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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  September 17, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. >> good morning, welcome to "am joy." on friday, we all played a game of two truths and a lie with donald trump. except in this case, it was two lies and a truth. trump arrived at his brand-new washington hotel, of what was billed as a news conference to make a major statement about the birther claims trump has continued to make every year since president obama released his birth certificate in 2011. after spending a half hour, rick rolling the press, that bringing up a group of veterans to praise him, basically a campaign infomercial that he didn't pay for, trump closed with this 37
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second statement. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. i finished it. you know what i mean. president barack obama was born in the united states period. >> now, you win if you have been paying attention over the last ten years of president obama in office. you are well aware which unof those statements are the truth. trump's other two statements are quite simply a lie. a widely discredited talking point that birtherrism org fated with hillary clinton in her 28 presidential campaign. in fact the earliest reported incidence from a public figure about president obama's origin can be traced back to 2004, that's when he first reached national prominence at the democratic national convention that year.
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our very own chris hayes tracked down the source of that claim for the nation. you may also have heard some trump supporters reference a secret memo that supposedly exposes the truth about the clinton campaign ties to birtherrism. the document they are referring to is not a secret at all. can you actually google it. is this, a 2007 internal strategy mem po from clinton polls to mark pence in which he writes of her opponent, all of these articles of his boyhood in indonesia and life in hawaii are geared toward showing his backgrounds as diverse, multicultural. it exposes a strong weakness, his roots to african-american culture are at best limited. that's it. no smoking gun. in fact, pen goes on to devise a
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strategy that highlights clinton's middle american values. he warns the campaign is quote never going to say anything about senator obama's background, unquote. as for trump's second claim he finished the birther controversy, any lingering questions were answered eight years ago by president obama when he released his birth certificate t. first time in june of 2008. and again, when he released the long form version april of 2011, an unprecedented act for a sitting american president. the truth is, the only controversy that trump attempted to finish on friday, was the one he, himself, created, when he began leading the charge on the conspiracy theory in the first place. joining me now are nbc's katy tur, john perform jackson, chairman of the black caucus of florida and msnbc contributor teree. you are in florida where donald trump was yesterday after he did
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this publicity stunt with the 7 second debirtherization of himself. do you believe that donald trump would help himself, particularly with african-americans, if he now simply apologized to the president of the occupation for his birtherrism? >> well, you know what, in all honesty, there is no need for mr. trump to apologize, mr. trump five years ago was a private citizen when he gave his opinion on what he fell or was or was not the case as pertained to president obama or his birther or birth certificate, whatever you want to call it. if you do go back to mrs. clinton then 2008 presidential campaign, you will, in fact, see, that plls clinton did insinuate. >> when did she do that? give us a quote or a reference to exactly specifically when hillary clinton ever insinuated birtherrism. >> anyone can go to an article, sorry not an article, a television interview and see that she. >> no you can't. it doesn't exist. >> yes, you can't. >> politifact.
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let me two to an article, sean, actually you can, politifact did the work on this, they bothered to go back and look at interviews. >> in regards to what someone did, it is true. >> no, actually, you just can't assert things are true because you want them to be true. they actually have to be true, in fact. >> joy, in her career she said she did not know if mr. obama was or was not. >> no, she didn't. >> she did. we'll agree to disagree. >> we don't have to agree to disagree, a fact is a fact. we don't disagree on fact. you asserted something that isn't true, sean. i will read an article from the "new york times," july 2nd, facts are not fair or unfair, they're just facts. july 2nd, it's called inside the six weeks donald trump was a non-staup birther. he told mr. farrah that he shared his suspicion that president obama might have been born outside the united states and then he was looking for a
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way to prove it. he said, we can get to the bottom of this. what can we do to get to the bottom of this? he said he'd like to send investigators to hawaii. there was a former aide to donald trump who talks about the fact that he participated in using this as a way to launch donald trump's political career. sam nunberg. he said, from the same article the appeal to the birther issue was, i'm going to take this guy on, and i'm going to beat him, said sam nunnberg, it was a great nation wedge issue. sean, sam nunnberg admitted they used this issue to create a political platform for donald trump. donald trump affirmatively went to the world net daily and said he'd like to look into this. he did it specifically to launchch his political career. it wasn't being a private citizen. i will ask you again, would it be helpful at this point for him to simply apologize for having
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done that? >> with all do respect, i don't speak for sam nunnberg or the trump campaign. i don't think mr. trump if he was going to contemplate the thought for running for president would have done so by insinuating mr. obama was -- >> his own aide said he did. >> there is a reason why mr. nunberg was fired. i don't know, maybe this is a part of that reason. >> teree just yesterday, with all due respect to john, he is a surrogate for donald trump. but he worked for him. i want to play another person that knows donald trump i'm presuming better than sean does, roger stone arc long-time adviser to donald trump. this is he he said on his info wars, alex jones' show. he said this, roger stone, yesterday, on info wars. let's play roger stone. >> it's just like the birther question, trump fearlessly brought that into the main stream. trump is the guy who property
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the whole question of obama's birth and where he was born into the political main stream where people could consider it. >> he calls him trump, he's the only one in that group, he calls him trump. the other -- i hear sean taking it to the game, which makes it really disgusting. you know, this is a very serious issue. black people have for centuries in this country felt like outsiders, right. because of all the things that's been done to us in this country. this was the country on a hill that has moral standing above everyone else. every other country is able to say, what about the way you treat blacks? this country is the like, we don't have an answer for that. the election of barack obama was a watershed moment, where we finally feel we are a fully part of the country. we are not second class citizens and to have this gasp go up to the president and say i want to see your papers, boy, was like this moment like even a black president is still beneath any white person who wants to allege
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you're not really american and to say you're not really american when an american can be almost anything is so deeply offensive. this was incredibly hurtful and painful for a lot of us that changed the election of obama to this argument of like can we prove he's actually american and the questions that never end? even though, people were tweeting me they cried when obama showed his birth certificate. he went through a defeated moment, i finally have to show my papers to this fool who has been pulling racial rank for years of saying, any white person can say, i want to see your papers, boy. this is not a game. this is deeply painful and hurtful and offensive and for donald trump to say he can just walk up to the mic and say, never mind, like, no, and for people like sean to think, this is a game, you have to apologize, there is actually hillary. is he not a man to do his own
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business? hillary started it. so i'm following her. when does he ever follow her with anything? why don't you own up to what you did and the pain, like he wasn't just talking to obama he was talking to you, too, sean, are not really american, you can't hear that is soft of insane. >> excuse me, sir, are you a part of the ugly discourse of politics that sits there and blah tantally say that mr. trump is racist because he asked for someone to show their birth certificate. let me tell you something. don't you dare talk about. don't you dare talk about black america and their well being in this country. because it was republicans, if it were not for the republican party, we would not even be free right now. >> sean, abraham lincoln is long dead. let's talk about the current republican nominee. sean, one moment. >> and we have civil rights because of republicans. so, please, stop that narrative. >> that's interesting. exactly. i think the reason african-americans have civil
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rights is african-americans fought for them. thank you for giving. >> i'm talking about the ones that passed it when democrats turned it down. tell the truth. this is the truth. you have to google it. >> google exists, sean. >> you would really someone as eeducated as you use something as science google? wow. >> katy, let's talk about the way that this plays out in the actual campaign. you are actually out there on the campaign trail dealing with the people who attend donald trump rallies. does birtherrism still matter to trump supporters as you have been able to see it? >> reporter: it has mattered to trump supporters and he, frankly, used it, he made it an announcement he was using birtherrism to start his presidential campaign or to fuel his presidential campaign. but that base of support was there from the beginning and partly because donald trump did lead the birther movement. when you tuck to a number of donald trump supporters and go across the country like i have, speaking on a daily basis with
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them. not a small amount of them. quite a few of them do express this idea they don't believe the president of this country is on the side of what they call regular americans. americans western values. they say they don't like the direction of this country. not just because they don't like the direction where the economy is going. they will say they think this president is trying to, he is not enhanced western values. when you ask them what they mean by that. it's certainly not that they think he is trying to further chinese values or japanese values. they will say middle eastern values, potential lisaryia law in some cases. at these rallies when donald trump mentions president obama's name, you do hear resound books, which is normal for a political rally. what is not normal for a political rally is that you hear people scream out, president obama is a muslim. so this is not something that is unusual for this campaign. it's not something that he is not benefiting from.
