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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  September 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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for exclusive interview. that's all we have today. back next week, sunday before the first debate. if it is sunday, it's "meet the press." shocking video, strange stories, the nation watches mesmerized afraid a child is trapped inside a flying saucer. >> is this a hoax? >> the cam captures a bucket list wish leaves him dangling at 18,000 feet. >> he kept saying hold on. i said, i'm holding. a stolen dumptruck plows into police's >> all i could think of was, oh,
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god, stop this thing. >> harrowing moment. >> what that kid did. >> what was that? ask >> "caught on camera: odd and outrageous." the nation is transfixed by a bizarre story of a boy trapped inside a runaway balloon. >> i had to find my son. that was the only thing on my mind. >> october 15th, 2009, ft. collins, colorado. self-taught scientist richard heene, his wife mayumi and three sons, bradford, rio and falcon are in the backyard launching a test aircraft. >> the intention was that you and i and everybody else could hover off the ground and go to work every day using high
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voltage. >> but as the aircraft rises. >> bradford yelled at me and said, "dad, falcon's inside." i'm thinking in the back of my mind he's right behind me. that's where i saw him last. so, this takes off, shooting off towards the airport area. my first thought was call the faa, because it's going straight to the airport, and i did what i had to do. >> richard calls the faa, 911, and a local tv station because he says they have a helicopter that can follow the craft in flight. >> hello? >> yes, is this richard? >> yes, it is. >> okay, how long has the 6-year-old been missing? >> just a few minutes. >> was the flying saucer in the backyard? >> yes. >> but could a little boy really be inside this balloon like object more than 1,000 feet off the ground? >> this thing takes off, your son tells you falcon's inside. are you really going to stop and justify, find reasons why maybe he's not in? >> looked a lot like a spaceship -- >> within a few short minutes, the story sparks a media storm, and the balloon boy goes global.
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>> i had no clue that there was even media outside. mayumi and i were completely dumbfounded, baffled why this thing got attention and why people were in our front yards. and we just simply wanted it to go away. >> the country watches live wanting to know the fate of the boy supposedly inside the runaway aircraft. after more than an hour in flight and covering 50 miles across three counties, it crashes softly to the ground. the sheriff's department rushes to the saucer but finds no one inside. rescue crews continue searching for the missing boy. but shortly after the balloon lands, as police hold a news conference, word comes in that the heene boy has been found. >> he's been located. he's alive. he's at the house. >> i knew i had to come out soon or else he would yell at me and i'd probably get in trouble.
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>> it turns out, falcon is hiding in the rafters of the family garage the entire time. his parents are ecstatic that he's safe. >> mayumi and i are both in tears. what more would you want than him safe? >> however, that night when the heenes sit down for a satellite interview with wolf blitzer on cnn, this odd and outrageous yarn begins to unravel. >> why didn't you come out? >> you guys said that we did this for a show. >> falcon apparently reveals it's a hoax, a publicity stunt to help the heenes get their own reality tv show. public sympathy begins to turn into suspicion, but richard insists his son misunderstood the question. >> a japanese guy asked falcon could you please show me how you got in the attic for my tv show? so he was referring to a guy that had asked him to show how he got into it for his tv show. >> the following morning, the tide of public sentiment
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continues to turn on the heenes with falcons nauseated "today" show appearance. >> after the fact, we have since learned, as many of you have, that these people are actors. >> could you just say once and for all, was this a publicity stunt? was this a hoax? will you talk to the police today. >> absolutely no hoax. i think it's horrible. i think we live in a very negative society. they said, look, we need a bad guy of the week and you're it. >> two days later, charges are filed against the heenes. >> the misdemeanor is false reporting to authority, the other charges are felonies. >> on november 13th, 2009, richard pleads guilty to a felony charge of trying to influence a public servant. his wife mayumi pleads guilty to filing a false report. richard serves 90 days in jail, mayumi, 20. they are also ordered to pay $36,000 in restitution. despite pleading guilty, richard stands by his claim. >> it was never a hoax.
