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tv   Life After Lockup  MSNBC  September 18, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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again, it's too early to determine specifically what the incident was caused by. what we're telling you this evening is we believe it was intentional. a full investigation is underway. as soon as we're able to determine what specifically caused this explosion, we're going to report that to you. >> they were doing the scaffolding and stuff. but come to look at it, outside it was like a manhole or wherever. but come to find out, it was more than that. huh? >> reporter: what did you hear? >> i heard the explosion. i was there.
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>> reporter: can you describe the explosion? >> yeah, i'm telling you, there was white smoke. and in the middle, you saw an orange-shaped fire. you could see there was fire. but i can't tell you it was flame like fire but it was red like fire. >> i heard a big explosion, like, an explosion that i have never felt before. and i told my mama that a building was collapsing. >> what did you see? >> i saw people running. about a half a block away i run back and started helping people out. >> mayor bill de blasio as well as residents of lower manhattan reflecting on what happened at 8:30 p.m. on a saturday evening in one of the busy parts of new york city. we're talking about lower manhattan, the chelsea area, concerning two locations. one location is where a blast
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went off, an explosion, at 8:31 p.m. and then later in the evening a second location where a pressure cooker was reportedly found with wires, with tape as well as a cell phone. and this is the picture that two senior law enforcement officials are telling nbc news, jonathan dienst, says this is from the second location showing a pressure cooker on the sidewalk. in fact, the device that authorities found at the second location, and would be moving to the bronx, a location where they would then try to either explode this, if it is an explosive device at this moment, it is a suspicious package that location about 45 minutes away by car. so those are the two locations that we are watching at this hour. nbc's tom winter from the investigation's unit, you are at location number two. this is the picture that we are
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just getting in of that pressure cooker. what can you tell us that you're learning? >> reporter: well, a couple of things. having looked at that picture, you know, there are certain things on there from somebody who covered the boston marathon bombing, the trial, and just as a course of my job reviews a fair amount of stuff that has to do with terrorist propaganda and things that have been in "inspire" magazine. there are a couple things that quite frankly look identical to some of the things that are in the propaganda "magazine" issues by isis or al qaeda in how to build a bomb in the kitchen of your mom. there are certain things in looking at that pressure cooker that i see that harken almost identitically back to this
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images. now, this has not been confirmed that the second device at this location, four or five blocks from where the initial explosion that injured 29 people, could be. it could be a hoax device. it could be a sick joke. so it was possible it is a hoax device. but because of some of the things that are on the device as jonathan dienst reported earlier, the cell phone, the wires, the tape, there are certain things on that pressure cooker that definitely get the bomb squad's attention. and have clearly gotten the nypd's attention here tonight on 27th street looking down to the nypd bomb squad trucks and the folks that are down there. they've got a number of officers that are still on scene. the nypd counter terrorism earlier, we saw the atf on scene and james waters from the nypd was here. so some of the department's top brass with the counter terrorism
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officers are here. and it's still a very active scene. just moments ago i heard the nypd's helicopter overhead and in its tell-tale marking. so while this continues to go off, and as jim cavanaugh explained earlier, the patience and process needed in dealing with these, quite frankly, the definition of suspicious package right now at the scene, that care and procedure is what is going on as they exam it. and as nbc news has been told, the plan at this point is still to take that pressure cooker, put it into a containment vessel and drive it out of here. they will take it out to the nypd's range in the bronx where they can destroy it. by destroying it from inside that containment vessel, any sort of fragments, any sort of the pieces of it will remain inside of there. that will make investigators' jobs easier if it is, in fact,
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an explosive device, for them to gather evidence and be able to find out exactly what they were looking at. and hopefully be able to catch the person that left it there. one other note, just been making some calls here while we have been on the air, i talked to the senior counter terrorism official both familiar with the new jersey investigation, a pipe bomb went down in seaside park earlier today and the incidents that unfolded here tonight in manhatt manhattan. so far there's no evidence to tie the two incidents together. obviously, you have incidents where there's been -- appears to have been explosives going off at two locations not separated by a lot of mileage and not a lot of drive time. you know, one device was put in a trash can and another was put in a dump stster. but at this point it's preliminary and no evidence is
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linking them together. back here at the scene when i first arrived here before this second site had been located at the scene where the blast went off earlier tonight, the nypd's canine units, whether they be from the transit division, counter terrorism, the dogs were moving quickly, deliberately. their handlers were moving them from car to car checking in trash cans, having the dogs jump up and sniff in trash cans. so they were moving very, very quickly to try to clear as many streets as possible to make sure that there wasn't going to be a second or third explosion as we have seen in some of the incidents before. and again, we don't know this is terrorism and certainly don't know whether or not we're looking at the explosive device here at 27th and 7th avenue just blocks from penn station. for those that had visited new york think the shadow of times square, we don't know what we're dealing with here for sure.
