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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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angel padilla is out of the hospital, and pete hammer is expected to be released today. that is good news. i want to bring in pete williams. joins my from d.c. we're talking lone wolf. did this man act alone? was he part of a terrorist cell? what do we know? >> we know what the investigators tell us, which is that they don't know the answer to that question yet. obviously, it's what they want to look at. it's what they always look at after someone is arrested for a crime like this or is going to be charged with a crime like this. right now, they say they have no evidence that anyone else helped him, but they don't know where the bombs were built. they would like to know whether he had help planning this, getting the materials, planting the bombs. any kind of help like that. it's possible he could have done this on his own. the instructions are widely available on the internet. so that's a question they very much are trying to pursue right now. they want to look at his social media, who he was in touch with, interviewing friends and neighbors. that's going to take a long
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time. you know, stephanie, this has all been very compressed, how rapidly they identified him as the suspect. now it's going to take a harder time because it's going to be a lot of interviews and looking at social media. the other question is, what caused him to become radicalized? why did he do this? and that's partly going to be social media and contacts, partly also going to be looking at his overseas travel. he's from afghanistan. he was born there. he went back there many times. while he was there, he also visited pakistan. he got married there. so they want to know whether he had any contact. he was -- the family was from an area which is also an area where there's a strong taliban influence. so did that play some role in his radicalization? all open questions at this point. >> lt, thanks, piete. i want to stay on the foreign travel and the significance of it. let's brying in shawn henry, former assistant director of the fbi.
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as pete told us, we know rahami traveled to pakistan and afghanistan. that's where he and his wife are from. do we know if he could have been directed by any sort of foreign organization, possibly a terror group? >> that's the big question right now, stephanie. that's what the fbi will be looking at. coordination with pakistani intelligence, the fbi has a legal attache over there, and in karachi, and they'll be coordinating to look to see who he may have visited with while he was there, if the pakistanis have picked up any intelligence, signals intelligence, if they had anybody on their radar who may have seen in ctact with hami. that's the big question. i think they'll also be looking at his wife. reports that she just recently returned from the united states back to pakistan, where is she going? who is she in contact with? they have a wealth of information now that they can exploit, now that they have identified him, he's in custody. executing search warrants at his residence. they'll look for where the bomb
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was made and look for additional signatures on those ieds to see if they are consistent with any of the type of training that is provided by groups operating either out of pakistan or afghanistan. so there's a lot of information, but that international connection is going to be clear. one other thing i think we should add, think about here, is when did he become radicalized? when he came back from his trips to pakistan, how did his demeanor change? did he associate with new people once he came here? that's going to be another critical piece. >> so he wasn't on a watch list. he came back. if he were going through a screening, and we know he had a secondary screening, is it just a matter of answering questions? if he had been radicalized, do you think he would have told authorities, yep, i'm really mad now? >> that's a great point. so seconda aear aeary screening inhanced security. additional tiechs of explosives. and specific questions about why
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he had traveled back and forth, who he had been with, how long he was there. obviously, if somebody is radicalized and coming back, they're not going to sit down and say i'm going back to the united states to commit a terrorist act. so we've got to look at the coordination between dhs and other authorities here, the fbi and others, to see if there were any other red flags. were there any other indications he may have been in touch with terrorist organizations and what type of additional security protocols may have been implemented or should have beeniment lmented in this case. >> even if he was on a watch list, he's a u.s. citizen. it's not like it was an immigration issue. he could have bought the contents he used in the bombs. what really would we have gotten? >> that's exactly right. the components for the bomb are readily available. the instructions to manufacture those ieds readily available. he didn't necessarily have to be over in pakistan. although that's one of the areas
