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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 15, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thomas roberts, who has a jam packed hours for you. >> hi everybody, clinton is returning to the trail. the democratic nominee is in the area this hour heading to the battleground of state north carolina. clinton campaign appearing since her first revealing her of pneumonia diagnose since sunday. >> how are you doing? >> i am doing great. >> her return to the campaign comes none too soon. these new polls showing her lead has evaporated. the new york polls had her deadlocked with donald trump. i am going toe speak with her campaign spokesperson and also this hour, trump and transparency, the republican nominee releases results of his medical exam. it is time for trump to reveal
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those results. >> i think it is fine. i leave it to him to do it. lets get right to it. msnbc kasie hunt, with clinton back on the trail today, the race has really changed. what is the biggest opportunity she gains today by going to north carolina. >> reporter: thomas, this is her first chance to show everyone that she has recovered and hitting the road in a strong position after that battle with pneumonia. she spent the last three days off the trail having battled that. she tried to push through it, of course, that did not go well after she stumbled her way out of that 9/11 ceremony on sunday. we are expecting her in north carolina to resume basically where her campaign left off. we are expecting this week that she will start to make a series of speeches that made the
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positive case for hillary clinton after she spent making a case against donald trump. we'll see if she will be able to get off and running in that in north carolina. she stops and talking to the travelers briefly. she said she was feeling well. she said whether or not she was asked bi asked binge watching "the good wife." she's looking forward to "madame secreta secretary." the challenge is for her to get back to the swing of things. the polls are getter closer and these national polls that we got, what you are seeing is different than what you are seeing over the summer. it is going to use a lightly voters screen. a lot of organizations are going to be judging hey, who's going to show up to vote do we think as oppose to who is registered to vote and so far those numbers
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are closer for hillary clinton than some of the other polls have been over the course of the summer. her campaign is privately saying they long expected this and expected these polls to be closed and this race to be closed. they did lose a little bit of time and spent a few days dealing with a story line that's difficult for them. we'll see if they're able to get it kind of back on track going forward. i think that's the goal for her campaign at this point, thomas. >> we know donald trump has been out on the trail today talking about his vision under his white house. how has the clinton campaign punched back at what his policy represents? >> well, thomas, officials and the campaign that i talked to believe that donald trump's economic plan is functionally unrealistic and the growth level that if he assumes h is plan is
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going to work. 3.5%, donald trump in his speech said 4. that's overly optimistic. the last time a gross like that is back in 2011. they feel like they, of course, have been out front on policies along these lines. they also, the other policy that i would raise as well is child care and family. we are expecting hillary clinton to address that in north carolina today. but, we also saw donald trump talking about that in pennsylvania earlier in the week. i think a little bit back and forth there. clinton's campaign ridiculing donald trump for saying that hillary clinton has no child care policy plan when she had one and before she even announced running for president. >> kasie hunt is reporting for us over there, near head quarters of hillary clinton. joining me now is brian fallon, joining me from inside the head
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quarters in brooklyn. brian, it is good to have you with me. as casey is talking about there of the lead that secretary clinton had is effectively gone. it is a dead heat and that includes gary johnson and jill stein in this case. cnn has her down in the battleground state in ohio. >>. >> no, i don't think so. the tighten that we are seeing is as natural point here in the campaign where it is happening post labor day. i think in fact there was probably a little bit of an effect after the conventions where our balance were a little prolong by the fact that donald trump was incurring all these self inflicted wounds. i think this given the level of polarization of our country
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today, this is the norms of our presidential elections. they are in tight contest. we in north carolina today. that's a state that president obama did not win in 2012. all of these states are really close until the end. it is important to have a strong organization in place. we have 300 offices opened. that includes 50 in florida and ohio. we are confident in the ground that we are billing. building. >> we need to get our voters there. >> do you prefer being the under dog at this point? >> i don't know who you call the under dog or the favorite. at this point it is a tight contest. if democrats and independence and some republicans that have decided that donald trump is unfit to be president of the united states, we are starting to take anything for granted, i hope that these polls serving them as a wake up call.
