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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  September 12, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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the donald trump campaign now is starting to copy the clinton campaign playbook. the 11th hour with brian williams is up live, and it's up next. tonight, hillary clinton speaking out for the first time since revealing she has pneumonia. and she talked about issues of health and transparency. her husband also made news when he talked about it before saying we'll hear the response to that. and donald trump actakes th high road regarding his supporters. with 56 days left, this is the 11th hour. good evening from our headquarters in new york, i'm brian williams. this was a sick day for hillary
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clinton and a non-stop day of coverage for the news media. the former secretary of state has pneumonia and gets dehydrated from time to time, but because a cell phone camera almost caught her passing out and because of a persistent cough, and because of internet rumors about her health, and because it took her days to reveal her pneumonia diagnosis, tonight her health is a big story. she granted an interview to cnn, her husband granted an interview to cnn, he said these spells have happened before. she was asked how often it happened in five years. >> i think only twice that i can recall. you know, it is something that has occurred a few times over the course of my life. and you know, i'm aware of it.
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and usually can avoid it. what happened yesterday was that i was just incredibly committed to being at the memorial. as a senator on 9/11, it was incredibly personal to me. and i could feel how hot and humid it was. i felt overheated. i decided i did need to leave. and as soon as i got into the air conditioned van i cooled off and got some water and very quickly i felt better. >> hillary clinton was asked further, exactly what happened to her yesterday. and she was asked directly whether or not she fainted leaving the 9/11 memorial here in new york. >> no, i didn't. i felt dizzy. and i did lose my balance for a minute. but once i got in, once i could sit down, once i could cool off. once i had some water i immediately started feeling better.
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and my daughter lives nearby. so i went over to her apartment and you know spent time with her and my grandchildren, which you know -- you know, the best medicine for anything in my life. >> now because of the timing, her health revelations matched this pattern of transparency narratives surrounding her. critics have been tough already, democrats included, like this on twitter today from former obama adviser david axelrod. quote, antibiotics can take care of pneumonia. what is the cure for unhealthy pension for privacy that unnecessarily creates problems. and if that is a member of the home -- if that is what is said, this is what she responded. >> i just don't think it was a big deal, if it happens to you
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and you're a busy, active person, you keep moving forward. i think it's fair to say, anderson, people know more about me than just about anybody in public life. compare what people know about me with my opponent, i think it's fair he met the same disclosure as i have for several years. you have the opponent that meets the same standard as donald trump and barack obama. donald trump says he would be the healthiest president in history, that is just not even serious. i have released four years of tax returns, he released none, this is a man with unknown partners and investors who is saying he has done over 140 deals. >> hillary clinton was home in chappaqua tonight. let's talk about all of it tonight, andrea mitchell who has covered clinton for years, and
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nicole wallace, former presidential candidate, former governor, former dnc chair, and oh, by the way, medical director howard dean is with us. and msnbc news contributor dr. torres, a doctor of emergency medicine. with us from denver. and doc, begin with how she became symptomatic, with dehydration, it is a subset of pneumonia, is it common? >> it is not always a subset of pneumonia but it can happen. especially if people don't follow doctor's orders, usually they tell patients between three and five days, and that's good rest, rest at home, she started to exert herself, in an
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exhaustive situation, out in the heat, probably had not drank much water, got dehydrated, that could lead to some of the issues and complications she had. >> don't you always prescribe heavy duty antibiotics, also can't different people react differently? and i know in different cases, people are often given steroids to recover. >> they are, often those antibiotics, they take two to three days to fully kick in. and even at that stage they take seven days, two weeks to kick in where they get rid of pneumonia. i usually tell patients four to five days of good rest, another seven to ten days of good rest are. judging by what she did that day, she did a lot of things to cause stress on her body, and
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again, that dehydration complicated things. you know it makes you feel very bad and terrible so that complicated it, as well. and again, she had had all the results as well. >> i know you have not examined the patient, she is not your patient. we are guessing there was at least a brief discussion of whether or not to take her to the er. that would have probably been bellevue hospital here in new york. you are an er doc. looking back at what is known do you think a little bit of hospital care was best or was it truly a situation where going to her daughter's apartment nearby, hydrating, cooling down, did the trick? >> you know the things that concern me if i was in an emergency room and i got a call with a patient 68 years old, dehydrated, passed out or almost passed out i would say bring them to the emergency room right away of the we need to find out what could have caused it, and
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number two, correct it. and run a few tests to make sure it was not going to happen again. to me it's probably the most concerning thing that they didn't do. luckily she turned out okay, but you never know when that happens that quickly. >> emergency room doc, doctor torres, thank you. and let's kick this around the room, dr. dean as well, andrea mitchell, starting with you, you have had the longest experience covering this family, covering this woman. what have you learned that is new reporting tonight and what are you seeing in all of this that is very familiar to you? >> good questions, what we're learning tonight is officials in the clinton campaign saying there is no underlying condition of dehydration. very quick to respond to my request for information on that. certainly that was what was inferred from what bill clinton
