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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 14, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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today. the tale of another hack, leaked e-mails. >> general powell saying donald trump is a national disgrace. his opinion matters. other endorsements are over blown but his matters. good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell here in new york. a lot going on today. once again donald trump leaving us wondering if he's ever going to tell us more about his medical history. today word from the trump campaign that he will not reveal his medical report to dr. oz as he said when he tapes the show today. this morning his campaign manager trying to clarify the situation. >> if he's asked a question
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about his health he'll be sure to answer it. >> there was less than full disclosure when she was here. >> he believes it is important for the public to know what his basic health condition. i don't know why we need such extensive medical reporting when we all have a right to privacy. >> this is new york's attorney general, a clinton democrat, confirming he launched an inquiry into the trump foundation. >> we started communications with them in june. we didn't have a press release, try to grandstand on this. as with any of the nonprofits we regulate we have been making inquiries and have had very professional correspondence with trump foundation lawyers. >> is this an inquiry or investigation? >> i'm not sure what the distinction is. it is an investigation in the sense that we have asked for information. >> the trump campaign's response, attorney general eric schneiderman is a partisan hack
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who has turned a blind eye to the clinton foundation for years and has endorsed hillary clinton for president. going on to say this is nothing more than another left-wing hit job designed to distract from crooked hillary clinton's disastrous week. this from the trump team. nbc universal gave a $500,000 donation to the trump foundation in 2012. now joining me is katy tur covering the trump campaign since the beginning and david farenthold who has spent months searching for personal donations from trump to his charity. let's set the stage and then bring in david. the medical report. he will, he won't. it will be very bare bones. it won't be a real history. what do you think is going on? >> i'm not sure what's going on. earlier in the week when i was talking to the campaign i was trying to find out more information, when did donald trump get his physical? they say last week tell me what
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day, where did he get it, what doctor did he get it from and when will you release the results and will it be more than just clholesterol and blood pressure. the response i got was last week and this week. he got a physical last week, no word who it was with and this week we'll get the results. now the campaign says you will get the results of it, more medical information, quote, soon. i'm not sure if that means this week or some nebulous date down the line. what we do know is he was supposed to go on dr. oz which he is taping right now, and talk about the results from the physical. dr. oz talking about how he would ask donald trump only the questions he wanted answered. donald trump saying on cnbc he would talk about it with dr. oz. now the campaign says he will not discuss that with dr. oz. it will be just about health and wellness leading many to wonder
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and for us to ask the campaign, what happened in the last 48 hours to make you say you don't want to talk about it any longer with dr. oz and to make you say you are not going to necessarily, i guess, release it this week because we are only getting a "soon". >> it could be changing as we speak. the other issue is the foundation. i want to bring in david who has done so much work on this. it all goes back to what you are reporting on. he won't release his tax returns which would tell us how much he's donated. hang on a second. your research. you have done the most extensive investigation into what he's donated and what he hasn't. summarize it for us, if you can. >> sure. i have been looking to see -- trump has claimed he's given millions out of his own pocket to charity. the campaign won't tell me what he gave, who he gave to. i have been trying to find proof that donald trump is telling the truth. i have talked to 327 charities
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so far. charities that seemed like they would the most likely to get money from trump because they have some connection to him. i found between 2008 and this may, i found one gift out of trump's pocket in 2009. it was for less than $10,000. >> why is this significant just to explain? most people would not expect a political figure to be charitable or to have to donate but it's what he claimed and what pence said. tens of millions of dollars. >> this is not a claim i made up. i'm trying to hold donald trump to what he said about his charitable giving. he talked about giving the proceeds of trump university, of my most recent book, the proceeds of "the apprentice," all those things to charity. it's a way he raised his public profile, made himself seem charitable. i'm trying to see if he was telling the truth when he set out that standard for himself.
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>> correct me if i'm wrong. remember when he cancelled his appearance of the debate, having a rifval event with veterans' groups. it was the washington post and your reporting that discovered he had not made the payment when he claimed he had. he did make it subsequently? >> cora lewandosky will claim he had given it i a, but privately. he wasn't going to give details. it turned out that was a lie. when we checked it turned out donald trump had given no money away. after our reporting and pressure on trump on social media, trump gave all the money away in the middle of the night in one fell swoop. >> one of the facts of this was about his donation or a donation to the foundation, katy, that ended up paying for a portrait of donald trump.
