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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 19, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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with multiple players could be at work in the region. so far, no connection with an international terrorist organization has been found. our nbc reporters morgan rathford and jonathan has the latest on the possible terror connection. so we've got you covered. we want to start in elizabeth, new jersey. that's where we're seeing that heavily armed police presence at the suspect's apartment. not far from this morning's bomb blast. morgan, what are you seeing? >> reporter: chris, i want to first show you this flurry of activity behind me. you can see the police cars, that's the home in question. what you're looking at right now, there's been activity all morning here. in fact, police have just removed a car right here as we're speaking. you can see the huddle of reporters that are standing right here. this is the home, the family home of the suspect who we now know is 28 years old and was living here in elizabeth, new jersey. but this scene you're looking at
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here, it's where two men were valuables inside and inside, instead, they found wires and pipes. that's when they alerted authorities that then got to the scene and there about 3 to 4 hours and began to cut one of the bombs. inside of this single backpack, there were five bombs. one and already exploded. this happened about 300 feet from a nearby pub and authorities say if that had gone off, that bomb as it was intended, it could have killed or maimed people that were there. that's now proceeding the time and showing you the scene the suspect home is considered to be his five family members stopped in new york. last time on the bridge in new york city and this is, of course, a fluid and active investigation right now, chris. >> morgan, thank you so much. i want to go to the scene now of saturday night's bomb blast in mantle. ra hama ellis.
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everything was blocked off and people kept from going down 7th avenue. clearly an active crime scene. what are we seeing now and what did the mayor have to say? i know we heard from him a short time ago. >> reporter: for sure, chris. this remains an active crime scene, just a short distance behind me. those streets still blocked off. you see activity here and people starting getting back to their lives as normal but you pointed out, mayor de blasio talked about everything going on here in great detail. let's listen to what he had to say. >> reporte >> we know the nypd found a car and interested in. trailed the car. questioned its occupants. they've gotten a lot more information the last 24 hours along with fbi and i do think each hour is changing the situation now. things are emerging very rapidly but this individual is the key getting him in for questioning, i think that's going to tell us a lot as to whether it was a lone wolf or something bigger. >> reporter: we should tell you
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that from the first blast, 29 people were injured, taken to the hospital, they were reviewed by medical authorities and all of them have been released. as for what's happening here right now in this area, excuse me, chris, people are beginning to get on with their lives. this area is very busy, in addition to what you're seeing there, what it looked like on saturday night when surveillance cameras got real clear images of that blast, that bomb as it went off. but people are getting on with their lives here. i talked with people saying to me that, yes, they were feeling a little afraid. even intimidated, but they refuse to be paralyzed by their fear and got up this morning and decided to go to work and to get on with what they had to do. they said to me, they felt if they stayed home, if they coward inside their apartments, it would mean that the terrorists have succeeded in what they attempted to do and they were determined not to let that happen. chris? >> rahama ellis.
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thank you. chief investigative reporter jonathan deensta. i know you've been working on this since it happened. let's start with the lone wolf versus a terror cell. we get indications there are a lot of investigators who think it points towards a terrorist cell but we just heard bill de blasio saying, we don't know anything yet. what are you hearing and why these folks at the varizano bridge? >> this is in realtime. there was a car stopped near the varizano bridge because it was seen leaving the apartment and there was a hope that they would pull over this car and see if the suspect was in there. turned out he was not. we're told there's some associates of the suspect and perhaps at least one relative if not more who are in the car. they were all taken in for questioning. investigators tried to determine what did they know?
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did they know anything about what was happening? that questioning ongoing, as of now, no arrests, no charges out of that. but that was some of the overnight concern in terms of that small group. so they've known for some time who this rahami is and now a fingerprint found on one of the devices and the cell phones, devices to track this suspect and now the work is under way to find the suspect and to track everyone he's been in contact with both here and apparently perhaps overseas connections whether that's relatives overseas. he was born in afghanistan. whether he traveled, all of this is being run down and remember, you have joint terrorism task forces in new york, new jersey, and all different pieces of this investigation. so it's literally scattering out in many, many different directions and bit by bit, pieces are coming in and sometime the investigations will look like it's going this way and then that way.
