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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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video that the police have from that location, from both the new york city locations where bombs were planted saturday night. both 23rd street where it went off and 27th street where it didn't. and officials say information from cell phones taken from the unexploded pressure cooker bomb on 27th and the partially exploding bomb that was left saturday in new jersey played a role in identifying him. both of those devices, the one that didn't go off completely in new jersey and the one in new york that are intact are a gold mine of evidence. starting from that, they looked at the surveillance video. they believe they identified him. that led to the search where morgan was of the family home overnight in new jersey. it also led to members of his family being stopped and questioned near the verrazano-narrow bridge. it's not known this morning whether officials think he was the only one involved in the weekend bombings, whether others think he had help. i think this talk of a cell is a
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little premature at this point until they have some idea of whether he was the only one involved. but stepping back from this a little bit, the isis a remarkably fast moving investigation. these bombs were just planted over the weekend. they already have a chief suspect that they believe was involved here. and that's because of the devices that were not -- that's because of two factors. one, the devices that didn't blow up that have so much evidence, and secondly, the fact that two of them were planted in new york, which is a city bristling with surveillance cameras. >> pete, just one more time. you mentioned five people were detained. i think you said on the verrazano bridge. they were his family members. they were detained and questioned. are they in custody? >> i don't know where they are right now. i believe they're still being questioned. whether they're in custody, that's always a difficult question. i just -- i just know that they're being questioned. i don't know whether they have been -- whether they're formally detained or what, but they're still being questioned is my understanding. >> ahmad clearly was seen in the
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surveillance videos. do kwee know if he was a person of interest before this weekend? >> thought that i know of. >> thank you so much. i want to turn now to richard engel in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood close to the site of the saturday evening explosion. richard, not just the scene on 23rd street, but across new york city, we know that the national guard has been called in. there's been massive security effort with president obama and a lot of world leaders here from the general assembly. >> every year this time, there is a massive security presence in new york because all of the world leaders converge here for the u.n. general assembly meeting. president obama is expected to give one of his most important farewell style addresses where he attempts to sum up his accomplishments over the last eight years and really define his presidency on the world scale. this year, because of the -- we're talking about four incidents now over the last 48 hours or so in the new york tristate area.
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four different bombs that either exploded or were found that adds a lot more concern about security and more security has been added. we're talking about 1,000 extra state troopers who have been deployed to the transportation system, airport, subway, bus terminals. also more heavily armed patrols on the streets. more bomb sniffing dogs. city officials say this is an unprecedented level of security when you combine these two factors. the u.n. general assembly meeting, culminating in the next couple days. and these four different incidents in what is now an active manhunt. >> richard, in the last hour, for those of us living in new york, we got warnings. our phones were blowing up that this is an active manhunt, giving information on ahmad rahami. you were in the neighborhood saturday night. talk me through what it was like there. >> so, i happened to be in this
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area. i heard the explosion on saturday. it sounded like a low rumble. not necessarily a high-pitched crack like military sle explosives. i thought it was something that had collapsed. then i saw the helicopters, the emergency responders. almost instantaneously. really within minutes. by the time i left the apartment and went down to the streets, there were already flashing lights. and we're talking a couple minutes. i walked to the scene. police tape was out. it couldn't have been more than five minutes before officers were on the scene, cordoning off the area. national guard was there. a tremendous presence. i think that is testimony to the fact of how much security has been increased because of the u.n. general assembly and because of the increased security in the city that was put in place after 9/11. then, we heard that another device had been located.