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but we do know basically looking at those pictures and things that the bomb technician said on the scene is that the pressure cooker has their full attention. and they will handle this in the most procedural and the most effective method for them to make sure that folks here are safe who have been warned. they have received emergency warnings on their cell phones to stay away from windows. all of us have been working here, the group of reporters that have been here throughout the evening, and into this morning, received those warnings and telling residents this area is where you need to stay away from windows while they continue to try to see what this device is and hopefully be able to get it out of here safely. >> and tom, we can't underline enough deliberate and precise procedures as they go through to move, again, this pressure cooker to the location in the bronx. and as you mentioned, this device, this picture that we have here, not, at least at this moment from what you're hearing
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and you're reporting, as well as what mayor bill de blasio is saying, no credible or specific evidence that would link these two locations to what happened in seaside park, new jersey. in fact, that location in seaside park, new jersey, two hours south of lower manhattan, that reporting says it's a pipe bomb. this is a pressure cooker, but it is an overlap. and the device at the second location is yet to be scene. there's nothing to link the two together at this hour and hour after midnight as they are still working hard. tom, standby, thank you for that. i want to bring in wnbc's jonathan dienst from the investigations unit reporting on this all night for us.
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jonathan, as you were reporting earlier on, this pressure cooker at location number two, location one believed to be that dumpster that exploded at 8:31. now we watch the pressure cooker much to the description that your sources were telling you a couple of hours ago, jonathan. >> reporter: all right. so the sources had gotten a copy of the photo, the photo we now have, and they were describing it and now we were able to oob tai obtain the photo and can bring that to you. they were leaving this for the sanitation department to pick p up. this is a totally different beast. you have the wires, you've got the tape, what appears to be a cell phone or timing device on the side. that is why law enforcement was so concerned around 11:00
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tonight when the mayor announced that they were moving up there and the bomb squad was going to 27th street to take over at this suspicious device. that's it. and that has their full attention right now. as does street 21 where the explosion went off. we have yet to get more information on the dumpster that exploded. we'll go through the scene and retrieve the fragments and the pieces. prance they are just being extremely tight-lipped. what we were sharing a couple hours ago is two sources telling us there is video of someone going by that scene number one, that dumpster, and putting in some sort of object inside the dumpster and then a time later, i don't know how much time passed, but there was an explosion. and a short time later the device, the suspicious object on
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27th street, is discovered. so there is clear concern that whatever happened on 23rd street is certainly linked to 27th street. and then that has the nypd's full attention, the nypd, they are all working around the clock as we reported earlier. the full staff is up and running operational around the clock. that was not supposed to happen until later today when all the heads of staff were arriving and they were going to be up and running with a full force as a precaution given all the dignitaries coming to new york. that starts 12 to 16 hours earlier as a result of the explosion in chelsea and now this suspicious device. and it's all hands on deck as they try to track the surveillance videos from area stores, move on it, find out who might have planted these devices, these materials in lower manhattan. and get a lead on who that is. and also, they are working very
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hard, they want to know, is whoever planted these objects in new york, is it all connected to the new jersey case from this morning where there is an explosion that went off in a garbage can along what was supposed to be a route where 5,000 people were going to be engaged in a race. and it is only the start time of the race to be delayed because a bomb went off before any of the runners reached that location. so there's great concern by new jersey and fbi officials as well as out of washington, d.c. that they want to get some answers fast about what took place here in new york, who is behind that, and what went on in new jersey and whether there is any connection and they are working around to clock to get some answers. >> jonathan, the concern you're bringing up, basically the super bowl of the united nations in its calendar, the better part of two weeks where we have the heads of state including president obama who will be in
