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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a®. imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. good morning. i'm stephanie. you're watching msnbc. donald trump under fire. new york state opening an inquiry into his charitable foundation. >> we have been concerned that the trump foundation may have engaged in some impropriety. >> new allegations he used foundation money to buy a six foot portrait of himself. >> former secretary of state colin powell's e-mail exposed. in private messages he lets loose on donald trump calling him a national disgrace and international pariah. trump revealing part of his recent health exam to dr. oz on
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his daytime tv show. but what are we actually going to learn? >> what if there's some embarrassing things on that? >> i bet you he won't release them. plus, back in the game. hillary clinton set to return to the campaign trail tomorrow as her biggest surrogate rips into her opponent. >> in election season you will often hear crazy stuff. this year we've been hearing a little more crazy than usual. it's football season so let's kick off with a flurry of new questions concerning donald trump's fill lan tropic association. they're making inquiries for possible impropriety. our team of reporters, correspondents and guests are standing by with the late-breaking details. let's start with nbc's halley jackson. donald trump later today, hallie, tell us what you're learning about the attorney general inquiry into the foundation because this isn't the first time snyderman and donald trump has danced. they're not friends. >> no, definitely not. just go back and look at the
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twitter history for donald trump and you'll see it for yourself, steph. they have tangled over trump university in the past. now snyderman is putng forward this inquiry although he said this morning you could maybe call it an investigation. that's his own words on a different network earlier today. here's the deal. a source familiar with this probe, with this inquiry tells nbc news that the ag's office is looking into what it calls troubling transactions from trump's foundation. this idea that is looking into where the money from these donations has gone to. this comes after the washington post, steph, as you know issued that series of reports including one recently that showed that it appears as though some of the money from the foundation went to purchasing a six foot tall portrait of trump himself which is something president obama hit him on in the past 24 hours. >> that's a big one. what is donald trump's campaign saying about this? >> that this is all politics. the senior campaign aide, jason miller, saying snyderman is simply, in his words, a partisan
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hack, a left winged pushed idea meant to benefit hillary clinton. they're pointing to the fact that snyderman is a democrat, has gone after trump before, raised questions about some of trump's dealings in the past. >> whether or not they're going after snyderman's motivation, have they reputed any of the points made by the washington post, i.e.,, the six foot portrait, the football helmet, things purchased with foundation money? >> reporter: right. so the washington post reporter has asked the trump campaign for specific comment on these transactions and has not heard from the campaign in regards to sort of the specifics if you're asking about. gave about $500,000 to the trump foundation in 2012. >> the optics don't look good. polling isn't so bad. >> this bloomberg poll showing trump is up five points in battleground ohio. really interesting numbers.
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obviously welcome news for the trump team, but a couple of caveats here. just note that this poll was taken from i believe friday for the next four days. that was during what has been the clinton campaign. she had the health scare on sunday on september 11th. really interesting numbers. ohio is obviously such an important battleground. look at the last ten elections. five republican, five democrat victories in this state. a lot of eyes here in the buckeye state. >> thanks, hallie. we're going to dig more into the trump foundation with a reporter from the washington post in the next half hour. we're going to talk about colin powell. overnight, his e-mails were hacked revealing colin powell blasted donald trump as a national disgrace in private correspondence. the messages of the republican retired four star general and former secretary of state were obtained by a website rumored to have ties to russian hackers. nbc's peter alexander joins me
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with more. peter, along with calling donald trump a national disgrace, he said he was an international pariah. that's a wow. >> reporter: yeah, there was definitely some tough language in here. colin powell confirming to nbc news the authenticity of these hacked e-mails. a lot of the cricism directed at donald trump. among other things he wrote in one of these e-mails that trump is in the process of destroying himself. there's no need for the democrats to attack him. he was fierce in his commentary about trump but also demonstrated a lot of frustration with the clinton campaign, specifically about how he's been trying to discourage or had been trying to discourage hillary clinton and her campaign from trying to drag him into the entire private e-mail server controversy. let's put up another e-mail that was part of this hacking. he wrote i have told hillary's minions repeatedly that they are making a mistake trying to drag me in, yet they still try. the media isn't fooled and she is getting crucified. the differences are profound and they know it.