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not once. the threat of deportation for mayumi was imminent. i had to save my family. so do you choose 90 days and save your family, or do you go through a long, dragged-out process of losing your family? >> in 2010, the heenes leave colorado and relocate to florida. >> we just simply move on. if you live in a negative energy zone, you must get out. otherwise, you're going to get swallowed up. >> "caught on camera" visits the heenes three years after the balloon boy incident. despite having a youtube presence and doing our interview, richard says they generally avoid the spotlight. >> we found activities to do to isolate ourselves away from other people who had negative opinions about us. one of the things that came out of it is the kids started their own band. and they're damn good. >> the heene boys are aspiring heavy metal rockers with the hair to prove it. >> if everybody did have long hair, we'd have short hair or a mohawk. whatever.
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we want just to be different. >> i'm adventurer richard heene! >> and richard continues to chase dreams, inventing contraptions. >> i'm going to invent something like transformers. >> like a pickup truck robot that loads and unloads heavy equipment in minutes. >> the heene truck transformers is a dream come true. i get the prototype finished, now it's time to get marketing. >> he's also trying to reinvent himself. >> no matter how bad things get in your life, just remember there's always something positive that's on the other side of the pendulum. because no matter how far that negative pendulum swings, it's always going to go to the positive every time. [ sirens ] a stolen dumptruck rips through an ohio suburb and takes the police head on. >> we're going to ram another cruiser. [ sirens ] and they just rammed the cruiser. >> march 7th, 2010. a crisp winter saturday morning in stow, ohio, just outside
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akron. officer steve miller is on a call about a dump truck stolen the night before. miller surveys the scene and returns to the department to file a report. but as he pulls in, dispatch notifies him that the truck owner he just left has tracked down his missing truck and he's following it. >> i'm just thinking who would steal a dump truck and still be driving it around in the city after they stole it during the night? >> within minutes, officer miller spots the dump truck as it approaches a stop sign. miller approaches behind and prepares to pull it over. but whoever is driving that truck has no intention of stopping. soon another officer is on the scene in an suv. a third officer, sergeant ron jones, speeds towards the scene while his fellow officers use their cruisers to box in the monster truck. >> i'm just thinking, okay. he's stopped. he's going to bail out. he realizes this isn't going to happen.
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's >> but the thief doesn't stop. far from it. he uses his truck as a weapon putting it in reverse, bulldozing the suv and pushing it nearly 40 feet before coming to a stop. >> as he starts pushing me backwards, i just spun my steering wheel. i was able to spin out of the way. >> the vehicle used for construction continues its path of destruction, now driving backwards down a busy highway. the scene moves toward a line of oblivious drivers stopped at a crowded intersection. sergeant jones uses his cruiser to shield the unsuspected -- unsuspecting drivers. >> as it was going down, glass was popping and spewing out all over the inside of the truck. it was terrifying, actually. >> the truck destroys jones's cruiser and slams into three other cars. a few minutes later, two people
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jump out of the passenger side. both are detained by officers. the driver, however, has other plans. by now, officers from stow and five neighboring cities join forces as the truck pulls on to a major interstate. the rogue truck rumbles southbound on i-77. police deploy spike strips and block the on-ramps to limit highway traffic, but the driver rolls on undaunted, even throwing bricks and a tarp out his window. but alas, all things must come to an end. the spiking attempts pay off. the front tire goes flat, and the driver grinds to a halt against a guardrail 52 miles away from where the chase began. the joyride is over. and thankfully, no one is seriously injured. police take the suspect, stow resident joshua giles, into custody. he's only 17, but he's already got a lengthy rap sheet.
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>> we had dealt with the suspect before. i knew the name once i had heard it. >> according to the police report, giles stole the truck the previous night to get to a friend's house. the next morning, he invited two other friends on a joyride. the two passengers say they had no idea it was stolen. giles is convicted on multiple counts of aggravated assault and one count of auto theft. he pleads guilty and is sentenced to three years in juvenile detention. it took a team effort to run this reckless teen down. and it was all "caught on camera." coming up -- a desperate prize-winning stallion in over his head two miles out in the ocean. when "caught on camera," odd and outrageous continues. and then you totaled him. .