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>> we saw that already, the initial press conference. you know, there's no apparent connection to terrorism and then it looked like maybe it could be domestic terrorism, however you want to define that phrase and look at these foreign connections. let's focus on rahami. they put out these other pictures of him. you could see him with and without facial hair. do we know if he was on their radar or anything else? >> this is early and we do our best to find out, we're told there was no real criminal history and as of now, several sources we've spoken with are not saying he was on a watch list or radar before this incident came up. but we are checking and waiting to hear more. what we do know is since they learned who he is, they're looking to see possible contacts, who he's been with, some may be concerning. so there is those leads being run down, not confirmed but because of those concerns, that's why there's this talk about the possibility of a cell and the concern that law
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enforcement has is, could this guy have done it himself? perhaps because of the devices, so crude and you could get the parts at any hardware store but can you really build bombs and a place then without anyone else knowing what you might be up to? that seems to be some of the concern out there. >> i was looking at the typeline a timeline. you start at 9:35 and explosion at the 5k race and then 8:30 p.m., that's the 24th street explosion. 11:00, at 27th street in manhattan and then found in elizabeth new jersey. looking at that and not knowing when they were placed, i mean, it's possible one person could have done it. could somebody do all of those explosive devices? i mean, i just wonder what the thinking is about what that timeline tells them in terms of
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lone wolf versus. >> if you look at the boston marathon case, it was just two. it was to themselves and linked it only to the two brothers. in terms of building and placing. so is it possible? sure it is but they have to run all of this down and the other concern is there are these videos, right? so there's a video on 27th street that shows him wheeling the suitcase with the pressure cooker bomb and the one that did not explode on 27th street. he leaves the suitcase there. a short time later, two people come, unpack the suitcase and take the suitcase. were those innocent people who just wanted to steal a suitcase or have a suitcase and let the device and no idea what they were dealing with, that's a leading theory but also let you know, well, were they connected? they didn't know what they were doing but to find those people and find that suitcase. that's one of many, many. they've got to track his travel records and everyone in this
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area and beyond who he's been in contact with, they're turning everything over because there's real concern. this armed and dangerous terror suspect is out there. >> somebody wheeling a suitcase in new york city is an everyday event, sometimes, an every block event. that's not something a see-something, say-something. i want to bring in peter king, a member of the homeland security committee and chairman of the subcommittee on counrterrorism and intelligence. do we have hillary clinton? about to come to the microphone? can you stand by, congressman. and we're going to listen to hillary clinton, get your thoughts on the other side. >> law enforcement as they continue to respond to the attacks in new york, new jersey, and minnesota and bring those responsible to justice. i've talked with mayor de blasio. i'm going to start by offering my full support to our state, local, and federal law
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enforcement as they continue to respond to the attacks in new york, new jersey, and minnesota. and bring those responsible to justice. i've talked with mayor de blasio. our team has been in close touch with authorities in new york. we know they're doing everything they possibly can to keep us safe in this dangerous situation. i've also spoken to the governor of minnesota. like all americans, my thoughts are with those who are wounded, their families, and our brave first responders. this threat is real but so is our resolve. americans will not cower. we will prevail. we will defend our country. and we will defeat the evil, twisted ideology of the terrorists. i'm the only candidate in this race who has been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield. and i've laid out a
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comprehensive plan to meet the evolving nature of this threat and take the fight to isis everywhere they threaten us, including online. i'm grateful to have support and advice from a wide range of bipartisan national security leaders who've worked with both democratic and republican presidents. when we met together earlier this month in new york, one of the points they emphasized was the need to support state and local law enforcement who act as our first line of defense, making sure they have the resources, the training, and intelligence they need to effectively prevent and respond to terror attacks. and this weekend's events underscored how important that is. we should also launch an intelligence surge to help identify and thwart attacks before they can be carried out. we need to work more closely with silicon valley and other partners to counter terrorist
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propaganda and recruitment efforts online. and it is crucial that we continue to build up trust between law enforcement and muslim american communities. in the middle east, we have to smash isis' strongholds with an accelerated coalition air campaign, more support for arab and kurdish forces on the ground, and intense diplomatic efforts in syria, iraq, and across the region. working closely with our allies and partners to keep us safe must be the top priority for our next commander in chief. later today, i'll discuss the threat of terrorism with president cece of egypt and other world leaders. most of all, i want to say this to my fellow americans. let us be vigilant but not afraid. we have faced threats before. if you see something, or you hear something, report it immediately to local law enforcement authorities.