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they want to look at to see where he got that type of training. you've got u.s. citizens with the ability to travel freely back and forth. again, what are the indicators? if he was over there for an extended period of time, did he meet with people there? should it have raised red dplags for dhs and upon his return to the united states for the fbi to be further engaged at a higher level of scrutiny to insure that he's not going to launch acts here. i think the community piece is really important. as difficult as this is for law enforcement to track people going back and forth, they're able to do that legally, but when they come back, are they engaged in different type of activities here, changing in their demeanor. the world we live in today requires a greater level of cooperation from the private sector, citizens, relatives, family members, coworkers, et cetera, to bring to law enforcement's scrutiny if somebody is acting differently,
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making statements, etcelt raw. >> all right, shaun, thanks for joining me. >> two people who were pretty critical in scrutinizing what happened this weekend, the presidential candidates. they're now talking tough on terror. they were all day yesterday around the capture of ahmad rahami was unfolding. take a look. >> if you choose donald trump, these problems are going to go away. >> it's wrong to put a loose cannon in charge who could start another war. >> she is not the right person to solve a problem that largely her and obomb gave us. >> we know that donald trump's comments have been used online for recruitment of terrorists. >> and there you have it. nbc's kristen welker joins me now from washington. this fight against terrorism is clearly front and center, basically because of what happened over the weekend. how did each candidate, besides
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pointing the finger at one another, how did that handle it? >> it was a tale of two responses to the terror attack. on the one hand, you had donald trump talking tough. you heard him there, essentially saying the suspikt shouldn't get medical care. of course, that's something that a lot of folks would argue is unconstitutional. he also called for racial profiling, and he did point the finger at president obama and secretary clinton. he said these terror attacks are the result of their foreign policy. secretary clinton answering that by really touting her experience as secretary of state. slamming donald trump. she says his divisive rhetoric is becoming a tool to recruit more terrorists, and steph, she also underscored the fact that donald trump hasn't laid out or said what his plan is specifically to fight isis. she then reiterated her plan, which includes an intelligence surge. now, secretary clinton getting a little bit of good news in the polls this morning, steph. she's up among likely volters in our latest nbc news/survey
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monkey poll 50% to 45%. this is the first time we have looked at likely voters. if you look at registered voters, she's up 49% to 43%. likely going to be a big focus at next week's debate. >> it sounds like she has good news. president obama is going to spend one to two days every week in october campaigning for her. >> it sort of underscores the urgency he feels and that democrats feel more broadly. he's going to be targeting some of these key battleground states. ohio, north carolina, iowa, florida, pennsylvania. that's where you're going to see president obama over the weekend, steph, he gave this really impassioned speech to the cbc. he said if you don't dern out to vote, i will consider it a personal insult to me and my legacy. that's the kind of heated rhetoric you're going to hear. >> we know who president obama is voting for, but today, there are reports out that george h.w. bush is voting for clinton. what is the bush camp saying about this? >> this is coming from cath clean kennedy dotownsend, who sd
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she met with george h.w. bush, and he told her he's going to vote for hillary clinton. the bush camp is saying hold on, keep your powder dry. we're not responding to that yet, but i can tell you, steph, that i have been kind of tracking that possibility for quite some time and talking to officials, they say there was some anticipation or expectation that that might happen, but bottom line, we have not confirmed that report that first came out in politico. but we certainly are trying to, and i anticipate the official word is going to come from his office and his staff. >> we do need to note that kathleen kennedy townsend is of course a democrat. >> indeed, yes she is. she's the daughter of the late robert kennedy. >> thanks, kristen. i want to stay on politics, not just today, all day. we're going to have that coverage of the first presidential debate next monday, september 26th, live from hofstra university. beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. do not miss our live telecast of
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the debate, moderated by nbc's lester holt at 9:00 p.m. eastern, followed by late night coverage with our whole post-debate team. >> up next, did ahmad rahami act alone? a member of the senate intelligence committee joins us. what we know about the alleged bomber and his travel to afghanistan and the middle east. [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $9 a month.
