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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 19, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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bombings in new york and new jersey. police arresting the main suspect, ahmad khan ra hami. speaking earlier, new york mayor bill deblazio saying it is being treated as terrorism. >> based on the information we have now, we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. we will be going into detail and there is a long investigation ahead, but as i said, we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. >> president obama this morning offering a message of resolve and reassurance. >> moments like this, i think it's important to remember what terrorists and violent extremists are trying to do. they are trying to hurt innocent
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people and inspire fear in all of us and disrupt the way we live to undermine our values. folks around here, they don't get scared. they're tough, they're resilient, they go about their business every single day. that's the kind of strength that makes me so proud to be an american. >> officials are saying now that there is no indication that the suspect was part of any kind of terror cell. the big question at this hour is, is there a lingering threat to new york city and new jersey? carrie, you spoke with the suspect's father. what can you tell us? >> well, the car pulled up and it was an suv with a family inside. they had gone through one of the police blockades and made it up to the second with a car behind them. it didn't look right to me and
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he rolled down the window and i said did you know the family and did you know the person who is accused of setting the bombs and the passenger in the front seat who i believe was the brother said no, that's his father. that's our father. i got a little camera out and started recording an interview. this is my short interview with the father of the alleged gunman, mohamed, ra hami. >> did you know your son was doing this? >> no. >> you had no idea? >> no. >> when you hear he is accused of this, do you believe it? >> i'm not sure what's going on. >> you are not sure. >> i'm not sure what's happening. i think so. it's very hard right now to
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talk, okay? >> he then drove his car around the corner and you authorities have put up a yellow tape. he was escorted in by what he said were agents. i'm not sure who it was. likely the fbi and they went in and got out of the car and walked around speaking to the authorities that were here and going in and out with the accompaniment of the authorities who were here. i believe they are here and down the street and other than that brief interview, if you would call it that that i got as he was arriving. steve? >> carey sanders in new jersey. pete williams has the latest reporting for us. pete, that is carey sanders on the ground there talking to the father. obviously authorities now going to be looking at every aspect of his life. what are we learning so far? >> the authorities have talked to his family and his father and to his brothers that lived in
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the united states for quite sometime. this morning they were stopped on the verrazano-narrows bridge and they were driving and looking for a certain vehicle they knew the family owned. it's my understanding of a sequence that once they determined that rahami was the suspect, they put the residents under surveillance and they saw a car leaving there and they followed it and pulled it over and questioned the family members. they said that no one was detained as a result of that interrogation or that questioning. no one was arrested. obviously the federal authorities are still keeping a close eye on family members. as our graphic says, rahami was born in afghanistan in 1988 and came here at 7 years old. the family members sought asylum and it was granted in 2011. as a result of the citizenship
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for the parents, he was made a u.s. citizen. he has been a u.s. citizen -- this was the data on him put out this morning. he was 5'6" and 200 pound when is they were trying to get people to phone in tips. the authorities in linden said they had seen the wanted poster and when they saw him sleeping in the doorway of a bar the shootout ensued and he was wound and two police officers received minor wounds and you see him being led and pushed on the gurney into the ambulance and taken to a hospital. our understanding is that he will face local gun charges first while the federal authorities pursue the bombing charges. that could be several more days before the federal charges are filed. >> quickly on the issue of the terror cell, they don't think he is part of any terror cell. does that rule out the possibility of anybody else being involved with him in any
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way? >> not at all. i was puzzled by the talk of a cell. i'm not sure where it came from. none of the officials i was talking to had thought there was more than one person involved. tellingly, what the authorities said in a short time ago in the news conference, they are not looking for any other devices and don't know of any and are not looking for any other people. they can't rule out and a big question is, were others involve and how did he become radicalized and did anyone help him in any phase acquire or assemble the materials or place the bombs? they don't know of anyone else involved at this point. they can't say no one else was, but they don't know of anyone else. >> pete, thanks for that. now to the scene of that shootout earlier that resulted in the apprehension of the suspect. we are in linden, new jersey right nearby next to elizabeth.