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manhattan on tuesday. certainly a concern for the nypd here in new york city about what this may mean for them. you were also reporting earlier, jonathan, about that video of an individual, a man dropping something into the dumpster in question that we have been talking about. we don't have that video yet. any developments on that from your sources? >> reporter: just what the sources have described to us as that is what has given the added confidence this is a deliberate act. early on, there was a wave, there was this bouncing, there was the 23rd street location number one possible because of construction going on. that maybe somebody left a propane tank or some sort of construction materials or chemicals in the dumpster and they combine that with the video and the explosion and the mayor came out alleging an intentional act. and that there seems to be confidence in that
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determination, in that assessment by law enforcement, and now you have the second incident on 27th street. as for the u.n. and the heads of state, the super bowl of dignitarie dignitaries' arrival in new york city, just on a normal day, we did reporting on the joint chiefs of terrorism here in 9/11 for the anniversary that just passed, and the interviews with senior officials said there are more investigations in cases they are handling with the agents and officers to have handled them. for example, the jttf in new york has 500 investigators assigned to it on a daily or regular basis. there are more than people, more leads that they are running down every day than that. that is not to say there are 500 specific threats facing new york, but that these are everything from hoaxes to checks to you name it, they are running around every day trying to find and prevent something from happening just in new york city.
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and now you multiply that across the country, you heard james comey talking about the threats nationwide, but the mayor was very careful tonight. he stressed, as of now, there is no link to terrorism. that he was only going so far to say this was an intentional act. remember, this first explosion was at a construction site or near a construction site with a dumpster. is there a feud between parties there? you know, in new york city, we have seen battles between competing ice cream truck companies on the streets. so it could be anything at this point. but you look at that picture of that pressure cooker that is out on the sidewalk, and if that is a real device, certainly it brings up haunting memories of what took place in boston and some of the other haunts and incidents that we have seen in recent years and certainly, obviously, the reason why the jttf and the nypd are very concerned. >> as unfortunate as the occurrences are of the last
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12/24 hours, if you will, are to this region, to the country when we watch what happens here, jonathan, what you are also saying, what's heartening is the muscle set that the jttf here has, if there is any one group going through any incidences despite the difficulty, despite the numbers you're bringing up in your reporting and the capabilities, that is heartening. that if any group would have the understanding and the ability to get this done most efficiently in the united states, this might be, if not, definitely the group that can do it. quickly here, is the u.n. going to change? have you heard any of the plans? is the city going to change any of the plans as the u.n. begins the general assembly, the 71st general asemiingsemblassembly, t happens on the other side, the east side of the island? >> reporter: the security is extraordinary every year when this event takes place. you've got checkpoints around the city, you've got much of the
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east side streets shut down. you have literally barricades put up in front of every hotel, armed security where the dignitaries are staying, it's a gridlock. so the city is pretty much ramped up security. otherwise, i have not heard any change in those plans. the only change i heard of is now there is a madmanhunt underway to find who is responsible. >> jonathan dienst, thank you for the latest details on what we have. it is location number one where we look at video and what might link us to whoever did this. we have location number two, the picture of the pressure cooker, the suspicious package here. you can see what appears to be an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper to give us a sense of the scale, perhaps. we'll have more information about this location number two where this particular pressure cooker was found after this short break.