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so sharp criticism for trump. real frustration directed at clinton. and, in fact, he was throwing truth shade at both sides. >> did you just say truth shade? >> we dropped the truth shade bomb. >> i'm going to quote nicole wallace who said it earlier. colin powell has something for everyone in those e-mails. hillary clinton, she's getting ready to head back on the campaign trail after almost three days home battling pneumonia. nbc's kristen welker is outside of the clinton home in chappaqua, westchester. going back on the trail. where is she going? >> reporter: well, she's actually got a pretty busy schedule her first day, steph. she's going to be going to greensboro, north carolina, tomorrow and then tomorrow night she's going to attend the congressional hispanic caucus dinner and then friday another busy day, she'll attend the black women's agenda symposium in washington, d.c. then saturday is the big congressional black caucus awards gala in washington, d.c.
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that is a big annual event she is expected to attend. i have been talking to campaign officials who say she's going to spend today resting, that means talking to some of her staffers. they say she's eager to get out into the campaign trail,i itchig to get back out on the campaign trail. they wanted to give her one more day of rest. meanwhile, they are going to be hitting donald trump hard for a whole host of reasons. some of the criticism he's getting and new scrutiny over his foundation and also for saying last night that secretary clinton doesn't have a plan for paid family leave. she, in fact, does, and she released it a year ago. so the campaign still very busy today even while secretary clinton takes one more day to rest. >> secretary clinton eager to get back on the trail. voters or at least the media eager to see her medical records. do you think we're going to get them today? >> i have been told, steph, that we are going to get her medical records within the next day or two so i anticipate by the end of the week we will have them. the question is how much will
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these medical records actually show. the campaign not characterizing exactly how much except to say they're going to release more information about her medical history. the thing to know here though, steph, is that the campaign is stressing that these records are going to show that she doesn't have any outstanding condition beyond pneumonia. i think they'll also use it as a chance to hit donald trump. it's really a doctor's note. he's going to appear on dr. oz tomorrow. dr. oz acknowledging he's not going to ask the candidate anything he would feel uncomfortable talking about on television. >> thanks, kristen. i want to break all of this down. colin powell calling donald trump a, quote, national disgrace. he did support barack obama in the last two elections. could these comments, do they
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mean anything to voters? >> these are deeply cutting comments. look, he is one of the most admired people in the united states. there's roughly 350 million americans. he's about the last person you want to be labeled the national disgrace by. it does matter. to have him enter the race as an antagonist against donald trump is not great for donald trump. we live in an era where trust has completely collapsed at every institution with the exception of the u.s. military. colin powell is somebody who defies that time line. when he speaks, it matters and the american people care very much about his opinion. he's one of the few endorsements out there that has the capacity to make a real difference in a presidential race. >> compare this to other endorsements. hillary clinton, if you compare high level enrsements, surrogate versus surrogate, it's like the new york yankees versus the bad news bears. at that but that seems to work
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in donald trump's favor because that works in his favor. >> barack obama's approval ratings are hitting 58%. that was where ronald regan was at in 1988. the common party gets a third presidential term. as you saw the president out on the campaign trail. you saw how an issue that's so tangled up. superior political skills. dismiss it, flip it. between michelle obama, the president and bill clinton. that's going to help her going down the stretch on this for sure. >> let's stay on the foundation. you can't even compare apples to apples, trump foundation, and
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the clinton foundation. this inquiry that the trump foundation is facing, how big of a deal is it? >> i don't think it's a big deal at all. >> you don't think it's a big deal at all? >> no, i think it has no credibility. they say that the washington post stories that raised the issue are not credible stories, they are. when you have an elected democratic attorney general in the state of new york who makes a partisan -- who makes an inquiry 55 days before the election against a republican nominee for president, there is -- there is no way that that will be looked at by people in the middle as anything other than a partisan inquiry. so there may be questions about the trump foundation, but if you want to get at them in a fair way, you do it after the election. we're too close to the election now for it not to be tainted by politics. >> how come we weren't too close to the election when the clinton foundation was getting ripped apart? >> well, look, the clinton
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foundation is something that's operated for many, many years. there's big questions about the foundation. quite a long time. if you recall going back to secretary clinton's nomination, how they would operate the foundation was an important point of discussion and her discussions with the president. promised to do is senators of both parties in the confirmation hearings. that's why that's a legitimate object of discussion in this debate, but the foundation is not under an attorney general investigation by a state. if there was a republican attorney general who announced the investigation of the clinton foundation today, 55 days before the election, i would say the exact same thing that i just said about snyderman's inquiry into the trump foundation. >> all right. thanks so much for breaking it down and joining me this morning. >> great to be with you, stephanie.
