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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 19, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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park, new jersey, where the unsuccessful pipe bomb was planted in the trash can for the people who were not following this over the weekend. one bomb was placed along the run that was to raise money for the marine corps. the start was delayed because so many people turned out. at 9:30 a bomb went off in seaside park in a trash can. it didn't successfully detonate entirely. it didn't cause much damage. fortunately it was a dud. nobody was there at the time. that's one scene. then you have the two scenes in new york. the biggest one, of course, is on 23rd street where the device did go off. that's pretty well opened up now. it was a huge chore. there were hundreds of pieces spread all over the sidewalk, blown up onto the tops of window sills of buildings. all the evidence had to be
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gathered, cataloged, noted where it was found, what the description was, photographed and sent down to the fbi crime lab in quantico. a massive undertaking but something bomb investigators know how to do. it is routine they start it in. now we have multiple scenes where you are looking at video of what they say is ahmad rahami being loaded into an ambulance. in new jersey where the home was searched, where cars were towed and where bombs went off this morning as police were trying to render them safe near the train station. >> joining us with the lates now is andrew cuomo. i know how difficult this is. your job is to help coordinate all of the law enforcement and they have done a remarkable job.
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>> well, that's the silver lining here. it's good to be with you. i think it is an important and powerful signal. we said yesterday when this started if there is an act of terrorism in new york we are going to apprehend the person or people who did it and we'll do it quickly. justice will move swiftly. we have the best police force, i believe, on the globe. especially the collaboration we put together. when you look at what's been done in less than two days. i called the chief from the linden police department. wished him the best. his two officers congratulated him on heads-up police work. the fbi, the nypd, the new york state police found the second bomb. this was an extraordinary effort with an extraordinary result. i think it should have a
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chilling effect on what people think of this. we used to have a sign above new york. don't even think about it. new york has the best protection. if you commit an act of terror here, you will be caught. you will be convicted. that's exactly what happened here. i'm proud of new yorkers. they went back to work today. we are not going to allow the terrorists to intimidate us. that's what they want. they would win to the extent they can distract from our lifestyle they win. it's not in new yorkers' dna to be intimidated. we got right back to work today. i'm proud of how new yorkers handled themselves and i'm proud of how the police handled themselves. now you will see the investigation really begin. the question is going to be was
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this a lone wolf? were there other people working with him? were there other connections? that will be the next leg of the investigation. you know, in some ways the apprehension commences the investigation. >> so far what do we think? what do law enforcement people think? that it was a lone wolf or part of a larger cell? >> it's early for that. you know there were people on videotape with rahami. there were other people accompanying him. what does it mean? nobody is sure. that will just begin now. was he doing it on his own, with accomplices? were they local accomplices? was there a foreign connection? those are questions that have to be tackled going forward.
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>> what's the level of safety and security here in new york with the u.n., with the president, the vice president, cabinet members, foreign leaders. this is always difficult just to get around. what is the level of security now? >> i will tell you. there has never been more police and security than there is in new york today. first as you pointed out with the u.n. general assembly, you have heightened security normally. the mayor increased nypd security. i brought in national guard and police. the federal government increased the homeland security force. you have the highest concentration of police and security we have seen. that's the good news. the bad news is the traffic is probably worse than you have ever seen at the same time.