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welcome back. you're watching msnbc. time now for your morning primer. everything you need to know to get your day started. we're going to begin with president obama's final speech at the u.n. general assembly. the president is expected to speak at the top of the hour. we're going to bring tatd to you live. >> the united nations has suspected all aid to syria after an air strike near aleppo destroyed 18 humanitarian trucks, killing a total of 12
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people. the attack came hours after syria's military said the cease-fire had failed. you got to see this one. oklahoma police have released a shocking new video of a white police officer shooting an unarmed black man. police found terrance crutcher's car stalled in the road -- i'm sorry, now we're showing the right video. stalled in the road. i want you to see this. crutcher approached the officers, but according to police, he refused to follow their commands. he is seen, you can see this here, walking back to his car with his hands held in the air, when one officer deploys his taser and another fires her weapon, which then killed crutcher. that officer has been placed on routine administrative leave. >> and we're showing you this a moment ago, vardifferent story. kmart expected to announce that it's going to close 64 more stores. remember, this comes after kmart's parent company, sears holdings, closed 80 stores over the summer. most of them k marts.
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>> in sports, hope hallie jackson is watching. the eagles defeated the bears last night. 29-14. rookie quarterback carson wentz struggled but was still good enough to follow his defense to victory. fly, eagles, fly. now, nothing has linked suspected bomber ahmad rahami to any kind of terrorist organization, but he did make multiple trips to the middle east and yet he failed to show up on any sort of terror watch list. we want to know why. joining me now, maine independent senator, angus king, who sits on the intelligence committee. good morning, senator. help us understand, where does the investigation stand now? >> i think what they're doing now is on multiple fronts. number one, trying to see whether there were any associates involved in this bombing. at the moment, it doesn't appear that's the case, but clearly, that's an important thing to consider. the next thing is what were the connections that he made when he was overseas? a couple years ago, he spent almost a year in pakistan, and the third question for me is,
6:16 am
does the fact that he did those travels, should that have raised flags to the point where he got something more than a cursory e re-examination when he re-entered the country? that's one of the things we're going to reassess. we're going to meet later this week with director comey of the fbi. that's going to be one of my questions. should we beef up the procedures to examine and re-examine people who are coming back into the country after traveling to some of these troublesome areas of the world. >> if he had been put on a watch list, the behavior over the weekend wouldn't necessarily have been stopped. he was a u.s. citizen. the materials he bought, he could have bought anyway. and he could have easily gone to new york city or south jersey. >> well, that's right. i mean, i'm not saying this would be a fool-proof system, but you have to always try to learn from something. and having a more thorough looking at or review of somebody after this kind of travel might prevent a problem in the future.
6:17 am
it might not have prevented this one. that's the problem. there's actually a term for it. hve, home-grown violent extremist. this is one of the toughest cases for law enforcement because there's not a plot. there's not a big number of association and communications back and forth and buying of materials that would raise flags. this is the toughest case. and i think, by the way, we altto point out out incredibly powerful and efficient law enforcement was in this case to find one guy in 10 million or 12 million people in the new york area inside 36 hours was really an amazing feat of law enforcement and community involvement. >> lindsey graham tweeted yesterday, rahami held -- tweeted that rahami should be held as an enemy combatant for further intelligence gathering. meaning no miranda rights, can't get a lawyer. do you agree with that? >> i like lindsey graham. he's a really smart guy, a
6:18 am
former judge advocate general in the air force. i'm uncomfortable with his suggestion, however, because this guy is an american citizen on american soil. and you have this constitution, you know, that says no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law. so to slap a label on him in this kind of situation and say none of those things apply, i have some troubles with. i don't think -- and by the way, there are hundreds of terrorists who have gone through our criminal justice system who are now in jail. it's not like the criminal justice system as we have it in this country doesn't work. and i'm going to discuss that with lindsey, but i have some constitutional problems with it. if you put a label, say enemy combatant, therefore waive the constitutional protections, again, particularly for somebody that's in this country, i think raises some serious questions. >> you mentioned just before that he could be an hve, sort of this home-grown not part of a
6:19 am
terrorist cell, acting as a lone wolf. what's more dangerous? >> well, i think these lone wolves are more dangerous in the sense that they're the hardest to predict, prevent, and intercept. because there isn't a trail of communications with a broad and traveled history and those kind of things. the samg thing in orlando, the same thing in san bernardino. this is the nightmare scenario. on the other hand, the fbi has been amazingly effective in stopping these plots. there are cases pending all over the country. when i say plots, they might not even be plots. they may be one or two people. the problem is you can be 99.9% effective and you still have the kind of thing that happened in new york over the weekend. in terms of danger, the lone wolf is the most difficult to predict and prevent. >> over the weekend, tim kaine had said he thinks we're making