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where does he go from here with this having now in his words put the issue in the campaign words put the issue to rest. well, his supporters are falling into two camps, from what we can see so far. one camp says whatever donald trump says is true and that's fine and i'm believe him. the other camp says, he was just forced to say this because he's running for office and the liberal media and the democrats are forcing him to say something that he doesn't really believe. we know he knows the truth. >> to that point, to katy's point, yesterday, during this sort of bizarre press availability, thomas macnarri who is a retired gem with a part of that press conference or whatever we want to call that event that donald trump held in d.c., he back in 2010 supported a military officer who actually is refusing to serve under president obama, saying his orders were unlawful. he filed an affidavit that says,
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quote, it acknowledges concern about obama's constitutional eligibility and demapped that he release his birth certificate or the court authorize discovery, a second issue. donald trump actually questioned not president obama's citizenship and eligibility. but he also questioned his harvard degree. an excerpt from that, i would come back to you teree, how does a bad student go to colombia and harvard i'm thinking about it. i'm looking into it. let him show his records. this went ynd questioning his citizenshi it went to his education, his very profile. >> yes. so much discussion around modern racism comes to if are you a poor, you are in the belly of the beast f. are you middle class or upper class, you don't deal with racism anymore. this is the sort of upper class racism that people who not stuck in poverty are seeing. people are questioning you. do you have the right to be a $?
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do you have the right to be a lawyer? you are black, i question your legitimacy to be here at gold man sax or whatever. these are not questions white people have to deal with. trump took this to a national 2.0 level by doing it to the president. i think yesterday was probably the biggest pr mistake this campaign has made since the khan family saga. it feels like the kelly anne conway thing this multigroup thing of how do we do this? but the way they did it was so hand fisted and so problematic. it only raises more questions by starting with the lie about hillary. media says, he lied, first off. then saying i finished it, which is a challenge to media, media is like, oh, no you didn't. the way he did it. he played media into creating this infomercial for the hotel and ran with the med am of honor winner. media is like, oh, no, it's not
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over. you have made us look like fools. >> and before we go, i think that's a good point. i think the next person that talks to donald trump is really going to have to follow up on this, not let it go. i want to turn to one other thing before we lose sean here. donald trump did say the other night. this was at his big event if florida. last night in miami, he made the following comments about hillary clinton's support for gun reform. >> i think what we should do is she goes around with armed body guards like you have never seen before. i think that her body guards should drop all weapons. they should disarm. right? right? i think they should zampl let's see what happens to her. take their guns. okay. it would be very dangerous. >> sean, that really does sound, it's like an assassination reference. do you have a problem with that? >> look, the reality of the fact
7:17 am
is that mrs. clinton just sat here just last week and called all trump supporters deplorable, insinuating that no one, excuse me that everyone who is -- >> what object the question i just asked you. >> no, no, no, if you are going to play tit for tat. >> we don't have endless time. do you find it problematic for donald trump to make a reference what sounds like assassinations? >> i find it very problematic the first black president of the united states of america has not done anything for gun reform. i find that mrs. clinton -- >> katy, before we go, does the campaign have a concern that rather than putting the birtherrism to bed that they simply reopened it and have you heard any concerns from the campaign about the remarks that we just heard of what sounds like an assassination? >> reporter: i don't know request they're concerned about reopening the birther issue. there was a need in the campaign they felt to put this issue to rest before the first debate. as for the 2nd amendment comments and the disarming her
7:18 am
secret service, i spoke to, i got an e-mail from jason miller the communications director this morning saying that he was not inciting violence. i went back to him and asked him, what donald trump was insinuating there then, especially given the 2nd amendment people, making sure she doesn't appoint supreme court justices. what exactly is donald trump implying here? so far, he's not gotten back to me. >> all right, nbc's katy tur. thank you, we'll be back later in the show. next, a story that didn't get the attention it deserved this week t. serious and ethical questions about donald trump's car itable foundation spends its money. like how hard it's gonna fall. (engine revs) the things it does to your parade. we've got a saying about rain, too: when it rains... it roars. the all-wheel-drive charger. domestic. not domesticated.
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>> you want a debate, foundations and charities?
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one candidate family foundation has saved countless lives around the world. the other candidate's foundation took money other people gave to his charity and then bought a six-foot-tall painting of himself. >> donald trump reportedly used trump foundation charity money for a giant portrait of himself. along with a football helmet autographing by then bronco photograph tim tebow. thanks to the methodical pursuit of donald trump's giving, these raised questions about the foundation and where the money goes. now, new york attorney general eric sneiderman has opened an inquiry. >> my interest in the, this issue really is in my capacity of regulator of fawn profits in new york state and we have been concerned that the trump foundation may have engaged in impropriety from that point of
7:23 am
view. we have been looking at it and making sure it's compliant with the government charities in new york. >> sneiderman filed lawsuit in 2013, that is still going t. house democrats want to investigate the circumstances surrounding an unlawful $25,000 gift from the foundation to a pac supporting florida attorney general pam bondy. the democrats allege that the payment may have influenced bondy's decision not to investigate trump university. a claim bondy denied. joining me now is the man leading the washington post investigation into the trump foundation. thank you so much for your great reporting and being here. i want to read from you your latest piece. you write that three of the mysteries in the file of the donald j. trump foundation have been sochld here's what we know. trump's campaign says he's given tens of millions to charities, offers no details or proof and how he retooled his charity to spend other people's money is a headline you got out this beak.
