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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 13, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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nondeplorable people. >> we will make america great again and hillary needs to take a nap. >> after all the horrible scandals that hillary clinton has been involved in and then she has the gall to callis deplorable. >> after honesmonths of hiding, hillary clinton finally told the press how she feels about the people of this country. good day. i'm andrea mitchell in new york where hg still recuperating at home. but we can now report she will be returning to the trail on friday. this as her lead over donald trump slips away. our new nbc survey monkey online poll he shows clinton ahead of trump by just four points. half of what it was three weeks ago. and in a four way match-up, clinton is only two points ahead of trump with libertarian candidate gary johnson taking
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11%. today trump is back on the trail as mike pence meets with fellow republicans and answers questions about his recent david duke comments. >> for all the world i have no idea why this man keeps coming up. donald trump and i have denounced david duke repeatedly. i'm also not going to validate the language hillary clinton used to describe the american people. he wasn't talking about that bad man. she was talking about people all across this country who are coming out in record numbers to stand by donald trump. >> and again today david duke talked about you specifically. are you concerned that there is something about the trump/pence candidacy that draws them to you? >> look, we live in a free country and people of ill motives can associate themselves with politics.
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there are two people on the ballot here. hillary clinton and donald trump. one of them is going to be president of the united states of america. and i would submit to you this is all a distraction. >> kelly o'donnell is on capitol hill where she was talking to mike pence. kelly, how does this play out? >> reporter: well, for governor mike pence, this is a sttest of how he can maintain himself, his style, his way of campaigning and knowing these sorts of questions would come. he does not want to use some of the harsher language of this political season and does not want to embrace in any way the specific language that hillary clinton used. so asking him as to concur on whether or not david duke or some other figure like that is deplorable put him in that sort of spiral as appearing as if maybe he didn't fully dwenounce. so that's sort of where we're at. he calls it a distraction. it is certainly a part of the
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politics of the moment. his reason for being here was to meet privately with house republicans and senators who are also concerned about this political atmosphere for their own political interests. many of them on the ballot themselves. concerned about the future of the party. so that's been going on today. some private meetings with figures like ted cruz and mike lee who have not supported the ticket. and also a chance to have some private time with speaker ryan who has been trying to get on the issues that matter to republicans and away from some of the harsh rhetoric. at the same time ryan himself has been critical of trump at different points when there have been things said or done that didn't sort of line up with where paul ryan would like for see the republican party. so mike pence called it an emotional return. he severed receive serving on c 12 years. so answering the questions, but calling on hillary clinton to apologize for the deplorables comments and saying she wasn't talking about david duke or a
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figure of that notoriety, saying that she was talking much more broadly about their voters and that's what they will try to hammer away at to say that hillary clinton was not treating voters with respect and that these voters need a voice and that being the trump/pence ticket. i'm also told that this was kind of a unifying meeting for republicans here on capitol hill because it is the last one that they will have before election day in november. so they went over money and polling and kind of the play of the land, an important piece for them, but also one to get the pace to face time with governor pence. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you so much. and donald trump, the candidate himself, will be in iowa this afternoon before heading to pennsylvania for a speech on the costs of child care. along with his daughter ivanka, as hillary clinton says half of trump supporters could be put in
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the basket of deplorables. and kellyanne conway joining us. congratulations on the job. >> nank you very much. very kind of you. >> and we've got the health care issue front and center. we're told donald trump will be talking to dr. oz tomorrow. let me play you what fox news radio said with dr. oz about the way dr. oz is approaching this interview which is supposed to be giving details of donald trump's health. >> what if there are embarrassing things on there? >> i bet you he won't he release them, but it's his decision. the metaphor for about me, is this a doctor's office. so i won't ask questions they don't want answered and we one be talking about secretary clinton for sure and i don't want to talk about things outside the health purview. >> so what will we learn about the medical condition, his health report tomorrow from
