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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 14, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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trump will be landing a few hours from now for his rally in the state. a crucial battleground. his campaign getting good news with new numbers. more to come on that. remember, no republican has won the white house without winning ohio. right now we have breaking news on the road to 2016. this hour. for example, we have new information on donald trump's medical status. information he's revealed it on the dr. oz show after a back and forth as to whether or not that would happen. we dig into the details coming up. plus this hour, one of our reporters is talking with new york's attorney general who launched an inquiry into trump's nonprofit. the nominee's business dealings under a microscope today. a national disgrace, that's how former secretary of state colin powell described donald trump in a series of leaked e-mails. he also had strong words about hillary clinton. the four-star general tells nbc news the hackers have a lot more. we have it covered from the team
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of reporters on the ground. i want to start now with nbc's peter alexander joining me now. walk us through the new details we have about donald trump's medical status. this is breaking within the last 40 minutes here. >> exactly right. we are getting new information even as you were introducing me here. we were told this morning they wouldn't talk about the results of his recent physical last week. this afternoon we know they did. we are told by people inside the studio when this was taped a couple of hours ago that dr. oz reviewed donald trump's personal health and he was given a one-page summary of that physical exam that was taken or done by dr. harold bornstein. this is the personal physician of dr. trump. he's a lennox hill physician. it was described by his show publicist as a full review of
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systems from the nervous system, history of cancer, family medical history as well including occurrence of alzheimer's, cancer in relatives and things of that sort. as it is described by individuals who were there in the audience today, dr. oz said donald trump according to the information he had was in, quote, excellent shape. he said if he was his patient he would be, quote, very happy. the only new detail we have learned that we have heard through the letter from dr. bornstein is donald trump takes a statten for cholesterol. according to another audience member inside the studio, donald trump weighs about 267 pounds which dr. oz said was slightly over weight. all of this matters because donald trump, if elected would be the oldest first term president in u.s. history at 70 years of age. a little bit more detail we are learning now. excuse me as i read it to you. we are told as it is described that dr. oz said when ivanka
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trump came on stage it is nice to see a dad kiss his daughter. trump said he kisses her every chance he gets. clearly an effort with donald trump's daughter in tow to make a pitch to female voters as they discuss his child care proposals. another topic discussed was the issue of undocented workers. donald trump apparently was asked how he would deal with an undocumented worker who collapsed in the street. would he provide health care? does he have an obligation? trump said if he was president the undocumented worker wouldn't be there. on hospitalization, donald trump told dr. oz according to an audience member, he has not been in a hospital since he had his appendix removed at the age of 11. he said he has no need to go to a hospital because simply he's too healthy. that's what we know at this point. i know you have other guests to
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describe how much you can get in terms of a history of an individual from a one-page history. that's the details we are getting in as we speak to you. >> peter we want to come back to you. dr. natalie azar, nbc medical news contributor and joined by dr. john torres, thanks for being with us. neither of you are the personal physicians of donald trump or hillary clinton. we want to talk about what kind of information you might be able to get from what peter described. dr. azar, when you look at the list of information, the summary trump gave dr. oz today, as a physician who has not examined the patient, how helpful is that really? >> i think it depends on what is actually included in that one piece of paper. as i have said numerous times, somebody without a significant past medical history could re reliably summarize their medical history in one page.
