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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  September 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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way. you to keep screaming so people ton street can hear you. we have to come together and do it consistently and persistently. if not he could get away with it. >> yeah, there is a massive black box. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. >> that is "all in" for this evening. >> we were rooting for you and you did us very proud. >> thank you. the funny thing, it's purely a psychological task not to psych yourself out. >> you're talking yourselves out of a real compliment now. getting the ball to the pitchers mound without bouncing it. i'm telling you, i think it's legitimately a big deal. >> thanks. i'll take the compliment. >> thank you for being here. that's couple of different ways.
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>> there are a few very fraught things going on right this second in the news. this week after north carolikor launched the nuclear test they flew nuclear capable b 1 bombers as a show of force. we are in the habit of doing this now when north carolikorea dangerous weapons. right flying these bombers, this is a sign the real real leverage as they get closer and closer that they are capable of launching a nuclear attack on another country. our best national leverage to stop them to fr doing this is flat out using a show of force to show them visually, to effectively threaten to launch a
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na nuclear attack against them. there's that. that is unsettling. also this is day five russia is not letting through. he threatened that the whole deal, the whole cease fire might be off unless russia lets the medical supplies go through. those trucks, all of that aid has been idling. for a little perspective on what this means in the global scheme of things, here are small numbers that mean a lot. there is ten aircraft carriers. russia has one. russia has one. it's 26 years old.
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it's known mostly for breaking down and spilling fuel and catching fire. it has never been in a combat deployment. russia is sending that aircraft carrier for the wha are supposed to be coordinated military maneuvers. us and russia working this war together. it's already the most awkward and dysfunctional thing possible. now they are sending their one leaky aircraft carrier into the midst to show off that they have got one. what could possibly go wrong? that's one little sliver. that's one way of looking where we are in the world, where our country is in the news.
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>> particularly when the election looks like it might be close. that blings us sort soft to another snapshot of where we are right now. it is down below 75%. it is at 74.26. of course the election isn't being held today but it is approaching. it is less than 2 months from election day. this is a time when.
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but what i want to start with tonight, a snapshot that tells you how things are going and where they are heading. it may change your view on how close this election is. you know, it's a high stakes world. this is a high stakes time for our country. i think it is scary to a lot of people who are scared bay trump presidency, that things are so close right now. just take this closer look, this closer specific snapshot of how these guys are comporting themselves right now, how they are behaving because it think it matters. we'll be talking later this this hour about the catastrophic birther thing he did today, the spectacle where he try today make the media broadcast a tour from his new hotel and the backdrop collapsed and all of the reporters were yelling out questions and then they didn't take any questions and then the
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press ended up angerly deleting their footage because of the fight with the trump campaign. even if it had gone well was to tell two lies about donald trump's history of birtherism. now that birther issue is back at the center of his campaign. it was a poorly played instance of very bad politic. i think it was a major screw up. we have barbara lee here. she will be with us in a few minutes to talk about what happened there. there has been a lot of attention to that today. go one level below that. one level a little deeper and a little lower down the campaign. i want to take this snapshot of how the trump side is behaving. that starts in a very specific geographic place. it is a place you have definitely heard of called the national press club.
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go to the left there. it is very close to the white house. over to the right there is where lincoln was shot. i is right no downtown d.c. i once bought three umbrellas there at that t.j.maxx. i bought an extra umbrella even though there were only two of us. it is the national press club. last friday they were due to host a press conference. in fact that press conference planned their last friday was provocative enough that apparently it got to be a little too hot for the press club to handle. they anoubsed after billing this thing as the national press club press conference they announced it won't be there after all. they sort of cancelled it at the last minute. there was this weird exchange of information. it was kind of hard to pin down.
