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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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obama was born in the u.s., do you think he owes the president an apology. here is how you feel. take a look. 80% say yes, 20% say no. the pulse, check it out. i'm thomas roberts. indica kate snow is here to pick things up. tgif. >> we'll begin with breaking news at this hour. we're learning that in the first televised debate which will be moderated by our own lester holt, it will be just hillary clinton and donald trump up on that stage. there will not be other candidates included. just the two frontrunners on stage at that first debate. by the way, that debate just ten days from now. can you believe it? it is coming right up. i'm kate snow, at this hour, we're also expecting to see the first lady, michelle obama, hit the trail for the first time campaigning for hillary clinton. we'll have that live for you. it is a traditional kind of event after a morning of anything but traditional campaigning from donald trump. this morning, in 24 seconds,
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donald trump repeated the false assertion that hillary clinton started the birther movement. that is wrong. then he congratulated himself for settling it and said president obama was indeed born in the united states after five years of questioning that. he did it all in his new hotel which, if you were keeping track, he spent more than two minutes talking up. and then after he left, that happened. the back drop collapsing behind our own katy tur, we have all of our reporters covering the race from new york to d.c. to virginia to miami. let's start with the first lady, let's turn to msnbc casey hunt at george mason university in fairfax virginia where we're expecting mrs. obama to take the stage any moment. her first time on the trail since the convention. what do we expect? >> reporter: hi kate. a lot of anticipation here in advance of the first lady's first solo appearance for hillary clinton and the big question, whether or not she
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will touch on all of this back and forth that you just walked us through about the birther movement and what donald trump had to say today. she did talk about this a little bit at the democratic national convention earlier this year. she said that she has a hard time explaining to her two daughters how to shake it off when somebody questions their father's citizenship or faith. an illusion to donald trump and what has been going on and what surfaced back up in the news today. this speech, we're expecting is probably going to be a little heavier on the contrast between donald trump and hillary clinton than the democratic national convention speech was. that was very reflective. she spoke in a personal way of raising her two daughters in the white house. but this, i think you'll hear a little bit more of her going up after donald trump. i'll throw it back to you. i think we have michelle obama here on stage. >> and let's just go straight to michelle obama. this is her first event since the convention.
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her first official campaign event for hillary clinton. >> hey! how are you guys doing? wow. thank you, guys. look at you. my goodness. oh, my goodness. well, let's get started here. you guys have been standing up for awhile, right? so let's start talking about
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some stuff. first of all, let me just say, i'm thrilled to be here today to support the next president and vice president of the united states, hillary clinton and tim kaine. yes! i have to do a few thank yous before we go in. i want to thank henry for that wonderful introduction, for sharing his story i want to thank all of the members of congress who were here today representatives bobby scott jerry connelly, and i also want to recognize our outstanding dnc chair, donna brazil. i hear she lit it up. and i want to thank charity for her fabulous remarks. and of course, i have to recognize another great first lady, virginia right here,
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dorothy, who is here so glad she can join us and all of you, the students of george mason university. look at you all. now, let me say, it is so hard to believe that it is less than two months to election day and that my family is almost at the end of our time at the white house. yeah. it is almost time. and let me say. i have to say. no. no. let me say this. you have me and barack working on your behalf for the rest of our lives. you don't need to worry. we'll be here.
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let me just tell you, this time is really bittersweet for me. it is a time of real transition for me and barack and our girls, my husband is going to need a new job. i'm going to have to find a job. we'll be moving to a new home so we'll have to pack. we have to get the old house cleaned up so we can get our security deposit back. but in all seriousness. this is not just a time of transition for my family but for our entire country as we decide who the next president will be and transitions like this can be difficult. they involve a lot of uncertainty and we saw that in 2008 when barack was first elected. i don't know if you -- many of you were old enough to remember. do you remember? but back then, people had all
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kinds of questions about what kind of president barack would be. things like does he understand us. will he protect us? and then, of course, there were those who continued to question for the past eight years up through this very day whether my husband was even born in this country. well, during his time in office, i think barack has answered those questions with the example he set by going high when they go low and he answered those questions with progress we've achieved together. bringing healthcare to 20 million people, creating 15 million private sector jobs,
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helping millions of young people like all of you afford college, expanding lgbt rights and marriage equality, so marriage equality is now the law of the land and we just learned that last year the typical household income rose by $2,800 which, which, by the way, is the largest one year jump on record. and 3.5 million people were lifted out of poverty. that is the biggest one year decrease in poverty in nearly 50 years. you hear me? all right. but, even after all of this progress, it is understandable that folks are feeling a little uncertain as we face the next
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transition, so the question is for all of you and all of us, for the nation, is how do we sort through all of the negativity and the name calling in this election and choose the right person to lead our country forward. well, as someone who has seen the presidency up close and personal, here is what i've learned about this job. first and foremost, this job is hard. okay? this is the highest stakes most 24/7 job you can possibly imagine. the issues that cross a president's desk are never easy. none of them. they're never black and white. i mean, just think about the crisis this president has faced the last eight years in his first term alone, barack had to rescue our economy from the worst crisis since the great depression. he had to make the call to take out osama bin laden.