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i know we will meet this new danger with the same courage a vigilance. we choose resolve, not fear. we will not turn on each other or undermine our values. we'll stand together because we are stronger together in the face of this threat and every other challenge. be glad to take some questions. >> person of interest in this case is an afghan now immigrant, u.s. citizen. who may see this as a reason to consider supporting trump's approach to terror and immigration? >> well, it is true that the suspect of interest has been identified and we need to do everything we can to support law enforcement as they track him down to determine what role, if any, he played in these events, but let us remember, there are millions and millions of naturalized citizens in america from all over the world.
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there are millions of law-abiding peaceful muslim americans. this is the kind of challenge that law enforcement can be and is prepared to address, namely, going after anyone who would threaten the united states. so i am absolutely in favor of and long of an advocate of tough vetting to make sure we don't let people into this country and not just people who come here to settle, but we need a better visa system. let's remember 9/11. these were not refugees who got into airplanes who attacked our city and our country. let's not get diverted and distracted by the kind of campaign rhetoric we hear coming from the other side. this is a serious challenge. we are well equipped to meet it. and we can do so in keeping with
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smart law endorsemeforcement an concert with our values. >> secretary clinton, the white house has labeled the lone wolf attacks a top concern and given these weekend's events, what more specifically should be done and what would you do specifically beyond what president obama has done? is the current plan enough? >> monica, i think that the lone wolf problem is one that we have to invest more time and more resources into combatting. when i met with the distinguished group of national security experts, as i said, both democratic and republican administration experiences, they made a very strong point that the recruitment and radicalization that goes on online has to be much more vigorously intercepted and prevented. i have been saying this for
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quite some time and i believe it's an important part of our strategy. the other point they made is that the recruiters for isis and these other terrorist groups look for people who, online, demonstrate the mental profile, the level of paranoia, the level of delusion, the level of disappointment that then is exploited by quite able terrorist recruiters. so we've got to do a much more intensive effort and that's why i mentioned silicon valley in my remarks. not only to take down terrorist propaganda but to do everything we can to intercept and prevent radicalization and recruitment. and i think we are at the beginning of that, but there's much more we need to do and the government cannot do this without the close participation of tech companies and experts online who can give us the tools
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and lead us to those who are attempting to promote attacks like we've seen. hi, jennifer. >> are you concerned this weekend's attacks or potential incidences in the coming weeks might be an attempt by isis or isis sympathizers or any other group, maybe russian, to influence the presidential race in some way? and presumably try to drive votes to donald trump who, as you said before, widely seen as perhaps being somebody who they would be more willing to or see as an easier person to beat against? >> jennifer, i don't want to speculate but here's what we know and i think it's important for voters to hear this and weigh it in making their choice in november. we know that a lot of the rhetoric we've heard from donald trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular, isis,
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because they are looking to make this into a war against islam. rather than a war against jihadists, violent terrorists, people who number in the maybe tens of thousands, not the tens of millions, they want to use that to recruit more fighters to their cause. by turning it into a religious conflict. that's why i have been very clear, we're going after the bad guys and we're going to get them, but we're not going to the entire religion and give isis exactly what it's wanting in order for them to enhance their position. secondly, we know that donald trump's comments have been used online for recruitment of terrorists. we've heard that from former cia director michael hayden who made it a very clear point when he said donald trump is being used as a recruiting sergeant for the
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terrorists. we also know from the former head of our counterterrorism sister, matt olson, that the kinds of rhetoric and language that mr. trump has used is giving aid and comfort to our adversaries. as i said in my remarks, i'm the only candidate in this race who's been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield. what does that mean? i was part of the national security team that worked with president obama to develop strategies to fight the terrorists. sometimes that involved direct kinetic action, sometimes working with allies and partners. sometimes that involved capture. i won't get into classified information but i have sat at that table in the situation room. i've analyzed the threats. i've contributed to actions that have neutralized our enemies.