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ultimately the organize ieizer the whole thing is off. it wouldn't be at the national press club it would be somewhere else in the neighborhood. they wouldn't say where. it's not standard far press conference, right? reporters who still wanted to go were instruct today ed to go st outside and look for a man wearing a brown tie with a dark gray suit. if they were able to find that man that man would tell the reporters one by one in person not online, not in writing. he would tell them where they could go to find this now secret press conference. it turned out to be a windowless basement conference room. in that windowless basement conference room we got to hear from the leading low lights of the white supremacist movement in the united states. they held this cloak and dagger
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press conference explaning they still feel they are misunderstood. in particular they want to be clear that no mat wlaer you have heard about them, no matter what term you want to call them, no matter what umbrella term, they want to be clear especially since they are getting all of this attention. they want you to know they are racist. it was amazing. there is all of this diversity among us white supremacists but we are white pride, white power. that's what we all aglree on. we are racists. don't forget. don't misunderstand us. that's their core belief.
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>> don't get us wrong, we believe a lot of things but we all believe in the genetic superiority and we want a white homeland. don't misunderstand us. we are so misunderstood. the reason these guys were out there last week clarifying these matters by what they think is why white people need to segregate themselves and the united states needs to become an
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all white country, the reason they feel like they can come out of the woods a little bit, they no longer have to meet around the burning cross. the reason they feel they have to invite reporters to listen to their insanity is because basically they are making it right now. it is about race, ideas about jews. they feel like they are finally getting the mainstream support and attention they have always wanted. they are turning up in mainstream politics. they feel like it is because they finally got a very mainstream champion. >> certainly we have been riding his coat tails. there has been more interest in us because we are pro trum, because we were inspired by him and things like that. >> the fact that trump defines campaign in terms of immigration
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i think it was key -- >> so all of the nationally known leaders of america's white stre supremacist movement to declare how much they are inspired and how much his campaign speaks to them it sort of sends a shiver down your spine. he is not responsible for all of his or her supporters but this was billed with the headline what is the alt-right.
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he calls it that himself. that's a direct quote from him. we are the platform for the alt-right. that's the alt-right. the one nice thing about that in terms of getting a snapshot is when they stop just meeting in the woods and when they come out of their hole to brag about how they feel they have got a real leader in donald trump, they also end up explaning some of what's going on inside that campaign that doesn't really make sense. they end up explaning something that explains how the trump campaign is still even know blowing itself up. it is an odd sense of comfort but it's one and that's next. is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own?
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hillary clinton's speech, you remember the speech around that. there was a weird heckling moment in that speech. here it is again. >> all key tenants making up the idealology known as the alt-right. >> so it's not like an applause moment or booing moment that guy
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yell that out, that was a moment of triumph. it was the most hilarious thing they had ever heard in their lives. pepy refer to a cartoon character. it is one of the things that the racist has adomtpted as a symbo online. >> who are we? i think if i were to describe what a lot of people know about the alt-right, it's probably some things they have seen online.
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>> it's ridiculous, right? he is willing to speak about race and the jews. he is the guy that designed the new space aged logo. he is a guy who just wants a white homeland. here they are em boldened by how well donald trump is doing. there he is in d.c. explains to the press hopefully that the white supremacist movement has taken over the meaning of this cartoon frog an to ill filtrate and knowing winks to anti-semitic ideas. while hillary clinton is denying trump some guy yelling pepe out in the crowd is the funniest thing these guys have heard in their lives.
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if you want to head on over you can see alongside the standard more recognizable racist stuff you would expect from a david duke stuff like for example hillary clinton with her forehead marked with a forehead symbol and david duke saying she is getting the jewish vote or a jewish guy from tim kaine. this is damming evidence behind clinton and kaine. it is pretty easy to decode from a former clan leader. will is also david duke tweeting out pepe the frog supporting david duke. there is pepe the frog again as donald trump and his wall on the southern border. this is from yesterday. donald trump kissing pepe the frog. so it's weird. it's deliberately weird. it's meant to be an unmistakable symbol that won't blend in any
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where. it started as an an dine them and they have taken it over as a white supremacist symbol. when he called out extremists supporting trump, the racist and anti-semitic try today turn it into a badge of honor. look carefully at all of the heads there. donald trump flanked by each of his sons, eric on the left side of your screen, don jr., also mike pence just to the left of trump. there is chris christie, rudy julian i giuliani. you can see ben carson there. noeks the race cyst abuse guy from info wars that says sandy
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hook was fake and so was 9/11 and beside him and rudy giuliani, there is the frog. it's like donald trump and his team, we have got your back. all of your family, your super far right crazy conspiracy racist media buddies, we are all here with you. we have got your back. white supremacists, we are right here behind you. it's creepy, right? that image was not created by donald trump jr. but posted by donald trump jr. still there tonight. what is donald trump jr. posting the frog thing? if you're donald trump jr. you're between alex jones and rudy giuliani. if you don't flknow what it is, don't you wonder? do you really not know?
