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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 15, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow as we await hillary clinton's arrival in white plains. meanwhile, i'm going to toss it over to halle jackson. >> hi, i'm live from msnbc world headquarters in new york. we've got a lot of fast-moving developments today. in the race for the white house including this, as donald trump delivers a major economic speech, house speaker paul ryan has some economic advice of his own for him -- release your tax returns. >> i'll leave it to him when to do it. >> here's the rest of your 2016 road map this hour. ready for takeoff. hillary clinton set to fly any minute now to north carolina for her first campaign appearance since being sidelined with that
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bout with pneumonia. it's crunch time for her. losing altitude against donald trump who's just wrapping that policy speech in new york. can she change the trend? >> i have always thought this was going to be a close election. i hope everybody who's listening takes this really seriously and gets out there and works and votes. plus, picture of health. what we're learning from donald trump's sitdown interview with tv's dr. oz and his physical exam results released today. >> when you look into the mirror, how old is the person you're looking at? what do you see? >> i would say i see a person that's 35 years old. i feel the same. i feel the same. tom brady is a friend of mine. he's a phenomenal guy. great athlete. i'm with him and i feel the same
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age as him. it's crazy. >> and colin powell unleashes in leaked e-mails on everybody from dick cheney to bill clinton. the trump campaign is now seizing on what the former secretary of state has to say about hillary clinton's private e-mails. >> embarrassed about the things he said about both candidates in those e-mails. >> we have reporters covering all of the angles from the campaign trail across the country, here in new york. let's start with nbc's kasie hunt joining us to talk about clinton's big return to the campaign trail. what can we expect to see and give us insight into the strategy as clinton heads to north carolina. >> reporter: we're going to expect her to talk particularly about family and child care today on the campaign trail. of course, donald trump was talking about that earlier in the week. this really designed to get her back out in front of americans
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as polls are tightening. we've seen a series of national polls. now, we should note that they're using a likely voter screen, so that means after labor day, these polls start to look at who they think is going to show up to vote. not just who is registered to vote. that can affect the numbers a little bit. some of these new polls, the cbs/new york times poll shows clinton 46%, trump 44%. quinnipiac, clinton 48, trump 43. also morning shines for the clinton campaign. clinton sources tell us they expected this. from day one when they started this general election campaign, this was going to be a close election and they were going to start to see this after voters started swinging in. it's been a tough week for the clintons between what has happened with her health episode and being off the trail for several days, the deplorables comment she made that drew
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criticism from republicans. they really want to use today to get back on their feet. they know they need to be talking about hillary clinton and what she'll do for the country. she spent the summer prosecuting a case against why donald trump should not be president. but they haven't seen movement in the numbers that show voters are coming around to thinking, oh, i can understand and see a positive case for hillary clinton. so, i think that's what you're going to start to see her try to make a case for today in north carolina. >> thanks so much. i want you to hang out here for a second because on the left side of our screen we see hillary clinton's motorcade pulling up as she gets ready to head into her plane to take off for battleground north carolina, as we've been talking about. there has been a lot of discussion about what has happened, what has transpired over the last four days, the discussion about her health care on sunday, as you see secretary clinton there. she is waving. she's about to board the plane. by the way, our own andrea mitchell is on that plane. you just saw her doing her show last hour from the tarmac, as
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she begins getting ready to head out with hillary clinton. so, kasie, as we watch secretary clinton here head up the stairs -- we'll keep an eye to see if she turns around and waves before she boards the plane. >> reporter: standard procedure. wouldn't you wave? >> talk about that, because it is standard procedure. what we're watching is what should be happening 54 days out from the election, right? >> reporter: that's exactly right. this is the first glimpse we've gotten of hillary clinton since she waved out of daughter chelsea's apartment after she was overcome by the heat on 9/11, at that memorial service. so, this is the first chance we're getting to see her in public. but, that's not to say we haven't heard from her. she has been on the phone a couple of different times over the course of the past few days, talking about this health scare she's had, this pneumonia she's been battling. we learned yesterday she's taking antibiotics for the pneumonia. it seems that her team is
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confident now that she's healthy enough to get back out on the trail. of course, there's so few days between now and election day that every single day lost, they have to weigh the risk of her potentially not recovering the way they need her to in advance of the first debate. she has been out there talking about donald trump already. she was on a radio show that was taped that aired this morning, talking about that deplorables comment she made and the hay donald trump has made out of it since. take a listen. >> he has accepted support and been cheered on by the likes of david duke, the former grand wizard of the clu cluctiklu klud it was amazing his running mate, mike pence, wouldn't even call david duke deplorable. i do think we have to speak out against this hatred.
