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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 12, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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that's going to do it for me. we will see you here tomorrow afternoon. up next is my colleague. >> thanks for that. good afternoon and live here in new york, we are 57 days away now until election day. topping the agenda right now, donald trump trying to turn the tables on hillary clinton after comments about some of his supporters. >> hillary clinton expressed towards millions of decent americans disqualifies her from public service. >> in full attack mode on the basket of deplorables comments. just as notably, they had little to say about hillary clinton's health. just ahead on what their thinking is strategically.
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also on the agenda, we were wrong. they could have told the press and the public more about her health care at ground zero. >> she did not lose consciousness. she stumbled getting into the van and she was calling aides and we got her to a doctor as quickly as we could. would we have known going not for a cell phone video? the issue of transparency. we will take a close look at that. another shut down, funding for the government is running out. leaders are on the way to the white house this hour trying to hammer out a deal to keep the government running with president obama. we are keeping an eye out for their arrival and bring it to you when it happens. all that was and much more from the campaign trail and the world of politics and news ahead. we begin with our top story.
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donald trump and his campaign playing up comments from a fund-raiser on friday night where she called half of his supporters a basket of deplorables. >> you can put half into the basket of deplorables. >> islam phobic. you name it. >> that was friday night at a fund-raiser. she said she was being grossly generalistic. that was a term she used and said she was wrong to use the word half in describing what she considers the deplorable group of trump supporters. the campaign seeing this as a major political opening. they highlighted the remarks and spending much of the rally on clinton's comments. >> we have the support of cops
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and soldiers, carpenters and welders and millions of working class families who just want a better future. and a good job. as hillary clinton lives behind gates and walls and guards, she mocks and demeans hardworking americans who only want their own families to enjoy a fraction of the security enjoyed by our politicians. >> nbc is in asheville, north carolina. trump will be along later this evening for a rally. they see an opportunity in the basket of deplorables comment and the other headline is the trump campaign with very little to say about the issue of hillary clinton's health after stoking all sorts of chatter about that in the past few weeks.
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>> right. that's why i'm curious to see what he is going to say at his rolly tonight. when there is talk about trump getting on message and meeting off the crowds, to seat the scene for you, we are outside the center in asheville, you can see protesters and people getting ready to head inside and the rally beginning in under two hours from now. the calculation on the basket of deplorables. let's talk about that first. this is clearly a place where the campaign believes they can do damage to hillary clinton viewing it as damaging to her as it was when mitt romney made that 47% comment. he talked about that today. listen. >> when i saw this and saw the anger with which she said it, the way she spoke, i think it's the single biggest mistake of the political season. they compare this to 47% on one
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of the shows. it's actually much worse. you did a poll and it tame out against 80%. much worse. it's pretty catastrophic. >> what was remarkable is how hard we heard trump go after clinton at the speech earlier today in baltimore. not a rally, but he seemed to be able to drop in a number of attack lines. i bet we would see that again. as he goes after her on this comment, remember the conversation about race and racism may be risky for trump. he has not so far gone after her on this health scare and the question of what happened after the ceremony. yesterday the diagnosis and his campaign questioned a lack of transparency. we will see if tonight donald trump changes that or lays off the attacks and one more note, trump's campaign is going after
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clinton for this. remember that trump although he is not promising to release fuller more detailed medical records has not so far and has not released the tax returns either. >> down there in ashville, much more in just a minute. we want to bring you up to date as well on the latest poll numbers on where the race stands. brand-new poll here, abc news, "the washington post." let's take this closely here. let's look at what's going on. this is a poll nationally of likely voters. hillary clinton leading donald trump by five points. this new "washington post" poll. 46 for clinton and 41 for donald trump. this is likely voters. i say that because they also took a broader sample of all registered voters and not trying to figure out who is likely and who is not likely to vote. you see a difference there. hillary was leading by five with likely voters with a ten-point
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lead with registered voters. keep that in mind as we show you the battle ground numbers on nbc news polls. this is likely voters we are looking at here. donald trump ahead by a point. they haven't gone for a democrat since 1996. he is leading by a point in our new maris poll. we will show you georgia. donald trump unexpectedly playing defense and he is leading by three points in this poll. again, it's 24 years since georgia went for a democrat in a presidential race. we can show you two others. hillary leads boy a point. this was an obama state in 2012. donald trump has been doing better than mitt romney did, but still trailing by a point. a bit of a surprise as well. new hampshire is a state where a lot of polls had shown hillary pulling ahead sometimes by double-digits. look at this.