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typically we expect a list of medications, allergies, medical history, relevant family history, social history like history of smoking, et cetera. we would also want to see a recent physical exam with vital signs and laboratories. the issue i think at hand now is that from what we have heard is something that's a little bit more in depth called review of system where is the doctor asks a patient a battery of questions asking about unusual symptoms from head to toe involving all organ systems. we don't know if that was included in the one-page summary. we believe that was a part of the interview today that was conducted by dr. oz himself. to summarize and answer the question more clearly, if someone doesn't have significant medical problems, we could expect to see a complete medical report in one page provided that
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the person has a relatively unremarkable history. >> let's take a beat and point out this was a former reality tv star going on a tv show with dr. oz to present this information that's vitally important for the american public to know given donald trump is the republican nominee for president. it is remarkable in a number of ways. as a physician what to you are the appropriate medical records you would want released and the appropriate way in which to do it? i think back to past nominees who provided records to reporter doctors, et cetera, to members of the media. talk to me about what you feel would be appropriate in this situation and your take on what we are just learning about him in the last 15 minutes. >> everything is in the details. when it comes to somebody's health it is a puzzle with pieces of the puzzle going together. review of systems, physical examination. other pieces as well. past medical history, immunizations, screenplaying. they will do a review of systems
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of cancer. he might say i have never had a problem with cancer. has he had screenings, colonoscopy, prostate exam? those are things we need to know to make sure his history is okay. one physical examination gives us a snapshot of that day in the life. it doesn't give trends. looking back over the last few years of trends, his blood pressure for the last decade, his cholesterol for 20 years are important for a full assessment of egg what's going on with his health and what could be going on in the future. i'm an advocate of immunizations. his shingles shot, pneumonia shot. that could impact him if he becomes president during strenuous years to make sure he isn't incapacitated by shingles or other things that are preventable. >> he could be serving as commander in chief. why would he choose the dr. oz show to reveal this information? what's your take? >> hallie, not speaking to the
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campaign directly or speaking to him, i really can't answer that other than i don't want to speculate and i'm sure other people will do the speculating for me. i will say it doesn't seem completely out of character of the way he's, you know, been forthcoming about other kinds of information thus far. i will leave it at that. >> we did a story with dr. bornstein, the physician who conducted this interview a couple of weeks ago for "nightly news." he had written a four-page summary and told nbc news he felt rushed when writing it. he was trump's physician for decades and felt comfortable in the assessment if elected donald trump would be the healthiest president ever, basically. does this satisfy you? i will let you jump in here. does it satisfy you that we have about as much medical information from donald trump as we do from hillary clinton or is there a discrepancy in how much
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trump released? >> i think he's closer between the two as to what kind of information we are gating. at the same time, it starts opening up questions. again, the specifics, the details of what's going on with both candidates. we know information about secretary clinton. we might need more specifics on that. getting the details. we need meat on the bone for a good assessment of the overall health of both candidates. >> until we see tomorrow what the one page is comprised of, i can't tell you. the clinton campaign and secretary clinton has been forthcoming about her medical history particularly in the past couple of days. we now know she gets dehydrated often. that's an interesting detail. i would argue that a little bit
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of a double standard. i think we are holding her to a different level of disclosure at this point. >> i think it's interesting you say that. first i want to bring in our nbc correspondent kacie hunt. a segue here as you are in chappaqua where hillary clinton is continuing to rest up after her health scare over the weekend. back on the campaign trail tomorrow. what can you tell us about her plans for the week, what her day has held. >> we have seen a steady stream of flower deliveries from the local florist here in chappaqua, new york, wishing her get well soon. she has been off the trail. reading through briefing books, making calls. they started to add to her schedule for the end of the week. clearly she acknowledged she made a mistake in going out and continuing her campaign schedule in light of the pneumonia.
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an event on friday. another dinner on saturday night. it looks like they will be full speed ahead here. judging by the experience they had the last couple of days i don't think her aides would be prepared to push her out there if they didn't feel she was ready. the very most important thing on hillary clinton's calendar in the next two weeks is the first debate. it's a week from monday. democrats are very concerned about her potentially not putting that ahead of anything else just because it so does have the opportunity to be fundamentally altering to the campaign. you know, in a campaign that's been relatively static outside of incidents like what's gone on
