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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  September 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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despite this announcement from the candidate tonight and despite what is apparently planned to be a full-page ad in the "new york times" tomorrow. we will see. we'll keep you posted. that does it for us tonight. don't tell gary johnson, but we have a rhode island voter here in the building. there's signature they might be able to get. christina, would you sign gary johnson's -- okay. >> tell her she will need security. there is an investigation into trump foundation. also tonightkellyanne conway said something today in an interview that a campaign
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manager should never, ever say. >> let's talk about mr. trump. really? that, like, this is the guy? >> what do you have to lose? >> who spent 70 years on this earth, showing no concern for working people. >> trump has been incredibly generous over the course of his life. >> took money other people gave to his charity and then bought a six-foot-tall painting of himself. >> i feel like a super model except like times ten. >> we cannot afford suddenly to treat this like a reality show. >> my opponent slanders you as irredeemable. >> if you're chumming around with the head of the ku klux klan, that's deplorable. >> by the way, with iran, they make gestures at our people that they shouldn't be allowed to make.
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they will be shot out of the water. >> of course it's legal. it's a war. until the war's over, anything's legal. >> this is the last word on campaign 2016. >> this campaign week is doing as well as it possibly could for donald trump because the media is doing a deplorable job of ignoring those last commenting of donald trump. he said he would start a shooting war wh iran if iranians in little boats made gestures toward our destroyers, the most lethal ships in history. and rudy giuliani justified war crimes that donald trump says he wants to commit, by saying that in war anything is legal. he said that in the country that prosecuted nazis for war crimes in nuremberg. we executed them because of what
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rudy giuliani said is legal in war. if the news media treated the trump campaign the way it has treated every presidential campaign prior to trump and the other presidential campaign that is going on during the trump campaign, the clinton campaign, if the news media treated the trump campaign like it treats every other campaign, donald trump by now would have been forced to retract his statement about going to war over a gesture. and rudy giuliani would have been forced to apologize for his comment, justifying everything that has ever been done in war anywhere in the world, including everything that nazi germany did. rudy giuliani would have been forced to abjectly apologize for that comment and donald trump would be forced to distance himself from rudy giuliani and ban him from his campaign. but, with 55 days left before
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the election, the american political news media still has not figured out how to deal with the trump for president campaign, and donald trump knows that, and he exploits it every single day. he exploits the american news media's most basic weakness, and that is the news media's unbreakable attraction to whatever is the simplest thing to talk about that day, and a candidate getting sick is much simpler to talk about for the american news media, especially when they have video of that candidate struggling to walk into a car to take her home. that's what the news media's going to go for, every moment that the news media has spent talking about hillary clinton's health, and every moment it has spent pretending that hillary clinton should say nothing but praiseful things about donald trump's supporters, the news media has been ignoring the real issues of this campaign. the political news media has no idea how to cover issues like
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taxation on which these two candidates differ widely, or war policy or health care policy or infrastructure policy. never mind when that infrastructure policy involves the sacred sites of native-american tribes. all of that is too far complex for the american political news media to talk about when they have more sensational to talk about, and donald trump knows that, which is why he continues to supply them with the sensational madness that has become the oxygen of the american political news media. and into that toxic stew brewed by the trump campaign and stirred dutifully every day by the compliant political news media, stepped president obama today in philadelphia. >> let's talk about mr. trump. he's not really a plans guy, a fact guy. he calls himself a business guy.
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but america's got a lot of business men and women who succeeded without hiding their tax returns. leaving a trail of lawsuits or workers who didn't get paid. people feelin' like they got cheated. and now this guy's going to be the champion of working people. huh? i mean, he wasn't going to let you on his golf course. he wasn't going to let you buy in his condo, and suddenly this guy's going to be your champion? so, yes, if you oppose raising the minimum wage you should vote for trump. >> and describing where he sees the country today, the president described how much stronger it is now than when the last republican president left office. >> we fought our way back from the worst recession in 80 years. we turned around a declining
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economy. we helped our auto industry set new records. our businesses created 15 million new jobs, slashed our dependence on foreign oil, doubled our production of clean energy. made marriage equality a reality in all 50 states. [cheers and applause] we brought more of our troops home to their families. we delivered justice to osama bin laden. [cheers and applause] through diplomacy, rather than war, we shut down iran's nuclear program. opened up a new chapter with the people of cuba. brought nearly 200 nations together around a climate agreement that could save this planet for our kids and our grand kids. that's what we've done. [cheers and applause] by so many measures, america's stronger and more prosperous than when we started out on this journey together.