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he had to work to stop millions of gallons of oil that were gushing into our gulf coast. he had to respond to devastating natural disasters like hurricane sandy and so much more. so when it comes to the qualifications we should demand in a president to start with, we need someone who is going to take this job seriously. someone who will study and prepare so that they understand the issues better than anyone else on their team and we need someone, not with just judgment but with superb judgment in their own right. the president can hire the best advisors on earth, but let me tell you, five advisors will give five different opinions and the president and the president alone is always the one to make the final call. believe me. we also need someone who is
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study and measured because when you make life and death or war and peace decisions, a president can't just pop off. finally, we need someone who is compassionate. someone who is unifying. someone who will be a role model for our kids. someone who is not just in this for themselves but for the good of this country. see, at the end of the day, as i've said before, the presidency doesn't change who you are. it reveals who you are. and the same thing is true of a presidential campaign. so if a candidate is erratic and threatening, if a candidate
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traffics in project, fears, and lies on the trail, if a candidate has no clear plans to implement their goals, if they disrespect their fellow citizens including folks who made extraordinary sacrifices for our country, let me tell you, that is who they are. that is the kind of president they will be. trust me. a candidate is not going to suddenly change once they get into office. just the opposite. in fact, because the minute that individual takes that oath, they are under the hottest, harshest light there is. and there is no way to hide who they really are. and at that point it is too late. they're the leader of the world's largest economy. the commander-in-chief of the most powerful military force on earth. with every word they utter, they can start wars, crash markets,
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change the course of this planet. so who in this election is truly ready for this job? who do we pick? well, for me, i'm just saying, it is excruciately clear that there is only one person in this election that we can trust with those responsibilities, only one person with the qualifications and the temperament for that job and that is our friend, hillary clinton. we know that hillary is the right person because we've seen her character and commitment, not just on the trail but on the course of her entire life. we've seen her dedication to public service. how after law school, she chose
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to be an advocate for children with disabilities. she fought for children's healthcare, for healthcare as a senator. when she didn't win the presidency in 2008, she didn't throw in the towel. she once again answered the call to serve, keeping us safe as our secretary of state and let me tell you, hillary has the resilience it takes to do this job. when she gets knocked down, she doesn't complain or cry foul, no, she gets right back up and she comes back stronger for the people who need her the most. and here is what is also true, and i want you all to think about this. hillary is one of the few people on this entire planet, and clearly the only person in this race that has any idea what this job entails. . who has seen it from every angle, the staggering stakes,
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the brutal hours, the overwhelming stresses. here is the thing. she still wants to take it on. see, because she believes that she has an obligation to use her talents to help as many people as possible. that is why she is running. now, let me tell you, that is what dedication looks like. that is what love of country looks like. so when i hear they don't feel inspired in this election. let me tell you, i disagree. i am inspired. for eight years, i have the privilege to see what it takes to actually do this job and here is what i absolutely know for sure. listen to this. right now we have an opportunity to elect one of the most qualified people who had ever endeavored to become president.
