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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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her and tim kaine speaking to folks in new hampshire and chelsea clinton in dayton, ohio. a triple threat on thursday. donald trump is in new hampshire. my colleague, kate snow is picking things up. >> boy, did you have it yesterday talking to dr.oz. >> good afternoon everybody, i am kate snow. returning to the campaign trail, hillary clinton, as thomas said it will be her first public even since sunday after the health scare at a september 11th service here in new york. she got her work cut out for her. donald trump gaining in several key battleground states. is he staging a come back. plenty of new polling coming up in just a few minutes. we'll bring you to clinton event, it begins about 45 minutes and on the topic of health and wellness today. we'll have doctor torres by in just a bit helping us of all
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that's not medical professionals understanding what's in the document. trump's policy today, the economy, he made a big promise at his speech a while ago that we are going to kmexamine comin up. lets start the hour that someone who knows our campaign inside and out, kristen welker, is joining was the latest. >> kristen. >> hey there kate. secretary clinton is back out on the campaign trail. she's going to the critical battleground of state north carolina. that's a close state, a state where the polls are tight. and she wants to basically get back on message. shers goi she's going to be talking to family and children of this broader context of stronger tomorr together. she did come back and greeted reporters on her press point and she's going to do what is
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knowned asknown as a gaggle with them. there will be a lot of questions. she's been off the trail for three days and she's going to get her question about her health and yesterday she did release some information of the doctor's report of her health and according to her doctor, she was diagnosed of non-contagious bacteria pneumonia. >> there is no broader out line health issues that she's dealing with. she will get questions about the comments that she made last week. >> she called half of trump's supporters are deplorables. she's going to shine lights on some of the comments. we are looking at an inside look of what it is like to be on the clinton campaign. those were the press buses. i know because i did it all at 2008. we saw hillary clinton coming off the plane and getting into her car. let me go to andrea mitchell.
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i think she's on the phone with us now. >> where are you? >> i can tell you, and you know kate, having gone the whole room, it is a lot of fun and not that comfortable. we got there and we got very brief and she came back to say hi and she looks pretty good and looking forward to this. she says she will talk to us later and chat a little bit of binged tv watching and obviously, there is a lot of debate that they don't talk about it. and why in carolina? president obama did note win in carolina. >>. >> she will reach out to undecided voters and a lot of issues as well of the whole
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bathroom situation. there is a whole lot of issues in greensboro. >> she wants to talk about her core values and this is going to be a personal speech. she's going to talk about children and families and why she's running and not back off from showing the contrast with donald trump. it is more of an affirmative message of a plan they have starting on labor day but it did not quite worked out. they know it is neck and neck. >> yeah, i would think that she's been sitting home no just
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binged watching "madame secretary" but i am sure she's watching president obama and his speech and donald trump. you will expect we'll hear some rebuttals from her because she did not have a chance to rebut him in the last few days. >> yeah, i think she will. [ inaudible ] >> oh, andrea. oh, she's back. >> am i there? >> you are there. >> cell phone coverage in north carolina. i think you are going to hear her talk a bit about the trump foundation. i think if she's asked a question, she's got some ammo to talk about russian hacking as we have seen the dmc and cracking of the producing of the cell phone number of her running mate, tim kaine. when asked about that, obviously, she did not want to
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talk about the details but there is nasty thing said. >> hillary clinton also, saying she had some sympathy for people whose e-mails suddenly exposed or e-mails made public. >> andrea, one last bit of housekeeping. do you think you are on track for her to speak? >> i think we are behind schedule which means that all of our own broadcasting schedule is in place now. it is going to be what we'll call a crash landing and we don't mean it in terms of airplane. >> she has said that she will talk to the press after this event which is right around the time that people are finding the "nightly news." >> andrea, we'll let you go. thank you for checking in. >> as hillary clinton returns from the trail after the time off. donald trump's health is back in
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the news as well. namely, this two-page statement from his doctor before the public got a look at them today. dr.oz and his studio audience got their own screening. with all the drama you would expect from daytime television. >> if your health is as strong as it seems, why not show your medical record. well, i have no problem doing it. i have it right here, should i do it? i don't care. [ applause ] >> it is two letters, one is a report and the other is from the hospital. >> hade a chance to speak to dr.oz about that moment that you just watched. >> we have seen a clip that donald trump taking out the paper and giving it to you. did you know he was going to do that?
