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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  September 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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hillary clinton is not talking about half the country. she's talking about a subset of donald trump supporters, and the trump campaign and the republican party can definitely give a great performance now about how offended they are, but you do also have to account in that for this much more problematic thing going on on their side of the aisle, the literal white supremacist press conference going on on friday, praising donald trump as their fair leader who's brought their movement so much more attention than they've ever had before. that does it for us. now it's time for the last word. >> good evening, how's your health? >> fair to midmiddling. >> i'm in the media, so i'm obsessed with health. >> i'll bring you some documentation later. >> tonight we will be joined by one of the heroic reporters of campaign 2016.
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he has been pursuing one thing and one thing only, donald trump's history of charitable giving. his findings have been shocking. this weekend he published a major summation of what he has found, searching all over the country. he is going to join us. it is an amazing report, but first, what we need to know about the health of presidential candidates and why the news media lost its mind today. >> on friday, i was diagnosed with pneumonia. >> took an entire day to get a diagnosis that apparently she had received days earlier. >> we could have gotten more information out more quickly, and we regret that. >> donald trump has released less information. >> trump said he'd be the healthiest president in history. that's not even serious. >> hillary clinton has been running a hate-filled and negative campaign.
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>> donald trump trying to turn the tables on hillary clinton after her comments about some of her supporters. >> she called these americans every name in the book. racist, sexist, xenophopic. >> there are a whole bunch of phobics i don't understand. >> give donald trump a chance. i will fix it. what do you have to lose! >> good days and bad days. good days aren't as good as they used to be. kind of like a speeded up version of aging. >> this is the last word on campaign 2016. this is the day. mark down this day, september 12, 2016. this is the most important day so far in this presidential campaign. there are 56 days left in the campaign, which means this day might be outdone, but as of now,
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as of tonight, as of 10:00 p.m., this is the day historians will see as the most important day in the campaign, because it is the day that the political news media lost its mind. on friday night, a republican nominee for president told the world he was willing to start world war iii over a gesture. >> by the way, with iran, when they circle our beautiful destroyers with their little boats, and they make gestures at our people that they shouldn't be allowed to make, they will be shot out of the water. okay? believe me. >> the next day the headlines were not unhinged candidate vows war over gestures, with a subhead of candidate's mental health question. donald trump had earned those headlines, but he didn't get them.
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he earned non-stop talk about the shear madness of going to war over a gesture. he deserved a word for word comparison to the sayings of north korea's dictator kim jong un because there are only two people in the world who talk like that. there are only two people in the world who believe that a country's dignity can only be maintained with weapons. north korea said its nuclear test last week was necessary, quote, to protect our dignity, end quote. that is a pure trump yan definition of dignity. it had become a deplorable insult to the intelligence of the american voter. yes, deplorable. but on friday night, when he proudly announced that he was willing to start world war iii over an issue of his perceived
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dignity, when he proudly took his place beside kim jong un as one of the two most dangerous and dysfunctional minds in the world, he reached a new level of deplorable, and it was over the single most important decision a president can make, when and where and how and why to use the weapons of war of the mightiest army in the world. the political media had the biggest policy story that has ever been handed to them by a presidential candidate, the policy of going to war over a gesture. and the news media quickly ignored it. because the other candidate for president said something that the political media decided was much, much more important. it wasn't a policy announcement. it was a description of donald trump's supporters, in which she used the word "deplorable", to describe many of their hateful ideas.
