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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 14, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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despite what is apparently planned to be a full-page ad in the "new york times" tomorrow. we will see. we'll keep you posted. colin powell in the spotlight after leaked e-mails reveal he cal trump a national disgrace. plus, hillary clinton is getting ready to return to the campaign trail, but there are still questions about her bout of pneumonia. and ivanka trump joins her father on stage as he unveiled a childcare policy and female voters. good morning, everybody, it's wednesday, september 14th, i'm betty nguyen along with alex
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witt and louis bergdorf. the authenticity of e-mails in which he has harsh words for donald trump and other leaders. according to his e-mails, powell called trump a national disgrace. in an e-mail from august 21st, powell wrote of trump's demand president obama release his birth certificate, yep, the whole birther movement was racist. when trump couldn't keep that up, he wanted to see if the certificate noted he was a muslim. as i said before, what if he was, muslims are born every day. in another e-mail powell writes, to go on and call him an idiot just emboldens him. powell has confirmed the authenticity about the e-mails of trump to nbc news. the site is expected of having ties to russian intelligence. >> buzz feed has published more
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stories about colin powell's e-mails, currently unconfirmed by nbc, including exchanges with condoleezza rice. in december 2015, powell call inquiries into the terror attacks in benghazi, quote, a stupid witch hunt, saying christopher stevens bore much of the responsibility. benghazi is a stupid witch hunt. basic fault falls on a courageous ambassador who thought libyans now love me and i'm okay in this place, powell wrote, but pat kennedy, the intel community, diplomatic community, and, yes, hrc. completely agree, rice responded. in another published by buzz feed, rice apparently criticized former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld for bungling the occupation in iraq. "if don and the pentagon had done their job after claiming the rights to lead post-war
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rebuilding, things might have turned out differently." and "don should just stop talking, he puts his foot in his mouth every time." >> the hacker has released another batch of internal documents, including what appears to be vice presidential nominee tim kaine's personal cell phone number. the hacker made the data dump at a cyber security conference in london yesterday. in addition to kaine's cell number, the cache also included information for several former and current top white house officials. interim dnc chair donna brazile is blaming russia, releasing a statement that says in part, "the dnc is the victim of a crime, an illegal cyber attack by russian state sponsored agents who speak to influence the presidential election. there's one person who stands to benefit from these criminal acts and that's donald trump." refusing to answer questions
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from congress on the matter. brian pag lliano did not attend. in a letter to the committee, his lawyers say he will continue to invoke his constitutional right not to testify. the hearing did feature a frosty exchange between jason chaffitz and eli ya cummings, sitting next to each other. >> today is our third, third, emergency hearing about secretary clinton's e-mails in four business days. third. in four days. emergency. >> if anybody's under any illusion i'm going to let go of this and let it sail off into the sunset, they are very ill advised. >> the other witnesses at the hearing, engineers at a firm that managed clinton's server invoked their fifth amendment right not to speak. the fact that the individuals who maintained hillary clinton's
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secret e-mail server pleaded the fifth shows once again why she can't be trusted in the white house. hillary clinton is set to return to the campaign trail tomorrow. she'll have events in north carolina and the nation's capital. her campaign says she spent the day reading briefings, making calls, and watching the president's speech, but her wide network of surrogates maintained her presence in the field. yesterday her husband picked up her events in california. chelsea was on the trail in winston, salem, and tim kaine in michigan. while the campaign struggled to stay on the same page about the bout of pneumonia, it was her running mate that revealed he was one of the last to know. >> when were you notified about this diagnosis? >> we talked sunday and i reached out to her as soon as the incident happened. >> you weren't notified friday? >> i talked to her sunday. >> don't you think that is delayed given the seriousness of the issue? >> i didn't think of it that way, i ran my first city council
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race in 1994 and i had pneumonia in the middle of my city council race and powered through it. she did the commander in chief forum, had a busy week, had a round table discussion with national security experts. she does what a lot of people do, like moms, women do, power through things like this. >> we are expecting to get more information this weekend, donald trump's, as well. trump is set to reveal more during a taping of dr. oz today, but according to the tv host, how significant it will be will up to trump. >> what if there are embarrassing things? >> i bet he won't release them. it's his decision. look, the metaphor for me, this is a doctor's office, the studio. i'm not going to ask questions he doesn't want to have answered and i also don't want to talk about anything else. we're not talking about secretary clinton, for sure. >> so when i see what you do on thursday, will i feel i know what donald trump's health is by the end of your show? >> you should, that's the goal. >> meanwhile, democrats are
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trying to shift the focus from clinton's pneumonia diagnosis to trump's weight. >> here's trump, he's 70, okay, he's the heaviest president we've had, candidate, since william taft. there's legit gnat issimate iss. >> take a look at this character that's running for president. he complains about her health. what's he do? he's 70 years old, he's not slim and trim. he brags about eating fast food every day. look at his health a little bit. >> donald trump rolled out a new policy proposal yesterday. in his call for six weeks for mandatory paid maternity leave and expanded tax credits towards childcare. previewing the event's importance at a campaign rally outside des moines, iowa. >> i'm going to roll out a plan to help our mothers and our families get affordable, quality childcare for their children. and my daughter ivanka is going to be involved.