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said to charlie rose on cbs. it sounded as though that precipitated, although maybe it was a completely separate arrangement, the call to anderson cooper, where she said no, it happened twice in five years, the other time, 2012, where we know she had the stomach flu, she fell, hit her head, they found a blood clot, they stopped it, she take s coumadin, and she also said it was quickly resolved. it was only a short amount of time she wore those glasses and that she was recovered from it. so it sounded as though this was an attempt to correct this understanding, or misimpression, or facts, they're pushing very hard on that. there is also a political story that they're saying is just not
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true. they say it is a mischaracterization that she doesn't drink enough water. what is a mischaracterization? amy has written insightfully about her past behaviors and people trying to understand some of the motivation behind some of the things that are not explained to people watching from the outside. this is the first instinct it seems to keep it private. they are telling us today she was prepared to take questions from all of us. they assumed we would ask what caused you to feel so faint, and she would say well, i actually have pneumonia. but they did not tell us, on friday. and that is a self-inflicted wound. >> here we are again looking out over the intersection of politics and health. you are a former staffer and dealt with both. this is also a political staff
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that was not briefed on the health of the person at the top of the ticket. >> it became very clear to me and i'm sure you, too, on sunday that the same sort of pod that was aware of her judgment about you know, maybe where to house her e-mail, we call them body men in politics. they're not your strategic arm. >> or body women. >> or body women, this is very strategically held by her body staff. the people that you know handle personal matters for her, carry her blackberry, so that when she is done with an event she can see if chelsea, or if there is any news from the family front. that is not a good sign in terms of how plugged in the management, the strategic director, that whole information was completely cut off from information that completely changed the kind of week that they thought their candidate was going to have the week. and she did not get out of the
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gates the way she hoped to last week. we came on the air tuesday talking about how the summer had changed these candidates. she did not come out of the gates the way i think they hoped to. she is on her heels at the same time where donald trump is getting a little religion and learning a momentary lesson in message discipline. >> and howard dean, you have been up in connecticut tonight. can you take on this notion about the clinton conundrum. she made the point there is more known about her than any modern era candidate for president. and yet, this lack of transparency label sticks to her like saran wrap, what do you make of it? >> well, i think the whole thing is over-blown. first of all, i agree with dr. torres about everything, except i would not take a 68-year-old
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woman who was running for president of the united states to a new york city emergency room under any circumstances unless something much worse than this was going on. she will be fine, although i am guessing this is bacterial pneumonia, but you don't mike a diagnosis like this. hillary clinton at half speed is twice as strong as donald trump at full speed. i think the fixation on transparency angers the press, well, of course it angers them. they think it's their business oh know everything. given what hillary clinton has dealt with, i don't blame her. i am sure she is skyping and doing campaigning electronically. i think it's over-blown, and in a week it will be gone,
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something else will come up. >> and i did see the message, in the interest of keeping the hubbub down, they voted against going to the er. but have you, dr. dean, in all of your communications today with fellow democrats, picked up any fear, any worries? has this shaken anyone in clinton land or dnc land that you know of? >> not anybody that i have a lot of respect for. look, democrats panic all the time for reasons that are not entirely clear to me. we're going to be fine. we're going to win this. hillary clinton is going to be the next president of the united states. but you got to keep to the plan. you got to be steady as she goes. so i haven't talked to anybody who is horrified. i think we're all horrified of the possibility of donald trump becoming president of the united states who i think is an unstable person. by the way, where are his tax
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returns? nobody is asking that, all they want to do is talk about hillary clinton's health. in >> you talked us into our first break, because we'll deal with the issues on the other side, andrea mitchell, and nicole, she is sticking around. and coming up, a fight breaks out at a trump rally in north carolina tonight. and as you heard, trump takes on clinton's quote, "basket of deplorables" although attention is coming his way as well. we'll be right back. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
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our vision of hope stands in stark contrast to my opponent's campaign of hate. hillary clinton has been running a hate-filled and negative campaign with no policy. no solutions. and no new ideas. >> donald trump earlier this evening in asheville, north carolina, nbc news correspondent halle jackson covers the trump campaign for us, not far from asheville now in greenville, south carolina. and is with us by telephone tonight. halle, a two-pronged question for you here, for folks who enjoyed the outdoors this weekend, and perhaps a bit of nfl football and didn't follow the news, explain what sounds like it's a one-off harry and david catalogue offering, the basket of deplorables. what is that phrase and what does it mean?