7:24 am
what do we now know about the donald j. trump foundation we didn't know last week? >> we learned a little more how it operates. one of the thing the trump campaign explaining why there were errors in their tax returns, why they gave a political donation when there were rules after. that why after they get a political donation, they file a false tax return that listed a fake donation in its place and their answer seems to be that there were not a lot of good controls going on within the trump foundation. they often gave out money without writing what state it was in. sometimes they said it was a different state and donald trump, himself, signed the check that sent the improper donation to pam bondy's group in florida. people said why does donald trump sign it personally is this they say he does it. he wants to keep good track, he didn't want to have no mistakes, why didn't they catch this mistake? he signs too many checks. we learn how he was keeping
7:25 am
control. it doesn't seem like there was an impressive amount of control there. >> mike pence, donald trump's running mate, was asked about the foundation and donald trump's charitable giving on cnn monday. take a listen to what he said. >> anyone who knows about donald trump and his career knows this is a man who has given away tens of millions of dollars to charitable causes throughout the course of his business and you can talk to charities all across the country who have benefitted by the generosity of the trump family. >> you, indeed, have talk to charities, you compiled a list of charities who supposedly have benefitted from the generosity of the trump foundation. what have you found in terms of how much money he's actually donated to be true? >> well, it's important to the know the trump foundation itself, it sounds like it ought to be donald trump's money, that's what wealthy people do, they set up a foundation with their name on it, trump has not given any money to that foundation since 2008, he gives away other people's money, under the impression it's his money.
7:26 am
i have been looking for an actual donation out of donald trump's pocket to any charity? mike pence says he gives away tens of millions of dollars. i called 338 charities, i found between 2008 and this may, they were looking in that ache-year period, i found one gift for less than $10,000 that was in 2009 out of donald trump's pocket. just one gift. >> have you been able to find? i'm sure his tax returns would actually give you a lot more details? have you gotten any response from the trump campaign as to whether thigh will allow you to peruse his tax records, which would tell you more? >> no, if they don't want to talk about his tax returns, just charitable donations. i asked and i haven't gotten any response in any form. >> have they given you any evidence that donald trump is being audited, meaning the letter the irs sends to you that proves you are being audited? >> no, they have not.
7:27 am
>> one other question, we turn to our other panelist, we will keep you on as well this portrait that donald trump supposedly purchased with someone else's charitable money. if that portrait, we understand, is being use tied grandize his businesses or used in his for-profit businesses, that would be an unlawful use of charitable donation. have you been able find this portrait? do you know how it's being used? >> i don't know how it's being used. we got a clue this week as to what happened right after it was purchased. trump bought it with $20,000 with his foundation money and the key question as you said, what happens next? did he find that and find a charitable use for a giant portrait of himself? did he put ip it up at his house or business? that's against the law. so we talked to the assistant, the artist that made it. he packed it up and shipped it. he was told by trump's wife to sen it to the west chester golf course, the explanation was it was going to hang in the employee board room, that was
7:28 am
true, if it's still there, that's not permissible. >> the other viewer at this bizarre infomercial billed at the press conference at the trump hotel in d.c. were you able look around and see if you saw that portrait there? >> i was looking around. we're not allowed to see very much of the hotel. i didn't see very much. i can't say i did a good once over. >> they tried to take the media on the tour. only the questions. which is interesting. let's add scott maxwell of the orlando sent them and a former u.s. attorney and state senator. thank you both for being here. scott, you actually initiated much of the coverage that we now see, particularly on the bondsy side of things. her office has vigorously denied anything untoward in that combination of donation from the trump to her pac and their decisi not to investigate trump university. the new york sometimes i times did an analysis of the bondy check in a sense, sort of threw a little cold water on the time
7:29 am
line t. new york sometimes has a document it obtained, including a copy of mr. trump's check, at least partly on the time line. they said september 9, 2013, donald j. sign a check to and justice for all a political committee supporting pam bondy t. contribution appeared to be on its way before ms. bondsy's office said it was reviewing complaints about trump's for profit education, trump university. what do you make of that scott? >> i think the time line is sort of a red herring. they can talk about september 9th. i found internal e-mails from her office as early as august 30th. where every single top member of her staff is talking about people in florida complaining about trump university, not to mention the "new york times" wrote about the attorney general in new york going after trump university, saying in those stories, florida is one of the other key states it's going to be looking at. a lot of this stuff seems like chasing rabbits to me. you go back, making people run
7:30 am
in a bunch of different directions. you go back to the key facts, i tried to stay focused on here is this, the lead prosecutor in florida was asked to investigate someone. she then took $25,000 from that someone. i got to tell you, there aren't a whole lot of prosecutors, who i think will look you in the eye and say, no, that's good ethical business. >> david, were you able determine whether the trump foundation quote accidentally gave mo into any other attorney general? we know donald trump donated to the texas attorney general who says there is no connection between that donation and his decision not to investigate trump university. did you find these other mistaken donations? >> not from the trump foundation. i looked and haven't found it. what trump gave, he gave out of his own pocket. one interesting thing from that process. their explanation for why the trump foundation paid bondy's group, was its name sound loo tick name of a real charity in utah. the accounts payable got
7:31 am
confused. since all main came out of a trump foundation, they wrote the check. how it then got to florida, not utah, we haven't had that explained. >> pom bondy's explanation than to take absolute umbridge, anyone would question her about this. her office never even considered investigating trump university. but from scott and other reporting, it does seem that florida was one of the, at least top five, if not the top three states in which trump university complaints were being made. >> he had a substantial presence in florida. listen, the standard you are using isn't the standard. the truth of the matter is, in august of 2013, the attorney general of new york charged trump university with being essentially a fake university. those are marco rubio's words, really from a fraud lar scheme a baltimoreer operation with the indicia almosts, high pressure, game plans, scripts, all that. texas had also looked at it.
7:32 am
so trump knew and bondy knew, everybody knew that this place was a at risk for being investigated and prosecuted and the fact that they didn't take an action doesn't take them out of the problem here. because an inaction, a decision not to prosecute the best thing for trump university i suspect is inaction. so i think this idea that somehow this time line changes anything, pom bondy took a $25,000 check from someone that people in florida believe had ripped them off. that's the end of the story. she should have returned the money. it was a terrible mistake for her to keep it. more than that donald trump wrote that check knowing that this attorney general could be looking at him and there were complaints there. that's to me the great thing. this guy if he's president will nominate 93 u.s. attorneys across this country. you know, so that's the problem. >> yeah. absolutely. i wish we had lots more time to
7:33 am
talk about this. i hope you guys will all come back. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> still to come, donald trump's tangled web of international business relationships. could it be a threat to national security when we come back? don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. by choosing flonase, you're choosing more complete allergy relief and all the enjoyment that comes along with it. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one.