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she's the one that's been pushing for it, so, daddy, daddy, we have to do this. and it's true. she's very smart, and she's right. >> then last night in pennsylvania, trump's daughter joined him on stage for a rare joint appearance, introducing the candidate, pledging her continued involvement and framing the issue. >> the policy my father is about to outline is one that i'm proud to have helped conceptualize and ensuring its enactment will be one of my top priorities when he's elected come november. this is not a woman's issue. it's a family issue. it's an american issue. it's an issue that's often been discussed, but is yet to be solved. >> for many families in our country, childcare is now the single largest expense, even more so than housing. yet very little meaningful policy work has been done in this area, and my opponent has
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no childcare plan. she never will, and if it ever evolves into a plan, it will never get done anyway. >> but clinton does have a childcare plan. 12 weeks of family leave for both mothers and fathers paid at least two-thirds of their salaries. the plan has been in place since before she announced her candidacy in the spring of 2015, which her campaign pointed out last night, posting the website link and tweeting, "it's literally right here." >> mike pence met with house republicans on capitol hill yesterday in an effort to promote party unity. according to "the new york times," pence faced resistance from some house republicans and behind closed doors some of them told about their concerns about trump's performance with women. his young daughter had come to him and said, daddy, donald trump hates women. and after a morning meeting, congressman peter king commented to reporters about the fact many members are supporting a trump
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ticket largely because of pence. >> the number of people get up and said when they were asked at home why are you supporting trump, because he picked mike pence to be vice president. >> the meetings on capitol hill came a day after pence refused to call white supremacist david duke deplorable. during an interview he was pressed again during a news conference yesterday. >> for all the world, i have no idea why this man keeps coming up. i mean, donald trump and i have denounced david duke repeatedly. i was -- i was asked a question about that, and i repeated that again. and the simple fact is, that i'm not in the name calling business. but i'm also not going to validate the language that hillary clinton used to describe the american people. hillary clinton wasn't talking about that bad man. >> the army has agreed to provide former army analyst chelsea manning with gender reassignment surgery.
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her lawyers have revealed the move ends a prison hunger strike. the ban ended on transgender service members. manning was sentenced in 2013 to 35 years in prison for espionage after admitting she spent classified documents to wikileaks. she can still remain in solitary confinement. manning says she is unendingly relieved that the military is finally doing the right thing. i applaud them for that. this is all that i wanted, for them to let me be. adding, but it is hard not to wonder why it has taken so long. well, for more news of the day, let's bring in louis bergdorf. what are you following? >> thanks, betty. shimon perez is in the hospital after a major stroke and heavy bleeding to the brain. doctors say the 93 year old perez is stable but in critical
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conditio hours before being hospitalized, he uploaded this video to social media about israeli-made goods. benjamin netanyahu sent his best to perez, saying we love you and the entire nation is wishing for your recovery. three police officers recovering after being hit by a car outside of a convenience store. video shows at least one officer being thrown several feet in the air. the driver will be booked on three charges of attempted first-degree murder. and in california, a police investigator with a bit of extra time on his hands has helped to solve a cold case murder from back in 1973. a decades old dna samples were sent in for testing, which led authorities to arrest two men. and finally this morning history being made on capitol hill today, karla hayden is set to be
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sworn in as the 14th librarian of congress, the first woman and first african-american to serve in the position, betty. love to see history like that being made. >> yes, absolutely. thank you, louis. still ahead, a word of warning from a former secretary of treasury. plus -- >> hit by hackers. simone biles and the williams sisters have their confidential medical history released. those stories and a check on weather when we come right back.