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>> the president wasn't going to take credit for the low price of gasoline these days, but when someone shouted from the audience that the price of gas is $2, he seemed glad someone mentioned it, because that's the kind of thing donald trump never acknowledges. >> you've got the donald, who just last week went on russian state television to talk down our military and to curry favor with vladimir putin. he loves this guy. and when the interviewer asked him, why do you support this guy? he's a strong guy, look, he's got an 82% poll rating. well, yes, so did saddam hussein had a 90% poll rating. i mean, if you control the media and you've taken away everybody's civil liberties, and you jail dissidents, that's what
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happens. you know if the pollster calls you up and says if you support the guy, if you don't support him, he might throw you in jail, you say yes, i love that guy. >> joining us now, joy reid. also with us, george stevens, columnist for the "daily beast". joy, president beat me to it as he has many times. i had been meaning to explain polling. >> yeah. >> in russia. >> yeah. >> at some point, but that was a pretty succinct description. >> yeah, i think the last semi-independent pollster was just shut down by the putin regime. i don't know if this is a meeting of our supporoup and president obama is the other member of it. >> this is where we gather at 10:00 p.m. >> i think that might be it, or sometimes i feel like i'm patrick swayze's character in
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"ghost", and nobody sees me. this is the most surreal presidential campaign ever. and you now see it falls to the president of the united states to sort of break through this menagerie of insanity and explain real life. and thank god he's out on the campaign trail, because american voters have been led to believe, including today, that donald trump going on dr. oz's daytime talk show to reveal something about his medical records is transparency. i read that today in a legitimate news outlet, right? i think we're getting to the point where i'm not sure voters can separate fantasy from reality. and they're losing sight of some glaring things. we have an american presidential candidate who went on russian state television to down the united states, bring down the united states military, talk down the u.s. military and he praises president putin daily . it's bizarre.
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>> and i think what struck me today in listening to the president, there are so many issues. and the obama eight years that he described, there are things republicans might want to debate within that, in terms of what he achieved or didn't achieve, but there's none of that, because everybody in the media wants to follow donald trump when he sees dr. oz. if he wants to see a tv doctor, it really should be a shrink. about the issues, if we were in a romney-type, let's say we have a romney-type republican running right now. would issues really be what's left in the campaign at this stage in the calendar? or are people making their decisions on other things? >> oh, i think people are very chaotic, confused, busy people
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and they make their decisions on different things considering their mood and what they're paying attention to. it's such a different race than four years ago where both candidates on election day had favorables of 50%, which seems like another universe. i think that there's a fundamental threshold that is going to be the challenge for donald trump to get over as president. and i think that will happen or not happen in that first debate. really, the sense of can you see this person as commander in chief? it's so important in making a choice for president. with other presidential campaign i worked on, president bush in 2000 and governor bush, it really didn't happen until the first debate. so i think this campaign's going to kind of be in a trading range until the first debate. and it's really going to be important if donald trump is
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going to have a shot that donald trump really hits it out of the park. >> let's look at this new tv ad by the clinton campaign. >> you can't lead this nation if you have such a low opinion for its citizens. >> how stupid are the people of the country? >> we're building a wall. he's a mexican. you got to see this guy, ah, i don't know what i said, i don't remember. you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. you can't lead this nation if you have such a low opinion for its citizens. >> joy, it's hard to remember a campaign that was more willing to use the opponent in tv ads, because no one hurt the opponent more than the opponent. >> hillary clinton is stuck in an atmosphere where if she is sick it is a scandal. she can't move forward.
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what she's left with attempting to remind people over and over and over again what her' not seeing necessarily in the media, who dona trump is, and it's sort of a bizarro world where the gaff is to point out that the candidate who's supported by david duke and who has an alt-right leader as the ceo of his campaign, or an alt-right media gadfly, the gaff is to point that out. what would hit it out of the park mean for donald trump? i'm not sure there's a way for him to fail. so i think there's so much built in that doesn't allow him to fail. there's such a thick, wide net under him, that almost no matter what he says and does it's washed away, but if hillary clinton sneezes, it's end of the world. >> aren't people in the media going to grade him as hitting it out of the park if he doesn't stumble and fall on his face? >> well, you spend more time with the media than i do.