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hillary has been a lawyer, a law professor, first lady of arkansas, first lady of the united states. a u.s. senator, secretary of state. do you hear me? see, that's why i'm inspired by hillary. i'm inspired by her consistency, by her heart and her guts. and i'm inspired by her life long record of public service. no one in our life time has ever had as much experience and exposure to the presidency. not barack, not bill, as he would say, nobody, and yes, she happens to be a woman. so, we can not afford to squa
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squander this opportunity, particularly given the alternative. here is what we know. that being president isn't anything like reality tv. it is not about sending insulting tweets or making fiery speeches. it is about whether or not the candidate can thahandle the awee responsibility of leading the country. so george mason, virginia, as you prepare to make this decision, i urge you, i beg of you to ignore the chatter and the noise and ask yourselves, which candidate really has the experience, the maturity and demeanor to handle the job i described to you. which candidate's words and actions speak to the future we want for our country and the values we share, values like inclusion and opportunity, service and sacrifice for
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others. your answers to these questions on election day will determine who sits in the oval office after barack obama. and let's be clear, elections aren't just about who votes but who doesn't vote. and that is especially true for young people like all of you. in fact, in 2012, voters under the age of 30 provided the margin of victory for bar glak fo -- barack in four key battle ground states. pennsylvania, ohio, florida and right here in virginia. right here. without those votes, barack would have lost those states and he definitely would have lost that election, period, end of story. so for any of you who might be thinking that my vote doesn't really matter, that one person
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can't really make a difference in this election, i want you to consider this. back in 2012, barack won virginia by about 150,000 votes. now that may seem like a lot but when you break that down, the difference between winning and losing this state was only 31 votes per precinct. 31 votes. he won ohio. the difference there was -- in ohio, the difference there was just nine votes per precinct. do you hear me? in florida, the difference was six votes per precinct. take that in for a moment. take that in. those are real numbers. those are how elections, especially the presidential election are won and loss on handful of votes. so there are plenty of states where each of you could swing an
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entire precinct and win this election for hillary clinton just by getting yourselves, your friends, and your few family members registered and out to vote, but it is going to take work. yes, we can. it is going to take work. it is going to take work. we can do this. we can and we must. but here is the the thing, it is not enough to just come to a rally. it isn't. did is not enough just to get a few selfies. it is not enough to just get angry. and just speak out. we also have to work and make that change and take action and that starts with electing folks who will stand with you and fight with you. and that is why you need to get
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yourself and everyone you know registered to vote today and we've got volunteers here. i want you all, if you're not registered. i want you to find them before you leave, find them and get registered before you leave this building. and then, we need you to roll up your sleeves and get to work making calls, knocking on doors, thinking about those handful of votes that you could carry and get people out on election day. again, you can sign up to volunteer with any of the staff who are here, so get it done, right? george mason? work your hearts out, and as you're working your heart out for hillary, if you start to feel tired or discouraged by all of the negativity in this election, if you want to just hide under the bed and come out when it is all over, i want you to remember what is at stake.
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the choice that you make on november 8th will determine whether you can afford college tuition. it will determine whether you can keep your healthcare when you graduate. on november 8th, you will decide whether we have a president who believes in science and will fight climate change or not. you will decide whether we have a president who will honor our proud history as a nation of immigrants or not. you will decide whether we have a president who thinks that women deserve the right to make their own choices about their bodies and their health or not. and here is a thing, at a time when incomes are rising by thousands of dollars, when millions of people are being
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lifted out of poverty, ask yourselves, is now really the time to fund mentally change direction when we're making so much progress? i mean, do we really want to go back to the way that things were before president obama was president? a time of economic crisis, stagnant wages, when we were losing nearly 800,000 jobs a month. or do you want a president that will keep moving this country forward. well, that is what is at stake. so we can't afford to be tired or turned off, not now. because while this might feel like a time of uncertainty and division, i have never felt more hopeful about the future of this great nation. let me tell you. i feel this way because for the past eight years, i've had the
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great honor of traveling from one end of this country to the other and let me tell you, i have met just some of the most amazing people. people from every conceivable -- from ellen. but people from every conceivable background and walk of life, time and again, i've seen proof of what barack obama and i have seen in our hearts. that we, as americans are fund mentally good folks and we all want the same thing, that is the thing. we're not that different. time and again, barack and i have met people who disagree with everything we've ever said but they still welcome us into their communities. they keep their minds open, willing to listen, and while we might not always change each other's minds, we always walk away reminded that we're really not that different.