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but given the u.n. general assembly plus the past few days we wanted to err on the side of caution. maybe an abundance of caution especially now that the person is apprehended. the security is very, very tight, as you can imagine. >> already hillary clinton and donald trump taking firing verbally at each other over the issue. this is a critical event at a critical moment. 50 days to go with an election on the line. the blame game has begun. >> you would like to think an event like this wouldn't be politicized. unfortunately this is now the silly season of politics and presidential election. this silly season is silly season on steroids. basically a crazy season. i'm not shocked that it would be
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politicized. also i'm not sure that it's not relevant to the discussion. you have a situation like this. the question comes to mind who would you want to have as president to handle a situation like this. you know i support hillary clinton. i was part of bill clinton's cabinet. i worked with hillary clinton for eight years. but i believe that experience matters. you need to know how to run a government. you get into an airplane, you need a pilot who knows how to fly. i don't believe this rhetoric. well, we just need someone new, someone different. no. you need someone who knows what they are doing. you need leadership. this is not all intuitive. it is not all common sense. you have to have the experience and wisdom to handle a situation like this, especially when it comes to international
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relations. hillary clinton, in some ways, has spent a lifetime study iing exactly this and that matters. i have been in the federal government. you really need to know what you're doing. the thought that a person with no knowledge of government is best equipped to manage it is just naive. >> finally do you have a message for our muslim-american neighbors and friends? what's your concern, if any, about the possibility of profiling as donald trump suggested the police should be doing more of. what about concern about incidents and other effects because of the ethnicity of the immigrant? >>. >> that's always been the great balance. we cannot lose who we are in an
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effort to protect this country. we are a nation of immigrants. in new york we have the statue of liberty in our harbor. my people came from italy. poor, uneducated. that's what america is about. that's what new york especially is all about. we can't lose that acceptance of people. in an effort to protect and preserve what america is all about. so muslims, people from all different religions, that's not what this is about. it is about terrorism. it is about people who wish this country harm. that has nothing to do with any particular religion. >> we thank you very much. thank you so much, governor, for being with us today.
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taking over now, my colleague chris jansing. >> thank you so much. you asked the key question which is were there other people working with the suspect, is there still danger out there? are there people they need to apprehend? any moment now we'll get a live news conference from new york officials. that will be a key question we want answered. after this dramatic new development on that terror investigation in new york and new jersey. authorities apprehended a suspect after the shootout in linden. you can see on your screen new video moment afc the capture showing the suspect on a stretcher wheeled into an ambulance. he's at the hospital now. from new jersey to washington. i want to start with ayman mohyeldin who is in linden, new jersey where ahmad khan rahami was arrested. you were there as this was
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unfolding. what's the latest at this hour? >> reporter: the situation now is it is very much an active investigation. we have been speaking to police officers here in particular the captain of the linden police department. he walked us through what happened. we arrived shortly after the gunshot -- the shootout rather, unfolded. police are still walking through the scene connecting bullet casings. this is what we have learned to captain james sarnicki. he told us this morning around 10:30 a.m. the owner of a local bar was coming and he noticed an individual sleeping in the doorway of the bar. he immediately was call -- immediately called police. two police officers responded. as one of the police officers
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approached the man who was sleeping at the doorway he recognized him immediately. the police captain told us he was able to recognize that it was ahmad khan rahami from the beard he had and fl the clothing he had on. he tried to wake up the individual saying, show us your hands. according to the police captain rahami pulled out what he described as a small handgun, shot at the police officer. the police officer returned fire and the suspect took off running down the street. the police gave a foot chase. it's about a hundred meters or so to where rahami was shot. we understand according to the captain that he was shot multiple times. one of them in the leg. he was taken away. she was conscious at the scene. rahami was alive, conscious, awake when taken from the scene. what we have been able to gather from eyewitnesses telling us
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again that there was a shootout that took place around 10:30 a.m. when police found him outside the bar. in terms of the police officers, one was shot in the abdomen. according to the captain he was wearing tactical gear. so he is not receiving any immediate life-threatening care or anything. he's okay. the other police officer was slightly injured as a result of shrapnel and bullets flying. he, too, is okay. >> you have this dramatic shootout. they get the guy, take him to the hospital where he was. all of that was happening. at his apartment just miles away in elizabeth, new jersey, there were whole teams of investigators inside his apartment. pete williams, nbc news justice correspondent has been working his sources to see what's going on inside the apartment. i understand they have found bomb-make materials there.