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up next, donald trump's daughter, ivanka, speaking out echoing her father's attack against hillary clinton on what they say is the lack of a child care plan. >> respectfully, the -- hillary clinton has been around for decades and there's no policy benefitting either mothers or fathers. plus, donald trump is expected to sit down with the tv doc. we're expecting trump to release results of his latest medical exam, but this just in. we might not get them at all. rc! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! polo! marco...! sì? polo! marco...! polo! scusa? ma io sono marco polo, ma... marco...! playing "marco polo" with marco polo? surprising. ragazzini, io sono marco polo. sì, sono qui... what's not surprising? how much money amanda and keith saved by switching to geico. ahhh... polo. marco...! polo! fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. polo!
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you're watching msnbc. that is donald trump right there next to dr. oz. we're awaiting dr. oz and donald trump said to be sitting down today to discuss donald trump's medical records, but breaking just a few moments ago, they
6:17 am
will be sitting down but donald trump will not be releasing his lab results. we're going to talk about this and a lot more with my next guest, senior correspondent. you're laughing but this ain't funny. we have spent the last 48 hours going through hillary clinton, coughing, sneezing, falling down and demanding the medical records along the lines of what we got from john mccain, which was 1,000 pages and now donald trump, who's going on with a tv doctor, dr. oz, isn't releasing his lab results. you're laughing. why is it funny? >> he said he would release his lab results. he thought they would be excellent. it makes me wonder. maybe the labs came back and there was something wrong. sometimes you get lab results back that have some red flag even though there's nothing wrong. it's weird to say in advance i'm going to release these lab results even though follow-ups could be needed. i have to guess that they looked at them and decided they didn't
6:18 am
want them out. >> why is this funny? we are not taking hillary clinton's funny at all. those two are in the same age range and we actually know a bit more about her health. this speaks to a double standard. >> oh, definitely it speaks to a double standard. i'm not laughing because i think it's hilarious. i'm laughing because it's what i expected. all of the announcements with him being forthcoming with his health results, frankly i took as a prelude to eventually us not getting those health results. like you know eventually either you saw kellyanne conway trying to walk back this idea of the fact that, you know, health records should be secret and private and all this stuff. it's like, come on, guys. you're running for president. release your health records. release your tax returns now. >> you're running for president, the two oldest candidates we've ever seen. it's important. i want to bring halley jackson in. you have some new reporting on this? >> reporter: hey, steph. yeah, here's what i can share. apologies about being repetitive
6:19 am
because i just hopped back in front of the camera and joined you again. here's what we know from what aides are telling nbc news about all of this. i want to make sure i get the language right. there is some potential discussion or speculation that trump would be talking about his medical records on dr. oz. dr. oz himself came o out and talked a little bit about this. now within the last 20 minutes we are learning that is not going to happen at this taping that is set to occur later on this morning. instead, there will not be a deep dive into trump's medical records and medical information. we are being told that it is a discussion about general well-being, family, health overall. >> because donald trump -- because donald trump is a health and wellness guru? i want to turn to these guys -- >> so -- >> why are we splitting hairs here? whether we're talking about the use -- >> hold on. i want to go to josh. the use of the word deplorable or despicable, whether we're saying it's general health or wellness. we're less than 60 days away from the election. people want to know what the heck is going on here. what are these candidates'
6:20 am