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>> this was going to go right down in the wire. >> president obama gave a speech earlier this week in philadelphia and i know the secretary clinton observed what that speech was and the momentum he was trying to build and going after the obama coalition of folks encouraging to come out and vote. he made a comment about getting back over seas and leaders are questioning him about how could this be so close? why would you anticipate a tightening in this race against hillary clinton, an experienced person been in the public's eye and service nearly for decades. would you think it is a slam dunk. >> that's the state of our country, thomas. it is the rule rather than our exception going down the wire. that's why we made the strategic investments in these states. we have several advantages over donald trump that'll be hard for him to make up for over the next
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two months campaign. we have more offices opened and we have more organizers working if pavement and knocking on doors making phone calls. we are making our case on television in these battlegrounds. donald trump has been late to the game there. you mentioned president obama, when lou k at the network of surrogates on behalf of secretary clinton making the case for her explaining why donald trump is not fit. it is a huge advantage to us whether it is biden or senator warren. donald trump cannot compete. >> donald trump has definitely spent less money than hillary clinton's campaign >> we got 11 days to go until l the first debate. is hillary clinton healthy and prepared to take on donald trump in the first appearance? >> absolutely. she takes all the debates seriously and the voters saw
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that during the primary and she does her homework going into these debates. she treats it as an essential proven ground. you have to go and prove to the american people that you have the command in fitness to occupy the oval office. she's going to be ready. these debates should not be weighed on a curve. you cannot wing it as a commandeering chief. we need donald trump to show up being ready. >> you know the expectations is different going into this and what donald trump looks presidential doing as oppose to what hillary clinton looks presidential doing so is there a strategy that you and other folks within the campaign are devising about how to take on donald trump and trump him at that debate and somehow provoke it into an outoutburst. what is the secretary's
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strategy. >> i don't think we'll go in there seeking to provoke donald trump. she's going to do what she always does which shows she got the grasp of the issue and the command and poise of being commandeering chief. that contrast there will speak for itself. the reality in these prep sessions, we have to prepare for two possibilities and two different donald trump because we don't know which one is going to show up. you have seen donald trump in the last few weeks promoted to be his campaign manager, he seems to be at the timertethere telaprompter. we adodon't know if he will see that. >> and then some regrettable comments made by hillary clinton
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last friday at a fundraiser here in new york for donald trump about the deplorable rules. i want to play this part, take a look. >> how could hillary clinton lead this country when she considers citizens, tremendous number of them beyond redemption, the hard working people she calls deplorable are the most admirable people i know. people who work hard but don't have a voice. i am running to be their voice. the reflect of that comment would hurt the candidate in certain swing states. how does she rebound on that? >> there are other issues, too baked in the cake too, maybe pneumonia.
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that comment certainly made a lot of headlines. >> here is what i think is happening. by svirtue of her apologizing ad the strand of her campaign that's lifting up these hateful comments, we have pivoted in a conversation that we have been having the last few days about why it is unacceptable for donald trump to be lifting up and promoting these elements and why he's giving over his campaign to this so called all bright. today, there is a report of observers quoting that this is a debate that donald trump should not want to be having and further spotlighting on social media. he's promoted this movement. david duke himself said they view donald trump's campaign as a growth possibility for the movement. i think it is going to backfire on him. >> quickly on the economic policy that donald trump put out today talks about what he would
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do and under clinton, the only thing you can expect from her is a welfare check. >> what is the secretary's position on where you need to be on minimum wage? > >> she wants minimum wage to rise and a $15 minimum wage. look, i think hillary clinton throughout the last several months of the campaign has put out proposals from profit sharing into our manufacturing sector here in the united states. >> donald trump does not have any serious plans. his economic plans are catered to those like himself of big corporate interest. hillary clinton wants to build an economy working for everybody and not just those at the top. shifting his positions on a number of issues but the one core common element is his plan today, double planning on the wealthy like himself. >> they'll do it again on this
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election. >> we'll dive in deeper, and what it means and implemented at the white house. brian, thank you for coming in. brian fallon, thank you. >> we turn on the big event on the dr.oz show. >> i would be really happy and i will send them my way. i would have shared this earlier, why didn't you blast it out? >> i didn't think it was necessary. the public known me for a long time and never seen me at the hospital. >> trump's appearance at dr.oz. and there is dr.oz reviewing recor records. katy tur is following the trump campaign joining me here from manhattan. what did we learn from this?