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donald trump? >> reporter: mr. trump had a physical late last week in advance of us knowing that hillary clinton had pneumonia or obviously what happened on 9/11 in the tape we've all seen. so he had that physical last week because he believes that it's important for the public to know what his basic health condition is. and he has said that the doctor is preparing his report and that it will be made available this week. >> and was it with dr. bornstein? >> that, i don't think. i was not present for his physical. >> so we don't know if this is the same from who released that report in december, that very brief four or five paragraph letter. >> well, but remember, i'm with dr. oz and millions of americans on this. i don't know why we need such extensive medical reporting when we all have a right to privacy. and frankly, i'm also with most of the american people who are very upset that many of them had to change doctors under
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obamaca obamacare. why would someone change a doctor when they have been healthy for so long? i think that is being lost in the conversation. dr. bornstein is being ridiculed by not a medical professional. >> dr. bornstein's one page letter was he very brief. in is a tradition here started many decades ago, dr. altman was a great proceed poe nebponent g 1972, and john mccain let reporters read through thousands of pages that the american people have the right to know what the health of is their perspective of their commander in chief. >> i agree with your premise, so the question remains why in the world did hillary clinton lie to everyone and conceal such an important fact for two days saying she was overheated and dehydrated and then of course hours anded hours later after
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her health had become the biggest trending story of the day, not the 9/11 fallen, why wait all hour. so i agree it's an important issue and i think that there is one candidate in this race who has had recent health challenges that we all saw. i agree with donald trump on this and certainly i would hope all of us regardless of your political persuasion that we're glad hillary clinton says she's feeling better and will be back on the campaign trail soon, but the question remains, if this is about transparency, why did she conceal it. and you briefly touched on it, but out of respect viewers and voter, i'm really happy that this evening i'll be with ivanka and donald trump and many others talking about child care. it's a huge part of the family budget, a delicate issue for many families who need to know they have quality and dependable
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care and frankly our tax code needs to be modernized to keep up with that. >> i'll get to that in a moment. let me continue on the health issue. because there have been plenty of coverage questioning here and everywhere else questioning why hillary clinton did not reveal that she had pneumonia. here was her response on cnn last night. >> compare everything you know about me with my opponent. i think it's time he met the same level of disclosure that i have for years. you've got a medical report on me that mes the same standard as mitt romney and barack obama. donald trump's doctor said he'd be the healthiest president in history. i talked to my staff, we take responsibility for that but the information is out there. >> to the point that dr. bornstein's previous letter in december of 2015 said that he
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would be the healthiest president in american history that's hardly a medical report. >> what i hardly can't believe is hillary clinton and really all of her senior team and her surrogates takes about ten words to change an answer about them on almost anything over to donald trump. i'm glad that we're living in their heads. i'm glad donald trump occupies some serious real estate in her head, but she was being asked by anderson cooper why not just tell us and are you feeling better and what else -- >> she answered those question, but she did turn to why should i be -- >> she always does. >> why should i put out all this information when no no one is asking him to put out this information. so what are we going to get tomorrow, how specific will be the information about his physical condition? >> i don't know because i have not conferred with the doctor. but i'm glad that mr. trump is going to reveal this week and i would again tell everybody who may be suspicious about the timing that he had a physical
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late last week, i'm sure it will be dated in the paperwork. but let me just answer something else since you play that had clip of secretary clinton. when she talks about everybody knows everything about me, that's part of the problem. i think that is why according to even the nbc poll majorities of americans don't like her and don't trust her. and i think those twin pill har problems of trustworthiness and transparency got worse not better. i understand why she's being defensi defensive. but she needs to understand that in your own poll, eats tightening because people are not convinced that this woman who has a lot of advantages and privileges in this race no doubt just can't put them away. >> in recent polls they are unfavorable ratings and you're absolute that the trust factor is one of the biggest things dragging on her. the reasons for the health questions for him aside from the fact that there is a tradition that he has not lived up to what mitt romney did is because he would be the oddest person ever