positions and how healthy are they? >> frankly, all we know about donald trump's health is what he eats based upon "the new york times" article which portrayed his diet that seems nothing short of what you eat at a truck stop. i think that frankly what you have here is a guy who just doesn't want to tell you anything about himself but wants to be elected president and have you trust him. >> although, frankly, the reason that we saw that huge pile of medical records from john mccain is that mccain considered that to be exculpatory. people knew he had melanoma. by releasing that he was able to improve the public image of health. candidates do what's in their best interests. donald trump is right that he would not face a penalty for not releasing medical records. why release them if there's something in there that would raise questions. >> let me add one point. >> hallie, what do you have? >> so when will he release the medical records? i'm hearing the discussion happening. we are told it will still happen, just not today. now, again, i would just put a big note of caution on that. we have heard that in the past.
6:21 am
it's not going to happen today but it will be, quote, soon. that is what the campaign is telling us. >> maybe they're under audit by the irs and he'll release them when the irs audit is over. >> you're laughing but it ain't funny. donald trump might say it doesn't suit me to release that information right now just like it doesn't suit me to release my tax returns but is this not information people want to know, need to know? >> of course it is. i laugh not because of the double standard, i laugh because of trump's utter reality show ridiculousness. every day it's a new episode of the adventures of donald trump and frankly i think really this country should benefit from a serious election with two serious candidates talking about policy instead of this garbage. >> yesterday they brought up the child care policy. hillary clinton, we didn't know her policy. that's just not true. besides this being her life's work for decades, her policy has been clear on her website for over a year. >> yeah.
6:22 am
it's funny because in a way this was actually a good day in the campaign in that it was a -- >> whose campaign? >> i think it was a good day for the electorate. we had a semisubstantive conversation about child care policy. i think it's important in the longer range swing the republican presidential candidate has endorsed the idea that there should be universal maternity leave and subsidies for child care. in future presidential elections if trump doesn't win this one they will throw this back. even donald trump was for maternity leave benefits. in the long run this increases the likelihood that under some election we will join other countries and have paid maternity leave probably for parents of both sexes. >> we're living in a crazy election. thank you so much. hallie, thank you for giving us the breaking news from the trump campaign. we have to take a break. up next, vice presidential nominee mike pence on capitol hill taking heat from republicans there. one lawmaker reportedly telling
6:23 am
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for just $199 a month. welcome back. time now for your morning primer. what you need to know to start your day. we begin with an inquiry into the trump foundation. new york's attorney general is looking into what he calls troubling trans absolutes. the trump campaign called the investigation a left wing hit job. the man at the trump rally who appeared to hit a protestor. he turned himself into police. he is charged with violent conduct and the threat of fighting and violence. and 6 million people are under a flash flood warning as tropical storm julia is pounding florida with 40 mile per hour winds and up to 6 inches of rain. the storm is expected to wken as it heads up the east coast. you have got to see this incredible video as three phoenix police officers were injured at a gas station when a
6:27 am
car accelerated towards the officers slamming into them and sending one of the officers flying. two of them had serious injuries. medical records for top u.s. athletes were released when a hacking group tied to the russian government broke into the world anti-doping agency's database. files released exemptions for simone biles and serena williams to take banned substances. i now want to bring in dr. john torres. dr. torres, please help us out here. donald trump set to sit down with dr. oz and dr. oz's television show to discuss his medical history and release his lab results. while we're only getting bits of this information, now it sounds like they're going to be having a conversation about health and wellness. in your medical opinion, though you have never treated secretary clinton or donald trump, how important is it for us to get full, detailed, complete medical records for two senior citizens running for president? >> you know, i think it's really