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i know how to do this. and i understand how we don't want this to get even bigger than it already is. so we're going to stay focused on what will work and how we deploy a strategy that will protect america, work with our al li allies and partners to take isis down and have a strong counterterrorism effort online in order to try to defeat the ideology that stands behind these terrorist attacks. >> secretary clinton, as you know, donald trump has had a lot to say about your record on this issue over the weekend. here's one more example. under the leadership of obama and clinton, americans have experienced more attacks at home than victories abroad. time to change the play book. what's your reaction to that characterization? >> like so much else he says. it's not grounded in fact. it's meant to make some kind of
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demagogic point. the facts are clear. we still have challenges. that's what i've been talking about throughout this campaign. i am prepared to, ready to actually take on those challenges. not engage in a lot of irresponsible reckless rhetoric, but to do the hard work, as i've done before, to put into place the strategies for local and state law enforcement, for an intelligence surge. for the kind of preventative actions that we need to take here at home and to intensify our efforts to defeat isis. you don't hear a plan from him. he said he has a secret plan. secret is, he has no plan. let's focus on what we really can do and what i've laid out is a path forward that will keep us safer, protect our country, and go after the terrorists to
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finally destroy them. thank you guys. >> clinton making a statement and then being asked questions about the war on terror and specifically, what's going on now in new york and new jersey and the ongoing hunt for a suspect in the case of the chelsea bomb that went off but also possible links to what we saw not just on 24th but 27th street and the two locations in new jersey. still with me, new york republican congressman peter king a member of the homeland security committee and chairman of the subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence. thank you for sitting and listening to that with us, congressman. i want to ask you about some of what hillary clinton had to say in the big picture in the war on terror but given your position, given obviously that you're a new yorker, you have a lot of experience in this. you were in congress for 9/11. let me ask you about this case in particular and start with whether or not you believe that this is a lone wolf or potentially a cell and obviously the concern that people have whether it's domesticated or
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regular citizens, is there one guy out there armed and dangerous on the loose or a group of people who want to do harm to america? >> at the crime scene yesterday, i was down there with governor cuomo and it's a miracle no one was killed. let's leave it at that. but as far as law enforcement and the fbi, my understanding as of late yesterday and this morning is that they definitely thought it was more than one person and i still believe that's the operating theory. i know jonathan thinks maybe going back to one. may be right but i know that law enforcement felt pretty confident last night it was more than one person and they're very concerned about the fact it's in two different states. this is the first time we've had attacks carried out simultaneously in two different states by what appears to be the same person or the same group. their concern is it's more than one person, that it could be a cell or a group of people and that there could be other bombs out there and other operatives and more attacks planned but that's what they want to head off.
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>> do you look at this largely as an unsuccessful attack? we had one detonation, fortunately, to one killed but you had 29 people hurt in chelsea or do you think this might be some or the of test or dry run for something even bigger? >> well, it was successful to the extent they were able to plant the bombs and didn't go off successfully but it was successful to the extent they were able to penetrate and get the bombs there. now, as far as whether or not this was a decoy, whether or not this was a test, that is certainly being considered by the fbi and the nypd, to see how, you know, law enforcement will respond. how they would gather and come together. that's all out there. there's no really easy answers in the first instance on these cases. there's always a concern. is this a set-up? are they just planning for the future? right now, i'm not aware of any evidence that indicates that but it certainly wouldn't be ruled out. >> i was down at the scene yesterday as well. i'm sure you witnessed the very heavy police presence that was
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there. we know that the governor has called in a thousand additional bodies. police officers, national guard. hillary clinton just said we are well equipped to meet this challenge. do you feel confident right now, even as police are looking for a suspect or suspects, congressman? >> i have tremendous confidence in the nypd and fbi and the new york joint terrorism. i do agree with hillary clinton to this extent. brennan said the threats are greater than any time since september 11 and i disagree with her when she puts emphasis on building trust with the muslim community. they have no reason not to trust the police and when we were attacked on 9/11, that was after eight years of bill clinton being president and bill clinton was in no way responsible. he deployed troops in the 1990s to protect muslims in bosnia and kosovo. so listen, it's not going to be the handshake of a friendship
7:26 am
that's going to bring muslim americans outside. he have to cooperate with the police more and we need more intelligence. to get more intelligence, you have to do that by surveillance, undercov under-covers and whether it's the irish or the italians and the mafia, that's how you do it. we shouldn't be pandering to political correctness. more intelligence and do that by more surveillance. >> she talked about an intelligence surge but as americans look at this. >> the intelligence surge but going in the other direction. she should be encouraging more surveillance. she should be encouraging more undercovers and not pandering to say somehow the police are pressing muslims. they're not. they're trying to get the job done and being resisted by leaders in the muslim community. >> it brings this question of terrorism and national security back into the forefront a week away from the first debate. she just made the argument and lot have made it about the experienced question. she said, i sat in the room and
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listened to the intelligence, analyzed the data. you've done it as well. you know what it is and the complexity of what's happening. she has been a person who has been a part of those tough decisions. when you look at that experience versus donald trump who often says he's going to surround himself with competent people but has not been in the room, not analyzed that data, does that change the equation for you about how either you support donald trump or understanding how people will reevaluate their support based on experience? >> it doesn't. hillary clinton was in the room during those years and now the head of the cia said the threats are worse now than 15 years ago. so that to me shows the obama policies were not a success. you listen to a lot of unsuccessful policies and i think the fact that the president is always saying what he's not going to do, that's been a failure. when he said he's going to use ground troops, you never tell
7:28 am
the enemy what you're going to do or the president talking about oppression of muslims and denial of civil liberties and untrue. the way he constantly talks about guantanamo and torture, that gives the enemy incentive to come against us if anything. >> does it make you uncomfortable that donald trump got out ahead of police and got out ahead of the mayor in saying obama we a bomb went off within minutes before statements had been made by public officials? >> no, common sense, the word was an explosion came from a garbage can. turned out to be a dumpster. the only explosion would be some type of explosive device or bomb, so to me, that's not something to make uncomfortable. the police didn't announce it until after 11:00. i have great regard for commissioner o'neil but hesitate in making it public.