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so i defer to you on that. >> i'd rather have you than me for a change. >> i don't think voters, i don't think voters that are in play are going to look at it that way. i mean, look, you've got these clinton supporters who are going to be for clinton regardless, and you've got trump supporters. there's just more clinton supporters. he's coming up against math and realizing he's underperforming with white female voters. getting half of the lead that romney got. and there's reason to believe that romney didn't get enough of them. he won white female voters by 14 points. you've got to do better with women. and he's doing worse than romney did with non-whites, headed to historic lows with hispanics and african-americans and he's going to be in the low 3% 4% at max. so that's really what this is about.
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he's got to start doing better with people who aren't for donald trump now and who have negative views of donald trump. that's, that's a challenging task. >> yeah. >> stuart stevens, going to have to leave it there for tonight. thank you for joining us, really appreciate it. joy, we're going to need more help from you, okay? you can't go. we do have breaking news tonight. the new york state attorney general launched an inquiry into the trump foundation. and kellyanne conway said something today in a news review that a campaign manager must never, ever say. it's easy to love your laxative... ...when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases, and softens to unblock naturally. so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax.
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we have breaking news, the new york state attorney general has opened an inquiry into the trump foundation, but first, we had a major break through with the american political media,
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something i've been waiting for, encouraging, hoping to see all year. it finally happened, and it happened on another network. that's next.
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i usually don't know where to begin, but tonight i do. for months, for months now i've been trying to get the news media to understand that donald trump's excuse for not releasing his tax returns might not just be an excuse. it might be a complete lie. >> when the audit's finished, i'll release my tax returns. >> the news media bought the audit line completely for a while, but then they discovered president nixon released his tax returns even when they were under audit. but there is no proof that donald trump is actually being audited. in march, donald trump released a letter from his tax lawyer, willie nelson. no, seriously, his tax lawyer is willie nelson. and willie nelson's letter to donald trump is supposed to confirm that donald trump is being audited, but the letter never once uses the word audit. and because it's a letter from a lawyer, reporters wouldn't understand, and why bother
10:22 pm
reading it when you can cover the next crazy thing donald trump says that day. and even if the letter said that his taxes were being audited, that wouldn't mean he was being audited. that's how tricky this can be. donald trump's lawyer could say anything in that letter. anything he wants. it doesn't mean a thing. i invited the former director of the irs under president george w. bush in march to explain that there is no proof that donald trump is be being audited, and it's impossible for the irs to disclose anything about an individual taxpayer, so they're unable to confirm that an individual is being audited, and he knows that. and he knows the irs can't say anything about his tax returns. he knows anyone can say they're being audited and none of us can prove that that's not true. but there is one way for trump to prove that he is being audited or at least that an audit was at some point commenced. and that is to release the irs form letter that he would have
10:23 pm
received at the beginning of an audit. now some audits close very quickly. so showing an irs letter commencing an audit would not necessarily mean that an audit is still going on, but it would be something, something to show that an audit had happened at some point. at least. he would have one of those letters for every year that he would have been audited if he was audited. that letter would reveal nothing about donald trump's income or wealth, it's just a form letter that thousands of people receive every year announcing an audit, and i have taken to twitter repeatedly this year trying to help the news media on this point, especially the people who get a chance to ask donald trump questions. in may, i tried to alert trump interviewers on this point. note to trump interviewers, there's no proof trump is being audited. i kept up with this. and on august 2nd i did two of these tweets. there is no proof trump is being
10:24 pm
audited by irs. i usually wrote those after watching an interview, completely falling for the fact that he is being audited. i said who will be the first donald trump interviewer to ask him to release his audit letter from the irs, which would prove he was audited. and i had no takers, not one person in the media who has ever gotten the chance to speak to donald trump about his taxes or about anything has ever asked donald trump to prove that he is being audited by showing the irs letter. all the trump interviewers have modeled their questioning about taxes on every previous trump interviewer's questions about taxes. and donald trump gave the same answer every time. he said he's being audited. what if trump wasn't being audited? what excuse would he have then for not releasing his tax returns? it's an important question, is donald trump really being audited? that question has been sitting right there in front of the
10:25 pm