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>> no. i was surprised and i looked at them and try to process it quickly. >> if he were my patient, it is good for a man of his age. >> he weighs 230 pounds and he told you he does not exercise. >> he gets a lot of physical activities and you cannot argue with the test results but as a doctor, all i can do is assess what i am given. >> there will be blow back because he did this on a television show, you know, you are a doctor on tv, you are not his personal physician. you said that it was not your role to ask him tough questions. what will you say to critic? >> i am a doctor. i talk about health and topics said the americans believe that they can take advantage of and make themselves healthier. it is a logical place, i think for people to release their results. >> john mccain released 1200
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pages of documents. this is quite different, do you feel you got a full picture? >> i did not run the tests myself but as a comprehensive view of a person, would be revealed from a doctor to another. >> i am not a doctor and i want to welcome a doctor who can help us break it all down. doctor john torres who's joining us on the set. you have been looking at these two pages all day. when you look at normal levels of clholesterol and blood pressure. are there any red flags? >> there is a couple of questions that's not answered. no huge red flags and nothing is sticking out like oh my god, i think this guy needs something done. over the long-term, it might bring up a few questions that maybe answered.
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>> as i said to dr.oz, we got thousands of pages of 1200 pages of documents that reporters go t to look at and briefly, they got some time to look at those pages. what more would you like to see? >> there is a lot. if you get too much paper work, it is going to be tough to filter through it. a lot of times, i want a summary like this like the one that hillary clinton did of a good two page summary. the issue is -- >> hers is more detailed. >> it talks about mental health and she did not address. >> there is a few points there and when i tell people all the time, it is like a picture album. if you have a picture album page after page, those are all snapshots of your health and together, they make your whole health history. >> he had less pages and there is probably a few more pictures that you can put in there. >> i am going to be criticized
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asking you about this of his testosterone level. that's typically not on a routine check up you would hand to your doctor. >> it is not something that you see. if he was having symptoms or worried about it and people are getting more and more these days because there is advertisements out there. it maybe he's curious of the level and his doctor says sure, lets check it and the doctor says lets check to make sure. his is good. >> doctor torres, thank you very much. >> for analysis of the media moment, i am joined by our contributor, gabe sherman, what did you make of the way they did this and we just showed the clips. let me play you something that donald trump said about this moment and we'll talk about it. >> i did all the tests and every test and i did it last week and the results all came back and i guess i would not be talking to you right now.
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if they were bad, i would say skip it. >> because they were all good, he went on dr.oz and did it. >> amazing. this is a classic case of trump owning the news cycle. everyday we are talking about his health and the way he's rolling out his health. so really, i think this is a way for him and the campaign to get us to continue talking about issues that they feel that's strong for them. >> it is making people wonder, i would only release medical record that look good. what's in those tax returns? is it the same logic that's something there that he does not want somebody to see. let me play from paul ryan saying ssa saying he should release his returns. >> four years ago, you released his tax returns. do thank you think it is a good idea for donald trump?