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to at that titake the oath of o. that said, let's get back to child care. one of the down sides, and there is extended maternity leave and all the rest, one of the down sides is that if you are a low income american and you don't pay federal taxes, a lot of people, you would get no benefit at all under this plan. it would be very helpful to those who are employed. >> no, they would get an expansion under the eitc, earned income tax credit. and we also would fry to clean up all of the abuse in the unemployment system so that we could actually fund very fairly and fully these benefits for folks. and i'm just so proud to work in a campaign that is contact link this, republicans usually do not tackle this particularly athe presidential level. it's like let's just look the other way. in other words, we're trying to capture the culture here. and have policy responses to whatever is frustrating or
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concerning or even an maniimatid abo exciting people. there will be an op-ed, there is the plan, back ground, 1k3er7ex to be consulted. but we have hillary clinton talking about how she's always been fighting for children, she fights for children, we can't really find a lot about her child care policy on her website. maybe they're putting it up now as i speak to you. they talk about it, but we will do it. we talk about policy every single day. law enforcement, dwighti idefea islam, we talk about school choice and charter, the military. today is child care. so we're always doing something to answer those questions that voters legitimately have, which is what will you do as commander of chief. hillary clinton told us she doesn't want to be president of
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all the people, she has i think a privileged scorn for many, for tens of millions of americans in her terrible comments, but we also viewed the second part of her unfortunate comments is that there are millions of americans that are desperate for change to quote her. they're desperate for change because this administration of which she's been a part has not addressed the economic woes of all americans and certainly has done very little to help people meet the needs of quality dependable child care. it's a big issue in our society. >> in the latest "washington post" abc poll, 60% of americans believe donald trump is biased against women and minorities. doesn't that show that your campaign has a major problem with these parts of the leg tore rat, with women and minorities? >> those people must read the "washington post." but in any event, so of course we're going for all voters. and we go to places where republicans don't traditionally go right into the black church, town to louisiana to help, over to mexico to meet with the
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president, then up the same day in arizona to give a speech on immigration. so we're vying for all votes, not just -- i really feel like tim kaine's comments made it worse on saturday. doesn't sound like they had basically conferred. but he said she doesn't need to apologize because there are some votes that we're not going to get. really, that's how we're looking at people? that is not a very unifying message. i think the democratic parties in the past, they have been really successful in elevating and indeed electing folks who ran on unity like bill clinton and barack obama and jfk. and now it's a very divisive sounding way to try to -- he realize her fat cat donors yucked it up and had a good old time at the expense about of hard working americans, but let me tell you something whenever hillary clinton is seen in her own words and can't blame her political enemies of conspiracy, it's bad for her. and i respectfully disagree when
9:16 am
people said it was a gaffe. she was reading prepared remarks and she had -- >> she had not said half of the supporters previously. she had referred to the deplorables, but she had not used that categorization of the kaunt g quaubts guying it in terms of half. according to the associated press that can did a survey on issues, donald trump had seven issues on his website totaling 9,000 words. hillary clinton had 38 issues on her website with 112,000 words. now, yes he's talking more about policies since you've taken over and there has been a noticeable change in the presentations on the campaigns. but certainly not for the year previous. >> the 100,000 some words definitely sounds like what a politician does, she do it with our tax codes, on their websites. if we're going to run this election expecting voters to go
9:17 am
to the websites and figure out what they believe on policy, i respect the voters more than that. i think that they prefer that these candidates come to them or at least make public about statements where you have a four, five, tech point road map in the case of our veterans administration reform plan. this idea that we'll do it on websites and mrs. clinton will fly around just raising money and not talking to voters? i think it's a -- >> i have to tell you, i've been on the owed with will forher fo and a half and i've watched your campaign for a distance. i've been on the democratic campaign watching it covering it. she has been talking to voters. that's what the listening tour was about. at the same time, a lot of criticism that she was meeting with small groups. it that's what she was doing, talking to voters. she was not at big rallies. >> so i guess the question remains why she can't get to 55%, 60% of women. she's running as the first female.