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she was careful enough to limit it to half of donald trump's supporters, but that wasn't careful enough for the news media, because the news media was clearly in the middle of a nervous break down on its way to a complete collapse which happened the very next day when hillary clinton felt a little sick and decided to go home. you've seen the video a few thousand times of by now of hillary clinton being helped into a car as she was clearly feeling faint. hours later, we got the word from her doctor that she's been diagnosed with pneumonia, and she's going to slow down for a few days. and today the news media lost its mind, lost all perspective on what matters in this presidential campaign. lost all perspective on how voters should make their choice and hillary clinton's health became the most important thing this the world. and the older, not so healthy-looking candidate in the race, donald trump, who has released only a doctor's letter
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with the lie that donald trump would be the healthiest person ever elected to the presidency, was allowed to use hillary clinton's more openness about her health against her. the separation between non-fiction and fiction is thin. it's very thin. it's a semi-permeable membrane through which each influences the other. and when i was a writer for the fictional white house on nbc's "the west wing", i always used non-fiction for the story lines. the president could only do things that a real president could do. so our president wouldn't have his political enemies killed, because that's just not real, not in the united states anyway, not yet. and before long i found that the fiction was teaching me how to think about non-fiction, how to think about the real world. good fiction can do that. and that happened when the brilliant creator of the series, alan sorkin came up with the idea that the president should
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have an illness that no one knows about, a very serious illness that at some point down the road could become a problem, a big problem, so the president secretly had m.s. aaron planted that idea in season one, and i've found myself going back to it a couple times in season six. and that's how i realized just how recent our obsession with the president's health is and just how misplaced it can be. >> it's not up to us to decide what the voters get to use in evaluating us. >> a little odd coming from someone who wasn't exactly completely open about his health. >> that was a big mistake. >> was it? what do we know about lincoln's health when he was running? nothing. washington, jefferson, what about fdr's health. and when he died in office, did people say gee, why didn't he
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tell us he was sick? no. did they say i wish i hadn't voted for him? >> no. >> roosevelt was dying in his final election campaign and died less than 90 days after taking the office. the country mourned. the country didn't rail against franklin roosevelt's lack of transparency about his health. fdr was never transparent about his health. he tried to hide that he used a wheelchair for years and largely got away with it since there were no television cameras then to follow him around. the more i thought about fdr and the fictional president that i was writing for martin sheen to play, the more i realized that i for one don't really care about a president's health. and when i thought about jack kennedy, who had more serious health problems than he ever let the press know about, i realized
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that health might have nothing to do with how long a presidency lasts. jfk got 1,000 days, and he was more than healthy enough to do the job of president on november 22nd, 1963 when the presidential limousine turned into dealey plaza in dallas. no one knew that was going to be the last day of the kennedy presidency. and the truth of the matter is none of us know when our last day is coming. someone dear to me went up for a jog at the age of 52, perfectly healthy guy. athletic his whole life. he stopped to talk to a neighbor for a minute, and he dropped dead on the spot from a massive heart attack, and he happened to work in politics. that's the way life works. that's the way death works. the most common first symptom of heart disease in men is instant death. think about that. massive coronaries strike with
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no warning. and they're gone. the news media has struggled to identify the voting issue in hillary clinton's health and frightingly, it landed on transparency. that's the problem here. hillary clinton hasn't been transparent enough. she hasn't been honest enough with the press. compared to what? compared to whom? we have known absolutely nothing about the health of most presidential candidates, and most of our presidents. most of our presidents were elected before medicine was anything resembling a science. doctors had no idea how healthy abraham lincoln was or wasn't. and in the 20th century, the press didn't even get curious about the president's health, until after president kennedy. and there has been, there has never been any law or rule about what candidates must disclose about their health, so it's been a haphazard process.
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some reveal more than others, and absolutely none of them reveal everything. none of them. republicans tried to make a huge deal of bill clinton's health records in his campaign for reelection in 1996. and the unspoken simple reason for that was they were desperately hoping they could force a real full disclosure of his health records that would show he had, at some point in his life, some kind of sexually transmitted something. that was the game they were playing in the name of transparency. do you think you have a right to know that? you might want to know that, because you might think that suggests a certain hypocrisy sometimes, maybe with a family values candidate, but do you have a right to know that? do you think a presidential candidate has a right to priefs snee a right to privacy about anything?
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if transparency really is the issue the media wants to focus on here, then there are much better ways to do that with hillary clinton's paid speeches and e-mails and donald trump's tax returns and everything donald trump has ever done in his life. but then is health itself the issue? is that the issue here? is there a voting issue in the health of hillary clinton? if this were any other democrat versus republican campaign and the only big issue was the democrat wants to raise taxes which the democrat does want to do and the republican wants to reduce taxes, which donald trump does want to do, then i could understand getting distracted. but versus the kim jong un of american politics, there is
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nothing but nothing a hillary clinton supporter could learn tonight about hillary clinton's health that would make that person change their vote to donald trump. change their vote to a man full of deplorable idea, just cheered on by many deplorable supporters, including every white supremacist in the country and surely the world. and similarly, i'm sure there is nothing that a trump supporter could hear about donald trump's talk tomorrow that would make them switch their votes to hillary clinton. so health is not a voting issue in this campaign, because the candidates are way, way too far apart on policy, on sanity, on intelligence, on basic human decency. they are way too far apart for anyone to consider switching their vote because of the health condition of one of these
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candidates. in order to obsess on hillary clinton's health, the american news media had to lose its mind today. had to lose its understanding of what an election is actually about, had to completely lose sight of how voters are choosing to support hillary clinton or choosing to support donald trump, and in an embracing their obsession with hillary clinton's health, the media spent the day ignoring the deploable statement yesterday ever trump supporter and former federal prosecutor, rudy giuliani who now sounds like he wishes he could have been at the defense table atner emburg. >> it's a war. until the war is over, anything is legal. >> that was giuliani defending the war crimes donald trump says he wants to commit as president.
