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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 20, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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danger. let me state this very very clearly. as you know -- at least most of you know -- i have been saying this for a long time. this didn't just happen like yesterday. immigration security is national security. [ cheers and applause ] i assume she'll be changing this but do you know what's been happening? my opponent has the most open borders policy of anyone ever to seek the office of presidency. it's not even close. as secretary of state she allowed thousands of criminal ail yents to be released into our communities because their home countries wouldn't take them back. they were too bad. they didn't want them. so we took them. now obama wants to bring in as of two days ago, an additional 110,000 refugees and hillary --
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[ booing ] -- wants -- i mean honestly. honestly, it's hard to believe. hillary wants a 550% increase in syrian refugees. all together hillary clinton's plan would bring in 620,000 refugees in her first term alone with no effective way to screen or vet them. her plan would cost $400 billion in terms of lifetime welfare and entitlement costs. this isn't just a matter of terrorism. but also a matter of quality of life. many of you are just starting off on this incredible journey. it is about quality of life. it is about safety. it's about safety. it is very important. [ cheers and applause ] . have to have a safe country. we want to make sure we are only
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admitting people into our country who love our country. my highest duty as president is to protect our citizens and to uphold the constitution of the united states. i will honor that duty to the fullest extent every single day and i will never waver in the sacred obligation. it is just a plain fact that our current immigration system makes no real attempt to determine the views of the people entering our country. we have no idea who they are, what they think. since 9/11 hundreds of immigrants and their children have been implicated in terrorism and terrorist related activity within the united states. now we learned another 858 immigrants just the other day. from dangerous countries have
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slipped into our country and been granted citizenship despite the fact that they were supposed to be deported. they probably pressed the wrong button on the computer. so they were supposed to be deported and they were given citizenship. welcome to america. [ crowd chanting "wall" ] >> oh we're going to build a wall. we're going to build it. we are going to build the wall. mexico is going to pay for the wall 100%. [ cheers and applause ] the over 800 people really have nothing to do with the wall. you know. they have to do with a lot of other things. it's -- we made them citizens. they were getting ready for deportation.
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so either something was wrong or they pressed the wrong button on the computer. either way, can't happen. all together there are nearly 1 million people in the united states with deportation orders who haven't yet been removed. in the 20th century the united states defeated fascism, naziism and communism. now we must defeat radical islamic terrorism. yet my opponent won't even say the words radical islamic terror. in fact, hillary clinton talks tougher about my supporters than about islamic terrorists. she calls the patriotic americans who support our campaign, many cops and soldiers, deplorable and i are redeemable.
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[ booing ] has she ever talked that way about radical islam or about those who oppose and murder women and gays overseas? no. has hillary clinton ever called people who support these practices deplorable or i are redeemable? no. in many countries overseas nonbelievers face the death penalty. whether it is hillary's condemnation -- i mean where is it? where is her condemnation of these people? where is her condemnation of these countries? let's ask hillary how many people who subscribe to radical islamic views and support the oppression of nonbelievers would you call deplorable or irredeemable. that's a terrible word that hasten been reported but that was the word she used. are those words reserved only for hard-working americans that truly, truly support us and truly love our country?