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a horse saddles up alongside a boat nearly 3 miles offshore, an unusual deep sea rescue that causes unbridled relief. >> this horse is something different than i've seen in all my years of breeding horses. >> may 15th, 2012, summerland beach, near santa barbara. william, a beautiful 7-year-old arabian show horse, is asked to be one of a select group of horses for an afternoon photo shoot workshop. he's there with his trainer, jim lowe. >> if you envision an arabian and what people talk about an arabian, they have a picture of a white horse with a scoopy head, tail, prominent withers, sharp ears, large nostrils. william is almost a stamp of that. >> it's william's first time at the shore. as jim finds out, you can lead a horse to water,
4:16 pm
but you can't make him pose. just as william is getting acclimated to the ocean, a wave crashes on the shore. >> well, of course, he was startled. he's jumping around, pulled me down into the water. and i ended up down in the water with two hands holding my reins. he's jerking me around like a fish on the end of the line. all of a sudden, i can't hold any longer and he breaks away. >> it's about 4:00 p.m. when a panicked william bolts and runs right into the ocean. he begins swimming along the coastline. another trainer tries to lasso william, but the spooked horse slips away. >> the rope was on the back of his ears, over his nose, but the way the water was going, when he started to reel it in, it came above his nose and slid over his ears. >> william turns right and doesn't look back, making a beeline out to sea. his owner, arabian horse breeder mindy peters, is several miles
4:17 pm
away when she gets a call from a close family friend. >> she said to me, mindy kendall's horse is going to die. and i was like, what? >> william actually belongs to mindy's 14-year-old daughter kendall, who just got him a few months ago and witnesses him swim away. >> you know, horses can swim, but they're not great swimmers. that's not their forte. that's for fish. >> i thought, well, there are sharks, and i knew this great white shark was in this area two days before and attacked a kayak. >> william is getting farther and farther away, eventually swimming out of view from everyone on shore. local water rescue agencies are notified of william's predicament and several watercraft are dispatched to search for the elusive arabian sea horse. santa barbara harbor patrol officer ryan kelly is part of the search team. >> in order to find him, it was just a matter of taking conditions into account and start a search pattern just like we would for man overboard.
4:18 pm
>> two hours pass and william is still lost at sea. his rescue is becoming a race against the clock. the odds of william surviving through the night are not good. >> we really had a very finite amount of time to find him. it was really getting down to the wire at that point. >> and just as the sun begins to set, william is spotted. another searcher records the action. >> i was actually pretty astonished that we were able to find him. when we look at the distance off shore, i was even more amazed. >> by the time officer kelly's boat gets alongside the bewildered william, they are more than 2 1/2 miles from shore. but the horse is reluctant to be rescued. >> ryan, can i be of any help? >> i might need you as a counterweight here in a minute. i think we're okay, though. >> unfortunately, the closer his boat got to ours, that agitated the horse even more. >> finding william alive is a tremendous feat, but getting the 1,000-pound beast back safely to shore, well, that's a horse of a different color. >> luckily, the horse still had
4:19 pm
its saddle and reins on. we secured as best we could to the side of the boat. both the lifeguards and the fire were able to help with one of our rescue buoys for a little added flotation for keeping his head above the water. >> it takes more than 90 minutes in the chilling 58-degree water before william makes it back to the beach. by now it's dark outside. and everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief for william's safe return. >> kendall, put that blanket on him, too. all we could see about three miles out was the boats and their lights. we couldn't see even them. then when he came on shore, he was like from you to me before i could see him. >> one of the things we were worried about was once we got him on shore if he was to collapse from exhaustion. to everyone's surprise, and you know, we were all happy to see it, he was able to walk to the trailer and get treatment almost right away. >> william is checked for hypothermia and is not seriously injured.