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okay, we're looking at some pictures here of what is location number two. and this is the location where we just recently received a picture of a pressure cooker. nbc's tom winter is close to where this device was found. and tom, what we have been watching very carefully is how they handle this suspicious package, which is a pressure cooker with wires, with tape, it looks like a garbage bag and cell phone attached to it. what do we know? -- >> we know the pressure cooker you are showing there on screen, richard, is that the press secretary for mayor de blasio has said that the package has been successfully and safely
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removed. and now is on the way to bronx new york to the gun range where they will take this, as this is all standard procedure for the bomb squad. the cooker will ride in a special containment vessel. and the idea behind that is for some reason this is an actual explosive device, and we don't know that yet, but if it is an actual explosive device and for some reason it goes off during transit, jim cavanaugh explained that the suv, as it's called, should be able to contain all the explosion. the other thing that it contains is all the evidence. so when that gets to the nypd facility in the bronx, they can intentionally destroy it. but they can detroit it stroy i
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all the evidence is there. so a, they can determine who is connected to this device. and b, they can look into how this is related to the first explosion. this is the scene going on all night here. >> as you discuss the movement of that suspicious package, tom, you're watching some of the pictures here of the nypd vehicles moving on, perhaps part of that cookery around the containment vessel moving north. they are following that closing up the night. and so many, as you know, it has been a very long evening. tom winter, thank you for that. the very latest on what is happening with that suspicious package on location number two. we'll take a short break. and then we will be right back. but first, before we do that, we're going to go to the council
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member who is responsible for this district. and when we look at this, cory johnson, you have been playing two roles throughout the day, throughout the evening and now the very early morning. you were one of the first individuals to be reporting on this to the local media. and then you also hold the responsibility of being a council member for the third district. what are you learning now from the mayor and other council members about what is happening in your district? >> well, the mayor and police commissioner have been in touch, the mayor called me a little more than an hour ago to update me on the latest developments related to removing the device on 27th street. the police commissioner then called me a little while later telling me they were imminently close to actually removing it. and i could hear from your reporting it has been removed
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now. so i have just been trying to stay abreast of what is going on. i'm glad that residents on 27th street now can hopefully go to bed tonight without worrying about a device. and i'm told that on 23rd street where the initial explosion took place around 8:30 p.m. tonight, that people are back in their apartments. hopefully people are able to actually spend the night in their own home. but i would, you know, imagine that tomorrow over the weekend and over the next few days this is an active crime scene. and so for this neighborhood, which is a densely residential neighborhood, with lots of small businesses, going into the workweek on monday, we are going to see disruption, whether it be subway service, i don't have information on that yet, or streets being closed down, so i don't think tomorrow we wake up and everything is goek to be all right. this neighborhood is going to
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continue to stage some challenges and uncertainty over the next few days. >> council member, what have residents of the area been telling you of your district, the third district, which encompasses both location number one where we had the 8:30 p.m. explosion and then the second possible device, this suspicious package at location number two. what have they been telling you? >> well, it's a little bewildering. i mean, this is, as i since stated and we talked about earlier, richard, this is a very residential neighborhood. where folks that don't live in new york city, you know, we are a big city, but we are a big city of hundreds of neighborhoods. and people care about their local neighborhoods and stay in their local neighborhoods and have real ownership over them. so for this to happen in chelsea on what is considered a pretty non-descript block that no one would automatically think is a target, and then to happen a few blocks north on an even less,
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you know, kind of busy block, it's just strange. people are bewildered, you know, confused. and what i'm hearing tonight is that they are just glad there were no fatalities. >> council member, as you know, what happens in these situations is after this shock to the system there in the third district, your residents will come together in a way that they have not been before. and as you look forward to the days going forward, perhaps it's too early to do that, but no doubt they are shocked. and it's a good thing you are there and you were there from the beginning of this story. i can't thank you enough for being up in this late hour for us to give us the very latest you're hearing from your mayor as well as what you're hearing from your constituents there in the third district. i hope you have a great early morning. and no doubt, we'll be talking to you in the coming hours as sunrise is right in front of us.