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are really about politics, about the scary erosion of the pragmatic center in politics. diminished capacity to make sensible economic choices, things governments really have to do, and the erosion in the arsenal, the erosion in the policy tools available to help offset the effects of the next recession. those two things are very consequential, very damaging, very scary things. >> in a little bit we're going to talk about the big front page news across the world, american incomes are up by the biggest margin in a generation. big news. >> exactly. here's something we disagree on, and that's the weather. bill, we're going to bring you in on this, because i like it warm, she likes it cool. sounds like we're going to get a little bit of both, right? >> yes. you can get your firstalf of the day today and later on
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tonight it will be alex's. i'm going to talk about a baby storm and then a big huge storm. one of the strongest on the planet this year. the baby ones down there, this is actually pictures of jacksonville beach, florida. this is the weak storm. strengthened just enough to be called tropical storm julia. already on the "j" named storm. we're tracking that storm right along the florida-georgia coast. let's talk about the big huge storm, super typhoon meranti, 180 mile per hour winds, gusts to 220. these are some of the incredible waves that were hitting the coastline of taiwan. the eye of the storm went just south of there. let's show you who's going to be affected by first off tropical storm julia. the storm is located just to the north of jacksonville. rain and gusty winds from georgia, up to the coast of savannah. myrtle beach, northern edge of that. winds only 40 miles per hour, so not expecting much for wind
2:19 am
damage. beach erosion, rip current problems, but who's at the beach anyways with nasty weather like that? flash flood watch in effect, heavy rains along the immediate coast, so only really coastal sections of georgia and charleston and south carolina, that's maybe three to five inches at most, locally ten inches of rain. so pretty dry summer down here, so they should be able to take this much rain pretty easily. as far a the super typhoon, watch the eye of this storm, this island was right in the center of the eye for a short period yesterday. no word for the 3,000 people that live on the island yet. this is the southern portion of taiwan, just missed the tip of it here, the eye. very strong winds still gusting there. notice the eye disappears a bit, the mountainous terrain tore it apart a bit. still estimated winds 180, that's probably going to drop. by the time it makes landfall, winds still 130. so still an impressive storm. great weather out there today, great lakes back into the 70s, cool, crisp morning. that, by the way, is the nice
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beautiful fall air in the northeast tomorrow. look at d.c., 94, near record heat. that should be the last really mid 90 day in d.c. until next summer. >> summer's coming to an end. >> it's over. >> sadly. all right, thank you. still ahead, first lady michelle obama appears on the ellen show and gives steph curry advice about trash talking. we're back in a moment. does your makeup remover take it all off? every kiss-proof, cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. when is your flu shot more than a flu shot? when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need. ♪ thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide 15 million vaccines
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i have a good time with barack. >> he spends a lot of time golfing with my husband. >> didn't have my "a" game when i played him both times. >> he's a trash talker, though, right? >> he is. you know during his speeches he has the very kind of slow cadence, kind of draws you in? he brings that same kind of vibe to his trash talk. i'll hit a shot, he'll look, yeah, that's not a good shot. >> you should trash talk back, steph. >> give him some things to say. >> talk about his ears. >> welcome back, that was nba mvp steph curry on the ellen degeneres show yesterday with michelle obama where he got tips on her husband and a round of golf. time now for sports, where the world anti-doping agency says confidential medical data of four u.s. olympians has been hacked and made public by a
2:24 am
cyber espionage group known as fancy bear. the hackers revealed medical exemptions for simone biles, venus and serena williams. biles, who won five medals in rio responded on twitter, "i have adhd and have taken medicine for it since i was a kid." tennis star venus williams responded saying, "i was disappointed to learn today that my private medical data has been compromised. i have followed the rules." the files show both biles and williams were granted exemptions for therapeutic use, which is permitted under olympic rules. the russian government denies any involvement. the wada has not confirmed authenticity of the files. the hunt for october continues, the orioles bounce back in boston on monday with a win over the red sox last night, relying on the big bats on the way to a five-run second inning. the os slipped back into a tie
2:25 am