4:20 pm
in fact, a little more than a month after his ordeal, william and kendall are competing at the earl warren show grounds in santa barbara. kendall's proud father is renowned film producer john peters. >> when they go in that show, they're bonding together, these two. lights are on them, there's distracting, people yelling and screaming. >> the peters family is grateful to have william back safe and sound. officer kelly's family watches william in action, this time on land. >> thank you so much for what you did to save him. >> how far out was he actually? was he out by the towers? >> he wasn't that far, but he was about 2 -- just under 2 1/2 miles. >> that's amazing. >> yeah. you really get the perspective out in the boat. it's just incredible, you know, for -- >> well, we saw the lights of you guys coming in, and that's all we could see were the little, little lights in the distance. i was like, he can't be out that far. i mean, it was incredible. >> thanks to the rescue efforts, william and kendall continue strutting their stuff, winning at the arabian horse
4:21 pm
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's a fisherman in the gulf of mexico hauls in an odd catch. >> we have dog fish up on the west coast, but they're quite different than the one i caught. >> saturday, january 7th, 2012. web developer and recreational fisherman rory o'connor is in sarasota, florida, visiting his parents and spending the afternoon fishing off siesta key beach. while in the water, o'connor often mounts a portable video camera to his kayak. >> i fish alone. if i catch a big fish, nobody's going to believe me. plus i can brag to my other kayak fishing friends, hey, look what i caught.
4:25 pm
>> but o'connor has no idea of the heartbreaking fish story his camera is about to catch. he's been out for a few hours when he hears something, but this is no fish. >> i looked over my left shoulder, and i saw a dog. my first thought was why is he coming straight at me? you know, i was a little worried he was going to try to attack me or something, but as he got closer, i could tell he was really in distress, just by the look on his face. i knew he needed to get out of the water, so i just grabbed him by the collar and hauled him on to the back of the kayak. i have this little milk crate that i keep my fishing gear in. so i went over to the nearest boat to ask them if maybe they had lost a dog. you didn't lose a dog, did you? he just came swimming up to me. >> no one on the boat is missing a dog. the mystery of the swimming dog only deepens when o'connor
4:26 pm
paddles to the nearest shore point. >> i walked him down the beach and asked people if they lost a dog, and everybody looked at me confused. i didn't know what to do. i knew this dog needed to go to a vet, because he was bleeding pretty bad. >> he calls his sister, keira, for help. she also lives in sarasota and, by coincidence, is at the beach, just a few hundred yards from o'connor and the mystery dog. the dog appears to be a purebred hungarian vizsla and they conclude he must have an owner. keira takes the wounded retriever to a vet, where he's treated and scanned for an implanted microchip. it turns out the dog has one. for security reasons, they are told only that the dog's name is barney. that night, o'connor posts his encounter online. >> i thought, this is interesting. i'm going to cut this into a little video and put it up and just show my friends, here's a weird thing that happened, that i was out fishing and a dog swam up to me.
4:27 pm
>> earlier that same day while o'connor is out fishing, semiretired emergency physician dr. wellington chen of siesta key, florida, gets a visit from police. >> obviously, when the police are at your door, you always wonder if you did something wrong. >> he is told the gut-wrenching news, that his wife of 26 years, the mother to their three children, 53-year-old donna, was hit and killed by a drunk driver. >> some friends of ours actually had witnessed the accident and said she'd been walking or running the dog and, obviously, we knew that he was missing at that point. we assumed he'd been hit by the car as well. >> it's undetermined if barney's injuries come from the drunk driver and why he is found more than three miles away from the scene of the crime and a half mile into the ocean. later that evening, authorities reunite a battered and bruised barney with the chens. >> a sarasota family is grieving tonight after a mother is killed by a drunk driver while jogging with her dog. >> the following day, a stunned
4:28 pm
rory puts the pieces of the sad story together when he watches a local newscast. >> this woman had been killed in a hit-and-run dui, and she was with her dog. so, for us, that was all the proof we needed. >> 22-year-old blake talman of bradenton was driving the car that hit donna. according to state troopers, his blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit. authorities say talman had just crashed into another car and was fleeing the scene of the accident when he struck donna and barney, altering the chens' lives forever. talman pleads guilty to multiple charges, including dui manslaughter and vehicular homicide. he is sentenced to 15 years in prison. >> it's a devastating experience to have to go through that. i had to assume duties of being both mother and the father. and certainly, there's a lot of psychological trauma that's going to have its effect over years.