9:18 am
i do know why, but it's a great question to ask. is it the truthfulness, transparency problems? yeah, i want a woman, but not that woman? time is running short here. and i don't think that they're in a position where they expected to be after spending $200,000 some between super pacs and campaign just to say donald trump takes the wings off of butterflies. so we're excited with our formula. >> do you think you can win pennsylvania? >> we're sure going to try. pennsylvania is very important to us. you will see the candidates there quite a bit. we'll be in the suburbs of philadelphia today talking about an important issue to all americans, male and female. child care. and we are vying for the votes in pennsylvania. every time somebody says, well, democrats wof s won it the last time, anytime one tries to apply convention to donald trump, they lose out because as we know he's a very unconventional
9:19 am
nonpolitician and so we feel good about pennsylvania. and you will see the candidate there a great deal. >> and you could argue according to our polling that this election could be won or lost in the suburbs of places like philadelphia where those swing voters are and they usually vote republican. we'll have to see whether he can appeal to them today. thank you very much. i hope this is the beginning of a conversation that we can continue. >> very happy to be with you, andrea. thank you for the platform. and coming up, we will talk to the flip side. this is the president leaving the house. he is going to philadelphia trying to energize voters there who have notably not been as enthusiastic about this democratic nominee as they were about barack obama.
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hillary clinton remains resting itching to get back on the campaign trail according to people who have spoken with her, her staff. joining me now is president of the center for american progress and long time hillary clinton supporter and adviser. thanks for being with us. there are missed opportunities. she was supposed to be giving a big economic speech today. clearly she was not -- she explained herself not willing to listen to the doctors because she thought she could power through it. and the cost of that was of course what happened arguably friday night when she wasn't speaking as carefully as she might have wanted to and that has caused a whole deplorable flap, but also of course what happened on sunday. how do you make up for the lost time here? >> look, as you know, hillary
9:24 am
quiches a very tough schedule and i'm sure that over the next few week she will make up for it. she has plenty of time to do an economic speech which lays out her vision of how we can grow this economy together versus donald trump 's. but she's definitely always itching to get out there, talk to voters respect talk about her vision. she knows the stakes in this election and she really wants to explain her vision. so i'm sure that she will be out there as soon as she possibly can. >> i don't know if you heard kellyanne conway trying to clearly take advantage of not only this time, but of what happened with the basket of deplorables comment. but also the fact that she was not transparent, she didn't diagnosis even her top staff aides on industry. david axelrod was tweeting and you have been involved in
9:25 am
something of a twitter war over that he tweeted antibiotics can take care of pneumonia, what is the cure found healthy pension for privacy that repeatedly he creates unnecessary problems. and your response was i'm old enough to remember certainly white house advisers decrying the peanut gallery. boom on that. so -- also democrats who are concerned and are worried about the way this was handled. >> i think the campaign said yesterday the precise announcement could have been handled better. but you're talking about a person who works really hard, lots of reporters have been covering her the last year and a half. they know her schedule. you've seen her schedule, you know she worked really hard, the fact that she did five, six, seven events while she had this i think is a testament to her strength. and she was trying to power
9:26 am
through it. and she said last night, you know, maybe that wasn't the right call. but the reality of this is that she has been leaps an bounds more transparent. i'm dumbfounded by donald trump or kellyanne conway talking about anyone's transparency when we are on day 400 of his campaign and he has in the released his tax returns. and his campaign manager cannot tell you whether it's an actual doctor who has real medical professional experience, who has talked to him more than five minutes, who the doctor is, what they will announce. she's his campaign manager and we can't even get that kind of information from her today about something that will answer tomorrow or the next day. and we are in this frenzy about transparency on medical records. she will release more. but let's put the transparency conversation in perspective when
9:27 am
donald trump is taking the unprecedented act of having heretofore not released medical records when hillary has and not released his tax returns which would tell us whether he's given to charities like he has said or not, another booming scandal of the day with him, but there are so many it's hard to keep track. >> we'll have to leave it there. thank you very much. good to see you. >> good to be with you. coming up, campaigner in chief. while hillary clinton is on the commend, her most powerful surrogate is on the way to philadelphia to rally voters there. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
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just wait till you see what's next. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman president obama heading to philadelphia today to campaign for hillary clinton who can't campaign for herself until she recovers from pneumonia. the clinton team is counting on the president to fill that vacuum and to inject some enthusiasm with younger voters especially minorities.
