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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  September 14, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm PDT

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an exclusive interview from a reporter who has information about the workings of donald trump's holdings internationally. the 11th hour is here with us live tonight, to talk about donald trump's health, the debates and whether or not we'll every see trump's tax returns. the 11th hour begins now. and good evening from our headquarters here in new york, i'm brian williams, it's 11 days until the first presidential
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debate. 54 days until election day. in a moment, our exclusive interview with new jersey governor and trump advise sorry chris christie, and the trump campaign after a day that focused to a large extent on the health of both of these candidates, trump tonight at a hots and crowded rally in canton, ohio took a swipe at his opponent's stamina. >> you think this is so easy, in this beautiful room that's 122 degrees. it is hot and it's always hot when i perform because the crowds are so big, these rooms were not designed for this kind of a crowd. i don't know, folks, you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? i don't think so. i don't think so. when i announced seems like a
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long time ago. 17 people running, i was the nonprofessional. everyone said, oh, trump has never done this before. how could he possibly survive? these are the greatest professionals in the business. boom, boom, boom. now we have one left, now we have one left, and in all fairness, she's lying in bed getting better, we want her better, we wanted her back on the trail, right? >> trump's remarks in a critical state. but two different polls give the republican nominee a five point edge there in battleground, ohio. trump also taped an appearance here in new york on the dr. oz show to discuss his medical records at least his checkup. the episode airs tomorrow, but tonight we have a short preview of what you'll see.
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as you watch this clip, keep in mind that both men knew donald trump came on the broadcast with this to share. >> if your health is as strong as it seems, why not share your medical records? >> i have really no problem in doing it, i have them right here, should i do it? it's two letters, one is the report, and one is from the hospital. those are all the tests that were just done. >> if elected at age 70, you would be the oldest person elected president. >> same age as ronald reagan and i'm one year ahead of hillary. i feel as good today as i did
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when i was 30. >> we get to see the rest of it tomorrow, with us live tonight, katie tur who covers the trump campaign and casey hunt who covers the clinton campaign. katie first to you, trump shared some medical information today, some what we learned we learned from audience members lei s lea the taping, are we expecting to get substantially more? >> i don't think we'll get very much more. when we ask the campaign, if they're going to be releasing medical records or any medical information, they said soon, they said they with respect going to be be releasing it on the dr. oz show. but according to dr. oz himself, he said he wasn't going to ask him any questions that donald trump didn't want to answer. so it's unclear if any real information is to be gained from this. >> trump's road event today was
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out in flint, michigan, centered obviously around the water crisis that we have covered here extensively. talk about the reception he got there today. >> reporter: he didn't get a very good reception in clint whatsoever, he spoke at a church out there, got a couple of minutes into his address, then started to attack hillary clinton, the pastor interrupted him. please don't make a political speech at my church. he didn't seem like he fully understood what the crisis was about out there. he also toured one of the water treatment plants that caused the lead crisis, he did a 15-minute tour there and said that there were very, very good executives there. remember, trump did not visit flint in the republican primaries. it's leading many to wonder
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about the timing of it, especially those in community who believe he's just going out there for the photo opportunity especially since he's trying to curry more support from minority voters like african-americans. >> and there was a moment there that we're going to air tonight, about his comments being interrupted by the host saying it's not supposed to be a political event and he pitted. so much attention has been brought to trump's lack of -- tonight notably, he talked about it's always hot where i perform. >> he said she's on bedrest, so they should give her a little bit of leeway for that. but as you displayed a moment ago, she couldn't do this, she doesn't essentially have the strength or stamina.
