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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  September 18, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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exxonmobil is a leader in carbon capture. our team is working to make this technology better, more affordable so it can reduce emissions around the world. that's what we're working on right now. ♪ energy lives here. a very good an to you. breaking news today, richard lui at nbc new york headquarters. this hour the latest on three breaking stories we're following, the attacks and explosions in three states. watching new york, new jersey, and minnesota. first to new york for you. where we're learning new information about the blast that rocked the chelsea neighborhood last night. an old-style flip phone was used as the detonator in both the new jersey and new york bombs. according to reporting from wnbc's jonathan dienst. this piece of evidence is concerning officials that two attacks may be connected. we're watching that. right now officials are also
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conducting a controlled destruction of the pressure cooker that did not go off. they're hoping to get key evidence from that. also police are investigating a 911 call that came in taking responsibility for the attack in new york. they do not know at this hour if it is a hoax or not. 29 people injured in this explosion in new york city, all have been treated and good thing released from local hospitals. then we take you to minnesota. the third location we're watching. st. cloud is what we're talking about. authorities continue to investigate a mote they've led a man wielding a knife to stab nine people inside a shopping mall before being shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. that case is under investigation and witnesses say the attacker made references to allah. we are following all three of those developing and breaking stories. i'm going to bring in msnbc analyst and retired atf agent in charge, jim kavanagh. we also have nbc news
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counterterrorism analyst laith alkhouri. new piece of information, jim, we're getting from the new york police department, is that controlled detonation we've been talk about of pressure cooker, that's expected to happen from 4:po to 6:30 p.m. local time. it is now 5:00 p.m. local time. that's going to be happening that the location in the bronx. that is about 45 minutes away from where the device was found. what are you watching for? you were describing earlier how they were going to try to dismantle it and then and/or explode it or try to detonate it. what's happening? >> they have a number of ways for the render safe procedure to take place. there's a few ways. with the externals on the device, they can try to manipulate that remotely with a robot and then try to open it remotely. that's one way they can do it. another way is they can try to disrupt it with a slug to open the pressure cooker. they have various things. they can use a water jet, a
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steel slug. they're going to try to open it without detonating the explosive charge that they suspect was inside. if they can do that, then the device is mostly intact and then it would wield a lot more ed. that's the slow go and why they're doing it. has to be done remotely, deliberate. there's no chance the bomb squad officers can hurt. it just takes time to set up the equipment and form late your strategy to get it right. >> and we learned that within the last 20 minutes. i wanted to get that straight to you, they were going to plan to detonate and undergo that process that could happen many the next hour, hour and a half, and if we get more information of course we'll bring it to you right here on msnbc. let's get to the cell phone, the flip phones specifically, old-style here. laith, as you know, in north america, flip phones are kind of a thing of the past. and we're talking about old-style flip phones being used. that's the new piece of information we're getting from
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jonathan dienst within the last hour, hour and a half. is there anything more that you've learned based on this reporting? >> i think it's very interesting that whoever the actor or actors are behind these devices that they use an old flip phone which actually is easier to manipulate electronically than let's say a smartphone that you have to essentially jailbreak and do all these crazy apps to be able to do the detonation. the old school just works, essentially. but the other piece of this information is that while the two phones might be connected, that's going to give investigators a more targeted investigation that they might have to start now thinking or leaning towards investigating that this is the same actor or actors behind these two incidents, that it wasn't a coincidence that they took place around that time in quick succession using remote detonation with an old cell phone. >> old-style flip phone. jim, easier to jailbreak,
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quote/unquote compared to a smartphone? and does it give us any indication of who, where they might be from, geography? what do you see in this? >> yeah. i agree absolutely with laith. it's easier than just make the wired connections to get the power source to hit the bridge wire detonator, which is likely in these devices, an improvised bridge wire. to do that, you just have to get the contacts and the flip phone is easier to manipulate instead of the computer, like working on the old distributor in your car like my lamp back there, an old distributor that run askar so you can make the connections easier. three flip phones the same might have been bought at the second-hand shop because they wanted that old technology to make the wiring easier and of course it's cheaper as well. it's starting to look more and more like these things are going to be connected. >> a lot like if you wanted to beef up an old car, it's easier to make it faster because there's just not as much technology related to it like the modern cars.