9:31 am
kasie hunt joins me from philadelphia out there near the art museum, the iconic rocky steps. i wish i were there. tell us the strategy today because this is a really important rally. we have not really heard from the president in several weeks since the convention there in philadelphia. >> reporter: that's right. yes, we wish you were here, too. it's a beautiful day outside the rocky steps. and you will see them right behind the president when he gets up here. this is the democratic bedrock of pennsylvania. particularly african-americans in the philadelphia area. and hillary clinton really needs them to turn out for her in levels close to what they turned out for president obama in 2012. and in 2008. and you're right in particular, young voters. she has a gap with young voters compared to where barack obama was when he ran those two times.
9:32 am
and of course obama is so natural on the campaign trail. you've heard hillary clinton talk about how he is better than she is as a campaigner. and this will be our first chance to see him as a solo art its basically in this campaign. they of course appeareded together in charlotte. and so this week was supposed to be a major show of strength for democrats, both for hillary clinton herself and then for all of these sur he row gats. even just right now on the campaign trail, you're about to see barack obama wheels up to fly here. you have tim kaine, chelsea clinton, all of that really demonstrates that democrats are unfiled behind will hillary clinton that in a way republicans are not unified behind donald trump. but it's overshadowed by made has happened with hillary clinton's health. and donald trump is campaigning right near here, but for an entirely different group of voters in this state and that is suburban women particularly white women. he will be in the philadelphia suburbs with his daughter,
9:33 am
ivanka, releasing child care policies. and of course if he has any hope of winning pennsylvania and it has historically been fool's gold for republicans, but there is that one unpredictable x factor of how many working class white men might show up and vote for republicans who voted democrat in previous elections, and whether or not he can win over enough of those suburban white swing voters to make a difference. >> kasie hunt on a beautiful day on the philadelphia parkway. thank you. and coming up, stranger than fiction? maureen dowd right here on the latest campaign plot twists and her new book. with the right steps,
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9:37 am
manager kelly an conway just moments ago about her candidate's soon to be released medical conway just moments ago about her candidate's soon to be released medical records. but it's not clear at all that they will be releasing very many records when she talks about the right to privacy. this is a cam an like none over and joining me now, someone who has covered both candidates, maureen dowd. she has a new book out called the year of voting dangerously. it's great to see you. we've been on the road together a lot in years past. and i have never seen a campaign like this. kellyanne conway said that is he believes mr. trump has a right to privacy, that candidates have a right to privacy, but why did hillary clinton lie and not reveal her pneumonia. so those are two i believe internally inconsistent points. >> well, andrea, we started together when we were 25 covering a really bad murder
9:38 am
case in a suburb of washington and we have seen a lot of crazy things. but i think we're about to go through the craziest 57 days that either of us have ever seen. and we've got one completely out of control candidate and one candidate who is so tight li controlled she causes all kinds of problems for herself. and neither of them are transparent. >> and in your book, you say that we are watching the moths epic battle of the sexists since billie jean king faced off against bobby riggs. former first lady going up against a rat pack reality tv star who calls women sweetheart and rates their racks.