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with her pneumonia and the incident we saw on september 11. her aides cognizant of that and of course both campaigns are running short on time to prepare. hallie? >> kasie, thanks. we want to bring in the doctors standing by. again, making clear that we are not going to speculate on hillary clinton's condition, that you have not examined hillary clinton. speaking generally about somebody who is recovering from pneumonia, how might this impact somebody who will have a gruelling schedule over the next really 50 days or more immediately in the next week and a half? >> we are presuming she probably had a mild form of pneumonia if she was able to keep up until sunday the rigors of her schedule. going on the assumption it was a milder form of pneumonia, maybe an atypical pneumonia but we haven't had confirmation. we can anticipate she's probably feeling significantly improved on day four or five, think, of the antibiotics. the issue i would have at this
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point or concern is that she will have lingering fatigue. that could take a couple of weeks to get better. even though she'll be back on the campaign trail. she and the staffers have to be aware of that and allow for her to rest in between appearances and just not push too hard. i think that's really the most important prescription i would have for her at this juncture. >> dr. aczar and dr. torres, thank you. i want to go back to peter exactly ra alexander to talk about the release of medical information. it's been interesting to talk about the back and forth of whether we would get this information today. it was speculated he would reveal it on the dr. oz show. aides said it wasn't going to happen today but soon. his campaign manager went on tv in the last couple of hours and said this. listen. >> no. he was going to talk about the
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fact that he had a physical and what the results are or what the doctor may have told him to date. i wasn't present at his physical. i think on dr. they are going to talk about other concerns for america. if he is asked a question about his health or his -- he'll be happy to answer. >> you and i have been out there. what does this back and forth say about the internal workings of the campaign or if there is a strategy involved here? do you think trump brought the summary and gave it to dr. oz? >> it's not is oh much what conway said this morning but what she said yesterday when asked about the specific topic. she said i don't know why we need such extreme medical reporting when we all have a right to privacy. that issue of privacy is at the heart of this. while americans may not be too concerned about some of the details that the media gets hung up on, the broad idea of privacy
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from taxes to health is an important one in a campaign as people recognize one of the two individuals, hillary clinton or donald trump, will be president of the yeets just four months from now. as for the strategy in effect it's hard to game out what the thinking was. at least the way the narrative played was midday when everyone was told by the campaign there would not be a focus on donald trump's physical, those results or his medical records, a lot of people expressed frustration because we had been led to believe, the expectation was the information would be released if not on dr. oz but soon. then thereafter, the big surprise at the end of the day is, look, he's going on tv giving everything. we all have to take a step back. there is only so much information we may have learned today. >> peter alexander, dr. john tores and dr. natalie azar,
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thank you you. house democrats want a federal probe in trump's nonprofit foundation. i will speak with one of the congressmen pushing for an investigation. time for the microsoft pulse question. hacked e-mails reveal colin powell called trump a national disgrace. do you think the words will affect trump's recent rise in the polls? much more ahead in canton, ohio. take a look at the production shot. stick around. ry and abigail higgins had... ...a tree that bore the most rare and magical fruit. which provided for their every financial need. and then, in one blinding blink of an eye, their tree had given its last. but with their raymond james financial advisor, they had prepared for even the unthinkable.
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charities have to follow the rules. to single out the clinton foundation would be grossly unfair to say we are changing the rules for this one foundation in the middle of the game. that's new york attorney general eric schneiderman whose office opened an inquiry into the dealings of the trump foundation. schneiderman and trump have a history. schneiderman has sued on the trump university issue in 2013. he and trump have some bad blood. trump's team says this new inquiry into charitable donations made by the trump foundation is partisan politics. a senior aide to donald trump calling trump essentially a left wing move to distract from hillary clinton's troubles this week. her troubles in the polls and recent health scare. that's the set-up. you have in washington,
10:21 am
democrats on the house committee calling on the justice department to open a separate investigation into the foundation. all of it, by the way, in response to reporting that the washington post has done looking into where the money has gone and to what. that one donation to florida's attorney general pam bondi. we have a lot to dig in to here. trump and bondi denying wrongdoing. trump paying a penalty tax connected to that foundation. i want to talk about it with congressman david cicellini, democrat from rhode island. before we get to you i want you to listen to what your colleague jerry nadler said about the trump foundation's actions. >> people caught -- the system should go to jail, not the white house. at a minimum they should be investigated by the justice department when they are that brazen about breaking the law. >> so, congressman, you are part of the group calling for this investigation. do you agree with your colleague about the severity of the
10:22 am
situation here? >> it's very serious. what we know are the following facts. donald trump paid a $2500 penalty, a fine for making an illegal contribution from his foundation to a political organization. attorney general bondi made a personal request for a donation wee weeks passed and mr. trump made no donation. then they were considering charges against donald trump in florida. several days later she received a $25,000 foundation to her super pac and shortly after that announced there would be no charges and no further investigation. it is appropriate under those circumstances and add one more thing. donald trump brags that he's happy to give money to politicians to get what he wants for them. pay to play. those facts warrant a review by the justice department. we have asked, look at the facts.