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the new poll with the lead down to a single point over donald trump in new hampshire. they last voted for a republican in 2000. george w. bush barely winning over al gore in that election. why did i put that on likely voters versus registered voters. it's because of this. we are starting to see this in the polls now. when you look at enthusiasm and how likely they are to turn out, you are seeing a gap here. they asked people, are you very enthusiastic about voting for donald trump, 48% said yes. are you very enthusiastic about hillary? only 36%. when you are looking at who the likely voters are, this might be factoring into this and one other question, are you certain that when election day comes, you will get out there and vote. 93% of trump voters said yes, certain. 80% of hillary clinton voters.
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a bit of a gap there. when you see this registered voter poll that shows hillary clinton up by 10, you you see a likely voter poll cuts into these likely voter polls that show donald trump may be improving and moving up a little bit. keep those numbers i showed you in mind. right now it looks like a gap in terms of the enthusiasm of the supporters for the candidates. at least that's what that poll there suggests is. you will see many more polls like that in the days ahead. that's a key question. who will get out there and vote. back to the issue of hillary clinton's health and the incident at ground zero. spending the day today at home after the health scare yesterday. the clinton campaign also saying they could have shown more transparency, but there are still many questions about clinton's health and the campaign's lack of disclosure. casey hunt is in new york and
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joins us now. yesterday all of that activity in the morning, the early afternoon, the last public sawhillry clinton was that she left her daughter's apartment and was driven up to her 40e78. we have not seen or heard from her in public. take us through what is going on. >> that's right, steve. the campaign is as you say, now out there saying maybe we made a mistake when we didn't tell people what was going on in the aftermath of reports she depart departed, leaving her reporters who cover her every day behind to get into her motorcade and go as we know to chelsea's home. you are right, that is the last time we saw her. she said thanks, yes, i'm feeling better and we haven't seen anything since. her aides have been out talking about this. one of the real questions here,
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the lack of information in the immediate aftermath may be because her staff didn't know her health situation. her campaign manager refused to answer that question in an interview with kate snow. >> did you know on friday that she was ill? did you know she had the diagnosis of pneumonia and what did you advise? >> she obviously saw the doctor on friday and got the diagnosis of pneumonia and in consultation, she decided to power through that. >> did you know about it? >> i'm not going to get into details about who knew her medical information. >> this of course with staffers that are public for dealing with the press and makes clear this was a close hold within her inner circle. the question now, what happens next. the clinton campaign is saying they will put out additional
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medical records and they won't contain bombshell surprises or incidents that the public doesn't already know about. she released more information about her health than donald trump has. some of that is because we know her as a public official. some of the major health incidents she had in the past took place when she was secretary of state. she fell and banged her elbow and needed surgery because she fractured it and had the concussion when she fainted after having caught a stomach virus and then a blood clot associated with that. we don't know if donald trump had similar instances because he hasn't been a public official and only put out the one letter. he said he will put out more and she said we will see more of that as well. clearly this story has more unfolding to do. >> casey hunt in new york where hillary clinton is today taking a day off from the campaign
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trail. this health incident yesterday does put the issue of health into the presidential campaign. she is not the first candidate to have a sort of health incident in a campaign, but when a candidate is older, the concerns tend to be heightened when something happens. we will show you examples from the nopt so distant past. in 1984, ronald reagan was 73 years old when he ran for reelection. the oldest ever nominated by a major party. there were concerns about his mental fitness for office. there was talk and chatter about that. in the first debate in 1984, he appeared very unsteady and shakey and unsure of himself. the issue of health exploded as a result of that. he put it to rest two weeks later in the second debate with a very famous line. we can show you that. >> president kennedy had to go for days on end with very little sleep in the cuba missile
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crisis. is there any doubt in your mind you would be able to function in such circumstances? >> not at all and i want you to know that i also will not make age an issue of this campaign. i will not exploit for political purposes my opponent's youth and inexperience. >> his opponent was walter mondale and said it was the only time he thought he had a chance to beat ronald reagan when he got that line off. he knew it was over. another health incident was in 1992. george bush senior was the incumbent and he was over in japan meeting with the prime minister. george h.w. bush was nauseous and vomited into the lap of the and fainted and caused quite a bit of concern about the president's health. he did try to put the concerns to rest over the coming weeks and months and had lots of
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displays of physical activity. she was an avid tennis player. george h.w. bush did not win in 1992, but health is not the reason he lost. there was concern of other issues that took over in the campaign. by the way, george h.w. bush was 68, the same age that hillary clinton is now. let's bring in susan paige, the washington bureau chief. yesterday's story was the initial reports, but it's when that cell phone video came out and people could see hillary clinton being helped into that van. when you have that visual compone component, that changes the story and the way people think about it. do you think there is significance to this incident going past this week? >> i think it depends on what happens next. the candidates can get past controversies that they are over misstatements by showing that they are healthy as george h.w.