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folks in this country are working long hours to send their kids to college just like my mom and dad did for me. they're helping raise their grand kids just like barack's grandparents did for him. they're teaching their kids the exact same values that barack and i are trying to teach our girls, you work hard for what you want in life and you don't take short cuts. that you treat people with respect, even if they look or think differently from you. that somebody when somebody is struggling, you don't turn away and you don't take advantage. you imagine walking a mile in their shoes, that is what we do in america. we live in a country where a girl like me from the south side of chicago who's great,
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great-grandfather was a slave can go to some of the finest universities on earth. we live in a country where bi- racial kid from hawaii named barack obama, the son of a single mother, can become president. a country that has always been a beacon for people who have come to our shores and poured their hopes and prayers and back breaking hard work into making this country into what it is today. that is what makes america great. don't ever forget it. and here is the thing. i know in my heart that we deserve a president who can see those truths in us. a president who believes that each of us is part of the american story and we're always stronger together. we deserve a president who can bring out what is best in us.
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our kindness and decency, courage and determination so we can keep perfecting our union and passing down those blessings of liberty from our children. let me tell you this. i have never been more confident that hillary clinton will be that president so here is what i'm pledging. from now until november, i'm going to work as hard as i can to make sure that hillary and tim kaine win this election. i need your help to do that as well. are you with me? i can't hear you. are you with me? you're going to roll up your sleeves. you have to get to work, make it happen, virginia will make the difference in this election. are you ready, virginia? thank you all. god bless. [ applause ] first lady michelle obama back out on the trail with a fired up speech. this is her first appearance for
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hillary clinton since of course that big speech at the democratic convention in philadelphia. kasie hunt is in the room. i'm joined by peter slevin author of the book "michelle obama." i'll start with you, peter, very close to the top. she did acknowledge the news of the day. she talked about the birther movement. she didn't mention donald trump by name. let's play that bite and we'll talk been it. >> people had all kinds of questions about what kind of president barack obama would be. things like does he understand us. will he protect us? and then of course, there were those that questioned and continued to question for the past eight years up to this very day whether my husband was even born in this country.
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well, during his time in office, i think barack has answered those questioned with the example he set by going high when they go low. and he has answered these questions with the progress that we've achieved together. >> peter, you've covered her for a long time. she seemed to grimace even talking about the subject. what did you make of the speech? >> this is the michelle that makes the clinton camp giddy with enthusiasm to have her out on the trail. she was forceful. she drew the contrast between donald trump and hillary clinton whom she described as our friend. in many ways, it was the michelle obama of 2008 and 2012 out on the trail for barack obama. and you can make, you can see that she is in it. >> kasie, we were half joking that they would want her out every single day. she is such a powerful speaker. she really knows how to reach an
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audience. >> hey kate, this was, i think, exactly what the clinton campaign was looking for from michelle obama and they really feel like she has no fear among the people they can send out among the campaign trail on hillary clinton's behalf. there is no one else who can be both political but also intensely so and make this very personal case in favor of hillary clinton. that was the thing that stood out to me the most about the totality of this speech today. the clinton campaign has been struggling in the polls more lately than they were before and they talked a lot about how they need to get hillary clinton out there talking about what she would do and not just tearing down donald trump. they have been effective at doing that but they need to do more than that. michelle obama gave them a template for doing that. you can also see in her speech some of the concerns that democrats clearly have about excitement and turn out among
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democrats. michelle obama says there are a lot of people that feel like hillary clinton or there are people that talk to me who aren't inspired. and she went through all of the reasons why she feels like should be inspired to vote for hillary clinton. now, this is a common thing throughout this election, this idea that democrats are not as fired up to go out to the polls as they were when they went to vote for her husband in 2008 and 2012. i also thought it was interesting, michelle obama never once mentioning donald trump by name. she called him the alternative. she provided plenty of contrast. she painted a picture for the audience of the differences between hillary clinton and donald trump, but she never once said his name out loud. that was clearly a pretty extra teaguic choice and so she didn't focus on the historic nature of hillary clinton candidacy as the first woman to be nominated for a major party but she did mention it. she went through all of the list of hillary clinton's accomplishments, what prepared
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her for the office and she said, she also happens to be a woman, and then one final point, kate, that i think was very interesting, she talked at length about what it is like to be in the white house and how it is impossible to know what it is like until you actually get there. she talked about the harsh spotlight from the day you take the oath of office and she said hillary clinton is somebody who has actually been around it in a way that very few people on the planet have had the chance to be and she talked about, again, not by name, but she talked about donald trump in this context as well saying, you know, you can start a war with your words, you can crash the stock market with your words and the only person who knows how to do that is hillary clinton. so i think the clinton campaign, if my text messages are any indication, very happy with michelle obama's performance today. >> kasie hunt, george mason university with michelle obama. let me go back to peter for one last thought.