4:29 pm
>> sheriffs deputies report seeing talman drinking with friends on the beach prior to the fatal accident. drinking is legal on siesta key beach. dr. chen is on a crusade to change that. >> 95% of the beaches in the state of florida and, in fact, across the country don't allow alcohol and public drinking. we've had petitions online, we've had discussions with the county commissioners. i don't think the residents here want to have alcohol associated with our beach. it would certainly be a tribute to donna, help us feel better about her death if those laws could be changed. >> once o'connor knows the whole story, he updates his post on youtube. >> i updated the notes on it so that people could see that it was resolved, not in a real happy way, but it was a mystery solved, anyway. >> rory and dr. chen have met a few times since that fateful day. and the video has given dr. chen a bit of solace.
4:30 pm
>> to see how it happened and how he was rescued and to read people's comments about it. you know, as far as i'm concerned, rory's a hero. >> i feel lucky that i was there at that time to be able to at least get their dog back to them. that's the time you need your family pet the most. coming up -- a bucket list adventure takes a terrifying turn as an 80-year-old woman clings to life at 11,000 feet. when "caught on camera: odd and outrageous" continues. as much as you want... ...of whatever flavors are calling your name. seriously. like new garlic sriracha-grilled shrimp. it's a little spice... ...a little sizzle... ...and a lot just right. and try new parmesan peppercorn shrimp. helloooo crispy goodness. and the classic... ...handcrafted shrimp scampi... can't get enough of? still gonna floor you. it may be called endless... ...but that doesn't mean it'll last.
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fbi agents investigated a car at 39th in mad saab in new york city, this in connection with the explosive devices in lower manhattan. it may have evidence from the bombing because it was being driven past when the blast occurred. sources also tell nbc that the two bombs in new york city, and
4:34 pm
explosives in seaside park, new jersey, all used old flip phone type cell phones as detonators leading them to look more closely at a possible connection between those two cases. for now, back to "caught on camera." "caught on camera," a bucket wish list has this senior clinging on for dear life. when she starts to slip out of her harness 11,000 feet above the earth. >> i had no idea how much danger i was in. >> may 7th, 2011, lodi, california. laverne everett of oakdale is taking the ultimate leap of faith. >> i love to see them come in gliding down from the sky. that's a thrill. >> laverne has wanted to sky dive for a few years, and for her 80th birthday, her sister ginny helps make it happen.
4:35 pm
>> when she told me she wanted to sky dive, i thought she was a little bit nutty, but i thought you know what, if this is on your bucket list, we have to go for it. >> ginny rounds up some family friends, including 84-year-old eileen sambesetti. >> she knew that i'd been wanting to go. she called me up, gee, my sister wants to go. do you want to go? i said yeah. >> is this something you've wanted to do? >> for years. >> life hasn't been easy for laverne. she's already lived through a broken neck and a heart attack. she's been a widow for more than 40 years, raising two children on her own. for laverne, this is one time she'll look death in the face on her own terms, or so she thinks. a plane taking off from sky dive lodi parachute center holding a dozen or so skydivers soars up to 11,000 feet. laverne and tandem master dennis mcglynn are the first pair scheduled to jump. two fellow instructors shoot the
4:36 pm
adventure using helmet cams, one from inside the plane and the other hanging on to the fuselage outside the plane's door. once they get to the door, laverne's entire body tenses up. >> yeah, it was spooky when you get to the door. i got to the edge, and it was just hard for me. >> after a few moments of trying to pry her hands from the doorway, someone gives them a boost. laverne and dennis go tumbling through the sky. dennis tries to stabilize them, but something isn't right. >> i knew my top harness fell. i didn't know if it fell off, down or what, but i knew it slipped. that's all i knew. >> her jacket covers her face, shielding her vision. >> i don't know what would have happened if i could have seen the shape i was in. probably was a blessing, actually. >> mcglynn has made more than 8,000 jumps and has never
4:37 pm
experienced anything like this. a nearby instructor is shooting the action. a desperate mcglynn hails him for help. >> i was aware of what was happening. i looked over at the camera guy, hey, i could use a hand here. the leg straps were coming up past the knees. came in, we were able to get the leg pads down below the knees again. >> once laverne's knees were secured in the harness, dennis pulls the rip cord, thousands of feet sooner than anticipated. dennis and laverne grasp on to each other the entire ride down, locking hands for more than five grueling minutes. meanwhile, back on the ground, everyone who's jumped after laverne has already landed. >> it was great! >> and then i look way over to the right, and i see somebody coming down really slow. with their bottom hanging out and their feet almost touching their head. and i'm freaking out. >> laverne and dennis land in a nearby field.