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bush did after that incident in japan. as ronald reagan did when he performed in the next debate. it will be incumbent upon her to show that she has stamina and vigor. the 90-minute debates, that will be a good test for both on whether they have the stamina and the knowledge they need as president. i think it does keep the conversation in the public eye. both because of questions about her health and also questions about the transparency of her campaign in letting people know what was going on. >> look, obviously we said and we had our reporters put it out, if there is more health information out there right now, donald trump is trying to stoke the issue of her health, but besides that doctor's letter, it has been widely mocked by people, we had nothing on donald trump's health, there are promises that will change. he saw a doctor last week at the
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results he is promising will be out this week. does this add any additional pressure on him to couple up with more information. >> we know more about that than hillary clinton and they have been in the public eye for a long time and we know a lot about her episodes where she needed medical care in the past. it is incumbent upon donald trump to be more forth coming. he said he is going to be. we will see if that's true. >> the issue of hillary clinton in the comments on friday night seems like a long time ago and friday night at the fund-raiser, they talked about donald trump supporters, half of them belong in a basket of deplorables and trump is trying to turn that around on hillary clinton. can he get traction on that? >> one of the most damaging issues is that he is intolerant of other people like muslims and
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mexicans and immigrants and women. the fact that he can turn this on her and say she is intolerant seems to me like politically speaking a good issue for him and something she needs to address. when she tried to walk this back, she didn't walk away on the deplorables. she walked on the characterization that half of the supporters fell into that basket. that's really a remarkable thing to say for someone who is seeking to lead the entire nation. >> that is something i will give you a tease at home. they will look closer at the numbers behind the accusation with the trump supporters. they will look closer at that later in the show. that is coming up. thank you as always for the time. still to come, transparency and the presidential campaign. what happened during the eight hours between when clinton was helped into the suv at ground and when they revealed her
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pneumonia diagnosis. here's a hint of what we can expect more expectation about trump's medical history. >> he is coming on the show and i know that fitness is a big issue for the candidates because it came up in such a charmed topic. it makes sense to have a conversation. i'm not trying to pry or probe. >> i was just teasing. clinton's basket of deplorables comment. we will have numbers that will put that in perspective. that is the most important number of the day. youmsnbc, a place for politics. [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter ich passat you choose, you get more standard features, no matter ich passat you choose, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017pass
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>> donald trump had not said that much about her health care, but he didn't say nothing. he is talking about her diagnosis of pneumonia. no question they kept details close to the vest this weekend. we will show you now exactly how close. this is what happened yesterday on sunday. this was the 15th anniversary of 9/11. it was about 8:20 in the morning arriving over an hour later at 9:23 and she left. there were all sorts of rumors and chatter. the reporters who cover hillary
1:24 pm
clinton were told to stay in place. they didn't know where she had gone and what happened. there was all sorts of confusion. about an hour and a half later after 11:00 a.m., they did come out with a statement. you can see it here. they noted and said she overheated during the ceremony. she felt overheat and departed to go to her daughter's apartment. she lives here in new york city. hillary is feeling much better. a statement that sounded like it was designed to put the matter to rest. about a half hour after that, this is the video you have seen a lot taken on a cell phone camera and not by a member of the press or a reporter who was following her. this was a citizen who happened to be there as she was being escorted into this van. this is a video that has been seen around the world and a video that raised all sorts of questions that were not addressed in that initial clinton campaign statement.