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seems that way. america can never elect a president like hillary clinton who apparently with her choice of words thinks the decent american citizens are a bigger threat than radical islam. can't do this. anyone who cannot name our enemy is not fit to lead this country. remember. [ applause ] if you can't name your enemy, you don't know what the problem is. if you don't know what the problem is you are never going to fix the problem. anyone who cannot condemn the hatred oppression and violence of radical islam lacks the moral clarity to serve as our president. the commander in chief of this nation must speak with moral clarity and conviction. our system of government is the best in the world. as your president, i will defend our values and speak out against
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those who assault our values in any way, shape or form. [ cheers and applause ] it is time to remember one very important word -- accountability. all this disaster with isis happened on hillary clinton's watch. it happened with her. her bad judgment her bad decision-making. her policies in iraq and libya and syria are responsible for the rise of isis. her attacks on me are all meant to deflect from her record of unleashing this monstrous evil upon us. do you ever notice all she does is attack me constantly? attack attack. everyone says if you are successful never run for political office. but that's the kind of person you need. i hate to tell you that's what we need. they have always said all my
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life i have heard if you are successful never run for political office but it is time. we have to bring our country back. we have to make our country great again. we have to do something. it's not working now the way it is. >> let's bring in our reporters following the candidates today. jacob rascon is with donald trump in north carolina. kasie hunt in brooklyn where the campaign campaign has headquarters. kristen welker in washington. we were just listening in to the beginning of donald trump's typical stump speech hitting a lot of themes we often here with him out on the road. immigration security national security. repeating the incorrect claim that there is no system to vet refugees in the united states. a lot of news out of the trump campaign today. give us the headlines from you for what you are hearing in high point. i want to talk about his new -- the foundation. a new reporting surrounding the trump foundation.
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what can you tell us? >> >> he likes to turn the conversation back to refugees and screening. he's done it repeatedly. we saw it in december calling for a total and complete ban on muslims after the attack in san bernardino. after that he talks about frequently on the campaign. the story he likes to tell comparing them to the trojan horse. we talked about kparg refugees to skittles. that's a topic of conversation. what do they think about the comparison. a few say they believe it is an insensitive comparison. the larger more important issue is they are not doing a good enough job. trump pointed to it now as you
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heard the error which is not related to the recent attacks directly. but this error that allowed some waiting for deportation to become citizens. it is a central message of the campaign. this issue of refugees and immigration. he will hit this again and again. >> i want to stay with you here as we watch on the left side of the screen. donald trump speaking live. this is the first of two events where we expect to see trump in this important battleground state. give us color from inside the room. is it mostly college kids? >> the youngest crowd i have seen. this is high point university. most students i have talked to said they support trump. there are some who wouldn't say if they were here just because they were curious. they wanted to see trump in person. the crowd was excited. chanting usa, usa. they interrupted him as you
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might have heard talking about refugees chanting "build the wall" briefly. trump acknowledged them and continued on. the youngest crowd i have ever seen though we are at a university. a lot of energy for trump here. >> jacob, thanks. i want to get to kasie hunt covering the clinton campaign. she's by their headquarters in brooklyn. as we talk a little bit about donald trump on the trail we know there is new reporting indicating possible new discrepancies with the trump foundation and the clinton team. she's not out and about. they are taking aim quickly. >> they see it as an opportunity, hallie. this is from the washington post. it talks about the 258,000 the post says after reviewing documents came out of foundation money used to pay off personal debts and the clinton campaign jumped on this. we have a statement from them saying, quote, clearly the trump
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foundation is as much a charitable organization as trump university is an institute of higher education. taking the opportunity to dig in on an issue they have focused on. trump's version of charity is taking money from others to solve his own legal issues and buy at least two pictures of himself which is a clear violation of laws governing charitable organizations. talking about the foundation we talked about it in the past. in relation to pam bondi, florida attorney general in regard to the suit about trump university. the state of florida was considering whether or not to join in the lawsuit. the foundation acknowledges the donation they gave was inappropriate. they paid the fine that resulted from it. this, of course part of the drip, drip drip of information we are getting about trump's foundation and use of finances. we do not have donald trump's tax returns which would, of course potentially illuminate
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much more of this type of information. >> i want to talk about a poll in the newsroom now. clinton is up five points over donald trump. this lead a little bit less than the nine-point lead she held in the last poll last month. you are looking at gary johnson with 6%. jill stein 1%. the race appearing to be tightening up important battleground. he was just in florida yesterday. he and hillary clinton, quite a bit in the next 49 days. if kristen welker is with us. what we are seeing now in the poll numbers. clinton was off the trail. we saw donald trump close the gap when she was sidelined with the diagnosis. >> there is no doubt the battleground polls are getting a lot closer as you point out.