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the president referenced that. >> david has been doing incredible reporting on this and stuck on the subject the way no one else has and unveiled so much information about donald trump because he can't back up any of the claims. one of the questionable donations and one of the ones the attorney general in new york is looking into is donald trump using his own foundation money to buy himself a $20,000, six-foot-tall portrait of himself. that goes against tax law and charitable giving law. you can't use your foundation's money to buy yourself a gift. did he take the painting and pass it on to another charity? that would mean he wasn't necessarily breaking rules there, but the campaign has not told us or anyone for that matter what exactly is done with it. here is the issue in total with this line of questioning. donald trump made his charitable giving part of his personal
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narrative. he bragged about it. part of why he says he is, a, a good person and a good leader, why you should vote for him. at the same time though he's bragging about this publically he claims i'm a private person, i'm not going to tell you where i'm giving money. i will be humble behind the scenes. you can't have it both ways. >> david, i can't recall any contemporary presidential nominee not releasing their tax returns? >> not in 40 years. if trump released his we would know for sure what he had given to charity out of his own pocket. >> extraordinary reporting, david. katy tur, thank you. hillary clinton will be back on the trail tomorrow testing whether three days off is enough to recover from the pneumonia that led to sunday's startling incident at the 9/11 memorial in new york. let's run through the jam-packed schedule for hillary clinton. first to greensboro, north
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carolina, where the ncaa decided to pull the basketball tournament over the controversial bathroom law. then the hispanic awards gala in washington, d.c. clinton heads to washington the next day for a luncheon for the black women's leadership agenda and saturday, the congressional black caucus awards gala. i think the president is also appearing there. clinton will appear on "the tonight show" the jimmy fallon on monday. busy schedule. kristen welker is in chappaqua, new york. first of all, the medical reports. there is a cat and mouse game going on here. we don't know what donald trump will reveal. maybe the results without releasing the paperwork. he did say earlier he got a physical because of what happened to clinton. the clinton team waiting and watching for your report that they will release a medical
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update today or tomorrow. it may be they want to see what he releases before they know how much to release and how to frame it. >> i think that's a great point, andrea. the clinton campaign not characterizing specifically how much we'll see in the medical reports. they say we'll get more medical information about secretary clinton. it will likely include some of the details from the past examinations that she has had. again, they are saying it will come in the next day or two. you can expect that with that release they will try to make the point that so far she's released more medical information than donald trump if that's the case. so far he's released that one-page, four-paragraph synopsis by his doctor that was written in apparently five minutes. expect a medical release and then a political message. i'm told based on conversations with campaign officials that it will show there is no broader or outstanding problem beyond this
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and other medical issues we have seen in past reports. >> let's talk about the colin powell hacking which affects clinton and trump but primarily trump. this was broken by buzz feed, another hack. looks like it comes from some of the same hackers who have been traced back to russian intelligence in the past. in the hack the e-mails indicate that in recent communications with the former staffer emily miller. she worked at the state department back under powell and condi rice. he's e-mailing her this year and calling the birther movement racist. calling donald trump a national disgrace and an international pariah. we knew how he felt about the birther movement. he does sideswipe hillary clinton. he resented being dragged into her e-mail controversy.
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this is another beat on the e-mails the clinton people will be facing as well. >> reporter: absolutely right. he saved his sharpest words for donald trump. there is no doubt about it. his e-mails reveal frustration about the fact secretary clinton tried to, in his words, pin it on him, and the fact he said she's getting torn apart in the media over the issue. he said he doesn't think it is helping her to drag him -- his words -- into this issue. you see pushback there. colin powell of course confirming to nbc news the fact that the e-mails are awe then tick and the hackers likely have much more. it speaks to the fact that the e-mail issue continues to be a problem. but this broader point about donald trump. the fact that you have republicans saying he's a national disgrace and also expressing real concern about what he would be like on the international stage. it under scores both points.
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a little bit for everyone in those e-mails. >> the campaign gets stranger and stranger. thank you very much. see you soon out there, kristen welker. coming up, more on hacked e-mails from colin powell and reaction from the clinton world. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it.