4:38 pm
and miraculously, she ends up with only a few bruises and a scraped knee. >> well, i put my life in the lord's hands. that's how i did it. >> the lord's and dennis's, that is. >> and he kept saying "hold on," and i says, "i'm holding." >> it was definitely the longest five or six minutes of my life. longest canopy ride imaginable. >> he deserves a gold star. he's a lifesaver. >> "caught on camera" reunited members of laverne's sky dive party to watch the video together. they recall the first time they saw it. >> i think every single one of us were in tears. it was like the most intense thing to watch. you could see her in the air and you didn't really realize what had actually happened until you saw that video. >> i couldn't believe that someone lived through that. you know, dangling in a "v," almost, all the way to the ground. >> i cried, too. couldn't help it. it was just so real that this happened right the same time as
4:39 pm
when i jumped. >> it's hard to believe it's me, but it is. >> nearly a year passes before a family member posts the video online, and an overnight sensation is born. >> did you get injured based on the way you were hanging there? >> i just got a few bruises and a scraped knee. >> every channel, there would be aunt verne. jeannie your aunt verne is dangling from the sky. >> to think i've lived a fairly normal, quiet life and then all of a sudden explodes. it's kind of exciting. >> laverne and dennis remain in contact. and after examining the video, he now knows what went wrong regarding laverne's loose harness. >> i overestimated laverne's physical abilities and underestimated her physical limitations. when we're sitting in the plane, they seemed to be tight. the hip junction. so, as we got up and then you squatted down, that's when it was exposed, they weren't as
4:40 pm
tight as it could have been. laverne's knees collapsed in the door. she ended up in a squatting position. when she was squatting down all the way, the harness fell down about the knees. when i went over the top of her, it basically tried to pull the harness off of her. i didn't even conceive of that happening, and i've been jumping a long time. you're a tough lady. there's no doubt about that. i was there those five minutes and nobody else was there. >> laverne is just thankful to walk away from her perilous plunge. and because it was caught on camera, future skydive instructors now have a visual to help prevent a situation like this from happening again. >> other people will learn from this. it's going to be indoctrinated into the learning instructing. when you become a tandem instructor, you will see this video. >> and if dennis has his way, he'd like to take laverne up again and do it right. >> that's a big void in my career now, that i wasn't able to deliver what i know i can deliver. i really think that you can put a stamp on your legacy if you were to go again. >> but is laverne still game? >> who knows? i may do it again.
4:41 pm
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they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a spanish cultural classic dating back more than 200 years gives a new meaning to the phrase it takes a village to raise a child. >> translator: when you climb up and you're all the way up and it's so high, i get happy. >> but sometimes that child is raised on a house of cards. october 3rd, 2010, at the
4:45 pm
concurs de castells in teragona, spain. this biannual competition pits rival villages in the catalonia region against one another to see which ones can erect tallest and biggest castells, or human castles. this is woman is a chief communicator for the debut le franca. >> the competition of the human towers because this is the only official day that is for competition, and at the end, a winner receives a trophy. >> castellas devilla franca has won the competition the last sate times, including five times in a row. it is only considered a success
4:46 pm
if it can be dismantled without collapsing and crushing those at the base underneath. >> the oldest people and the people, the tallest one and biggest one, in the base of the structure of the castell, but then you can find the children in the top. >> that's right. children. some as young as 5 years old climb atop the human towers and salute the crowd. >> translator: when i'm on top, i get nervous. >> a nine or rarely achieved ten level castell can exceed more than 40 feet in height. that's a long way up with very little protection. >> it's normally just for the children, the helmets, but also here in our group we have teeth protection for the children. ♪ it's important, the belt for protecting your back, but also for the people who climb up the castell, it's important because it's a point of support.