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>> the initial impression is what was found is consistent with the devices in new york and new jersey. to separate the timeline a little bit here. rahami was identified internally among law enforcement as a suspect sometime late sunday and they decided at that point that they would do a search of the residence. they did it this morning. they also decided to stop members of the family who were near the narrow bridge in the new york area. they questioned them. it was after that they decided to publically name rahami and put out the plea for helping him -- to help in finding him. that was about 7:30 this morning. all that subsequent detail about what happened in linden, new jersey, happened after the
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search was connected. they are not directly connected but it is part of the effort to gather evidence on rahami. >> the other thing we heard from ayman, you can see in the video he appears to be conscious as he was taken away. what are your sources telling you about how quickly they could question him? >> i don't know the answer to that question. he undoubtedly doesn't have a lawyer yet. he'll be given a miranda warning and asked if he'll answer questions. we don't know whether he's going to do it or not. surprisingly it may seem people in his situation do decide to answer questions from the police. they want to talk about what they have done. whether he's doing it now, whether he's still receiving care for his wounds or what the timeline is, i don't know. they will want to question him. ultimately he has to be presented before a federal judge
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or federal magistrate within 48 hours of being taken into detention. that's the federal rule. he'll have an initial appearance or presentment before a magistrate here i would think maybe late today or tomorrow. we believe the charges will be filed in manhattan, in new york, in the southern district. >> pete williams thank you very much for the late-breaking information. now to morgan radford outside the hospital where rahami was taken after he was apprehended. what new details, if any, do we have about the suspect's condition? >> right now we are at the university hospital in newark. we do know that 28-year-old suspect is inside. the university officials would not give us any further information about the status. as you heard ayman describe the dramatic rescue and also the dramatic shootout. he was brought here alert and awake. that's what we do know.
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we'll take you back because the evidence the fbi is using to collect at the scene they are using to inform their knowledge of what's happening here. the bomb went off near the new jersey train station. that's as police officers were called to the scene. two men discovered a backpack. they weren't sure if there were valuables. when they looked inside. police came to try to detonate one of the five bombs inside the single backpack. the mayor said it was 300 feet from a local pub. if it had gone off as intended there could have been devastation when it came to the casualties and people could have been maimed in the heavily populated area. then we moved to where the fbi investigated his home. pete mentioned some of the findings in the home. we know there was a lawsuit filed about five years ago from the family. if you look at the second floor of the home that's where investigators were today.
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just beneath it is a fried chicken restaurant that belongs to the family. five years ago that family issued a lawsuit. it is under the name muhammed and the name of the two younger brothers. they said five years ago they were being harassed by people saying they as muslims brought negative energy to the neighborhood. a local freelance camera man in coordination with local police saying they violated and didn't close on time. the 28-year-old suspect is currently inside university hospital behind me. >> thank you so much. i want to go to evan coleman and senior partner at the private intelligence firm. you and i talked about three hours ago. a lot has happened. they got the guy in custody. they know about the lawsuit. as they look at the online presence which is so important in all of these cases, what are
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you looking at and what will they be looking at to give them an indication of whether or not this is somebody who worked alone. we saw that, for example, in the cases of the boston bombers in san bernardino it doesn't take many people to cause a lot of damage or whether or not this is potentially a cell. >> especially given the discovery of bomb making ingredients or lab at the residence that will amp up the search for potential online directions. one of the questions is who built the devices. him, somebody else. how did he do it. if these were built at home whether it was him or others the likelihood is that was built off at least some kind of schematic off the internet. the next question is did they get instructions, information or very specific directions about how to use the devices, about where to use them and were they in communication with them.
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there was a guy working for isis in syria. he specialized in reaching out to people over the internet using twitter, other social media and grooming them for terrorist attacks. what's interesting is we still don't have a claim of responsibility from isis, al qaeda, nobody. it is odd. we have a claim of responsibility already from isis for the knife attack. if they are going to claim a knife attack they would claim multiple bombing attempts in new york city and other areas. if this is isis, it is unusual. the indication is leaning towards an individual doing this partly by himself, maybe with a small group. there aren't obvious connections to an international terrorist organization surfacing. maybe that's to come. we are not seeing evidence at
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all of that now. >> there is a box at the bottom of the screen. a new york terror briefing is scheduled for ten minutes from now. we hope to get a lot of the outstanding questions or details about exactly how this capture happened answered. in the meantime and as we are waiting to hear what the latest thinking is about whether they are searching for other people. it's remarkable. my phone beeped. millions of people in the manhattan, new jersey area got information about this guy. could get a picture of the guy on their cell phones. they were able to get him quickly. there is a question about how do you prevent something like this from happening. we know a lot of it has to do with online presence. hillary clinton was talking today about working more closely with folks in silicon valley. how tough is it to stop something like this before it gets to where it got?