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>> reporter: i am not a doctor, thomas, so i cannot go through each of the numbers with you. we learned that it does seem to be donald trump from the information he received that he's in decent health given his age. he's over weight and the fact that he says constantly that he eats fast food all the time and certainly is a cause of concern. he's on a staten on his cholester cholesterol. he released the letter and it was compared after what hillary clinton released. we only have less than two months to go before the election. he's been taking hits on his transparency. this is a moment where he release something and the way he did it though is certainly being criticized and the tv spect cal that it was, going on dr.oz.
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he found it to be potentially negative in the public perception aspects of his results. that he would not release them. >> listen to what he said this morning on fox news. >> i did all the tests, i did every test and i did it last week. the samples all came back and i guess i would not be talking to you right now if they were bad. if they were bad i would say lets skip this, right? >> reporter: it is interesting because there is a lot of back and forth between the campaign about how this would go down, the morning after yesterday. the campaign said no, he will not talk about his physical and basically ridiculous of the idea that he will talk about the results on the tv doctor show and donald trump did just that. there is a disconnect between trump and his campaign. we have seen this throughout the campaign trail which was part of the reason when they had corey
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lewandowski early on would just say you have to ask mr. trump on any specific and that's exactly why. often, he goes off scripts and does not do what his advisor tells him to. >> 25 million new jobs being promised by donald trump. what other figures did he present. >> we talked about 4% growth in the economy. that's the first time we heard him talking about that. he laid out a new aspect to his tax plan and i am waiting to show what economists, how they grade this tax plant, whether he will believe they'll do more to decrease deficit or he will add to it. his original tax plan was criticized and i think it was billions of dollars into the deficit. in his new plan, what was notable was that he actually is capping deductions and that's something that we have not seen before. other than that, we talked about
11:18 am
many of the same things that he's been talking about on the campai campaign trial. negotiated in a way that benefits the united states and that he would walk away from it and not getting into tpp and trying to re-negotiate the defense steel that america has with various countries around the world including japan and south korea and saudi arabia. thomas, he talked about regulations and how he will eliminate unnecessary regulations. that seems mostly surrounding the environmental protection agency and regulations that he does not agree with in that department and he talked a lot about getting rid of waste and getting rid of fraud, that's something that frankly every politician says on the campaign trail. whether or not this comprehensive economic policy that he says he will lay out today is going to be deficit neutral. we'll have to wait and see to
11:19 am
crunch the numbers he has there of economic experts to look into it. that's what the campaign was advertising that their whole plan is deficit neutral. the child care expenses and the sequester and new job creation and the tax plan would end up being not adding anything to this country's death. >> our katy tur is not a doctor or an economist but could be both. >> we have david coming up, we'll dive into these numbers with thhim. coming up, donald trump jr. is facing criticism. for lower back pain sufferers, the search for relief often leads to places like... this... this... or this. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices.
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there are news criticisms today for comments made by donald trump jr. >> the media has built her up and they've let her slide on every in discrepancy and every dnc game trying to get bernie sanders out of this thing. if republicans were doing that, they'll be burning on the gas chamber right now. >> we had the opportunity to speak with katy tur recording to that remark. trump jr. says he stands behind the -- when he uses that type of contrast, the term he would use is electric chair.