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you see inside hillary clinton's plane, secret service agents, aides waiting on the tarmac for her to board and get off and get her back on the campaign trail in north carolina. that deplorables comment she was referring to mike pence, his running mate, who hasn't said that david duke is deplorable because mike pence says he doesn't want to use hillary clinton's own words. but this has turned into one of those tangles. to a certain extent, this has been good news for the hillary clinton campaign over the past couple of days, that the reaction to this deplorables comment instead of being about that label of half. now, remember, this became an issue because she said half of trump supporters belonged in that basket of deplorables. it was a little departure from what she had several multiple times previously, in that there are deplorable elements who support trump, including white supremacists, racists and others. this time at that fund-raiser she lumped half of his supporters into that category
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and that's what caused this problem in the first place. but mike pence, the vice presidential running mate on the trump ticket, ran into a little trouble when he wouldn't say that david duke, the former wizard of the klu klux klan. that's something that works in the clinton campaign's favor. many democrats who i talk to, believe. >> as we take a look here, a sight on the left side of your screen that is familiar to political reporters, the inside of a campaign plane in this last run-up to election day. two months to go. and this is what it's like. we have our live camera in there, kind of giving you a glimpse as hillary clinton gets back out on the campaign trail. we talk about this deplorable comment. i was at donald trump's rally in canton, ohio, last night. saw a lot of folks with homemade t-shirts that said things like deplorable supporter or i am one of the deplorables.
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we spoke with several of them and they are sort of rallying around this, this idea they are donald trump supporters, they're owning it and proud of it. i wonder how that plays into the clinton campaign's thinking about this, and the idea, we talked monday, morale was almost at an all-time low. is this trip we're about to see clinton go on, is that helping her campaign feel like they're getting back in the groove? what's the mood from staffers and folks there? >> reporter: one thing i will tell you on the deplorables comment is we saw donald trump the other day get up on stage with supporters behind him, people who had showed up to his rally, who he said, you know, these are the people that hillary clinton is calling deplorable. and i will say that there are several democrats that i talked to who proudly acknowledge that that was a very strong way of responding to this, to put those people in front of the camera and make it about more than just him. and i -- i talked to at least
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one democrat who is impressed that donald trump has gotten to the point where he is -- you know, whether it's following aides' advice or something coming from him, that that was something from an optical perspective that was a very, very strong way to respond to what hillary clinton had said. of course, other politicians have gotten in trouble for things they've been willing to say at private fund-raisers behind closed doors, whether it was mitt romney in that 47% remark or whether it was president obama talking about people clinging to their guns and religion. but i do think there's a little bit of a difference in the clinton campaign has shifted in their posture over the course of the past few days. they started out saying right away out of the gate, we shouldn't have said the word half of supporters. that was wrong. but we still think we want to have this conversation about people who support donald trump who feel, you know, racist, homophobic, islam phobic, all the things she had to say when she first made this remark. i think they've leaned into that over the past couple of days
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because they feel that's a remark that works for them. as far as her getting back out on the campaign trail, the optics of making sure she's seen and out there is extremely important. one thing to watch today is whether or not she does talk to the traveling press corps that's with her all the time. we've had this debate over the past couple of days about transparency, particularly as it relates to her health, medical records, things along those lines. clintons have gotten very poor remarks from voters on transparency, on honesty for all the reasons we've talked about for quite some time. i want to take you back to a week or so ago before we were talking about pneumonia and before they were hiding that from the press, when they were really involved in a pretty aggressive attempt to change their strategy towards reporters, towards the media, towards transparency. you'll remember she first got that campaign plane on labor day, she talked to reporters on the plane then. she did it the other two days
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she was flying in between, she talked to matt lauer at the commander in chief forum. so i'm really interested to see if they persist with that strategy, especially in the wake of everything that's happened over the course of the last week. i think you saw the kind of protective crouch that the clintons often, you know, get down into when they're confronted with something that potentially is, they feel, violating their privacy or difficult to deal with. now she's back out in public. i'm interested to see if she's willing to get out of that crouch and if they are going to kind of continue with that strategic push. >> somebody else, i think, who's going to be interested in finding out whether secretary clinton speaks to the press is our fellow road warrior, kristen welker, who's standing by now. as we take a look at the live pictures, you can see one of the aides coming back, i know andrea mitchell is on that plane, what do you expect from clinton today? do you think she will address the media? what would we make of that when it comes to a transparency perspective? you heard kasie say perhaps
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clinton has been in a protective crouch, the medical issue illuminated that. what's your sense? >> my sense is today she will answer questions from the press. that is my expectation based on what i have seen from this campaign over the past several days before she got sick. i don't know if it's going to be on this first leg or if it will be later in the day. once she leaves north carolina, she's going to come here to washington, d.c. she's going to attend a dinner for the congressional hispanic caucus. the reason why she's -- you see her right there coming back, joined by her top aides, jennifer palmieri and nick, her campaign spokesperson right behind her as well. >> let's listen in. >> i'm doing great, thanks so much. i think jen and mick have suggested we do an actual veil on the next leg f that's okay. we'll get to north carolina, do the speech and get back on and then we can answer questions and go from there.
