:16 am
she walked out of chelsea's apartment. >> thank you. hillary clinton's public medical report now more than a year old but so far, she has released more information than donald trump. until he releases the results of his recent physical, medical release, amounts to four paragraph letter that his personal physician declaring will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency. for a reminder, here's what donald trump's doctor told nbc news about writing that letter. >> i got five minutes to write it while waiting. i got it as fast as possible that they would be happy with. >> what are presidential candidates legally required? ari melber joins us. it's interesting the line regarding taxes and health. i think it's so striking. i don't recall talking about this much because everyone usually releases pretty detailed
8:17 am
information that these things are not required by law to run for president, to release these things in detail. >> that's exactly right. traditionally, it's powerful in this arena but we could put up on the screen what's required. requiring the disclosure such as is contributions people received in candidates and how they spend their money which is important, personal finances is difference than taxes and residents and citizenship. and what's not required, those medical records as well as taxes. something we usually see by tradition but is not legally required and donald trump has basically said, no way, no how is he going to release that. there's the law leaving a lot open and yet to most voters, whatever you think of some of the hyperbole, medical records are important. not currently legally required. >> thank you very much, ari, for
8:18 am
the breakdown there. i think people will be surprised of what's legally required and not especially now with this election. donald trump's campaign out with a new tv ad in battleground states seizing on hillary clinton's comments where she referred to half of trump supporters as a basket of deplorables. coming up, we play the new ad t from the trump campaign and hillary clinton's full comments at that fundraiser. essentially deadlocked in four battleground states and that includes two formally solid red states that our political team now says are definitely, definitely up for grabs. we'll be right back. here's to breaking more glass ceilings
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donald trump's main line of attack is a controversial statement hillary clinton made about his supporters. at a fundraiser friday night, blasted those for lifting up those who spew hate. >> you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. right? the racist, sexist, homophobic, c xenophobic. >> saying i was grossly generalistic and that's never a good idea. i regret saying half. that was wrong. this morning, trump fired back with a new ad. here it is. >> people like you, you, and you deplorable. you know what's deplorable? hillary clinton viciously demonizing hard working people like you. >> joining me now, former
8:23 am
communications strategist for jeb bush and now the public affairs a conservative consultation firm and ann guerin. thank you both for joining us. do you think that's an effective ad? >> didn't show the part of the ad i think is particularly ineffective where they include hillary talking about the racism and the sexism that is pervasive in the trump campaign. on the one hand, an extreme tin ear and gave a huge opening to talk about how she is, wants to be president for all americans but degrading hard working everyday americans she claims to fight for but on the other hand, what they're instead doing is putting up an ad where they're spending money to let her talk about the racism and the sexism in his campaign and that's basically a favor for her because the voters he needs, the college educated white suburban voters who maybe don't like
8:24 am
hillary clinton but just do not trust donald trump, he needs to convince them and one of their biggest concerns is that he played into the racism and sexism. i think it's a bad ad despite that hillary clinton's comment was not smart. >> tim makes a great point. in this ad, they pull up she said you're racist, homophobic, xenophobic, islam phobic. still believe that president obama is muslim and the other stats that have come out. people are hooked on the half part of her wording there which she said she regrets but the reality is that there is a conversation to be had about this alt right and some of those who expressed support behind the man who propelled his campaign by being the chief birther. >> right. i think it's still really tbd
8:25 am
whether this statement can be fully weaponized by donald trump and presumably by republicans on behalf of other republican candidates or not. because it in truth is a more nuanced argument than it appears. you can slice and dice the audio and sort of make it sound worse than it is in total and i assume that there will be efforts to do that but you could see in clinton's half apology some hours later what they want to try to do with it which is to say i shouldn't say half of them are ir redeemable and deplorable but there are some who have these hateful ideas and others who are supporting trump to whom i'd like to reach out and that's, that is how she and the democrats will try to do it. of course, it all got blown away a few hours later. >> absolutely, got blown away with the issue of her health.