6:28 am
important because, number one, that presidency, we've seen presidents before they go in office and after they come out four or eight years later. you age during that presidency. it's very stressful. very exertional. a lot of things going on. on top of that, we know there's some history with one of the candidates. the other candidate we don't know that much about. we need to find out what's going on and how will they act during the next four to eight years physically anyway based on the past medical history. part of the problem is for one candidate we don't know a lot. for the other candidate we have some information and we don't have the details we need. >> when you saw the report from donald trump's doctor calling him the most excellentest, healthiest human being to ever be the next president, from a medical perspective, what did you think of that? >> you know, i didn't think there was much in that letter. there certainly wasn't much meat on the bone. if i was a referring physician or somebody came to me and said, what do you think as a doctor about this person's health? what i would say is, i don't know much. i don't have much information to
6:29 am
base anything on. that's because we're getting a snapshot of his health, would err gaiting an overall general assessment, he's strong, he's going to be the strongest president we've ever had, most excellent physical condition ever but he's not giving us the detail. the detail is where these things come into play especially when it comes to health. what's happened over the last 10 to 20 years. what kind of medicines are they taking, what kind of screening tests have they had? have they had immunizations, pneumonia, shingles, we don't know. >> we're hoping to find out. thank you so much. we're going to move forward, donald trump's running mate mike pence has been trying to reassure and rally republicans on capitol hill but the headlines say it all. "the new york times," pence rebuffed in the "huffington post", pence shrugs off concerns about david duke and trump hating women. with me now, nebraska congressman -- excuse me, with me now congressman shawn duffy joining me from the state of
6:30 am
wisconsin. congressman duffy. good morning. >> good morning. >> you were in the meeting yesterday. i want to go beyond the headlines. we know reporters like to report and create headlines. what was it really like in the room? >> i was there for the first part where he gave i think a great presentation to our conference talking about his personal relationship with donald trump and how donald has cared for him and his family and as he's worked with mr. trump, how he cares about all these people who work for him and it's kind of become infectious within the trump organization. he told those stories. talked about the two of them praying together. talked about what it's like to be on the stump with him in this effort, to hope to make america in a way to grow america, the economy, upward mobility, give us security and overseas. that was a big part of the conversation. it was important because as your viewers know, mr. pence used to be a house member. he used to actually run the republican conference. i had a chance to serve with him for two years, so people know
6:31 am
him and they trust him. i thought it was a really good conversation. i laugh. i guess there was a few heated conversations and questions that went to mr. pence after i was gone. i had a markup yesterday so i wasn't there for that part of it. >> congressman, we know that donald trump has a very close relationship with his family and those who work for him, but i want to talk about some push back he got yesterday. congressman jeff fortenberry telling mike pence that his young daughter said, daddy, donald trump hates women. what do you make of that? you're a father. what do your kids ask you? >> we have these conversations all the time. my kids are a little more politically involved and astute than others, but it doesn't -- donald trump actually wins the women vote when you look at married women. when you look at the economy and how people deal with kitchen table issues, all of these issues matter, not just to men but to women. security matters to women and i think you've seen his numbers improve with women.