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>> it is very difficult. it is extremely difficult to stop a lone wolf actor intent on hurting other people. especially if they have the capability of acquiring and building devices like this. you look at donald trump and other politicians about solving this problem. hit who, hit where. there is no indication they were directed by anyone in syria. hitting anyone in syria or iraq, what good does it do stopping someone like this. what's more is the more you are scratching into the background, the more there is a variety of different motives that went into the person doing this. he had animus toward law enforcement already. i think we have to be careful here. there are a lot of things we can do to alleviate the situation. removing al qaeda from the battlefield is one thing. that won't stop lone wolf extremists. it is important to remember not
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all lone wolf extremists are jihadists. what about dylan ruff? other people who aren't jihadists are capable of hurting people. they are online but it is difficult to tell when someone goes from consuming the propaganda to being willing to hurt innocent people. that's a big step. >> it is also as we look at the motive and psychology and so much has been studied about this in the last couple of decades, somebody does he want attention. does he want to be the hero. here you have a guy out in public. has to know that the entire new york/new jersey area is looking for him. he's all over the front pages of newspapers on television and he was out there. this goes into whether or not this is an individual who had accomplices. if this guy had a nest and a
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wide network he knew the state of new york and the fbi were chasing after him why would he be sleeping in the front doorstep of a bar in public? that's a very easy way to get caught. it certainly doesn't suggest he had a wide variety of options to hide. he literally was hiding by lying in the middle of the street. when the police confronted him, he shot at them but he ran. he didn't try to blow himself up. he didn't try a suicide operation. he ran. that's not what we saw in san bernardino. bef seen other terrorists like that. people also tend to be lone wolf extremists. >> we are going to the nbc investigative reporter here. we'll go to the press conference for the latest on the investigation. >> from nypd, tommy galatti,
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bobby boyes, carlos gomez, ben tucker. we have vanessa gibson from city council. cy vance from the manhattan d.a. office. john miller and bill sweeney from the fbi. it's an a busy two days. obviously. many people worked intensity, tirelessly, seamlessly in the investigation into the bombings that occurred in new york city and new jersey. came out successful. today our efforts were successful. thanks to the brave police officers from the linden, new jersey, police department. they captured this dangerous individual ahmad rahami. in doing so we had two police officers injured out in linden, new jersey. i wish them a speedy recovery. this is another example of what law enforcement does every day. they put themselves in harm's way to protect others regardless
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of the risks. it started on saturday. went down to the scene on 23rd street to see the devastation from the blast. the response, from the fbi. the atf, port authority, the state police. they all went to the danger. for my first day on the job. certainly not my first day on the job. so proud of what i saw. the work that was done and how it was done together. all the agencies, the level of cooperation was impressive. we are joined today by the assistant director in charge bill sweeney. he'll give details about the investigation. you need to understand this case is very much active. our primary focus is to identify and apprehend the person responsible for the crimes. we have the suspect in custody. the investigation can focus on
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other aspects such as whether the individual acted alone and what his motivations may have been. before turning this over to mayor deblasio, i want to offer my thanks to those who work exceptionally in bringing this individual to justice. it is a tough way to start as police commissioner. i have been so proud to be a member of the agency in the police department. >> thank you so much. >> i want to say the first responders from the beginning of the situation performed with extraordinary skill and courage. our state and federal partners, i want to thank them all. i share a deep concern for the officers in new jersey. we are hoping they will have a speedy recovery. this is a situation where we have rapidly unfolding information. you are going to hear some from
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us now. i'm sure there will be more to say in the coming days. there are some things we are not going to be able to talk about. i want to say it up front. we'll tell you what we can give you. i want to note up front president obama wanted me to tell the people of new york city how much he admired the resilience. how our people handled with strength and resilience. it was impressive that they are back to business today. in addition the president offered his congratulations to our first responders for all they had done. as i said we have a lot more information coming in all the time. we have so much more information than we had a few hours ago. based on the information we have now. we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. we will be going into detail and there is a long investigation
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ahead. but now we have, as i said, every reason to believe this was an act of terror. in addition, because this is an ongoing investigation, all new yorkers should remain vigilant. at any given point new yorkers may find a piece of information, hear a conversation, see something that could very much aid the nypd, fbi and our partners. want all new yorkers to be vigilant and provide the information if you get it at any given point in time. a reminder. you call 800-577-tips with any information you have. we activated earlier today a messaging system used by our office of emergency management that allowed us to get information out to all new yorkers across the board. it had an extraordinary effect. also reached many people in the metropolitan area. we were able to reach our police
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officers simultaneously because of the technology they have now as well. that's something that proved to be helpful in this instance -- getting the message out broadly. putting everyone on alert in a mutual way. we believe that was helpful in this equation. but there is still information that we'll need going forward. i want people to be patient. it will be an ongoing investigation. i want people to be vigilant. finally, as i said, this suspect is apprehensive over the last 24 hours we'll have a strong, visible nypd presence because of the incident and obviously because of the united nations general assembly. you will continue to see a strong visible nypd presence, especially from the critical response command, our strategic response group. you will see heavily trained officers and well armed officers. you will see people in our officers in the subway. you will see bags being checked.