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the national polls were tied up as well several days ago. survey monkey online fol showing secretary clinton holding onto the lead. this is the first time we have tracked likely voters. still when you look at registered voters as well. she's outpacing in term os of ad spending. look at the figures. secretary clinton spending 96.4 million. compare it to donald trump's 7.3 in terms of pro clinton groups. 60.2 million in ad spending. donald trump's pro trump outside groups, 16.3 million. does ad spending lead up to a win? not necessarily. it appears like secretary clinton is getting momentum back on her side in the wake of really struggling because she was, of course off the campaign trail with pneumonia and had a misstep in terms of calling donald trump supporters
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deplorable which she had to walk back. she'll get high powered help. president obama has already been out on the campaign trail. we are learn inging he'll make one oh two stops. florida, ohio north carolina. clearly trying to energize and rally the all important obama coalition which she needs in the fall. >> kasie hunt thanks for being with us today. i want to go to hugh huet who supports donald trump. as we talk i want the viewers to know we are waiting for an exclusive one on one conversation with mike pence. i want to talk with you about the news with the trump foundation. here's what senator reid said. >> trump is starting the charity. he's desperate to get invited to fancy parties and be seen with
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these people who give their own money. he seeks acceptance among the wealthy. since 2008 trump has not donated a single penny to his own charity, the trump foundation. >> senator reid there. you have the washington post story kasie was talking about. documents appearing to show trump used foundation money to pay a quarter million in legal fees. you see the headline there. how is this story not getting worse for donald trump? >> it's actually not. >> why not? >> you can't believe a word harry reid says. four years ago he blatantly lied and said mitt romney had not paid taxes. when he was called on it after the campaign he said it worked didn't it? he will lie. as for the washington post story it is complicated. i honed in on the one part where the fine was assessed by the city of palm beach. he built too big of a flagpole.
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i didn't have the settlement. i don't know if it was permissible to use funds from the donald trump foundation under the city settlement. how big of a flagpole is the crazy thing for the city -- i t think it will move voters. i think mr. rahami going back and forth to pakistan twice and being called -- there was a "new york times" story breaking that his father told the fbi his son was a terrorist. that will be the major narrative to help donald trump and call into question hillary clinton's viability as a serious candidate when it comes to domestic security. >> donald trump wants to be talking about national security. that's why he's focused on immigration the last couple of days. on the trump foundation the appearance heaven may have used his own charity's money to pay off legal fees. i think there are critics who say that will move voters particularly voters trump needs to be appealing to.
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>> just as many could move because of the clinton foundation and the foreign corrupt practices act. the foreign agents registration act. i'm not sure the clintons want to stress foundation stories. i don't think all of the small grass, small weed stories about foundation donations and settlements will move the electorate when we had multiple explosions in new york a stabbing, the tulsa shooting today is a terrible story i covered extensively. these move the electorate, not the small grain stories. >> how about what we are seeing with george h.w. bush the report that he'll perhaps vote for hillary clinton. there is a private vote in november.