8:26 am
i want to play what trump said on cnbc today about hillary clinton's health. let's play it. >> it was interesting because they say pneumonia on friday but she was coughing badly a week ago and even before that if you remember. this wasn't the first time. so it's interesting to see what's going on. i want her to get better. i want her to get out there. >> we see what we've come to know is trump's m.o. to say something like it's very interesting what's going on there. he used the same phrase about president obama and not wanting to fight isis. what's going on there? floating it out there. my question is, they both should release more information. hillary clinton has released more than donald trump to date but how did we accept his doctor's line of, donald trump is the healthiest person to ever run for the presidency, pair it with donald trump's doctor saying he wrote the letter with someone waiting in a limo never
8:27 am
indicating if he examined the candidate. how did that become acceptable? >> it isn't. and donald trump with a surprising restraint on this today. we'll see if that continues and what he puts out with the physical that he said he's going to put out later this week but then it goes to the point of he's going to talk to dr. oz about this which doesn't, i think, show a lot of confidence that he's taking this issue seriously. but as you said, the bigger issue is that trump has shown absolutely zero interest in transparency. hillary clinton is bad and trump is worse. not a ton of credibility here. >> how do we balance that? trump advisors decided to stay away from seizing on this sunday incident. this morning, while not full seize as we know donald trump to be capable of, he is now trickling out these lines of that something interesting there. so is he not already taking his
8:28 am
advice from advisors as you reported yesterday? >> well, i think we're still waiting to see how far trump will take it, but he's certainly been restrained for him for 36 hours now. he knew during the ceremony that she had left because of illness and didn't take to twitter, didn't, you know, send his people out there and in fact, the reverse, told people not to talk and our reporting from my colleague shows that what the trump campaign was hoping to do there was to come out with this ad forcefully about the deplorables comment and keep the emphasis on that. >> what a low bar. he's a child. 36 hours and -- >> isn't that amazing that we count that? we actually, anne, and you're a respected journalist but we count how long someone stays in line. >> how long can he keeps his
8:29 am
fingers off the twitter key board? you're right. that's where we are in this election. >> thank you very much. lucky to have you as a panel. see you soon. coming up, san francisco 49ers play tonight while colin kaepernick expected to, again, kneel during the national anthem. more join kaepernick's protests over the weekend by also kneeling. some raising their fists and others locking arms. up next, i'll talk live. we've been waiting for this. retired green beret and nate boyer who opened up about this, went viral. we'll find out what nate has to say and colin kaepernick and we'll see what nate thinks about it. (vo) stank face.
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individual players and two teams showed their solidarity in individual ways. take a look. late sunday, two new england patriots joined the protest. players devin mccourty and martellus raising their hands. after the kansas city chiefs stood arm in arm in a show of solidarity. one standing out, marcus peters raising his right fist during the national anthem. players showing support for colin kaepernick, the san francisco quarterback who refused to stand during the anthem to protest what he called police brutality and racial inequality in america. spoke about the growing movement around the league. >> listen, i support our players speaking out on issues that they think need to be changed in our society. we don't live in the perfect society, matt. >> the speaking out, however,
8:34 am
still largely silent at the start of their game in seattle, several members of the miami dolphins took a knee while holding hands over their hearts during the "star spangled banner." it was the rival team widely expected to protest, instead, every player stood together arm in arm in unity throughout the national anthem. coach pete carroll clearly proud of his players. >> they have a conscience about what they're doing and they want to do the right thing. >> there's been some financial fallout for players who protest. the linebacker ma brbrandon mar losing a key endorsement after the opening night game. the nfl protest having a trickledown effect. a group of high school players knelt during a rendition of the national anthem this weekend too. let me bring in nate boyer, the former seahawks player who wrote an open letter to colin kaepernick after he started his
8:35 am
protest. we've been excited to talk to you about this. >> thank you. >> a bit of the letter, even though my initial reaction was of anger, i try to listen to what you're doing. have you been able to understand more of what is happening here? >> yeah. and you know, it wasn't so much i didn't understand. it was just that reaction to what i saw, what i initially judged as a hatred for america and a lot of people still feel that way, but i understood after calming myself down and just listenin that that's not what this is about for colin and so many others, all these guys, it's about making america better. and over this weekend, the various, you know, protests or demonstrations or whatever you want to call them, i was moved, especially with what the
8:36 am
seahawks did. showing that unity. i was proud to be a part of that team for a short time and the fact that they were standing side by side, shoulder to shoulder, black, white, coaches, players, a bunch of the fans involved honoring the service members on the field but also saying, hey, like, there's things that need to change here. we want to be a part of that change and that progress moving forward. >> you had a chance to speak with colin kaepernick, right? >> he reached out to me last week and i live up here in los angeles. he sent a car for me to meet down in san diego. he was moved by it and he wanted to listen as well. which was really big of him. >> valuable. as you pointed out. i want to get your reaction because that's, obviously, everything becomes political and let me play what donald trump said today about the football players protesting. >> i think it's a lack of respect for our country. i think it's a lack of appreciation for our country.