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a pressure cooker bomb just four blocks from here and a picture started to emerge that a complex attack, an attempted complex attack was under way. >> richard, just to qualify, so that was just a person on the street on 27th street who saw the pressure cooker on the corner and made the call? >> what happened is after the first bomb exploded, which was around 8:30 just not far from where i'm standing right now, in the evening. the police descended in the area and as they were searching, i believe that emergency crews were alerted to a bomb, suspicious package that was on the street on 27th street. then they found it. there is an interesting back story to that object on 23rd street. that pressure cooker bomb. according to a surveillance video, a man, perhaps the suspect who is being searched
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now, is seen carrying a suitcase, leaving the suitcase on 27th street. and then a short time later, two other individuals, apparently innocently, came up. thought the suitcase looked interesting. thought perhaps it was valuable. took this pressure cooker bomb, not knowing what it was, it seems. out of the suitcase, and walked away with the suitcase. and that was what emergency crews later found. >> and the emergency crews then found the pressure cooker on the sidewalk. all right, richard. thank you for giving us the latest. richard engel live in chelsea. just a few minutes ago, i got the chance to speak with bill bratton, the man who is in charge of the department until just three days ago. his retirement took place on friday. he's now the chairman, and i asked him about this man that officials are now seeking in connection with the bombings. >> the information was just put
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out by the fbi. he is a person of interest. definitely interested in getting to as quickly as possible. this is coming together very, very quickly. excellent work by joint terrorism task forces, and i think you'll see very quick resolution of what happened here, what it was all about. but first and foremost, they wanted to get to this individual. >> a home in elizabeth, new jersey, is being raided right now. what kind of clues will they be looking for? >> certainly access to computers, phones, et cetera. trying to learn as much about him. what they would want to understand is what is the motivation for this attack. was it inspired, enabled, directed. was this like the two brothers up in boston, inspired, for the boston marathon bombing. was it assistance from overseas, or was it directed? was it a cell? was he operating on his own or is there any connectivity to the
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five individuals they stopped and have detained for questioning concern about was there an active cell. did authorities know about any of these individuals before this incident or is this a new group on the radar? there's so much to be learned but most importantly to try to get access to him as well as any electronic devices as well as his friends. >> if he is part of a broader group, now that his name has been identified, it's clear police are searching for him. i guarantee they're going to be basically trying to go into hiding very quickly. they're looking to find where they live so they can fan out quickly to get access to them. >> if you're mr. rahami, the fact that your name, your face
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is all over the media, what do you do? >> he's obviously going to try to go into hiding. they'll certainly also check to see if he's still in the country. one of the first things they'll do is to see did he have a passport, did he leave the country during the period of time since saturday where they did not have his name, evidently, until this morning? there's many moving parts of this investigation, and so much of what was preliminary is now becoming more factual. but there's still a lot of very early on information that has to be worked with. >> the fact that these explosives weren't even put together correctly, does that lead you to believe that maybe he is a lone wolf? if he had been part of a more organized group, they would have had a more sophisticated effort? >> let's look at it. one bomb did go off in new jersey. there were three bombs in that container in new jersey at the start of that race. a bomb of great significance went off saturday night. i would see this as success. even though several other
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devices were planted and maybe did not go off, i'm not sure if that's the chance they didn't get to set them off. evidently, the technology here involves cell phones which usually allows them to be set off remotely. we'll have to watch as the investigation goes forward to see what was the intent to plant them and then remotely set them off at specific times. that we just don't know. >> how hard is it to make these bombs? one of the risks when something like this gets so much attention, is that the bomber almost gets idolized and you can see others follow. how hard is it to put together a bomb like this? >> instructions to make these types of devices are readily available. isis, al qaeda, push it out on their webs, on their magazines so the two brothers in the boston marathon bombing got their information, literally, off the web. as to where the individual or individuals involved here, where they got their information we'll be part of the investigation. thesis are not particularly
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sophisticat sophisticated, and at the same time, because they're not, sometimes they don't go off, fortunately for us, that they malfunction. in this instance, apparently, several of them did malfunction and allowed the authorities to get a lot of evidence very, very quickly. >> not sophisticated, but they are dangerous. you had said back in june, it's not a matter of if we get more terrorist attacks. it's when. when is clearly now. so do you think we can see a whole lot more coming? we do have the election, less than two months away. >> we have talked in law enforcement for a long time, political leaders, it's a matter of when. when has happen in the sense of an attack in new york, attack in new jersey. the one in new york is only the second successful event since 9/11. the hatchet attack on a new york city police officer two years ago. the term that is often used now is it's the new normal. unfortunately in america, with the ease with which these devices can be created, with the
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number of people who are apparently easily inspired or in some instances which we're very concerned, have enabled our directive, that americans are going to be much more aware than they have been throughout the country. the trick is to try and stay aware without becoming fearful. so the awareness component was in evidence saturday night. that woman came out of a house, saw this sitting on the ground. what did she do? she immediately called and potentially maybe precluded that device from being set off. >> new yorkers are clearly aware right now, but what should they be doing? we're scared. >> live your lives and go about your lives. this past weekend, i'm probably as aware as anyone in america of what the threats are. my wife and i spent a very enjoyable new york weekend, even as the investigation was unfolding. the reality is there's 350 million of us. there's 8 billion or 9 billion people in the world, and these events will occur. we have done a very good job preventing a lot of them.
