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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hours. new report and fresh development at this hour on msnbc. the capture of ahmad rahami. this skrvideo of him run frning the police. rahami was taken into custody in linden, new jersey, shehe's in hospital. we heard from city leaders and including the police commissioner. >> on the information we have now, we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. there is no other individual we are looking for at this time in time. that's very important to answer the question. >> so our reporters have all the angle from this story covered and will join us. pete williams has been working his sources and the fbi raided the family's home in elizabeth, new jersey, what are you hearing
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of that? >> they did find some bomb making materials that were consistent with devices that were set off in new york and new jersey and interestingly enough in the news conference that was just concluded for the first time, the fbi said that they have now directly linked to the suspect to the bomb in both new york and new jersey. that's an interesting development. he would not say during the news conference who the fbi questioning today. it was members of his family and as you noticed that from the news conference, no one was arrested as a result of this. a search of the house and stopping the car and talking to members of his family and a decision to put out the wanted poster and the fact they were looking for him public and give his name and showing his picture and three hours later, he was in
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police custody. all new york police here got the alert. >> yes, every news station in the tri-state area showed his pictures, too. >> i don't know if they saw it on cable television or cell phone or where, the pictures were far and wide. you could not avoid them. >> pete, reporting from new york, new jersey where rahami is being treated after being shot by authorities. how important is it that they get to him. morgan is saying he's alert and awake but to question to find out if he's working with anyone. >> it is to be determined whether they'll do this with a group that they called a high value detainee and interrogation where they question him first or whether he will simply question by the fbir new york police.
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after the boston marathon bombings, tsarnaev, was questioned and they tried to do the same thing here and whether they'll answer or not, i don't know. he was unaware of any statements that the suspect made when he was arrested. >> all right, our pete williams is in washington. get back to working on your sources. i will go to our msnbc aimen. i understand you have information on how this all went down. >> we are talking to the captain of the police department. he was here earlier on the scene just as we were minutes after all of this case. based on the information that he has learned, it was around 10:30
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and shortly after 10:30 a.m. a bar owner walks through the front door way or the door way of the bar that he owned and identified an individual sleeper there. he called 911 and called the police department and dispatched the police officer to investigate. that police officer quickly recognized that the man sleeping there was ahmad rahami. he tried to wake the suspect up, that suspect pulled out the gun and shot the police officer. >> this is what the captain told us. >> the suspect put his hand on the side and pulled out the handgun and fired one shot and striking him in the abdomen, the
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officer returned fire and we had multiple officers responding to the scene and at some point, the suspect was shot and more than once taken on two round. >> reporter: so we learned that the suspect in fact was shot twice, at least twice, once in the arm and once in the leg. police removed him here from the scene, he was conscious and awake and alert. they say no information if he's cooperating or talking or sharing information with the police at this point. in terms of the scene behind me, it is an active investigation. police told us there is no explosives found on rahami and no detonator. he was using an automatic and gun shooting the officer. >> now, the location where he was and where he was shot is not
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far away and where the police officer was initially shot both in the abdomen and the chest. we understand that both officers are okay and sustaining minor injuries. >> just for our viewers and listeners hearing you correctly, this guy was sleeping in a door way, it does not sound like someone that has a sophisticated exit plan for once their cover is blown. >> reporter: the way police was describing is that he was asleep there. he was not in a vehicle, the vehicle they were looking for or they may think he have own, that was not to be found here according to police. perhaps he had ditched the vehicle some where and thought he could be safe over night and in the back way and door way of this that nobody would be looking for or even recognize him and thought that he could possibly get a night's sleep and getting back out and trying to
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go about whatever he was trying to do. you are right, it does raise questions to whether or not he could trust or sleep with here in the community or elsewhere that knew him that would have taken in. that's another point that police emphasize. >> now, keep in mind late last night when police release the suspect's name his image. that is what led police to identify him. they knew his image and they had no other individual that they were looking for and had bulletins out for their captures and arrests at this time. >> this is the fastest 50 hours taken all over region from new york city there and linden. i want to go to morgan outside the hospital where rahami was taken after the shoot out. you reported that he came in the hospital and alert and awake condition. what more do you know?