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this is about 20 minutes from new york city at least on a train. take us through what happened. a bar owner in linden, i guess he hears the alert and sees the suspect in his doorway? is that what played out? >> reporter: more or less. police told us here that it began with a call from the bar owner as he was approaching. he saw an individual sleeping in his doorway. that individual called police and the first police officer arrived at the scene around 10:30 a.m. local time and identified the individual as ahmed khan rahami, he recognized him from the bulletins that that was the man they were looking for. he told him to remove his hands from his jacket and according to police he pulled out a hand gun and shot at the police officer and wounded him.
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that police officer managed to get a call out that shots were fired to local police officers in the area. that triggered a wave of police officers and pursued him during that gun fight. i'm not sure how long it lasted and according to one eyewitness, it happened quickly. an exchange from both sides. he was ultimately hit in the leg and in the arms and taken away from the scene according to police. he was alert and he was conscious. there was an indication that he is going to be able to cooperate with police or provide them with information now that he is being treated. the police officers who were injured have been treated. they are being celebrated by local law enforcement as heroes for capturing that suspect. in addition that, police bomb squad units have been here and found no traces of explosives, but it is ongoing. agencies are here combing
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through the forensics and trying to identify the casings and tracing back the minute by minute details from the moment he was identified to the moment he fled down the street why from where we are standing. >> on the ground in linden, new jersey. again, you see in the lower right hand corner, that is newt gingrich who is warming up the crowd for donald trump. we are waiting for donald trump to have the first campaign appearance and we will see if he addresses all of this. in the meantime, the mayor of elizabeth, new jersey is where that backpack of explosives were found. elizabeth is central to the investigation and where ahmed ramani lives. the mayor joins us now. mr. mayor, thanks for taking a few minutes. take us through if you would first of all what happened last
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night? as i understand it, you have a backpack and two homeless men found it and brought it to the police? >> about 8:30 last night, two men were walking and found the garbage can with a backpack on the top. they thought it would be of value and walked under the train over near an suv. they opened it up and saw wires and a pipe and left it on the ground and walked around the corner and elizabeth police examined it and called in the union county bomb squad. a robot was sent to look at it and then the fbi and state police were called at which time two robots were sent in to try to disarm one. the backpack was empty with a total of five devices in the one
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backpack. one was detonated and the other four were wrapped and secure and forwarded to virginia for a follow-up analysis. >> i have to ask you, how lucky do you feel that their instinct was to take the step of going to the police officers instead of leaveing it on the ground and walking away? >> these two men live on the fringe of society, yet they had angels walking on their shoulders. they carried this backpack medical 1,000 feet without detonation. they saved the lives of hundreds of people if in fact these bombs ever went off. there was no electronic device, cell phone or timer located to it. the speculation was that it was discarded as opposed to set in order to injury people. >> have you talked to the men
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yet. is there a reward they received. they are homeless and they saved hundreds of lives. will there be recognition of them? >> i have not talked with them. i am catching up on everything else after what happened all through the early morning hours. there will be an attempt to reach out to them and sit with them. we are receiving e-mails and facebook messages from people who would like to help these two men in future endeavors they may have. >> what about the family that owns this fried chicken business in the city. what is your sense of -- do they have a reputation in the city? there had been legal action they claim that you were trying to change their business hours and make them shut down early and make them a victim of anti-muslim bias. the relationship between the city and the family, it sounds like there is a bit of a history. >> in around 2008, 2009, the city council and i were receiving a lot of complaints
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regarding nose and code inforcement, cars pulling up at all hours and people out in front and the neighbors were complaining. in a meeting, people called the city council and created an ordinance that targeted them for closure at 10:00 in the evening. they did not agree with that nor would they change their business model to get along with the neighbors. they took the city to court and in october of 2o 12, the court agreed with the city of elizabeth that because of the nuisance factor, the city could close them at 10:00 at night. they would stay hope longer, neighbors call the police. police would respond and there were issues in that debate. going back the last or five years. >> did you have personal dealings with the family?