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where we sentenced to death 11 nazis. anything is legal in war. that is the single most horrendous thing said in any american presidential campaign since world war ii, except for the things donald trump says on a daily basis. the presidency was invented back when health was a complete mystery. one of the many mysteries beyond the reach of science. that's why the vice presidenty was invented at the same time so there would always be someone there to take the president's place just in case. that's why the news media properly assigns a great deal of importance to a presidential candidate's choice of vice presidential running mate, which brings us to the worst-case scenario. the worst-case scenario on the republican side if donald trump's health doesn't hold up
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in the white house or something else unforeseen happens, that worst-case scenario is called president mike pence. and the worst-case scenario on the democratic side would be a president tim kaine who would be identical to hillary clinton's policies. so what is the voting issue here? the founding fathers believed that what voters needed to know is who would take over for the president in case the president drank out of the wrong cup of water one day and died, because that's how easy it was to die back then. hillary clinton supporters want her to be president as long as she thinks she's healthy enough to be president. and donald trump supporters want him to be president as long as he thinks he's healthy enough to be president. that's why my fictional president jeb bartlett, that's exactly what he thought his voters wanted.
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and ultimately, it fell to me, in season six to finally write what the drama had been demanding for five years. to hit the president with an attack of m.s. so severe that he could not hide it. it happened on air force one on the way to a summit in china. he knew exactly what he was going to do. go out there and tell the voters what he thought they needed to know. no more and no less. >> when we get out there, i'll leadoff with the m.s. thing and go to the south korea story. i'll leave it to you to give any medical details if anybody has any questions about that. >> i think they might have a few. hundred. >> the president from the united states will be working from a wheelchair again. >> again? >> do i really have to remind those kids that roosevelt fought world war ii from a wheelchair? >> voters vote for the president and vice president who they want
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to do the job, and they want that president to do the job as long as he or she is able. voters have never and will never vote for health records. but don't expect the political media to understand that any final soon. coming up next, one of the heroic reporters of campaign 2016. david farn pole will join us and tell us what he has discovered in his months-long search of donald trump's history of charitable giving. this is a huge story, and david farn polled got it, that's next. we thought fibers that help you stay regular caused unwanted gas. not good. then we switched to new mirafiber. only mirafiber supports regularity with dailycomfort fiber and is less likely to cause...
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sorry for interrupting your commercials, but i just wanted you to know that donald trump is now a front runner for least
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charitable rich guy in the world. the reporter who broke that story about donald trump's charitable giving, david farn fahrenthold will join us next.
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anyone who knows about donald trump and his career knows that this is a man who's given away tens of millions of dollars to charitable causes throughout the course of his business life. you can talk to charities all across the country who have benefitted by the jen ross its of the trump family. >> one heroic and dedicated reporter has actually tried to do exactly that. his findings have ripped away the veneer.