11:24 am
again, he told our katy tur that she stands behind it and clinton gets a free pass from the media. barry ben nit is joininett is j right now. last time we spoke, barry, when i gave you the title and you said you are just a volunteer. volunteer or senior advisor? >> i will answer to everything. >> we'll start with barry. >> trump is ahead of the polls right now and neck and neck in certain swing zstates. is this the headline that they do not need. >> everyone loves to be offended right now. >> i mean that's kind of a silly issue. >> using in the same line talking about bernie sanders, is that where a disconnect comes and maybe the walk back needs to
11:25 am
happen. >> it is a sensitivity and people -- you think people are being too pc about this. >> people are being hyper sensitive and looking for something to complain about. >> all right, so lets talk about senat senator. >> one of them says, take a pill and you will be thin, not true. not medically true and not scientifically true and we got donald trump promising things that's not true and lying every time he opens his mouth. i think it is a marriage made in heaven with dr.oz. >> you have been an insider for the trump campaign. did you think of the way he released information about donald trump's records in a way
11:26 am
that's presidential and the way that matters. >> more people know donald trump's record today than anybody wanted to know for sure. there was probably, i don't know what the ratings were for dr.oz's show. it was a record. >> there is nothing there. >> there is nothing there. >> the ratings and ratings or this or that. >> there is nothing there. >> yeah, i mean the last time he was in the hospital, he had his appendix removed as a child. i mean, he's in good health. >> doctor trump started seeing doctor borstein. i don't need that kind of doctor, i don't understand why you would make that your primary doctor for a later trump. >> and did not release his
11:27 am
taxes. >> that's not true. >> it is true. >> it is not the transparency issue. it is do you believe what they say. it is the hard part. >> exactly. >> i mean because -- >> do you believe everything that donald trump says? >> well, frankly, i believe what he says than what she says. the only thing i know certain is when words come out of her mouth, is a suspect. everything she says and she did that to herself. that's the issue. that's why he's gaining in the polls. >> what about the taxes paul ryan says he should reveal it. >> we'll be disappointed. his personal tax is not going to show anything other than how much money he pays and how much taxes he pays. that's public's record. we are going to find out if he
11:28 am
made $50 million or $500 million a year, does it matter? >> does it matter? >> the biggest that you will see is the wealth. because he's as wealthy as he says to it. barry bennett thank you and it is always good to have you. >> we got more of colin powell slamming both. both candidates are weighing in about the retired four star general's remarks. next. when my doctor told me i have age-related macular degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula that the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd... after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything.
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11:32 am
making a difference of what she's trying to do her whole life, kind of got turning onto the big challenges in the world and the responsibility of every person tried to tackle them. i am deeply humbled that is the yard. if she wants that yard, she thinks that i can be a good partner. >> tim kaine is talking about why he's apart of the hillary clinton's ticket. now hillary clinton is fighting back about the e-mails that's been revealed and colin powell says she destroyed everything she touches. >> you know i have a great deal of suspect and a lot of sympathy for anyone's e-mails becoming public. i am not going to start discussing someone's else private e-mail. >> hillary clinton this morning joining a radio show talking about the recent hack of
11:33 am
powell's e-mail of what he said about the nominee. i would not vote to her, she's a friend and i respect. referring to donald trump, a national disgrace. he confirmed of thauthenticity. lets bring to you now. >> how damaging is this for clinton has oppose powell. >> he does not like trump and a lot of people particularly watching him and saying those things. they were not terribly shocked.
11:34 am
powell endorsed president obama in 2008. he's still going to endorse hillary clinton like i assume and he oppose to donald trud to. it was not his actual comments. it is not took shock aoy. it is just a little blunt. >> he was pretty critical of her, i do think that his comment of trump were overly strong. he views palin and trump as promoting racism in politics. i would note though that powell, a lot of these washingtoner republicans are seeing, you are seeing in ohio and iowa and
11:35 am
these polls where trump is getting 85% or 90% of the votes. these voters are lining behind trump. >> perry, it is great to see you. >> thank you. >> hillary clinton is making her way back to the campaign trail. she arrives shortly to north carolina. her return to public life and this race for the white house is coming at a time where the lead she once had over donald trump has evaporated. what does she need to do to get back on track. i will talk to the leading polling institute, that's next. third president?