6:20 am
massive improvements in combatting isis. would you agree based on what you just said? >> there are different levels. i think in terms of what's going on in syria and iraq, where isis originally set up shop, that's absolutely correct. they have been forced back time and again. they have lost 25%, 30%, 40% of the land they supposedly controlled. their revenues have been cut dramatically, they're on the defensive everywhere. their last two sort of strongholds of mosul and raqqah are at least the beginnings of an assault, that could happen any time. so yes, on the ground in that region, they're on their heels. as far as worldwide, they're now, i think, trying to reach out to places like brussels and paris and here, if possible, to sort of make up for the fact that they're losing terrorist face, if you will, in the middle east. but there's no question that their leadership has been decimated and they're going
6:21 am
nowhere on the ground in the middle east. but that doesn't mean that some guy in kansas city can't read something online and be radicalized by videos and that kind of thing and go out to a local mall and do some real damage. i mean, that's the danger. it's not that isis is directing people. but the question is, are they inspiring people to act? and that's where working with local law enforcement and frankly the local muslim community to provide tips because they're the people that might be most likely to see this kind of activity, to help us prevent something like this. >> all right, senator. thank you so much for joining me this morning, senator king. >> coming up, we're going to hear from that hero bar owner whose call to police led to rahami's capture. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations
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hospitalized, recovering from the gun shot she received when he was captured. he faced five charges of attempted murder of a police officer. he still has not been charged in connection with the bombs authorities say he placed in both new york and new jersey. morgan is live outside university hospital in newark, new jersey, where he is being treated. what do you know about his condition? >> it's remarkable just how quickly this story has unfolded in the past 24 hours. this time yesterday, we just learned his name. now the same suspect is inside this university hospital in newark, new jersey, behind me. y he had surgery yesterday but he's here alongside officer peter hammer, the officer who had a bullet graze his head as he was sitting in a patrol car when rahami fled on foot. he's expected to be released later today. also, officer angel padilla was released when he was shot in the stomach. when rahami leaves from the hospital, he's facing charges by
6:26 am
the county prosecutor for attempted murder of both of those police officers, and we have also heard from the u.s. attorneyoffs both new york and new jersey who say they expect him to face federal terrorism charges in the coming days, stephanie. >> thanks, morgan. >> joining us from right outside the hospitals. now i want to bring back aman mohyeldin. you had a chance to speak to the bar owner, the hero who called police. what did he tell you? >> in fact, he was very surprised when we spoke to him yesterday. he owns a grocery store right across the street he owns this bar. when he arrived to grocery store, he saw the man with nothing but a bottle of water sitting on the bench outside. he walked in and didn't think about it, but then it started to rain and he saw the man walk across the street and enter the doorway of the bar. here's what he told us next. >> he didn't, like, have any kind of expression that somebody saw him. like, okay, i'll move to the other side.
6:27 am
you know. just moved to the other side. it was 9:00. when i come back, i came back to my store and said this guy looks so similar to a guy i just watched on the tv. >> that was when he approached him and saw him sleeping inside the doorway. he said to him, get up. there's some broken glass here. it's not safe for you. he didn't think anything of it. when he went back to the store, he started to think about it, talks to his colleague and looked up the picture of the guy people had been asking for, ahmad khan rahami and he called the police and they took it from there. >> that guy is a hero. th thanks so much. coming up, president obama will be giving his final speech to the u.n. in a few minutes. as soon as it begins, we will take you there. plus, donald trump jr. talking about syrian refugees, comparing them, get your head around this, to skittles. candy. we're going to discuss that with a senior adviser to the trump
6:28 am
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new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. in the wake of this weekend's bombings, donald trump and hillary clinton are clashing over who is best equipped to fight terror. joining me now, trump senior adviser jack kingston, a former congressman from georgia. good morning. >> good morning, stephanie. >> i want to get right into it. hillary clinton said yesterday donald trump has made a mistake by going after muslims in general, not terrorists. here's what she said. >> we know that donald trump's comments have been used online for recruitment of terrorists. the kinds of rhetoric and language that mr. trump has used is giving aid and comfort to our adversaries. >> how do you respond to that? >> well, stephanie, two points. number one, i was on the defense appropriations committee for over a decade.