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or do you know what it is? donald trump jr. told abc this morning he had no idea what he was posting when he posted that, no idea. maybe that's true. it has come up around him in a couple of other ways too. in march he accidentally says he went on an overtly white supremacist radio show his excuse was he didn't know where he was. he had no idea he was talking to white supremacists. now in another radio interview donald trump jr. raised the speck to of gas chambers when making a point about his fath father's candidacy.
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>> warming up the gas chambers. they responded with a whoa, dude, you want to take that back? evan mcmullen will be there. he responded by calling that an unsurprising nazi reference. this is the real trump. they later explained the gas chamber line had nothing to do with those kind of gas chambers. he meant something totally different. maybe that's true. an angry and defensive statement, blaming the media for blowing it all out of proportion. maybe it was a poor choice of words, surely. but given this recent history, given where else he has been it is hard to buy yourself the benefit of the doubt on issues like this. it is hard to buy yourself some
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slack. so i mean take the snapshot as wide as you want. there is a lot going on. a leaky russian aircraft carrier to capable bombers flying over the peninsula and a show of force from the swing state polls starting to jump around like popcorn and the national polls getting to the point where they are tied. take it as wide as they want. in terms of seeing where we are, in terms of the way american politics is being connected it will matter. it has to matter that one side of american politics the pulling through what gets flushed out of normal politics. from the candidate himself, from the top of his campaign, his son what they are front paging even at this late date in the campaign is really racist conspiracy theories. i know i know the polls.
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>> come over to the tv. just look. i'll show you what looks like a normal news coverage clip but watch katy tur ton right side of your screen here. just watch. >> he has been hammering hillary clinton and has been hammering her. it is important to note that hillary clinton has given -- and the stage is falling apart behind us. i don't know if you can see this. anyway. >> anyway, sort of handling the unexpected right there. they may or may not have a sense
6:33 pm
of hue nmor but they definitely write poetry. nobody was hurt. this was the poetically fitting where he collapsed like that stage. he reversed himself. he inexplicably stopped believing something he record to believed for years without any sort of explanation. he ran away without taking questions even though he and his campaign billed this as a press conference. donald trump today tried to say he has not been promoting the idea that president obama is secretly foreign for years now. he said today he finished that years ago in 2011 when president obama produced his birth certificate. all of these are him promoting that idea since then, since 2011. he also tried to blame this whole thing on hillary clinton. he tried to say it was her
6:34 pm
racist conspiracy theory and not his. what happened today i think is that he got scared and sort of fell apart. i think maybe he did not want to have to defend his craziness in the fourth coming debate. maybe that's why he crumbled. i don't know. he crumbled. he collapsed. he caved and he told all of these obvious lies about it as he did it then he ran away from reports. this was a collapse, a total abandonment with no explanation. >> i finished it. i finished it. you know what i mean? >> that's what he tried to say about this today. and no. that's another lie. i don't think you finished it at all. >> this is not just about a contest for the presidency. this man is on a mission to heap
6:35 pm
as much insult on this president, to do as much as he possibly can to delegitimize his presidency. >> this is a disgusting day. donald trump is a disgusting fraud. by any definition donald trump is a disgusting fraud. he started this silliness years ago. he had no proof of it. >> it is about degrading the american dream for all african americans. >> so instead of being the states man that he should be, instead of going before the
6:36 pm
cameras today and apologizing to president obama and apologizing to the american people for his fraudulent behavior he simply comes to the microphone. i'll quote what he said. he said quote president obama was born in the united states, period. then he takes his seat and then give s a guided tour of the trup hotel to the news media. it is to step forward now and to really demand first that donald trump stop it but secondly to demand an apology from this man because this is what his presidential campaign has been
6:37 pm
