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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 13, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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before we leave you this afternoon, i have an update to a story we have been following for three years. mikey brannigan ran for the gold at the paralympic games in rio today and you see it there. he won not just a little, he won by about four seconds over the second runner. he is 19 years old and he is autistic and now solidified his place as one of the world's elite runners. you can catch more of his story on nightly news with lester holt at 6:30 eastern time. i just love that family. hope you can join us for that. that wraps up this hour. i will be back here at 3:00 eastern; steve. >> thanks for that and good afternoon. here in new york, we are now exactly weeks to go until election day. 56, count em, 56 days away.
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president obama on the attack with hillary clinton on the sidelines. the president stepping in and making her case for you. >> we weren't going to let you on this golf course and buy in his condo and suddenly he is your champion? >> he is more popular than he has been in a while. what could he do to boost history clinton. we have interesting numbers to show you and we will break them down in a minute. also donald trump at the moment the president was speaking, trump was too accusing hillary clinton of running a flimsy campaign. >> hillary clinton is running a policy-free campaign. she offers no ideas and no solutions and only hatred and derigz. >> trump himself has been running a policy light on
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details. they are starting to change that image starting with a speech he will give tonight. katie will have the details in a minute. his running mate mike pence offering a new response today after refusing yesterday to call former kkk grand wizard david duke deplorable. >> i have no idea why this man keeps coming up. we denounced david duke repeatedly. >> pence still won't use the word deplorable. we will show you what he did say and what it might mean. all that and a lot more ahead. donald trump out on the campaign trail today as hillary clinton revs for a second straight day following that health incident on sunday. clinton represented on the trail by president obama. trump meanwhile continuing to play up clinton's comments at a fund-raiser calling his supporters deplorable. trump now trying to connect that
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to her e-mail scandal. take a look. >> her comments display the same sense of arrogance and entitlement that led her to violate federal laws and hide or delete e-mails. 33,000 e-mails. that's just one batch. that's a lot of talk. >> on the subject of health, both candidates expected to release medical information this week. donald trump set to appear on the dr. oz show and will have the results from a physical he took last week, but his campaign manager may be hedging on what we can expect to see. >> i'm with dr. oz and millions of americans on this. i don't know why we need extensive medical reportering when we have a right to privacy. >> before the dr. oz appearance and whatever he does unveil, he
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is set to give a policy spoo etch and he will unveil a proposal for child care with his daughter, ivanka. so donald trump giving what we are told will be a detailed policy speech or this is not something the campaign has been marked by pootoo much. what is he laying out exactly? >> we will find out how much detail will be there in a few hours, but he needs to find a way to win more female votes. so far he has not been doing well with female voters. hillary clinton beating him significantly in that group. a real female deficit. he wants to come off as a champion of women. ivanka teased this idea that donald trump would have more child care benefits and women who work at the convention. trump mentioned a child care
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deduction in his economic speech in detroit. now they lay out a full-fledged proposal. they are proposing that trump will rewrite the tax code that allow working parents to deduct for child care expenses, up to four children and elderly dependents. if you are a stay at home mom, you can deduct that as well. this is going to benefit middle and upper class, wooing families and people who pay income taxes. not so much for those not paying income taxes working mothers who are paying more than the bottom threshold. there will be a rebate or deduction that they will be able to write into their taxes and it won't be the same thing as these little class women will be able to declare. donald trump needs to do this because he needs to find a way to connect to female voters and
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bringing out his daughter, ivanka who has been the most successful surrogate to connect to females so far and he gave a preview about that in iowa. >> i'm going to roll out a plan to help our mothers and our families get affordable quality child care for their children. my daughter, ivanka will be involved. she is the one that has been pushing for it so hard. daddy, daddy, we have to do this. and it's true. she is very smart and she is right. >> we are told ivanka had her hand in the speech and had influence over it. unclear how much, but we have spoken to her in the past and she said it's an issue that is near and dear to her heart. we should note that there is in this pru preview of this speech, there is mandatory paid maternity leave.