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i say we. i'm still thinking in terms of having been in law enforcement. they will continue -- >> just a couple days out. >> just a couple days. they'll continue to do an excellent job of determining a lot of them, preventing a lot of them, but the reality is that some of these event will occur. but they're so isolated and relatively so few, and by quickly sauving these cases, it does help to deter others because it's a deterrence if you think you're going to be caught. >> commissioner bratton, thank you so much for your work. >> thank you. and we have another possible terror attack to report on. the fbi is investigating the weekend stabbings of a total of nine people at a shopping mall in minnesota. authorities say the attacker made a reference to allah before the slashing spree and an off-duty police officer later killed the 22-year-old somali suspect. an isis-affiliated media outlet then released a statement claiming the mall stabber was
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indeed a soldier of the islamic state, but there's no official evidence to verify this claim. the nine victims suffered injuries that were not life threatening and we'll have a live report later on that event in minnesota. coming up here, we'll bring you the latest on this manhunt going on right now. we're showing an image of the 28-year-old ahmad rahami, who police are looking for, and a member of the house intelligence committee will be joining me next. hopefully answering is a terrorist cell at work here or did the suspect act on his own. for your retirement, you wanted to celebrate the little things, before they get too big. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade.
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breaking news. an all-out manhunt is going on right now in the new york city area for this man on your screen. 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami. the nypd is seeking him in
6:18 am
connection with the recent bombings that took place over the weekend in both new york and new jersey. i want to bring in democratic congressman eric swalwell. a member of the house intelligence committee. good morning, congressman. help us here. ahmad khan rahami. we know he's a 28-year-old u.s. citizen from elizabeth, new jersey, but of afghan descent. do you know anything additional about this man? >> goomorning, stephanie. i was briefed earlier this morning, and what's we know right now is there's a massive effort to understand if this person or any other persons are acting on their own or if in fact they have been assisted or directed to carry this out by isis or any other group. second, we also know that there does appear to be a link, ties between the multiple events that have taken place in the united states over the past few days, which suggest an organization of resources that is very troubling. we also know that the pressure cooker that was found is a pressure cooker that was designed and put together in a manner that's been prescribed by
6:19 am
al qaeda's inspire magazine. a magazine available online. they have put out how to make these types of bombs before, and so it does appear that it was put together in this way. >> all right, congressman, i want to go back. you said these bombings, these attacks are potentially tied between new york and new jersey. over the weekend, there were nine stabbings that took place by a somali man in a minnesota shopping mall. do we believe that's connected as well? >> so, i was told that the multiple events over the past few days, it appears, there are ties. so what we're trying to run to ground is whether that includes minnesota as well. in that case, isis went out and said that individual was a soldier of isis, and that language we have seen from past attacks, whether it was orlando or san bernardino, means that isis did not direct that individual, but it's somebody that they accept as one of their own for the manner in which they carried out the attack. right now, certainly with new york and new jersey, we believe
6:20 am
there are ties. and now trying to see how far does that network go, does it go all the way to the minnesota attack. >> and the minnesota attack, as you said, there was an isis media outlet that said he was an isis soldier. we have heard nothing from isis or any other coordinated group connecting or taking credit for what happened in new york and new jersey, correct? >> that's right. and you know, the efforts in new york and new jersey were not particularly successful. you know, a terrifying explosion occurred. thankfully, no one was killed. oftentimes, if a bomb goes off, that does link back to isis, isis does not necessarily want to claim responsibility for unsuccessful explosions or unsuccessful attacks. so that is one possibility. again, it's unclear whether this was an isis attack at all. and you know, we're going to let law enforcement continue to do their work. it's actually remarkable that they already have a name out there and are searching a location and have bomb fragments that are being analyzed at
6:21 am
quantico. that really is hats off to the hard work of local law enforcement and fbi. >> if it wasn't isis directed or not part of a terrorist cell, if the man who is the suspect, ahmad rahami, did act alone, if he was, as they say, a lone wolf, how much harder is that for police? maybe he wasn't even a suspect or a person of interest before. >> it's incredibly hard. what they'll do is they'll hopefully be looking at who he has called, who he has talked to, who his neighbors are, and whether he has traveled overseas. that's always a big tipper for whether there are others out there or if individuals around him are also likely to carry out an attack. so, you know, that we'll leave to the work of law enforcement. it is very hard, but we are increasing the resources that we have out there to understand who these individuals are, whether it's behind the computer, being inspired or in the neighborhood
6:22 am
by readily available materials like was used in new york. >> i want to turn before you go, we're focused on the manhunt, the attacks that took place in new york and minnesota, learning more about minnesota and the threats we face going forward. i want to turn to politics. earlier this career, you requested a secret service investigation into donald trump when he had called out to second amendment supporters saying they should potentially do something about hillary clinton. i want to share with you what donald trump said over the weekend. take a look. >> i think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. they should disarm. right? right? i think they should disarm. immediately. what do you think? yes? yes. yeah. take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. take their -- let's see what happens to her. >> now, this took place friday night, and i want to be clear, this has no connection to the bombings and what we're talking about with the potential terror attack, but as it relates to
6:23 am
donald trump, you had called for a secret service investigation several months ago. are you doubling down on that after his comments friday night? >> what donald trump said on friday night, again, he's playing with fire. he's encouraging his supporters through charged language to take action against hillary clinton. we know that some of his supporters based on how they have acted at rallies and the violence they have displayed, could put secretary clinton in harm's way. and donald trump is tacitly showing his approval of that. i do think he needs to be contacted by the secret service. i do think he needs to be told that his tone could lead an individual to take a serious act against secretary clinton. and it's just not the behavior that's becoming of a presidential candidate of a major party. >> all right, congressman. thank you so much for joining me. thank you for your work. >> we're going to have a lot more reporting on that manhunt coming up. we're showing his image right there on the screen.