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and where did trump double down on it tonight. >> reporter: yeah, i'm quite convinced you can't order a basket of deplorables. the deal is, hillary clinton is at this fundraiser friday night. she said that half of trump's supporters in her view belong in this basket of deplorables, went on to explain that is people who are sexist, racist, homophobic, islamaphobic. she walked it back partially, saying she lumped half into the so-called wbasket. flash forward today, trump leaning into this. you're hearing him talk about it again and again. he talked about it tonight in north carolina, talked about it earlier in the day in maryland and he talked about it earlier on the phone with our sister network, cnbc.
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the trump campaign saying it will work in their favor. they're so convinced that they have a new ad on it today that hits clinton on this very topic. you heard about it, he wants to bring ten people up on stage to hit hillary clinton on this. folks who say hey, i am not deplorable and i support donald trump. you know, photo op moment, meant for the television cameras. but for trump, this is something we really haven't seen this until this moment. and in the rally tonight, it appears somebody in the crowd punched or hit or struck a protester who was being removed. this is something that unfortunately we have seen at trump rallies in the past, a moment that was quickly deescalated as they took the protester out. but it is worth noting that it was a rowdy crowd, the folks in
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asheville very fired up. a full room, ready to see trump at this rally and hear him talk. tomorrow, trump is heading to another battleground, pennsylvania, and interestingly, we heard that trump will be on the trail with his daughter, ivanka trump. and the two of them will be talking about this child care expense tax reduction, this is going to be a power speech. and presumably he will talk about how he plans to offset child care deduction. it will be interesting to see ivanka in this role, we don't obviously see her on the campaign like this. she gave the speech obviously, in july, but she kept it quiet. she talked about this, not at the dnc speech, but in other areas, the campaign has had a kind of surrogate deficit, if you will.
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>> and halle jackson who covers the campaign for us. thank you, nicole wall wa -- wallace. and tax policy speech tomorrow, what is happening. >> all i can think about it, i am trying to get that out of my head and stick with trump saying a message. well, mark halpern reported on the today show that an edict went out, before the 9/11 ceremony even ended yesterday, which is what hillary clinton attended before she fell ill, not to raise questions because they thought the better question for the campaign and surrogates was the attack on her report that the supporters were deplorable people. this is the first example that i have learned that the strategy being hatched and executed that
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lasted more than 45 minutes. they have now been at it for two days, because of a variety of missteps and unfortunate events, they are on offense against her on this attack on the deplorables. i have to say his comment, that, that hillary clinton doesn't have any policy, it undermines the rest of the attack because she is full of policy. >> and howard dean, as you look at this you look at the battleground states the way all of us do. you see the math, you see the days remaining. but now you see a republican candidate, lo and behold acting like a candidate, anything here honestly worry you? >> no, statistically, 62% of trump supporters think muslims ought not be allowed into the country. 60% think gays and lesbians should not be allowed out of the country.
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and some think that abraham lincoln should not have signed the proclamation emancipation. that is deplorable. >> you're not worried? >> well, half of it is true, the fact of the matter is people think that donald trump is deplorable. he has a base that is going to vote for him no matter what happens. that has not been affected by hillary's comments. and where the real worry is the rest of the country who think donald trump is deplorable, who think that the emancipation proclamation should have been signed and cannot believe there is a candidate who is running who began the birther movement about barack obama. this is a joke, this candidacy. so we just have to make damn sure he doesn't win for the sake
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of the country. >> nicole -- >> this attitude, this adopted by headquarters in brooklyn will not lead to good things. i hope they're taking him more seriously than my friend howard is, because the truth is over the last ten days the polls have tightened. and they're not where they hoped they would be. they are closer than they want to be in some states. granted they're closer to trump in some others, but the math is not a given for them. it's still to their advantage, this race is far from over and they should take any attacks, other than trump himself they need to stay forecacused on the opponent. >> nicole wallace, howard dean, thank you for joining us. we'll be right back after this. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is. hi, john. (announcer vo) so wherever work takes you, you can put your customers first. introducing one talk--
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it is the 11th hour after all, and our discussion went long, we'll have to continue it tomorrow when we see you. "hardball" starts now with chris matthews. sick day, let's play "hardball" "hardball." >> good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington, hillary clinton is in chappaqua resting from a weekend that was not supposed to go this way. diagnosed with pneumonia on friday, she decided to as they say in big-time sports,


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