media for months and months and months. and they've missed it. until today. yesterday, as i watched a trump surrogate get away with the trump audit excuse once again without the audit itself ever being in doubt in that interview, i tweeted, media remains determined to understand that there's no proof that donald trump is being audited. hint, ask for the irs audit letter. imagine my joy this morning when this happened. >> let's talk about donald trump's tax records. when can we expect to see them? >> when his lawyer and his accountants tell him that he should release them, when he's no longer under audit. he's made that very clear. >> has donald trump or will he release anything from the irs, a letter from the irs, proving that he's under audit? >> i'm sorry? >> whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. i just, i just want to slow this
10:26 pm
down. i want to slow down this moment, because it's just so good. i've been waiting for this for so, so long, and kellyanne conway had no idea it was coming. she apparently is not one of my 892,000 twitter followers, and i hope she never is, then i can continue to surprise her with questions on tv, even though she will never come on my show. when is the last time you saw kellyanne conway mixing one of her high-speed word salads in a tv interview where she was suddenly stopped cold, shocked into an i'm sorry. she said i'm sorry, so she could slow this thing down and figure out what to throwback at the interviewer in response to a question she's never heard before. and you've got to remember, when you see kellyanne conway being interviewed every question is a question someone else has asked her already.
10:27 pm
that's why it's pretty easy being kellyanne conway on tv these days, but it's not easy being kellyanne conway on tv this morning with alisyn camerota. >> has donald trump or will he release anything from the irs, a letter from the irs proving that he's under audit. >> i'm sorry? >> will donald trump release anything from the irs proving that he's under audit? >> i don't know, why? are you calling him a liar? >> one of the first things in the unwritten rule book of campaign management, is under no circumstance do you ever ask interviewers if they are calling your candidate a liar? every professional campaign operative knows you never, ever, ever do that. and one of the reasons you never do that is that yes, the media often is, in effect, with questions like that calling your candidate a liar. unless you can prove that he's not a liar.
10:28 pm
and the other reason you never ask interviewers if their candidate, if they are calling your candidate a liar is that your candidate just might be a liar. and when your candidate is donald trump, you know, you are working for the most poisonous, relentless, deplorable liar in the history of presidential campaigning. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down, and i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. thousands of people were cheering. >> how did he keep us safe when the world trade center came down? the world -- excuse me, i lost hundreds of friends. >> he lies about 9/11.
10:29 pm
he didn't see anyone in new jersey celebrating on 9/11. no one. he lied about that. he's willing to lie about america's darkest day of the 21st century, because he will lie about anything at any time. he did not know hundreds of people who were killed on 9/11. there is no evidence that donald trump attended a single funeral after 9/11. he never attended a 9/11 ceremony until last weekend. he lies about the dead of 9/11. he pretends he knew them. he steals their grief of 9/11 families and of the friends of 9/11 victims and claims it as his own grief, as if it was his own pain, as if he suffered it himself, so yeah, i'm calling him a liar. and i've been calling him a liar for five years since i started lying about president obama's birth, and if he's not audited, it will be one of the smallest
10:30 pm
lies he's ever told. today alison cammarata taught presidential debate moderators the question to ask about whether donald trump was being audited. let's hope one of them was watching.
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we have breaking news of possibly more legal problems for donald trump tonight. new york attorney general eric schneiderman has launched an inquiry into the donald j. trump foundation. they are already at odds over a lawsuit filed for trump university for fraud in 2013. this is what was said about it before his campaign was officially announced. >> my interest in the, this issue in my capacity of regulator of nonprofits, we are concerned that the trump foundation may have engaged in improprieties. we have been looking into the trump foundation, to make sure it's complying with the laws that govern charities in new york. >> the washington post has been investigates the trump foundation for months. >> he's created a vehicle to
10:35 pm
give other people's money away as his own or make it seem like his own. he hasn't given any money to his own foundation through since 2008. >> today the house judiciary committee wanted to investigate a contribution to a campaign backing pam bondi and that it may have influenced her decision not to pursue a claim against trump university. the trump foundation claims the contribution was made in error due to a mistaken identity. and "news week" is leaking a major political story on donald trump tomorrow. if you are watching the rachel maddow show, they obtained a preview of the piece showing a close examination by news week
10:36 pm
of the trump organization including confidential interviews with business executives and some of its international partners reveals an enterprise with deep ties to global financiers. it also reveals a web of contractual entanglements that could not just be canceled. joining us, columnist for "the daily beast." david cay johnson, you don't look shocked. first of all, to the breaking news from the new york attorney general, what are the lines that a foundation can cross to get themselves in trouble with the state attorney general?