10:19 am
you know that potentially the former president won't be voting for donald trump. it's a concern. >> i read the story. i don't believe that private conversation was intended for publication. i won't put much stock in it. >> george h.w. bush silence is telling. george schultz, a great american. bob dole is for donald trump. one former nominee. mitt romney, george w. bush. george h.w. bush said nothing that romney said. i don't believe it's decisive. when you get to a binary choice supreme court, supreme court. we had 3,000 people in pasadena on sunday night. most of them didn't support donald trump including mark le vine. they are now getting on board
10:20 am
and voting for donald trump. they can't believe hillary clinton is commander in chief. >> we have to talk about it. because of the picture he put out showing a bowl of skittles comparing them. writing skittles are candy, refugees are people. we don't feel it is an appropriate analogy that we are learning. just with the pittsburgh paper fairly recently. this is not the first time donald trump said something that was distracting to his father's campaign. even people outside the political realm are noticing this. this is broken through just beyond the discussion inside the beltway. >> this is an absurd story. skittles itself used a metaphor four days ago comparing the mix of sweet and sour skittles to
10:21 am
earth and saturn. that's metaphor. >> it's not offensive though. it's not talking about people that a lot of folks find dehewn niezing. >> he was talking about degree of difficulty of detection. that was the metaphor. not refugees. i believe, in fact this politically correct response by the wrigley company will play into the disgust in america with politically correct tut-tutting. people will put up with protests during the national anthem. you can't use a metaphor to discuss the degree of difficulty in detection. metaphors are used every day. if we have thought police telling us which ones we can use and which we can't and they can use the one of earth and saturn but donald trump, jr., can't talk about degree of difficulty we won't have effective speech in the country. people become disgusted with the
10:22 am
thought police. >> i take issue with the degree of difficulty. in the meantime a reminder that the first presidential debate six days away. donald trump, jr., tweeting the image that used skittles to argue against admitting refugees into the u.s. is there a reason to apologize. we want to know what you think. coming up new details about the man charged with attempted murder after setting off bombs in new york and new jersey as we learn his father once told police he was a terrorist. we have brand new nbc news reporting on this coming up next. an exclusive one on one with governor mike pence. kelly o'donnell sitting down now with the gop vice presidential nominee. stay with us.
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we need a new direction at the national level able to name what we are facing in radical islamic terrorism. to be able to confront and destroy isis. >> that was governor mike pence in an exclusive interview with kelly o'donnell. an interview that's in progress now. you heard him talking about the terror threat facing the united states. this is a topic the trump campaign and obviously pence himself has been hitting for the last several days. more of the interview later in the hour. in the meantime we are following breaking news in the investigation into the bombings in new york and new jersey. federal law enforcement sources tell nbc in 2014 ahmad rahami's father was overheard calling his son a terrorist, prompting a review by federal agents. we are learning also that rahami left a note. the 28-year-old is recovering from gunshots at university hospital in newark. we have a team of correspondents covering every angle of the
10:27 am
story starting with justice correspondent pete williams. you have new reporting on this note. was this part of a journal, a notebook? what happened here? >> it was on rahami when he was arrested. there was a rambling; choppy disjointed hodgepodge in which he talks about in praising terms the ft. hood massacre. we are told the boston bombings inspired by al qaeda and anwar alaki himself. he was killed by a u.s. drone strike. i guess i wouldn't say this was a note he left. but it was a note in the notebook he was carrying when he was arrested. >> was it intended to be seen? was that your impression that he wanted authorities to find it if he were to be caught as happened? >> not clear. i don't think they know for sure. it wasn't left in a prominent place.
10:28 am
>> what are the sources telling you on this conversation that's caught a lot of people's attention between rahami and his father calling him a terrorist a couple of years ago. >> you are looking at pictures of the father today as he left the house. all the scrum around him trying to get comments from him. he has said there at the scene he talked to the fbi about his son two years ago. we now know more about that. there was a domestic violence complaint against rahami filed in august of 2015. at the time during the commotion the police were called and a neighbor according to federal officials familiar with what happened, a neighbor told him during the commotion the neighbor heard rahami's father call him -- he said you're a terrorist, get out of my house. the police told the fbi. rahami was arrested on the domestic violence charge jailed and the charges were later dropped. the fbi interviewed the father.
10:29 am
according to federal officials the father said no i said it in the heat of the moment. i didn't mean my son is a terrorist but i don't like the people he's hanging out with. i think he's hanging out with gang members. the fbi interviewed relatives. opened an initial inquiry. they were satisfied there was no terrorism connection. they interviewed the father again who said again it was a statement made in anger. i have no reason to think my son was a terrorist. the case was closed. >> i want to bring in ayman mohyeldin. did you learn anything new? >> that was an interesting point. he was being vague in his answers. he said the fbi knew or told he wasn't elaborating on that.