8:37 am
and it's a very sad thing. i've never seen anything quite like it, actually. i really think they should try another country, see if they like it better. see if they'll make $20 million a year for being the second string quarterback. >> what's your thoughts on that comment? >> we're so divided as a nation and it hurts me to see anytime i speak out about anything, i mean, i am risking something here too by listening. anytime i speak out, i'm getting backlash from both sides, the extremes of both sides and it's frustrating because all i'm trying to do is bring us together and unite us, especially on a day like today. 15 years ago, the 12th of the september, we were more united maybe than we've ever been and been divided since then. i hope more than anything those guys that are taking a stand or a knee, whatever you want to call it, are committed to this and take action-like colin is doing. i respect the heck out of that. and i honor his right to do what
8:38 am
he's doing because that's a right i fought for and all of our service members fought for whether they agree with it or not. more than anything, i just want us to get better as a country and come together, you know, i love america more than anything. >> i think it speaks volumes that you and colin were able to meet and have the conversation. you love america. my father fought in the army for 30 years. >> thank you for his service. >> we love america but part of loving america includes the diversity of voice and the acknowledgment that demonstration is a part of our right to bring attention to it even on 9/11. how could they do this on 9/11 and we were watching groups of men clashing together over nachos and selfies. if we want it to be that holy of a day, we need to pause around the board. hopefully that's where the conversation is where you are, which is something in the middle
8:39 am
that you can love this country and also love police but be concerned about police brutality and inequality in some of our harshest communities that are being treated as if they are un-american for speaking out. >> absolutely. absolutely. like you said, there are so many good police officers that do it the right way every day. >> and there are good people in the hood who live there every day too. >> exactly, exactly. and i know it hurts those people when, you know, the few bad apples give them a bad rep for both sides. it's just frustrating people like to general lieize. >> you've gotten to know colin and i can't wait to see what comes out of this new dialogue. congratulations on reaching out to him and thank you for your service. >> thank you very much. thank your father for his. donald trump used his charity to give away other peoples money and would say it's his money. he was claiming a credit for it.
8:40 am
is that true? up next, a reporter behind this investigative piece. to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. te 'em cric sent you.
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socks and shoes. ok, ricky... "the washington post" reports that donald trump is using his charity to spend other people's money. david faronhall working exhaustively on these details. let's get to some of it. it involves even money that donald trump received after 9/11. >> well, what i looked at actually separate from the 9/11, that was money given to donald trump's businesses as part of a recovery after 9/11. what i looked at is the donald j. trump foundation, a charity unlike any other one around. there's no family foundation, never seen anything like this. which is it keeps trump's name but not trump's money. the design, he set up on purpose
8:44 am
to give other people's money under the impression it was his money. >> the foundation started in 2001. donald trump stopped donating to his foundation after 2008. so for seven years, he actually donated his own money? >> he started it in 1987. he wrote "the art of the deal." the opening was, i'm so rich, i don't need more money. i will give the money away. that lasted for a while. in some cases, he gave $500 for the foundation every year but he did give his own money and was the main donor until 2006 and then something changed about a decade ago in which the foundation goes almost down to zero. and owed people, a little in '07 and '08 and nothing since then. hasn't given any money since 2008. >> and there have been some strange purchasings from this foundation including two gifts
8:45 am
for donald trump. >> that's right. so one of the rules of the irs for private foundations is you can't use the charity money for yourself. if you're the manager of the foundation. so two cases, one in 2012, trump bought at a charity auction, autographed tim tebow helmet. it was the height of the popularity and paid with the foundation's money and in 2007, trump had gone to a charity where somebody auctioned off a painting off donald trump. melania trump was the bidder and bought it for $20,000 and the trump foundation paid for that. sop goes you're not allowed to buy something with the charity's money. >> thank you for your reporting. i have this cough as well. thank you for your time as well. great report. thanks, david. we'll be right back. just by looking in my eyes. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. i used artificial tears from the moment i woke up...