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it's what he has been talking about on the campaign trail. but it's important to note for this brian is that he went off prompter here. this is the first time we have seen him go off prompter at a rally in a few weeks now. they have been trying to keep him closer to a script and on prompter. he also seemed to go offscript earlier today, the campaign saying they weren't going to talk about his medical information or medical records, kellyanne conway saying that a tv show wasn't the appropriate place to do it. and then he talked about his medical information so it seems the more comfortable trump is and the polls are tightening right now, the more comfortable he is to go off prompter to let trump be trump. >> katie, thanks and for more,
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let's go across the river to nbc's casey hunt, who covers the clinton effort and not to be outdone by the dr. oz appearance. hillary clinton released some medical information of her own today. casey, it's been one thing to watch cable news and see so many reporters kind of shaking their heads at ldl levels all day today. i don't know where everybody got these medical degrees, but what did we learn on that front from the clinton campaign since her health has been squarely in the news? >> reporter: well, brian, the realty is we learned about what the clinton campaign told us we would expect to learn, which is that hillary clinton is in relatively good health. we didn't learn any bombshells, we learned a little bit about some of the medications she's taking. we did learn that she has seen a doctor a few times during the course of this campaign season, including at its height in january, when she had a sinus infection that caused some problems, she actually had a
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tube put in her ear and he saw her in september. of course it has caused a little bit more trouble than the campaign had hoped. >> she's heading out there tomorrow, was there any response to the trump comment tonight in ohio? >> reporter: the clinton campaign is responding to what trump had to say tonight mostly, i would say with mockery, brian fallon told us in a statement that donald trump, quote, seems cranky, maybe he needs a happy meal. so right now that's the extent of the clinton campaign response to that idea that he's lying in bed, brian. >> let he who is without sin cast the first cheeseburger, give us more on this ohio trip tomorrow by the candidates.
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i would look for this to be what she was supposed to be doing this past week, selling hillary clinton as the president, as opposed to painting donald trump as somebody who's unfit to be president. they have been making a pretty effective, they believe case against trump. but voters aren't necessarily buying, as they move the polls, the case for hillary clinton, and she had planned a series of speeches, focusing on different policy areas, the economy being a chief one, so i think you're going to start hear her making that case tomorrow. >> casey hunt with her view from the clinton campaign, casey, thank you very much. we're happy to have here with us in the studio, one of donald trump's closest eadvisors, as well as chris christi. you have a persistent cough, are
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you okay? >> i'm okay. >> on the subject of health records, the visual, these two men tomorrow are going to be arbiters of the two people trying to run for president. are you satisfied with how donald trump and the trump campaign to be concerned with? >> the greatest manifestation of that is to watch him work. this guy, for someone who is 50 years old, let alone 70 years old, works an extraordinary schedule, works very hard and each day seems to be able to get up and do what he needs to go a and perform. he revealed some information today from what i understand and he'll reveal for president future. >> it's a terribly intrusive line of work, being a public official. most people would not people poring through their health
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records, their financial records, but since we will be hiring the next president, we have come to expect it. on taxes, do you chris christie, think donald trump should release his tax returns? >> i think he should follow the advice of his lawyers and his accountants, and their advise is do not release your tax returns, he hasn't said that he won't release his tax returns, and his disclosure with the fcc is one of the largest that's ever been submitted. he'll release them when the audit is over. >> how about the many that have passed preaudit era. >> i'm just going by the advice that he's been given, because they're so similar to previous years, that it would give you a clue to what is under audit. and the best advice for him, is the safest and best path for him
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and his family is to not release the tax returns until after the audit. >> do you agree with that tack? >> i agree that you should listen to your advisers, i have released my tax returns all through the years, but i have never been audited. i can't imagine it's too pleasant. so i have always released them and i think he would release them if he wasn't under audit. you look at the financial disclosure, it tells you that he's extraordinarily successful, he has businesses here and throughout the world and he's extremely wealthy. unlike politicians where it's not been transparent for many politicians about how they made their money, donald trump has talked about how he made his money publicly for decades. and it's been pretty obvious to people that he's been successful. >> you do concede that financial
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disclosure forms and politics are far different and give the discloser a lot more leeway than releasing taxes? >> i think what they also do, is tax returns don't tell you a lot about the person's assets, what they tell you is a snapshot in that particular year as to what you made, what deductions you took and all the rest. the financial disclosures i filed with the fcc ask pretty extensive, for both me and my wife and our children. we have to disclose everything that we own, all debts that we have, other liabilities and the assets that we have. it depends what you're looking for. i understand there's valuable information in the tax returns, but there's very valuable information on the financial disclosure. so there's full legal force and effect in that financial disclosures also. >> we're going to be talking about the letter, and still down to this, if trump is successful and is elected president, what
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should happen to his business? >> he should completely absent himself from the business, blind himself from whatever the business is doing, it's a privately held family business, not a public business. an he should allow his children to run that business but they should not be discussing the business with him and he should not be discussing the business with them. his job will be to be president of the united states and he should let them take over the business, this happens in family businesses all across this country large and small, when ea either the founder retires or moves on to other ventures. >> there's no business quite like the trump business and there's no family quite like the trumps, headed by the patriarch in this case, would fbt that still afford so many people a chance to claim conflict and wouldn't that be just too tempting to have a kind of wall of separation between father and children running the company?