10:24 pm
he has devoted himself for months to tracking down donald trump's charitable giving. this is the kind of reporting that most news organizations have given up on. it is the stuff that pulitzer prizes are made of. it's what you saw in the academy award winning movie "spotlight." a reporter grabbing onto a story, grabbing onto it, holding onto that target and not letting go. that reporter, david fahrenthold joins us now. you've published a massive collection of your findings this weekend in the washington post. you've been report being it, you know, piecemeal as you can find things along. what is the summary of where it all stands now? >> well, the donald j. trump foundation, started in the 1980s. i wanted to explain its charity. i can't find any donations from
10:25 pm
trump's own pocket, i found that he's created a vehicle to give other people's money away as his own or make it seem like his own. he hasn't given any money to his own foundation since 2008, but has been giving other people's money away that seems like gifting. >> he gave money from his personal funds eight years ago and has not contributed sense, and there's no record in the last eight years of him making a personal contribution to a charity with his own money, absolute zero. >> there is one record. looking back between 2008 and this may, i found a gift that appeared to be coming out of trump's own pocket. it was in 2009 for less than $10,000. that's the one. >> what was that for, that money? >> it was a gift to the police athletic league of new york city. that may be a bookkeeping air. in other years that same organization has made bookkeeping errors that made trump foundation gifts appear to
10:26 pm
be trump gifts. >> you're being as charitable as you can to donald trump at least in this story. and so when mike pence says, when you hear mike pence say today he's given tens of millions of dollars to charitable causes, and that's official trump statement today, your response to that has always been please just show it to me, show me the receipts, any charity money out there. and you've been working through twitter, social media, asking people to help. does anyone have anything to report on a contribution on trump? >> no, not that i've found. after mike pence came out and said he gives tens of millions of dollars away, i went to the trump people and said okay, mike pence, there must be something behind this. tell me more. tell me the names of the charities he gave, the amounts he gave, the years he gave, and the response is basically nothing. they send back a response that sort of muddied the waters between trump's only personal
10:27 pm
giving and the trump foundation and didn't give any more details of what he might have given out of his own pocket. >> where does the trump foundation get its money if not from donald trump. >> it has some very large donors. vince mcmahon gave about $5 million in 2007 and 2009. and trump has been spending down that giant lump of money for a while. but there are other cases in which trump goes to people to raise money so trump can give the same money away to another charity and claim credit for it. we've looked at a couple of those examples as well. >> as far as the trump campaign or donald trump's transparency to use the media's favorite word of the day, his transparency on this, you've gotten zero cooperation from them, you've asked them, the foundation, you asked donald trump, the campaign, constantly to provide information and they don't. >> they have given us very, very little. in a few cases, again, a couple
10:28 pm
weeks ago we wrote about this penalty they had to pay to the irs for giving an illegal campaign contribution out of the foundation. they did tell us about that, but it's been few and far between examples like that. >> as you know, i've admired your fixation on this from your first day on the job, and we need a dozen more reporters sticking with it and following your model. david fahrenthold, thank you very much for joining us tonight. really appreciate it. >> thank you. up next, the deplorable donald trump responds to hillary clinton referring to only half of his supporters as deplorables. when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it.
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have a feeling that some of you may have heard by now that hillary clinton was at a fundraiser friday night and said this about donald trump's supporters. >> to just be grossly generalistic. you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. [ laughter ] right? they're racist, sexist, homophobic, islam phobic, you name it. and unfortunately, there are people like that. and he has lifted them up. >> of course america is the country where we have to pretend that all of our voters are just the very best voters in the world.
10:33 pm
the smartest voters in the world, the kindest voters in the world, the wisist voters in the world, the most generous voters, and so donald trump played on that ridiculous media fantasy today. >> our vision of hope stands in stark contrast to my opponent's campaign of hate. hillary clinton has been running a hate-filled and negative campaign with no policy, no solutions, and no new ideas. she talks about people like they're objects, not human beings. she said half of our supporters are irredeemable and not american. what she can't understand or accept is that the great majority of this country now sees right through these lies and deceptions of a failed political establishment. >> joining us now, a man who's never grossly generalistic.
10:34 pm
nbc political analyst. and we should note that hillary clinton issued a statement the next day saying i was being, you know, i said i was being grossly generalistic, and she said she regrets saying half. she regrets the calculation about how many trump supporters were, as she described them. but, certainly, it's a pretty big number. >> it might have only been two out of five. there are a lot of different ways to look at this, lawrence. we do know from polling data, that a majority of republicans do believe the president wasn't born here, and that he's some sort of secret muslim, which is a good indication that they may have some racist conspiratorial, islam phobic ideas, which is what she was playing to. we do know that the alt-right, these white nationalists who held a press conference in d.c.
10:35 pm
on friy are very much in favor of donald trump. we know that steve bannan, the former ceo of breitbart, who's now the ceo of the trump campaign has identified with the alt-right and said he wanted breitbart to be its magazine. there are elements on the far right who are bigots, who may be racist and maybe soexist and supporting donald trump, half, well, it's hard to figure that out. and we also know when it comes to phony outrage, a subject you often talk about on this show, that donald trump is the champion of phony outrage. it was only a year ago when he said on sean hannity, i put this up on mother jones today, that half of america wants to sit back and do nothing, let the other 50% carry them. so he gained a few points above mitt romney's 47%.