6:24 am
ahmad khan rahami, 28-year-old, lives in elizabeth, new jersey. he's a u.s. citizen. he's of afghan descent. there's an official search going on, a manhunt right now, for those living in the new york area, you may have gotten a message on your phone over the last few hours. things are serious. we're on high alert. plus, donald trump spoke earlier this morning. how the campaign is reacting to the attacks. we've just been hearing so much about how you're a digital company,
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6:28 am
explosive device was found nearby. both on 27th and 23rd, ahmad rahami on the surveillance video. in addition to those two incidents, authorities are investigating explosive devices found outside a train station in elizabeth, where i just said he lives, in new jersey. earlier this morning, law enforce menment were focused on house about ten minutes from the station, and it is the suspect's family home. in addition to all of this, an explosive also went off in seaside new jersey in a road race on saturday morning. i want to bring in, law enforcement is telling nbc they are concerned a terror cell, an organized group, could be operating in the area, although the snenlts have not yet officially been connected. joining me to discuss this, don, a former assistant agent in charge of the fbi and joint terrorism task force and an msnbc contributor. don, help us understand this man, 28-year-old. he lives in the state of new
6:29 am
jersey. he's a u.s. citizen, but he's of afghan descent. >> we don't know if that is significant or not because we don't know what the motive is yet. at least what's been reported. i think what's significant is that they've got him identified. you know, put crowdsourcing his photo, so he will be found, i'm confident, fairly soon, and the fact that the fbi and the local police are doing a search warrant in his residence, that could be significant. you could find computers, other cell phones, you know, just a whole vast amount of evidence that will hopefully lead them to figure out why he did it and very importantly, if there are other people involved. >> so let's just go inside his mind. given that his name is all over the media right now and his face, we're getting alerts on our phones, if he hasn't already left the country, if he is in new york or new jersey, what could he do, where could he go? >> new york is a city with so many people. i mean, you know, he's going to be identified, but he could be
6:30 am
riding the subways. he could be walking the streets. he could be who knows where. he doesn't necessarily need to be in new york. he could be in another state. i'm confident he won't get out of the country because he'll be on a no-fly list and all of these things. but who knows how long it will take? i'm still convinced it will be fairly soon when they find him. >> i want to talk about the bombs. we have right here a pressure cooker. this is what was found on the street. how sophisticated? it was similar to this, not exactly this one, but similar to this. how sophisticated are these bombs? whether this was isis inspired, whether he was a lone wolf, we're trying to get an understand how complicated this was. >> i'm not a certified bomb technician, but from my understanding, these are relatively easy to make. as everybody has been reporting, the instructions on how to make a pressure cooker bomb have been on the internet through "inspire" magazine and other sources. we saw them in boston. >> "inspire" magazine, that is the publication. >> the publication of al qaeda.
6:31 am