1:25 pm
that hit the internet at about 11:30 a.m. and took a while for people to notice to get viral attention. hillary did leave chelsea's apartment before going-over. a little girl came over and she hugged her and left and made it back. it wasn't until eight hours after all of this happened after 5:00 in the afternoon that the clinton campaign finally did put out a more clarifying statement from her doctor saying that clinton had been diagnosed on friday with pneumonia. that explained what happened. that was when they finally learned it was after 5:00 yesterday. more than hours after they
1:26 pm
abruptly left the 9/11 event and puts into more perspective that happened a week ago. there was this coughing fit that she had that got press attention and her campaign was very critical of any attention this received. any reporter who said does does this raise questions about whether she is having healing issues. what we have since learned puts more angles on that. more perspective there. the question of whether that coughing fit indicated something more serious was going on was raised with her campaign. >> i think both was true. she gets allergies this time of year. she had some of these moments on the trail where she had coughing happen, it has been attributable to allergies. those allergies flair up and she is taking medication for that. it turned out to be the case
1:27 pm
that she came down with pneumonia on friday. >> that may be true, could the campaign have avoided this by being more transparent in the first place? back on friday when the diagnosis of pneumonia was made. former chair ed rendell and the rnc, both are contributors. ed, let me start with you. hillary got diagnosed on friday and should the campaign have said she has pneumonia? >> sure. anyone who campaigned for two years as i did in 2002, i started in january of 2001, you are going to get sick. you get the flu, you get a virus and a lot of people do get walking pneumonia. it's something you can work through and many people have. they should have come out and talked about it, but again, when you are talking about health records and i think you were
1:28 pm
clear to say this, the clinton campaign released far more comprehensive health records than donald trump's campaign. the letter from the doctor that was interviewed is a joke. he said they were waiting for him in the car and he signed anything they told him to write. they released no health records. both candidates should release all of their records. >> on that subject, i want to show the exchange that played out on twitter earlier today. david axelrod that ran the obama campaign against hillary and said antibiotics can take care of pneumonia, what's the cure for an unhealthy pench ant for privacy and repeatedly creates problems? and axed rod said transparency works both ways. where are donald trump's tax
1:29 pm
returns, health records and secret plans? this is a tough issue for donald trump to push because on the one hand, there were questions raised yesterday about hillary clinton, but on the other hand we don't know anything about donald trump. >> this is true. the question then plays out whether or not this is this hankering for his health records and tax returns and all this among the people. while there is some in the media that have been taking the questions and making that a priority, they haven't had the same feel for it. it's the idea of they is createy and how people perceive that relevant to her. i agree that both of them should put everything on the table. they have a right to know the latest state of your health and the latest state of your finances. how the public is perceiving this is different from the two
1:30 pm
candidates and that is remarkable. >> some people said this is part of a pattern with hillary and a pattern with bill as well. if there is an inconvenient piece of information that the instinct is not to make it public. it's to suppress it and when it does come to light, it looks worse than it actually is. is that a fair pattern for people to point out? >> i think to some degree, but i think what's a pattern? we have three things donald trump's refusal to release tax records and this is more than you might think. donald trump's refusal to release his records and to release his secret plan to get rid of isis that turns out your secret plan is you ask him to
1:31 pm
come up with a plan? it's the same problem if not worse because there are more important and relevant things. i think if we were teaching a course of people who want to running for office, you minimize the damage. >> one of the counters is from a political standpoint and making suggestion says about clinton's health. she gets diagnosed and there has to be an instinct that said look, if she can soldier through this and nobody is the wiser, that will spare us from the political grief of having him say see, there is something to this. >> how they look at this, hillary clinton wanted to set this off to the side with her
1:32 pm
health. donald trump with the taxes. here's a reality for both of them. when and if you become president, you will have to release the records. do you want them to explode all over your presidency or do you want to explain early as opposed to on the back end? >> thank you for the time. >> with leaders of congress, they are trying to avoid a potential government shut down at the end of this month. we are expecting an update as soon as that meeting ends and a u.s. russia ceasefire now in effect after a deadly weekend in syria. will it last? details on that four-hour old agreement, just ahead. en, when r friends about your job, maybe let's play up the digital part. but it's a manacturing job. yeah, well ge is doing a lot of cool things digally to help machines communicate,
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>> if she doesn't retract the comments, he doesn't see how she can credibly campaign any further. she is resting and recovering at home after falling ill after a 9/11 ceremony in new york. the campaign spokesman said they will release additional information later this week and it will show she has no other undisclosed conditions. in florida, investigators relying a video showing a suspect in a fire that officials believe was deliberately set early this morning at the mosque where the gunman in that june nightclub massacre once worshipped. no one was inside when the fire broke out after midnight. a ceasefire negotiated by the united states and russia in
1:37 pm
effect in syria. this following a bleed weekend between government and rebel forces. john kerry said the deal will prevent them from flying combat where the opposition is present. meanwhile, happening right now at the white house, president obama sitting down with leaders from both parties trying to come to an agreement to keep it running. funding is going to expire at the end of this month, just what this presidential campaign that is featuring everything needs. that could be on the horizon. hans nichols is the latest. we know that happens all the time and any chance this meeting will produce something?