10:23 am
determine what happened here. this is a gentleman running for president of the united states. if he's engaged -- >> so it's clear -- >> sure. >> -- trump representatives said they paid the tax. everybody acknowledges that's been db. >> i'm not talking about the tax. >> i have to pull up this response from the trump campaign. telling us this is a ridiculous and false mischaracterization that disregards the facts. this is a little bitly motivated attempt to distract from all of hillary clinton's issues. you have heard the argument. the trump campaign saying this is politically motivated. explain why it's not. >> i think it is important. look. people are always questioning. i think we have seen a lot of people who lost faith in the institutions of government. when we have an example, evidence as a result of excellent reporting that donald trump initially did make a campaign contribution when he was personally asked but subsequent to that when an announcement is made by the
10:24 am
attorney general's office that they are considering criminal prosecution or reviewing the new york case he makes a $25,000 -- >> inquiry, not an investigation. >> but makes a $25,000 contribution to a super pac and days later they announce they are not doing anything. and you have a man braggghat he gives money so politicians can kiss his you know what. all we are asking is this set of facts raises serious questions as to whether or not the contributions were made in an effort to influence decisions not to pursue charges. 20 floridians made complaints about trump university. we are asking the attorney general to look at this. all we are saying is these facts warrant further review, if in fact he did something wrong he
10:25 am
should be held accountable. >> let me follow up and i have one more for you if you will hang tight. >> of course. >> the washington post revealed and reported instances where the trump foundation told the irs it donated to a charity but the charity never got the money. the post said for several of the cases that's not the case. perhaps, for example, as cnn reported as well, somebody didn't see the donation in the ledger, et cetera. does that raise questions about the validity of the allegations? and going back to the question, you want to refute that it is not politically motivated but be clear. why not? >> first of all, the question with respect to donations of other organizations may clarify. that timeline is significant. he initially makes no contribution. he only makes a contribution after a public statement is made that they are considering filing charges like they did in new york. only then does he make a $25,000
10:26 am
contribution through a super pac. days later she makes a decision not to pursue it further. and you add that he's bragging. those facts are serious. i applaud the journalism. it is appropriate that the attorney general review it. if you think it would be better if the republican colleagues joined in the effort to settle the issue so we can get to the bottom of it. if mr. trump didn't make the contribution to persuade the attorney general not to charge him, he can say it. the review will reveal it. it is worthy of examination. you are running for president of the united states. the american people have a right to know. >> congressman david cicillene, part of the group calling on this investigation that the trump campaign has said they believe is politically motivated. thank you. we have to have you back to talk about your candidate next time. >> thank you. >> we are in north canton ohio inside this hangar. just about 200 yards from us is
10:27 am
where trump force one will land in a few hours as trump comes here for a rally. his tenth visit to the state. a battleground state president obama visited 22 times in 2012. mitt romney, more than double that with 51 visits. shows you how critical the state is in the race for the white house. we'll speak with people from both sides of the aisle coming up. people say, let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? our new cocktail bitters were doing well, but after one tradeshow, we took off. all i could think about was our deadlines racing towards us. a loan would take too long. we needed money, now. my amex card helped me buy the ingredients to fill the orders.
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we are back in north canton where we are keeping an eye on three things about to happen on the campaign trail. minutes from now chelsea clinton expected to appear at a pre-k school in virginia talking about childhood education. then in a half hour her father, former president bill clinton will be campaigning at a college in north las vegas in nevada and then in michigan donald trump
10:31 am
expected to land in flint any minute after the taping of the dr. oz show we told you about earlier in the hour. here in ohio, by the way, the trump and clinton campaigns made nearly a dozen campaign stops in just the last two weeks. if that doesn't show how important this state is i don't know what will. the presidential bellwether. we are fortunate enough to have the heads of each state's party here. we have chairman of the ohio democrat and republican parties. thanks for being with us. >> hi, hallie. >> thanks. >> david, i want to start with you. the newest poll of ohio. the bloomberg poll shows donald trump edging out hillary clinton by five points. in terms of the ground game, clinton has 54 offices here compared to just 16 for trump. she has triple the number of offices here. she spent time here yet she's trailing him and the new numbers out today. why isn't she doing better in your state? >> well, let me say if you know ohio you know it will be close.