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peter, i'm struck that this was a university audience. these are young people. she talked about the importance of voting and how close it can be and votes matter. she is making an appeal to the millennials. >> she really is. this is an audience she worked very hard in 2008 and 2012. she traveled the country. she would go to the university of northern iowa and lead students to early voting saying just as she said today, these small numbers of votes matter. six votes in a precinct in florida could make a difference and she is saying you cannot afford to be sin call. you can't afford to sit it out. it is clear that the democrats are needing to mobilize voters to get to the polls, they can't take it for granted. that was the point she was making. in 2008, she was always referred to in the obama campaign as the closer. the woman on the campaign that could make the final argument and bring somebody around. it is clear that the clinton camp would love michelle to play that role this time. >> with less than 60 days to go
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it is tho that point that they want a closer. peter slevi, we appreciate your thoughts. the theater that was donald trump's campaign today, you're watching m fsnbc. the pla -- msnbc. the place for politics. flexible... ...and it has a chewy, porous texture, full of little tiny air pockets that gives dogs' teeth a clean scrub all the way down to the gum line. (vo) purina dentalife. for life.
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this dog treat called max and dentalife.covered it's really different. see? it's flexible... ...and it has a chewy, porous texture, full of little tiny air pockets that gives dogs' teeth a clean scrub all the way down to the gum line. (vo) purina dentalife. for life. let's turn to the republican side of the race now. katy tur has been following donald trump from the beginning and his campaign right up to today, a bizarre day to be sure. katy, he promoted this on twitter, he billed this as a major announcement. aside from saying president obama is a citizen of the united states, what was not odd from today this is the donald trump campaign and days like this are to be expected at this point. but this was billed to us at least initially as a press conference at his washington d.c. hotel. hillary clinton has done about
12:38 pm
five or six press conferences in the past few weeks, donald trump has done none lately. we haven't seen him since the democratic national convention when he came out and gave his press conference in miami. so we were going to have the chance to ask donald trump a number of things, the birther stuff started to bubble up and then we got word that are that is what he would be addressing today. but that didn't happen in terms of us being able to question him. the event ended up being a veteran's event where donald trump used it as an opportunity to show that he has the endorsement of a number of gold star mother and gold star families as well as medal of honor recipients. he almost used them as a buffer, as a cloak of their service in order to distract from these birther comments which is what everybody is expecting him to talk about. he then took, at the end of this event, a grand total of 34 seconds disspelling a conspiracy
12:39 pm
theory he has been nurturing for five years. 34 seconds and we want to get at any timy gr-- nitty gritty abou it, it take him 7 seconds to say president obama was born in this country. the reality is, donald trump has done a lot to perpetuate this conspiracy theory and make it a valid conspiracy theory in the minds of many voter aerz and many voters who support donald trump. he hasn't done a lot to dispel it or discredit it. this 34 seconds might do a little bit to convince some folks that he is now come around, but when you talk to african-american voters, when you talk to white voters, asian american voters, many of them will tell you that donald trump's birther comments, his original birther comments were just the thing that immediately set them off, that they could
12:40 pm
never vote for somebody who was trying to discredit the first african-american president in that way. i don't think this issue is done for donald trump. i think it is going to continue to dog him, especially, kate, because he was supposed to answer questions, reporters were going to then ask him why now. why are you coming out now and dispelling this theory. it is expediant thing to do. he is not doing well among african-american voters polling at 6%. is this an attempt to get more of their support. does he believe that president obama is a muslim? we didn't get a chance to ask him that. then, does he believe that president obama earned his harvard degree rightfully. he insinuated that he tricked his way into getting that degree. these are questions we were not able to ask donald trump in order to further understand why he has come to this conclusion because he didn't allow the press to ask him necessaany que.