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>> how have you been the last three days? >> i'll talk about that later, too. i'll talk about that later. >> that will be tonight after the newscast. >> it's done. i'm so sad. i know, i really am. it's really a loss. "madame secretary," though, is coming back. that's something to look forward to. >> is that odd to watch? >> no, i get a big kick out of it. >> when they play you. >> yeah. i watched it with a little skepticism at first but i got so into it and really like the story lines. they had some good quasi realistic storylines. >> why north carolina? >> excited to get to north carolina. >> a very brief remarks there from hillary clinton coming back to speak with the press on her plane. that's a live picture, by the way, on the plane. my colleague andrea mitchell is there. you heard her trying to shout a couple questions. clinton coming back saying she feels better after staying home,
10:15 am
being sidelined for the last few days off the campaign trail because of that pneumonia diagnosis. a little chitchat, it sounds like, with members of the press corps about tv, and talking about how she's excited to get to battleground north carolina, a place that could be crucial for her and for donald trump as we take a look now at the plane where she is. i want to bring in -- if we have kristen welker still with us, kristen, to talk about what we just heard. this answers your question, right? we know hillary clinton will be speaking with the press, she said after her speech in north carolina. talk about this speech, talk about what her goal is when she heads to that state and where we go from here? >> first, i think her strategy once she gets to north carolina, really important state, the polls very tight there, she's going to try to get back on message before she got sick, her whole goal was to deliver a series of speeches that fit into her stronger together narrative. that, of course, got sidelined when she had to stay home for a few days.
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she'll going to try to get back on track with that, talking about family and kids, as kasie was talking about at the top. fitting in with this stronger together narrative that the campaign, that tim kaine, secretary clinton believe is critical if they do, in fact, win in the fall, to make the point to gaggle with reporters, that's what we call it when a candidate talks to reporters on a campaign plane, i think that the campaign knows it's critical that she answers reporters' questions today given how her illness was discovered, the fact she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday and, of course, it wasn't divulged until sunday. she'll probably have to answer some questions about that. she'll probably get questions about the deplorables issue which she's been dealing with as well, but saying she's going to do that on the leg back. what i take from that is, she wants to ease back into this day to some extent, focus on her remarks, focus on what she has to do in north carolina and then address the press once she's headed here to washington, d.c., which she has that big dinner
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tonight with the hispanic caucus. >> one of the comments we heard from donald trump when he was in ohio was a veiled jab at clinton. he made that comment about how clinton wouldn't be able to astand on stage for an hour as he did. a lot of folks took that as a reference to her being off the campaign trail. how would she respond to that comment and will she? she's obviously been going after trump on his foundation and these other issues. is that an area you see her taking aim? >> absolutely. i think that's part of her strategy, to be sure. really hitting him on this issue of transparency i think she would laugh off the question of whether or not she could stand up and speak for an hour and probably pivot to the fact she's released more medical records than he has released. and really try to ramp up the pressure on him to release more medical information, but as you know, more broadly, this fight is revolving around taxes. the fact he hasn't released his taxes. the fact he said he's under audit and that's why he doesn't want to do that. i think that's part of what
10:18 am
you'll hear from her. >> it looks like we have our colleague, andrea mitchell with us, joining us on the phone. we saw, i think, the back of your head in that live shot we took from the press plane of hillary clinton's. talk to us about the mood right now among campaign staff, among her aides on the plane itself. is there a sense of anticipation? what's it like? >> everyone, including hillary clinton glad to be back at it. i think she felt a little cooped up, the doctor's orders to rest up. knowing she had come back too quickly in going to the 9/11 memorial, which was so important to her. we know how that evolved. she seems fine. she says she's ready to go. she asked if she was binge-watching "good wife" while she was in the house. she said, oh, but it's over. then went on to say but she really likes "madame secretary," the show about secretary of state. she said some of the storylines
10:19 am
are actually quite realistic. she's going to talk to us later, probably after her speech in north carolina. it's going to be very close to 6:00 tonight. we'll have more chance to talk to her and ask her questions. i think she's right now focusing on the speech which is on family and children, rolling out an economic speech in contrast to donald trump's economic speech, which as you know covering him full time. had a lot to do with tax cuts and his prognosis for the economy. voe very optimistic -- >> i'm sorry. >> you'll see a contrast with her in north carolina. as kristen was just saying, that's a key battleground state. >> i'm told we have to let you go because you're about to take off. we don't want to get you in trouble there with the folks on the plane for being the on the phone. thanks to you, to kasie, to kristen. we have so much more coming up, a lot, actually, including more