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>> in pennsylvania again, donald trump due to outline that policy proposal and child care. as katie said, the goal here for donald trump and the problem he is trying to address, he is lagging with female voters and more particularly, a specific kind of female voter. we talk all the time about the white voters with college degrees. we are tacking about suburbanites and college professionals. why? these are voters that presidential candidates have always won until this year. here's where donald trump is struggling. with white men with college degrees, he is tied. that's a problem with him. that's a group he should be winning easily. white women with college degree, he is not tied, he is getting clobbered. a 26-point deficit. this is a group republicans should not just be competitive with. this is a group they should be winning. he is getting wiped out. that is the backdrop as katie
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was saying. also part of the backdrop, the last republican presidential candidate who won a presidential election, george w. bush. a two-term president. he won a very close election and a disputed election with florida, but he won in 2000 and reelected in 2004. one of the centerpieces of george w. bush's campaign in 2000, he called it compassionate conservatism. it was designed to address the kind of voter donald trump is going after tonight. this was the message and the last winning message where a candidate sounded like from george w. bush. take a listen. >> big government is not the answer. but the alternative is not indifference. it is to put conservative values and ideas into the thick of the fight for justice and opportunity. this is what i mean by compassionate conservatism.
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we will lead our nation. >> the idea that not all of government is the enemy. donald trump trying to take a page from the playbook, but he pounded that message for 18 months in 1999 and 2000. he is embracing it about six weeks before election day. weeks before election day. a much shorter time frame for him. keep that in mind. meanwhile, president obama in the agenda a minute ago. he is on the campaign trail for hillary clinton in pennsylvania this afternoon. casey hunt is there for us in philadelphia. this is the best you can hope for if you are hillary clinton. >> without a doubt.
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president obama juster to into donald trump today and he seemed to have a good time doing it. it seemed as though he might have been waiting for the chance to make a speech like this one today. he talked about how donald trump has made comments that rendered him unfqualified. you had a low of throw back lines and a los of yes, we can and a lot of folks yelling we love you at the president. a sense of nostalgia and many african-american voters in the crowd. president obama on the one hand had many serious attacks on donald trump, but he had a few where he had a little bit of fun. take a look. >> you want him to base foundations in charities.
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one candidate's family foundation saved countless lives around the world. the other candidate's foundation took money other people gave to his charity and then bought a six-foot tall painting of himself. >> now of course the president's challenge here is selling these voters on hillary clinton. you can tell that the other part of his mission was to try to get people as excited to vote for her as they were to vote for him in 2008 and 2012. african-american voters here in philadelphia are really the bedrock of democratic victories in pennsylvania for quite sometime. and frankly, hillary clinton needs them to show up for her. while he didn't talk at all directly about her health and pneumonia, he made references to her stamina and talked about the rocky stairs that you can see behind me at the art museum and said when i felt like i was
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running up the stairs and about to win the championship, i looked over my shoulder and there was hillary clinton waiting in the wings. he described her as a tough opponent. there are things he said before on the campaign trail, but in light of what's been going on this week, particularly reason ant. steve in. >> casey hunt in philadelphia. i remember that. the stairs at that museum, i was there and it was about 105 degrees that day. looks more comfortable now. what can president obama do for hillary clinton? let's show you numbers. what exactly the clinton campaign is hoping for. where is the approval rating? this is close to the high point. he had been in the mid-high 40s for a while and during this campaign, a lot of criticism has been redirected against president obama and now it is redirected to hillary clinton. the approval rating has picked up, but let's show you where
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hillary clinton's favorable score. this is close and a little more personal, but you see she has problems there. only a 38% favorable score. take a look at this. president obama when you look -- hillary clinton, those under 30, we saw this problem in the democratic primaries for her and still see it now of 31% favorable score with the youngest voters. contrast that with what the same voters think of the job president obama is doing. check this out. more than double. 64%. a weak spot for hillary clinton is strong for president obama. that was part of the story when he defeated her in the primaries in 2008. hoping the clinton campaign is that president obama can fire up the voters. casey hunt mentioned this. african-americans, hispanics and asians, this is how president obama did in 2012. 93% with blacks and 71% with hispanics and 73% with asians. these are the best scores
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democrats ever posted with these two groups. this is the second best for democrats, second only to how obama did in 2008. the hope here for the clinton campaign, it's not just to try to get close to the level of support, but to get the energy and enthusiasm and the turn out and hoping president obama with the speech day with his presence on the campaign trail can do that for her as well. those are the numbers behind president obama on the trail. for more now, let's bring in bill burton, press secretary during president obama's first term and now a strategist. tom davis, a republican from virginia. bill burton, let's start with you and a former obama guy. those of us with long memories in 2008 and the plot has come to this. when you look at president obama on the campaign trail, what's the most important thing you think he can do for hillary clinton right now.