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but everyone knew this was definitely a bomb, not a gas leak and not some kids enjoying themselves on the saturday night. >> congressman peter king, thank you so much for taking the time and sitting through the hillary clinton press conference with us. armed and dangerous. a manhunt under way as investigators search for this man. a 28-year-old u.s. citizen, ahmed khan ramadi. a key suspect. what kind are agents looking for? i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump.
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when age-related macular have degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula that the national eye institute recommends to help reduce theisk of progression of moderate to advanced amd... after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. a couple of new pieces of information here. nypd will update us at 12:30 with a press conference on what happened in manhattan. we also have the latest breaking news from elizabeth, new jersey, outside the home of ahmed khan rahami and law enforcement is continuing as we speak. morgan bradford closely following those developments. morgan, what's going on in
7:33 am
elizabeth? >> reporter: chris, they're calling that suspect armed, dangerous, and on the loose. and this is where he lived. i want to show you his home. you see where it says first american fried chicken? fbi is raiding the second floor currently. you can see the home above there and the reporters right here and that's where i want to show you they just hauled away a car that we believe now is in connection with that suspect. take a look at that video. but i want to explain what brought us to this moment. this is where authorities were brought here because of what happened last night. last night just a few minutes from where i'm standing, there was a pipe bomb that exploded inside of a backpack that was left at an elizabeth train station. it was discovered when two men happened upon this backpack and the tmayor thought there were valuables inside but instead, it was wires and a bomb. the authorities began to cut through one of the bombs, one of the five bombs inside that single backpack. exploded about 300 feet from a nearby pub and now authorities
7:34 am
are combing through the surveillance footage from that pub. the mayor said if that bomb had, in fact, exploded during a busy time of night, people could have been maimed and lives could have been taken. our own pete williams is reporting there was a fingerprint that was found on one of the devices, picked up either in new york or in seaside, new jersey, and that is what led authorities right here to elizabeth, new jersey and to that suspect, chris. >> morgan radford, thank you. bernard kairk and msnbc law enforcement analyst and former special agent in charge for the atf, jim cavanaugh. good to see both of you. commissioner, let me start with you. we were just having a conversation sometimes we joke about see something, say something. it had a big impact here. tell me what you see as you look at where this investigation stands now. >> well, i think the nypd and the fbi and new jersey authorities have done a
7:35 am
tremendous job. >> they moved quickly. less than 4 ho8 hours, got the e and picture. >> around the clock work. that's been very successful to date. i think there's more players involved. >> you don't think this is a lone wolf? >> no, i don't think this is a lone wolf. you're talking, five, seven, maybe eight devices that were put together by this guy and others. you know, this material can be picked up in home depot, grocery stores and things like that but somebody had to put it all together and i don't think he did it on his own. >> jim cavanaugh, what kind of information is going to lead police to tell them something different than frankly we saw within the early hours of this investigation that new york and new jersey were not likely related now, of course, they're looking at things like the cell phone, the flip phones on these devices. what else would tell them that there's some kind of connection and what might have led them to this suspect? >> well, what's led them there is the fingerprint, as pete
7:36 am