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get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing... fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. ask your doctor if you're tresiba® ready. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ in new york city. just moments ago revealing his solution for economic growth and hitting clinton over her deplorables remark. >> how can hillary clinton seek to lead this country when she considers its citizens, tremendous, tremendous numbers of them, beyond redemption? the hard-working people she calls deplorable are the most admirable people i know. >> all of it comes this same day that taped interview with dr. oz consumed a lot of the air in the political universe today. trump talking more about the state of his health with the tv doctor.
10:24 am
>> cholesterol -- cholesterol is 169. the hdl, healthy, 63. the lousy, ldl cholesterol is 94. those are good numbers. try gltriglycerides 51. blood pressure is 116 over 70. >> that's good? >>, yeah i mean. >> i've always been lucky with blood pressure. i've alleges had very good blood pressure. >> before we get to that medical discussion, i want to bring in katy tur in new york. donald trump jr., his son, is making headlines this hour. let's listen to what he said earlier on philadelphia radio. listen. >> the media has been her number one surrogate in this. without the media, this wouldn't even be a contest. but the media has not her up. they've let her slide on every
10:25 am
indiscrepancy, on every lie, on every dnc game trying to get bernie sanders out of the thing. i mean, if republicans were doing that, they'd be warming up the gas chamber right now. >> donald trump jr. on hillary clinton making that gas chamber reference, a reference, by the way, the anti-defamation league is calling on him to retract. you just got out of an interview, i believe, with donald trump jr., right? >> reporter: no, i just spoke to him on the phone to get an idea of what he was trying to get at. he was very vehement about the -- saying it was not an anti-semitic comment. he was talking about corporal punishment. this is something he's said many times before. usually he uses the electric chair. that he was in no way insinuating anything having to do with the atrocities of the holocaust. certainly a lot of push-back from donald trump jr. about that comment. of course, it comes at a very sensitive time for the campaign. we have governor mike pence
10:26 am
facing heat, even from his own fellow republicans for not calling david duke deplorable. trump jr. instagramed a photo of pepe le frog who people say is associated with white supremacist, also a white supremacist icon. so, it's certainly coming at a sensitive time for the campaign. it doesn't help. the adl is pushing back. i would note one thing donald trump himself said a couple moments ago at the economic speech, he said people are too worried about being pc. if you say something that's not pc, don't worry about it, it will blow over in about a week. >> just getting off the phone there with donald trump's son, obviously, you're there, everybody's talking about this particular moment but trump delivering that economic speech earlier. walk us through what in your mind are the key takeaways for our viewers here, and largely as our colleague andrea mitchell described it as an optimistic
10:27 am
speech. >> reporter: he was talking about a way to get the economy back on track and reduce the deficit. he talked about a 4% national growth. that's what he's aiming for. other than that he went on to talk about tax reforms which is what he's been hitting on this campaign trail so far. inintroducing an updated version of his tax plans. i'll wait for independent economists to see if it would add to the economy. one notable change, he's putting a cap on deductions which was not in his original tax plan. he talked about renegotiating trade deals. in is something you heard him talk about on the campaign trail over and over again. not a lot of new stuff there. he said he would renegotiate nafta and walk away from it if it didn't suit america -- america's needs well, didn't benefit america in any way or enough. he also talked about not signing on to ttp and calling china a currency manipulator. then he went on to talk about regulations. getting rid of regular layings that are not necessary,
10:28 am
specifically going after epa regulations, which he's talked about a number of times on the campaign trail. a lot of what we've seen before and heard before from donald trump, but definitely some new aspects to his tax reform plan. we'll have to wait and see how economists grade it. >> katy tur in new york city, in manhattan. thank you. our team is working on a fact-check of donald trump's speech and hillary clinton's speech later on today. we'll point you to for that. in the meantime, we want to get back to the other big news of the day. more of donald trump's interview with dr. oz. >> when you're running for president of the united states, or maybe any other country, in all fairness, but when you're running for president, i think you have an obligation to be healthy. i just don't think you can do the work if you're not healthy. i don't think you can represent the country properly if you're not a healthy person. and, you know, i've been going around -- i started this journey for president on june 16th. since then, i've probably taken
10:29 am