6:32 am
so, yeah, he's losing single women but he's winning married women. so this is going to play out and i think the issues are broader than just stereotyping one employment gender. you know, one religion, one race. it's going to be a -- i think a campaign that fights through all of those stereotypes and goes to the big issues of security in the economy. >> then somebody who understands security would be colin powell. what do you make of him calling donald trump a national disgrace? what do you think of secretary powell? >> obviously i have great respect for colin powell. i think he's served his country well. i disagree with him on this assessment. i would look to the men and women in the military who have served under commander in chiefs and by almost a margin of 20 points they favor donald trump over hillary clinton. >> john mccain, who donald trump has said wasn't a war hero to many veterans or people would honor john mccain, he said that donald trump's embrace of vladimir putin was not
6:33 am
acceptable. he called putin a thug and a butcher. are you on the side of mccain or pence and trump? >> i've come out -- i think putin is a thug. i disagree with mr. trump on any love that might be thrown putin's way, but i think the point that trump was trying to make in the nbc debate with matt lauer was that obama's a weak leader. i don't go so far to say that putin is a good leader. i think, again, you can look at both sides. hillary clinton has her supporters and lovers and donald trump has his supporters and lovers and each have their detractors. we can point to either side of the political aisle to make that argument. the bottom line is the american people from places where i come from in wisconsin are yes or noing for leadership. they're yearning for change and this comes down to one of the age old debates we have in american politics. what is the size and scope and role of our government in our lives? and what we see is the larger
6:34 am
the government, the more punishing it is on those middle class families and lower income families. the rich, i'm going to go to extreme examples, whether you go to cuba, venezuela, argentina, greece, the big government, well they do great. social policy, the middle class and the poor people, they get absolutely crushed. the last 7 1/2 years with growing government, more rules, more regulation it has been the middle class and poor people who have been destroyed. the wealthy, they keep getting wealthier. >> what about the fact that this came out yesterday and the median household income is the highest it's been since 2007. how do you read that besides a big old positive? >> well, yeah, so we'll grab on to that positive news, but we're 7 1/2 years into a recovery where we've had anemic growth. the economy has grown at 1 to 2% a year with a large down turn like we had in '08. you should have had a matching up turn in the economy with significant growth. that didn't happen because of
6:35 am
the policies that were put out by this administration. >> okay. >> go ahead. >> on the policy front then, i do want to talk just before we leave on this child care policy. ivanka laid it out last night. she also said that hillary clinton doesn't have a policy, which she does, but -- >> she does. >> -- in terms of policy, donald trump's plan doesn't seem like one that republicans would back. what do you think? >> well, listen, republicans back families and making sure that moms get a chance to spend some time with their baby. i'm a father of eight kids. i think that's important. especially that time that you have with a baby to make sure you have space to be home with that little infant is important. >> sure. do you think republicans would pass this? >> yeah. we want to pay for it. we have to pay for it. the idea is the right idea. the only problem i have with the plan is he only allows you to write off four children. big families like mine with eight? what's the deal with big families. >> congressman duffy, that's a
6:36 am
whole lot of kids. >> that is. to your twitter followers, i'm kidding about that. have a good day. >> eight kids is a lot. >> congressman duffy, thanks so much. coming up, more on our breaking news. donald trump is supposed to release his medical records on the dr. oz television show. now his campaign says that's not happening. what's going on? people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world. hey lmaybe let's play upl our the digital part.r job, but it's a manufacturing job. yeah, well ge is doing a lot of cool things digitally to help machines communicate, might want to at least mention that. i'm building world-changing machines.