now, in general terms, you can do this with materials that you can get publicly, gun powder and what not. you put some shrapnel in it, create pressure and it explodes. what's been reported with this incident, though, that leads me and others to believe that there's a next level of sophistication that you have a cell phone that triggered the device with some christmas lights and so forth. so most bomb technicians, i think, will say that that's another degree of sophistication. as opposed to just lighting a simple fuse and waiting and it goes off. >> even if it's more sophisticated, it doesn't mean he didn't act alone. >> it doesn't mean that at all. also, you have devices that didn't work. that's the law enforcement advantage. who knows if he practiced making these or if this was his first attempt. but there's still a lot more questions than answers unfortunately, and there's a lot of data out there. some data looks like it's conflicting. other looks like it coincides.
6:32 am
this is typical in a investigation like this. you'll have so many leads. you'll go down one direction and that path will stop and then you go in another direction. it's very early in the investigation. >> we know that the police force, the fbi are working diligently. >> and doing a fantastic job. my understanding is everybody is working really seamlessly together, across state lines and interdepartment interdepartmental, kudos to them, and the u.n. at the same time. they have their hands full. >> don, thanks so much for joining me. we're going to stay on the manhunt going on in the new york/new jersey area. ahmad khan rahami, 28 years old, lives in elizabeth, new jersey. u.s. citizen of afghan descent. the police are on the hunt for this man who is found unboth surveillance videos from the weekend. >> next, donald trump has been speaking out on the attack. what he's saying, next. did you read every word? no, only lawyers do that. so when you got rear-ended and needed a tow,
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you're looking at a live shot, west chester county airport where hillary clinton in just a few minutes from now will be holding a press conference. we don't yet know the content of what she'll be focused on, but hillary clinton over the weekend did come out with a statement condemning the apparent terrorist attacks that took place both in new york and new jersey over the last two days. we will be taking you live to hillary clinton when she steps onto that hangar just moments from now. we have to talk also about donald trump. he has weighed in over the weekend on the incidents that took place here, saying he thinks there will be more ahead. he's also telling voters he is the one who will keep them safe. katy tur is live at trump tower in new york city. she has been covering the trump campaign from the beginning. no surprise, donald trump has been tweeting about the incident. he also spoke on fox this morning. take a look. >> we have been weak. our country has been weak. we're letting people in by the thousands and tens of thousands. i have been saying you have to stop it. >> donald trump saying we have
6:37 am
to stop it. what else have we heard from him? >> well, he's gone on from there to say that our local police know who many of these terrorists are. essentially, but are afraid to arrest them or afraid to do anything about it because they're afraid to be accused of racial profiling. so now he's placing some of the blame on the local officers, bualso some blame on what he's called out as politically incorrect policing practices. he's said in the past that he believes mosques should be under surveillance. he's flirted with this idea of having a muslim registry in this country. we know about the muslim ban that he's proposed. immigration has been the biggest topic for this campaign. it started out as illegal immigration from mexico and it's bloomed from there into immigration of all sorts because immigrants, especially those syrian refugees that he warns about, would potentially be bringing in a trojan horse of terrorists who will commit acts on our soil.