off probably no days. i've been going from state to state, from city to city. so, in a certain way i get a lot of exercise. more exercise than people would think. >> well, let's break this down. i'm joined by dr. john torres and dr. debbie. thank you for being here. dr. torres, what is your takeaway from what we've heard from donald trump throughout the morning? just big picture, like most important thing we need to snn. >> the most important thing we need to know is we have more information but i don't think we necessarily have all the information. the big question is, does it matter what we don't have? right now we don't have any past medical history on him. i think that's one of the important things we probably need to find out at some point, like cardiac issues. i can tell people, it's like having a photo album with a bunch of snapshots to make the complete album. we have a few pages. we need a few more pages in that album. >> doctor, what else would you like to see from donald trump? >> it's difficult to say because we don't have a standardized
10:30 am
exam. if you apply for a job you have a pre-employment physical farm to fill out. we don't have that. they reveal what they prefer to reveal to us. >> prefer to reveal to dr. oz, let's be fair. >> okay. we don't have an independent physician taking a look at them. each one, particularly mr. trump yesterday, they're bringing the letters from their own physicians. they have some choice over what they're going to reveal in that form. >> this is an interesting point. this was brought up earlier. shouldn't there be a standardized process? is that even possible? how would that work for elections moving forward for both candidates? >> there probably should be one at some point because it would make things simpler and we know the standardized process, we're getting all the answers we want. the big question is, who would make that standardized process and can they make it so it's not politicized? that would be a big issue, i think. >> if we ask former presidents, what are the most essential skills for a president to have, what do they really need, at
10:31 am
least can you come up with a list of that and then determine which tests would tell us if the candidates couldn't match those skills, if they could meet the obligations. there are different tests doctors can do. if you look at cdc mortality data for people in this age group, the big killers are cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory illness and neurologic disease. can you look at the tests for those four categories and take a look at how these two candidates perform and then also look at disability-type evaluation. how they're hearing, not just will they live through a presidency but how will they function during that time? >> the big question is, how much of that information -- fantastic for a medical perspective as far as a doctor, that's what they want to know. for a president going into the presidency, how much of that information is important and how much is private that we don't need to know or don't have a right to know. >> that's the question, right? why does this matter? why does this matter for voters? you look at the age of these two candidates, donald trump if elected will be the oldest to take office, hillary clinton the second oldest, which is why
10:32 am
we're having this conversation. when you look at the health factors of it, are the rigors of a campaign trail enough, as exercise, as we heard from donald trump in your view? >> we don't have a crystal ball so it's hard to tell what's going to go on in those 48 years. we've seen the aging process of presidents from when they interoffice to leave office. it's a pretty dramatic change. we know it's strenuous. we know it's exertional and stressful as well. the picture we need to focus on is what does it take to get through that? are we at that point where we know what it takes and what information we need? i don't think we're there yet. we're getting more information. it will be fine-tuned over presidencies to come. >> dr. torres, dr. debbie. thank you for joining us. thank you for hanging in there here. up next, today's microsoft pulse question. is clinton released her health statistics to the public while trump released a summary of his health to dr. oz a transparency issue? the question, is clinton winning the transparency war? weigh in at
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♪ glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad. 80% of recurrent ischemic, strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. hillary clinton, as you saw earlier this hour, now getting back on the campaign trail today. currently in the air to north carolina after staying home recovering from pneumonia this week. she will be attending the congressional hispanic awards gala tonight in washington. before that, she's expected to land in greensboro. in just a little bit she'll be
10:37 am
speaking at a rally in that battleground state. nbc's chris jansing is just an hour away from greensboro at duke university. we also have roland martin with us here, who spoke with clinton earlier as part of an interview. let's start with chris. chris, you spent some time talking with a typically reliable republican voting bloc. white educated voters. tell us more. >> reporter: yeah, these are people with college degrees and more, and for 60 years they have voted not just a little bit but strongly for the republican candidate for president. we're seeing a complete turn this time around. last time mitt romney won that group by double digits. now we see that hillary clinton is beating donald trump. when we go out and talk to folks, again, college-educated white voters. these are folks who say they always or almost always vote republican for president. here's what they're saying now.