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>> i will i know he's under audit and he's got enough opinion to release those. i will look forward to that. >> do you think it is a good idea? >> yes. >> i think he should release it. is there mountain public pressure. will we see it before election day. >> the speaker of the house saying to release them, historical precedent that every candidate has release them. >> trump has built this ora as a businessman. >> there is a lot of questions of what that number is. >> donald trump jr. , this morning, i want to hear it in his own word. he's talking about his father and accusing the media of building clinton and helping her and saying this would not be the case if it were republicans. take a listen. >> they let her slide on every
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lie and in discrepancy and every dnc, game trying to get bernie sanders out. >> if republicans were doing that, they would be warming up the gas chamber right now. >> first, what's the climate that he's talking about the gas chamber. >> there is so many lines that's been crossed where this is part of this campaign where words are flying around and lost all meaning. >> just to follow up on this. the point he was making and put the language aside that the media is way too cozy on hillary clinton. >> look at the scrutiny she's gotten and the e-mails. we have been talking about the e-mails for the better part of the year. we have been talking about, is she going to do press conferences. you talked to the clinton campaign, they do not feel that the media is too friendly to
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with all the talks about donald trump's record today. it is important not to focus his goals on the economy. >> it is time to start thinking big once again. that's why i believe it is time to establish a national goal of reaching 4% of economic growth. [ applause ] >> and my great economists don't
12:19 pm
want me to say this but i think we can do better than that. >> katy tur is outside where he gave that speech. some of the details he said have changed. >> reporter: a little change particularly has to do with putting a cap on deductions. other than the new tax aspect, for the most part, we'll call it evolution to the plan. we are seeing on the campaign trail now of 14 months of trade deals and nafta and he's walking away from that deal and did not think it is beneficial from the united states and would not get involved with ttp. he want to officially call china, occurrence manipulator and he talks about regulations that is center around epa and talking about getting rid of clean energy, regulations and
12:20 pm
specifically because he's talking more about getting coal miners and steel workers back to their job. for the most part, kate, this was a speech that we have seen donald trump give before. it will be interesting to find out what economists are saying giek going forward about that tax plan and whether or not of the capping of his deductions doing anything to make it realistic and increasing his national debt by billions of dollars which is what economists had graded his plan as before. the cam pane is making a big promise with this, what they're calling comprehensive economic vision. one that they say they could reach 4% growth will be deficit neutral that they could really cut boo the debt of this country and not add anything to it with the new proposals that he had going and trying to put out there and one ending the military defense sequester and talking about child care expenses and creating jobs.
12:21 pm
these are thing that is donald trump has been proposing in the campaign trail. we are starting to see him putting numbers behind it but still, not a whole lot of details. >> all right, katy tur, following the trump campaign. i want to bring in steve cortez, our guest here, snow and ice to s nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> lets talk about the plan highway has. trump will reduce agencies like education and transportation interior about 1% each year. can the nation afford to cut back on the kids schools and the roads and national parks? >> we can afford it. we'll reduce spending in all departments except for the military by just 1% every year. believe it or not. that adds up over years to trillions of dollars in savings. we can do it. to answer your question
12:22 pm
directly. the federal government quite frankly does too much. the federal government is too involved and that's a state and local issue. mr. trump wants to make it more. we need the federal government frankly to do less and this economic plan, to me is the most kmi exciting thing that donald trump has talked about so far. this is his wheel house. he's known how to do it for his organization and employees and now he's going to do it for the entire country. >> we just played the sound bite. he talks about increasing growth and from what i understand of half of the plan for the tax cuts get paid for by creating an engine of economic growth and creating 4% growth to offset the tax cut. the 7 quarter this year, the country is only at 1.4% growth. is it realistic?
12:23 pm
>> kate, i think it is, i really believe that. this country is capable that regrew roughly 3.5% of that. >> what happens if we don't reach that 4%? >> well, look, then we have to get serious of the deficit of cutting spending. we are going to get there. i will tell you one key reason why. american companies had trillions of dollars in profit that they are over seas. they don't want to repay for it because of our punitive tax systems. mr. trump wants to remove and wants to lower that rate to 15%. i believe that the repatriation of capitol and plant and technology, we'll see it absolutely flor flourishing. four out of five households have seen their income going down.
12:24 pm
this slow growth environment is not working for most americans and we node to chaneed to chang. >> we thought, wait a minute, that sounds like jeb bush, that's what he used to say on the campaign trail. is he borrowing his former opponent that he ripped off from the plan. >> i did not agree with a lot of what jeb bush proposed. faster growth solve so many problems in america whether it is education or joblessness or people out of the work force or records am of men not working. we had 92 million able bodies. that's a nation that's not working. so faster growth can take care of so many of our problems and we happen to agree with jeb bush. >> donald trump is responding the new report that we have been talking about this unique.