4:47 pm
and i think that the best security measure for the rest of the people of the group is to know that the position and the practice. >> because of the element of danger, paramedics are on stand by at the cons -- concourse. in ville la franca, they take castelling seriously. often practicing into the night. >> we practice three times a week here in our building to be sure that when we go a place to do a structure, it will be a good structure. we don't fall down. >> and it's that kind of communal commitment that continues to keep the castellers of villa franca the top dogs of this tradition. from traditions to innovations. the triathlon, a test of endurance involving swimming,
4:48 pm
biking, running and for a crazy few, juggling. >> i mean, if you're sitting there worried about drops, you'll never get far. >> april 21st, 2012, perdido key, florida. juggling joe salter sets out to become the first person to complete a triathlon while juggling. >> swimming and juggling takes a lot out of you physically. >> growing up as the youngest of four boys, joe pays close attention to his dad, mickey, a professional entertainer. >> so when i taught joe when he was young, he'd take a little block, a foam block, and stick on his head when he was three and balance it. >> as joe grows up, he played sports and drops juggling for a time, eventually picking it up again as a young adult. >> i was always using juggling in weird ways to help my coordination. eventually, i just got into running too and juggling at the same time. then i heard about combining them, and the rest is history. >> joe becomes what you call a joggler.
4:49 pm
>> joggling is juggling and jogging combined. and if you can juggle and run and not be afraid what people think, then i think it's healthy for you. >> in 2009, joe joggles two marathons, finishing each in an impressive 3 1/2 hours. but afterwards, he looks to do something different and takes joggling to the next level. he comes up with the idea of competing in a triathlon while juggling. swimming, biking and running while keeping the balls in motion throughout the entire race. his wife, cheryl, isn't surprised by his quest. >> he's always been that type of person to go for it. and nothing was going to stand in his way. >> he asks longtime pal royce wagner to document his adventure. >> i knew that it was something important to him and something that had never been done. so i thought it would be cool to be a part of it. so i was just trying to get the best shots i could. >> while on the bike, joe juggles two balls instead of the standard three, allowing one
4:50 pm
hand to steer. swimming while juggling or swuggling is a feat within the feat that joe takes credit for innovating. >> it exhausts you, especially being in saltwater and waves hitting you, hitting you in the face, knocking you over. you feel like you're in a you feel like you're in a washing machine out there. >> there's thousands of jugglers, but to be able to come up with swimming and juggling at the same time is what i think is amazing and i'm proud of him for that. >> after ten months of training, joe juggles through the quarter-mile swim, 16.2-mile bike ride and 4-mile run, finishing the mulletman triathlon in 1:57, ahead of two-thirds of the competitors, none of whom were juggling. but for joe, it's not about his race time, it's about the time he's having during the race. >> i'm doing stuff off my head for the crowd.