10:38 am
>> with trump, you know, i want him to be able to come and pull off all these tricks he says is going to fix everything, but i just have a doubt. >> reporter: you would normally vote republican for president? >> yes, historically i have, correct. >> reporter: not this year? >> definitely not this year. >> reporter: why not? >> because donald trump is, i think, an embarrassment to this country. i'm going to vote for clinton because have i to stop trump did the. we can't have a man like that running our country. he's friends with putin. he admires kim il-jong. >> reporter: if you look at the average of recent polls, they're less than 1% apart, which is why hillary clinton is coming here today. she was just here one week ago, last thursday. donald trump was here on monday. she's outspending him seven to one on television. why is he keeping it so close?
10:39 am
noneducated college voters, he's beating her by 30% in one poll. >> with a look at the numbers, thanks. i want to bring in roland martin, host and managing editor for news one now and senior analyst for "the tom joyner morning show," thanks for being here. >> glad to be here. >> i want to talk about another group of voters clinton is trying to gain ground. we're talking about the new "new york times"/cbs poll out today. it's showing interesting numbers when it comes to likely voters, particularly from the obama coalition. there's been a lot of talk about the enthusiasm gap there. i want to talk to you a little bit, how do you see her picking up steam or trying to change the trend line when it comes to that key coalition? >> that was the very question i asked her on "the tom joyner morning show," we taped the interview yesterday, we were supposed to tape it on monday. of course they canceled because she got ill. the bottom line is, that super predator comment really hurt
10:40 am
her. and the clinton crime bill -- this is interesting. president bill clinton signed that crime bill. she was an enthusiastic supporter championing out there, but guess who actually wrote it? now vice president joe biden. it's interesting he doesn't get tag with it, bill clinton does. a brilliant cornel researcher who was on obama pollster asked a question about influence. black lives matter, that movement, greaterly influences generation x, generation y and the millenials. in three years they've surpassed the influence to those three groups even amongst traditional civil rights groups. she has positive speak about those issues. she has to talk about hpcus, criminal justice reform, jobs, lowering student debt. that's huge. that's why her numbers are -- they're lagging because that group is not enthusiastic about her campaign. >> well, you've referenced that question that you asked her this morning on "the tom joyner
10:41 am
show." i want to play that particular question, if we can get our guys to roll it here, the one about issues, they're important to young, african-american folks. listen. >> but i think i've worked very, very hard to be more transparent than -- not just my opponent. my tax returns are out there, 40 years of transparency about my tax returns. so, i think that the real questions need to be directed toward donald trump and his failure to even meet the most minimalistic standards that we expect of someone being the nominee of one of our two major parties. >> so, roland, that was actually clinton talking about transparency there, which is something i want to touch on with you. in addition to what she said about reaching out to the obama coalition, which is that she's going to work to do that over these next 54 days. is that simply too late when you look at where we are in this point in the election? >> it's not too late. you talk a little more than 50
10:42 am
days left. she's going to north carolina. before she got sick, she was in north carolina and gave a very targeted speech in charlotte on voter suppression. understand, there are nine historically black colleges and universities in north carolina. president obama won north carolina in 2008 by 14,100 votes. the federal appeals court ruled on the voter suppression bill there. that is huge. they try to cut early voting days, tried to cut sunday voting. she has to have a significant turnout among those groups. the governor is down six points there, although senator barr is up six points. she has to have that turnout. she has to drive that point home. but she's going to be helped by the fact when senator bernie sanders is on the campaign trail, vice president joe biden, first lady michelle obama, president obama, plus former president bill clinton, so she'll have far more major surrogates. they have to basically make it plain, this is what this means to you. this is what it means to you when it comes to death penalty, supreme court decisions,
10:43 am