williams reported, but what shows -- >> well, that indicates then, he would be in the system. if they found a fingerprint and that led them to this suspect, that obviously means that he was known, at least on some level, right? >> well, it just might mean the fingerprint from his citizenship naturalization, not necessarily that he was in a terrorist database, and what happened is, you know, the al qaeda inspired magazine page 40 outlines the exact pipe bombs in seaside park, multiple pipe bombs, external wirings. same in elizabeth and the next paragraph said and even better is to make pressure cooker bombs. the pressure cooker bombs, the cell phone triggers on the other two bombs, these would be sophisticated triggering mechanisms by an amateur unsophisticat unsophisticated bomber. in the hands of a practiced bomber, these are sophisticated. the cell phone could be used as a timer or to call and detonate
7:37 am
the bomb as a power source and packed with ball bearings or bbs and the explosive pillar. >> we know that there was shrapnel or some sort of bbs and we saw some of the people who got hurt in chelsea with pieces of metal coming out of them, commissioner. is there a sense there had to be training either traveling to a place like afghanistan or connection to somebody if this is -- >> i tell you, it's pretty mature to say right now, but as your guests says, "inspired magazine" and the other isis training manuals, they have all this stuff in there. the material is not hard to find. not hard to put together. but like i said, i just think you're going to find more than one guy doing this involved in this plan. >> would you agree with that? do you think, jim, that this indicates when you have this
7:38 am
many devices in these different locations, the likelihood is that it's more than one person. >> yes, chris, i agree with commissioner on that. the logistics, just to do it. it could be one, all of this could be done by one but i agree it's two or more. here's the danger now. the suspect that's been released is rahami. he's in fight or flight or plight that may result in fight sort of like the tsarnaev brothers and one of the danger signs here is the explosives found on 23rd street was tanarite, the explosive filler in seaside height was black powder. those are almost exclusively sold at gunshots, shooting ranges, maybe gun shows. so this guy by that information is likely at gun shows, shooting ranges, and target shooting places and could very well have firearms and in fight or flight
7:39 am
mode, could very well see a firearms attack and the fbi and the authorities are putting out, he's armed and dangerous. they know this information. the guy's manic. it's going to be harder to place bombs now if you're on the run. where are you in a car, the confederate's house? but i agree with the commissioner. i think there's two or more likely, but he's in fight or flight, probably been at gun shops by the evidence we know. it's a dangerous time. this guy could take a suicidal or homicidal attack on a soft target as his path to glory. so it's imperative if he is spotted, apprehended. >> we're almost out of time but i want to ask the commissioner really quickly. you've got an extra thousand people that have been brought in by governor cuomo, state troopers, national guard. what do they add to it and how difficult do you think it's going to be to track this guy. >> the u.n. sgeneral assembly, all over the world to come into the city. >> many of them already here.
7:40 am
they're going to solidify and secure manhattan. they'll be looking for devices and suspicious activity but it's extremely important as we said in the beginning, for the general public, if you see something, don't be afraid to notify the police. let them know what you saw and go look at it. >> if he's from elizabeth, new jersey, chances are, he's probably more likely there? >> not when you're on the run. like jim said, he's in flight. he wants to get away from the authorities and will do everything in his power to do that and the other thing i'll be worried about is if he has accomplices, where are they? >> that is the key question. how many, where are they? bernard keric, thank you and jim cavanaugh as well. a manhunt on the ground and online. federal officials looking for clues inside the home of ahmed khan rahami. pete williams will join us with the very latest next. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses.