with the blue jays for the top wild card spot in the american league. the win also cuts boston's lead in the east to two games. to houston where adrian beltre knocks his 30th home run of the season against the astros last night and he does it down on one knee. that's his sigture move. for him, the more than 400-foot homer is beltre's hardest hit of the season. the rangers go on to beat the astros 3-2. and look at that power. all right, finally, the chicago white sox set a guinness world record after yesterday's bark at the park event drew 1,122 four-legged fans to u.s. cellular field. that's the most dogs ever to attend a sporting event, alex. and i like it. they should do it more often. >> except for the cleanup. that might be a little -- >> ask about that, doggy park? >> hopefully, yeah, they are trained well enough they are not going to go in the stadium. still ahead, this morning for you with hillary clinton out sick, president obama hits the campaign trail. he doesn't hold back when it
2:26 am
comes to donald trump. plus, accused of assault. a man who got into a fight at a trump rally turns himself into police. we have all those details next. what is a basket of deplorables, okay, sounds like the worst selling item at edible arrangements. or maybe -- or maybe your cousin's suburban punk band. or even better, maybe the korean translations of the minion movie. (vo) a lifetime of your dog's
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he spent most of his life trying to stay as far away from working people that they could. he wasn't going to let you on his golf course. he wasn't going to let you buy in his condo. and now suddenly this guy is going to be your champion? >> sidelined with pneumonia, hillary clinton tags in presidents for some backup on the campaign trail yesterday, and it could not have come at a better time. >> and there's been a lot of heat on the clinton family foundation, but this morning it's donald trump's foundation under inquiry. we'll explain why. and it's been a long time coming, but seems americans just got a raise. we'll have those new numbers for you. hey there, good morning, everyone, it is wednesday, september 14th, i'm alex witt
2:31 am
alongside betty nguyen and louis burgdorf is just over there. with hillary clinton off the trail with pneumonia, president obama stepped in to give her campaign an assist. the president stumped for his would-be democratic successor in philadelphia yesterday and it comes after a rough last few days for the campaign with questions about her health, her declaring half of donald trump's supporters deplorable, and at a time when national polls show her losing some ground against her rival. yesterday with his 58% approval rating, the president tried to throw some energy back into the campaign, praising clinton and mocking trump. >> i keep on reading this analysis that, you know, trump's got support from working folks. really? like, this is the guy you want to be championing working people? this guy, who spent 70 years on this earth showing no concern for working people. this guy's suddenly going to be your champion?
2:32 am
you want to debate who's more fit to be our president? one candidate who's traveled to more countries than any secretary of state ever has, has more qualifications than pretty much anyone who's ever run for this job, and the other who isn't fit in any way, shape, or form to represent this country abroad and be its commander in chief. this is not reality tv. who just last week went on russian state television to talk down our military and to curry favor with vladimir putin. he loves this guy. and when they asked him, why do you support this guy? he's a strong guy. look, he's got an 82% poll rating. well, yeah, so does saddam
2:33 am
hussein had a 90% poll rating. i mean, if you control the media and you've taken away everybody's civil liberties, and you jail dissidents, that's what happens. you know what the pollster calls you up, do you support the guy who if you don't support him he might throw you in jail, you say, yes, i love that guy. i mean, you know, i have to do business with putin, i have to do business with russia. that's part of foreign policy, but i don't go around saying that's my role model. can you imagine ronald reagan idolizing somebody like that? >> of course, donald trump hit back, posting on twitter, "russia took crimea during the so-called obama years. who wouldn't know this and why does obama get a free pass? and why isn't president obama working instead of campaigning for hillary clinton?" the attorney general of new york is looking into donald trump's nonprofit foundations after questions about possible
2:34 am
improprieties. the attorney general announced his office opened an inquiry into the donald j. trump foundation. >> my interest in this issue really is in my capacity as regulator of nonprofits in new york state and we have been concerned the trump foundation may have engaged in impropriety from that point of view and have inquired with it and had correspondence with them. i didn't make a big deal about it, but we have been looking into the trump foundation and make sure it's compliant with the laws that govern charities in new york. >> they've asked about a $25,000 donation the trump foundation made in 2013 to and justice for all. nonprofits are barred from making politically related contributions. now, in response, the trump campaign released a statement calling schneiderman, quote, a partisan hack that's turned a blind eye to the clinton foundation for years and has endorsed hillary clinton for president. this is nothing more than a left
2:35 am
wing hit job. meanwhile, democrats on the house judiciary committee have asked the justice department to investigate the circumstances surrounding the donation made to the political group connected to bondy. in the letter they allege the donation may have influenced the decision whether to open a fraud investigation into trump university. the former state deptment staffer tasked with setting up hillary clinton's private e-mail server is refusing to answer questions on the matter. he was ordered to testify before the house oversight committee yesterday, but did not attend. in a letter to the committee, his lawyers say he will continue to invoke his constitutional right not to testify. the hearing did feature a frosty exchange between jason chaffetz and ranking member elijah cummings sitting next to each other. >> today is our third, third, emergency hearing about secretary clinton's e-mails in