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in the e-mails from colin powell from the hack he takes a few shots at hillary clinton writing to vernon jordan, i have told hillary's minions repeatedly that they are making a mistake trying to drag me in yet they still try. the media isn't fooled and she is getting crucified. joining me now wendy sherman who worked with hillary clinton and a clinton supporter. where do you start? the hacking from russia is
9:17 am
becoming a major issue. the democrats are mostly being targeted. now it appears colin powell has been swept up in this. he makes a point about his view at least of hillary clinton. we should put it out there. from the e-mails which he has confirmed are legitimate. he's not denying anything. he really goes after donald trump as a national disgrace with the birther movement. he's clearly annoyed at being used as early as last september when hillary clinton said, well, colin powell did it, too, trying to describe private e-mails. >> good to be with you, andrea. secretary clinton said she's the only person responsible for the decision she made to use the private e-mail server, that she would never do it again. she understands the problems that it has created although i would say she didn't create any security risk for the united
9:18 am
states of america in that effort. she said she's responsible. colin powell isn't responsible. no one else. we have this national treasure, colin powell, saying donald trump is an international pariah and a disaster. coming from him who really tried to be above the fray in politics, but obviously a very important leader in our military, in the african-american community, in the national security community is quite an indictment. >> we want to talk about hillary clinton's health and her powering through. you have been through it, i have been through it. i don't know if it's gender-related, generational or what. just an update for the viewers now that donald trump did appear, did tape with dr. oz on
9:19 am
his tv show and moments ago dr. oz on this tv taping released a news release saying they did sit down. they talked for an hour one on one about his personal health, views on health care policy. during the filming which will air tomorrow, mr. trump shared with dr. oz the results of his physical examination performed by dr. harold bornstein who has been mr. trump's personal physician for many years. additionally as all physicians do when seeing a patient for the first time dr. oz took mr. trump through a full oh review of systems including nervous, head and neck, hormone levels, cardiovascular health, respirato respiratory, gastrointestinal health, determine to logical, history of cancer which means whether there is or isn't. it doesn't disclose family medical history, dementia, heart disease, cancer in relatives.
9:20 am
ivanka trump joined her father to speak about child care and returning leave initiatives. we are on the record with that. we won't know the details presumably until tomorrow or maybe they will leak something. she's taken three days off since what happened on sunday. she's going out on the campaign. supposed to fly to north carolina, then to d.c. do you think she should take more time? we are only a week and a half away from the first debate. >> i think hillary clinton learned, you learned and i have that we expect ourselves to power through it's taken a lot of discipline from her to rest and try to get over the pneumonia which can be treated with antibiotics.
9:21 am
rest does help. i give her a lot of credit for going against the grain. early on in my career i learned in i wanted to be seen in the workplace and i was a mom or a grandma. if i wanteto be seen as strong, i needed to power my way through anything. during the iran negotiation, i was headed up to the delegation room. there was a glass door there that was usually open because the area was secure. there was a secure phone there. i talked to john kerry around 11:00 at night to go over progress and get instructions. i went slam into that door. blood spurted everywhere. my staff said, oh, my gosh, call an ambulance. i said, no, you're clearly not a mother. kids and broken noses and bleeds happen all the time. just get me an ice pack. i went on, had the call with secretary kerry, went on with my
9:22 am
job, didn't blink. did get a ct scan to make sure i hadn't had a concussion. i had broken my nose in several places. my story is quite usual. working mothers know we can't get sick. your children depend on you. hillary clinton would say she's lucky. even as a presidential candidate she can take a day or two to get rest. most moms don't have the sick leave they need or they used it up taking care of their kids or an elderly parent. that's why she's fought all of her life for children and families. both here in the united states and globally around the world. she knows what working families need to be able to survive. family and medical leave, child care, good jobs, good wages are all part of the picture. >> wendy sherman, always a pleasure. thanks for being with us.