10:30 am
we have a sense of the timeline of how it unfolded and what he meant when he spoke to the fbi. what did you tell the fbi two years ago? did you speak to the fbi two years ago? i had a chance also to ask him point blank did you know your son was going to commit this act of terror. he said no. the more important point is two years ago he did speak to the fbi. they were aware of it. another interesting thing and this was a tip from the congressman who represents the district of new jersey. rahami's wife applied for a visa. he sent an e-mail from pakistan to the congressman asking for
10:31 am
help in trying to secure the visa. we were told by the congressman the visa was denied because she was applying on an expired passport. she was also pregnant at the time. thank you both. coming up his son dropped out after a contentious race. gop vice presidential nominee mike pence talks about a trump administration take on terror and the new jersey bombings. a lot to handle. stay with us. overpack.. but my guy knows what to bring... like vgra single packs for ed. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take ra if you take nitrates for chest pain ordempas® for pulmonary hypertension. your blood pressure could drop to
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politico says george w. bush is planning to vote for clinton after there was a shot of her and the former president on facebook. the comment, the president told me he's voting for hillary. joining me now tim miller. thanks for joining us. >> before we get to the top on former president bush i want to play an interview happening now. nbc's kelly o'donnell is sitting down with v.p. nominee mike pence. it is an exclusive for msnbc. she asked a question about this skittlesgate. whatever you call it. the skittles controversy. >> it is remarkable to me to see the level of outrage about a metaphor used by don jr. when hillary clinton is calling for a 550% increase in the syrian refugee program. all the while our fbi and public safety officials tell us we can't know for sure who those people are coming into this country. >> mike pence saying there is a
10:36 am
lot of outrage over what he deems the metaphor. you heard hugh huet say this is something ginned up by the thought police if you will. what's your take? >> i think the skittles thing was a dumb tweet. i don't know that it's a big deal. what's more outrageous is that donald trump is dragging the republican party away from the reagan and bush tradition of being the party of freedom, opportunity and a beacon of hope in the world. since when were we the party that said we would close our doors to political refugees who are living in a hell hole created by a despot that's backed by the russians. now the trump campaign wants our party to be the one that says no we are going to buddy up with russia and allow these humans to live in this horrific environment. i think that's really disturbing, out of the tradition
10:37 am
of the party and this great country. i think that's a bigger problem for me than the skittles tweet. >> some feel he's tapping into the fear and anxiety folks feel about this. tra teenagecally politically is he making the right move? >> he made the right move. if you want to be president of the united states, your job is to appeal to the better angels of our nature and not my miracle public opinion. i saw yesterday forbes put up a column that said only 5% of americans wanted us to take in jewish refugees. unfortunately it was a couple of years. there is fear in the american populace. our country and the republican party has been one that said no.
10:38 am
we fight for freedom and the rights of humans and human dignity throughout the world. donald trump is taking us far away from that now. >> let me ask you about the story of president george h.w. bush. will he cast a vote for hillary clinton? here's what a spokesman said in a statement to msnbc. the vote president bush will cast as a private citizen will be just that a private vote cast in some 50 days. he is not commenting on the presidential race in the interim. tim, you know a bush or two. what can you adhere? >> i think it is disappointing that kathleen kennedy put that out. on the jeb campaign you know george h.w. bush didn't campaign. he's in his 90s. thank god he's still in good health. he's really not in a condition to be in the political back and forth. i don't think he wants to be. >> did she take advantage of him? >> i don't know. i don't think he wanted her to put that out and speak for him. i think that's disappointing.