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we are back with breaking news on the search for the suspect wanted for that weekend bombing. new york. also, new jersey. take a look, this is the man who is the subject of an intense policeman hunt right now, identified as 28-year-old ahmad raha rahami, a u.s. citizen of afghan descent from elizabeth, new jersey and police searching for this car. a 2003 blue honda civic with new jersey plates d63-eyb. you've been finding out, a fingerprint found. what else? >> they've been hunting for him for the past 14 hours or so and after searching how stopping a car and decided to make his name public and seek help in finding him. authorities said he can be seen in surveillance video from both the new york city locations. this is a still frame released this morning by the new jersey
7:45 am
state police from one of those surveillance videos at one of the new york city bombing locations. they also say that that fingerprint found on one of the unexploded bombs played an important role here and then you may remember that two of the devices did not go off. the pressure cooker on 27th street in new york and then the pipe bomb cluster that was planted in new jersey on saturday at the 5k race, that one sort of fizzled out, only one of those pipe bombs partly exploded. so you've got cell phones from both of those devices that you were used as timers and power sources. information from those cell phones was also helpful. obviously, the bomber thought that the devices would go off as this one did this morning in new jersey when they were trying to disable it. and that would destroy any parts of it. so the fact that those two devices were more or less in tact has been a huge help for evidence in this case. the family home was searched
7:46 am
overnight in new jersey. members of his family stopped and questioned and as you say, now, police are on the lookout for the blue honda civic. >> pete williams, thanks so much. i know you'll keep us posted as you learn more but next, we'll talk about the politics of terror. how will the search for a u.s. citizen wanted in these multiple bombing attempts impact what is already a tight presidential race? we just heard from hillary clinton. we'll hear from donald trump later today. we're live on the trail next. un. un. we have to be very precise. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now. from design through production, siemens technology helps manufacturers meet critical deadles. i think is'll be our biggest flavor yet. when you only have one shot, you need a whole lot of ingenuity.
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here we are. national security once again center stage in the presidential race with the debate, the very first debate just a week from today. hillary clinton and donald trump responding to the events of this weekend with sharp contrast. clinton initially more subdued
7:50 am
and moments ago calling the incident apparent acts of terrorism. >> we choose resolve, not fear. we will not turn on each other or undermine our values. we'll stand together because we are stronger together in the face of this threat and every other challenge. >> she outlined what she would do earlier this morning. trump was pressed for specifics on how he would fight global terrorism. >> well, we're going to have to do something extremely tough over there. okay. >> like what? >> like knock the hell out of them. we have to get everybody together and lead for a change because we're hitting them every once in a while, in certain places, we're being very gentle about it. we're going to have to be tough and others devastated far more than we are and get them together. it's called leadership and they have to fight. >> with me now, nbc's katy tur
7:51 am
and kristen welker who covered the campaign. knock the hell out of them. what are the specifics we know about what donald trump has said he'll do and will we hear from him later again today? >> reporter: we don't hear a lot of specifics on what he will do with his plan to fight isis. he's maintained over and over he wants to be unpredictable and that's why he's not giving any details. he has said in the past though he would listen to his generals, unclear if that would be in addition to being unpredictable and if that's what he would do and heard him multiple times. you heard fox news, he said he'll knock the hell out of them. that's something he says at rallies too, knock the hell out of isis. and the muslim ban. the local officers know who these people are, presumably the terrorists, many people. and afraid to act because
7:52 am
they're afraid to be accused of profiling. presumably, donald trump would try to reenact an ability for officers to do that, to racially profile. >> outside of trump tower. the clinton campaign. so interested in these recent polls, kristen. they give voters, give trump the edge on terrorism but then giving clinton the better commander of chief. i'm curious how they view this national security debate especially as they're heading into that critically important debate next monday. >> reporter: well, they say those polls that you mentioned underscore how sharply divided this nation is. secretary clinton's strategy is to really try to differentiate herself from donald trump in terms of her response. the fact that he came out this weekend and referred to this as a bomb before law enforcement officials had said that, secretary clinton dinged him for
7:53 am
that. today, she slammed him for the fact he doesn't have a plan, what katy tur was just talking about and then proceeded to map out her plan which includes an intelligence surge and doing more to try to track down lone wolves and she also criticized him for his rhetoric, chris, today in that press conference indicating he is becoming a tool to recruit more terrorists. take to look to what she had to say. >> that the kinds of rhetoric and language that mr. trump has used is giving aid and comfort to our adversaries. now, look, as i said in my remarks, i'm the only candidate in this race who's been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the battlefield. >> reporter: she tried to express the experience she has had serving as secretary of state. it cuts both ways because donald trump says that it is the very
7:54 am
clinton/obama foreign policy that contributed to what we're seeing now. that's something she has to answer for in the debate but certainly a renewed focus on national security just one week out from the debate. and i would say secretary clinton is going to be here at temple university. her aim, courting millennial voters and not meeting the benchmark she would like to with millennial voters. a lot veer towards gary johnson and this terror incident taking away from some of the attention she was hoping to put on energizing millennials here. >> kristen welker at the scene of where hillary clinton will be a little bit later. senior digital editor cal perry. i understand you have new information including an interview with neighbors of the suspect's family. >> exactly. so we've been tracking down, first, the restaurant, that chicken restaurant we've been talking to neighbors and folks affiliated with the restaurant. we were able to speak to jorge vasquez who owns jk signs.