12:25 pm
investments and investments creating conflicts. lets take a look at what trump said about this morning. >> i heard the article made me be to be a -- i have deals all over the world. i make great deals. i will sever the connection and i will have my children running the company. it is unimportant of what we are doing about making america great again. >> he's going to sever his ties but having his kids to run the company. >> what they did was they accused him of being an incredibly successful international entrepreneur. of course, he had interest all over the world. he should be applauded by that that she's so incredible bli successful. we don't want to proclude
12:26 pm
entrepreneurs. >> he's honored with the oval office, that's all he cares art about is making this country right. >> what he collected is what he called a blind trust. the a thor uthor of the news we article and this is what he said about former president who have done the same of a blind trust. >> that's not what they are talking about. a blind trust is i take a collection of investments and i turn it over who's trading my investments. i don't know what's there and we move on. donald trump is going to take a company and put it in a blind trust. what's in the blind trust? the company. it is like saying i put my wife in a blind trust, i don't know who i am married to anymore. >> it is a good jkpn analogy.
12:27 pm
>> he knows what investment he has and what favors they may owe him when he's in the white house. >> that's a fair point. >> this is not a portfolio. it is not like he owns a bunch of apple stock. this is an active company which he built and proud of. all of us should applaud what he has built or while he's built. look, i think what you are getting out is if donald trump were in this for economically, he would have never run for president. he has spent $60 million of his own money. >> he's not in it for money. the point is the country or leaders or people over seas would try to use, the fact that they have business dealings with him that are important to his company to get access or favors or work the system. >> some folks may think that but
12:28 pm
they would be sorely wrong. he's not a man that could be bribed or pushed around. he will put the interest of the country so far above from the interest of his company. he's done that. that chapter is in his life and essentially closed. he's wealthy and built an amazing company. he's now turning to the next chapter that's making america a successful company in a way. that's clearly his focus and i think anyone who thinks he could be bought or paid for is not paying much attention to donald trump. >> steve cortez, thank you for being with us. >> coming up, we'll dig into trump's plan. we'll break it down with economic experts coming up. so ms you stick with. over time, they get even better. that's why more people stick with humana medicare advantage. we work together with you to
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trump's plan. also, our analysts are here we us. >> let me start with you, she's talking about three brackets now. what are we talking about forters if this went through. you look up in a table basically of what your tax rate is when you figure out what your income is. the complicated part of filling out our taxes is figuring out what counts his income and what countdowns as deductions. on those measure, this plan is relatively little. we know it amounts to massive tax giveaway to the wealthies and the corporation. which was the case of the plan. >> i thought he changed the
12:33 pm
deduction? >> he did. >> he basically expanded the standardized deduction which is supposed to make it easier for lower income people. because he has produce their tax rates so much and remains corporations and people who have passed through income of corporations they'll be huge beneficiaries of this. >> the plan itself, is still costing a lot of money. the reason why they revamp the plan as i understand it is the previous version released several months ago would cost something like $10 trillion over the next daek kecades. again, still very expensive. >> ali, you were in the room. you know the applause line and the crowd.