9:23 am
nbc's katy tur joins me by phone. now we know. i'm glad we both said, you never know what will happen next. it turns out he did decide to reveal a lot about his -- well, we don't know how much. he discussed his physical exam with dr. oz. >> reporter: it just goes to show. you can't walk away from a camera for more than a few minutes in this campaign without some new twist happening. you're exactly right. dr. oz confirming donald trump will, in fact, be talking about his medical records. this is contrary to what the campaign told us this morning, that this was not -- a tv show was not the place to discuss his medical records or physical. well, now he will. according to dr. oz they will talk about his head and neck, hormone levels, cardiovascular, related medications, respiratory, gastrointestinal health, bladder or prostate,
9:24 am
determi dermatology, occurrence of heart disease, alzheimer's in relatives. that's a comprehensive list dr. oz is putting out. remember dr. oz himself the other day said he won't ask questions of donald trump that donald trump doesn't want to have answered. it will be unclear if he has the full picture if there are not so flattering or negative results in there that could hurt his appearance of health going forward. it's not clear what we are getting until we see this. this is different from what we were hearing this morning from the campaign. we heard he will not discuss his medical records or physical on his tv doctor show. >> just to point out the exam was, as we suspected, when kelly anne conway said people shouldn't have to change their doctors. that's what obamacare has done. i thought that was a signal that
9:25 am
the physical was conducted by harold bornstein and it was. his father preceded him as the trump family doctor is a long-time friend and the gastroenterologist we interviewed on nbc news. katy tur, thanks for the update. we appreciate it. >> reporter: thank you. >> joining me now republican tennessee congresswoman donna blackburn who was with donald trump and with mike pence at the party caucus yesterday. you are a busy person. thank you for carving out time for us. first of all, why the fuss over releasing your medical report and taxes? would you, as a member of congress who has seen so many political campaigns and what the previous nominees have done, mitt romney, john mccain, why not be open with the public? if you get sworn in donald trump
9:26 am
would be the oldest president ever. >> that's right. this is -- >> release your taxes. we wouldn't be digging into the foundati foundation. be open about it. >> one thing to realize there and is important to talk about is the fact that donald trump and every candidate has to file with the fec a financial disclosure act to give a picture -- >> forgive me. those reports don't tell you what a tax return does. especially with the complicated business he has. >> i would like to see the clinton foundation tax returns. that would be important to do. >> well, we have four years -- >> with the 990s. >>. [ speaking at the same time ] >> they have never filed paperwork to change their mission. i think it would be important to see those. >> let me make the point that the clintons personally have
9:27 am
never taken any money from their tax returns. they have never been paid from the foundation. we have 40 years of their tax returns. let's keep it on donald trump for a moment. what about happened in the caucus yesterday? we are hearing from members that mike pence did get pushback from house members who don't like certain aspects of the campaign. there was complaining about the top of the ticket? >> i heard one person express concern and other than that, everybody was very supportive. they liked the balance that mike brings. they think he's a complement. they are supportive of mr. trump. mr. trump is up in most states. bear in mind presidential races are 50-state races. and the compilation of that. when you look at states like north carolina and florida and maine where he's up four points, our members are doing very well
9:28 am
in working with and supporting mr. trump. certainly the child care policies that came out yesterday. looking at how to work with families. giving families more tools in the tool box. that will serve the campaign well. >> what about congressman fortenberry who reportedly told mr. pence the congressman's young daughter said, daddy, donald trump hates women. >> i have talked to mr. fortenberry about that. i think at that time you were hearing things that were negative of mr. trump. as you look at the record you see what's happened with hiring of women, promotion of women. how well he's worked with women in his company. then also you look at what he brought forward last night. our children from time to time will hear things and say why do
9:29 am
they say that about you? my goodness i have a group targeting me in my district now. it is important, as both a parent and as a member of congress to bring perspective and say this is why opponents would say something like that. i want to ask you about the hack i ing. he refers to the birth movement as racist. he talks about trump as an international pariah and says benghazi was a witch hunt. >> i feel from mr. powell. you can go out and prosecute
9:30 am
people who are hackers. mr. powell was communicating with people he trusted. these were private documents. those are his opinions. he expressed concern and frustration with the clinton campaign and some of their tactics. he also expressed concern with mr. trump and some of his physicians. it's one man's opinion. >> congresswoman, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thanks for being with us. joining me now is nbc news medical contributor dr. john torres. >> what kind of medical data dooupg we are getting from donald trump? >> that's the issue now. we don't know. we are getting lists of things we'll probably get. but the details are everything here. i understand we'll get a one-page report of health history from his doctor. a physical examination, a review of systems. you have been to a doctor before. you sit down and check off the
9:31 am
boxes. have you ever had this, that. sometimes you forget and the doctor prompting can have you remember things or going through the detailed medical record. they will go head to toe. cardiovascular system, nervous system, skin. those things. on the list that was put out he's looking at a history of cancer. that's fine. didn't have cancer but has he had screening tests that tell us? colonoscopy? is he getting immunizations? a lot of people are saying i don't care if he got a flu shot. who cares? but the pneumonia vaccination, singles. those are things that could impact him in the white house during the presidency. it could affect his leadership role. these are things we want to know about. >> questions were raised about dr. bornstein when we saw that brief, frankly not typical medical report. it used a lot of superlatives.