10:37 pm
>> well, donald trump's foundation has committed at least three illegal acts that we know about. he bought the painting of himself that melania trump bid on for $20,000. he bought a tim tebow helmet. and then there's this campaign contribution to pam bondi. that's a much more serious matter, because they came up with this cockamamie story about a charity. and that suggests a coverup. and given donald trump's history of making false filings and different filings with different agencies, i think as guardian of charitable assets, the attorney general had an absolute of responsibility to look into this. >> listen to what president obama said about this today. >> you want to debate foundations and charities?
10:38 pm
one candidate's family foundation has saved countless lives around the world of the other candidate's foundation took money other people gave to his charity and then bought a six-foot-tall painting of himself. you know, he had the taste not to go for the ten-foot version, but. >> joy, if the clinton foundation had purchased an autographed football helmet for bill clinton, you finish the sentence. >> absolutely. we're talking about nothing else. hillary clinton would be hounded out of this race if even one of the several things that david fahrenthold found. the biggest story that we've been talking about. you've made it your top it story.
10:39 pm
what david fahrenthold found, you can trace where the money that was given to the clinton foundation went. can you find the aids, drugs that were given to people. david fahrenthold can find one instance in which a promised donation or a documented donation was actually made. so the question becomes, what were the millions of dollars flowing into the trump foundation, where were they going? and when he was able to find out where they were going, they were going by and large to donald trump or to pam bondi, that looked like an influential donation that was illegal. >> we all have been talking about the trump tax returns. what we're looking at here, when you look at the trump foundation, and you see that donald trump himself has contributed zero to it, since 2008, zero. and that's the place where he used to do his charitable giving. that's evidence that donald
10:40 pm
trump has made zero charitable donations in all of those years, which, to you and i is further evidence that he may have paid zero in taxes and he didn't make a contribution, because he wouldn't have been able to deduct it from anything. >> that's right. there's no tax benefit if you pay no income taxes, and we know he reported less than $500,000 in years because he got a tax rebate that new york homeowners get. it's a computer that looks at one line of the return. if it's less than $500,000, you get a thick. by the way, fahrenthold's work making these phone calls, i did this too years ago. coming up, maureen dowd who has been covering hillary clinton and donald trump for a couple of decades now, she's putting it all together in a
10:41 pm
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10:44 pm
reagan. >> we are one nation, under god. black and white. we are one nation, indivisible that republican and democrat, we are all americans. >> like to punch him in the face. do you know what they used to do to guys like that? they'd be carried out on a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. >> maureen dowd will join us next to talk about her new book. and maureen and i have something in common. a brother kevin who's a republican. next. i love that my shop is part of the morning ritual around here. people rely on that first cup and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm.
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10:48 pm
the protest stretched all the way to washington, d.c. where it was joined by the most prominent politician in america who supports the goal of stopping the pipeline. >> today we stand united in saying, stop the pipeline, respect native-american rights. we cannot allow our drinking water to be poisoned so that a handful of fossil fuel companies can make even more in profits. the native-american people in this country have been taken advantage of for too long. they have been lied to. they have been exploited. that has got to change.
10:49 pm
>> president obama heard the protesters during his trip through asia last week in the form of a question about the pipeline from a student in laos. then president obama used his administration's authority to order a temporary stop to the construction. protesters continue to hope for a permanent stop to the construction or a rerouting of the pipeline. coming up, maureen dowd is conducting a focus group during this campaign, only with people named dowd. she'll join us next. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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you know, in an election season, you will often hear crazy stuff. but i got to say, this year we've been hearin' a little more crazy than usual. >> maureen dowd has heard enough crazy stuff in this campaign to write a book about it, already, and she joins us now. maureen dowd. op ed columnist for the "new york times."