2:36 am
four business days. third. in four days. emergency. >> if anybody's under any illusion i'm going to let go of this and just let it sail off into the sunset, they are very ill advised. >> the other witnesses at that hearing, engineers at a firm that manage clinton's server invoked their fifth amendment right not to speak. the trump campaign released a statement on that move, "the fact that individuals who maintained hillary clinton's secret e-mail server pleaded the fifth show once again why she can't be trusted in the white house." >> we've talked a lot about states not usually in play being in play. consider the case of deep blue maine. hillary clinton leads by a mere three points there, that's inside the margin of error, libertarian gary johnson is polling at 9%. meanwhile, johnson has cleared a major hurdle, his campaign announcing yesterday johnson's name will appear on the ballot in all 50 states, as well as the district of columbia, releasing
2:37 am
a statement that says in part, "we now know for certain on election day every voter in america will have that alternative opinion." johnson's victory marks the first time since 1996 a third party presidential candidate appeared on every state ballot. libertarian harry brown and ross perot were the last ones to accomplish that. a man seen in an altercation in the grand stands at a trump rally has turned himself into police. this video was shot in asheville, north carolina, on monday. police obtained warrants for the man they say assaulted another person and thomas velanti jr. later turned himself in. a handful of others were arrested separately, as well. campaign reports say a message was played for people in attendance at trump's rally in clive, iowa, asking them not to hurt protesters. the message used to be commonplace, but hadn't been played during recent stops. the hacker who broke into the democratic national committee systems this summer has released another batch of internal documents, including
2:38 am
what appears to be vice presidential nominee tim kaine's personal cell phone number. the hacker made the data dump at a cyber security conference in london yesterday. in addition toaine's cell number, the cache also included the contact information for several current and former top white house initials. interim dnc chair donna brazile is again blaming russia, releasing a statement that says in part, "the dnc is the victim of a crime and illegal cyber attack by russian state sponsored agents who seek to harm the democratic party and progressive groups in an effort to influence the presidential election. there's one person that stands to benefit from the criminal attacks and that's donald trump." >> let's turn now to business and the big news when it comes to wages. the u.s. census bureau reports the biggest rise in incomes in 50 years. also a big decline in the percentage of americans living below the poverty line. nancy hungerford joins us live from london. what can you tell us about these
2:39 am
numbers and what you're following this morning? >> good morning, louis. that is correct, despite all the doom and gloom you hear on the campaign trail about the economy and the middle class, this data from the u.s. census bureau, as you point out, is showing a median household income rose 5% from the previous year, that's the best increase on record since these records began in 1967, so that's good news. also when you talk about the americans living in poverty, that rate has dropped to 8%. so again, this should be perceived as good news, but when you look at the overall employment picture in the u.s., as well, some are still saying there's more room to go. meanwhile, i want to bring your attention to the ongoing dispute over wells fargo and the scandal there. some fresh questions raised over the unit leader there who is leading the company with a near $125 million golden parachute, so to speak. this comes as the ceo of wells fargo, john stumpf told c nbc he's sorry but has no plans to
2:40 am
resign. the stock took a hit yesterday and falling more than 3% it fell below jpmorgan to become the number two largest bank by market cap in the united states. and finally, a big deal to keep your eye on today. we are expecting a major acquisition that is from german giant bayer for monsanto to create the largest agricultural services provider. we're talking about an all-cash deal. sources have said both parties have agreed in principle to the deal but questions will remain over whether or not regulators give it the green light. back to you for now. >> live from london, thanks so much. one more business headline to tell you about this morning, oprah winfrey is taking a major loss after announcing their ceo would resign at the end of the month, the stock dropped nearly 7% yesterday with winfrey taking a loss of around $117 million. the media mogul bought a 10% stake in the company this past october. we saw shares nearly double on
2:41 am
enthusiasm of her involvement. the company has struggled to keepp with the excitement. shares are down 66% overall since they peaked when winfrey came onboard. alex and betty, back to you. >> that's a huge drop. >> that's so not oprah-like. >> everything she touches turns to gold. >> thanks so much, louis, for that. still ahead, whistle-blower or trader. the debate over nsa leaker edward snowden is about to heat up again. not only because of the new biopick starting joseph gordon levet. and there is an encouraging sign it may actually hold. help on the way, we'll get a live report.