9:32 am
it didn't use technical language or grammar correctly. it was very brief. he's a gastroenterologist. typically would you have a gastroenterologist do this head to toe physical? >> you typically wouldn't. the gastroenterologist focuses on the stomach, digestive system and the primary care physician takes care of this part. it's confusing how much he knows about the history. we are not getting that information. this is a big puzzle. physical exactly, review. past medical history, family history. these are pieces to make a complete picture of what's going on. we are not getting that yet. >> speaking of incomplete pictures do we have enough information about hillary clinton's pneumonia, the type of pneumonia, the degree, whatever the category for you to judge whether going back out on the
9:33 am
trail tomorrow after three days of rest is adequate? >> the pneumonia can be small or large. we think she has walking pneumonia is so she wasn't hospitalized but we don't know how big it was or how she's responding to antibiotics. that's probably the biggest thing we have to find out. that will tell us if she's going out too early. she got the rest but does she need more? >> what would you like to see? chest x-ray? >> or just results of how she's doing now. typically we get a chest x-ray, wait until they recover, take another chest x-ray to make sure it's going away and say you are good to go. at this point, how are you feeling? how is she doing? and light duty. not going out strenuously is my biggest recommendation. >> thank you very much. >> you bet. >> coming up, donna shelaly joins me.
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so let me get this straight. one foundation gives out money and saves people's lives. the other one uses other people's money to buy a six foot tall portrait of himself. president obama in his element there. after years of republican attacks on the clinton foundation, raising questions by the republicans about what will happen to the organization if hillary clinton is elected president. joining me now with the answers is donna shalala, the president and ceo of the clinton foundation. of course she's the former
9:38 am
secretary of health and human services under president bill clinton. long-time president of the university of miami. great to see you. >> thank you. great to see you. >> woman in the hot seat now. we are going into the annual clinton global initiative meetings in new york. this is the last year of the clinton global initiative, no matter what happens. it's being shut down. >> exactly. more than that, we are celebrating the president's leadership of cgi. it has transformed flilanthropy. we bng together people for bol or helping detroit with the secondary mortgage market. we have done a number of things. the president said in his own book ten years is plenty for the clinton global initiative. transforming it has been an exciting prospect for him.
9:39 am
>> the foundation itself, he said in atlanta when we were interviewing him a couple weeks ago that it will be a slow process. he doesn't want anyone to lose their jobs but that would be shut down or she's leaving the board. chelsea is staying on the board. clear up for us. i know the health initiative will be spun off as a separate free standing organization. will the foundation go out of business? >> it can't because of the library. remember, the center piece is the library in little rock and the clinton center in little rock. it is the programmatic parts that will be spun into separate public charities or we'll remove ourselves from the governance of them. or we'll merge with other not for profit organizations to take over our responsibilities. but a lot of the international programs because we'll no longer take international money, no longer take corporate money.