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>> reporter: we also know that he was shot multiple times and appear in the arm and the leg. this is university hospital in new york, new jersey, he was brought here on a stretcher, he was alert and awake. we are getting a fuller picture of who this 28 years old suspect is. i want to take you back to what we know. he's connected to the two bombs found in new york. he's also connected to the bomb side in seaside new jersey, i spoke to people who heard it last, they could see evidence of the device, they were so surprised, the we not sure of what to make of it when they heard of it. i want to bring you back to the bomb site in elizabeth new jersey right there in the train station. it sounds like the suspect may have known that he was being pursued at the time he cast that bomb in elizabeth, new jersey, based on where that trash can, where the bomb was found. that backpack was set off a little bit of ways from the
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train station. the mayor casted it aside. that's when two men stumbling on the backpack. they found wires and pipes. that's when they called authorities and authorities arrived to the scene. inside the backpack, they found five different bombs, thomas. they cut through the first one and as they were cutting through it. that's when it exploded. i spoke to someone a few blokes away, he heard the explosion. it happens 300 feet from a local pub. authorities are coming through the footage of that pub. authorities moved over to his home at elizabeth, new jersey, we know that's the family's home. it is above a fried chicken restaurant. that friday chicken restaurant was involved in a lawsuit. they were harassed and ticketed because they were muslim. police targeted them and asked
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them to close too early and a freelance camera targeted them as well. they felt they were targeted because they were muslim. this is where we find the suspect right now inside the university hospital and he was shot multiple times and he was alert and awake when he was brought right here. >> morgan, from many sources, have you heard that investigators had the opportunity to speak with him or asking any questions. >> we don't know yet. we are waiting to hear from investigators. they are hoping to release the two photos of those men who discovered the bombs. it is an active investigation. you can hear the sirens and local and federal authorities are here. we are expecting to learn more. >> all right, morgan, thanks so much. >> if you are just joining us, i want to catch you up of the last 48 hours after there was an explosion in seaside heights on
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saturday and another explosion in new jersey. the alert went out about the 28-year-old man ahmad rahami. he was taken into custody. he's a person of interest wanted in connection of what happened. he was captured in linden, new jersey, earlier today. that's just about 15 miles away from new york city, close to elizabeth, new jersey where he lives. i want to go back to ayman, certainly, this is a big square for folks in linden to realize they were so close to a man that's wanted in collection of what could be a violent death or extreme death. >> reporter: absolutely, we meant most of the morning talking to a lot of residents here and some of these houses, they heard the gunshots. i was talking to two young men who live here.