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did you ever meet ahmed khan rahami. >> i did speak with the father when the problems were occurring. i asked to understand what they were going for. he will stay open 24-hours and claimed they were not loud and not noisy, yet the police reports and the neighbors contradicted that and therefore the litigation because he had a strong position on staying open 24 hours and the city thought that was excessive because of the problems it was creating. >> all right, the mayor of elizabeth, thanks for taking a few minutes. >> again, to reset what you are looking at, two different things going o. this is the scene right now in elizabeth, new jersey at the fried chicken restaurant that is owned by the family of
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ahmed khan hrahami. they are bringing boxes, packages out of the store and lowing that into that van. that is the scene in elizabeth. you are watching newt gingrich in florida, now full screen. he is warming up and donald trump is expected at that rally any minute now. this is done on his first appearance today. we are keeping an eye on that. lots of juggling this afternoon and the los more to get to. all of that and a lot more on the campaign impact. that's ahead. stay with us. here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast mmmm. incredible. can try? she doesn't have heartburn new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card
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trump, that might be him walking out right now. donald trump, that is him entering the arena. this is his first campaign appearance in florida not far from ft. meyers. we are say the waiting to see what he has to say in response to all that happened over the weekend with the bombing in new york city and what happened on the jersey shore and looking into potential connections there. obviously today the apprehension of that suspect in linden, new jersey. you saw the scene in elizabeth where his family owns that fried chicken restaurant. we heard from the mayor, donald trump walking up to the podium. florida, we talk about it as a critical battle ground state and a new poll out that gives
1:20 pm
hillary clinton a one-point lead. president obama carried by a point over mitt romney. he really has to flip this state if he wants to be president. let's see what he has to say. per per oh, boy, what a crowd. and outside we have many more people than this outside. it's incredible. >> it's great to be back in florida. my second home, as you know.
1:21 pm
this is going to take us over the top in the general election, november 8th. and we are going to make our country great again. we are going to do some, some job. we are doing very well in the polls and leading in many, many states, including the great state of florida. we expect to win florida. it's going to happen and win back the white house. and we are going to be so happy with winning again, right? our country is going to win again. today we have some very, very
1:22 pm
serious matters to discuss. let me begin by thanking the police officers who don't get the credit they deserve. when i'm president, they will get the credit they deserve. what a fantastic job they do. what a fantastic job they do. incredible. there has been islamic terrorist attacks in new york, and new jersey and these attacks and many others were made possible because of our extremely open immigration system which fails to properly vet and screen the individuals and families coming
1:23 pm
into the country. you have to be careful. attack after attack from 9-11 to san bernardino, we have seen how failures to screen who is entering the united states puts all of our citizens, everyone in this room at danger. so let me state very, very clearly. immigration security is national security. my opponent has the most open borders policy of anyone ever to seek the presidency. as secretary of state, she allowed thousands of criminal aliens to be released into the communities because their home
1:24 pm
countries wouldn't take them back. they didn't want them. they didn't want them. they were too bad. they said keep them, united states. we don't want them. and she did nothing about it. now she wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees above the high numbers we already have. all together, her plan would bring in 620,000 refugees in her first term with no effective way to screen them or vet them. law enforcement said t way. her plan would cost $400 billion in terms of lifetime welfare, benefit, and entitlement costs. you can't have vetting if you don't look at ideology.
1:25 pm
hillary clinton refuses to consider applicants's world view and thus their likelihood of being recruited into the terror cause at some later date which is going to happen in many, many cases. this is not just a matter of terrorism. this is also really a question of quality of life. we want to make sure we are only admitting people into our country who love our country. we want them to love our country. we want them to love our people. we support immigration -- >> that's donald trump in florida. this is donald trump's first campaign event today. not far from ft. meyers and addressing of course the topic in the news today, everything that happened over the weekend
1:26 pm
in new york city and new jersey and this morning obviously the apprehension of that suspect in linden, new jersey. donald trump making the case and linking this to immigration. security is national security talking about what he in the past has described as extreme vetting. saying that anybody coming into the united states he was talking there about ideology and world view. needing to be considered in a decision whether to admit that person to this country or not, saying that was key to determining whether that person would then be likely to be radicalize and participate in something like we are seeing here and he talks about the failure of vetting. he said the failure of vetting leading he said to what's happened in new york city and new jersey over the last few days. donald trump in florida. nbc's katie is live outside. we are hearing it in the comments we started to hear, but
1:27 pm
give us a sense of what the message is the campaign wants to be sending coming out of this attack and how they are framing the politics of this. >> reporter: they want to pin blame of this attack on to hillary clinton and president obama. they are trying to create a contrast between them and donald trump. donald trump tried this campaign season to paint himself as tough on terror. the strongest on terror by talking about things like building a wall, banning all muslims and extreme vetting. as you mentioned a moment ago, he was on talk radio saying that we need to bring back racial profiling. this morning on fox news saying that our cops know who many of these terrorists are, but they can't go out and get them because they are afraid they are going to be accused of racial profiling. we have not seen an instance where that happened and we reached out for an example of that happening.