1:38 pm
>> officials are expecting this to be a status check. republicans are saying this is mostly about optics. democrats said that the president wants to stress the urgency of funding the government and that's why he is summoning the leaders to the white house. that started at about 4:18. for there to be a vehicle for a short-term funding bill that would fund the government and keep the lights on essentially through december 9th. the important thing about that, that would allow them to pass that bill this week and get out of town. wait for the house to react. you look at the make up of the senate and the races out there. 34 races and republicans are defending 24 of them. most of the competitive races are on republican territory. they had every indication and emphasis to get out of town quickly and go ahead and hit the road and defend the territory
1:39 pm
and that could be what the action was about. one other quick note, the last time speaker ryan was at the white house way back in the winter, mitch mcconnell may remember in march 1. so look, they get a bill done and they have a short-term deal and we have a lot to work out and we will have a bigger fight in december in the lame duck session. steve? >> thank you for that. appreciate it. after the break, it's our most important number of the day. clinton going in for trump supporters saying they belong in a basket of deplorables. the numbers behind her claim and there is an interesting twist with it as well. we will show you this. with the right steps,
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millions of americans deplorable. >> you can put half of trump supporters into the basket of deplorables. the racist, sexist, islam phobic. you name it. >> people like you, you, and you deplorable. >> donald trump going hard after hillary's comments about the basket of deplorables. that's a new television ad that the trump campaign is at when they see this as a winner for them, trying to turn that comment against hillary clinton. it brings us to our most important number of the day. we thought we would take a look at the claim and hillary clinton's most important number is 50. 50%. half of trump supporters belong in a basket of deplorables. she said that was a gross generalization that she regrets putting that number on it, but she feels that are a lot of donald trump supporters who belong in that basket.
1:44 pm
what numbers are out there that look not so much at the candidates and at the supporters of the candidates. they looked at the racial attitudes of the supporters of presidential candidates. you look at donald trump, this poll was a reuters poll from a couple of months ago and found that basically a third, 32% of trump supporters view blacks as less intelligent than whites. that was in this survey. a couple others. blacks as more lazy than whites. 40% saying that. blacks as more rude than whites, 44% of trump supporters. 49% of trump supporters saying blacks are more violent than whites. how about this? 46% saying blacks are more criminal than whites. this is attitudes that this poll found among supporters. this was taken this spring
1:45 pm
during the primary campaign. it's the most definitive look that is out there. this gets to a lot of what hillary was saying there. in some ways maybe it backs up what she is saying, however as i said, this poll looked at the attitudes of the supporters of all candidates. take a look at this. on the question of blacks as less intelligent than whites, 32% of supporters said that. 22% of hillary clinton supporters said that. that's more than one out of every five. that number is not insignificant. you see it on this question. blacks as more lazy than whites. a quarter said that. blacks as more rude than whites. 30%. these numbers are lower than the numbers, but they are not insignificant. blacks as more violent. 31%. blacks as more criminal than whites, 32%.
1:46 pm
again, the attitudes are more prevalent and certainly you could lock at trump's rhetoric and the things he said in this campaign and donald trump has stoked this and tried to plant the seeds in a way clinton hasn't. if you are talking about the supporters and you look at these measures of racial attitudes, these attitudes are more prevalent with trump supporters, but they are widespread. these are not insignificant. it's a bigger question to think about when we talk about ashl attitudes in this country. you are going to find it in both camps. that's the most important number of the day. 50. clinton said half. what was what she said friday night. trump avoided mention of clinton's health. it is an event in baltimore opting to attack that comment. will we see him attack a similar strategy tonight in north carolina?