affordable care act. she has to understand -- she has to make the point that if donald trump winds, republicans control the house, the senate and the white house, you can kiss the affordable care act good-bye that affects young folks, african-americans and others. she has to speak more plainly to that coalition in terms they understand and appreciate. >> so, donald trump is also speaking to members of that coalition, as you know, he's trying to appeal to african-american voters. >> no, he's not. >> well, he talked about it in flint, michigan. i'll get your take but i want to play you this moment because it was one that caught a lot of attention yesterday. trump now this morning lashing out at this pastor in flint, michigan, who stopped him from going after hillary clinton at a speech in a church. here's what trump had to say earlier this morning. listen. >> trump, i invite you to thank us -- >> oh, okay. >> not give a political speech. >> even given that audience, the treatment was great but something was up because i noticed she was on nervous when she introduced me and when she
10:44 am
got up to introduce me, she was so nervous, she was shaking. and i said, wow, this is sort of strange. then she came up. so, she had that in mind, there's no question about it. >> so, trump's saying the pastor had it in mind she would come up and interrupt him if he were to start talking about hillary clinton. keep in mind, at one point she stopped a heckler who was attempting to interrupt the speech. i want to get your broad take on this. what did you make of that as you were watching that, as you listened to trump's response? >> shameful and despicable. that woman is a pastor, pastor faith timmons, who invited him into the church and she was absolutely right. what she was saying is, you were supposed to come here and thank us for what we did when it came to the water crisis in flint. they wanted to know what he was going to do about that problem, with a republican governor there, and they still have the issues where the children are going to be tested for the rest of their lives. it could impact their children. women have lost babies. so, she was absolutely right. it's despicable of him to make those comments about her because
10:45 am
she allowed him to come in. she could have said no. like the mayor of flint did for a tour. he should be far more respectable of what that woman did. armstrong williams, business manager of ben carson, helped set that up. he texted me that video this morning. i'm sure armstrong williams and ben carson are telling donald trump, don't you dare say those things about that black female pastor. the other piece, african-american women, an official told me personally, they hate the gop more than anything else. one thing donald trump does not want to do is tick off black women because they vote at a higher rate than anybody in america in 2008 and 2012. trump, you might want to leave the sisters alone. >> what did armstrong say when he texted you about that video sdm. >> he sent me the video and we're supposed to talk later today. he's been very much involved in this taking him around. you mentioned trump's outreach to african-americans. that video you played earlier of the female in north carolina, that's what it it is.
10:46 am
suburban white conservative females do not like antagonism toward minorities. so trump being able to ease back on that, that's why he's doing better because they feel more comfortable. they do not like the attack on minorities. that's why he's changing his tone. so, he's not trying to court black votes, trust me. what he's trying to do is make white females who are conservative more comfortable with him as opposed to african-americans. if he wants black votes, he has a lot more work to do. >> roland martin, thanks. chris jansing, we'll try to get back to you. my colleague thomas roberts will be talking all about, and hillary clinton's press secretary, brian fallon. libertarian candidates gary johnson and william weld getting an endorsement from a major paper in a pivot appear swing state. i go one-on-one with vice presidential candidate bill weld next. (vo) stank face.
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libertarian candidate gary johnson got a big boost today, receiving a key endorsement on the front page of the new hampshire yt union leader," the editorial blasted trump calling calling him a liar, saying johnson is the better choice. the polls are really close. johnson is gaining some ground there. 15% in our nbc news wall street. gary johnson's running mate is bill welt. governor, thank you for joining us here. >> my pleasure. >> so you got this union leader, i want to talk about a little bit where polling shows you are in new hampshire and ohio. you are doing very well there. your ticket has a real chance of being a spoiler in this race. kind of what we saw back in 2004. are you comfortable with playing that role? >> well, that's not how we see it, halie. >> i think we got a straightforward argument.