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the same case i guess is what you're saying with these cell phones. the other piece of information, let's just focus in on the who and the why on this for a second. a 911 call potentially claiming responsibility for this. laith, as you look at that piece of information coming in, that sort of protocol or process indicative of the who and the why at all? >> well, it's going to be interesting. it's not clear what was actually said on that 911 call in general or generally speaking, the words that that caller used, whether there are any indications that he had any political motivation, whether he hack all cy expresse exclusive information that was not previously known to investigators or obviously whether he mentioned something that was completely not found in the investigation so far and that might give investigators a new lead to uncovering who that person is following the trail, if you will, following the cookie crumbs. but as it stands, it doesn't
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give us much. i mean, if we don't get the motivation of the actor, we can't really pin it down of whether this is, you know, politically or ideologically driven terrorism or just a criminal about. >> on the screen right now we're showing video from the explosion scene 23rd street in lower manhattan and all those little pieces of red that our viewers see on screen are pieces of evidence, right, things that the investigators, the fbi, jttf, will be looking at. i was looking at one of the pictures very much close up. i saw the number 99, which i think means we've got about 100 pieces of evidence, at least, that they are looking at on the ground. how long will it take for them to rebuild this, if you will, and put this all together, jim? >> well, it doesn't take long. they'll be through with that scene by dark. the trash bin would contain a lot of the components of the device. it might shoot them out in a shotgun fashion along a strip.
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should be pretty easy to find. this would not be a hard bomb scene to work and not hard to re-create the bomb from this. the agents and the techs can do that pretty easy. they'll be taking that up today i'm sure. just a comment, rich a ard, on the 911 call, i don't put a lot of stock in that. i think one thing is the bomber here does not want to be caught, and i say bomber or bombers, probably more than one, does not want to be caught. that's the reason for the cell phone detonators. they're remote, they're away. in seaside park they would have been quite a way from the spot because they couldn't even see that the race had not started when they probably called the cell phone to detonate their bomb. they were probably already driving away down the highway. so they want to get away, and that's the purpose that they're in right now. also wanted to get away with these pressure cookers. so it's interesting the facts that jonathan laid out. you know, i think i confused that earlier because he was talking about the video of the
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person taking the pressure cooker out of the suitcase. he was talking about on 27th street and leaving it by the -- that location. now, we don't know what happened on 23rd, but there is supposed to be a video of someone putting the item into the bin. now, is that the bomber or again did a similar thing happen, did they leave it there in a suitcase and someone else want to purloin that suitcase and threw it in the bin? we really don't know. but might have happened at the 27th street location. i wasn't clear on that with jonathan. those are the pertinent facts. flip phones are a huge connection. >> huge. >> "inspire" magazine line by line on page 40, if you read it, it talks about the three pipe bombs externally wired and then the pressure cooker. this is starting to be hard facts that the jttf can put together. and if they are together, it's better for them because they can make those connections faster. they've got to get out there and
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leverage the public's help. that's the key to this. put the videos out in the morning and get this thing moving fast because these guys have to be stopped. >> head of homeland security is saying they are actively involved and watching what is happening here. i want to get that to our viewers right now. laith can get the final word on this. this is what's new. 12 hours ago we were not able to say there was anything that would indicate new jersey and new york, those two locations that we were watching, had any potential linkages. in fact, the mayor was clear to say no credible, no specific information to indicate a linkage between new jersey and new york. and now we've got this. how do you put the two together? >> i absolutely agree with that premise that, you know, as the time passes there seems to be more linkages apparent between the two locations, pointing possibly to the same actor or actors. as jim mentioned, and i agree, the person who did that obviously does not want to be seen at the site. he wanted to do it remotely.