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>> i think, listen, the father and the children have a lot of things to talk about other than the business. they have grandchildren, many of them. he's involved in every aspect of their life and they in his. i think these are professional smart people who will, as we can see with his action returns, noll the advise of their lawyers and their accountants. i think any smart lawyer would tell the new president of the united states, you have to absent your business, you have to put it in a blind trust, and you cannot discuss business decisions with anybody that runs your business any longer. i have absolute fact that those children could run their business without the help of their father and that father as president of the united states would respect the fact that that wall would have to be absolutely solid. i believe he'll do exactly what he's supposed to do. >> you got to throw out that
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term blind trust, because this would be everything but blind, everything would know what's in there and what's going on. >> they would know what existed when he entered the presidency, i have a blind trust in new jersey, i don't have any idea what's happened to any investments over the course of the last seven years, all i know is the bottom line of money i have, but i don't know what it's invested in, but lots of things will change, but in a dynamic organization like the donald trump organization, a lot of those things will change over the course of his being president. and if that wall is set up and he's absolutely blind, he won't know how it's changed until he leaves the presidency and goes back and asks his kids what's happened over the past couple of years. >> the intelligence briefing, probably the first of several that was given to trump. his answer was interesting, he claimed to have knowledge of body language.
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what about those career professional briefers, to your mind, having witnessed it, could have given him the impression they were trying to indicate that they had an opinion about the obama administration's use of intelligence or their policy? what was it? >> well, listen, when i walked in that day, brian, they made me sign a document about characterizing whatever went on and any information that was given during that meeting and not to disclose it. so i want to be very careful here. what i can tell you it was a great briefing, both of them that we had, and it was a very open exchange in information and impressions between trump and the people who were briefing him. i can't tell you exactly what it was that gave him that impression. i'm not going to give my impressions one way or the other, because i don't want to tread on that ground. what i will tell you is that he asked a lot of really good,
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insightful questions, and when he tread into policy areas, they said to him, we don't give policy advice, we just give information. and it was a great exchange back and forth with myself and general flynn and donald trump. so the characterization, you'll have to ask donald about that directly. but my view is, my job there is to sit, take notes, listen and give him advice afterwards based on what i heard. >> we're going to take a break in our conversation, this is a good time to tell everyone up and down the line, we're going to go long tonight, we're going to take our usual half hour and stretch it to an hour, our conversation with governor christie will continue on the other side of this break. anything meant to stand needs a stable foundation. a body without proper foot support can mean pain. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet
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we are back on the broadcast, so named because we have arrived at the 11 ths hour in this campaign for president and we're back tonight with our live guests, new jersey governor chris christie, who's been joined by our own nicole wallace, our communications director in the white house. it's probably not often said in journalism, we all know each other, you and i know each other from our home state, as we saw each other, when you gave nicole her first springsteen experience a few weeks ago. governor, debate prep in the
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trump camp, the reports that have emerged they are not doing the traditional thing of having a stand in for the opponent, they're not doing a mock-up prep, that people like nicole are use to dealing with. >> debate prep for donald trump is for trump. and as much as i love your viewers tonight, it's not for me to come out here and be talking about what we do when we help to prepare. i will tell you this, when we are with him, there's no holds bars, and myself, who's been one of the folks who've been there on occasion, and rudy giuliani as well. and we ask whatever we want, that we hope will help get him as ready as possible for the debates. >> what role is ailes playing? >> again, i'm not going to get into all this stuff, guys, the