about. >> press conference today by members of the congressional black caucus. with this birther press conference today donald trump said literally i finished this. oh, no you didn't. you didn't finish it and politically today with what the trump campaign did, they just set it on fire. barbara lee is here next. stay with us. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. poallergies?reather. stuffy nose? can't sleep? take that. a breathe right nasal strip instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight, mouthbreathers. breathe right. >>. we know who donald is. he has lead the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president. his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. there is no erasing it in history. >> but back then people had all kinds of questions about what kind of president barack obama would be, questions like does he
6:41 pm
understand us? will he protect us? then of course there were those who questioned and continue to question for the past eight years up through this very day whether my husband was even born in this country. during his time in office i think he has answered the questions with the examples he set by going high when they go low. >> the first lady of the united states speaking today in virginia. hillary clinton speaking in d.c. today. both speaking after donald trump caved today and changed his mind, implicitly admitting he was wrong all along about the insane conspiracy theory and he was still pushing earlier this year, that president obama was
6:42 pm
secretly not born in the united states. when he got up today and said actually it had been hillary clinton's racist theory and he finished it in 2011, those were not him abandoning, they were such lies that the news lines balked and put it in their headlines. look at this. when trump try to deflect blame for deanying that he was born in america he is lying. the birther lie is what turned trump from an ordinary tv star. that origin story cannot be unwritten. trump has spent years sped ling a racist conspiracy undermining the first african american president. he can't just take it back. those were all rapid fire and there was more of them in
6:43 pm
addition. in f you have a sense that that's little lightning in a bottle here you're right. she and other black caucus members also went slightly nuclear on donald trump over this issue today. congresswoman lee, i hope you don't mind me putting it that way. >> happy to be with you. we are angry, first of all. i think the country he is the nominee of the republican party. come on. >> this country cannot tolerate a man as unqualified and unfit
6:44 pm
and as bigoted as donald trump. >> on that point of bigotry can you spell it out for me? can you tell me why you think bigotry and racial bigotry is at the heart of this claim that the president is secretly foreign? can you tell me why that is? >> well, when you try to delegitimize the first african american president i don't believe donald trump has done this to anyone else in the past. i don't remember anyone trying to delegitimize any president. he is rallying the forces that have been insidious but he has allowed race to be swept from under the rug. there are those in this country
6:45 pm
who really believe that people of color, people who deserve to be here and deserve to live the american dream just like they do, they don't want them here. donald trump has just allowed the presidency of our first african american president he has played on this to really surface. many of the negative racist attitudes that still have not been addressed in our country. a healing process should take place. it will take a while. we are seeing exactly what we are dealing with in this country. donald trump is the leader of this movement. again, he needs to apologize. he needs to apologize to secretary clinton for trying to blame her. can you imagine trying to turn this around now? to try to say he is finishing something she started? if the public does not understand it is someone who will be responsible for our national security, you know, i can't believe america would allow this to go down. >> you know, today watching you
6:46 pm
and so many members of the congressional black congress talk about this in many cases with a lot of emotion, watching michelle obama talk about this with some emotion today, watching secretary of state today talk about this before that huge audience of african american women at the conference she was at in d.c., i found it very moving in terms of this being a racial fault line, this being a racist insult in the way that people have basically stepped up and been willing to call it that. i wondered, this has been out there and around there for a long time. everybody has known that it is a racist thing far long time. over the course of this election, over the course of the time it has been in the news, have any of your colleagues ever reached out and said hey, politics aside we don't like this stuff either or i don't like this stuff either? have you ever had those kientd of conversations in private?