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>> the fact that things are so high he has an appeal that crosses demographics that allows him to be a real surrogate for her in a way that donald trump doesn't have with anyone. he only has himself and his family and his family is not on the trail. it's a massive advantage that they can deploy into places at a time when she is not out on the trail and have him making her case. >> and tom davis, in terms of donald trump, it looks like he is trying to do the compassionate conservative thing that did. this is a new term for him. eight weeks before the election and he has not talked like this before. is this something he can pull off? >> eight weeks to go and anything can happen and college-educated women have been voting republican in past elections and he has to peel some of that back if he wants to be successful. let me note something.
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his approval rating is over 50%. if you look at the unfavorable, it's about 30-30. both look so bad in comparison. >> in terms of what trump is trying to pull off, the group he is going after, it's the college educated women and he wanted to define it. they are traditionally republican voters that the polls are telling us don't like donald trump. when you look at this as a democrat, how gone do you think they are and how winnable are they for trump in terms of bringing them back? >> he has largely disqualified himself, but i will say that he is smart to go after them and i appreciate how transparent he is. i need to find a college-educated well to do women and targeted at that group and i will go on dr. oz.
1:17 pm
in this case he has a plan with a broad swath of american families. it is purely political. he will have trouble clawing his way back from the voters with his hateful language. >> how does a plan like this -- we will see the details and this looks like tax credits and talking about rebates and a benefit that will cost the government money and be designed to help working little class and upper become people as well. how is that going to go over with the base that doesn't like what it comes with the price tag. >> they will treat it like unemployment in that time president. they won't be as high as you got in your other job. it takes it out of the taxes and out of the budgetary considerations that are so poised as so many republicans. he is smart targeting the group
1:18 pm
and this is a campaign. i have been in a lot of campaigns and nobody's numbers add up at this point. >> bill burton, congressman tom davis. thanks for the time. appreciate it. >> thanks. coming up, mike pence leads with republican leaders and that includes paul ryan and the same paul ryan has never appeared on the stage with the top of the gop ticket and the most important number of the day did her basket of deplorables comment create an opportunity for clinton or is she playing with political fire? you are watching msnbc, the place for politics. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6. so live your whole day, not part... with 12 hour aleve.
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>> i have no idea why this man keeps coming up. donald trump and i denounced david duke repeatedly and i am not going to validate the language that hillary clinton used to describe the american people. look, millions of americans know and frankly you all know, hillary clinton was not talking about that bad man. >> that was republican vice presidential candidate mike pence playing defense today. last night he refused to use the word deplorable to describe the former kkk grand wizard, david duke and now trying to turn it around on hillary clinton. he is standing shoulder to shoulder to paul ryan and a display of party unity. a senior contributor of cnbc and the reagan revolution and the history of prosperity.
1:23 pm
let's start on what we saw today with mike pence. question about david duke. we are looking at donald trump trying to make hay out of clinton. the biggest thing that is holding back donald trump who have been offended and trying to win back how he handled this question. we look at the suburbanites when the name david duke comes up, the name has been easy, obvious, and simple. >> all i can say is there is not a racist bone in donald trump's and the same for mike pence. david duke is a jerk and i can't stand any of this stuff. there are bigger fish to fry and issues in the campaign. trump is really pulled even in the polls both nationally and the key states. i don't know what this is all about. this is silliness and just blast
1:24 pm
the guy out of the woods. >> the white suburbanites and the grads that usually vote republican, especially women, we are not saying that. and rebates for those who are not paying federal taxes. as a small government conservative, how can you look at that? >> compassionate conservative. it's a combination of deductions that are capped at some point for various child care forms and increase in the earned income tax credit which is refundable to the areas. it's important. parenting is very important and it may not be the most perfect policy, but it's ivanka trump is going for single women, married
1:25 pm
women, people at home and people who go to work and she is dead right on that. the motives are terrific. >> we put the number up and he is down 26 points in the most recent poll with college-educated white women that normally votes for the republican. a 26-point gap. how much of that is gone at this point? >> it's hard to say. for my part, i think mr. trump has to really emphasize what i believe is his core message. his growth candidate. every poll i see, economy jobs number one issue. terrorism perhaps number two. trump has a good economic and many, many others. new york economics club and a historic club where jfk unveiled
1:26 pm
his cuts in september of 62. i think trump will put out a strong growth message. everybody will benefit from that. suburban women and educated and people are not well educated. this on country needs growth. the last 15 years. wages barely increased. that should be the key message. >> i noticed the last couple of weeks. more disciplined behavior. what's going on behind the scenes? >> two words. kelly ann conway.