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they never expected anything like this to happen here. they told me they used to live in newark and felt it was dangerous. you can imagine what they felt like when those shots rang out today. you raised an interesting point. obviously, a big part of this investigation focused on elizabeth. that's where he had his roots and where the family's restaurant was and where they lived. there was a tremendous amount of interest in that particular neighborhood. it was a bit of surprise. police officials finding the suspect here, a lot of questions as to why he would be sleeping in a public place and keep in mind this is not necessary that he was sleeping out in the open as it is that he was perhaps trying to find a place to sleep and getting some rest because he had been on the run and didn't want to make any contact with anybody and did not have a network of people that he could rely on or trust to keep him safe. that was something that was brought up earlier today by the
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new jersey coalition of muslims. they put out a notice to the 80 mosques across new jersey, asking members to cooperate with authorities and provide any information they may have about this individual and family. his network and ring of support may have actually really shrunk. that's perhaps the only place where he could find a place to sleep near the bar that's not well-lit. in terms of residents here, this is a working class, a lot of people who we have been speaking to are surprised and never heard gunshots in some of the areas where they live. the neighborhood is shaken and as everyone else in the tri-state area. >> we are trying to figure out the motive and we are going to continue to work on our sources to find out more information on
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that. ayman is reporting in linden, thank you very much. why these regions were targeted. we'll figure out the latest details of the investigation and the mind set behind this 28-year-old man and how this is going to enhance security in new york. we are talking about 48 hours basically from the first time there is an explosive device going off. up next, karen maloney is joining me and president obama here as the un general assembly is getting under way and the president addresses the nation. he said this earlier. >> i want to take this opportunity to reassure the people in this region that our counter terrorism and law enforcement professionals at every level and federal state and local are working together
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this was really an extraordinary efforts with an extraordinary result. it should have a chilling effect on people who even think of this. we used to have a sign in new york "don't even think about it." new york has the best protection and if you commit an act of terror here, you will be court. there we have the governor speaking about this capture. also, with these three other
11:19 am
devices, one that did explode in new jersey over the weekend. michael is joining me now of our homeland security advisor. the capture of rahami engaged with officers in the shoot out. they took him down and he's in custody. how important was it to take him alive. >> amazing. you can really hear directly from him. should he give up the information as to what he was planning and what was inside his head. you don't know if he's going to be able to cooperate and the fact that he was shooting with police does not mean it is going to go quietly and he did not raise his hands, you got me. we have his network and digital footprints. we'll go through all those cases and that gives us a leverage to be able to say look, we have this, tell us that. >> of the blast that happened at
11:20 am
chelsea, it was at the intersection of 23rd and 6th. these other devices found in new jersey. from what you learn through reporting and your sources, how sophisticated from these types of devices and we have not gotten on what happened first on seaside. we don't know. >> really, an indication now is there are similarities within devices and that can range how they were triggered of cell phones of some of the information we were hearing. there was one in new jersey transit and elizabeth. the question becomes, well, where did they get this idea. if you go to "inspire magazine" about pressure cooker devices.
11:21 am
looks like this was at a play book. the question is it is confounding folks is why pick 23rd street, why pick 27th street? >> right. >> the locations. >> what some of the speculations now is maybe 27th, the guy got spooked and said you know what, i am not going to do this and du dumped and ran. that's one of the possibility. again, 23rd street, maybe he thought there is too many sections of the city of new york that were too harden that you don't want to take the chance of getting caught. the shoot out is surprising. he was desperate. >> in the last hour with the update from the mayor and police commissioner characterizing this aster richl. wh terrorism. why would they feel confident to
11:22 am
shift the type of semantic language now at this point after taking him into custody. >> to have been in a position of governor to say of these types of events. don't go out there too fast and too far. you are going to get tremendous pressure to save something. the mayor and the governor were trying to be kind of -- careful of the language they use. when you see what's going on now and you see other information is beginning to evolve, you get the sense of this guy, in fact, was talking to other people and there were other people that's involved and it was not a lone wolf and got information from other places. >> he's at the hospital right now where they are working on his gunshot wounds. michael, it is good to have you with me. new york congressman, karen maloney is joining me next of the latest news of the bombing in chelsea over the weekend and
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let us remember there are millions and millions of naturalized citizens in america all over the world. there are millions of law-abiding peaceful muslim americans. this is the type of challenge that law enforcement can be and is prepared to address, namely going after anyone who would threaten the united states. >> all right, we have hillary clinton earlier today holding a news conference at the airport in new york. this was all the security in new york new jersey on high alert following the strings of bombing in the tri-state area. it was around 10:00 a.m. and the next hour where we got the information about the capture of rahami in linden, new jersey,
11:27 am