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will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at first stop north carolina. reporters saying she's in good health and just 11 days to go before the first head-to-head
11:39 am
debate. the polls are as tight as they are. the clinton campaign want to manage expectations before the critical show down. >> she treats the debate as an essential proven ground for anybody seeking to be the president of the united states. you have to prove that you got the command and fitness to occupy the oval office. he want donald trump be measured on this. you cannot wing is as commandeering cheer. >> anne gerund that's cover tg post and we have brian fallon talking to me earlier. how damaging has the last three days been to hillary clinton and especially as we look at ohio and trump is leading by 42% there and 39% for hillary clinton and looking at iowa with
11:40 am
45% and hillary clinton at 37%ment this is out in the last hour in vermont and you see there with both trump and clinton and johnson and stein represented in a four-way race. how did she catch up? >> she's lost some momentum and tractions from being off the campaign trail for three days and to have the renewed attention on her health and fitness is an attraction that even though she is back on the trail today and looking fit and has a good clean health from her doctor. it really allowed entry binto te campaign discussion of what has been largely of a fringe discussion of whether whiclintos healthy enough. her doctor says she siis.
11:41 am
there is more writing on that debate than it was before. >> we know there is been a lot of what i call the super friend of surrogates that have been out and off the trail with this. take a look. >> his tax returns would show his personal deals with foreign governments and arrangements that could put him in to direct conflict with american interests. what is so bad that donald trump has to hide it? would his tax return shows how deeply donald trump's personal financial interest would directly counter to the national interest of the united states of america? >> and we have the senator there hitting donald trump over the lack of tax returns, is that the
11:42 am
best line of attack that clinton could use saying that donald trump is secretive and the reason why and tie to a spider web that could trickle his plate to the white house. >> it is a way to turn the transparency back on donald trump. it is complicated as elizabeth warren were laying out there. you have to jump a few moves to say that trump maybe hiding something on any of these issues. that's certainly what the clinton campaign is trying to do and elizabeth warren will be out campaigning for hillary clinton in a few days and as well as bernie sanders. he went over some of these financial dealings and calling trump onto disentangle himself from his family businesses so
11:43 am
there is no questions of conflicts of interests. >> anne gearan from the washington post, always great to hear from you. >> coming up. the republican nominee vowing to give voters of a $4 trillion transaction cut. we had incredible things happening today. >> our projobs and growth and profamily plan put forth perhaps in the history of our country. >> is he making promise there that he cannot keep? that's our pulse question today. i am going to be asking on budg budget. lets look at these results before we let you go to break. >> clinton releasing her health stat to the public and donald trump doing it to dr.oz, is
11:44 am
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doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. tim kaine speaking to folks there exiting new hampshire. new hampshire is a popular place today. this is when donald trump heads there to rally his voters. he's missed out on an endorsement in the state. get this. for r tthe first time in centur instead they have gone and got support behind gary johnson. the man is a liar. the last hour our halie jackson spoke with johnson's running mate, william welt.
11:48 am
i think we should be heard and we are grateful for the endorsements of the richmond and the winston salem and strong editorials. >> nbc's kelley o' donnel is in new hampshire where trump is going to be later today. this is a big deal. the you know john leader is a big record there. what's the reaction that people are giving you of the snub of the gop nominee. >> reporter: well, on the service it is a big deal of the history you talked about. but, it is not a surprise because publisher joe mcquad who wrote the editorial made his feelings known about donald trump. when the choices of hillary clinton or donald trump, they say look further and consider
11:49 am
johnson we woult. they're in the enviable position of trying to get enough support to make it on the debate stage, always tough to run as an independent and even with all the praise from the institutional point view. for trump is a badge of honor to not be embracedd into - into -into -- into -- endorsement are always a plus. in term of his outsider year, this sort of this vibe that donald trump has been stoking for all these months, this is not to be viewed as a surprise but it is notable because again, it points out how different this year has been. >> when it come to this type of endorsement and this is a big deal for gary johnson, is it
11:50 am
asking and yocuriously, how is this going to make a big stage, those guys, gary johnson and joe stein, they're not going to be on that stage. >> reporter: the greatest benefit of this kind of endorsement is johnson and weld is for them to get attention and voters who want to vote in a way that fits their conscious but also trying to throw away a vote which is sometimes the argument that you hear from voters. they don't want to inadvertedly benefit the opposite candidate by choosing kind of a smaller party candidate on the ballot. that ricochet effect that can happen when you have others on the ballot. the hard part of that question of time. can they meet the mathematical requirements of polling to get on the debate stage. in some cases for donald trump, it maybe a benefit to have gary johnson on the stage, to not go
11:51 am
head to head with hillary clinton and making more of a moment to think and pause, that kind of thing and given the fact that he's not done a one on one debate before. hillary clinton has had that experience. it is a question for voters here. are they willing to spend their vote in a place where the odds of their candidate, making it far or less just by the math and that's the challenge. when you have big institutions like a paper like influence just saying, just do that or don't vote for the binary choice. it will be a factor when you consider the early voting opportunities that people have in so many places around the country where they get to make the vote before the campaigning is done. >> thomas. >> a beautiful mid september day in new hampshire. are leaves turning a little bit around there? >> reporter: yes, i even wanted to stop and take some pictures but i knew i had a date with you and i had to keep driving.