1:27 pm
conway had a terrific impact on the campaign. it's all positive. >> there is a headline and we show mike pence talking and being at that event, the subplot has been the republicans who still are not full low on board with trump. there is a headline from the examiner and never trump republicans standing firm. there are hold outs. anything going to bring them around? >> i don't know. you always get this. this always happens. paul ryan is firmly behind the ticket and that matters a lot. can you bring him in? i don't know. from a voter standpoint, it's inconsequential. if trump continues on the present course and he had a good come back, you could have a republican win in the house and the senate. there a lot of close races and it's too early to make the
1:28 pm
announcement, but especially the state polls. republicans and in new hampshire, ron johnson and pat toomey in pennsylvania. the numbers are turning up. it's very optimistic for a pro growth jfk democrat. i'm a jfk democrat and a ronald reagan republican. how's that? >> this was a big part of jack kemp's message. he laid the ground work in 1981. jack kemp said the inspiration was jfk. explain that. >> absolutely right. he had a 30% tax cut. he was the first one. the pioneer. it worked. he tried northern liberals and republicans. the treasury secretary was a republican. he sold john f. kennedy on lower tax rates.
1:29 pm
upper, little, and lower. jack kemp picked up on that. he said let's duplicate kennedy. 30% across the board. that became known as kemp roth. that was one of the budget deputies and it got through. it got through originally with about 70 democrats in the house. kennedy and reagan knew how to persuade and go across the aisle and to me, we need that. we need a business tax cuts particularly and we need to have conversations and go across the aisle. all the name calling is not helping. america needs growth and prosperity. you have about 70 of them. the first vote in the summer of 1981, you are exactly right. >> i might have read something about this too. jfk and the revolution.
1:30 pm
thank you for joining us. the new book is out and after the break, the ncaa pulling seven championship events including college basketball out of the state of north carolina and all of this in protest with the bathroom law. mike pence makes the rounds on capitol hill meeting with republican leaders and upping the attack on hillary clinton and her deplorable comment. >> i have never heard a major party candidate in the united states speak about the american people with such contemp. ingred. (riley) man, this chicken is spectacular! (jessica) i had to start hiding the bag because he would try to put his face in it all day. yeah you love it, don't you? you love it so much! i feel like when he eats beneful, he kind turns into a puppy again. it's protein. it's vegetables. it's grains. i mean, like that sounds like a dinner i'd make for myself, right? (riley) hey it's a big bag. just have some of mine. (vo) try new beneful healthy weight with chicken. now with real chicken as the number one ingredient,
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. here are the headlines. tonight he will be just outside of philadelphia at a closed door event and hours ago, he was at a rally in the suburbs of des moines, iowa saying hillary clanders opponents by calling some of them deplorables and she is running a policy-free
1:34 pm
campaign of hatred and division. hillary clinton is at home and she is feeling better, but on the trail for her today, president obama and her daughter, chelsea. in front of a crowd in philadelphia saying he is ready to pass the baton to clinton and trump is not fit in any way, shape, or form to be president. primary season officially comes to an end today. republican senator is the last incumbent to face and more contests are being held in delaware. they face a tough battle against maggie and polls have gone back and forth in the race and the latest from nbc news shows them leading by eight points. no march madness next year for the state of north carolina. boycotting the state over the controversial bathroom law that
1:35 pm
restricts transgender bathroom access. set to lose seven events overall and that includes the first two rounds of next year's men's tournament. they filed similar ones by the nba. the republican party issued a harsh statement in response. they call it political peacocking. perez is in intensive care after suffering a stroke according to an update from his doctor and his son. perez is 93 years old and a corecipient of the nobel peace prize. before leaving office in 2014, he served for nearly seven decades. house speaker paul ryan got the closest we may ever see him coming to the trump-pence campaign. he never public low appeared with trump, but today he and other members held a conference with his vice presidential
1:36 pm