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their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable. and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. one candidate's family foundation has saved countless lives around the world. the other candidate's foundation took money other people gave to his charity and then bought a six foot tall painting of himself. >> that, of course, was president obama comparing the clinton and trump foundations while on the campaign trail yesterday. the washington post has also done extensive reporting on the trump foundation. david fferrengold has reported
6:40 am
he has not donated any of his money since 2008. the foundation purchased a six foot tall painting of trump with 20,000 bucks of donor money and they face a penalty from the irs for giving a political contribution. that's against the wall. they say it was an error and donald trump did pay the fine. joining me is david ferrinhold. congratulations. you have led the way reporting on the foundation. there are a lot of noise. there are a lot of things many people don't feel comfortable with. there is this inquiry from the attorney general but was there anything illegal that you found? >> well, there's a few things that appear to violate tax law. these are not the kind of things in general people go to jail for but they are against the law. in the one case you mentioned already, the trump foundation gave a political donation to this group that helped the florida attorney general pam
6:41 am
bondy. her office was considering whether to launch an investigation into trump university. she asked trump for the donation and the donation did come. it came from the trump foundation. that is illegal. a nonprofit can't give a donation. that's the thing trump has paid a penalty tax on. there are other things where he appears to have violated irs law. the law is you can't if you're the manager of a charity, you can't take the money in the charity and use it to buy things for yourself. there's two cases so far where i've found where trump appears to have done that. he bought a $12,000 signed football helmet in 2012 and the other was this portrait, $20,000 six foot tall portrait of donald trump himself. he bought them at charity auctions and went back and paid with his charity money. >> also, walk me through -- people assume that a family office, a family foundation is a wealthy family's own money and they are then giving it away. help me understand since 2008 it wasn't his money. he got a whole lot of money from
6:42 am
vince mcmahon from the world wrestling foundation? >> that's right. he started this in 1987. for a while it is his money. by 2006 he spent away all the money that he has put in. the foundation's down to $4,000. and then after that it becomes basically a foundation only of other people's money. trump brings in a bunch of donors, including vince mcmahon. he and his wife gave $5 million. trump himself has given a little bit of money in '07, a little bit of money in '08 but nothing since then. these people believe it is his money. it's almost all and all since 2008 somebody else's money. >> when it was donald trump's money or his donor's, what exactly were they doing with it? we know hillary clinton -- we know the clinton foundation has been under massive scrutiny but we've also seen independent organizations give them an a plus, the clinton foundation, in terms of rating and have said if she wasn't for president you could look at this foundation as a stand alone as one of the
6:43 am
greatest humanitarian organizations in our generation. what has the trump organization given the money to whether it's donald's money or not? >> first of all, there's not much money in it. there's never been much money. the most money has ever been $3 million. that was in 2009 after vince mcmahon's gift. it doesn't have any staff. instead they take money in, pass it out to a variety of other charities, usually pretty small amounts. 5 to $50,000. and you look at those gifts and you don't really see some deep and abiding cause. no gifts to -- big gifts to trump's alma mater, gifts to cancer research, something like that. the thing that stands out is these gifts are tied to trump's business life and his social life. he owns a club in palm beach which can make $275,000 in one night renting itself out to charities. he needs to be in the good graces of charities in palm beach. you see him using this donald j. trump foundation filled with
6:44 am
other people's money, you see him giving doan nations. one is the friends of the german hall of fame. they inducted donald trump into his own hall of fame. he charged them tens of thousands of dollars to rent the room, he gave them a $1,000 donation. even on the night he's inducted into the hall of fame from other people's money. >> interesting. interesting. good reporting. >> thank you. coming up, much more on the breaking news this morning that donald trump will not be revealing his medical records during his television appearance with dr. oz. the question we're asking, are trump's medical records going to be like his tax returns, promised but never seen, and are voters okay with that? (vo) stank face.