10:32 am
i think the poll used 2004 turn out model which most people agree doesn't make sense. ohio will be close either way. it's always tight. that's why the ground game advantage you mentioned is important. we have all the offices you talked about. hundreds of staff. we have been organizing since last october, registering thousands of people. i think if you visited some of the trump offices, don't believe the hype. i saw one in toledo that was completely empty. not a paper on a desk, nothing on the walls. >> i would say his campaign as hollow as his foundation. there is not a lot going on at the end of the day. ohio will be close. we'll have an organizational advantage again and will pull it out. we have been working at it for months and the other side is starting to get organized. >> shouldn't you expect a better
10:33 am
polling advantage when it comes to how she's doing here? >> ground game is about getting the vote out. it is about registering voters. again, the polling is all over the place. i think matt and i could agree it's pretty much tied to ohio. >> do you agree, matt? is it mostly tied to ohio. i want to get matt in here. do you think it is neck and neck? >> obviously, no. the last several polls showed donald trump ahead in ohio. the trend is going in his direction. that same bloomberg poll had rob portman up by 17 points in a race that was even just a few months ago. the democrats have now pulled out of ted strickland's race. we are feeling good about the direction of that race. we are feeling good about the direction of the presidential race also. hillary clinton had the worst week or two on the campaign trail you could imagine her came
10:34 am
pain has gone into the gutter. they are talking about disparaging voters. not even trying to make the case for hillary clinton anymore. you can't. she's so dishonest. ohio yans know it. and they have seen republican leadership at work. they are not buying the same kinds of things, attacks that barack obama has leveed against republicans. they are not buying it in ohio. >> quick strategy question. trump's lost nine were in democratic counties well. know he wants to win over disaffected democrats. evidence that trump cannot take key republican counties mitt romney won in 2012. i imagine you have to be concerned about that. >> we know what we need to do to win. donald trump has been making incredible progress in democratic parts of the state. all the things we have been trying to do and talking about doing as national republicans expanding the map.
10:35 am
getting more folks into the fold. registering new voters. we have a million new republicans in ohio this year alone. we are doing it in ohio. it comes back to republican leadership working, who ohio has seen and that's the direction they are looking to go. even democrats in coal country, he'll be in stark county tonight which is always a bellwether are important for us to get into the fold. we are winning all over the place now in ohio. i think it is because the republican brand is so strong. >> if i could jump in -- the republican leaders. >> quick last word and break. go ahead. >> the republican leadership he's talking about in the last year said this is john kasich and matt borges himself called donald trump alarming, anti-woman, anti-mexican. the republican leaders he's talking about spent the last year explaining the reasons why in the end ohio won't go for donald trump. >> i think it's his body double. we all know the democrats use those these days.
10:36 am
>> if we had 20 minutes you know we would be talking. i appreciate you joining us and not getting into physical fisticuffs live on air here. we are here in ohio. next up we'll talk about another hot battleground state, north carolina. typically red but narrowly went for president obama in 2008. this year could the fallout over the trans gender bathroom law affect the outcome of the presidential race? a quick programming note. don't miss the 11th hour with brian williams. stay up late tonight. 11:00 a.m. eastern. brian williams on msnbc. a quick look at the responses to the microsoft pulse. hacked e-mails reveal colin powell called trump a national disgrace. here are the results so far. 86% of you think it will. 14% think it will not. head to pulse. to
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vote. back more here live from north canton, ohio. a state that's always close. neither party has received more than 51.5% of the vote since 1988. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. sage. we are all in for our customers. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported.