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you know, possibly try to even film the explosion from afar, something to that effect. it appears to be more and more connected to instructions that are found in "inspire" magazine, al qaeda's english language magazine from six years ago. these instructions are available online. you can get them anywhere and they are unfortunately easily purchasable material to make such device. and the longer it takes for authorities to, you know, search for this person, the longer the person is at large, the longer we're going to have this anxiety about what's next, are they going to plot more, are they connecting with other people, are they trying to influence other people? remains to be seen, but the anxiety remains just as high as 12 hours ago. >> new at the top of the hour, that information coming to jonathan dienst. the three locations have a cell phone, a flip phone, that appeared to be similar. jim kavanagh and laith alkhouri
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helping us to understand what that means and that new piece of information. i thank you both. nbc's tammy leitner is live in new york city. tammy, you're close to that location, that picture i was showing earlier of 23rd street. and what looks to be about 100 pieces of information or pieces of evidence that law enforcement is trying to peace together right now. that street's closed down. that's got to be leaving a lot of residents concerned about who and why did this happen. >> reporter: absolutely, richard pap lot of concern. new yorker, tourists. they've all been showing up all afternoon to figure out and get a glimpse of what is going on. they're allowing some residents to go back to their homes, the blast happened about a half block behind me. we do know there's a third location where in fact investigators are collecting evidence. that's less than a mile from here, 39th and madison. there was a motorist driving along. he called 911 and he said, i was driving by the block where the
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blast happened last night and i believe my car was hit with shrapnel, what should i do? 911 operator told him to pull over immediately until fbi agents are out there at this third location now at his car processing it, trying to get any type of evidence, forensic evidence that they might. short while ago, the governor of new york was out here. he walked the scene where the blast actually happened behind me, and he described the damage that was done as so severe. he said damage to both buildings on both sides of the blast. he said it was amazing that nobody was hurt more seriously. let's listen to what else he had to say. >> whoever placed these bombs we will find and they will be brought to justice. period. you have the finest police agencies in the world went you come to new york. and we will find who planted these explosives and they will be punished.
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>> reporter: pedestrians are out here shopping in restaurants. as you mentioned, the block behind me are still closed. there are several other blocks being processed that are still closed. unclear how they'll be out here. the mayor said earlier today it's going to be going on for at least a good part of the day. they'll be collecting evidence from the scene. >> a lot of folks still in shock about it. tammy leitner, thanks for your reporting. next, what the presidential candidates are saying on camera and on twitter about last night's explosion in new york city. here? (becky) i've seen such a change in einstein since he started eating the new beneful recipe. the number one ingredient in it is beef. (einstein) the beef is fantastic! (becky) he's a very active dog. he never stops moving. he has enough energy to believe that he can jump high enough to catch a bird. it has real beef, grains, vegetables, and he loves it. well, we were coming for an interview... so he wanted to wear his tie. (einstein) it's my power tie. it gives me power. (vo) try new beneful originals with beef. now with real beef as the number one ingredient, healthful. flavorful. beneful.
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both presidential candidates reacted to last night's explosion in new york city. donald trump at an event in colorado springs last night, just minutes after hearing the news and before authorities were able to determine the nature of the explosion, this is what he said. >> just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what's going on, but, boy, we
2:19 pm
are living in a time, we better get very tough, folks. we better get very, very tough. >> later in the evening hillary clinton spoke to reporters in the back of her plane after leaving the congressional black caucus awards. >> senator clinton, do you have any reaction to the fact that donald trump immediately [ inaudible ] tonight following the -- calling the explosion in new york a bomb? >> well, i think it's important to know the facts about any incident like this. that's why it's critical to support the first responders, the investigators who are looking into it, trying to determine what did happen. >> then on "meet the press" today, vice presidential candidate tim kaine reacted to the three lockdowns in three states that happened in just the last 24 hours. and the very frequency of violence in the country. i don't accept that. i don't accept it's the new normal. we don't know yet about the cause of these incidents, but we're not allowing it to be a