1:28 pm
they have not gotten back to us. clearly donald trump is trying to make this into his strength and shift the blame and the fear in this country on to what he is calling the failed strategies and the failed practices, the failed policies of president obama and lumping hillary clinton into this with her time as secretary of state, saying that what they did in the mideast, the nation building allowed a vacuum in the mideast and they enabled the rise of isis and they didn't take it earsly and when asked what his plan is regarding isis, he has been all over the map on this saying he would listen to his generals. not the generals that are in power now, but the ones he would hand pick and he wants it to be a surprise. his critics will say it's because he has no big plan to combat isis. at varying points he talked
1:29 pm
about bombing their oil fields and taking their oil fields and sending ground troops or not and letting russia handle it. there hasn't been a cohesive or coherent plan when it comes to isis. donald trump is using this weekend's event very clearly to try to say that whatever happened before is not working. you should take a chance on my ideas. >> outside trump tower, thanks for that. donald trump continuing to speak in florida. she also addressed the events of the last several days. he was in philadelphia. let's take a look at what hillary clinton had to say. >> you also see a republican nominee for president who insights hatred and violence like we have never seen before in any campaign. hate speech being normalized. the dog whistles are out in the
1:30 pm
open. >> and kristen welker is in philadelphia. it's interesting that rhetoric from hillary clinton is not new, but that is the line of attack her campaign thinks will be most effective against donald trump down the stretch. >> reporter: it is and secretary clinton is trying to draw a sharp contrast with donald trump in terms of her response to this and she went further than what we heard in those remarks in the press conference and said that divicive rhetoric that donald trump has been using allowed terrorists to recruit people. hitting him hart hard and for coming out on saturday before law enforcement had and declaring that a bomb had gone off and hitting him for the fact that he has not enumerated what his plan is to go after isis. what katie was just talking about. she enumerated her plans and stressing the need for what she
1:31 pm
is calling an intelligence surge and talking about the supporting of the kurdish fighters and as well as trying to encounter the methods that they have online. i think that is going to be the counter punch you hear from the clinton campaign in the days getting up to that first debate now just a week away. national security will be a key focus. important to point out that clinton was here at temple university courting millennial voters. her support dropped over the past month down to 31% from 48%. she is trying to gain ground with them. they are an important part of the obama coalition and you saw over the weekend with surrogates and president obama himself sending a strong message to his coalition that if she is going to win, they need that all important obama coalition to turn out in force. >> kristen welker on the trail. thanks for that. obviously this is the events of
1:32 pm
the last few days playing out in a political season. the height of a political season. it does raise the question, what could or might the political fallout be from what we have been seeing in new york and in new jersey. let's take a look at the issue and the questions around terrorism. how they have been playing politically. you see on the basic question of handling terrorism, right now it's pretty much a wash. clinton with a very flight two-point advantage over donald trump. on the broad question of having leadership skills, again you can see not really any significant difference. where is the difference? where are the openings that each sees? let's start on this. it's on the question of which of the candidates is more levelheaded. this is a huge, huge advantage for hillary clinton. better than two to one. nearly two thirds of voters believe that hillary clinton is a levelheaded leader and donald
1:33 pm
trump, fewer than 30% saying that describes him. think about that? terms of what we heard from kristen welker. trying to play up the inflammatory comments that donald trump made and trying to link those to isis's ability to recruit. these are the number that is the campaign is thinking about when they put forward an argument like that. the idea that donald trump is not levelheaded enough and that minimizes the sorts of consequences. that's the argument that the campaign is making. let's take a look from the trump side. where do they see in opening on this. check this out. it's a personal question here. are you personally afraid of being the victim of a terror attack. look at this difference. it's stark. hillary clintons only 29% said they are personally afraid of it. that number more than doubles when you are talking about trump supporters. a clear majority, more than two
1:34 pm
thirds of voters say they are personally worried about being the victim of a terror attack. that personalization of fear around terrorism. donald trump's tam wane ccampai the more personal they feel the fear, there is a relationship to the likelihood to be supporting donald trump in this election. some of the numbers behind the politics on all of this. politico's senior correspondent joins me now. michael, i wondered as we go through the numbers, when there is an incident like this, a lot of people are looking ahead and saying wow, what would happen if there was a terror attack and what would the political fallout be? what do you think the political consequences of this are? >> steve, to some extend it is what we have been dividing of the electorate.