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bomb sniffing dogs. that will continue throughout the week. you want the high level of readiness from the nypd. continue your vigilance. continue to share information with law enforcement. i want to thank assistant director sweeney for the exceptional work and the great cooperation of the fbi on this matter. >> thank you, sir. good afternoon. since yesterday's briefing hundreds of personnel from the new york and newark along with the nypd detective bureau have been working around the clock developing and tracking leads. reviewing surveillance footage. employing investigative techniques and executing searches. based on the evidence collection and supported by other analysis the jtffs focused on ahmad rahami, working to dwob hevelop
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whereabouts and locations for surveillance. yesterday there was a traffic stop near the verizano bridge in brooklyn. the vehicle was observed by jttf personnel at a location associated with rahami. based on the totality of circumstances there was a stop of the vehicle. the passengers in the car were questioned by agents and detectives. no one in the car is under arrest. based on our evidence collection supported by other analysis searches and interviews were conducted in residents in elizabeth, new jersey. additional leads were followed. we turned to the public for assistance. using a more recent photo of rahami. a short time ago he was arrested in linden, new jersey. two police officers were injured. our thoughts are with them for their quick recovery.
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we'll continue to conduct investigative activity to completely understand rahami's social network. for that reason i do not plan to answer specific questions about our techniques or knowledge of the devices other than we have directly linked rahami to devices from new york and from saturday in new jersey. the work of the first responders, law enforcement personnel and the contributions of an engaged public have been exceptional. thank you. [ inaudible ] >> so obviously a lot has happened over the last 40 or so hours. i want to add my comments to those of the people behind me. condolences to the officers and the victims in new york.
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i believe there will be a charge based on the shooting of the officers in linden new jersey by the local prosecutor in the county. while that's pending you can expect the u.s. attorney's office here, perhaps the u.s. attorney's office in new jersey will be working to put together as comprehensive and thorough a collection of allegations as makes sense. we are not rushing against each other to bring charges. we have been racing together to try to catch the perpetrator here. that's been done now. we'll take a lot of care and time to be sure if we bring charges in the manhattan district court that we do it in a way that's careful and thorough. thanks. >> do you have knowledge if mr. rahami had training overseas in bomb-making? you did say he was associated with the devices in new jersey. >> we have no knowledge. the investigation continues.
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>> you noted a connection between the incident in new jersey on saturday. are you ruling out last night. >> we are not ruling anything out. the investigations take a while. the evidence takes time. we are not ruling anything out. >> who was in the car you pulled over? >> i'm not going to comment on that. >> would you please speak to whether there are cells under investigation and where it might be leading? >> i have no indication about a cell operating in the city. the investigation is ongoing. as we develop more we continue to go. i have no indication there is a cell operating here. [ inaudible ] >> -- may have triggered some civilian to call in --
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>> i believe it was a help. i don't know that for a fact myself. i believe that initiated the call to the linden p.d. but you have to confirm with new jersey. >> do you know why this area targeted is just an opportunity -- >> no. i don't have information on that at all yet. >> for the fbi investing a lot of money for events like this. what were you able to use whether it's facial recognition or cameras? >> i won't comment on the types of tools we used other than to say the tools in the city are fabulous. they are exceptional, necessary. the other comments to the commissioner. >> a lot of technology involved in this. a lot of good old fashioned police work between the fdny, members of the joint terrorism dance force. this is a quick turn around. it happened 50 hours ago.