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6:48 am
i want to bring in an npr correspondent. help me understand. dr. oz doesn't treat donald trump and dr. oz had already said i'm not going to ask him things he doesn't want to talk about, i'm only going to cover things he's interested in. in the age old world of media who decides this is what -- the american people have a right to know x, y and z, have the rules changed? >> the rules have not only changed. i'll talk about my tax documents with suze ormon. i'll talk about whether i gave money to the florida ag, i'll talk to judge judy. dr. oz is a performer on tv. he's in a safe place and even so he's not going to show his medical records when he talks to dr. oz. >> if it was, what account media ask for. dr. oz is saying, i'm going to let him set limits. is that something we're used to from the news media coming out and saying, you know what, i
6:49 am
have already agreed to terms. in theory one would say, you don't agree to terms. we need to know the medical records of someone running for president. >> absolutely. year after year candidates of both parties have been far more forthcoming than either of these candidates have, but particularly donald trump in terms of their medical situation. you would have had actual mds often, trained reporters, "new york times," washington post, this network could look at these. dr. oz is not there to do that. what you're seeing is donald trump taking a wall that is a membrane and he's eroded it. he sees this campaign totally as a tv adventure. every time you went on debates he'd say, you guys should pay me. i get you all such high ratings, that's what he thinks of that. >> if that's what donald thinks, is he right? >> in a sense he's right. i think you're going to see extraordinary revenues come in from particularly cable tv
6:50 am
channels for their ability over the lt call it 14 months to program against donald trump. at the same time, what you're seeing though is a corrosion of the ability of the press and the media to fact check and hold accountable those who would hol. donald trump has seeked to kind of circumvent the press as often as possible. this is another vivid example of this. >> the pun here, it's making people sick. thank you sop for joining us today. this is extraordinary. donald trump will in fact be sitting down with dr. oz. the question now, what exactly are we going to be getting out of him? more than a conversation about health, wellness and family. all right, thanks. coming up, battleground america. we're going to take you to the tar heel state to hear what voters in north carolina think will make a difference for them in november. [ crowd noise ]
6:51 am
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6:53 am
msnbc is kicking off its battleground america tour looking to highlight what voters are thinking in the key states that could decide this election. this morning, we're in winston
6:54 am
salem, north carolina, where early voting has been a big issue and the fight for voting rights is not over. i know a big concern in some counties is they have eliminated some of the sunday voting and it's all about politics. >> amazing. a longtime gop operative who used to work for some of the most conservative candidates ever, he said it's politics, echoing what a three-judge panel said about what happened at places like this. now, you mentioned, this is the golden memorial ame church. they city, even after a whole series of hearings, they're not going to be able to do souls to the polls on sunday. something that brought hundreds of black voters to the polls here in north carolina. and the judge said this is really about targeting people, targeting blacks. in fact, he said they targeted them with surgical precision.
6:55 am
carter wren actually agreed, much to the shock of a lot of republicans, that this was about keeping democrats away from the polls. take a listen. >> in elections here in 40 years, i've never seen one decided by fraud. >> not a single case. and they also talk about, we don't want people to vote on sunday because we don't want the poll workers to have to work on sunday. >> again, i think it's partisan. i mean, if more republicans voted on sunday, that wouldn't be an issue. >> here's why it's important. blacks turn out big numbers here. and look at this, how many of them, 70%, one of the highest numbers in the country, have historically early voted. 70% in 2012. you take that out of here and what you have a huge advantage for republicans. most of the counties that lost voting rights were able to get most of it back. not so here in forsythe county.
6:56 am
we're waiting to hear whether civil rights organizations will go to court and continue this fight. >> all right, chris jansing will be reporting from winston salem all day. you want to catch that reporting. donald trump goes to flint, michigan, later today, despite the wishes of the local residents. ♪ before it became a medicine, it was an idea. an inspiration. a wild "what-if." so scientists went to work. they examined 87 different protein structures. had 12 years of setbacks and breakthroughs, 4,423 sleepless nights, and countless trips back to the drawing board. at first they were told no, well... maybe, and finally: yes. then it was 36 clinical trials,
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but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. that wraps us up this hour. i'm stephanie rule. i will see you tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. right now, here's some more news with craig melvin. >> we are following breaking news and the developments of this presidential race this hour. up first, some breaking news regarding donald trump and those medical records he has promised to release. p thought the plan was to reveal them on dr. oz's show. we now know that is not going to happen. campaign officials telling us moments ago the tv appearance will focus instead on family and be more of a conversation
7:00 am
generally about well being. as for those promised medical reports, the gop nominee told us he'd make public. his campaign aides now say we won't see them today but soon. it's now donald trump's charitable foundation that could be on shaky ground. the new york attorney general opening a formal inquiry into the organization. campaign officials dismissing questions about the way the foundation raises and spends its money. meanwhile, team clinton already out with a new a and the campaign in chief taking it head on. >> family foundation has saved countless lives around the world. the other candidate's foundation took money other people gave to his charity and then bought a six-foot tall painting of himself. >> we'll also tell you what former secretary of state colin powell had to


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