6:38 am
so this is playing into donald trump's chosen narrative, and when terror attacks have happened in the past in this country, in the past during this election cycle, san bernardino, for one, his poll numbers have gone up. so donald trump is hammering this, saying that he is the stronger leader in this scenario. using hillary clinton and obama's what he calls failed practices and failed decisions overseas as to what led us to this point, saying a vacuum was created in the middle east after dictators were taken out. now that's enabled the rise of isis. whenever a general has come out and criticized him, say or even former cia director -- i'm sorry, former defense director robert gates comes out and slams donald trump, he says, well, look what he did. he's part of the reason we have come to this point. so this does play into his narrative. he will be hammering that. he has been tweeting about it.
6:39 am
he released a statement just a moment ago. >> and i want to qualify, to be clear, donald trump is speaking in generalities when he says the police know who the bad guys are and they're afraid to arrest them. he's not speaking about ahmad khan rahami, the man they're searching for. >> we believe he's speaking in generalities. >> thank you, katy tur joining us live outside trump tower right here on fifth avenue. coming up, hillary clinton about to speak any moment now. there, we're looking at a live shot of west chester county airport. there's hillary clinton's plane just there in the background. she will be speaking. we don't know about what yet. we will give that to you live when we return. it's a very specific moment, the launch window. we have to be very precise. if we're not rdy when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis-
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6:43 am
screen, 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami. in connection with the recent bombings in new york and new jersey. i want to bring in wnbc chief investigative reporter jonathan deents. i understand we have new surveillance videos that have been released. tell us what you know. we know he's 28 years old, 5'6", approximately 200 pounds. here's a new image. we have seen these images on 27th street and 23rd street. >> these are from the surveillance cameras. this waz the key break that helped investigators pinpoint who it was they were looking for. the same man seen near the dumpster and another man on 27th street lugging a suitcase that eventually left the pressure cooker on the sidewalk on 27th street. that couples with the cell phones found on the devices and other materials led them back to the suspectra homy. as a result, they're launching this massive manhunt. they consider him armed and dangerous.
6:44 am
they believe he is the suspected bomber and the outstanding question is did he have any help. is there a support network out there at this hour? and they're running around, questioning his relatives, and they're looking to others who he may have been in contact, both here and perhaps overseas. investigation very early on. they're returning around, trying to track. >> just so we understand, the cell phones, those are cell phones to enable you to remotely detonate a bomb. not a cell phone where he would be speaking to other people who are part of a network, correct? >> that is correct. also could be, you know, as a detonator, he could set it as a timer that the cell phones are, and we're talking about the old-style flip phones that were on each and every device. that is in large part why they believe all four devices are connected. the one in south jersey, the one in elizabeth, the ones in new york and chelsea seemed to have similar signatures, and as a result, investigators believe they are all connected.