2:20 pm
normal -- military strength to shrink isis and beat them on the ground, but then the intelligence sharing to stop attacks. that's what we have to do. >> as for which candidate would handle terrorism the best, a new national poll this week, it shows voters slightly prefer clinton. 47% to 46%. within the margin of error. halle jackson and kristin welker are tracking the candidates' responses today. halle jack sob and kristin welker are tracking the candidates' responses. this morning trump striking a little bit of a different tone on the explosion since his first reaction. >> yeah. in a tweet that has some raising their eyebrows, richard, and i want to read it to you. he said this morning on twitter, "i would like to express my warmest regards, best wishes and condolences to all of the families and victims of the horrible bombing in nyc." that is a tweet that came out after his response on camera that you played just moments ago at his rally in colorado springs. let's note, it is not clear at this point where donald trump got the information that he then relayed to that crowd in
2:21 pm
colorado, trump going out, calling it a bombing, talking to the crowd about this. but his campaign has not said who briefed him while we believe he was on his plane getting ready to head to that rally. the question is will these incidents that you're talking about, everything we've seen over the weekend from new york to minnesota, have an effect on voters come election day? it is -- national security is a top concern for people, right um there with jobs and the economy, particularly right now at a time of increasing voter anxiety. but while trump does hold the lead in some recent polling over clinton, there's also a cnn poll other than the fox poll you just showed that showed trump beating clinton, there's clearly a sense of a conflicted electorate over which candidate is better on terror and national security. that said, the timing of this, we are still, what, 51, 52 days out from election day. political observers i've spoke within today say if something were to happen in that two-week window prior to election day, that is when you can see an
2:22 pm
actual impact in the polls. until then, it is not likely what we will see will have any kind of a significant lasting impact on voters. >> which would be an unfortunate october surprise. thank you so much for your reporting. >> of course. >> kristin welker, you've got a new statement that was just released from hillary clinton on what she's calling, quote, apparent terrorist attacks. >> reporter: just moments ago we got this statement, richard. let me read a little. she writes, "i strongly condemn the apparent terrorist attacks in minnesota, new jersey, and new york. i pray for all of those who were wounded and for their families. once again, we saw the bravery of our first responders who run toward danger to help others. their quick actions saved lives. law enforcement officials are working to identify who was behind the attacks in new york and new jersey, and we should give them the support they need to finish the job and bring those responsible to justice. we will not rest until that happens." you talk about the tone,
2:23 pm
richard, secretary clinton clearly trying to strike a contrast with that tweet that we just read out from donald trump. she is trying to paint herself as the more measured, steady candidate, and of course that's been one of her campaign themes. last night she responded in the wake of those attacks but not before she had been briefed and reached out to new york city's mayor and top officials there. and she digged donald trump a little bit for rushing to judgment, for calling it a bomb, even though now it appears to be case. last night she said let's not get ahead of that investigation. that's been typical for secretary clinton when we have these types of incidents aimed at trying to make the case to voters she has the experience having served as secretary of state. tomorrow she heads to philadelphia. she's going to try to rally millennial voters. this is a part of her attempt to rally the obama coalition. millennial voters, minority
2:24 pm
voters, women voters, and the focus tomorrow is going to be on college education, college affordability, but there's no doubt if the press can get a few questions to her, we will ask about this latest incident in new york and also the one in new jersey and minnesota. secretary clinton is making herself more accessible to the press so it is likely we'll see that play out as well. but, again, richard, this puts a lot of focus on national security, particularly heading into the first debate, which is just now a little over a week away. richard? >> in washington, d.c., our nation's capital, nbc's kristin welker with the latest on the clinton campaign. thanks for that, kristin. next, a closer look at the leads that police are following in last night's new york city explosion. woah! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. woah, woah! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be.