here we have the situation where donald trump and hillary clinton is trying to capitalize politically on the situation in new york and new jersey, joining me is democratic congresswoman, karen maloney. we are a week away from the debate. obviously, this is in everyone's mind and voters want to know who is the strongest on national security. you visited chelsea earlier today. who's coming out more effectively with hillary clinton saying she understands there are bad people and donald trump is going the other way and feeling this is an immigration issue. >> well, i think the easiest way to judge anyone on their ability and what they'll do in the future permissive what they have done in the past. if you compare her record to his on 9/11 where she was deeply involved in writing the legislation that makes this country stronger creating a homeland security department
11:28 am
bringing 18 agencies in one area working together as they did so brilliantly to capture any bad person and to send a message that if you heard in america, we'll never stop until we capture you. >> i got to tell you -- >> is that the same message that donald trump is using to blanket the muslim religion because he feels that immigration, you know, from muslim countries and torn country that this span being a citizen, a naturalized citizen of afghan decent, is donald trump's message effective on climbing down on muslim immigration. >> not at all. she's been apart of passing the legislation that is protected and given the health care that our first responders deserve. in this case, the muslim community, the american muslim needs to be more of the
11:29 am
solution. in this case, i heard from you, from the press that they reached out to the residents and citizens to be apart of this solution to answer anything and anything they saw. if you see something or say something, report it. >> that was an extraordinary example of cooperation between the american people and the police and law enforcement. in 48 hours, they captured him and collected every single piece of surveillance and every single piece of evidence. they reviewed every surveillance of material and they literally captured him. it is an extraordinary example. peter king was on our network earlier today, he was talking to the fact that hillary clinton brings up the fact that we need more intelligence and surveillance. do you think we need more surveillance? >> i think we need more of
11:30 am
everything. our number one priority is to protect the american people. i do believe that we need to support law enforcement in any way that we can. i would like to see more attention to social media. many of these people are recruited through social media. we should be countering that. he apparently was brought here when he was 2-year-old, he was raised in the american culture of this great country. why in the world would he turn and try to hurt people. i think we need to spend more time looking at social media and looking on surveillance that basically captured him of many of the businesses of surveillance equipment and they all provided that working police in a coordinated way to find a solution. i am so proud of new yorkers and proud of our first responders and i was there yesterday for a good portion of it. today, they're so appreciative and every single person was surveyed to every needs they
11:31 am
have of resources that were brought in and food for the blinds. it was a very serious attack when you see the crime scene through a dumpster across the street and blew out all the windows on either side. it was a serious and dangerous bomb. >> it reminds us -- congressman, great to have you with me. coming up in the case, we head back to the scene in linden, new jersey and this is where police captured the suspect, ahmad rahami. live from the scene, next.
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we were at the red light and next thing you heard is gunshots, boom, boom, and we stood there and it turned green and we still stood there. we had to take a detour route and next thing you know it was flooded with cops and it was like a friggin' movie.
11:35 am
now, the whole investigation is going on there. >> you heard gunshots after gunshots. >> yeah, five or six, they just put somebody down. >> there we have an eye witness on the scene, rodney rodriguez in linden, new jersey. you are looking on the right hand side that's in linden where rahami was picked up. now, he's there at newark hospital where he's being treated for the gunshot wounds he received while he was engaged in a fight where cops found him. joining me now the chief investigator, jonathan deeds. lets talk about what we learned about his background of 28-year-old and family home and what more. >> that's correct. so he came here from afghanistan. >> he was just two? >> i believe that's the correct
11:36 am
age when he was young and eventually the family was granted coming from afghanistan. we don't have much of his travel here. pete williams said he had traveled back to pakistan. we are still getting more clarity on that. did he become radicalized and how did he become radicalized and why? those answers not yet given by law enforcement. they are still working on it. >> from your sources, have they describe the type of device that was used in seaside and has characteristics of the same type of elizabeth and chelsea. >> last night when this was all developing of the bomb device at the train station that was similar by the one on jersey
11:37 am
shore and the pipe bombs and the configuration. right away there was a massive response, they did not believe it was a hoax device at all and they shut down the train line and all devices and flip phones that were served as triggering devices. authorities said at the press conference, they believe they could link devices back to the suspect. they were apparent bomb making materials that was found inside the apartment and the question is, if that's the case, did anyone know what was going on there and did anyone see it or held it. we heard from the press conference today, they are not actively looking for anybody else that no one else was out there on the loose per se. this investigation is far from over. they want to know this guy's contact and who he was calling or associated with or who he was online with and that takes time and that's a lot of work. so while you have a resolution
11:38 am
that the suspected borrower is caught and in custody. there is a lot of work. >> this is the tip on the iceberg and also, why these specific spots were picked at the chellie locatisea location . >> since he's alert and awake, hopefully, investigators will have time to ask him those important questions. i know you have been working around the clock. thank you for all your hard work jonathan dienst. i want to bring you here. as you hear what jonathan is reporting and the roast of our folks describing what police did and stataking down rahami.