10:51 am
we are two-term governors, we were republicans in democratic states but we work with legislatures to persuade them to cut the budgets and cut taxes and do what's necessary and set the house in order. nobody could say we did not change your states. massachusetts was flood on its back when i got there. >> and gary vetoed 750 spending bill. he was over the grand total two times even though the state was 2-1 democratic. what they have done in washington has not entitled them of an endorsement. we should be heard. they're strong editorials. >> governor, you talk about your credentials as well and johnson's. as you are well aware in the last couple of weeks, some
10:52 am
questions have been raised of his preparedness. i want to play you a moment from earlier today on msnbc on "morning joe." >> if you had that ticket, what would you do with it? >> well, bill welt would be at the top for sure and would have a dramatic impact on the race. i think it will be at or above 15% in the polls. >> so governor, do you agree with the former rnc chair assessment there that the ticket would be stronger if you were on top. we heard that from gop folks quite a bit. >> halie, i hear that from a lot of people in massachusetts and new york who known me for 20 years. we get west of the mississippi, i don't hear that so much. >> you think it is a geographic issue, that's more of a concern. >> the what? >> you don't think the balance would be better if you are at the top of the ticket. >> no, i know gary johnson very well since we are governors
10:53 am
together. he's a hugely intelligent guy and he gets a lot done. he's a very humble guy and maybe people mistake humility for a lack of ability. boy, that's not how i see it. i think his humility is a real plus. he's a very honorable guy and he's tough. as you know, he's a world class athlete and he makes huge demands on himself and he got the job done in mexico. >> it is not an accident what so ever that he's at the top of the ticket. he's a great one all the way. you take a bite and he's sirloin and you take another bite, he's still sirloin. >> does that not and do you feel it is in cocumbent on you of ma somebody having a better chance of looking at the odds of winning the white house? >> i plan to be quite active between now and november 8th, pointing out the problems in mr.
10:54 am
trump's pronouncement on foreign policy. i think to use some what ugly word but i think he's ignorant of both history and economics as it applies to our position ins the world. he wants no trade with anybody and rip up our treaties. you cannot play that way as president of the united states. i counseled him in a friendly way to find some other jobs he would like to do because he does not seem to set up to be a dignify president. >> how did he take that counsel? >> well, i don't know he's going to take that counsel or not. i am a little bit socially in new york. he's not a bad guy, i just think he's in the wrong place >> before i let you go, either candidates of the lesser two evils in your view? >> they both got pluses as well
10:55 am
as minuses. i am puzzled of the degree of negative that mrs. clinton have attracted. i have known her for a long time. gary and i are not in the business of trashing the candidates on personal matter. issues, yes. democratic on the budget, forget it. they'll never balance it. republicans on social policy, lets forget it and be honest. we find both of those positions intolerable and we got something we want to do. if we get to washington, we'll balance the budget first thing and we are not going set groups against each other and stir up resentment and envy and hatred. we'll try to maximize the happiness and prosperity of the american people. that's the only job in front of us. >> governor welt, thank you for
10:56 am
being with us. >> thank you, halie. >> back here now, lets get an update on our pulse question. we are asking you, clinton released health statistics to the public while trump released a summary of his health to doctor oz. take a look at your screen and you will see the results so far. 97% of you said yes and 3% of you said no. keep weighing in on from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at
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a look there at donald trump supporters streaming into his rally and canton, ohio, yesterday where we were. tomorrow we'll be in miami in the sunshine state of another key battleground, tomorrow 6:00, join us at 1:00 for the show. in the meantime i am going to turn it over to my colleague,
11:00 am
thomas roberts, who has a jam packed hours for you. >> hi everybody, clinton is returning to the trail. the democratic nominee is in the area this hour heading to the battleground of state north carolina. clinton campaign appearing since her first revealing her of pneumonia diagnose since sunday. >> how are you doing? >> i am doing great. >> her return to the campaign comes none too soon. these new polls showing her lead has evaporated. the new york polls had her deadlocked with donald trump. i am going toe speak with her campaign spokesperson and also this hour, trump and transparency, the republican nominee releases results of his medical exam. it is time for trump to


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