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mangia! bertolli. in addition to new york, we move you to the second attack we've been mon foring for the last 24 hours. just a two-hour drive south of the new york explosion, a pipe bomb exploded, just before thousands were to iran in a charity race for marines in new jersey. that was supposed to happen on saturday. the suspect or suspects are at large. all travel restrictions now lifted in seaside park, where this incident is at. the fbi searching through unexploded devices from a trash can near the race. here's what police audio was
2:28 pm
from that attack. >> i got some type of explosion that courted on ocean avenue at d street inside of a garbage can. we just had two running officials come up to myself and two sheriff's officers in reference to a suspicious package in between two garbage cans in the lot. >> okay. we need to shut down this run. shut down this run. speak to somebody up there. >> taking care of it now, sir. >> you want everybody off the boardwalk? >> affirmative. shut down the run and get them auto of the boardwalk. >> law enforcement moving quickly there in new jersey. and that's where nbc's morgan radford is for us, seaside park. as we've been talking about, a we look at how they went through the process, very clear and decisive. this as investigators now are trying to gain some information from those undetonated explosives. what have you heard? >> reporter: well, richard, you heard them talk about that trash can. i want to show you that trash can right here nap's where the bomb went off. you see where those american
2:29 pm
flags are? just in front of it you can still see the rim of that trash can. that's where that pipe bomb exploded about 9:30 a.m. yesterday, and that was just minutes before thousands of people were expected to run this very road as part of a charity race designed to help the marine corps. well, today, a flurry of activity. this is as fbi investigators as well as a homeland security team members, they've been here going door to door, asking neighbors if they saw anything that was suspicious. take a listen to what one neighbor told me after the fbi left. finally, you mentioned how quickly authorities were able to respond. did the fbi come to your home today and ask questions? >> yeah. as i understand, they've been canvassing really these few blocks around here and talking with everyone. >> reporter: what types of questions did they ask you yao? >> really just what i've been -- just describing, you know, where were you when you heard the explosion. you know, i do not want to go further with that as it's still ongoing and, you know, i'm sure that they want to collect a few more pieces of information.
2:30 pm
>> reporter: a lot of neighbors said they were surprised that something like this happened right here in seaside park, which is a pretty sleepy community. but it's also spreading that fear beyond seaside. i spoke to the chief of police of belmar, which is just a town over, and he told me this afternoon that they decided to cancel one of their highly publicized festivals today because he wanted to err on the side of caution. he said that what happened here in seaside was, quote, certainly a terrorist act and they didn't want to take any chances anywhere else in new jersey. richard? >> morgan, everybody's looking far to answering one question. what are you hearing about the answer to who might be behind this? who might be behind this attack? >> reporter: richard, that's what we're all wondering. frankly, this pipe bomb that just exploded as i mentioned behind me, it's already been sent to quantico. it's already arrived there. it's being inspected at the same facility those new york bombs are also -- are also being sent. now we're hoping that authorities are going to give us some type of clue once they examine that pipe bomb to say
2:31 pm
who did this and frankly why. >> yes, and law enforcement still asking for any clues of anything that people have been seeing as you've been reporting right here in seaside park, new jersey. nbc's morgan radford. thank you for that. i want to bring in msnbc analyst and retired atf special agent in charge, jim kavanagh. jim, we're hearing the reporting coming out of seaside park. morgan radford telling us what they're learning. not a lot of details that we've got at the moment. the location in new york city is still closed off. location in seaside park, new jersey, still open and it seems like they've gathered all the information, pieces of evidence, the forensic detail they need. >> that's right, richard. targeting also goes to motive. so when you have a target, you look at that target, you say who benefits from a strike on this target. and who would benefit from a strike on a marine 5k run?
2:32 pm
who benefitted from a strike on the boston marathon? and you look at that as a commander, as an investigator, you know, it's not a personal motive. if this device had gone off in seaside park when the folks were running the 5 skk, it would not have picked out an individual runner as for an individual murder. it would have picked out just runners who were involved in the 5k and a lot of marines and friends of marines. so who would want to target them? we know the answers to that likely. likely internationally inspired terrorists. that could be the motive here. we're not saying it is the motive. we don't exactly know, but certainly that's the major lead set forth. as far as the forensics exam in seaside park, it would be very small. one of the pipe bombs low ordered, it did not technically fully denate. that's a poor design. even though it's in al qaeda's
2:33 pm
magazine, ice poor design because it can blow the other two bombs loose and that's in fact what it did. it didn't even function properly. cell phone might not have been wired up to the trigger very good. these bombers are not very good, although they want to be good and they're not very good. so, yeah, i think there's a lot of leads that will come out of this as well. >> the xhocommonality of that old-style fip flown is what we were honing in on. as we look at seaside park, new jersey, and this two-hour drive you would have to go north to manhattan. the linkability, the profile of the suspect. as you have profiled and looked at bombers in the past, is that common? is that common, do one location, travel two hours, do another? put that together for us. >> absolutely. i've had bombers travel across many states to plant devices. they'll travel to kill people. they'll travel to blow up
2:34 pm
things. it's a very determined, purposeful crime. of course they want to evade capture. those bombers are not from seaside park. they don't live around this. they went down there to get that 5k or up there, depending where they came from, could be anywhere in the east coast, but the new york twices, you know, give us some pause that maybe they are from the manhattan or new york area. but certainly they travelled there to attack the 5k. i think that's a pretty good -- pretty good lead to look at it like that. it's not an absolute. you can't have an absolute. but if you never get in front of the factor, if you never get in front of them about what they might have done when you're r running the investigation, you'll never catch them because you're always behind. sometimes you have to add some of that stuff in. and i'd like to always at least be ahead of them sometimes, ahead of what they might have done so you can kind of stop the next act. so, yes, absolutely. it's a two-hour drive. and richard, it's a saturday.