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fact is that debate prep is meant to be a private thing to best prepare the candidate, and if those of us who participate some out and say exactly what's going on. this is like preparing a quarterback for a big football game, and you give away the game plan, give away your preparation, you give away the chance of your quarterback being successful. i want my quarterback to throw a touchdown on september 26 m. >> what's your advice to donald trump going into debates? >> i think be yourself, i think in the debates i participated in this past year, i was myself. i think if you try to be something else, that's when you get yourself in trouble. if you try to be scripted, that's when you get yourself in trouble. because people want too see who you really are, especially now, when it comes down to two people like donald trump and hillary clinton, and they're asked questions by the moderators,
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they want to know who is this guy? how will he make decisions? how will he make decisions? can we trust them? and i think the most important thing is to be yourself, and that's why i'm very confident in my candidate, he has no hesitation to be himself. >> and he has no -- an essential theme of your campaign, was a real serious conversation, i remember that debate at the reagan library, where you asked the camera to turn around to the audience, and you made it about our voters and about national security, how serious is his love affair with putin, and does it bug you? >> i think it's mischaracterized quite frankly. >> he said that his poll numbers are better than yours. >> i'm glad for that. >> he was asked three times about the depth and root. >> donald trump is someone who
8:27 pm
admires strengths. he never said putin is a good guy. >> he's never said he isn't. >> but that's -- you don't have to attack someone like putin if you're going to have to deal with him. i think what donald has said is that he admires his strength and he thinks it's a great contrast to the weakness that he's seen in the obama-clinton foreign policy. what's really important here is, he hasn't said he agrees with what he does, he says he agrees with his policies, both internal and foreign policies of putin, he has just said he's a strong leader who's popular in his own country. that's not a ringing endorsement of anyone. >> obama and kerry, just entered into a partnership with putin for a cease fire in syria. trump's central reason for wanting to cozy up to putin is so that we can do great stuff
8:28 pm
together. isn't obama doing exactly what trump promises america? >> nope. >> how is sit different? >> there's a difference between negotiation and capitulation. barack obama capitulates, we can go through chant ever and verse. >> trump fawn over putin. >> when trump sits across the table from vladimir putin, putin will know he's dealing with a much different character than he's been dealing with for the last eight years. and anybody who's sat across the table from him knows it's no easy thing to negotiate with trump. whether it's barack obama, whether it's the iranian nuclear deal, what's gone on in syria, libya, he's capitulated around the world over and over again and that's not what donald trump will do. >> but why putin, when you guys get the republican binder, from day one as a republican, you go to pages one, and it says we are the party of ronald reagan,
8:29 pm
ronald reagan of evil empire, ronald reagan of mr. gorbachev tear down this wall. the larger question for you is what is your party, is it the matter of mccain and mcconnell, bush and bush and bush? right now where is it? >> right now it's the party of trump. he's gotten more votes than any republican for president in our history, and with 16 opponents, so it's the party of trump. and that view of russia has evolved over time. i remember the guy who appointed me u.s. attorney said he looked into vladimir putin's eyes and saw his soul. yet no one accused george bush of not being strong. >> it was preukraine, it was preelectronic surveillance act. >> are you saying that vladimir putin has changed?
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history will give us an honest answer. i have been friends with donald trump for 15 years, i demo how to hear him. he has never said he likes vladimir putin, he's never said he agrees with his policies, he's never said he agrees with his -- he's got strengthnd he's got good poll numbers. so he talks about the strength of putin and i think he says it as an admiring adversary, i know i'm going to have to deal strongly with this guy because he is strong. barack obama has thought he could charm vladimir putin, we have seen what's happened to the world because of that naivete. >> has it been comfortable for you on the inner circle.


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