9:39 am
>> well,s it's really interestig because for century, women were considered unfit to hold higher office or to society. so now in this campaign we see a candidate who, you know, gets feelings hurt very easily and is sort of gossipy and pouty aptends to get hysterical and lot of hair care concerns. and it's not the woman in the race. and the woman in the race is very -- keeps her emotions in check to the point where people want her to show more emotions. and wears dark suits and so a lot of role changing here. >> how much do you think gender plays a role in the whole health care issue? behalf t before the incident on sunday, the whole creation by rudy giuliani and donald trump, the conspiracy theory, she's weak,
9:40 am
frail, not tough enough when she's enduring an incredible campaign schedule. >> right. she called you in-defat pickable and i agree, i'm in the worried about her health, i'm worried about her stealth. but one of the first times in the book i interviewed donald trump and he was playing with different nicknames that he was going to use on her and one of them had to do with her stamina which i didn't understand because i think she has great stamina. but the alt-right part of their conspiracy theories about her health has been gender based thing. they're trying to act like she's the little woman and she's weaker than a man. but politicians as you know, one of the main things they're scared of male or female is being seen as sick. because that makes them think that they're weak. like when in iceland when ronald reagan came out without his overcoat, he was trying to seem strong and gorbachev wore the
9:41 am
overcoat and felt weak. my brother was a page for jfk on capitol hill. a senate page. and when jfk had his back surgery, my brother went to open the door for him and jfk got furious and tried to have him fired because he felt so bad seeming weak, jfk did, around the capitol. so i don't think that is a gender thing. i think hillary probably was especially sensitive about it and maybe is responding to these alt-right theory thing, but she shouldn't be. >> how seriously do you think she's damaged by the whole health incident or is it just an interruption and days lost? >> i don't think the health thing is damaging at all. if it hadn't turned into a microcosm of the way she has handled things since she first came to washington like with white border and travel gagate.
9:42 am
it's a relatively mundane problem which she could clear up. stephanopoulos said if she had just given the white water papers to the "post," it would be over in a week. instead it led to seven independent councils and $80 million in taxpayer money. it's like what happens, the dynamic is she wants to wall off everything from the press very he defensive, goes into war room mode. and her foes and the press go into a frenzy because they want to know what is there. and then it snowballs there to something so much larger. so that is what we saw play out here. and that's what makes people not trust her. because they always feel there is something she's hiding, she's not ton the level. which is strange because she's wanted to be president her whole life, so why not play it straight. >> so do you think it's been fair, the treatment, the coverage? >> i think because of this
9:43 am
dynamic, she hurts herself. she didn't have a press conference for laalmost a year. i think if she would be more open, then these doubles wouldn't fester. and i think if she doesn't to that, it will follow her into the white house if she wins and just create problems for her later. and it's just good for democracy to be more open an as you pointed out, the secret service didn't even follow protocol. >> in fact they deny that they were not following protocol. they say it's up to the candidate. >> that seemed very dangerous to me, that situation. i don't know. >> the book is the year of voting dangerously and it is brilliant writing of maureen dowd. it is a deranged year, no question about that. >> because i used to call political strategists to explain candidates. now i call shrinks. >> thank you it for being here. >> thanks, andrea.
9:44 am
>> and coming up, reinforcements. can tim kaine, president obama, chemic chelsea clinton help hillary clinton power through? time got your bus entrepreneur of the week. some salesmen focus on selling their product, but not in new york based political button maker. he says building long term relationships is the key. and his customers prove it with their orders year after year asking for more. for more, watch your business sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc.