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thank you so much, council member. >> thank you. >> we'll take a short break. we'll be right back.
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i heard a loud bang when i was in the shower. i thought it was a thunderstorm. it just sounded like a huge collapse or bolt of thunder, i wasn't sure what it was. and then i heard all the supers and fire trucks and came outside and that was it. >> reporter: when you came outside, did you see any ambulance or people being treated? >> no, but the time i had come out, they had already shut the block down and the police were already here. and it was -- it was a little bit after i heard it, it was about 20 minutes that i heard it that i came out. >> i was on the roof of my building, which is about -- it's on 22nd and park, and that is about the 24th floor. and i heard a big bang coming from the east. >> eyewitnesss reflecting at this hour of that incident that happened at 8:31 p.m. on a saturday evening at location number one. what we're calling that, where an explosion happened, what we
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believe to be in a dumpster. and then there is the video that came out after of what that experience was. if you were close to that explosion center at location number one, showing individuals running from what was that explosion as they walked forward in the video as you see here and then running away. we don't know who has done that as of yet. that is the outstanding question tonight. and then there was location number two. location number two being only about four streets away. and what they found there, this. a pressure cooker with wires and tape and a cell phone and what appears to be a plastic bag. you see what also appears to be some 8 1/2 by 11 papers nearby to give you a sense of scale. and at this time it is being moved north to a location in the bronx in a containment vessel
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where it will be then dealt with. it's being called a suspicious package. if you're just joining us, that's what we know right now as a result of location number one, 29 people were injured. none with injuries that were life-threatening. one was in serious condition. what we're hearing at the moment, in addition to that at this hour, we know that there was no specific or credible information that links either of these two, at this moment, to a terr terrorist threat or act. there's no threat to new york city. we're hearing this from new york city's mayor, mayor de blasio, telling us that at 11:00 p.m. on a saturday. there's no credible information to link this incident in lower manhattan to a pipe bomb that went off on a saturday morning in seaside park, new jersey. that's what we know at the
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moment. we'll bring in jim cavanaugh, former atf agent. jim, we understand that this pressure cooker, this suspicious package, is now being moved to a location north into the bronx about 45 minutes from what we were calling location number two. what might be the concern in the movement of this suspicious package, which may be an explosive device, but we have no confirmation on that. >> right. it looks like a bomb and the bomb squad will treat it like a bill of indictment on the tape, on the top of it, richard, as he was describing, this is what it looked like with devices from "inspire" magazine that said to make pressure cooker bombs like this. of course, they have been used. the failed bomber in times square, he made such a contraption, the device was in a pressure cooker as well.
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he pushes it and i told you about the bomb squad officer from the area, but it looks like a bomb, it has the duct tape across the tape with two wires entering through a center hole. if so, this could be through a detonator, a timer or cell phone taped outside. it's hard to see in the picture, jonathan reported where it could be a cell phone. but this is a bomb until the bomb squad opens it up. the thing that stands out to me here, though, is this could be a bomb that malfunctioned. you know, we had an explosion on 23rd, 6th and 23rd in the dumpster, and people running and leaving the area and four blocks away this other device is found. you know, were people channeling toward that area, running or being evacuated toward that area
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on 27th street where the pressure cooker was found, is it close to a subway entrance? is it close for people -- i saw some newspaper dispenser boxes nearby, is it a place around where you enter into the subway or a place where a crowd would be? because it could very well have been placed there as a secondary device, entrapment device, and it malfunctioned. so we don't know if it's real, but it could be real and it malfunctioned. the whole thing was, the first bomb was just make a loud noise, put it in the dumpster, get everybody running and then the second device goes off by a command of a cell phone. we saw some type of this activity in the marathon bomb. these brothers each detonated their bombs remotely. we have seen it in other cases. it could be something like that. so there is a lot afoot here
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that the bomb squad, the joint terrorism force has to sort out. and the main question is what is inside the pressure cooker. the bomb squad will find that out. once that is found out, if it is live and malfunctioned, then we may be dealing with an entrapment development. if it is a hoax device unrelated to the first bomb on 23rd street, this is a different avenue of inquiry. but right now this could be really some type of attack, because the place, the placement of the first bomb is not very indig a indignative, it is not extreme ly crowded, it is not symbolic, has no strategic importance. it doesn't scream that.