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7:37 am
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♪ ♪ you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. >> i really believe i said this will be the best hotel in washington. i think it may be one of the
7:40 am
best hotels anywhere in the world. that's the way it turned out. i'm really honored to have this as our first event. >> donald trump's veritable infomercial for his new hotel tells you something how a president trump would separate his interests to interests of the country. or not separate them. ian joining me from the "newsweek" cover story, in the company of trump, it includes business business dealings, thank you very much. congratulation on a blockbuster story. of course, it gets buried in the crazeness of what happened this week. sum raise for us what you were able find when digging into trump's business dealings? >> well the trump organization, which is his company, has hundreds of subsidiaries, which, in turn, have connections, relationships with business partners all over the world. for 15 of them, i was able to find who their business partners were and these were people who
7:41 am
are krinlts, under indictment, people who are affiliated with factions of overseas governments and who their interests are not the interests of the united states government and you have some of them who either trump is going to have to choose the national security of the united states or his businesses. >> and the thing that you are talking about, there are two pieces of that number one the fact that you uncover in this piece, what trump sells now, he's not a builder of things anymore, since the last eight years, what the trump organization sells is the name trump. you sell their surname, putting it on buildings, et cetera. will there be a way for the president of the united states to not be aware that a deal had been struck to put the name trump on something in azerbaijan? >> i got to tell you, if i was walking around and i saw a gigantic relate with my name
7:42 am
emblazoned across the front of it, i would certainly believe i had a connection to it. the idea that donald trump is going to create a blind trust is nonsense. what it is, you take portfolio of investments, politicians, you turn it over to somebody independent. they're trading the stocks, you don't know what's there. saying, i'm going to put my business into a blind trust is like say figure you raise occur tain in front of the trump organization, i'm not going to know what's behind the kur tape. he knows what's in it. there is nobody independent running it. it will be his children. every decision he makes relating to companies where he already has interests and he already knows who his partners are, are going to affect the financial well-being of his children. you got ivanka trump coming out saying, oh, we'll make decisions based on what we know are going to be, you know, interests of america. so what is donald trump going to share classified information with his kids? >> yeah.
7:43 am
>> is he going to bring them in, to guide them on american foreign policy? >> to that point. let me play quickly. what are you talking act is this "good morning america" interview ivanka trump did on wednesday. let's hear about this very issue you can say. >> we can say we will ghoth do that deal, even though it's a fine deal, because it can create a conflict of interest. we will act incredibly response blichlt my father said he would put nit a blind trust. it would be run by us. he has been outspoken. >> you have these children whose livelihood is tied to the trump organization. they earn money, they and their children's future, wealth is dependent on this organization that they would, in theory, still be running in a as you said it can't be a blind trust. why would the american people believe, forget the potential president trump but his kids would set aside their own future
7:44 am
economic viability to not do a deal in india or somewhere else because they thought it was not in the national interest? >> well, i want to start with one thing. i think ivanka trump's statement is more damming than my article. what she has acknowledged is foreign dealings can create conflicts of interests. our foreign dealings can create conflicts of interest. she said this nonsense about a blind trust and we'll run it. >> that in and of itself is a contradiction. so they've admitted there are conflicts of interest. now, let's go back. 500 partners, entities, with partners all around the world, trump knows who they are. we don't. trump knows what those conflicts are. those conflicts aren't going away. they could do no deals throughout the entire trump administration and he still would have all of these conflicts. finally the american people
7:45 am
cannot trust this. you know, ivanka trump is not going to be able to recognize that if you open, for example, an office building in pun, india, with i they have, that it's actually going to create massive conflicks of interest of american foreign policy. they've done a deal in azerbaijan with a gentleman who they didn't know was the son of a major government official who american intelligence has believes has been laundering money for iranian military. now, is ivanka trump going to physical that out? or is she going to consult her dad, at which point you have got the president of the united states continuing to manage his company and there -- and we all have to stand back and say, hey, we'll trust you. and we won't know what the truth is. >> to say nothing, though, she had been turning to the man that did business with moammar
7:46 am
gadhafi. it raises a whole bunch of questions, we can do another hour on it. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. coming up, you donald trump trump's, jr.'s gas chamber play noose the white movement and the trump campaign. >> first the push to get african-american voters fired up for clinton like they were fired up for barack obama. o dog)give . sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! (to dog)i'm so proud of you. well thank you. get your free credit scorecard at even if you're not a customer. you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be.
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>> if we band together and organize our communities, if we deliver enough votes then the better of our nature will carry and progress will happen. but it's going to take all of
7:53 am
us. this is not something a president can do alone. it's not something the next president will be able to do alone either, no matter how tough she is. >> president obama is back on the touch for hillary clinton and these days, she needs him more than ever. the new cbs-"new york times" poll shows trump and clinton locked in a tight race, with an enthusiasm gap that tilts in trump's favor, 36% describe themselves very enthusiastic about voting, republican voters is steady, enthusiasm among democrats have dropped. can president obama close the tap? tonight, they will announce barack obama election day tuesday november 1st. how democrats plan to barack the vote? mark, great to talk to you, as always, what is barack obama election day? >> so i just want to make sure people know i'm speaking today
7:54 am
in my individual capacity and while there was once rock the vote. now we're saying barack the vote. we are encouraging people in the community to honor the legacy of president obama, his transformative roam as the first african president and a president who had a nation in a better place than it was when he took office in january of 2009 to honor that legacy, honor that legacy by voting in large numbers in november and also to honor that legacy by voting on the issues the issues that barack obama has championed the issues that are close to the community. whether it's education, unemployment, criminal justice reform, voting rights. we need to vote on those issues, evaluate both candidates or all candidates and the whose got the best plan? whose got the track record and whose ideas go beyond sound
7:55 am
bytes and rhetoric. >> here's the challenge for hillary clinton. barack obama is largely popular. he's at a 58% overall approval rating across the board with republicans. with non-white voters, a new latest nbc "wall street journal" poll july 31st to august 3rd find 76% find him positive. 76%. it's high. it's 20 points lower for hillary clinton. we go to younger voters. aged 18 to 34. 54% hold a positive view of president obama. only 26% hold a positive view of hillary clinton. there is obviously a deficit for her. she is under performing the president in terms of aprfl for non-white voters. how can she close that gap? what can you attribute that? >> by strongly communicating to those voters there will never be another pratt perhaps in our lifetime like barack obama who captured the imagination of
7:56 am
young voters, who brought millions of new voters to the polls, who was transformative in the way he approached the presidency. i don't believe the cynicism that may exist is going to keep people from voting. those young voters have to be communicated to, there's got to be a conversation about what, in fact, the stakes in the election are. thieves g there's got to be an elevation of issues. we seen a campaign about personal charges, volleying back and forth. that's politics. i think the issues of criminal justice and voting rights, very important, college affordability. how the civic engagement system, getting big money out of politics is very important to young voters and candidates have to you a dress those issues, day in, day out, not just in debates. not just on tv, but their company versus to do that.
7:57 am
>> tomorrow we will talk a lot more about particularly the deficit among younger voters hillary clinton is facing. we will talk about these millenials, how difficult it is to get them enthusiastic about the presidency. always great to talk to you, thank you so much. appreciate it. cnbc. up next, why donald trump, jr.'s comments about warming up the gas chamber is something that ought not be casually dismissed. much more after the break. ♪
7:58 am
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8:01 am
the star of david and a pile of money. it proposal appeared in an alt right message board. this tweet from november fabricated racialized crime stx in which trump posted by a neonazi, it was his initial refusal to disavow white supremacist and clan leader david duke. those comments resurfaced monday when trump's running mate mike pence refused to call him deplorable. much to the white nationalist followers. this week, donald trump, jr. added fuel to the fire with a movie poster basket of deplorables comment and star surrogates. he writes, yes. some of you might recognize an emotive mean in shadier concerns of the internet, pepe appears amorning white nationalists. don, jr., grew a fresh ground of criticism when he went on the radio in philadelphia and said this.