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2:45 am
♪ god bless the usa >> i think he just fondled the flag. >> hey, he's patriotic, right? >> every once in awhile i'm rendered speechless. >> time now to get a check on the weather. >> not afraid to be yourself. >> bill, please take it away. >> we are here to watch rain today in areas of the northeast, that's a bit of a change, a lot of us have been extremely dry. overnight tropical storm julia formed down along the florida coast, right along the coastline, could be a serious situation, this is not. we could see isolated flash flooding, that will be the worst of it. 40 mile per hour winds won't do much in the way of damage. really isolated, a lot of the rain won't even move inland. the storm will quickly weaken and then we'll be done with it. all of our friends in north
2:46 am
carolina for once can go, whew, this is going to completely miss you. rain chances in the northeast today, this is one of the fall cold fronts coming through that will finally bring some relief. very warm and humid in the midatlantic region today, but you can see how paltry, little dots here. isolated showers and storms. your odds of getting hit by rain today in areas of the northeast are a lot less than not getting hit. in other words, if you get hit, you're pretty unlucky. looks like the highest concentrations are areas of connecticut and massachusetts. that will be around 6:00 p.m. what we will notice is the temperatures. i just looked up the record high today in washington, d.c., it's 94 degrees. today is going to be close. i think you have a chance of breaking it at reagan national airport, so unseasonably warm continues through the southern half of the country, so possible, few record highs today d.c. to new york, likely the warmest day of the ek, most likely the warmest day until next summer in most cases. new york city today 89, d.c. is going to be close to that record. notice a change in the air mass, areas like indianapolis,
2:47 am
cleveland, detroit, chicago, you are very warm and muggy yesterday. today you've flipped the page into fall. beautiful upcoming stretch in indianapolis coming your way. look at memphis, still a little early to get the cool air that far south. you stay in the 90s through saturday. charlotte gets a little relief through friday and saturday, but you get the picture, guys, sooner or later you notice the sun is setting earlier, cold air is building in canada and this is the time of year it starts to make a run at us. >> absolutely. >> okay, before we go to break, i can't believe -- >> are you looking for flags? >> before we go to break. anyway, let's go to louis, because he's got a look at all the stories we're not covering today. >> i'm still trying to recover from that clip. >> me, too. >> let's start with the latest and greatest in technology. not from tesla, but from walmart, the world's largest retailer received a patent for self-driving shopping carts. customers will be able to use their smartphones and the carts will be able to roam the stores
2:48 am
and shop for you. we're not covering that story, though. here's one from central california. police officers are trying to rescue a kitten from a storm drain, had to get creative when it refused to be lured out. the officers say they meowed and used the only thing they had to lure the kitten closer, a half eaten burrito. it worked. now one of the officers is trying to adopt the kitten and name is burrito. it's a cute story, but we're not covering that one. one more for you, a florida woman and self described hippy is fighting to stay in a tree house after being threatened with eviction. it's elaborate with a fountain and pool and pets, but she's been cited for sub standard construction and improperly running electricity and plumbing. it's another story we're not going to cover today, but it looks pretty cool. when we come back, we're going to talk about the fight over resettling syrian refugees in america and it hits close to home for a candidate for vice president after this break here. ♪
2:49 am
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welcome back. inspite of reports of a chill between president obama's administration and benjamin netanyahu, the u.s. state department has announced an historic military aid deal with israel. it's expected to give israel roughly $3.8 billion a year over ten years. that's a $700 million increase and is a record amount given to any country by the united states. the deal will be signed later on today. well, syrians caught in the middle of the country's ongoing civil war are set to soon receive desperately needed help.