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down, mark murray. when i talked to you on friday, i said, what would be the headline on sunday? who knew it would be a story regarding hillary clinton's health and transparency on both sides but we have some poll numbers out you want to discuss as well. >> absolutely, tamron. four brand new polls that show so very close contests in both red and blue states. let me break down some of the red states. in arizona, we have donald trump only up by 1 point in a state that since i've been covering politics is always reliably in the red column here and then also in another red battleground, tamron, in georgia, you have donald trump up just 3 points. so you can almost get a sense of whether it's a lean or a toss-up but these races are pretty close but then in some of the blue states, those are ones that barack obama won in 2008 and 2012. in nevada, hillary clinton only up by 1 point among likely voters. 5 points among registered voters and then when you get to new hampshire, again, we have hillary clinton up by just 1
8:50 am
point. other polls out of the granite state showed her with a bigger lead but bottom line is four very tight deadlocked races, battle grounds we watch over the next 57 this debate has so much stake. we'll see what happens. thank you very much. today, donald trump speaks to the national guard association in baltimore. malcolm nance has the impact of national security on this 2016 race next. man, our microchips are getting so small and fast... they're taking on far bigger roles. completely transforming the world we live in. enabling entirely new kinds of chnologies. and helping keep this country safe, all thanks to our full breadth of capabilities. because to us, a microchip's impact should be anything but micro. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman ♪
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what unfortunately donald trump has done is made our job harder and given a lot of aid and comfort to isis operatives, even isis officials who want to create this as some kind of clash of civilization, a religious war. it's not. we can't let i become that. >> that's hillary clinton this weekend. i'm joined now by terrorism analyst malcolm nance. donald trump is speaking before
8:54 am
the national guard association in baltimore within the hour. do you believe enough attention has been given to this conversation of isis? we have this fragile cease-fire now. are both candidates doing enough here? >> well, certainly, i don't think donald trump is doing enough. i'm not just saying that just to say it. it's just right now you turn on the tv this morning, the day of 9/11 and we are talking about someone with pneumonia. franklin delano roosevelt fought all of world war ii crippled with polio in a wheelchair. there are other people who had health issues. the single most important security issue we have aside from the control of atomic weapons is the battle against the islamic state. that needs to be brought to the forefront. you can't say you have secret plans. you can't say you will get somebody to do it in 30 days. you have to take a serious policy position on that. it can't be done by anybody else. donald trump has yet to
8:55 am
enunciate his plans or how he would defeat isis. >> a lot of us were struck by a headline that says 2016 terror threat worse than 2011 from the 9/11 commission chairman. >> in some ways he's correct. you have to understand when president obama made the statement that isis was the jv team the gold standard was hijacking four airliners with a 19-man commando force living in the united states for over a year and taking them and using them as cruise missiles against the highest, you know, profile soft targets. that's the gold standard. anything below that individual lone wolf terrorists, we are seeing a small proliferation of that and most are americans carrying out these acts of terrorism. we have to go after the ideological warfare spectrum. going after what isis believes so people will understand it is a corruption of a general mainstream religion. >> we have debates coming up and
8:56 am
perhaps will hear more on the modern threat versus living in the past of what the threat once was to our safety. >> sure. if i could just say, you know, our children -- my son is in the mid 20s. our children have to fight any wars that come out of this. you can't just say we are going to the middle east to take somebody's oil. you have to go on land. i have been there. i fought in just about every war since 1982. you have to kill people. that's what war is. you can't say it blithely. >> hopefully more specifics and more challenging questions during the first debate just around the corner. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> we'll be right back. >> it's time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. some sales men focus their energy on selling their products but this new york based political button maker says building long-term relationships is the key. his customers prove it with their orders year after year asking for more. for more watch your business
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some relationships you stick with. over time, they get even better. that's why more people stick with humana medicare advantage. we work together with you to find the best plan, however your needs might change. because great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. humana medicare advantage. the plan peoplstick with. thank you for watching this hour of msnbc live. i will be back here tomorrow. right now msnbc's andrea mitchell with "andrea mitchell reports" and you have brian fallon. >> and all the information about what happened to hillary clinton. thank you very much, tamron. good to see you. and off the trail, off message.
9:00 am
hillary clinton cancelling a west coast trip after abruptly leaving the 9/11 ceremonies yesterday. this iphone video showing the democratic nominee unsteady and requiring support before she went to chelsea's nearby apartment and recovered. >> it's a beautiful day in new york. >> are you feeling better? >> yes, thank you very much. thanks, everybody. >> campaign fallout. donald trump promising to produce his health record this is week while taking a low key approach to clinton's troubles. >> very, very badly a week ago. even before that if you remember. this wasn't the first time. it's very interesting to see what's going on. >> why all the secrecy from both campaigns? and why this matters. coming up, clinton campaign spokesman brian


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