11:39 am
the fact they were able to respond quickly and federal state and local authorities reacted and they did the forensic and they were able to capture somebody that's on the loose for a long period of time. the fact that they concluded that there are others that's apart of this cell is significant. i brings some piece and comfort to the public. i do think that we need to be careful here. these investigations often reveal things that were known to authorities that had not come toll ligto light or as we dwegoing into th we begin to see patterns and network that we have not seen before. we have the individual custody and we have pocket litter communication to look into. this is a fruit full investigation for the fbi and others. >> we know in the last hour where police said yes, he's been
11:40 am
ton radar. it was a domestic incident and however the witness decided, charges related to that. it will be interesting if they do come forward of any of those red flags you are talking about could have given an indicator of this type of behavior or leading up to this type of behavior. is this a true example that there is not anybody else working with of the solitary lo lone wolf. >> it could be an example of a lone wolf. an individual who was radicalized on his own via internet that decided to construct some devices, maybe based on information he found from the internet. i think the other thing that dangerous and important to know here that you do have this idea of terrorist movement where you have attacks not just the big
11:41 am
city of new york or los angeles but in places like seaside or san bernardino or chattanooga. it brings this notion of terrorist movement sort of in the heart land and in america in a way that we have not seen before. it is potentially a lone wolf scenario, those are the kinds of cases that authorities are worried about and talking about concerns for some time now. >> what will be the first couple of questions to ask. >> i would say, has there been anybody involved with you of whom you have been communicating in the last 48 or 72 hours. have you traveled and where have you traveled and when have you traveled and keep in mind, the tsarnaev brothers who had done some travel prior to the boston marathon bombings, that became a fruitful source of information. we need to get to the bottom of whether there are others who are
11:42 am
like-minded or communicated with him. why are you radicalized, you are an american citizen and you have lived here for a long time and what sfpurred you. that gives you this idea of the ideology of people like the suspect. >> juan zarate. it is great to have you on. >> thank you, sir. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> dozens of world leaders. i am going to speak with the white house communication about state of the investigation and also, i got in my hand a statement from the council on american islamic relations. the acronym is care. i am going to read you that right after this. that don't give you clearer skin. be the you who controls your psoriasis with stelara® just 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses.
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as america, we do not and will never give in the fear. those who would carry out terrorist acts against us. >> today president obama speaking this morning in new york city basical. basically, at the same time we were getting information of police taking rahami in custody. the president and leaders from across the world in manhattan this week gathering at the un. joining me now is jen, it is great to see you. can you hear me. it is great to see you. >> i can hear you. >> i want to ask you first, did the president know when he gave those remarks about the fact that police had rahami, those remarks were simultaneous. he took to the mic after he got information on that.