7:55 am
they do a lot of printing for the restaurant and the menus for the restaurant. the headline coming out of that was nothing suspicious. the family pretty secluded and ca kept to themselves but nothing out of the ordinary to report on that front. a spokesman from middlesex college, rahami majored in criminal justice and did not graduate. again, nothing to flag authorities with there as we sort of piece this together. this is exactly, of course, what authorities are going to be doing. not only going through the neighborhood in elizabeth, new jersey. we know they searched that se residence above the chicken restaurant but also tracking down where rahami went to school but know middlesex college from 2010 to 2012, chris.
7:56 am
>> cal perry, thank you for that new information. >> senior partner at flash point. good to see you, evan, as you look particularly at this suspect, what strikes you? >> look, it's not that easy to build these devices. they are out there with instructions but most of the people end up blowing their hands off. only a few people have actually succeeded with this. what's interesting about these individuals behind the attacks is not only did they build these devices but what's remarkable, they seem to be much more proficient at building than planting them. each time these would-be attacks took place, there was a lot of effort put into building these devices but planting them, there was a lot of detail left to want. in the same inspired magazines that show you how to build these devices, they tell you where to put them and these guys ig who
7:57 am
ared ignored all of those pieces of device. >> would you suspect that, because police are in the apartment right now, investigators are in his apartment in elizabeth, new jersey, looking obviously. one of the key things is whatever online footprint would you expect to find a lot of clues on the computer there? >> yeah. i mean, it certainly looks like it to me. based on the profile, it doesn't look like a foreign training camp but may have learned how to do this on the internet and i think we have to understand more about mr. rahami and what his motivations were. there are some reports his family may have had negative interactions with the local law enforcement. this man may have had very personal reasons for doing this, aside from just isis or al qaeda. and i think it's important we understand that that full pan of issues that went into this before we make a judgment on whether or not this is an international terrorism, i think it's premature to say it's isis because isis already claimed credit for an attack this weekend. the attack up in minnesota. they said absolutely nothing about what happened in new york, nothing about any of these
7:58 am
attacks. isis can claim these attacks immediately. they know what their followers are doing. if they haven't claimed credit for this yet, there's a reason. maybe it's early. but it certainly doesn't look like it's isis or certainly doesn't look like it was isis from directed from above. >> we have only about a minute left but we were talking earlier with experts and the commissioner, commissioner kerik about what he would be doing now, what his mindset would be, the whole fight or flight kind of mentality. knowing what you know about these kinds of people who would perpetrate this kind of attack, what do you think his mindset is right now? how tough is it going to be to find this guy? >> it's hard to say, but there are some clues we can follow here. certainly, this looks like a guy who's scared. this last explosive device that was discovered in elizabeth, new jersey, looks like discarded there in a hurry. not planted there. this guy looks like he's on the run right now and based on the effect he didn't attempt to
7:59 am
carry out a suicide attack or his associates, this might not someone looking to go down in a hail of bullets but looking for publicity. he wouldn't be the first person to run from the police rather than try to fight with then. i mean, we think about what happened in san bernardino but equally relevant to think about what happened in new york in 2010 when you have an individual recruited by the pakistani taliban to carry out the car bombing in time square and when it didn't go as planned, he ran. he didn't try to fight, he ran. >> the city bombers as well. evan cole man, always good to talk you, thanks, evan. ha that's going to wrap up this hour. tamron hall? >> thank you very much, chris. we continue to follow the breaking news out of new york and new jersey. right now, here's what we can tell you. the manhunt is on for this man. his name is ahmad khan rahami. he's 28 years old.
8:00 am
authorities say he is armed and dangerous. and he's believed to be driving a 2003 blue honda civic with new jersey license plate number d-63 eyb. he's a naturalized u.s. citizen born in afghanistan. at this hour, authorities are searching his last known residence. that is in elizabeth, new jersey, which is about 20 miles from where a bomb exploded in the chelsea neighborhood and where a second bomb was found. elizabeth, new jersey, also where thorlauthorities found a backpack. one of those bombs actually exploded accidentally as police robot tried to disarm that device. it's an intense manhunt as a result.


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