10:36 pm
so he's discounting tens of millions of americans when he has basically called half of america losers. >> let's take a look at the new trump tv ad taking advantage of these hillary clinton comments. >> speaking to wealthy donors, hillary clinton called tens of millions of americans deplorable. >> you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. islam phobic, you name it. >> people like you, you, you, and you deplorable. you know what's deplorable? hillary clinton viciously demonizing hard-working people like you. >> i'm donald trump and i approve this message. >> so david, is that going to do damage? >> i don't understand this campaign from the trump perspective.
10:37 pm
today they came out with an ad. no, we're not racists. we're not sexists. we're not islam phones. and they've got guys and gals wearing tee shirts saying, "i'm deplorable." that's not a way to reach out to moderate and independent voters, so i don't think this is going to be effective. >> david corn, thank you. a new poll showing hillary clinton and donald trump statistically tied in georgia, where the republicans should have a massive lead, joining me, james carter of georgia, yes, he is related to that other james carter.
10:38 pm
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first of all, he's released his financial disclosure form with the fec. it's more comprehensive than a tax filing. the tax filing shows what you paid and what your deduction was, that's it. >> and joining me is an adviser and a radio host.
10:41 pm
gentlemen, there's shawn spicer today, on this network, trying to claim that the campaign financial disclosure forms that donald trump has released are more revealing than tax returns. now every candidate has always released those fec documents, because they must, and here we have donald trump, the only one to not release tax returns. charlie sikes, there is a big difference here, and on a day when the media cares nothing more than about transparency, the huge transparency story of the year remains donald trump's tax returns. >> the reality is that in one case after another, donald trump turns out not to be what he purports to be.
10:42 pm
he presents himself as a successful businessman. he's failed miserably so many times. he reports to be charitable, as you've demonstrated with david fahrenthold's journalism, he is not that charitable. he has shown himself not to be that knowledgeable, a financier that he's claimed to be. but we really don't know who he is or what his business looks like, or what his charitable practices are until we get those tax returns, and nothing will substitute for that. >> rick wilson, i think one thing we've discovered those tax returns would reveal through david fahrenthold's reporting is that donald trump's charitable contributions as far as we can tell are zero. for his last eight tax returns. he has deducted zero, because he has given zero. >> what's fascinating is if those are revealed did he claim some deductions, did he claim tax-deductible contributions.
10:43 pm
he defends his tax returns with more passion than anything else in this race is really telling. it's one of the things that the american media class has failed to hold his feet to the fire on. because they continue to let the show and the spectacle go on. and the response, if i were on the other side of this fence and the journalistic world, i'd say, we're not covering this guy until we get answer on the most fundamental questions on who he is, who he gives money to, because as much as shawn spicer wants to defend that fec statement, we all know that that's magical thinking. there's no way to verify or val date that statement. and if they don't think trump would perjure himself to make his ego look better, they've got another think coming. >> he's been absolutely
10:44 pm
masterful at it. a lot of people thought it would come to an end after the conventions, but it obviously has not. on this issue of transparency, look, i think that hillary clinton has transparency issues. i think she's allergic to transparency, but donald trump can hardly make that a significant issue, given his complete lack of transparency on something as important as his income taxes. >> and rick, quickly, before we go, mike pence was on tv today, and he refused to use the word deplorable in relation to david duke. and if klan membership can't get you labeled deplorable in trump/pence world, what can? >> it is obviously that pence is soul in chief. you might as well get ready for the pointed hat if you can't call david duke deplorable in this country.
10:45 pm
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did you learn anything in that briefing, again, not going into specifics that makes you reconsider some of things you say you can accomplish quickly, like defeating isis quickly. >> no. what i did learn is that our leadership, barack obama, did not follow what our experts and our truly, when they call it intelligence, it's there for a reason, what our experts said to do. >> how? >> and i was very, very surprised. and i could tell, they were not happy. our leaders did not follow what they were recommending. >> and here is how cia director john brennan responded to that yesterday.
10:49 pm
>> i know the briefers that have been briefing the candidates. they are the quintessential professional intelligence officers, they do their work very well, and they know as professionals, that they are to deliver substance. we don't comment on policy. we don't give policy recommendations, so i am fully confident that they comported themselves with the utmost professionalism and demonstrated the real breadth and depth of intelligence capabilities. >> and here is the cia translation of that, the director of the cia just said the republican nominee for president is a liar.