4:51 pm
just cheering people up if i go by. they want that out of you. they don't want the stiff-faced guy going by taking it too seriously. coming up -- a pet safety video proves anything but safe. >> whoa. >> what was that? >> your house just caught on fire. you totaled your brand new car. when caught on camera odd and outrageous returns. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. 80% of recurrent ischemic, strokes could be prevented. and i'm doing all i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps
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an internet video shoot on pet safety goes from a simple mess to sudden mayhem in a flash. >> whoa! >> there was a huge boom. and it made the whole apartment shake. and then, obviously, i was like -- what was that? >> oklahoma native and aspiring actress halle lula hudson moves west in 2006 with just two
4:55 pm
things -- a dream of making it big in hollywood -- >> it's a lot harder than i thought it would be, but it's been a pretty fun journey. >> -- and her pet dog, a corgi named yogi. >> he's literally my best friend. i've had him since he was 2 1/2 months old. yogi's one of the most important things in my life. he really is. >> march 2nd, 2012, los angeles, california. when a friend suggests halle use yogi in a video for the youtube channel "the pet collective, she figures, why not let yogi have a moment in the spotlight? >> for this particular show, we needed to, you know, find animals and owners with animals that had issues. >> freelance producer kevin toomey oversees "the pet sense" video project. >> he attacks cleaning supplies, he's always barking. you know, giving halle a hard time. he's a good dog, but he just like a lot of dogs out there he had a couple issues. >> they got me doing a couple
4:56 pm
things, sweeping, getting quarters, then the biggest thing is when i opened up the cabinet underneath my sink. i thought that's where you put cleaning supplies. >> of course, yogi starts attacking all the cleaning supplies, going nuts in there. >> and obviously, i don't let him do that. i put him outside when i clean my apartment now. but i knew that he would do this, so i let him do it, not thinking it was going to turn into such a hazard. but i let him go in there. i was laughing because it's ridiculous. and then, boom, he grabbed the can of spray-paint. it was going in a circle and black spray paint was going all over my entire white kitchen. me, yogi was covered in it. come here, yogi. come here, come here. >> halle grabs yogi and rushes him to the bathroom for an emergency cleaning while kevin and his cameraman remain in the kitchen. >> it was one of those moments where you're not really sure, do we stop the camera? do we stop rolling? or is it one of those things where you keep rolling? >> moments later, the scene goes from comical to critical.
4:57 pm
>> sure enough, the camera pans right back to the spray paint can which is sitting there, and that's when you see the explosion. >> whoa! [ bleep ] >> what was that? >> me and the camera operator were looking down in the view finder of the camera. when it happened, i just felt the heat on my forehead. whoa! i instantly knew probably shouldn't be standing there. >> when i heard it, i was more confused because i didn't see it happen. i just heard it. what was that? >> your house just caught on fire. >> then when they were like your house is on fire and they were taking off for the front door, then i got scared. i was like oh no. >> the guys come back inside and help extinguish the flames as halle calls 911. >> we immediately rushed over and just tried to fill up, anything -- we tried to fill up water containers to try to put out the fire. >> they were getting water and tossing it everywhere. i just remember, no, there, everywhere i saw fire, no,
4:58 pm
there. in there, in there. get it in there, hurry. because i was confused and panicked. >> the camera operator is holding the camera by his side. so, it's not really good coverage of the flames. but yeah, we just tried to throw as much water as we could on top of the fire. >> firefighters arrive on the scene as halle and the guys finish extinguishing the last of the flames. but question remains, why did the spray can burst into a fireball to begin with? >> the fire chief came in and he looked around. he goes, oh, you had your pilot light to your stove right here and the fumes caught it. >> it's not the story they intended to shoot, but the pet collective team posts the video online anyway because the internet loves dogs and explosions. it goes viral. >> it became way bigger than i ever, ever imagined. hundreds of thousands of people started watching it within a couple of days. >> when you watch it, it grabs you. it's like, you don't expect that big of an explosion to happen.
4:59 pm
at the end of the day, everyone was safe. everybody came out unharmed. so that's all you really ask for. >> the intentions were good. i don't put my dog in danger. i've been praying and praying and praying that some day i'll be on tv or on the big screen. and god's like, you want to be on tv, do you? here you go. it hasn't boosted my career. it's not about me. yogi is the celebrity now. >> that's right. it's yogi that has hit the big time. you may even recognize him in the carly rae jepsen pet parody video of "call me maybe." starring corgi rae jepsen, aka, yogi. so, until halle's big break comes, at least she can hitch her wagon to yogi's star. >> everyone was pretty convinced when i moved out here that yogi would become a star before i did. he's proven that. if i had to turn around and manage my dog's career and it became very successful, i am happy to do that.
5:00 pm
there's this pile of leaves, and it's where everything else is clear and flat. my heart is racing a million miles an hour. i was using my boots to move leaves, and that's when i screamed this blood-curdling scream. >> nique leili, a corporate exec. who made time for romance and her three daughters. >> she was the best mom. >> then she disappeared. dozens joined the search. >> we need nique to come home. >> reporter: then they found her.


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