12:34 pm
lets play a little sound. >> we have to do that, unleash the vs. treasure of america's merge and negotiate trade deals that put america first. there is no limit to the number of jobs that we can create in the amount of prosperity, we can unleash. so if you were in the room and what you heard, what's attractive for the audience. >> it is a non partisan group and usually the meaning is smaller. >> the biggest applause line is on lowering tax and eliminating regulations and both is hard to do. there are some. a lot of them are states regulations and municipal regulations and a lot of them are in place because of courts and congressional decisions. things were there because they
12:35 pm
were imposed by the courts or congress would remain. the corporate taxation thing is important. 35% is the corporate tax rate. he's pledged to bring it down to 15. >> that's a huge deduction. >> money that's coming in over seas and trillions of dollars, he will bring it at 10%. that got a lot of attention. he said that he wants corporate, gdp growth and national target of 4% for gdp growth. we are at 2 point %. >> i was asking is that really realistic? >> 4% growth? >> no, it is not. >> i hear catherine weighing in too. >> it is as realistic as me weighing an afro. >> catherine, you want to weigh in on that. you have to look at something that's realistic or whether it could get through congress either. >> the more economic growth they promise, the worse the plan
12:36 pm
probably is and that they had to promise really, really strong gang buster growth to get the numbers to add up. that does not mean we should not shoot for higher growth. these numbers are ridiculous and trump, you mentioned, jeb bush, i heard it yooeearlier. bernie sanders promised of a much sounder growth. these things sound nice. given the trajectory of where the economy is thus far, it seems unreasonable that we could have sustained level of growth of 4%. >> everybody tried. everybody wants it. >> it is very, very hard to move the needle on economic growth, for instance, lets say we are on a trajectory for higher growth in the united states and oil which we have been producing like we have not produced in 40 years go from 107 to $109 to 20
12:37 pm
or $30 as it is now. well, that affects our gdp. that's global economic. >> ali, for people sitting at home and trying to sort out the differences and clearly we have different polarizing between the two candidates. >> on economic issues, what's the big difference between their promise? >> fundamentally, you can do the math. it is better these are actual policy proposals. donald trump is dwelling in the area of gold as pooppose to pla. when you are saying i want 4% of growth, it is a goal. it is complicated to get there. for his job creation, there is not enough for me to evaluate. >> ali velshi thank you for being here and caat therine, we appreciate it. lets go back to hillary clinton appearing since her first event
12:38 pm
since 9/11 from her illness. >> thank you. [ hillary, hillary, hillary ] >> thank you. >> hello, everyone, it is great to be here at unc greensboro. [ cheers ] >> i want to thank for the wonderful introduction, it means so much to have her here along with her wonderful daughter, sarah and her mother, barbara and the story she told is really
12:39 pm
one that motivates me everyday because it is kids like sarah that led me to politics in the first place to try to make our country and their world better for them. to see sarah grown up and thriving is special. your whole family's support really means the world to me, thank you, marsha atha and sara. >> i have to say it is great to be back on the campaign trail. [ cheers ] as you may know, i recently a cough that turned out to be pneumonia. >> i tried to power through it but even i have to admit that maybe a few days of rest will do
12:40 pm
me good. [ cheers ] >> i am not great taking it easy even ordinary circumstances but with two months to go until election day, sitting at home is the last place i wanted to be. it turns out having a few days to myself was actually a gift. i talked to my old friends and spent time with my sweet dogs and i did some thinking. the campaign trail does not encourage reflection. it is important to sit with your thoughts every now and then. that helps me reconnect of what this whole campaign is about. people like me, we are lucky.