running mate, mike pence, a former house member himself, close to paul ryan and he was visiting to build support for what has been a very fractured republican party this year. kelly o'donnell was at that conference and joins us. talk about this dynamic a little bit. donald trump had a high profile meeting and paul ryan has distanced himself on multiple occasions. >> the governor was asked about that. paul ryan has at times criticized and criticized and without naming him, denounced positions and any discomfort there and governor pence said there was unity and respect from trump to himself. they tried to thread the needle for a happy gop family. behind the scenes, there were questions about the campaign season and some of the issues that are at play and how the ticket of trump and pence is playing with women voters, for
1:37 pm
example. private meetings with house republicans and senate republicans and one on one meetings and those republicans who have not signed on and publicly supporting. it has been a day of politicking and what has been in the mix of returning controversy of david duke. a while nationalist and racist and always trying to get in the news and even running for senate in louisiana and an open seat this year. always trying to get his name and aention. he of course is a trump supporter and has drawn in mike pence in a recurring question about does mike pence believe that someone like david duke fits that description hillary clinton gave of the deplorables. a basket of deplorables. pence avoided using the same words as clinton. doesn't want to find that in a campaign ad or agreeing with
1:38 pm
hillary clinton and finding his own way to separate. i asked him about the only question on the topic. here's how he responded. you concerned that there is something about the candidacy in these political times and the rhetoric that draws them to you? >> look, we live in a free country. people of ill motives can associate themselves with politics. pence of course rejected the support of a figure like david duke. i'm told by those in the room that part of what pence tried to do was humanize donald trump with the experiences that are working more closely to colleagues here in washington to
1:39 pm
get a sense that the public doesn't see to encourage them to feel hopeful about a potential trump administration and work together in the remaining weeks of the season. the last time republicans on capitol hill will have strategy meetings related to the campaign as a group before america votes in eight weeks. >> steve? >> kelly o'donnell, thanks for that. meanwhile, coming up, donald trump using hillary clinton's use of the word deplorable to describe many of his supporters against her. clearly sees an opportunity here. why did hillary clinton say it? what opportunity does she see in going down that road? one number explains it and it's the most important number of the day and it is next. . >> i would like to punch him in the face. losers. >> disgusting. >> stupid. >> you can't lead the nation if you have a low opinion for the
1:40 pm
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trubiotics from one a day. . they see a big opportunity in hillary clinton's comment that many trump supporters belong in a basket of deplorables. you see why the campaign thinks there is a political opening and why did hillary clinton say what
1:44 pm
opportunity did she see and that brings us to the most important number of the day which is 60. what did the number have to do with this? 60%, a new abc news poll, 60% of voters say they believe that donald trump is biased against women and minorities. all voters. democrats and democrats and independents. 60% say that that a ploys to donald trump. biased against women and minorities. break it down further, talking about the groups that he struggled with. the republican groups he is trying to win back. like with that child care and college educated white voters. among them, 57% say that donald trump is biased with women and minorities and with white women, more specifically he is struggling with 61% say that donald trump is biased against women and minorities.
1:45 pm
we can thank them for flagging the numbers. donald trump shows you faces a real barrier when people have this opinion of your racial attitude, that suggests a barrier from winning them back and that is something that she wants to be drawing tension to. by bringing his supporters into it and talking about his supporters not just as a small isolated group, but a large number of supporters the chance she is taking is does it distract from donald trump's views and allowing to take the moral ground or from the clinton standpoint, does it highlight what is the huge problem area for donald trump. what is the most important number of the day today. it is 60 and the reason she went down this road and a big hurdle. donald trump has to overcome it if he is going to get elected president in november.