1:35 pm
the country is splitting up as it so often does. to a large degree, i think you put your finger on it. head versus heart or head versus gut. she is trying to present herself as i a trained lawyer and former secretary of state and she lived in the white house as first lady. she has the experience. she has the policy details. she has the level head and the time in the sit room. donald trump spins it in a different way and almost holding that against her as a liability and making it an emotional issue and touching people's fears. really kind of trying to play this card that suggest that is what we need is toughness and cutting through red tape and the blah blah blah of the washington establishment. a guy like him to come out swinging his fists. if you look at the polls, although you are right when you get below the top level, there are different qualities that stand out and on the top line,
1:36 pm
there was an even divide. trump is narrowing the gap from several months ago where hillary had an advantage. you ask me how it is playing out, it splits the country down the middle as so many other issues have been. >> donald trump earlier in this campaign when he was running for the nomination talked about that proposal and the muslim ban from banning them from coming into the united states that poled well with republican primary voters and terribly outside the republican base. he talks about having an ideological test and we want to make sure if you want to come to this country, that you love this country. is that palatable? >> it's one reason why you see him outperform the people who thought he would have a seelying and say he could never get more than 40% support in this
1:37 pm
country. he is trimming the sales and sanding down the rougher edges and that's a great case and point and he is taking the position that turned the stomachs of a lot of republicans. they said i can live with that. when you look at the details, how is that going to work and how will you enforce it? someone said i am not a radical. anyone can write that down and you have to follow-up and interview them and do background checks. that costs a lot of money and time. in the back and forth of the campaign, it's hard to litigate that and explain to voters. he has been able to capture the voters somewhat more in the middle and narrow that gap much more than she would have liked or anticipated given her experience in the situation room at the stayed department as a diplomat. it's frustrating for the clinton campaign. >> thanks for the time. >> thanks, steve. >> still to come, how law
1:38 pm
enforcement was able to move in so quickly on the suspect. they got him into custody 48 hours after the first attack. more of our interview with the suspect's father. we will get you a live update from elizabeth, new jersey. you are watching msnbc much but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. i used artificial tears from the moment i woke up... the moment i went to bed. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love,... ...some eyelove. eyelove means having a chat with your eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends. he a re-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. ge. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported.
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. we are continuing to follow the breaking news of the bombings in new york and new
1:42 pm
jersey. the suspect is just out of the hospital for a gunshot wound that was inflicted earlier today that led to his arrest. also we are learning that five people detained near the verrazano bridge in connection to the attacks are no longer in custody. no charges filed against them. officials are saying they are not looking for any other individuals at this time. they stressed that the investigation is really just beginning. carey sanders is in elizabeth, new jersey. you are right in front of the fried chicken restaurant that the suspect's family owns and operates. you got a chance to talk to his father within the last hour. tell us about that. >> i did. you are correct. that's the location where the authorities have been since early this morning. 28-year-old ahmed khan rahami. his father showed up a short time ago and arrived with what
1:43 pm
appeared to be agents in a car behind him. he was in a car with his family. he rolled down the window and i started to ask him questions. this is what he had to say. >> what is your name? >> don't take a picture? >> what is your reaction to the fact that your son is accused of setting off the bombs? >> the agent is behind us. >> that's okay. you can tell me what you think. >> when you see the family, you feel what's going on with that. >> did you know that your son was doing this? >> no. >> you had no idea? >> no idea. >> when you hear he has been accused of this, do you believe it? do you believe it? >> i'm not sure what's going on. >> you are not sure? >> not exactly.