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we have the suspect in custody. this is a tremendous job by all involved. the alert system is helpful to the police department and the fbi. this gets everybody involved. it is the sense of shared responsibility. there are 36,000 of us. a number of fbi agents. if we can get everybody involved in keeping us safe this is the future. dean? >> the pressure cooker, how significant was it in terms of gaining information without the pressure. >> i won't comment specifically on anything from the pressure cooker regarding any piece of evidence whether it is a piece, something whole is worthwhile. i would leave it at that. >> was there anything significant about the particular day on saturday you know of? >> that will be part of the
10:38 am
investigation. you don't have it yet. that will be part of it as you go forward here. >> do you believe there are any other bombers or bombs -- >> bill. >> i don't have information looking for any kind of device at all. we keep all options open and the investigation is ongoing. we'll see what we see. >> anything on the radar? >> nothing to indicate he was on our radar. we had a report of a domestic incident some time ago. the allegations were recanted. i don't have any other information. we'll keep digging. >> mayor, was governor cuomo invited here? are you working with him? and do you want to -- you guys haven't really had -- >> yes. he was invited. yes, we are working with him.
10:39 am
we got together at the site yesterday and spoke to folks in the community. a lot of close coordination with the state, the federal government, et cetera. i think we are all -- you can see the results of this kind of combined effort. as the commissioner said, including people deeply and helping us get to the solution here made a difference. high level of coordination. >> you can ask the team about that. >> is there a sense -- [ inaudible ] >> i don't have information yet to show what the path of radicalization was. your first question was about a record. i don't recall what i read on the record. i have to get back to you.
10:40 am
>> they said law enforcement officials should go back to some type of profiling in order to prevent things like this. you have a widespread sort of look to it. >> we are addressing a specific crisis. it's a perfectly fair question. i don't think we want to talk about partisan politics at this point. i would say i'm proud of the nypd, the fbi and how they have quickly found the suspect and cooperation going on in law enforcement and how they do things now. >> we want to know what the chances are of what they could be looking for. >> at this point we are extremely grateful we can apprehend the suspect out in linden, new jersey. as i always say we have to be in
10:41 am
a state of alert in new york city. we are the number one target in the world. as far as this investigation and working again with the fbi, i think i'm a lot happier today than yesterday. all new yorkers should feel secure that the nypd and other law enforcement agencies in new york city will keep them safe and continue to make sure we get to know who was involved and why. >> let me add to that quick. first of all, there is no other individual we are looking for at this point in time. that's important to answer your question. >> second vigilance is called for. particularly an unintended package that people call it in or find a law enforcement officer. i think commissioner is exactly right. we are very, very appreciative for all of the men and women who
10:42 am
did the work to get the suspect. we want to remain vigilant. >> in the apprehension and also are you glad that the suspect survived the apprehension? how valuable is it? >> the apprehension myself? i'm definitely much more relieved than i was last night. the fact he survived is excellent from investigative value and the fact that we didn't lose a life. >> can you talk about who he is, where he's been living? >> i can't tell you who he is. we have to build out the whole picture. i don't have enough knowledge of my own now to fill that out. >> looking for several years. >> in new jersey most recently. i would have to go back and look at address history. i'm not in a position.
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>> it's just the radicalization -- >> not right now. >> anything specific about how this was in new jersey for a manhunt purpose like this. >> several questions here. it's a valuable tool. it created a lot of focus and urgency. the law enforcement colleagues including colleagues in new jersey. we fill in the blanks on what the positive effect was. from what we know now it contributed to the successful apprehension of the suspect. this is a tool we will use again in the future in similar situations. there obviously was an imminent threat. it was an appropriate situation in which to use it. it is an example of the innovation of what's going on with nypd and oem.