2:35 pm
that was a saturday when the bomb detonated. so, you know, there's no traffic going into manhattan. it's a pretty easy drive to get in there. you'd have 11 hours between them. so you could get back there. you had these other devices manufactured, you could have planted those as well. and the danger is now this is the danger we're facing now. failed attacks. let's just say for the sake of the discussion at the moment, and we don't know for sure, but let's just say they're connected. the flip phones, the targeting and so forth. they fail. they failed at mass murder in seaside park, failed at chelsea, failed on 27th street. that means they're going to be more determined to succeed. if they still have the wherewithal to manufacture devices. it still is a critical time for the region, law enforcement, to put all resources on this, a critical time, and tlench public's help.
2:36 pm
>> as you were saying last night, as you had been covering the story here, jim, is that, you know, it could be attempts to try different devices or different variations of the designs that are available online from various terrorist groups. there's a lot of activity other than what we're seeing on the streets. >> there's all kinds of interview bs we call it the white-collar side, all kinds of sbr views spun up from detectives for witnesses, for possible connections. there's all kinds of intelligence being worked on people they think might have had a reason or had a past intelligence on that might want to be involved in violence connected to an act like this with the joint terrorism task force. there's the forensics going on at the fbi lab in quantico, likely with some atf interaction there. checking the bomb data centers, checking the national databases to connect the bombs, the bombers, the terrorists, the interviews, the videos, and the commander's got to put all that together and these leads will
2:37 pm
pop up. but what they can't lose is time. they've got to do -- remember, they've got to get whatever they can. if they don't have the answer in a short order, they don't have a lot of time and they've got to get that out to say we need to know who this person is. they're a material witness or a suspect. we need to get -- find this person and talk to them. they've got to leverage that because memories fade, time goes by, and it's critical. it's going to be critical in the next few days for them to decide what those issues are to get them out there. >> jim, what's the hot zone on the clock? is it the first 24 hours, the first 48 hours when you're trying to identify a suspect? >> well, you know, if you're talking about the suspect's movements, richard, talking about movements about the sidewalk, about the place, it's starting to fade right now. so if you want to go into somebody and say, you know, did you see anybody like this on the street in chelsea on saturday evening at 8:30, you know, i might remember that today, i might remember that tomorrow. i'm not going to start forgetting that in the next few days. so it's really hot now.
2:38 pm
if you have that information, you want to decide can i take a chance. you know, we always decide at the command level, here's certain information we're not going to put out. we're going to keep this forensically, we're going to keep this for the court, for the prosecutors, so we're not putting this out, but there is a lot of information we need to put out to help us find it. you know, i was one of the original case agents on unibomb, and i worked on that case on and off for 17 years in various capacities from a case agent to commander, and what broke that case was the release of the manifesto that kaczynski had written. his brothers brought it to authorities and it was released. fbi friend of mine always used to say, if kaczynski had been an only child he'd still be out there, because his brother had brought the manifesto in and it was released to the public. i'm sorry, the fbi released the manifesto on the task force and the brother recognized the manifesto.