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but if it is just to send everybody running to the pressure cooker, that's a whole different map. so then the object is just to get the crowd there. once you get the crowd there -- it is just a possibility. we don't know the answers. we have to look to see what is inside the pressure cooker. but it looks like a bomb. and as we have said for years in bomb investigation and when i used to teach at the federal academy as well, if it is with webbed fact and quacks, you need to treat it like a duck. that's how we do it with the bomb squad, if it's a bomb, we treat it like a bomb. that's what the nypd is doing. they are excellent. they are backed by the fbi and the politicians, the atf politicians. and it will take methodical technology to walk it through. and then it will move to the bomb squad detectives, joint terrorism task force, and really get right down to the public to try to help out with the video, if it comes to that or before
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that, on the one person on 23rd street. >> if it does quack here and you have trained groups to treat it as that, what is the potential strength of something of this size, if this were to be an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper next to it and the pressure cooker there to get a sense of the size, how severe could this have been? >> completely horrific. you can pack, you know, 25 pounds of explosives and nails and whatever, depends on the size, the exact diameter of the pressure cooker, but you cold pack that thing full of explosives and nails and ball bearin bearings. and it could kill and scores thousands of people. think of the boston marathon bombers where the devices were planted in the crowd watching the race. and if you can -- if the people
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are around, you know, the placement of that, i can't tell exactly from the pictures, richard, but i'm sure tom winter on the scene or somebody will know, but that is an important point of where the pressure cooker was. no matter how it turns out, and was it hidden by the plastic bag and it blew over? or was it left off the plastic bag? and where exactly is it? is it a place people would go after the first blast? so there's a lot of questions that the commanders will have and the investigators will have as they go through. >> we have been watching video here from earlier as the containment vessel makes its way north about 45 minutes from this location number two on 27th street in lower manhattan. this is a dangerous drive if this device is, indeed, an explosive device. but they have only called it a suspicious package. and they will, no doubt, be careful. this is a picture you see here
1:42 am
of that containment vessel. jim cavanaugh, standby, thank you for your perspective on what we know to be happening right now. we also, at this moment, are looking at video, i believe, this is still video of the containment vessel moving north. and we're going to go to break for just a little bit. and then we'll come right back with more.
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it's a sunday morning in new york city, this after an explosion that happened at 8:31 p.m. on a saturday. and when new yorkers wake up on this sunday, they will see this on their local paper. "the daily news," chelsea blast, injuries 29. second device found four blocks away. that will be a different sunday,
1:46 am
something they did not expect on a weekend where it was very good weather and many people out in the streets. the unfortunate incident that happened. and as this case moves on. there has been reaction not only in the city of new york, but also at those from the political realm. and very early on when the news first broke, as i was mentioning at the 8:30 p.m. hour, donald trump, the republican nominee, did react to it very quickly. but the information at that time was not very -- was very much scant at that hour. this is what he said when he was in colorado springs. >> just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what is going on. but boy, we are living in a time, we better get very tough, folks. we have to get very, very tough. it just happened. so we'll find out, but it's a
1:47 am
terrible thing that is going on in our world. and in our country. and we are going to get tough and smart and vigilant. and we're going to end it. we're going to end it. so we'll see what it is. we'll see what it is. >> donald trump at a reallily again on a saturday night just after the information was coming in to us here at msnbc and evidently to him on the campaign trail reacting to the incident, the explosion happening in lower manhattan. then secretary clinton was also out this evening at the c congestiressional black caucus was there speaking right before president obama. and then later in the evening after she had gotten more information about this incident, because as it was developing, they were both, the president and secretary clinton, were at that event. let's listen to how she reacted to the information that was coming in out of lower manhattan. >> i've been briefed about the bombings in new york and new
1:48 am
jersey and the attack in minnesota. obviously, we need to do everything we can to support our first responders. also to pray for the victims. we have to have this investigation unfold. we have been in touch with various officials including the mayor's office in new york to learn what they are discovering as they conduct this investigation. and i'll have more to say about it when we actually know some facts. >> reporter: secretary, do you have a reaction to donald trump calling the explosion in new york tonight a bomb? >> well, i think it is important to know the facts about any incident like this. that's why it's critical to support the first responders, the investigators who are looking into it, to try to determine what did happen.