10:50 pm
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time for tonight's campaign war room. arizona has been a stronghold
10:52 pm
since 1952. and georgia is usually reliably republican. but the latest maris poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump in a very tight race in both of those states. in arizona, donald trump's at 42%, hillary clinton's at 41. in the four-way poll, trump is at 40, hillary clinton at 38. in georgia, donald trump is at 46 and hillary clinton is at 43. when they run the three-way poll in georgia, donald trump is at 44, hillary clinton, 42 and gary johnson who will be on the ballot there is at 10%. last week, hillary clinton became the first presidential candidate to purchase tv ad time in georgia. this campaign season. and with 56 days left, james carter iv joins us, based in
10:53 pm
georgia. thank you for joining us, i appreciate it. state of the race in georgia. i never thought we be talking about a viable race in georgia. why isn't donald trump pulling ahead there? >> well, there's, the demographics have been trending in the democrats' direction for the last few decades, haven't quite caught up yet, but that, combined with the fairly vocal contingent of never-trump conservatives in the state has come out in hillary's favor. >> what is the profile of the georgia never-trump republican?
10:54 pm
>> they listen to eric erickson. basically, who is a political commentator, has a national following, but also is very specifically a georgia guy. he is one of the, head of the never-trump movement, especially locally. and he has a pretty significant following here. >> yeah, and he has been on this from the start. and he talks about it in terms of traditional republican policy, and also kind of basic human decency is something that he's been talking about, which i gather may appeal to some georgia republicans, especially more religiously-inclined georgia republicans. >> never thought that anyone would have to run on basic human decency in the presidential race. but yeah, it has come to that. >> and we now have a new washington post poll out showing president obama with a 58%
10:55 pm
approval rating. that's highest it's been since the first year in office. and that could be something that hillary clinton is looking at as she decides which states to invest in. were you surprised to see hillary clinton being the first one buying tv time in georgia? >> no, i think she's got a good amount of resources, and i think it's appropriate for the campaign at this point in time to test the waters and see what kind of reaction they would get. >> and if this is one of those situations where even if she can force donald trump to spend time and money in georgia, even if he's ultimately going to win it, what that means is, he's being distracked from real battleground states, more traditional battle ground states like ohio, pennsylvania, in a more normal electoral map spend his day instead of georgia.
10:56 pm
>> exactly. mike pence has been here in the past few weeks. newt gingrich as a campaign surrogate had an event just today, actually. so yeah, they're spending time here, which normally, they would not have to. >> james carter, thank you very much for joining us tonight in the war room, and regards to president carter next time you see him. now mike pence is echoing donald trump on, of all things, president obama's birth certificate.
10:57 pm
is that ice-t? nope, it's lemonade. is that ice-t? lemonade. ice-t? what's with these people, man? lemonade, read the sign. lemonade. read it. ok. delicious. ice-t at a lemonade stand? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money marin saved by switching to geico. yo, ice-t! it's lemonade, man! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
10:58 pm
and she should, she should apologize and retract the entire statement without qualification. >> should donald trump apologize to president obama for suggesting he wasn't born in the united states? you know he was born in hawaii. should he publicly, just say to the president, once and for all, sorry, i know you were born in hawaii. >> you know we're just not talking about that issue. >> oh, oh, i want hillary clinton to say that some day, about anything, anything. you know, we're just not talking about that issue. i want her to use mike pence's words, word for word, which were donald trump's words word for word about the birth certificate issue now. that's what they say whenever it comes up.
10:59 pm
we're not talking about that now. when a candidate says that, that is a signal to the media that you must not talk about anything else. you must make them talk about that thing that they insist they're done with, that they're just not going to talk about anymore. and just to prove it to the media, we're going to need hillary clinton to try it some day, just try it some day, and see what that very same news media does. that's it for the last word tonight. msnbc's live coverage continues with brian williams. brian will have more on what hillary clinton had to say tonight. she called in to a show tonight and talked. we heard her voice. she sounded pretty good. she sounded healthy. he will also be examining how the donald trump campaign now is starting to copy the clinton campaign playbook.
11:00 pm
the 11th hour with brian williams is up live, and it's up next. tonight, hillary clinton speaking out for the first time since revealing she has pneumonia. and she talks about issues of health and transparency. her husband, the former president, also made news tonight when he said it has happened before and we'll hear her response to that. and donald trump takes the high road while going deep with hillary describing his supporters. with 56 days left, this is the 11th hour. good evening from our headquarters in new york, i'm brian williams. this was a sick day for hillary clinton and a non-stop day of coverage for the news media. the former secretary of state has pneumonia and gets dehydrated from time to time, but because a cell pho


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