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eyelove means having a chat with your eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends. tim kaine moments ago in michigan, he was responding to his republican counterpart mike pence. let's listen. >> to the attorney general of -- so last night on a news program, wolf blitzer asking a running mate, so is david duke with all his keconnections, is he deplorable? >> quote, i don't want to get into the name calling business. if you cannot call out bigotry, if you cannot call out racism, xenophobia, if you can't call it out, and you're silent around
9:48 am
it, you're enabling it to grow, you're enabling it to become more powerful. >> joining me for our daily fix, founder of the fix blog and also washington correspondent in philadelphia where be president obama will be campaign. ann, first to you. hillary clinton has the surrogates and most important one of course barack obama today. so they are really counting on this. we think she may be campaigning or become on the trail as early as thursday if not the sooner. with the congressional hispanic caucus. and another event on friday. >> reporter: yeah, we don't know a lot about the exact time and place of hillary's first appearance or return to the trail. she has events scheduled in washington, d.c. on friday and saturday. this event behind me president obama was scheduled long before she fell ill last weekend, but it's taken on new importance because now here is one of the
9:49 am
first times that we're going to see kind of the whole institutional democratic apparatus rallying around her and of course she's not here to see it, but we're fully expecting president obama to, you know, kind of try to give her a bucking up. >> and of course she was they ever expected to be at that event, she was supposed to be giving an economic speech today and she's home resting. but chris alyssa, that about the opportunity, the time lost? can she make this up quickly once he's back out on the trail? >> i think so. look, there are 56 days before the election. you done like to give any of them up if you're hillary clinton because every day is precious, every day i guarantee you months ago was blocked out you're going to do this, we'll stop and raise money, this, so every day that you miss something, you're missing a lot of somethings. that said, you know, i think you can take a few day off the trail
9:50 am
and it doesn't drastically change everything as much as my life as a blogger suggests everything day matters hugely. but the last time we saw her publicly getting into the truck at the memorial event. the worst thing is she tries to come back too soon and looks not well again in public. it's discretion. waiting for her to feel better is the smarter political thing to do and good for her health. >> especially with the first debate september 26. thank you both. coming up, benched. why college sports fans aren't going to be cheering championship match-ups in north carolina this season. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. as you'll see, when shoppers add an item to their jet carts, they automatically shrink the prices of millions of other products. very impressive.
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9:53 am
ncaa north carolina, are you behind that decision? >> yeah. it's embarrassing for the state that this happened.
9:54 am
our image is being tarnished. >> >> mike krzyzewski on the controversial bathroom law. the first two rounds of ft men's basketball tournament. pete williams joins me now with more. where does the case stand now? the appeal? >> the case is awaiting trial. what the ncaa says it is committed to fairness and inclusion. it is acting not just because of the bathroom part of the law but the other part of north carolina's law which forbids local communities from passing laws that would protect gays and lesbians from discrimination. the ncaa says five states -- new york, minnesota, washington, vermont, and connecticut -- passed laws to prohibit public employees including athletic staff from traveling to north
9:55 am
carolina for official purposes. now the north carolina republican party has responded to this, calling it absurd saying under the ncaa's logic, colleges should make cheer leaders and football players share bathrooms, showers and hotel rooms but the ncaa said it is not acting just because of the bathroom law but because of the nondiscrimination part as well. >> there is another issue today which is a ban on taking selfies when you are voting. explain. >> more than half the states explicitly or by other laws ban the taking of selfies in voting booths. this is the selfie election if there ever was one. there is a hearing today in a federal appeals court in boston challenging a new hampshire law that bans selfies. the state says it is necessary to prevent vote-buying and voter intimidation but the aclu said it is a limitation on free expression. >> pete williams covering it all. thank you, pete. >> you bet. >> coming up, donald trump takes the stage at his latest campaign rally.
9:56 am
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that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow us online, on facebook and on twitter. hally jackson is next on msnbc live on capitol hill. >> thanks so much. hi, everyone. i'm coming to you live from capitol hill. it's been a homecoming and a fence-mending mission for governor mike pence. now he's meeting with republican senators not far from where we are. a few blocks away. pence still refusing to call david duke deplorable but he denounced his support. let's look at the road map this hour. donald trump versus president obama. trump is in battleground iowa expected to take the stage at any minute on one side of the screen. on the other is air force one landing about 60 seconds ago in philadelphia. president obama in pennsylvania,
10:00 am
the key battleground a campaign for hillary clinton for the first time since his dnc speech. we have the trump campaign on offense, hitting clinton hard on her now notable "deplorable" remark as she tries to battle questions about her health. >> frankly, i have never heard a major party candidate in the united states speak about the american people with such contempt. >> plus, catching up with ted cruz. trump's one-time primary rival training his fire squarely on hillary clinton. >> i will say the revelations about hillary keep getting worse. it is absolutely clear that hillary clinton is unfit to be president of the united states. >> buckle up. we have a busy show. we have it covered with our team spread across the country. ron mott is in iowa following the trump campaign. casey


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