9:40 am
so cgi, the health initiatives that operate abroad as well as some of the work in latin america working with entrepreneurs and starting up companies. some of the work we do with farmers in africa, for example. but because we'll no longer take international money, no longer part of the governance it will be a smaller organization. of course the primary piece, the centerpiece is the library. no one expects the library to go out of business. >> you know, donald trump and others have criticized it as pay for play because there were phone calls to huma abedin and others in the state department from donors to the state department asking for access, for meetings. this is what donald trump had to say. >> it's called pay for play. over and over people who donated to the clinton foundation or gave money to bill clinton got
9:41 am
favorable treatment from hillary clinton's state department. >> true or false? >> first of all there is no question there were phone calls made to get appointments for people but mohamed eunis, a nobel laureate. melinda gates? these are people any secretary of state would have seen, courtesy appointments. >> what about business people? >> also business people. no question. i don't see evidence that there was policy decisions made as a result of that other than courtesy appointments. people in public life are used to doing that kind of -- making courtesy appointments for people. requests fm republicans in congress so i don't find it unusual. we have to be careful that it's not linked to policy decisions as opposed to simply seeing prominent people that ask for
9:42 am
appointments. >> you have known the clintons for a long time and were in the cabinet of course bill clinton. what about the penchant for secrecy? there's been criticism from some friends and certainly the colin powell saying her minions are trying to drag him into an e-mail controversy. does hillary clinton make a mistake in not revealing the pneumonia immediately, not even to top aides. only telling one or two people. does she -- is she too protective? does she need to rethink that if she's going to be elected and be a successful president? >> she's very human. let me talk about the foundation. there is no secrecy as far as this foundation is concerned. we disclosed our donors. we disclose our programs. we disclose our taxes. our tax returns are on our website. so we are totally transparent as
9:43 am
far as the foundation is concerned. >> you have seen leaders, presidents. who is it that's in the inner circle with hillary clinton who can go into the oval office and say you are making a mistake? the private server is a manies i take, that's not good, the white house won't like this, it goes against policy. does she have anyone around her strong enough to say, you've got pneumonia, you have said it was allergies ambassador it's worse, let's put it out there. us. >> you know many of them. they have always hired strong people who told them the truth. i was one of them. in the cabinet. so there is no question in my mind. as far as personal privacy in health care, all of us have a reaction to protect our personal privacy in health care when we
9:44 am
are public life we don't have much chance for that. >> can you assure us the clinton foundation would not be a conflict of interest for for a potential future hillary clinton? >> to eliminate any sense there is a conflict of interest in the future, if she's lekted and so spinning off the program but making sure the work continues he doesn't want to interrupt the work that helps millions of people around the world whether it's through getting discounted aids drugs or helping them to improve ago cultural products. >> why keep chelsea on the board? >> it's chelsea's decision. first of all, chelsea is an important leader on the board. >> no question. it's keeping it in the family as it were. >> keeping one person in the family on the board. chelsea has said she wants to make sure we do the transition effectively. she has to make the decision about her own future.
9:45 am
there is no question. she's intelligent, knows the programs, has management experience. keeping her in in a leadership position on the board i think is very important. >> donna shalala, madam secretary, thank you very much. still ahead, russian hackers blamed for snooping on political officials, now targeting american olympic athletes. stay with us. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. we are all in for our customers. it's scary when the lights go out.
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he had a physical late last week. he'll release it this week. >> after saying drurp would not release medical records on the dr. oz show, we learned today he did share a summary of results from his recent physical with dr. harold bornstein. joining me for the daily fix gene cummings and nbc news senior editor mark murray. jean, first to you.
9:49 am
this whole debate over how much medical information should be out there. i'm sure a lot of people say, wait, i don't want my medical report out there. when you're running for president there is a tradition that goes back to the fact we didn't know john kennedy had a serious auto immune disease. we didn't know that fdr had polio, well we knew but not that he was in a wheelchair. they wouldn't allow pictures. there is reason to be concerned about the health of donald trump, now 70. >> hillary clinton will turn 69 in october. so we do have two of the oldest nominees running for office. so at a certain level the public wants to know, all right, will they have the stamina? can they serve the full term? all of that would relate to maintaining stability in our country. so the voters have a legitimate
9:50 am
reason to ask what is the status of your health and you being able to serve the full term. as you say in the past candidates have gone to john mccain ain particular, to extraordinary measures to give confidence to voters that they are in good enough shape to take on the top job. >> there is a new bloomberg poll out. mark murray. this is potentially troubling for hillary clinton. ohio. more important to republicans than democrats actually, but if john kerry had won ohio he would have been president of the united states. ohio now in this new poll is 48-43, a five-point lead for donald trump over hillary clinton. >> very good news in the poll for donald trump and his campaign. there was a cbs poll that had