6:47 pm
>> no. i really haven't. you know, we have to remember, now, other times that republicans have tried to really delegitimize president obama. one called him a food stand president. that's cold, right? another member of congress stood up and said you lied you can go back and the credibility to move forward and run for the presidency you have systematically seen this build up. there is a long history really attempting. look at what they did in terms of not supporting the president in the recovery act, not providing health care for those that don't have health care
6:48 pm
mitch mcconnel said they wanted to make sure it was a one-term president. you can see and look and go back to what the republicans have been doing during the time that president obama has been president and he has done -- the president has done an unbelievable job in spite of the obstructionist congress. so donald trump felt like he had the legitimacy and backing to be who he is. this is who he is. he needs the apologize he needs to let the country know this is not the american way. this is really un-american. it would be a great member. hi said this campaign should be
6:49 pm
really a referendum on bigotry. when you look at the history of struggle and movements in this country against racism, sexism, against all of the injustices that we are still addressing, there have been moments of young people, people of color, people of conscience. everyone has come together to put forward candidates that really want to stop this and try to create a world worthy of our children. once again, he should apologize to the president and he should apologize to secretary clinton. we need to move forward and make sure the public understands we have one choice come november if we want to make sure our country moves forward and gives people the opportunity to live the american gredream and that's to vote for hillary clinton. that's the only thing. i think today was a defining moment which will hopefully let
6:50 pm
people know who he is. we have known who he is for many years. >> barbara lee, thank you for your time tonight. thank you. i knew i wanted to talk to you tonight. >> thank talk with you. >> thank you, rachel. >> if there's any doubt about this birther issue has fired up core supporters of hillary clinton, let that put it to rest, right? we'll be right back. and power plants account for more than a third of energy-related carbon emissions. the challenge is to capture the emissions before they're released into the atmosphere. exxonmobil is a leader in carbon capture. our team is working to make this technology better, more affordable so it can reduce emissions around the world. that's what we're working on right now. ♪ energy lives here. hey, need fast try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours.
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two things you need to put on your calendar tonight. the first is monday, on monday, the bridge gate trial starts in new jersey. we are planning full coverage of those opening statements and the full trial here on msnbc. it starts monday morning, bridge gate. the second thing we need to put on the calendar. we did get the clip of hillary clinton on the "tonight show." that's next.
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so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california. behold, we've got the clip. hillary clinton on the "tonight show" with jimmy fallon tonight, she got an unusual welcome from her host. >> welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. thank you so much. it is great to have you here. let's talk about everything. >> jimmy fallon towing the line on making fun of pneumonia. the other clip they have given us has him asking about what he
6:55 pm
calls -- forgive me, bad-ass hillary. >> i want to talk about campaigning. because when you campaign, i feel like it's so tricky, because you have to go, and you have to say hi to everybody and be happy, and you do. but also, people kind of want to see this hillary, which is the bad-ass hillary. and the serious hillary. so you have to laugh, but they want to see someone who's going to protect us and be strong and tough. >> right. >> you have that reputation. >> it's especially tricky for women. it just is. because there's a lot of serious things. the other night i was on a show and being asked about isis and iran. i was serious. these are important issues that the country needs to talk about. and the republicans were saying, oh, she looks so serious. well, you don't talk about isis with a big grin on your face. they're a barbaric, evil group that we have to defeat and wipe out, but it is a constant balancing act. how do you keep the energy and
6:56 pm
the positive spirit while taking seriously what you need to. >> secretary clinton earlier this evening during a taping of the "tonight show" starring jimmy fallon. i should tell you, that airing is not airing tonight. it's going to air on monday, but we've got more to come tonight, stay with us. from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today at the search for relief often leads...
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about dry eyes that interrupt the things you love. because if your eyes feel dry, itchy, gritty, or you have occasional blurry vision, it could be chronic dry eye. go to and feel the love. today in the rhode island state capital, it was fun. the secretary of state's office used the state lottery machine to establish the order in which candidates will be listed on the ballot in november. so now we know it will go republican, democrat, libertarian, green, something called american delta and the big write in. and the big news is that the libertarians made it there. earlier in the week, gary johnson jumped the gun when he was still short of qualifying in
7:00 pm
rhode island. he was not actually qualified in rhode island, but now he's got those last 71 signatures qualified. and he'll be on the ballot in all 50 states. that makes the first third party candidate to pull that off since ross perot. he is not polling high enough to maybe the first presidential debate, but why focus on that, at least he made the ballot, baby steps. that does it for us tonight, we'll see you again monday. now it's time for "the last word", with lawrence o'donnell. well, it was a historic day in washington today, donald trump retracted a lie. he actually did that. and later in this program, we


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