1:46 pm
>> tim kaine trying to use the refusal to call david duke a deplorable and put it to the clinton team's advantage. more on that after this. >> you stand back in the silence, you are enabling it to grow. you push and pull and struggle and fight and love to run your business. and when you need legal help with that business, we're here for you. we're legalzoom. and over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners navigate every day challenges. so visit us today for the legal help you need to start and run your business. legalzoom. legal help is here. perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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i'm one of the two senators with a child deployed. i have a son in the marine
1:50 pm
corps. i will say this. i want a commander in chief with judgment. i would trust hillary clinton with my son's and donald trump scares me to death. >> as tim kaine makes an emotional pitch for hillary clinton playing up the national security in the shadow of last week's forum on national security, echoing a comment from vice president biden a few weeks ago. >> this crowd, my son, beau served for a year in iraq and came back a highly decorated soldier. i must tell you had donald trump been president i would throw my body in front of him. i mean it. to keep him from going if the judgment was based on trump's decision. >> as democratic strategy trying to force voters to confront what they see is the reality to have trump as commander in chief and what that means. will the voters get that
1:51 pm
message. msnbc contributor and associate editor down at the hill in washington. let's start with you. another part of the democratic message is they are not really backing away from the comment about donald trump supporters and deplorables. hillary said 50%, half, she doesn't want to use that number anymore, but they are not backing away from that. 60% say that donald trump is biased against women and minorities. i am looking at that and say he seems to have a ceiling of 40%. that doesn't seem to be a coincidence. >> my favorite thing lately in the trump campaign and your favorite thing is a fluid thing. those comments about the deplorables disqualify hadder from being president of the united states. finally somebody said something that disqualified them. finally a line was crossed. not about muslims or anything
1:52 pm
like that. when he said that she is running a campaign of hate and division, that is one of the great political moments of the pot calling the kettle black that i have ever heard. >> that 60% that being looks at trump and everything he said so far and said he is biased against women and minorities and he needs the voters to vote for him if he is going to win. could you see it in the last two months getting them to change their minds? >> steve, i was thinking about this today. he ran for this nomination like he was dirty harry. he was going to do this to mexican americans and to refugees and immigrants. suddenly since kelly ann conaway came along, he is the most handled politician in america and the question is going to be, how long does it last or is this another pose that he adopted that he can't stay with. >> speaking of that, being a more traditional disciplined
1:53 pm
message, that's what donald trump is attempting to pull off tonight with the policy speech on child care. this looks like a very uncharacteristic thing for his campaign. it looks like a direct appeal to the suburban women he is struggling with. can he pull that off? >> i think it is a challenge for him. his appeal to supporters has so far tended to be a visceral with him running as an outsider against someone in opposition to the establishment. that's well and good, but it doesn't actually explain to people how you make their lives better. i think what we are seeing tonight is an attempt to try to do that, but to try to talk to those who are not decided and say this is something that would improve your life. whether it actually transcends all the controversies that trump ignited during his candidacy. >> donald trump trying to be a more disciplined candidate.
1:54 pm
this is what i have been wondering. he didn't tweet when she had her health incident. he is giving from this standpoint to be a policy speech tonight. is this killing him? is he dying playing this character? is he going to break out or can he keep this up to the election? >> there is no stone unturned. this thing was making child care cost deductible. you soon can imagine walking through suburban neighborhoods with a sign that said to wives and others, please like me. that 60% number that you were talking about, it's quite real. whether he has a bias against women or not, there is a legitimate perception that he does. his numbers are not as bad with women as african-americans, but they are pretty bad. >> that's what i think.
1:55 pm
we have drawn the parallel of and approximate it worked for him because he got elected, but he didn't spend the bulk of that campaign making a lot of comments, the inflammatory comments that donald trump has. >> as a consequence of that, he did not face millions and millions of dollars of advertising from his opponent, replaying the comments over and over. aiming at exacting the type of suburban voters that donald trump is trying to win over. it's all very well trump coming out with the speech, but that takes place within a context where people have seen the most inflammatory remarks he made replayed courtesy of hillary clinton's considerable advantage in the air wars. >> mike, quickly, this issue offy deplorables. they think they are getting traction here.
1:56 pm
>> they are absolutely getting traction, but i'm amazed when mike pence tries to compare this with the father of a terrorist being in the audience as if hillary clinton not only invited him, but had him driven to that event. that's kind of deplorable. >> the difference between one individual incident and poll numbers. thanks to both of you and now over to hampton pierce for market wrap. >> hello, steve. markets closing in the red as the dow posted the third straight day of triple-digit moves. the s&p down 32. the nasdaq falling by 56 points. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. bl ♪
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>> that does it for this hour. live from chicago starts now. >> if it's tuesday, hillary clinton needs the president's help more than ever. she is getting it more than ever today. >> the time has come to pass the baton and i know hillary will take it. >> president obama plays campaigner in chief. >> she will run that race and finish that race. >> can the president help pull clinton across the election day finish line? north carolina's lgbt law is costing the state big time sporting effects and could hurt republicans on the ballot in november. >> the image is being tarnish and it's embarrassing.


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