9:51 am
hillary clinton up seven points. one thing about the bloomberg poll it was during the news about hillary clinton's health scare. it will be interesting to see if the numbers continue after she gets back on the campaign trail together. also going inside the numbers. the poll was very republican heavy. had a plus 7 for republicans. interestingly the cbs poll had a big democratic advantage. my bottom line is this is a toss up race. when you see polling results one way or the other, normally you should end up circling it as a toss-up. that's the best designation now for ohio. >> in fact, i think if you look at the travel schedules until hillary clinton became ill we were in ohio once or twice a week throughout the campaign. the bus trip to ohio. she's so focused on ohio. it's to take away a path to victory for donald trump. without ohio, arguably without pennsylvania, donald trump really doesn't have an easy path. >> exactly. well, if you give hillary
9:52 am
clinton virginia or colorado, donald trump has to run the table in ohio, florida, pennsylvania, and north carolina. so he has to start moving the numbers more in his favor. >> jean cummings, we are also learning that donald trump handed some results, a paper with results -- i think a one-sheet -- to dr. oz reporting that he was in excellent shape. this is, again, from the dr. bornstein examination and dr. oz apparently validating that and saying if you were my patient, i would be very happy. this is on a show we haven't seen based on an examination with a doctor who has not independently verified any of this except the interview he had with nbc news a few weeks ago. a lot of kacaveats. >> there are a lot of kav gnaca. it will be interesting to see if
9:53 am
either campaign allows their doctor to take questions. one thing they say hillary clinton should have done when it came apparent on sunday she was sicker than she might have thought, that if she had let her doctor speak then, you know, that would have reassured people in a more fundamental way that, indeed, just a case of pneumonia. let's move on. she'll be fine. >> jeanne and mark, thank you so much. it is not only colin powell's e-mails that were hacked but also a series of high profile cyber attacks in the last 24 hours. more documents including what appear to be the personal cell phone number of tim kaine when he was dnc chair and possibly today. also released by the hacker or hackers who claim to have broken into the democratic national committee. another cyber attack targeting the world anti-doping agency exposed controversial medical records of several star olympic
9:54 am
athletes. pete williams joins me with more. to say nothing of how upsetting it is but the legal ramifications and the security questions. we have that 22 million-person hacking into the office of personnel management of anyone who has applied for a job and clearance by the federal government. where does it end? >> reporter: it probably won't end for a long time. if there is a lesson out of the powell e-mails it's never assume your e-mails are private. but the chinese appear to be behind the opm hack. there seems to be little doubt it was russian entities behind the latest attacks and the dnc attacks. the colin powell e-mails came out on which many cyber security experts have concluded has ties to russian entities. i say russian entities because the united states has never said whether it believes the russian government is doing this, whether it is russian people although there is evidence it is
9:55 am
government organizations if you look at the times when the hacks take place it appears to be during the russian work day. in any event the question is what will the united states do about it? we have been told by several officials there are no criminal charges imminent here. we don't expect charges to be filed against the russian entities but will the united states publically say that they believe the russians are behind it? they have never said it. will there be a shaming thing? will there be some government to government exchange about this? that's the larger question about which there appears to be no answer now. >> at the same time, we do know from an interview i did and from other conversations that you have had with jeh johnson of homeland security said he's tasking people to help work with local communities to make sure the election system is safe from hacking and from interference. >> that's a very different
9:56 am
question. of course it appears to be that the general belief is that the hacks are intended to undercut confidence in the u.s. elections. but the same officials say they doubt the russian entities could have any effect on the actual vote count. >> pete williams, thank you very much. thanks for being with us. more ahead on "andrea mitchell reports."
9:57 am
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that does it for a busy edition of "andrea mitchell reports." thanks for being with us. tune in tonight for the 11th hour with brian williams. he's joined by new jersey governor and donald trump supporter chris christie. remember, follow the show online on facebook and twitter @mitt chet reports. hallie jackson is next on msnbc in the battleground state of ohio. great place to be. >> on the road. hi, everybody. i'm hallie jackson in ohio at the military preservation society museum in a hangar next to the airport where donald
10:00 am
trump will be landing a few hours from now for his rally in the state. a crucial battleground. his campaign getting good news with new numbers. more to come on that. remember, no republican has won the white house without winning ohio. right now we have breaking news on the road to 2016. this hour. for example, we have new information on donald trump's medical status. information he's revealed it on the dr. oz show after a back and forth as to whether or not that would happen. we dig into the details coming up. plus this hour, one of our reporters is talking with new york's attorney general who launched an inquiry into trump's nonprofit. the nominee's business dealings under a microscope today. a national disgrace, that's how former secretary of state colin powell described donald trump in a series of leaked e-mails. he also had strong words about hillary clinton. the four-star general tells nbc news the hackers have a lot more. we have it covered


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