6:32 am
i sat in a lot of classified hearings. never heard that. never ever between the intelligence community or the defense community heard anybody say you know what's really recruiting terrorists? rhetoric. >> when were you on that committee? because it's really in the last couple of years, inspire magazine, and these websites. >> i was on there post-9/11, until 2015. so i would say my information is pretty doggone up to date, but let me ask you this. and this is point nothing two and a real important point. under hillary clinton and barack obama's watch, you might say, we have had ft. hood, san bernardino, we have had the boston marathon massacre. we had chattanooga. none of those were tied into donald trump. this was all pre-donald trump. and yet, we have had something like 60 domestic terrorist attacks since 2014. and where was donald trump? he was in the private sector. there wasn't his rhetoric going on. this is silliness. this is hillary clinton trying to point the finger away from
6:33 am
the fact that they left iraq without a statement of forces agreement with the iranians. they left a huge vacuum which created isis, which is now in 18 different countries. they allowed the terrorist groups like al qaeda to regroup and form isis. and now, she was ridiculing him a month ago when heed about extreme vetting, but yesterday, she's talking about we need more vetting of immigrants when they come in here. >> hold on a second, congressman. donald trump isn't just going after hillary clinton. he said very clearly that the police know who the bad guys are but they're not going after them because they fear profiling. as a person in the state of georgia who has governed there, do you believe that your police officers, law enforcement, knows there are criminals but aren't going after them? >> i think that what he is referring to is sanctuary cities where they know there are people out there who have broken laws. he's probably referring to the fact that the department of homeland security just last -- just recently allowed 858
6:34 am
immigrants who were slated for -- marked for deportation, they made them american citizens instead. he's talking about, and i think it's something that we all need to pay better attention to, the fact that the fbi and local law enforcement can work together a little bit better than they are working. so you know, i think that's a legitimate discussion, and i don't see anything partisan about it. >> ahmad rahami was a naturalized citizen. this immigration stuff wouldn't have impacted him. >> no, but you know, one of the things that as part of donald trump's immigration package is to talk about how to you deal with radicalization. how do you deal with it. he talked about let's set up a commission to figure out how you stop somebody from being radicalized. perhaps, as we know and you were interviewing the senator earlier on this show, about his trips going back and forth to afghanistan. were those red flags? were they sufficient to trigger
6:35 am
a more investigation, a closer look? i am not sure, but what donald trump is saying, we need to do something about radicalization and setting up a commission to study it, i haven't heard hillary clinton talk about that. i haven't heard barack obama talk about that. i haven't heard homeland security talk about that. i think it's a great idea, because as you point out, earlier also, here is somebody who may be a lone wolf, although this is pretty elaborate. how do you learn to make these bombs and sneak bombs in four different places if you are alone? but what more can we learn about it? donald trump is calling for that. >> we're also talking about refugees here at the general assembly in new york city. i have to ask you about the tweet donald trump jr. put out, comparing syrian refugees to skittles candies. treats that children eat. is that a good comparison? >> actually, stephanie, i think that what he was doing is making an illustration. i don't think he was comparing to refugees to candy at all. he was making an illustration. hillary clinton's plan is to
6:36 am
bring in 620,000 refugees. syrian refrefugees. >> people living under attack, and he put out a tweet -- >> because -- >> candies. >> well, number one, remember, the destabilization in syria and the middle east has the fingerprint of the hillary clinton/barack obama foreign policy, so that's one problem in itself that we need to also discuss. >> but congressman, i'm not talking about policies. i'm talking ability being a human and compassion. is that proeappropriate? >> the intelligence community has said in 620,000 or whatever number you have, there is going to be a percentage of bad actors in there. what we need to do is say, you know, we're going to be humanitarian because the united states historically has always been no matter who is the president, but the reality is we need to make sure as much as possible who's coming in to america and what are their views on america. are they coming here to attack
6:37 am
us or destroy us? you know, we want to have the innocent come in here. my uncle, for example, was a hungarian refugee chased out of his home by hitler. our doors are open for people like that. he became a very productive american citizen, had a great career here. >> i'm sure he wouldn't want to be referred to as a poisonous candy. >> he wasn't. that's an illustration. that's where we get off base in this debate. if it's not skittles, you could use potato chips, anything you want. the reality is what he's saying in a group of refugees, there could be a percentage of bad ones and we need to do everything that's possible to find out who those bad ones are and make sure that they don't come in. that's all. it's a simple thing. and that's one of the problems when you're attacked for a statement like that. how can we move on to have a decent and serious dialogue? >> well, i appreciate having a serious dialogue with you this morning. thanks so much. >> stephanie, thank you.