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i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. with just 55 days until election day msnbc is launching our battleground america tour taking a closer look at the key battleground states that are going to decide this election. we are in ohio today. our tour actually begins in the great state of north carolina, a state mitt romney won in 2012 and then candidate barack obama won by a hair in 2008. today, north carolina is the site of an ongoing battle over access to the polls. it's where we find nbc's chris jansing who joins us now from winston salem, north carolina. my fellow road warrior, chris, you have been looking into
10:41 am
ballot and voter access in north carolina. >> yeah. a lot of people thought it was over actually. you will remember there was a big federal court ruling that said the new rule here, the new law here in north carolina had targeted black voters with almost surgical precision. they tossed it out. but what a lot of people don't know is it went back to a hundred different counties. on those two republicans, one democrat. while most figured it out, the fight still continues in some places like here in forsyth county because churches like this one lost sunday voting. that means souls to the poll, a time when literally hundreds of thousands of black voters would go together, get rides, have access to the polls on a day when they didn't have to work, now that's gone. the republicans argued they were trying to prevent voter fraud, something this court rejected. when i spoke to a very prominent gop operative here, in fact,
10:42 am
somebody who worked for jesse helms, he said this was never about voter fraud. >> i think the motivation was to get it harder for democrats to vote. unregistered democrats or democrats without i.d.s to vote. >> disproportionately affecting african-americans. >> it did disproportionately affect african-americans because most african-americans vote democratic. i would argue that if the african-americans voted republican you wouldn't have a voter i.d. law. >> pretty shocking admission. look at the statistics. 70% of black voters in 2012 voted early. you see how significant it could be in this election when the aggregate, donald trump and
10:43 am
hillary clinton are separated by less than 1%. so this very close race here could indeed turn on some of the changes that are still being looked at. we could know within the next 24 hours or so, hallie, whether or not some civil rights groups will go back to court and fight for people like those here in forsyth county. >> chris jansing keeping an eye on that for us. up next, donald trump is expected to land in flint, michigan any minute now. while hillary clinton has already been there, the mayor of the city says neither trump nor his team reached out since the city's water crisis started. why now? we'll be right back with that question. plus, more live here from north canton, ohio, where trump will arrive for the rally later tonight. this state, more frequently voting for the winning candidate than any other swing state. the buckeye state, battleground back in a minute. as helped us simplify our e-commerce,
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we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce. let's just get a sandwich peoplor something.
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10:46 am
i think when he calls me brilliant i'll take the compliment. >> i'm obsessed with the putin love. it blows up "make america great again" picking putin over america. it doesn't and up. >> you're the republican on the panel. i want to remind you of that. >> after 11:00, nobody is a republican or a democrat.
10:47 am
flint is still hurting. people ask me why i continue to refer to it as a crisis. any time you can't turn on your faucet, it's a crisis. any time people are scared of water it's a crisis. >> that was flint mayor karen weaver this morning on capitol hill after she and others asked congress for money to fix the city's contaminated drinking water. donald trump is expected to land in flint within moments where he will reportedly tour a water treatment facility this afternoon. mayor weaver who has endorsed hillary clinton responded to news of trump's visit in a statement saying in part flint is focused on fixing the problems caused by lead contamination of our drinking water, not photo ops. joining us now nbc news correspondent blake mccoy in flint. what do we expect from donald trump and what are people saying about the visit?
10:48 am
>> well, it is an interesting visit. it was done very last minute. according to the mayor's office they were never notified that trump was coming here. they call it a photo op, a distraction. one of the stops he intends to make here is to the facility behind me, the flint water treatment plant where a lot of problems first arose at. we are hearing it from community members, too, saying why does trump care all of the sudden? take a listen. >> i'm here today to call on donald trump to stop using the flint water crisis as a prop for his campaign. not once since the beginning of his campaign has trump addressed the crisis despite having ample opportunity. now that we are less than two months from election day he is coming to our city to attempt to pivot his message and we won't stand for it. >> reporter: this is a heavily african-american community. a lot of democrats here. in fact, the mayor spoke at the
10:49 am
dnc and has endorsed hillary clinton. certainly an interesting visit for trump to be making. we understand he was supposed to land here at 1:30. he's running behind after the dr. oz taping today. when he does get here he is expected to visit the flint water treatment plant as well as a church that's serving as a water distribution center. hallie? >> blake mccoy, keep us posted. thank you very much. joining us on set is former ohio state senator nina turner. thanks for being with us. let's play off what blake is talking about in flint, michigan. we heard the mayor say it was essentially a photo op from donald trump. any attention to the crisis has to be a good thing, right? putting it back in the national spotlight as flint is asking congress for more money. >> we have to do that. the mayor said it's taken three years. water is life. that's what they are saying about the pipeline, but water is life. it really is a shame on both the democrat and republican side
10:50 am