8:02 am
>> wow. joining me now are teree, msnbc contribute contractor and host of the "love city." dean abdel-llah show, donald trump surrogate. david, i'm going to come to you first on this, because donald trump, jr., has denied his gas chamber's reference was a holocaust reference. this is him on "good morning america" take a listen. >> in no way shape or form was i ever remotely talking about the holocaust. i wouldn't do it. i think it's disgusting. it's not my sometime. my sister is orthodox jewish. half of my best men in the wedding the bridz made were
8:03 am
jewish. i would never do it. >> is that good enough for you? >> i sort of, i believe him on. that i don't think he would have meant this in an insulting way like that. and i also don't think that anti-semitism in american politics functions the way other kind of prejudices do, i don't think on a crass, i will signal some potential supporters out there. i don't think it works for him. i think the remark shows who he is hanging out with and the things that penetrate his brain. people can say things to you in politics that have great meaning to the people that say them. they land in the politics or the near politician in donald trump's case, and you use them without maybe the malice that the person from whom you heard them use them. but it reveals who your associates are. >> it's interesting you say. that i'm coming to you on this, we talked earlier about the birtherrism thing. it revealed the fact that donald
8:04 am
trump reads world daily, he reaches out to joe farah. you know he seems to read alice jones, he will refer to things about a mutual admiration society. it does seem that one explanation for the things that donald trump, jr. keeps doing and even for his father, they seem to have some kind of affinity in their circle with the alt right, because he's also retweeted the -- i didn't though what that was. he retweets neonazis, i didn't know they were neonazis. >> yeah, right. >> there seems to be a circle that includes these people. >> it came out how internet trolls won 2016, i think everybody needs to rooet read this. he breaks down part of their game of course is racism. that's naked. we see that that's clear. part of their game is doing it for the low. they want to outrage people just for the sake of it. we become the normies in their terminology. because we got offended.
8:05 am
right. so we lose because we were offended. we are normal people who would be offended at this sort of dialogue wind chill retalking about white privilege run amuck. racism can be a game we play with to make people outrage for the lull. but also this sort of white fear of the law of their privilege. so we have to lash out at anyone we can. they're angry. yes, i think david, explanation makes a lot of sense, these notions are coming into his mind. so what he normally say these sorts of things? maybe not. although that reference is hard to land anywhere else. but like he's hearing these things. he wants to be loved by this group of deplorables that's rolling with him. so this is how it is. >> dean, as somebody on the receiving ends from your case from the breitbart, the alt right. they do it in a way that can be incredibly vicious, vitriolic. in some cases, it can sound
8:06 am
dangerously threatening. >> it can, i come from the world of comedy. you can say anything, nothing will offended me. i am not offended byt. i am shocked by their hate. brutally honest, donald trump is playing a game. he is courting them. he is calming women dogs and pigs, right, he's called hillary clinton a bigot. he said people are losers. he doesn't say that about white supremacists? >> right. >> forget deplorable. mike pence says deplorable. call them depickable. vile. say they make me nauseous. they they're unamerican. i wrote about the atlantic, donald trump asked by wolf blitzer about his supporters through anti-semitic hate against jewish journalist, writer of qg. he says to him, do you have a message to your supporters tu anti-semitic hate? wolf is thinking the response is is, it's hompblt i don't like. this donald trump's response, i'm commonwealthingiment. i have no message. that's a message.
8:07 am
i want you on my side. >> that would scare anybody. >> see that is a really great point i haven't made before is that donald trump has no problem even going after that pastor, saying she was nervous in her own pulpit. but he doesn't seem to have a problem attacking almost anyone else. he's never gone after white nationalists, white supremists. with the same kind of venom. why. >> >> that's just pat tentally untrue. what you are doing right now is fear mongering aed the reason you are doing that is because we, we are winning talking about ideas and with the left, they don't want to talk ideas or bankrupt on intellicollect july ideas is they smear and they name calm. they're doing it not just for trump, every republican nominee. >> hold on. what are you the intellectual ideas that are you quote/unquote winning on? >> on tax reform. on school choice on security at home and abroad. >> is that mainly what he talks about at his ramallies? >> absolutely. it certainly is.
8:08 am
>> let me ask you this question. what about school reform and school choice? got somebody to cold cock a 60-year-old woman, what was it that moved that person to punch a 60-something old woman in the face? >> look, i'm not going to expla tin actions of one idiot who shows up out of tens of thousands that show up at a rally. you keep bringing up david douvenlth we have denounced him, over and over and over again. mike pence absolutely repudiates his ideas, he called him as an american, we don't name call the american people. because we respect. we have respect for people for whom we disagree. we respect. >> do you respect david duke? you can call him deplorable? >> we don't call anyone irredeemable. not even david duke. he is redeemable. every son and daughter of god is redeemable ultimately.
8:09 am
i hope he will be redeemable. >> there you go. david crumb, let me come to you. this is taking place within the context of a conservative movement. this idea that there won't be anyone outside the boundaries he said as a child of god. even the alt right. even the david dukes somehow redeemable will keep them off to the side. we won't absolutely denounce them. is that -- >> he has denounced them. >> is that healthy for the conservative movement? i i think chris said something that puts this into context we need to understand, which is, on the conservative side, we experience a world of shrinking permission to say things. and in with the world in which you say something like a woman that has a womb is considered as provocative as david duke's clan speech or holocaust denial. so what is -- as the demands of speech limitation on campus and other places have become ever more stringent, teree, there is
8:10 am
a kind of a rebellion brewing. and that is the audience for the racial provocation of the outright neonaziism you see among the trolls on the internet. how many neonazis are there in american in 200, 300? how many outright white supremacists are there? 10,000, 20,000? why are they influential on the internet? there are a lot of young men who are in an environment where i can't say things that would have been common 15 minutes ago. the only people that tear down these walls i meet these people and i discover they happen to be nut cases. it is us as how radicalization works. you finds a grievance, then you draw people into a web of paranoia. >> i don't know if anybody can hear that, we have a safety announcement going on, that's what was happening that comment was addressed to you. is that -- i hear this at lo from conservatives, you dean, you probably know this too, you have people afraid to say x
8:11 am
because they think they'll be labeled, you know, a hater. so they want to push the boundaries just to push the boundaries. >> this is real a lot of conservatives tell pollsters, them sociologists they are afraid to speak their views that they may be perceived as racist. maybe you should check your views. there is nothing i am afraid to say for fear women will be offended, gays will be offended. there is nothing i believe that i'm afraid to say. >> legal sanctions. >> these people on the right are afraid to say. well, maybe you should interfate your views. this is a big part of what the gop has been about for many years now. when clived on bundy speak up the "duck dynasty" guys speak up, when you have somebody say something overtly racist. they say, he's a child of god. >> i want to -- >> and now they are embracing the word deplorable. trump, welcome deplorables.