1:47 pm
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i will tell you this. i have been on the campaign since july 22. she has been on the campaign trail much longer. her energy level staggers me. >> tapping her strength after the health scare yesterday. questions about transparency swirling today and with me now to talk more, national political
1:51 pm
reporter and betsy is the politics reporter at the daily beast. let me start with you. from the standpoint, we had ed rendell. if it's part of a pattern, we have seen with hillary clinton and something that rears its head and goes back to the clinton white house years where the instinct there at the beginning is if there is a piece of inconvenient information or complicated information, let's not put it out there and take our chances. the flip side is if it does come out, it being looks worse than it is. >> exactly. this is a case where it's not necessarily the illness, but the transparency issue. this is a candidate who is facing trustworthiness and honesty. they do not have press pools and both have not been transparent. >> that are has been around a
1:52 pm
lot. >> why it matters is you have a small group of reporters following this at every move. in this case the press was not aware for i think it was an hour and a half of where clinton was and what was going on. that's important because these are people who follow her every day and this is a way of disclosure and that sort of thing. to your point of not getting this out in the open earlier. they created sympathy for the idea that she was out campaigning while she was sick, pushing through and grinding through as her supporters have been talking about. the fact that she let this go for this long without saying what the condition was, that feets into the problems she had. >> the question that came to me, i saw that initial statement about 11:00 a.m., around that time with the video, the cell
1:53 pm
phone video started to go viral. >> it would have dragged on longer and it could have been worse for her. they told a number of outlets including fox news and nbc and us that they saw her appear to faint. law enforcement used colorful metaphors that describe the process by which her team helped her get into the van that she was not capable of getting herself into the van herself. the fact that there was a video meant that the campaign was forced to come completely clean about her situation. crowds can be muggy and it's not pleasant to be there in the summer, clinton was the candidate who had the leave in the middle of an important
1:54 pm
ceremony. the fact that they were not able to drag this out and bury the story might have been not a problem. this happens yesterday and he doesn't want to talk about it. >> it has been remarkable how disciplined he has been on the issue. he is choosing to focus on the deplorables comment. they are welcoming that conversation and the ability to show that there are people attracted to trump's campaign who have those views. he has transparency issues on his own on taxes and health
1:55 pm
record. we will see him give policy-oriented speeches and more scripted in the day and at night he embraces a different tone. i think that will be telling and it shows that they hope that this issue speaks for itself. i'm curious what you make of it. she said she didn't intend for people to say that. where do you come down on that? >> this is not a 47% moment. she knew it was to a large group of people and it would get public and get attention. one of the downsides of having a campaign that is not transparent is it cuts both ways and you don't understand how you are being perceived which was the
1:56 pm
case for her. >> hello, steve. we had markets closing higher after the massive sell off on monday. the dow up 240 points. gaining 31 and the nasdaq adding six points. that's it from cnbc. first in business worldwide. ou . ou . ...of whatever flavors are calling your name. seriously. like new garlic sriracha-grilled shrimp. it's a little spice... ...a little sizzle... ...and a lot just right. and try new parmesan peppercorn shrimp. helloooo crispy goodness. and the classic... ...handcrafted shrimp scampi... can't get enough of? still gonna floor you. it may be called endless... ...but that doesn't mean it'll last. marcopolo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo"
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♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month. we told you donald trump would be speaking in asheville, north carolina. we want to show you what's going on outside where he is speaking. protests are large and taking shape there. lots of trump supporters as well. the groups are converging and
2:00 pm
quite a bit of demonstrating going on. about an hour now, expected to be speaking in asheville and giving you a taste of what's going on outside that venue. that's going to do it for this hour. mtp daily starts right now. >> if it's monday, they are vowing to open up more medical records. tonight the pulse of the political discourse focuses on the health of the candidates. >> there is no other undisclosed condition that ammonia is the extent of it. >> a page from the oppositions playbook. can they get anything done before the year is out? this is mtvdaley and itrts sta right now.


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