1:44 pm
i think so. it's very hard right now to talk, okay? thank you. >> what is your name? >> so there you see he didn't want to give his name, but his name is mohamed rahami. he ran the chicken joint over my shoulder, the that the fbi has spent all day at, pulling out items. in the meantime, you can see from the video that mohamed rahami and his family were allowed all the way up. they engaged with some of the agent who is were here talking to them. at one point it looked like mohamed may have gone inside, but they have been taking out boxes of evidence and doing a tremendous amount in the last 45
1:45 pm
minutes to an hour. much of the day has been in a drizzling rain and securing the scene. they had to determine whether it was booby trapped or any other active bomb-making that could have caused danger to anyone else in the neighborhood. >> in elizabeth, new jersey. retired hostage negotiator and stf agent. andrew cuomo said you have the situation here in new york over the weekend. the bomb goes off and nobody was killed and within 48 hours, the suspect is in custody. this is what he said about the implications of that. >> this was really an extraordinary effort with an
1:46 pm
extraordinary result. it should have a chilling effect on people who even think of this. we used to have a sign in new york, don't even think about it. don't even think about it. new york has the best protection and if you commit an act of terror here, you will be caught. >> jim, is that a fairway to look at this? >> being caught is a good thing and always has some deterrent effect, but people that go to these radical ideologies are often times suicidal and they are willing to die so they are not scared of prison because they don't think they will be caught. for some it may be a deterrent or others on the fence, watching what happens to all these bombers. the brothers and they all wind up in prison or killed with the police in a shootout. there is no good end. they need to look further than their internet web page or
1:47 pm
whatever is trying to influence them. act like a man and an adult instead of somebody who can be influenced so easily into mass murder. >> i wanted to talk to you about this issue. there may be more surveillance and whether the city or the government puts them there or private businesses put them up. you can't walk anywhere without there being a high likelihood of a camera or someone tracking your motion. we have seen the videos from that bombing on saturday night. you have been able to place the suspect and back down in new jersey. the role the cameras play, can you talk about that? >> they do play a and they did in the boston marathon bombing. they played a role here and we saw all the pictures of him out and they went out on the amber alert. a fingerprint on the pipe bomb in the park played a larger role
1:48 pm
in breaking this case, but the video was important. think of this case. if this newly minted bomber was a little better at making his bombs and all these bombs detonated and his placement was better and his firing was better, we could have scores of deaths across the area. we would not maybe have the fingerprints we got on the devices. now we really would be relying on the video camera to stop a boler who was active and wanting to kill again. we need to understand that the courts have always ruled and there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in a public place. we can stand on the street or a doorway or alley or get
1:49 pm
binoculars. we couldn't afford to put agents on every corner this. gives a form of protections and there are issues that are raised and rightly so, but in this modern age, cameras in public places are here to stay. even in other cities, they are in all these private videos. probably more than anybody else except london. london has a lot more. >> the fact that all the bombings didn't go off and cause all the destruction that they could have. one of the reasons people are looking at this and you have authorities saying he was not connected to a terror cell. what's the possibility that he did have some kind of help even if it's not a formal terror cell? >> exactly. i know you are hitting it on the head. he is mostly acting alone, but
1:50 pm
he could have help, not necessarily a cell, but other confederates and aiders and a betters. someone my drive him somewhere. everyone knows you can't park in new york. maybe somebody drove you so you can walk around and drop it. maybe somebody else helped him acquire the materials or bather the materials or go to the shooting range where he bought something. it's possible. it doesn't look like a cell. does he have influencers over there and are people providing money to buy the materials? once he gets over there, identified as an american and from new york. the bees and flies would get around him quick trying to recruit him and giving him cash and say go buy the materials and do this for us.