8:12 am
they thang their twitter. downright. they embrace being called racist. what happened. >> no, we're not agreeing on being called racist. no that's not fair. we're not, no, we're not embracing being called a racisr. we're mocking the fact that that's how condescendsing the elites the elites on the main stream media and hillary clinton view us. that's absurd. so we're having fun with it because it's absurd. her condescending elitism. mr. reagan plenty of ideas i think are deplorable. david duke is emblematic of. that his ideas are completely demoveable. this is a campaign, no one is irredeemable. >> i want to get dean back in this. this has been a big issue in the world you operate as well. in comedy as well. this question of how far you can go buffer offend people. a comedian is by definition there to push the boundaries. if this is happening in every day normal experience i'm
8:13 am
allowed to say bad things about muslims, or african-americans, or women, because i have the right. where are we as a set? >> first of all, you can say whatever you wantch don't expect me to be silent in your racism or bigotry. you have the right to be as hatele. i have the right to be as differently as possible. let me quote david duke from three months ago, who says the viciousness of these jews is a dominant and dangerous power in the united states. why didn't he say that three months ago, mike pence cannot say that deplorable. use despicable. use vial. this is the world we live in. >> it's not because this debate is not about david duke. >> it's not name calling. it is calling it out the evil part of america in the right way. >> hold on a second, let me ask you this question, steve cortez the democratic party went through this moment. right. if george wallace was a democrat. at a certain point the
8:14 am
democratic party said you can run for president as much as you want. you can't do it here. there was a rejection that wallace can be a legitimate leader. you say it's okay to laugh at this idea of people who are outright racists, who are a part of the coalition of donald trump, which will make it impossible to grow the republican coalition. you seem to be saying, we don't care, we want to ridicule the idea that this is bad and we don't care if it doesn't grow our coalition. >> no, that's not true at all. i have been very clear t. candidates have been clear, his ideas, david duke's ideas are repugnant. we have denounced them repeatedly. and donald trump referring to past candidates is running an incredibly non-racist campaign. he is going into the bario. >> it's laughable. >> we are appealing directly to people of color. >> why, let me ask you this question, steve, hold on a second. >> people are taking granted of democrating party for decades. >> why is it donald trump is the most disliked and despised
8:15 am
republican candidate among people of color that we had probably in a generation. if you don't think. >> not true. he is polling right about where romney was. >> he's not, zblir it is true. people that say -- >> this is a campaign that started with birtherrismch continued with the wall, says we will ban all muslims, we are at war economic ally with the chinese. is there any person of color who the campaign is not at war with? i can't find one. >> i'm one of them. you got one right here, steve cortez. >> dean an ben, we're going to ends with david. >> steve just said in more passionate terms what donald trump or michael pence ever said, we are denouncing the ideology of david duke, calling it repugnant. i want to hear your leader, donald trump say on tv, this is despicable. not that i don't want your
8:16 am
support. it's repugnant. it goes into every fiber of my body. it makes me want to vomit. >> that's a tiny part of it. what about the birtherrism. >> all the white supremacists. >> i will give david the last word on this i feel are you from the longest serving member of the conservative movement on this panel here and have be an interest long term in having that movement have resonance outside of only white people. so do you think in this moment when you do have the candidate's own son, now being whether or not people want to take them, he didn't mean it, trafficking in some of this stuff? what is the risk overall to the conservative movement and the republican party if this is not kicked away. >> can i speak about this, as an american, not a strictly conserve stiff point of view. dean talked about looking in the mirror. the mirror will show this reflection. we live in a world on college campuses, bob zelek head of world bank cannot speak. condoleezza rice, cannot speak, bill hahr, comedian, spoke only
8:17 am
after huge difficulty, ambassadors from israel are routinely interrupted and threatened often violently, that is why there are so many americans, obviously you want to draw a line saying david duke not a welcome guest in my parlor, we have a place where condoleeza rice is not a welcome guest in many parlors. it is an experience the ambit in which you can speak freely is shrinking. >> that is why there is among people not big oughted suddenly an audience for this big oughted talk because at least they seem to be rebels against a suffocateing consensus. if you want to keep the margins in place, you better make sure the margins are small and don't include condoleeza rice or bob zellic. >> i will ended on this, we also live in a world where students are kids are being taunted with build the wall and we'll deport you and donald trump being the name chapt at them where a muslim woman had her hijab
8:18 am
snatched off and assaulted in new york city. we live in a world where kids feel afraid if their muslim, hispanic, because oof the campaign of the republican party of the united states. >> we also live in a world -- >> casting their hate. >> we also live in a toward on many campus there are faked incidents in order to generate support for the suppression of free discussion on campus. incidents are incidents. incidents prove, each incident proves its own way t. question is what is your principles, are we shrinking the ambit of speech? who have you empowered? pepe the frock antsdz his illk. >> i am more concerned of real life people being harmed ander that ret cals. thank you for the discussion. we are taking a break. next, the slot the side show over the candidate's health. clinton returned to the campaign trail. trump went on dr. oz, what, if anything, did we learn from all that? 's with me?
8:19 am
i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. we are all in for our customers. get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪
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[sfx: cellphone vibrating] do you want to answer that? nah, i'd never with a kid in the car. it's ok. i'm not here. [sfx: phone vibrating multiple times] i'm there. [sfx: tires screeching]
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8:22 am
>> when you're running for president, i think you have an obligation to be healthy. i have been going from state to state, from city to city and so in a surgeon way i get a lot of exercise, more exercise tan people would think. i feel as good today as i did when i was 30. >> while the media hyperventilated over the health of hillary clinton. donald trump went on the dr. oz to say he was in perfect physical condition. he released a letter from colorful dr. boren stein who called his health astonishly excellent. this time, he said he is in excellent physical health. he says if they weren't looking
8:23 am
good, he wouldn't release them. maybe that tells you about his tax returns. >> i did the tests last week and the samples all came back and i guess i wouldn't be talking to you right now if they were bad. if they were bad, i'd say, let's sort of skip this. right? smr meanwhile, back on the campaign trail on friday, clinton joked about the hysteria over her health. >> as the world knows, i was a little under the weather recently. the good news is, my pneumonia finally got some republicans interested in women's health. >> joining me now is dr. cory aber, the man i dubbed dr. condescend, it's been a while. give me your assessment. does this give you an assessment of this entire couple of weeks of madness over hillary clinton's health and donald trump's dr. oz appearance? >> i want to say one thing out there, throw it out there.