1:49 am
i think it's always wiser to wait until you have information before making conclusions. because we are just in the beginning stages of trying to determine what happened. >> reporter: any concerns about what this might mean for the state of the race? >> i'm just concerned about behind of incident that happens anywhere in the country. and i think we should, again, withhold judgment until we know more about what happened with the likely motivation, what it might have been, and do everything we can to determine who is behind these incidents. i don't think this is the time to think about -- >> did president obama talk about this? >> no, it was not raised in my
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very short conversation with the president. >> reporter: do you think he's reported on it? >> i don't know. let's try to figure out as much as we can by having the experts and professionals go through this, try to determine what you have to in order to trace it back and then we'll see. thank you, all. >> thank you. >> secretary clinton as you see there on the press plane coming back to speak with the press making their way back from washington, d.c. to new york. in addition to that, we also heard from donald trump who was also on the campaign trail there in colorado springs. we'll now move and switch gears to those injured, 29 of them. and what we know about the latest of their conditions. we'll go straight to ron allen
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at bellevue hospital. we'll go to him to get the very latest right after this.
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continuing coverage and breaking news of the explosion that happened in lower manhattan. let's go right out to nbc's ron allen. we have nbc's ron allen, and ron, it has been a very, very busy early hour there in lower manhattan. you're at location number one where the explosion happened, where i believe it happened in a dumpster. what are you seeing at this hour? >> reporter: well, richard, it has been an extraordinary night now morning, almost 3:00 in the morning here, and what is intense is there is so much about what we really don't know what happened. and we hope for more answers. a lot of things happen in new york, but this is going to be a
1:55 am
very intense week going forward. a lot of other people have noted that the united nations assembly is here, scores of world leaders, the streets are packed. there is a traffic madness. now this part of town still many hours later is still closed off. and this is the heart of manhattan. the mayor has been trying to be reassuring saying that, in fact, there's no link to terrorism, but it is an intentional act that happened, incident number one, the parent bomb that was put in or near the dumpster. so what is all this? one thing we do know is that new york is a city that is ready for all this. there is intense training, intense investigations, very little can happen that this city has not thought might happen. so that, i'm sure, is reassuring to people who live here and the people who are coming here. but again, just an incredible sequence of events that they would be seeing explosions at
1:56 am
8:30 at night. another apparent bomb found just a few blocks away. so very intense time that we're heading to. it will be quite a week coming up here, richard? >> and nbc's ron allen there at the location of the explosion that started this all so many hours ago. thank you so much. i appreciate that, ron. at the moment, we are, of course, keeping our eyes on those injured, 29 of which did receive injuries because of the explosion. none of them life-threatening. though one was a serious injury as a result of the aftermath of this explosion you see right here here. on the second location, the pressure cooker is on its way, it is headed to the bronx 45 minutes north of where it was located, location number two. the outstanding question, who did this? stay with us on msnbc throughout the morning for the very latest on this story, this explosion in
1:57 am
lower manhattan, which paralyzed what is normally a bustling part of the country. we will continue to keep you up-to-date right here on msnbc on this developing and breaking story.
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there's this pile of leaves and it's where everything else is clear and flat. my heart is racing a million miles an hour. i was using my boots to move leaves and that's when i screamed this blood curdling scream. nicky liley.


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