1:51 pm
that's something that the authorities have to help us with and see if we can get answers on the other end. >> thanks as always for the time. appreciate it. >> thanks, steve. >> we said earlier in the show when an incident like this happens at the height of the season with the presidential campaign. we thought we would take a look back at recent elections where terrorism was thrust into the spotlight at the height of the campaign. years ago, we remember the benghazi attack that took place around this same time in the 2012 campaign. the attack on the consulate in libya. that became a major issue as the campaign unfolded. not just the trauma of that, but the claim from republicans that the president and the administration had failed to take seriously in the beginning when this attack first played
1:52 pm
out. it was terrorism and they focused on other possibilities and it led to that debate moment where mitt romney said that president obama didn't call it an act of terror the day after the attack and the transcript showed he had. that was the politics of that in the 2012 campaign. benghazi reverberated a lot further out than just election day 2012. you can go back to 2004, the campaign in many ways was all about terrorism. it was all about what happened on 9/11 and what the bush administration's response was going to war with iraq. it was days before election day and a tight race. president george w. bush being challenged by john kerry and then this emerges. a video of osama bin laden in a video message taking responsibility for the 9/11 attacks. criticizing george w. bush for his response to 9/11.
1:53 pm
this caused a stir and if you lived through it, you can imagine. this was a major, major event days before that vote. john kerry suggested since the election in 2004, he feels maybe the rallying around the flag effect may be making people rally around president bush in response to seeing this. it may well have cost him that election. he at least indicated that much and he goes back to 2000. between bush and al gore. about a month before election day in 2000, that naval destroyer, the u.s.s. cole was attacked in yemen. that was not about foreign policy at all. suddenly it did bring the issue of foreign policy and terrorism into the campaign. of course george w. bush who was elected president in 2000 said not in direct response, but on the subject of foreign policy that he said he didn't believe
1:54 pm
in nation building. his presidency played out differently. those are three instances where terrorism has been thrust into the spotlight at the height of a presidential campaign. now we have another one. here's hampton pearson with the market wrap. >> we had marks closing lower in the final hour of trading. the dow falling by four points and the s&p losing less than a point and nasdaq dropping by ten. that's it from cnbc, first in business worldwide. try these delicious phillips' fiber good gummies, a good source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are great. my work here is done. phillips'. the tasty side of fiber. let's go meet them soon. in person, we could read the room. on the phone, you're just a voice. yeah, i'm good. for fast rewards, let's book on choice. this trip could really help us grow. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪
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1:58 pm
since the mysterious lane closures on the bridge created a traffic nightmare for new jersey town. a political nightmare for chris christie who is one of donald trump's top reporters. finally we have news. in federal court this morning, the trial began for two former top christie appointees who were charged to create the jam as pay back against the former mayor who refused to endorse the campaign as governor. in their open statement, federal prosecutors alleged for the first time that chris christie himself knew about the lane closures as they were happening. this directly contradicts what christie has been saying for several years now. >> i had no knowledge or involvement in this issue. in the planning or execution. and i am stunned by the abject
1:59 pm
stupidity that was shown here. >> in that press conference, i first count out about it after it was over. they should point out they didn't say he knew anything or were planing it or ordered it or approved the lane closures. we often said he has not been charged with a crime. they are only saying he was aware of the lane closures as they happened. it was known that christie was with two of the men who prosecutors said were mind it as they were happening. this is christie at ground zero. that is day three of the lane closures. he is another top christie employee. he is now the star witness in the case. his lawyer has been saying for more than two years that evidence exists that christie knew about the lane closures as
2:00 pm
they were happening. christie denied it and authorities and prosecutors never said they believed it until today. prosecutors saying that about chris christie in federal court said he knew about the closures while they were happening. that's going to do it for our hour now. m tr mtp daily with chuck todd starts now. >> right now there are big questions about remain unanswered. tonight we are following every turn in this breaking news. we will have new details on the suspect and the investigation. plus, who do you trust to keep the country safe? >> my opponent won't even say the words radical islamic terror. >> i am the only candidate who has been part of the hard decisions to take terrorists off the


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