10:52 pm
"the year of voting." it's september, this is supposed to come out in the first week of december like at the earliest, how can it be ready to go right now? >> because it's supposed to be like a voting guide. >> we've watched the dowd family struggle with how to vote. you are running a focus group with people named dowd. >> i have my own little basket of deplorables. >> you do. your brother kevin, and apparently every irish family has a kevin that's republican. that's what i've got. your brother kevin says somewhere in here that hillary clinton, he's for trump because hillary clinton doesn't have the moral authority to be president. he thinks donald trump has the moral authority to be president? >> well, he did call me the day after the khan family thing and
10:53 pm
say, can we kill my trump essay, and i said no. that train has left the station. that book has gone to print, but here's the funny thing, and i think you'll understand this. that several columnists, who shall not be named, have gone on margaret meade like anthrow poll ojic journeys to find that creature called the trump voter, how can they possibly understand this trump tribe. they drive across the country, they drive across kentucky anden write open letters. i just have to go home and they're all right there. >> your sister peggy. they both seem to be driven by an anti-hillary thing. they don't start as trump supporters. >> that and also, you know, i
10:54 pm
think it kind of gives you an insight into what paul ryan is thinking, and we'll see this interview with paul ryan the week after the election, probably, but the agony of, you know, this 70-year-old high chair king holding their party hostage, and they keep trying to make the best of it but sometimes can't. my sister got off the train on the retweet of heidi cruz, and i told trump that when i was interviewing him. he goes how's your sister, is she still voting for me? and i said no, because you retweeted this unflattering picture of heidi cruz. and he said it wasn't that unflattering, and i said yes it was, why don't you just apologize to her. >> there's the moment everyone's wondering about. people say you're going to lose voters by doing this and that, he says no, no, no, they love me. you produced a voter for him that he lost. >> over exactly the kind of thing people said he was going to lose voters over. what was his reaction to that?
10:55 pm
he had to appreciate that. >> he apologized. he got her back. but then he keeps losing her again. >> and where's kevin? is kevin off the train now? >> no, he's, kevin started out with kasich, and then rubio, but he, he feels very strongly that, you know, then they go to the supreme court, you know, that they've just got to do it for that. >> what is hillary clinton's struggle with the dowd family? >> you mean her struggle with us or ours with her? >> i mean, there's this, the animation is mostly anti-hillary, as i read your brother and sister's drift toward donald trump. and you know this. people think that you hate hillary clinton. it just comes up all the time.
10:56 pm
whenever you do a column that's critical of the clinton campaign, it's oh, well, maureen hates her. >> i don't use that kind of strong emotion toward politicians. i save those emotions like hate for ex-boyfriends and things. i'm teasing. i don't think of politicians in terms of like or dislike or love or hate. i just try and, you know, write about what they're doing any given week or hour. >> you call them as you see them. george frasier, who was the great columnist at the boston globe when i was a kid said i never wanted to meet politicians, because he was afraid that would color the way he thought of them. is that a factor? >> that's interesting, i think that's probably true. tom freedman says you can never make another friend after you become a columnist, but it's interesting, when i did this book and i look back at my columns on hillary, when she was the wife of bill clinton running
10:57 pm
in '92, and then when she presented health care, they're practically gushing. i was really surprised. but, you know, then there's this pattern that developed, which is a wearing pattern which we saw this week, with the health care, where she has his wall, trump has his wall. and she hides behind the secrecy and defensiveness. >> she feels a little woozy, she goes home. >> it's to her own detriment that she just doesn't say i don't feel good, i have pneumonia. >> i know you don't feel good because you have this family, but luckily, it's the end of this particular tv show and the end of your workday, thank you for joining us today. we'll be right back. lly, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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and msnbc's live coverage will continuing. brian williams will be covering the speech donald trump made tonight, and the interview with ivanka. and how hillary clinton is counterattacking while she is temporarily off the campaign trail, the 11th hour with brian william is next
11:00 pm
out roaring for hillary clinton and against donald trump. good evening from new york. i'm brian williams. rounding up an hour or two with 55 days to go until the election, 13 days until the first debate, we begin tonight with news that is just now breaking about more potential trouble within the republican ranks. it's about colin powell, former secretary of state, in personal e-mails first viewed and reported by buzz feed news tonight and then minutes ago confirmed by our own andrea mitchell powell referred to donald trump as quote a national disgrace and an international pariah. the e-mailre


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