12:41 pm
we stood on the chairs, he looked at us. ignored us, walked out and tried to give a tour of his hotel. >> right. and tried to take the press along or camera along on the tour. we're not showing any of that because there is no editorial presence, no reporters were allowed to go with them. we played it at the top of the show. at the end of this bizarre morning or day, then the stage collapses behind you and i can't believe, you barely flinched. >> i don't know why. i don't know, kate. there is a lot going on behind me on a daily bis whether you're on the city street or at a rally. i don't know. maybe i'm did -- maybe i'm jaded or callouss. members of the congressional black caucus are responding to what donald trump did today, his reversing course on this birther issue. they held a press conference
12:42 pm
where they had tough words for the republican nominee. >> by any definition, donald trump is a disgusting fraud. he started this silliness years ago by saying that president obama is not an american citizen. he had no proof of it and so he started this disgusting behavior seven or eight years ago questioning the president's citizenship. >> donald trump's presidential campaign has been based on the birther movement, which he founded. make no mistake. he founded the birther movement and that catapulted into his campaign for the presidency. >> he owes an apology to president obama. he owes an apology to the african-american community he owes an apology to the united states of america and he is not man enough to stand in front of a microphone and render it, and that is why he is unqualified as we've seen time and time again to be our commander-in-chief.
12:43 pm
>> i want to bring in msnbc alex sikes wald. good to see you. he comes out today. we've gone over this. he comes out today and says the man who served as president for the last eight years is indeed a citizen. that is a sharp difference. he is trying to gain minority voters. a lot of minority voters have been offended by what he said before. so is this really going to work? does this reversal -- how does it play politically? >> i think this is way too little, way too late for donald trump to start making any inroads to african-americans. he should have done this on day one of his presidential campaign if he cared about reaching the voters. getting this out there is more about clearing the decks for the press. he says it is a distraction. he doesn't want to talk about it because he wants to talk about making america great again.
12:44 pm
we're coming up on the debate, he is closing in on 52 days, 53 days left in the campaign now. he doesn't want to talk about this at all. but he left the door open by, you know, seven seconds, 23 seconds, 43 seconds, however many seconds. he didn't spend a lot of time doing this. he didn't apologize. didn't roll it back at all. i think he'll be answering this for days, weeks to come. hillary clinton's campaign certainly is interested in continuing to make it an issue, michelle obama made it an issue as we saw last hour. barack obama might say something about this. they're trying to close the door on this. i don't think it was enough today. >> the president did say something a little earlier. he kind of didn't really want to talk about it at all. let's play this from president obama. >> i was pretty confident about where he was born. i think most people were as well and my hope would be that the presidential election reflects more serious issues than that. >> and as you said, alex, the clinton campaign putting out a
12:45 pm
compete after this, after trump and saying what trump should do for once in his life r, own up the president, apologize to the president and the american people. do you think the clinton campaign wants to keep this drum beat going or move on from the issue? >> this is a fight they would like to have. they have made so much of the campaign now about donald trump's temperament, about his race baiting or racism as they would say, and this plays into both of those story lines. it is an issue that they say makes him looks unpresidential, and politically, it makes it ail fight between donald trump and president obama. president obama right now has an approval rating above 50%. one of the most popular he has ever been his entire presidency. donald trump has an approval rating at 35%. hillary clinton is somewhere in the middle there. they would rather have a fight between obama and trump, keep that going. >> alex seitz-wald.