12:41 pm
when i am under the weathe weatheweather -- [ cheers ] [ hillary, hillary, hillary! ] [ cheers ] >> i want to have a conversation and other people can wave their arms a arms. i want you to think with me for a minute about how i certainly feel lucky when i am under the weather, i can afford to take a few days off. millions cannot. >> a lot of americans still don't have insurance, they do
12:42 pm
but it is still expensive for them to use. so they toss back some tylenols and hope thing that the cough oe virus go away on its own. for millions of moms and dads, if they get sick, there is no backup. they're on their own, are they? that's a story of too many people still in america. when illness strikes or an accident happens, you feel you are on your own. you lose your job or cannot afford college, you are on your own. if your aging parents start needing more help and you don't know what to do, you are on your own. life events are catastrophic for
12:43 pm
some families but near bumps at the road for some others. i have met so many people are one illness or paycheck away from losing their home. that goes against on everything we stand for as americans because some things should not down to luck. something should be within reach for everyone no matter what. [ cheers ] [ applause ] like financial security and like affordable health care and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that if something goes wrong, your family will be okay. above all, the knowledge that no
12:44 pm
matter what, your president is fighting for you and will always have your back. [ applause ] >> that right there is why i got into this race. i am running for everyone working hard to support their families. everyone who's been knocked down but gets backup. the fact that workers are on their feet all day and nurses looking at patients all night, i am running for young people like so many of you here who dream of changing our world for the better and for all the parents and grandparents, supporting those dreams by dedicating every dollar they can spare to your education. [ cheers ] [ applause ]
12:45 pm
>> i am running for the lgbt teenagers here in north carolina who sees your governor's sign of bill legalizing discrimination and feeling like a second class citizen. [ applause ] >> and if anyone wonders what the cause of discrimination asd just ask the people of business in north carolina. this is where bigotry leads and we cannot afford it, not here or not anywhere else in america. [ applause ] i am running for woman like, janelle turner, she was dryinged
12:46 pm
with breast cancer. we bewent through six months of tough treatments. she brought her eight-year-old daughter to one of our rallies and they made a huge sign that read "13 chemos yesterday, three more and hear me roar." [ cheers [ cheers ] would you want to meet the woman behind that sign? well, i sure did. we got talking and we stayed in touch and she keeps promising me she will see me at the inauguration and i tell her i will keep working to get there but she better be there, too. i am running for her and all the mother and fathers trying to get and stay healthy so they can be there for their kids. i am running for those kids, most of all.
12:47 pm
[ cheers ] [ applause ] >> standing up, children has been the work of my life. i have fought for kids and kids who have been neglected and abused and kids who could not get health insurance because of preexisting conditions and kids with disabilities so they can go to school. you heard today from someone i know for a long time noun all grown up. >> i learn from my family and my faith that we are each called to all the good we can for all the people that we can for however long we can. to me, that means making sure all our children have the chance to give up to their god given
12:48 pm
potentials. [ applause [ applause ] so when i met the little girl in nevada terrified that her parents are going to be deported, it hits me right in the gut and flint when you cannot drink water in schools because it is poisoned with lead. all i want to do is getting them to work. that's why i care so much about national security, too. i want to give our kids a safer world, more friends and fewer enemies and fewer nuclear weapons. [ applause ] >> it also means leading the fight against climate change so we can leave your kids a healthy
12:49 pm
planet. [ applause ] my opponent in this race disagrees with me on every one of these fronts. just a few days ago, he said that if another country's country taunted ours, not fired at them but taunted them, just taunts, he would respond by blowing them out of the water. she will start a war over that, [ audience booing ] >> that's one more reason my friends where the stakes of this election is as high as our lifetime. >> i have been involved in politics as one way or another for many years. it is not an easy business. it can get rough and i built out some defenses. when it comes to public service,
12:50 pm
i am better at the service part than the public part. this is why i do it and this is who i am in it for to make life better for children and family. this race has always been about for me. well, now we're in the final stretch. there are just 54 days till election day, just 54 days till the most consequential vote of our lifetime. and just a little more than a month until early voting starts here in north carolina. let's make these days count, particularly here. because you know what your governor and legislature tried to do, make it harder for young people to vote, harder for people of color, harder for people with disabilities, harder for the elderly. there can't be any more
12:51 pm
motivation than that, to make sure every young person, every person of color, every person with a disability, every older person turns out and votes! so in these final days, let's try to tune out all the chatter and the nonstop analysis that doesn't often have anything to do with what the next president has to do, to create good jobs, to create opportunity, to make it possible for every young person to afford to go to college or get the skills that you need for the jobs of the future. let's talk about what really matters. and here's my promise to you. i'm going to close my campaign the way i began my career and the way i will serve as your president should you give me that great honor. focused on opportunities for
12:52 pm
kids and fairness for families. next week i'll go to philadelphia to talk about challenges facing our young people. in florida to focus on building an economy that welcomes everyone's contributions, including people with disabilities. then i'll be back here in north carolina to meet with more working families from now until november 8th, everywhere i go, i'm going to talk about my ideas for our country. you know, my campaign has rolled out detailed plans in 38 different policy areas. yes, somebody actually counted. everything from reining in wall street to creating good-paying jobs to fighting alzheimer's, supporting people with autism. you see, i have this old-fashioned notion that if you're running for president, you should say what you plan to do, how you're going to get it done and how you're going to pay for it!