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that there was a way to reach people. no more a wanted poster on the precinct house wall. this is a modern approach that engaged a whole community. the reason it was used in this case was the specific potential danger. it made sense to do a broad alert. [ inaudible ] >> we'll let chief boyes talk about that. >> we have a video of two persons who picked up the bag, took the device out of it and walked off with the bag. we went back to see where they came from. there were two gentlemen strolling up and down 7th avenue at the time. we have no information that would link them to this at all. we consider them witnesses now. once they picked up the bag they walked off with it. we'll find out, put their images
10:45 am
up and hopefully get them identified. >> to clarify, based on what you know -- [ inaudible ] >> right now we have who we need to have. going forward in the investigation. that's part of what we do. we'll talk to family and friends, see what the connections are. this is part of an investigation. >> right now we are not actively seeking anyone. >> is there any indication that they somehow had a way to tell. >> good question. to be determined. it's difficult to say now if they inadvertently perhaps may have pulled a wire. that's something for us when we go forward. can't say it now. i don't know if they played a role or not.
10:46 am
[ inaudible ] >> again with the central park, from what we have now. from what we know now, two different devices, wholly different. a couple of months apart. we are always rethinking central park. this is still an open case. the other question, sweeney might be able to answer that question. [ inaudible ] >> i'm not going to describe the device and how it would work. >> -- last night. are they still in custody and can you describe whether they could potentially still face charges? >> the five individuals from last night are not in custody. i'm not going to discuss what they could face in the potential
10:47 am
future. >> for mr. sweeney, did the suspect make any statements during or after his apprehension? >> did the subject make any statements during the apprehension today? no. not that i'm aware of. new jersey and a team from the newark jttf are out there. that will continue as well. >> commissioner, how valuable were surveillance cameras in identifying rahami and his associates. there were cameras all over the place. some of the images available to us -- >> that's the world we are living in. any street in new york city is captured on video surveillance. as we go through the investigation. as we continue to gather more surveillance video, it will help us move forward with this case, make sure this subject is brought to justice. and pays the maximum price. >> two more questions.
10:48 am
>> i have to ask what kind of terrorism are we talking about here? i wonder if we were talking about fundamental or criminal terrorism and what criteria is here today, wasn't present yesterday that makes you now willing to say this is terror. >> in understanding how to reach a terrorism charge in a criminal investigation, you have to understand the difference between a bomb going off in a crowded street in new york city is a terrifying act. whether it is an act of terrorism requires that you find out who did it, which is something we didn't know at the early stages of yesterday. and then why they did it, in order to meet the statutory requirements. the basic definition of terrorism on on the federal law side is the use of violence, fear, intimidation or the threat of to achieve political or
10:49 am
social change. from the outset of the case our first priority was to understand who was behind it and to identify that person and bring that person into custody. our ability to see through the rest of the optic which is why they did it, what was behind it and whether it was terrorism hired us first to understand who did it. the search is conducted last night. the interviews being conducted today, the broadening understanding about the suspect who is in custody now for the shooting of a police officer or police officers is going to be the part that brings the elements forward that will eventually result in a charge. it will be laid out in the charging documents. it's the process piece behind your question of how to get from there to terrorism.
10:50 am
the amount of progress made in 24 hours between the work of the jttf, the intel team, some extrk by the detective bureau in terms of surge ing the number of peop to do it in the area and expand that out in the circle that brought us to this person and all the steps to get us there. that's the question that as bill sweeney has said, it will be apart of the investigation but those pieces are still being gathered. the question is about how do we
10:51 am
link the device. the only thing i can say how we do that is through evidence and analysis and i cannot go beyond that. >> thanks everybody, thanks folks. we got a remarkable amount of information from that press conference from new york city officials. you can see them breathing a sigh of release less than 15 hours of this investigation. they got their man and they got him alive. as you heard something of great investigative value. a number of questions we had outstanding here. they said that this is the guy that there is no indication of any cell operating in the new york city area that this guy apparently was alone and no other individual that they are search fogr right now. they're looking at social network and part of that is confirming it. they don't have a motive.
10:52 am
no indications he was on the radar, years ago of some sort of domestic dispute that that was dropped. in a minute i am going to talk to richard engel. first, i am going to go to eric in new jersey that's when all of this falls out. i understand that you have some new information. >> reporter: yes, we are learning details of what happened earlier this morning from police officials here as they continue to learn it. certainly as they get more information from here. this is still very much an active investigative scene according to commander. he was the one that gave us a lot of details as to what was happening this morning. it began when a local bar owner here identifies an individual who was sleeping at the door way
10:53 am
leading up to his bar and call the police. one police officer showed up. that police officer recognized the man sleeping. he said that the his officer recognized him because of the beard he had. he called in, called the suspect and told him to wake up and takes his hand out. as the individual was sleeping and doing that, he pulled out the gun and shot the officer, he was hit twice, once in the chest and the abdomen. the police officer radioed in shots fired and that activated a lot of police officers in the neighborhood and they responded to the scene of the shooting. it was about 100 yards or two blocks away that they were a able to identify the shooter rahami. the second police officer engaged the suspect who according to police was shooting in the near by area. that was part of the investigation right now as they continue to collect some of those bullet casing.