8:24 am
the last time i checked, there are three requirements to be president of the united states, unfortunately, being healthy is not one of them. being a naturalized born citizen is, i want to thank mr. trump for clearing up that controversy yesterday. anyway, besides that, we have to think about both of these candidate's health. the reason why, for all practical purposes, they are elderly. that is without a doubt a fact, which means they're going to have a decreased immune system. that is without a doubt. when you add stress, lack of sleep, having tons of people around you all the time, especially hillary clinton. she left the police core on her plane, just the other day, she's in a confined space with them, viruses, bacteria, everything around them. stress, this is a setup for pneumonia. let's be clear, all people out there, saying this wasn't pneumonia. we were told by her doctors it's pneumonia and as a physician, a licensed physician, that is a plausible reason for her to have
8:25 am
the incident that happened the other day, whether dehydration, because she's taking antibioticss, not drinking enough water. all those types of things are without a.a plausible reason for her to have pneumonia and collapse or near collapse the other day. now, donald trump decides in pure donald trump fashion to go on dr. oz, a tv show, to have the aha moment to pull out his health. you know, his health record. the point is that donald trump also is probably in pretty good heal health. i can bash him for other reasons. that's not what we're here for. he can have pneumonia tomorrow, everybody will be talking about him. we have to remember both these candidates have given a lot of health information they don't have to give. so i'm happy they decided to do that. what we need to make sure of is that the people that are running for president have been general border, general health status,
8:26 am
that is within normal littles and all we can do is get their doctors who are licensed physicians to take, to put their license on the line and saying they're not lying about these conditions. >> we've had recent polling, i do think this issue is an excellent summation of the facts. this is never a thing we ask, the media actively hid fdr and jfk's health condition. we had president taft, incredibly unhealthy t. recent polling on cbs times on clinton. people said 45% said she should release more. 45% said not enough. we know that john kerry and i only found this out this week had a bout of pneumonia during the 2014 -- we never heard about it. are we reaching the point there is no hippa, basically, we want to see the contents of people's snotty tissues before we elect them president? >> we are in the 24 hour hour
8:27 am
news cycle, everything is news, a lot of people running for office, whether president or city council have to have a lot more scrutiny than hay have before. what i will say, people need to always remember that the health of someone in public office is going to be compromised more than someone not because of the level of stress they have to endure. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. i want to give them a break. i want you to remember that. donald trump did say he was armed, on a statin, i'm not sure if it was lipitor or not. we need to keep our cholesterol down, everybody out there, do 10,000 stems, everybody needs to eat well, so we don't have to worry about it. maybe the next president of the united states is watching right now. >> wasn't this at the end of the day, this was sort of a wash. i think going on dr. oz was a little ridiculous. this is a guy that lives on fried food and cheeseburgerers. duping it was an overreach to make health an issue on the part
8:28 am
of the trump campaign? >> first, let me tell you. i'm so glad you have a real position on it. if you ask me the science question i took the bare minimum my entire life of science courses. ient to talk about the science of it. i will say this i think this is important. i don't think trump whereas trying to attack hillary on her health. it seems like she's better now. fantastic. what he did is attack her on the stamina because of her schedule before the pneumonia. if you look fairly at donald trump's schedule and hers during most of this campaign over the course of the summer, his was incredibly strenuous, herself was lackadaisical. it may be the strategy to lay low and wait until the fall, that i think is legitimate. my guess is from here forward, we will see a much more strenuous schedule. both of them are elderly by standard historical definitions, so it's reasonable to question both of them. >> she also was secretary of state, so i want to put that out there. so she had a strenuous years for
8:29 am
many years before this race. i want to throw it out. >> not only that, being secretary of state involves incredible apples of air travel and stamina to do that job. she also did 11 hours in front of the house select committee on benghazi, it's not as if this isn't a woman that hasn't shown she has incredible stamina. >> we don't see her in the public spotlight giving campaign rallies, doesn't mean she was out night after night raising money, which she sid i did in aupg. what i love about all this donald trump in his moment of need in a tough campaign, who does he go to? a muslim dr. nemet oz. >> imagine that. >> the i want to be a muslim? it's better, dr. oz' parents are muslim immigrants. >> i was not going to go there. >> you know what's amazing, being he said he had his african-american, dr. oz is his muslim. >> dr. oz, come back.
8:30 am
>> i have to come to you on this, steve, truthfully, dr. oz wouldn't have been in the country if donald trump's immigration plan had been in place, how would he have gone on his tv show if he had not been in america. >> listen, i admit it's a funny statement. i totally admit that. by the way, i think mr. trump would be laughing, too, he has a great sense of humor, he got his hair messed up the other night by jimmy fallon. the point is, he does not want to ban muslims, what he wants to do is temporarily restrict immigration from areas of the world in which there is a high incident of islamist and terror. i think that's sensible. do we want a lot of immigrants or refugees from syria, afghanistan, pakistan, i don't think that's a racist strategy to say we need to be really careful of this and regardless of your religion, you can be a syrian christian refugee trying to come here. so it is no longer a muslim litmus st. that's not fair. >> bringing refugees as a
8:31 am
humanitarian gesture, i will give the last note only fair to dean. >> you mentioned a gesture, 18 to 24 months vetting process for any refugee from syria, forget the ban, donald trump says islam hates us, where is the policy in that? that's telling americans, every muslim you know hates america. that is making it more difficult. my friends are young muslims in school. the words of donald trump is track to the those words. this week alone, two anti-muslim hate crimes, one in florida, i'm not saying it, he's saying he was. the woman that attacked two muslim women in new york. self professed donald trump supporter. they have made the life of young muslims much more difficult in this country. >> he did turn to the one muslim doctor. we lost the feed of dr. cory, he has been telling you to keep your cholesterol down. you all eat whatever you. . next, transparency, it's not the political buzz word. hillary clinton is being accused
8:32 am
of being deficient in this area. we will look at the bias around that idea and eat whatever you want, really. the things it does to your parade. we've got a saying about rain, too: when it rains... it roars. the all-wheel-drive charger. domestic. not domesticated. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at
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8:35 am
>> bill clinton said while he was campaigning, why are we having such a fuss about having the flu? >> he once call at this time flu, we're having a buzz because she collapsed there on video. he knows the power of images. >> welcome back to "am joy" this week began with one of the most jarring images of the election cycle. it had its share of troubling rhetoric. which usually comes from the donald trump campaign. many in media discussed the pseudoscandals claiming donors to the:t foundation are enough to sustain a scandal without concrete evidence those donors got anything from the secretary of state yopd their e-mails returned by uma abedin, optics was out. the new buzz word is transparency, use it in a sentence.
8:36 am
>> there is a transparency issue. >> is she trance parent and opened? >> the e-mail serving out the state department not tran parent. she delete e-mails. >> the suspicion of some voters you are not trance parent or trust worthy? >> oh my goodness, anderson, compare everything you know about me with my opponent. >> drumpb is running the most transparent presidential campaign in history. >> these kind of moments give you some sense of hospitals of openness of a campaign. that's important because it tells you how open they might be in the white house. >> the onus is on hillary clinton, they made a mess of this. >> it's not the things they say that do, it's the way they try and cover them up. >> after the break, we'll have more on the most trance parent biassed talking point of the campaign season and how effective it might be at normalizing donald trump. that's next.
8:37 am
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8:40 am
>> the real questions seem to be directed towards donald trump as its failure to even meet the most minnalistic standards that we expect of someone being the nominee of one of our major parties. >> here to talk more about transparency in the 2015 presidential race, teree and joining us, the president of the american center for progress and policy director with the hillary clinton 2008 campaign. eric, i will start with you on this. we were talking in the break there are certain buzz words that catch on with media people. a lot of people say them, it rolls across the atmosphere transparency seems to be the new hot buzz word it's always meant to say it's the truth. she's not telling us things. there was a new quinnipiac poll released september 15th. it asked the question, who is more trance parent. look at that.