11:47 am
>> he's in new york, those remarks were given to provide an update to the public. but, i don't know the process of his briefing. so my assumption is he learned after shortly he gave those remarks. that was prior to taking the person of interest in to custody. she was saying that attacking a religion only enhances the recruitment for isis. we had no definitive connection or inspired by that terrorist organization. donald trump certainly blames the current administration for the attack citing the president's policy about new refugee and policy. here is what he said today. >> our country has been weak. we are letting people in by the tens of thousands that i have been saying that you got to stop it. last week, president obama let
11:48 am
more than 100,000 coming in from syria and hundreds of thousands, he's letting thousands and thousands of people. they don't know and they cannot be properly vetted. i spoke to the best people in law enforcement. there is no way of vetting those people. >> jen psaki, we know the suspect was a naturalized citizen. donald trump is going to be taking to the microphone coming up in florida in the next hour. and certain probably going after the white house and hillary clinton about failed policy of discussions of what happened in the region. how did the white house respond to allegations that it is those moments like this. we don't respond to every attack or accusations that's out there. >> leadership is not about guessing or stoking fears in the country.
11:49 am
leadership is about working with local authorities and making sure they have the resources that they need. it is about supporting all americans and including the muslim american community. many people who came out and provided information that probably contributed apprehension to the suspect quickly. leadership is about going after isil and that's what we are doing. we have killed a couple of high levelled leaders in recent weeks. we are focused on our own play book and the game here -- not the game, the important role that the commandeering chief plays and keeping the american people safe and we try not to worry too much of some of the silly rhetoric that's happening out there. >> meanwhile, we are talking about the territory of what's taking place on gaming ground in isis and the simplicity of having access to people online. hillary clinton brought up an online component today saying
11:50 am
silicon valley to washington needs to work more in handle. we got alerts today for the first time of everybody on their phones about who this person was. what could be done better when it comes to the online component and maintaining the privacy of the civil liberties at fault. >> this is the most important component of our fights. but, part of our effort here needs to be -- to recruit people online and propaganda online. you touched on a couple of interesting components. there is still a long way to go. we have been working closely and making progress on how information can be provided and how we can gain access to information that would be helpful. you also touched on an interesting component how the
11:51 am
suspect was apprehended. there was an alert system that according to the mayor of new york was used for the first time by them to provide an alert to people all across the city and community and that may have contributed. we'll see to provide information of the suspect. there is a lot of things and a lot of tools that we are looking to try and working with the private sector increasing that coordination and we are going to continue to use every lever at our disposal to go after the efforts by isil to terrorize it online >> there is no easy fix, je jen psaki, it is great to be here. >> it is great to be here. thank you. we are learning more of rahami's past. we'll have more details.
11:52 am
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we are learning new details of the suspected person who is
11:55 am
considered the bomber, via explosion in chelsea. ahmad rahami. information now about his past and the investigation into him is rolling as we are speaking. msnbc's cal perry is joining me with the latest. what have you learn? >> this is based on the latest information on the system and this is early hours but based on what is the system right now, they believe that ahmad rahami is a 28-year-old of u.s. citizen afghan decent believed to be born on january 23 rigrd, in afghanistan. he was charged with domestic dispute in county court. his family was believed to enter in the united states sometime in the 1990 or 1991. his father is believed to be 53-year-old, we know he had an older brother living in
11:56 am
afghanistan. we know that ahmad went to medicine high school in new jersey and he went to the college in new jersey and majored in criminal justice. he has been traveling back and forth to afghanistan. we'll look closely at that. >> religious active, do we know that? >> we don't know that. i want to review this on american islamic relation. we welcome the arrest of this suspect and hopes this end the series of deadly incidents. american muslims like all americans reject extremism and violent. all right, coming up in just a few minute, we are going to be hearing from donald trump. he's in florida, set to hold a rally there coming up at 3:00 p.m. this is on the west coast of florida, near fort myers. we'll be watching for that. >> stick with me, back with much more after this.
11:57 am
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thank you, i am going to wrap up my hour for now. my colleague, kate knsnow, is picking this up. >> thank you very much, we are following fast news of the suspect here in boston. >> ahmad rahami is at the hospital. there is no indication that there is a cell operating in new york. again, no indication and they are not looking for anyone else at this time. 28-year-old ahmad rahami is captured after the tip from the bartender. this photo shows he's being taken into the ambulance. focuses of him was released late last niegght. police in new jersey detonated another device that was found


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