10:39 am
i will say that george h.w. bush's life in contrast to donald trump's speaks for itself. they were both born to privilege. george h.w. bush fought in a war. he was shot down. donald trump said sleeping around was his personal vietnam when he skipped the war. george h.w. bush worked hard to free people behind the iron curtain. i think this is a man who deserves a lot of respect. he'll vote his conscience. i'm not beginning to speak for him. >> republican strategist former bush 2016 campaign strategist. the first presidential debate is less than a week from now. tune in to msnbc. all day coverage begins on monday, september 26 live from hofstra university beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. we'll be there leading up to the live telecast moderated by nbc's lester holt starting at 9:00 eastern time. let's check on your responses to
10:40 am
the microsoft pulse question. donald trump, jr., tweeted the image that used skittles to make a policy argument against admitting refugees into the u.s. is there a reason to apologize? take a look at the results. 65% of you say yes. a third of you say, hey, no reason for him to say sorry. keep voting. pulse. it's scary when the lights go out. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power so service can be restored within seconds. priority number one is keeping those lights on. it takes ingenuity to defeat the monsters that live in the dark. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight
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he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices? authorities say bombing suspect ahmad rahami has yet to answer any questions. they will attempt to gain any clues to why he did what he did and crucially whether other people were also involved in the plot. joining me now former fbi special agent and senior fellow at the foreign policy research institute. clint, you have worked with the fbi. you have been there.
10:44 am
how do they try to get information out of somebody? what do you do? >> the big goal they will have now is to put the pieces together by taking actual evidence they have gained and putting it into a framework. generally you want to look at the radicalization spectrum. when did this person move along the spectrum and who did they encounter? usually they are immersed in the extremist ideology. they get frustrated and resolve to commit violence. the things they will focus on are, one, who did he encounter during foreign travel. he had two trips to pakistan. the other thing is how did he learn how to make bombs? did he learn online or did he have help along the way? in the case of the pressure cookers there seems to be more advanced skills being used which would make you want to fine out if there is a connection to a bomb maker. >> where do they go from here? we learned in 2014 they fbi
10:45 am
interviewed rahami's father about calling him a terrorist. how do investigators now put it into the con ex-the of the radicalization. this is indicative of what we have seen recently. the tsarnaev brars in boston. they encounter these people. often times in many years before they resolve to commit violence you have to look at the indicators that were out there that could tip you off that the person is preparing for violence. in the case of this set-up in new jersey and new york what you see is there wasn't much social media presence. a lot of the tips lately have been coming off of that. rahami doesn't seem to have had that. what else do you look for? that's with a you look for friends and family. it is noticeable his wife departed after this attack. >> how crucial is she to the
10:46 am
investigation? >> i would say essential. they are setting up very few indicators in terms of the radicalization. it is only those people closest to them. it is only those close to them who will be aware of the plots. the wife is the key piece of the investigation at least in the immediate term. >> the notebook pete williams reported on the writings from rahami. that's a key piece of evidence here. >> absolutely. it won't be that remarkable. he mentioned anwar al awlaki other connections with al qaeda inspired plots which is interesting. we have seen a lot of islamic statements but not many al qaeda-inspired plots. that will be interesting but not particularly remarkable. that's a pattern we have seen going back all the way to 2010-11 and 12.
10:47 am
what's interesting is al qaeda, or any other group taking credit for the attack. that's a key piece of evidence we looked for. >> cliff watts, thanks for joining us here. coming up with 49 days before the election governor mike pence weighs in on the twists and turns in the presidential campaign. after the break we'll have kelly o'donnell's exclusive interview that just wrapped up with the vp nominee ahead. and don't miss the 11th hour with brian williams. a look at the latest campaign news, what it means for tomorrow, 11:00 eastern on msnbc.