8:41 am
it said donald trump, 54%. 37% hillary clinton. politifact measures the statement, who is more often telling you the truth and a lie. how is it that donald trump is seen as more trance parent? what does transparency mean? >> it's a buzz word. a lot came from the story last week, her sickness. the press jumped on this idea. she hid it from us, she ran away. they spun this larger story
8:42 am
she's a uniquely secretive politician. so we have this crazy double standard. as i wrote last week, she gets penalized for disclosures:t the foundation have not obligation to release any donor information. they put it all online. does she get credit? the press condock pay for play. there's nothing wrong but it doesn't look good. so they weaponize the disclosures against her. this goes back to the '90s, whitewater, a lot of that is built around rum annualing through disclosures, not finding anything wrong an announcing it doesn't look good. she's the only person running for president now who halls complete disclosures for the last 30 years. does she get transparent for being transparent? no, she is secretive. >> it's an equivalency gene everyone is born with. i don't want to see i'm not
8:43 am
balancedch even if she released her health records. you can't say, donald trump should release his. you say, she should release more. even if she already has. >> our problem is that the major scandal with hillary has been e-mail. right in trump has a new scandal every day. right. so when we talk about i want. we have five minutes. we have to get through this segment. we will talk about ten scandals. each will get two seconds. everyone will spend five minutes on hillary. to the audience, it seems e-mail must be the worst thing, because that itself thing they spent the most time on. you get it's a post-fact election partly because for so many people, it's a purely emotional decision. they hate trump, so they're voting for hillary. there is not a need to further interrogate your own choice because, well, hillary is imperfect. i don't want to dig too deeply into that. he is completely false, or she completely cannot be president.
8:44 am
why dig in deeply with him. i'm stuck with him. so we don't want to know that much more about our choices. >> on the other side of that, is there something about hillary clinton that she has done or failed to do that has produced this sort of aura around her? i talked to my kids or their friends, they say, she's a liar. no one necessarily has a specific thing to point to. but this overall feeling, which is hurting her with millennials, there is something about her that's dishonest in general. is there something she has done to produce that? >> you know, this entire debate, i have to say, is a head scratcher. i think if someone were to land from another planet, you would see one candidate who has released their tax returns, one cad that released her e-mails, thousands of e-mails. we just about see these e-mails. we see what her e-mails are. the other side hasn't done. that the foundation is transparent. we have all this reporting on all these issues, again, because
8:45 am
she has released all of them. i think the reality here is that the challenge for the, sadly for the media, is to actually talk about what is going on with these sinners. look at the skeptical with the doctor's evaluation. we did the entire media spect cam. dr. oz reading this. and then a letter that has a lot less information put out. people are saying they're equally trance parent. that's not on voters. that's really on the press. and that's what, you know, if you are told every day that there is some cloud around e-mails, for a year, then people are going to think that's a problem. that's really, how many stories have we seen about hillary's tenure at secretary of state? how many stories have we seen about hillary's e-mails? it's like 5 million to one. that's an issue the press has to grapple with, itself. >> i wonder, eric, not to get a pity party, so reflective about
8:46 am
the press. how much has to do with the candidate's personal decisions on how much access she gives us? >> well, the press is complaining she doesn't give enough access, right. she wasn't having press conference, now she is having press conferences, she doesn't get credit from that. trump has not given a press conference since judgment. how do you suppose he gets more demerits? yesterday the press was generally angry, literally a bait and switch, then the ridicule, was to show a picture of harambe, literally, trolling the media now. now i think you are starting to see maybe people are treat him or feel about him the way they have felt about her. why do you suppose up to now donald trump has not paid a pen a elt for not giving access? >> i think republicans, particularly republican men have gotten away with bullying the press. hillary clinton got in trouble a summer ago, she wrote people off
8:47 am
in a parade. he has press pens, he insults the press over and over, finally yesterday, there may be paybacks. >> we shall see. i wish we have more time. coming up, in our next hour, from the birther questions to the candidates' health to trump's comments about hillary clinton's secret service detail. it's the kind of stuff republicans want to hear oweek before -- is that the kind of stuff republicans want to hear a week before the presidential debate? we get answers at the top of the hour. first, stick around for more "am joy." who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep!
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you know what time it is. time to ask my panel who won this wild and crazy week. nira, who won the week? >> i'm going to go with president obama because with the census data that we saw this
8:54 am
week where we had the largest gains in income ever in recorded history, you see that the president's economic policies have really worked. there's obviously some work we need to do, real work we need to do. but really gives a lie to donald trump's analysis that the country is essentially in the toilet and shows that donald trump's policies and attitudes are entirely wrong. and that will be very helpful in the next two months. >> absolutely. he's married to the closer. michelle obama was fire, but i agree with you, his numbers are good news. david from, who won the week? >> vladimir putin won the week. we've all been talking about the very candid remarks in colin powell's e-mails. we have paid no attention at all to the question of how is it that we know what colin powell said in these e-mail sns this is the latest in a succession of hacks that very strongly appear to be directed or actually -- or even done outright by russian
8:55 am
intelligence sources. they are influencing american politics in ways we have never before seen by the operatives of an unfriendly foreign power. >> absolutely. david, i think this is one of the most underpaid attention to, underappreciated, undercovered aspects of what's happening in this campaign and this year. it's frightening the extent to which russia's sort of overt aggressive incursions into our politics are not being paid attention to. you are absolutely right about that. thank you for bringing it up. >> i like david's choice a lot, but i'm going with my brothers and sisters in the media who refuse to cover trump's hotel infomercial visit yesterday. we've been hard on the media saying they're grading trump on a curve. yesterday they stood up for themselves and said no more we're not going to be your lack kis, i so appreciated that gesture. stand up to a candidate and refuse to give him media especially somebody who's giving us ratings. but we showed backbone yesterday. >> yes. >> media against trump. i appreciate that, thank you.
8:56 am
>> yeah, i think the media actually did a stellar job. people were literally deleting the videotape. they were like we will not have tape and b roll of your hotel. >> and it will never be seen. not going to pull it out later, next week, next whenever, good for them. >> it's unseeable. i agree with that, too. three excellent choices, but i want to say that the person that won the week this week is the great elgian baylor, i love those black and white photos. his birthday was yesterday. what a stellar wonderful guy. his wife elaine is a wonderful marvelous person, and not only is elgin baylor a great player, but he was once of those guys in the era when it was risky when black athletes stood up for civil rights, he was one of those guy who is did that. he's a standup guy. wonderful human being. happy birthday elgin baylor and hi to elaine and your family. really appreciate you guys being
8:57 am
here. thank you all. you all won the week by being here with me today. appreciate you guys. >> thank you. >> thanks so much. that's our show for today. "a.m. joy" returns tomorrow 10:00 a.m. eastern live from washington, d.c. up next, we'll check in on the very close race in north carolina and hear from a roundtable of voters from there. sheinelle jones has more news at the top of the hour. for catching up with family. so she takes the time to prepare a golden flakey crust made from scratch. and mixes crisp vegetables with all white meat chicken and bakes it to perfection. because marie callender knows that making the perfect dinner isn't easy apie, but finding someone to enjoy it with sure is. marie callender's it's time to savor and know there's even more to savor with family size pot pies. they (engine revs) things about rain. like how hard it's gonna fall. (engine revs) the things it does to your parade. we've got a saying about rain, too:
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great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology, for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. good day. i'm sheinelle jones in new york at msnbc world headquarters. it's high noon in the east and 9:00 a.m. in the west. here's what's happening. 52 days left in the battle for the white house, and both sides are hitting the other with new attacks. donald trump alarming some with this. >> she goes around with armed bodyguards like you have never seen before. i think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. they should disarm. right? right? >> that came after he tried to lay the birther issue to


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