10:54 am
rahami was shot twice and hit once in the arm and the leg. as he was taken away from the scene, he was alive and was conscious. those were some of the key piece of information that we have learned in the last hour in addition to that. police here told us no explosives were on rahami at the time of his apprehension. as of now, there are no other suspects they are looking for. one of the key pieces that led officials to this individual when they recognize them was all the local police officers here given had been distributed by the fbi late last night. and they say they could not get any other bill clintoulletins.
10:55 am
the suspect used a small automatic handgun when he was shooting at the police and some of the people here near by the way. >> kris. >> thank you very much, let me bring in eliot engel. thank you very much for being with us. you guys are going back to congress tomorrow. i am sure all of your constituents have a lot of concerns in this. what does this tell us? >> the new york, nypd, and law enforcement on the federal level doing a terrific job and keeping us safe and quickly apprehending the suspect. that makes me feel really, really good and makes me happy to be a resident of new york city and i always have great admiration for the nypd. it shows us in congress that frankly, we need to put our heads together and figure out a way to try to keep our constituents safe.
10:56 am
>> what do we do about that? obviously, we are in a ver very -- shall we say is escalated emotion today. there will be discussions of muslim ban and on the other hand you have hillary clinton who talks about working with the musl muslim community. what can congress do and what do they need to be doing? >> first of all, we need to figure out why these young men are becoming radicalized and how we can combat that. we can combat that with twitter and trying to get social media to first, get off social media of the thing that's radicalize these people. so i think that we are
10:57 am
scratching the surface. >> let me play for you, that's similar to what hillary clinton said and your colleague, peter king, do we have that? >> he basically said in response to that, it is not going to be a handshake and friendship that stops it. we got to get tough. >> well, it is not going to be immigration either. we are a country of immigrants that built this country an and -- the way to get it is not throwing it out and condemn a whole group of people for their religion or race. i think it is easier to do that in the heated political election. i think it is cheap and not fair. i think the united states, we are in this and we were american indians and immigrants and either us or parents or in my case is my grandparents and slamming the door on immigration is not something that solves
10:58 am
this problem at all. it does not mean we'll put our heads in the stand and we forget about this. this young man came here when he was 2-year-old and grew up in this country. we have to figure out why these people are getting radicalized and challenge it and combat in fights that way. in an easy cheap way is to say stop all immigration but it is not incredible and it is demagogue to do it. >> congress eliot engel. thank you for staying with us. i want to go quickly, we only got a minute. brian, i thought it was so interesting when they talked about this press conference how this was a great investigation tool. he was conscious at the hospital. they're going to get a lawyer. what are the chances they'll get some intelligence from this guy. >> i think they can.
10:59 am
sometimes these guys like to talk and also they send in two teams. another team that is segregated them that gets the prosecution. the stf that's collected for national security purposes cannot be used for the trial. we have to look at report of this guy traveling to afghanist afghanistan. foreign travel, these are things we need to look at. we just did a study in the new york times yesterday. we got to be careful with the kind of language we use because we saw that after the muslim ban proposal when san bernardino was hit. muslims crime increased by more. >> brian levin, we appreciate it. thank you for watching this hour on msnbc, right now more news with my colleague, thomas roberts. >> thank you very much, great hours.
11:00 am
new report and fresh development at this hour on msnbc. the capture of ahmad rahami. this skrvideo of him run frning the police. rahami was taken into custody in linden, new jersey, shehe's in hospital. we heard from city leaders and including the police commissioner. >> on the information we have now, we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. there is no other individual we are looking for at this time in time. that's very important to answer the question. >> so our reporters have all the angle from this story covered and will join us. pete williams has been working his sources and the fbi raided the family's home in elizabeth, new jersey, what


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