10:48 am
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just moments ago my colleague kelly o'donnell sat
10:51 am
down with republic vice presidential candidate mike pence for an msnbc exclusions ive. they talked about the recent terror attacks, hillary's leadership and trump's birtherism. >> i would like to say our family was shocked and dismayed of the news of bombs going off in new jersey and new york city of a terrorist attack in minnesota. and it is -- it is a grim reminder that we are in the midst of a war on terror. and whether it's the isis organization or radical islamic terrorism that we as a nation need to recognize. whether it's what happened this weekend in terrorist attacks from the east coast to the heartland or san bernardino or orlando, in these very challenging times we need new leadership, we need a new direction at the national level that's willing to name what we're facing in radical islamic terrorism, willing to marshal
10:52 am
the resources of our military, our allies including many moderate arab nations to be able to confront and destroy isis and their ability to project violence and inspire violence against our people in the future. but it is a time of renewed vigilance. it's also a time that we all should be very proud of our first responders who went into harm's way on that saturday night and who moved so swiftly to actually apprehend a terror suspect in new jersey and take down a terrorist assailant in mib minnesota. i do believe this weekend's events are a reminder to all of us that we live in dangerous times, and we need strong broad-shouldered leadership and a change of direction in american leadership at home and abroad to really keep our people safe. >> when you consider the prosecution phase that would happen next should rahami be
10:53 am
treated with all the full benefits that come with being an american citizen, or do you think the issue of being deemed an enemy combatant should be considered? >> i think the investigation needs to go forward thoroughly to determine mr. rahami's motivation, his connection. we know he traveled to pakistan and afghanistan. we know now remarkably that his father actually reported to the fbi that he thought his son was a terrorist, but for some reason, rahami was not put on a terrorist watch list or watched more closely. i think this case however it is prosecuted, and he's a naturalized american citizen and he has access to our courts however it's prosecuted i think we really need to think long and hard about the challenges that our law enforcement community faces here at home. we simply have to move past this era of political correctness and give our law enforcement community all across this
10:54 am
country the tools that they need to be able to do everything in their power, to prevent what happened in minnesota and in new jersey and new york from happening on our shores. >> donald trump is talking about profiling being a tool. how would that work? would it target someone like rahami? would it target muslims coming into the country who are not american citizens? how would that work? >> well i think -- i think it's all about common sense. i mean donald trump and i talk to law enforcement officers every day on the campaign trail. i'm proud that my running mate and i have been endorsed by the largest police officers union in the united states 330,000 strong fraternal order of police. but talking with law enforcement officers they'll tell you that today they feel like they operate in an environment of political correctness, where they can't use common sense to be able to target resources and target their energies against individuals who would be most
10:55 am
likely potential threat to our families and to the safety in our communities. >> can't profiling go wrong though, and infringe on people's rights? >> well of course it can. but we're talking aboutofprilg. that in this case with mr. rahami, i have to tell you, it's breathtaking. >> based on what though? would it be on his faith, his name his birthplace? >> let's begin with the fact that his father reported to the fbi that he thought his son was a terrorist. for some reason mr. rahami didn't end up on a watch list or be given additional scrutiny. that -- don't know why that occurred, but it smacks of the kind of political correctness and egg shells that law enforcement feels they have to walk on in the environment we're in today. >> lots to unpack there in that governor pence/kelly o'donnell sitdown. kelly o. asking him about ahmad khan rahami, the suspect in the bombings in new york and new jersey. you heard pence say he should have access to our courts different from what donald trump
10:56 am
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of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard feares, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month. we must reject any forms of fundamentalism or racism or a belief in ethnic superiority that makes our traditional identities irreconcilable with modernity. instead, we need to embrace the tolerance and respect for all human beings. >> that's president obama at the
11:00 am
united nations. earlier today he made his eighth and final speech to the assembly, using his time to take a long view of his legacy and indirectly attack donald trump. we're joined by nbc's ron allen from outside the united nations. if there's one thing we need to know about the president's remarks today. what is it? >> reporter: that the president believes am a global world, we're all interconnected. it's not time for isolationism. it's time for the u.s. to be involved in the u.n. and work out solutions to the world's problems in a multilateral way. on issues of trade, education. the president is saying that we have to be inclusive. we can't be exclusive. yes, that echoes a lot of what's happening in the election. there are not so subtle attacks at donald trump. this is mostly about a broad view of the president's view of the world. as you said, cementing his legacy. >> nbc's ron allen.


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