6:45 am
of course, until they can do all the forensics and find this guy and find any others he was in contact with, they can't say anything for sure, but the investigation is certainly full speed ahead to find this guy. >> i know they questioned 5 people who potentially were part of his family on the verrazano bridge. the manhunt continues looking for this 28-year-old who was in the surveillance video on 23rd and 28th street. you're looking at his image right now, ahmad khan rahami. hillary clinton is set to speak any moment. we're going to bring that to you live. plus, isis is claiming credit for that knife attack we referenced earlier. a knife attack that injured nine people in a minnesota mall. we're going to take you there for the latest, the main question people want to know, minnesota. new york, new jersey. have these incidences tied together? is there a terror cell at work?
6:46 am
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you are watching msnbc.
6:49 am
we're talking about the big investigation under way in the state of minnesota after a somali man stabbed nine people in a shopping mall. officials say the attacker made a reference to allah before then slashing nine people. leader killed by an off-duty police officer and isis affiliated media outfit claimed the suspect was one of their, quote, soldiers. live in st. cloud, minnesota. early this morning, i spoke to a congressman on the committee who said they're looking for potential clues. what happened in new york and new jersey over the weekend might actually be tied to the slashing that happened in minnesota. >> reporter: they're looking at all avenues. this attacker here to be 22-year-old somali man who has a large somali american community, a muslim community here in the state of minnesota. according to local media, this was a 22-year-old college
6:50 am
student working part-time as a private security officer. so over the weekend, they did search his apartment and saw him leaving with photographs and electronic devices and to your point, they'll be looking at who he may have been in contact with if anybody, was he in contact, a coordinated attack or more of a lone wolf attack inspired by isil. >> more of a lone wolf attack in the mall when she slashed those nine people. >> reporter: he was alone and this could have been much, much worse, stephanie. it was an off-duty police officer who shot and killed him in this mall who just happened to be in the mall at the time. all of those nine people injured were taken to the hospital, treated, and released already. all home with their homes this morning. but we do understand him to have acted alone here in minnesota, thor authorities have given no indication. >> it's business and usual.
6:51 am
blake, thank you for joining me this morning. breaking, the attack happened in minnesota over the weekend and any moment now right here in westchester, hillary clinton is set to give a press conference. you're looking at the airplane hangar in westchester county airport. we'll bring that to you live. >>the manhunt continues. we've been talking about it throughout the morning. ahmed kamm ramadi. latest on that when we return.
6:52 am
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yoyeah, i do.e? you guys are working on some pretty big stuff over there, right? like a new language for crazy-big, world-changing machines. well, not me specifically. i work on the industrial side. so i build the world-changing machis. i get it. you can't talk because it's super high-level. no, i actually do build the machines. blink if what you're doing involves encrypted data transfer. wait, what? wowwww... wow? what wow? there is no wow. that wraps us up this hour. i'm stephanie rule. i'll see you tomorrow. more news with chris jansing. good morning. >> stephanie, thank you very much. we begin with that breaking news on those three bomb blasts over the past 48 hours here in new york. in the new jersey suburbs. the latest developments, police and the fbi now have a suspect releasing this photo of 28-year-old ahmed kamm ramadi
6:55 am
warned he should be considered armed and dangerous. police and the fbi agents have swarmed to the suspect's apartment in elizabeth, new jersey, near the train station where a police robot detonated the explosive device found friday night. several law enforcement officials tell nbc news they are concerned an active terror cell with multiple players could be at work in the region. so far, no connection with an international terrorist organization has been found. our nbc reporters morgan rathford and jonathan has the latest on the possible terror connection. so we've got you covered. we want to start in elizabeth, new jersey. that's where we're seeing that heavily armed police presence at the suspect's apartment. not far from this morning's bomb blast. morgan, what are you seeing? >> reporter: chris, i want to first show you this flurry of activity behind me. you can see the police cars,
6:56 am
that's the home in question. what you're looking at right now, there's been activity all morning here. in fact, police have just removed a car right here as we're speaking. you can see the huddle of reporters that are standing right here. this is the home, the family home of the suspect who we now know is 28 years old and was living here in elizabeth, new jersey. but this sceneou
6:57 am
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