6:38 am
coming up, president obama will arrive for his final speech to the u.n. in just a few minutes. as soon as it begins, we'll take you there. next, senator lindsay graham pushing for ahmad rahami to be charged as an enemy combatant. what would that mean? ♪ ♪
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reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy. and you thought we just made the gas. ♪ energy lives here. hospitalization. and he will probably even have room service, knowing the way our country is. and on top of all of that, he will be represented by an outstanding lawyer. >> that, of course, is donald trump commenting on what will happen next to suspected bomber ahmad rahami. ari melber joins nee now. donald trump is not the only one talking about how rahami is going to be treated. lindsey graham put out a treat where he wants rahami treated as an enemy combatant.
6:42 am
what does that mean? >> you treat him as a foreign fighter and he wouldn't have the same procedural rights before going into interrogation and other procedures. this is something we hear about from time to time in these terror cases. >> all right, when we have done this time to time, when we have treated people as enemy combatants, what has it done for us? how successful has that been? >> a great question because sometimes because of the language itself, enemy, it sounds tougher or stronger. when you look at this, you had about eight of these done where you took people and tried to put them into the system. four of those convictions were overturned. that's a very poor success rate. by contrast, over 500 people have been prosecuted effectively without having it overturned for terrorism in the domestic criminal system. >> 5.2 million bucks, that's the bail. is that big, small? how unusual is this? to me, that sounds like a huge number? >> huge, and that's a bail that says there's no way we're going to let this person get out in any easy capacity. then we go to the next big
6:43 am
questions here. multiple correspondents told you today how quickly this has happened. what happened neck won't be as quick automatically. all of the different authorities state and federal looking at what this man is accused of suspected of doing and figuring out how to charge him. more likely, we'll see more charges, federal charges, potentially weapons of mass destruction or terror charges in addition to what has happened which are the local charges around attempted murder of the officers. >> we know the local bombings have people here in new york and new jersey on high alert and across the country. when we return, we're going to talk about how these bombings are going to affect people at the ballot box in less than two months.