2:39 pm
he came in. if there was no brother to come in and say that's my brother, we wouldn't have solved that case. it's critical sometimes to have the public seeing something you know and saying by the way that's harry, that's joe, that's the guy who wrote this, who picked up the suitcase, that's the guy who was buying the pressure cookers. that guy came into my store and bought three flip phones. so you need that information. we're all in it together. us on one side, the bombers on the other. that's the odds. >> jim kavanagh, former atf special agent in charge, thank you so much. also msnbc analyst. stand by. we'll continue to watch what's coming in. next, for our viewers, we'll talk to an eyewitness to last night's events as the manhunt continues for those responsible for what you see here. ♪ on the road again [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪
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2:43 pm
and officials are now working to recover shrapnel and any possible evidence that is in it. more new details coming in as well from our nbc's jonathan dienst. sources telling him that old-style flip phones were used in both the two devices found in new york city as well as the pipe bomb that detonated in new jersey near a charity run saturday morning. this piece of evidence has concerned officials that the two attacks may be connected. officials have no suspects at the moment and the motive remains unclear. so that is definitely the active part of this story, who. nbc's tammy leitner live in new york city for us. you're close to the first location where the explosion happened there on 23rd street. and what we're seeing right now here, tammy, are new yorkers, manhattanit manhattanit ooits, visitors and tourists really feeling concerned. >> reporter: yeah. people have been stopping by all
2:44 pm
afternoon. the explosion happened less than a block behind me. don't misunderstand, even though there's people walking around where we are, this is still a very secure scene. nobody is being allowed back there. no cars are passing through. investigators are still town there. there is a second location four blocks away and that was where the pressure cooker device was discovered. there was also a third location now as you mentioned where a car is being processed for evidence. the mayor spoke just a short while ago, and he said this is going to be a slow process. they're not going to jump to any conclusions. forensic evidence is just as important as the motive in this. was it personal? was it political? let's listen to what else he had to say. >> we know there was a bombing. that much we do know. we know it was a very serious incident. but we have a lot more work to do to be able to say what kind of motivation was behind this, was it a political motivation, a personal motivation, what was it. we do not know that yet. that work must go on.
2:45 pm
>> reporter: and while they don't know what the motivation was and they don't have a suspect, they're not taking any chances out here. they're bringing out about 1,000 extra state police officer and national guard. they're going to be out here for the next week. they'll be stationed at airports, bus stations, the subway, just on alert to make sure nothing else happens. richard? >> and to help find that suspect, potentially, tammy. behind you the activity. it's now 5:45 in the late afternoon. how does this compare to when you've got to the scene earlier today? i know you were there last night as well. how does it compare? are they -- if you will, sun setting or slowing down in terms of what they had to do for the day and looking through all those pieces of evidence that were on the ground? >> you know, richard, it's still a secure scene, and just in the last few hours they've started letting some of the residents go back into their homes just on this part of the block. they obviously have to show i.d.
2:46 pm
that they live down there, and the blast happened as i mentioned about a block down so, nobody is being allowed into their homes that far down. >> nbc's tammy leitner there for very close to that explosion site on 23rd street in manhattan. thank you so much, tammy. joining me now on the phone, an individual, an eyewitness to the explosion itself. we're talking to elizabeth man dell del. are you a resident of the area? where were you when this happened? >> reporter: i was in my apartment on the sixth floor of a large residential building on the corner of 23rd and 6th. and i heard a huge explosion. it almost reminded me of the footage of the planes crashing into the world trade center. i didn't know what was going on at all. at first it sounded like thunder, but then i looked outside and there was no rain. so i got up, i peered outside my window, and all of a sudden i see people running in all different directions, and that's
2:47 pm
when i knew something very terrible had happened. and within seconds, the police showed up, ambulances, fire trucks, and they were on it. crowd came out of local bars, out of the subway. everyone came out onto the street and was looking around, seeing what there was to do. you know, on the one hand, you know, people were holding their phones and trying to get everything on video, but, you know, everyone was there to help in any way that they could. so the police showed up. they pushed everyone, you know, out of the area. they blocked off 23rd street. it was all unmarked black cars and police trucks and vans. and then the fbi. >> right. >> was there today. and it was very chaotic seeing it on the tv. we got an e-mail for the tenants in my building saying you can't go outside without identification. the 23rd street entrance to my
2:48 pm