that in congress they have not been able to come to grips, if you will, and put the dollars necessary to make sure the citizens of flint have clean water. to that extent the criticism for mr. trump is why fixed. why don't you talk to your republican colleague is and get them to act in congress so folks in flint don't have to sufficient this way. >> it needs to be out and in the media we need to talk about it. this is not a political football. this is about people's lives and the fact that the mayor is in dc right now begging leaders who were elected to give her citizens clean water, all of us should be appalled. >> that's a good point. >> yeah, i am over it and a lot of people are. >> we saw blake talking about it out there and people are angry and upset and back to our coverage a couple months ago, people were just devastated. not angry but devastated. >> we have to thank our rachel
10:51 am
maddow for bringing this the floor or it would be covered up. people have the right to be mad as hell for not being able to have water in the state of america. >> i want to talk to you about a state that you know very well. >> my home. >> you look at where the polls are. it is always a close state. why is she not doing better here. what's the issue? >> polls are a snapshot in time. there are a lot of working class people in the state. people are really again, upset about what is going on in the political discourse right now. we are in a drama if you will between secretary clinton and mr. trump, their issues and the people's issues are not being lifted on a consistent basis. that's what we are seeing in the polls. the secretary won in the state and in '08 and primary against
10:52 am
senator sanders and there is 50 something days left, she can turn this around. it is in the margin of error. we need to be talking about the issues of people and not throwing daggers on the other side. you talk about president obama a little bit. i want to ask about the obama's coalition because she's struggling of an enthusiasm gap. >> national poster, you know, kornell belcher talked about that gap. in order for democrats to win, we need the obama coalition to come out and particularly in ohio. you have to talk to people. democrats need to take that to heart that instead of all this scripted stuff that has nothing to do about the individuals in terms of income and wealth and in equality and what people are fighting. we have good news coming out today on income but on the counter of that, people who live
10:53 am
in poverty in the united states of america are still poorer than other people with other wealthy nation and we has and we have t something about it. we have to solve the hearts of the matter of people. >> thank you very much for coming out here. >> we appreciate it. glad to be here. >> coming up next, colin powell, calls donald trump a "national disgrace." what else are we learning about this note? that's coming up in a couple of minutes. home to the football nfl and william mckenley, too, in ohio. stick around.
10:54 am
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revive your va va voom. and save on any rogaine®. we've been hearing so much about how you're a digital company, so you can see our confusion. ge is an industrial company that actually builds world-changing machines. machines that can also communicate digitally. like robots. did you build that robot? that's not a robot, that's my coworker earl. he builds jet engines with his human hands. what about that robot? that is a vending machine, ricky. john, give him a dollar. gary johnson. here is what he's done today taking a full page ad in the new york sometimes asking he would be allowed to participate in the first debate. >> the libertarian ticket will
10:57 am
drop the issue all together. the ad comes a day after the mccocaine. >> two groups of hackers that released personal information of major u.s. political figures. both groups have suspected, although not confirmed ties to russian intelligence viservices., he calls donald trump "a national disgrace" and another he hits clinton. i have told hillary and millions repeatedly, they're making a mistake trying to drag me in, yet, they still tried. the media is not full and she's getti getti getting crucified.
10:58 am
joining us here is beth. >> he's a well respected figure and national politics and former secretary of state and african-american, somebody whose opinion is widely respected and he had negative things to say about both candidates. he calls the trump a national disgrace and calls them the lead berther that was another e-mail that came out. he speaks passionately about that and that's a reminder that's how donald trump first became a political figure. he was raising those questions about president obama's birthpla birthplace. on the other hand, he's saying he does not like to be dragged in the e-mail trocontroversy asu recall. having a private e-mail server is similar or the same as to what colin powell did. we know that he helped given her instruction about how to work with her e-mail, we saw that from other e-mails. he does not want to be a
10:59 am
political football for her or anyone. both of those e-mails made it clear. >> thank you very much, beth. thank you to all of you joining us here in north hamiltpton. before we let you go, take a look at our polls. do you think that's going to affect trump in polling. 89% of you think that it will and 11% of you think it will not. our poll is up for another hour or well. thank you for joining us. donald trump is set to land not too far from where we are as we look out at our airport hanger. the birthplace of the nfl and the profootball hall-of-fame. just down the road, we'll be taking a trip just a little bit. now, toss it over to my
11:00 am
colleague, thomas roberts. good afternoon, nice to be with you. late breaking details about donald trump's health and his doctor oz sit-down with trump handing over his papers of the long time doctor, declaring trump is the healthiest individuals ever elected in the presidency. what does his medical record reveals today? >> he's not going to release the results of his physicals. why is that? >> on a tv show? >> i don't think he should be. >> that was the original plan, was it? >> he was going to talk about the fact he had a physical. >> well, those physical papers came out. is this a medical tell all or some kind of a big switch about the virility of trump's health. and a fall out of the trump's


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