6:44 am
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we know that a lot of the rhetoric we've heard from donald trump has been seized on by terrorists, in particular, isis. >> let's ask hillary clinton how
6:47 am
many people who subscribe to radical islamic views and support the oppression of non-believers would you call deplorable or ir redeemable? >> it's fair to say the gloves are off. the investigation intensifies into the suspected new york bomber. hillary clinton has a slight advantage on national security and terrorism. these were taken before the events took place this weekend. does either candidate have a real advantage on this issue? >> we've seen the polls all over the place on this throughout this campaign and who americans trust more on this issue and we'll certainly see some changes as it's brought once again to the forefront of this campaign with what happened in new york over the weekend. and what you really see with this is just the sharply divergent tones that cuts to the heart of this race. donald trump out there for a
6:48 am
tough crackdown, racial profiling, extreme vetting of immigrants and hillary clinton trying to sell herself as a seasoned expert and knows how to take the right approach, the approach that's going to really enhance the security of the american people as a whole. it is at the center of their differences as candidates and in their campaigns. >> is it not like comparing apples and oranges? we look at hillary clinton, her policies. there's nothing you could look at with donald trump. >> this is exactly the point. i mean, that's a lot of what donald trump, he says he has a plan and doesn't want to give the game plan to the terrorists. one thing he has called for is extreme vetting, people who come back from countries like afghanistan, some type of ideological screen for these people. he came in legally to this country. he wouldn't have been stopped. he bought whatever he used to make these weapons legally. these are common place items. so what we can do to deal with
6:49 am
these attacks is something not just hillary clinton and donald trump are grappling with but the security services. >> over the next two months, how tricky for hillary clinton, if we get more attacks, it's on president obama's watch. obama is out there for the month of october, one to two times a week, campaigning for her. she's got to walk a really fine line here. >> a really fine line. and president obama is really going to do this unpresentceden push for her. but if we see large scale attacks, people in a time of fear and worry want to see someone and donald trump's rhetoric about being tough about cracking down, regardless if he actually has a plan in place that can actually do that may resonate with some of the voters that she needs to keep on board particularly in the battleground states where people already feel economic anxiety as well. this is a potential concern for her. she's got to go out and make the case that her experience as secretary of state, her experience of actually putting
6:50 am
in plans in dealing with these type of issues is what america needs now to grapple with this incredibly complex threat that we haven't really seen before and this war since 9/11 and other incidents something with this lone wolf, with how people become radicalized and how they're carrying out these attacks is isn't something we haven't recently confronted with in recent decades. >> how about this political report? former president george h.w. bush is voting for hillary clinton. they have not commented on this but if it is true, does this have an impact in any way? >> i think it does have a little bit of an impact and once again, shows how unsatisfied the republican establishment is with donald trump. we saw jeb bush on the emmys a couple of nights ago really sort of bringing the bush name back into the forefront and people look at this stuff. he's a very respected figure. it's another little cautionary flip of who is this guy? he can't even attract the support of the true establishment figures in this
6:51 am
party and that level of concern is still there. of course it's going to play a bit of a part. >> donald trump was really mean to his son. >> i think there was bad blood on both sides. i remember the clashes. i'm sure you do. >> i would want my mom on my team. thank you. all day coverage on monday, of course, the first presidential debate. starting at 9:00 a.m. eastern. all day coverage and then live telecast of the debate moderated by nbc's lester holt at 9:00 p.m. eastern followed by our post-debate team breaking it down. this network of portals will shorten the distance packages have to travel, and save jet shoppers money. unbelievable work! where does that one go? ...happy birthday... whoa, slow down bill. save some for us. (everyone laughs) ...hahahahahahahah.
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i'm stephanie rule. up next, more news with craig melvin. >> good to see you. a live look at the united nations here in new york city where in just moments, president obama will be making his eighth and final speech as president at
6:55 am
the u.n. general assembly. msnbc will be bringing you those remarks live. the president's address coming one day after he vowed to keep fighting isis abroad and at home. he also praised law enforcement for quickly capturing ahmad rahami. a man, of course, accused of the weekend bomb attacks in new york and new jersey. here's the latest on that investigation. did he act alone? that's the main question law enforcement and intelligence officials try to answer as they focus on rahami's trips overseas. the first charges of attempted murder filed. he's being held on more than $5 million bail and campaign blame game. donald trump and hillary clinton claim if the other is elected, isis wins. our team of reporters following all the latest developments for us this morning. let us start with ayman mohyeldin. he's in elizabeth, new jersey, outside rahami's home. bring us up to speed on the latest on the investigation, sir. >> reporter: yeah, i'll tell you
6:56 am
about the investigation in just a second but a few minutes outside, we're outside of the family home and also outside of that fried chicken restaurant that the family owned as well where ahmad, the son, obviously, also worked and then a few minutes ago, we saw the father come out. the father known as
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