11:52 am
it is gorgeous. >> i love my kelly. >> take pictures. >> reporter: we'll do, i will instagram it. >> get it anyway you can. >> lets take a look at our pulse question today. >> trump released the summary of his physical to dr.oz. do you think hillary clinton is winning the recent war. 95% of you say yes and 5% say no. we'll be back after this.
11:53 am
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i am not running to be the president of the world. i am running to be the president of the united states of america. [ applause ] as your president, i will fight
11:56 am
for every last american job. >> we had donald trump laying out his vision for the american economy under his white house, donald trump proposes a $4.4 trillion ka $4.4 trillion tax cut. joining me now is the author of "trumped." >> lets get into these numbers, david. the big one, he's saying he can slash the deficit in half, is that realistic or he's making a promise he cannot keep ? >> it was some of the most soaring economic rhetoric that we heard. unfortunately, it needs a lot of work. it does not add up to be charitable. i would hope they'll go back to the drawing boards and rethink a few things.
11:57 am
number one, the 4.4 trillion tax cut of 10 years i am all for it. it is the 10% revenue base that we should do today. but, secondly, $2.6 trillion wor of reflow is not going to happen. it is the same mistake that we made in 1990. i was there. i was part of the campaign. they're doing the same thing and they need to rethink for two reasons. one, there is going to be a recession of the feirst and second year. the economy is on its last legs in terms of this so called recovery. that'll reduce the revenue dramatically. it will lower the average growth rate. secondly -- >> if i can just add. >> yes. >> the reflow is already built into the cbo baseliner. in other words, i am saying that they're cutting taxes from a cbo
11:58 am
baseline that is rosey scenario. its got the most growth that you can get of the important tax cut built in so you cannot count it twice. they are hiding the ball again on the swecut. it is $2 trillion for social security and for the medical entitlement. we are going to have big tested cuts. >> david, you talk about a big speech and there has been questions about the billionaire's businessman and being under scrutiny for his ties. can he be expected to pull apart and what it means to have conflicts of interests of business dealings and as pose to
11:59 am
bei oppose of being a party of one. >> i don't think that's the issue. the conflicts of interests go to hillary clinton and the 30 years worth of status quo that gotten us in this mess. i am all for sweeping change for a disrupter but they have to start being realistic and level with the public that we are going to have to cut defense. i don't know what he's talking about raising the defense's budget. we spend more on defense in a couple of weeks than russia does in a whole year. they're not a threat and he's going to make a deal with putin and that's the right thing to do. >> david stockman, thank you, we appreciate you making the time get on the air with us this hour. >> thank you. >> great. >> three things we are watching for you right now. hillary clinton is about the give remarks shortly in north carolina. first day back on the trail for
12:00 pm
her and tim kaine speaking to folks in new hampshire and chelsea clinton in dayton, ohio. a triple threat on thursday. donald trump is in new hampshire. my colleague, kate snow is picking things up. >> boy, did you have it yesterday talking to dr.oz. >> good afternoon everybody, i am kate snow. returning to the campaign trail, hillary clinton, as thomas said it will be her first public even since sunday after the health scare at a september 11th service here in new york. she got her work cut out for her. donald trump gaining in several key battleground states. is he staging a come back. plenty of new polling coming up in just a few minutes. we'll bring you to clinton event, it begins about 45 minutes and on the topic of health and wellness today. we'll have doctor torres by in


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