2:52 am
aid trucks are preparing to deliver supplies, including to the rebel-held eastern aleppo area where an estimated 250,000 civilians have been trapped since july due to a blockade. the nationwide cease-fire between government and rebel forces continues to hold after taking effect monday night. since then, both sides have accused the other of violating the agreement. let's talk more about that. joining us from london, matt bradley. matt, what is the latest on this cease-fire? we understand it's holding for the moment. >> good morning, betty, that's right, it's all quiet on all fronts in syria this morning. the country woke up to the rare sound of, well, normal life nearly 42 hours into a nationwide cease-fire. the syrian observatory for human rights reported no civilian causalities since the guns fell mostly silent monday night and a u.n. special envoy for syria said, quote, calm had prevailed. it's something of a surprise considering the pessimism that surrounded this deal when
2:53 am
russian and american diplomats signed it late last week. the two sides will re-evaluate the progress and if everything goes as planned, russia and america are going to extend the cease-fire for another 48 hours, but, betty, there's one element that's still missing, the syrian government has been blocking aid convoys from reaching rebel-held eastern aleppo, a city that still holds, as you mentioned, some 200,000 civilians. the u.n. envoy said that convoys carrying much needed supplies have reached the border, have reached into syria, but only two of them. there's still about 20 convoys that are still idling on the other side, on the turkish side of the border, so there's still some homework to be done. still, optimism among diplomats appears to have spiked, so syrian civilians are waiting to see whether these positive signs will prevail into next week. >> the aid is desperately needed. matt bradley, thank you.
2:54 am
this morning there are reports that president obama plans to increase the number of refugees coming to the u.s. by 30%. according to "the wall street journal" the new target for 2017 is more than 100,000, up from 85,000 this fiscal year. the paper reports that more than 40,000 of the refugees would be from the near east and south asia, which includes syria. meanwhile, republican vice presidential nominee's ban will get a day in court today. blocked his order to bar refugees from being resettled in indiana. a federal judge found pence's order to be discriminatory. the governor argued it is only in the interest of public safety. still ahead, a check on the stories in the day ahead. plus, the fight for change inside the voting booth. and plmillennials have their has all over this one. th hyaluronicd it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena
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does your makeup remover every kiss-proof,ff? cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. welcome back. there are only a few places left in america where you are legally prohibited from taking a selfie, including voting booths in half the states in america, but yesterday a federal appeals court in boston considered whether that ban is a violation of free speech or legitimate way to combat fraud. nbc's justice correspondent pete
2:58 am
williams has more. >> reporter: 2016 is the selfie election, photos with and by the candidates. >> there you go. >> reporter: in an age when even the pope has posed for them, what about selfies in the voting booth? many have posted them, beyonce did one, but a ballot voe toe got leon wright in new hampshire in trouble for breaking the law, even though he's a state legislator. he got the law blocked. >> this law would ban an 18 year old voter expressing pride in having voted for the first time. >> reporter: young people voting today say they oppose the selfie bans. >> other young voters know our voice counts and i think it's important to encourage others. >> reporter: only nine states now appear to allow voting booth selfies. california's governor hasn't decided whether to sign a bill allowing them there. new hampshire defended its ban today in federal court, arguing the law prevents voter fraud by making it harder for people to
2:59 am
trade their votes for money. >> you're free to go out into the community and scream at the top of your lungs how you voted and who you support in the election, you just can't use your marked ballot to do so. >> reporter: for now, it's best to ask first before taking a voting booth selfie to avoid what could be a hefty fine. >> and that probably applies to snapchat, as well. before we toss it over to "morning joe," let's get a check on the stories you'll be hearing about in the day ahead. president obama holds a bilateral meeting today. the country's de facto leader, among the topics will be promoting greater commercial ties between the u.s. and burma. she'll also meet with u.s. secretary john kerry. a campaign to allow president obama to pardon edward snowden. snowden will appear by video in new york city. he's now in exile in russia. and on the campaign trail today, donald trump stumps in battleground ohio while his running mate campaigns in pennsylvania.
3:00 am
former president bill clinton campaigns for his wife in las vegas. chelsea clinton is also back on the stump holding four events for her mom today, two in north carolina and two in virginia. >> so that does it for us on this wednesday, i'm the money that is put into these accounts can also be spent not only on child care but also child enrichment activities. see. we'll start with that child. that will be our first child. that's cute. ♪ the circle of life ♪ and it moves us all


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