12:53 pm
you can read it all on my website, we even put it in a new book called, you guessed it, "stronger together." get a copy of it because it tells you everything tim kaine and i intend to do. like a lot of women, i have a tendency to overprepare. i sweat the details, whether we're talking about the exact level of lead in the water in flint or how many north carolina kit kids are in early enrichment programs or the precise interest rate on your student loans right down to the decimal. because you know what? it's not a detail if it's your kid. it's not a detail if it's your family, it's a big deal. and it should be a big deal to
12:54 pm
your president. i've never been a showman -- my opponent is and that's okay with me. look at the show he put on with dr. oz today. but i am going to deliver for you and your family just like i did for sarah all those years ago with the children's health insurance program that gave her the chance to be the extraordinary young woman she is. and i'll tell you something else. people accuse me of all kinds of things, you've probably seen that. but nobody ever accuses me of quitting. and i will never give up, i'll never walk away no matter how tough the going gets.
12:55 pm
i'm actually asking americans to hold me accountable for my ideas and to hold my opponent accountable for his. we don't need a president who says minimum wage is too high. we need a president who knows americans deserve a raise to get to a living wage. we don't need a president who wants to take away people's health coverage, we need a president who wants everyone to have quality affordable health care. and we don't need a president who thinks the father doesn't deserve paid leave and the mother stays home with the kids. we don't need to be putting down or ignoring working moms. we need a president who has
12:56 pm
spent years fighting for these issues, who has a plan to support all families in all their various shapes. ask yourself which candidate you can count on to be on your side. respect your family. stand up and fight for you and your kids! this is who you should vote for on november 8, because as michelle obama said in her incredible speech at the democratic convention, when we go to the polls this november, the real choice isn't between democrat or republican, it's about who will have the power to shape our children for the next
12:57 pm
four years of their lives. it's also about the kind of country we want to be and what we want to leave behind for future generations. people have to decide, are we going to make our economy work for everyone or just those at the top? are we going to rip our country apart? are we going to work with our allies to keep us safe, or are we going to put a loose cannon in charge who would risk everything generations of americans have worked so hard to build. i i have a lot of confidence in the american people and in our country. my opponent keeps running us down, saying we're weak, a disaster, an embarrassment. every time i think about something like that i think about janelle and the strength of her cancer.
12:58 pm
or margaret and sarah and the strength of their challenges. or that little boy in flint who gets up every day even though he can't drink the water. my opponent has it all wrong. there is nothing we can't do when we come together as one nation, set the goal and pursue them! the american dream is big enough to share in its promise. so if you believe the minimum wage should be a living wage, that no one working full-time should have to raise their child in poverty, join us. if you believe every man, woman and child in america has the right to affordable health care and women should be free to make our own health decisions, join us!
12:59 pm
if you believe your wife, mother or daughter deserves equal pay, then join us! get involved these last 55 days. go to or text join to 47246. we need volunteers right here in north carolina. we can't do this without you. and remember, the presidential race isn't the only one this fall. we've got a lot of important statewide races. let's come together and send debra ross to represent the people in the senate. starting on october 20, you can register and vote early at the same time at any one stop early voting site in your county. the heat is on. spread the word. tell your friends, your family, your neighbors.
1:00 pm
if you share our vision for america's future, come be a part to help america shape it. we do not have a minute to lose. we have so many blessings. now it's our job to deliver on those and make sure every child, no matter who they are, what they look like or who they love is part of the american dream now and way into the future! let that be our message, let that be our mission. please come out and help us fight! fight for you, fight for our children, fight or our families! let's make america all that it should be! thank you and god bless you! all right, steve kornacki here in new


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