12:46 pm
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a key battle ground state in this election, north carolina, just a few weeks ago, our nbc poll had clinton up nine points there. since then, trump has closed that gap. quinnipiac has clinton up 4 points. chris jansing is in raleigh north carolina talking to voters as part of her battle ground america series. you talked about the campaign. >> it is fascinating. these are people we talked to two and a half months ago. one person who was for bernie sanders has now gone over to hillary clinton but no one else has changed their mind. three people who were undecided remain undecided and the decisive tone of the campaign, while it it has irked them, it hasn't moved them one way or the other. it has fired up people to really
12:50 pm
get involved in this campaign. take a listen. >> he says whatever he wants, whether it is derogatory or offensive. he makes no apologies for what he says and we're no apologies and we are supposed to be okay with it? no. >> hillary clinton did apologize because she made a comment about half of supporters being in the basket of deplorables. >> i wish she would never have said that. >> but she apologized in the next day or so. donald trump has not apologized. i am remembered and believe what i believe. believe me. it's always believe me. >> that's not true. after the khan incident, he did say i apologize for anything that i said that offended anybody. >> here never apologized. >> he didn't say the name khan. after the basket of deplorables comment reminded me of when barack obama said the comment about people clinging to their
12:51 pm
guns and religion and the view that the left seems to have of conservatives is they are always backwards, racist, backwards hillbillies. >> every four years we have a presidential election and this one has been like a circus. personal attacks and name calling and insults. >> how many of you think it has been too much? >> there is a lot of people who were not disenfrance chized before who have become. >> i know of a lot of brokenhearted republicans in my family who say they have no idea what they are doing. it's the most divicive elections i have seen. i had to ask what's it going to take? they said it's going to be that debate. of this smem are going to
12:52 pm
parties and one group rented a movie theater. this is huge for hillary clinton and donald trump. no republican has won the presidency without winning north carolina since 1956. >> we are ten days away from that debate. we just learned this hour that it will be donald trump and hillary clinton. when we come back, late night and the presidential election collide. what they are calling the seriously partisan politics of late night comedy.
12:53 pm
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now with real chicken as the number one ingredient. so that happened last night if you missed it on the tonight show. jimmy fallon's big guest is
12:56 pm
donald trump. he has been the big joke recently across the board. >> i sing all the best words. when i sing, you will be blown away. >> the lawsuit for the episode of law and order that can sustain all 456 episodes of the original. all 389 episodes of law and order, all 195 episodes of law and order criminal intent. >> hoe shows up in a hat and wid breaker like a hung over little league owner. >> night court, the good wife, matlock, perry mason, judging amy, the public defender and courthouse, suits, you know when hillary said that all the kids lost their minds. they were just like damn, hillary. >> you might have noticed a
12:57 pm
theme. that is the subject of the new "time" magazine cover story. we joke, you decide. the partisan politics of late night comedy. we laugh, but it's interesting. part of your article chronicles the evolution of late night comedy and how it has become from carson to sharp and parse san. >> if you think back to carson, the political ripping was gentle and everyone was laughing together and there was a sense. about little permanent quibbles. in this election, we are hearing voters describe as unprecedentedly divicive. a lot of late night hosts are the same way and they take sides. >> a lot of them taking the democratic side. >> going against donald trump. >> a false sense of activism for the viewer. trevor noah said people
12:58 pm
experience that and said we have done our job and retweeted. is that how they are experiencing this election? >> it's interesting. on the one hand, yes, you have the rising stars of late night being very advocacy-driven. they are pursuing trump arguably as much as anyone else in the media. they are very quick to say look, we don't think we have much of an effect. if you want to be politically active, it's not enough to watch my segment. you have to decide for yourself. >> go to the voting booth. there is something about trump that immunizes him and modern observational military industrial complex to jerry sign felt relies on an audience that believes in rational audience. trump appeals less to
12:59 pm
rationality than blind faith. nothing can breech that wall. are you saying that trump is not only the target, but he is immune to all of this? >> it would seem to be the case. he is there to do with the ability that he can be fact checked. he is saying something untrue. >> his supporters loving him anyway. appreciate you coming in. that's going to do it for me this hour. i will see you sunday night, 6:30 eastern as usual on nbc nightly news on your local station and back here monday afternoon at 3:00 eastern. my colleague picks up with our special guest, chris matthews. >> live here in new york, we are 53 days and counting now until election day. topping the agenda born in the usa. donald trump for the first time acknowledges that president obama was born in this country.
1:00 pm
if trump was trying to get the issue off the table t may have backfired. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> now trump addressed the birther question for just 33 seconds and would not answer a single question about it. a chaotic scene unfolded at that event. we showed you a clip katie was there. we will check in with her and get a report of what happened. also on the agenda, hillary clinton's response and how she is handling the new line on birtherism. >> his campaign was founded on this outrageous law. there is no erasing it in history. >> "hardball's" chris matthews tried to get answers from trump and a memorable interview a while ago.


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