building was blocked off. so we had to go out the back entrance to take the dogs out. it was a lot of uncertainty. >> i'm looking at pictures that you shot and posted, fdny, nypd, the police department, the fire department, as well as others from the jttf obviously on site there. working together. fbi as we know on scene too. how do you feel today? do you feel safe? you saw the reaction. you see them today outside your window as well. >> it's a whole range of emotions. you know, on the one hand, you see officials there and you think, okay, they have it under control. but on the other hand, like they're still looking for something that could happen or was planted somewhere. so you really don't know. there is, like, this tenseness in the air when you go outside. you know, new yorkers, it seems like they are kind of prepared
2:49 pm
for anything. but at the same time, once something happens, you know, they're definitely edgy. they want to protect each over. everyone was asking are you okay, are you okay. you know, i was posting these tweets, you know, pictures i was seeing every moment as it unfolded, and i was getting comments from people all over the world saying, you know, be safe, are you okay. so i, you know, felt definitely supported in that way. this morning i woke up, i had no idea what it was going to look outside my window. and i see a large tent with what looked like a table and chairs inside, maybe some sort of headquarters, you know, strategically plan things, 23rd street was completely blocked off with police tape. there were many vehicles everywhere. not ambulances but police cars. and just men in suits walking up
2:50 pm
and down, patrolling the area. >> it is that next chanter is what you're seeing there, e lis be -- elisabeth, as the fbi gathers crucial pieces of information to put together and try and find this story behind this. and that story includes the who, the suspect this. that story includes who, the suspect involved in this as well as the device. they will continue to do that. as you know on your block it has been cordon's off today and they are letting very few people in and out. elisabeth maybe dell, a resident there during the explosion 8:31 p&l on saturday when it exploded in that dumpster. elisabeth, thank you for sharing your pictures. thank you for sharing your account today. again, i hope all goes well in the coming days. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. next, new information about a possible motive in the knife attack inside a minnesota shopping mall that left nine people wounded.
2:51 pm
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breaking story out of minnesota in st. cloud where authorities investigate what led a man wielding a knife to attack nine people at a shopping mall saturday. the suspect was later shot and killed by an off duty police officer being called a hero now. isis released a statement claiming the attacker was a so-called soldier of the terror group but there's no evidence at this point for nbc or authorities to verify that claim. >> we are currently investigating this as a potential terrorist action. we do not know if the suspect was in contact with, had connections with, was inspired by a foreign terrorist organization. >> officials say three of the nine victims remain in the hospital with nonlife
2:55 pm
threatening injuries. president obama is en route to new york city ahead of this week's united nations assembly. amid a heightened security presence in response to last night's explosion in manhattan. a white house official tells nbc president obama is being briefed and updated on that investigation ongoing. nbc's ron allen is outside of united nations in new york city. ron, this is a large gathering of leaders from all over the world. hundreds of them. what's going to be the change, if anything, on the security protocol. >> richard, i think the bottom line is more and more. there will likely be police and other security officials on every corner in this area, this entire area around the u.n. is usually just closed down completely. it's like a fortress. it's impossible to get down the street, 48th street, without a credential. that's true of four to five blocks in that direction as well. the u.n. sits on a river, which gives it a natural barrier on the other side, which helps
2:56 pm
security as well. basically this area is going to be shut down. now there are people here moving about. tomorrow you won't see any traffic here at all. all day officials have been saying they are upping the ante because of what happened not far from here, 23rd and 27th street, that explosion and that other device that was found. also late today the secretary of homeland security jeh johnson declared this a national special security event, so there will be many more federal officials here, secret service, federal law enforcement officials as well. in new york, the mayor and governor have said there are 1,000 state police who are going to be here. what they call heavy weapons unit, canine at subways, airports, a trabs it point. it's basically going to be just a lockdown on security everywhere you go in new york. but the bottom line is that this happens every year at unga, the new york police insist they are ready, prepared, the best
2:57 pm
antiterrorism force in the country, so they say they are ready. tomorrow they begin. >> nbc's ron allen the very latest at the u.n. thanks. that's all for "msnbc live." we'll be covering stories all throughout the night here on msnbc. for now "meet the press" is next. you have a very good and safe sunday. ♪ glad forceflex. extra strong to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad.
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this sunday an explosion in new york city injures dozens. another device is founded blocks away. >> it sounded like a million pianos dropped. donald trump ends one false claim. >> president barak obama was born in the united states, period. >> and embraces new ones. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. >> did he


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