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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 20, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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because the windows of the vehicle were closed. we are also hearing a lot of reaction from across the country. hillary rodham clinton saying how many times are we going to have to hear this? we heard from the daughter of martin luther king,jr. saying her heart is broken. kate, back to you. >> a lot of americans feel that way. thank you so much and thank you all for joining us for ms nbc live. my colleague will take it from here, hi, steve. >> good afternoon, everybody. we are live in new york and exactly seven weeks away from election day, 49 days and counting topping the agenda. the politics of terror and two responses from the candidates. donald trump with the message aimed straight at the gut. >> isis is torturing, exterminating people and what is hillary clinton suggesting?
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you know what she is suggesting. let more people come in. that we should sensor our vocabulary as to not upset these butchers. >> you can think of this as the head versus the gut. which will land with the voters. we have interesting numbers on this. also ahead, the campaign manager is looking at the electoral map and he likes what he is seeing. we will show you why he is saying this and he will join us live in a few minutes and also the investigation into the bombings in new york and new jersey continues to move at lightning speed. we are learning more about how rahami was spotted and apprehended. >> they heard about that tax and realize the suspect was sleeping in the doorway across the street. i did what any american would do. i called the police.
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>> the community in new jersey where rahami lived and worked is reacting to the shocking news of his role in this. we will begin with ahmed ra hamy and his life and social circle and social media footprint under the most intense microscope imaginable as authorities begin to piece his story together. a notebook discovered yesterday during his arrest contained according to law enforcement, rambling references to past terror events including the shooting at ft. hood and the boston marathon bombings. authorities heard concerns about him as early as two years ago. pete williams has new reporting that in 2014, the fbi checked out a claim that his father called his son a terrorist. pete williams joins us now and this is sort of a big piece of information.
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tell us about what they were told and what happened. >> this goes back to a domestic violence incident in the home where they were living in new jersey two years ago. ultimately rahami was charged with domestic violence for stabbing his brother in the leg and sent to jail. the charges were dropped when the grand jury concluded there was not enough evidence. during the commotion, a neighbor claimed to overhear rahami's father saying you are a terrorist. i want you out of my house. the police told the fbi about that. you are looking at the father, mohamed, as he left his house this morning in elizabeth, new jersey where the family lives now. the fbi came and talked to the father. what law enforcement officials say is that the father said no, i didn't mean it. i said it, but i said it in the heat of anger. i don't think my son is a terrorist. the fbi said they opened the review and looked at federal
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databases and it interviewed friends and family. and concluded that there was no evidence to think he was a terrorist. he interviewed the father idea again and said look, i didn't mean it. i just said it when i was angry and the case was closed. >> pete williams in washington. thank you for that. ayman is in linden, new jersey where rahami was arrested yesterday. it is next door to elizabeth where the fried chicken restaurant his family owns and operated is located where he made his life. ayman, the reaction and finding out from people who were their neighbor or coworkers and knew as a member of the community. what is the reaction from the community over the turn of events? >> reporter: we moveed from linden to elizabeth and that is the fried chicken restaurant that is a commercial area. we had a chance to talk to a few
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people and they are shocked. some people know ahmed rahami from high school days. one individual was shocked that he was somebody who would carry an act like this out saying he was surprised thinking that maybe his travels overseas, he was brainwashed before he came back and said he was a nice guy. the community here and a lot of people asking questions, it's a diverse community and a blue collar community and working class community. they would not have suspected something like this to happen. a few individual who is knew the back story about this particular restaurant, there have been legal incidents and he did his own thing being the father and he did not abide by the ordinances and there are some of those, but nobody would have expected that something like this would have happened stemming from their actions. i spoke to the bar owner who identified the man sleeping in the doorway and i asked him
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about that. >> when i heard about the tax and realized the suspect was sleeping in the doorway across the street, i did what any american would do. i called the police. i'm not a hero. the police are the heroes. as a sikh american, i could have been mistaken for him. i know i am luck tow live in a community that shares my view. >> very quickly, of course one of the biggest communities has been affected by all this is the muslim american community. i spoke to the president of the muslim american community of new jersey and he said neither him or the hundreds of worshippers that attended that mosque knew anything of the family and said it's possible he may have prayed there, but not him or his father were active members and he said if it did, it is close to middlesex college where he
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attended for a little bit. in terms of that aspect, they had no dealings with the family and none of the members who were given that bulletin of that poster recognized him or knew anything about him. they are cooperating with law enforcement and they have been cooperating with him and they are ready to help in the investigation in any way possible. >> thank you for that. that is the latest in terms of the investigation and in terms of the fallout in elizabeth, new jersey. the question of how this might affect the race for the presidency. we are in the home stretch. hillary clinton and donald trump, both reacting on the campaign trail and reacting about as differently as two candidates could. >> we have to hit them much harder over there and find out. our police are amazing. our local police know who a lot of these people are. they are afraid to do anything
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because they don't want to be accused of profiling, but israel did an unbelievable job. they profile. they see somebody who is suspicious, they will profile and take that person and check them out. do we have a choice? look what's going on. do we really have a choice? we are trying to be so politically correct. this is only going to get worse. >> this threat is real, but so is our resolve. americans will not cower. we will prevail. i laid out a comprehensive plan to meet the evolving nature of this threat and take the fight to isis everywhere they threaten us. including online. i am grateful to have support and advice from a wide range of bipartisan national security leaders who worked with both democratic and republican presidents. >> a taste there of two very different reactions from the candidates. if you have to condense this to something, donald trump seems to
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be going for the gut with how he is talking about this. hillary clinton seems to be going for the head. in terms of the politics, let's take a look at what numbers they are looking at from the standpoint of donald trump, check this out. trump supporters. are you concerned about being the victim of a terror attack. nearly 70% of trump supporters are personally concerned about that. you think of donald trump's pitch and what we just played. this is a candidate who is going for people personally that this could happen in their community. the implications could be worse and they personally could be the victims. he wants voters feeling that and wanting a very, very strong counter reaction to that. that's what he is trying to tap into. far fewer are thinking along those lines. we will take a look at this. having a levelheaded leader, 63%
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of voters sizing uphi hillary clinton. think about the big major national security decisions they have to make. here's another advantage they have to make and asking the question who do you trust with the nuclear codes and a 2-1 advantage there. what hillary clinton is trying to tap into, she wants people seeing a contrast between that response and donald trump's response and she wants them thinking and wondering, is donald trump in a situation like this, would a president trump overreact in a way that would make a bad situation much worse and cause all sorts of problems and unforeseen problems. she wants people thinking it's more of a reaction with the head from hillary clinton's side and more of a reaction with the gut from donald trump's side. you put them side by side, two very, very different visions from these candidates. katie is out on the trail with
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donald trump and campaigning in north carolina. this is the second rally in the state and said to begin in the next hour. katie, from donald trump's standpoint, the message that we are talking about resonated in the republican primaries. it resonated with the core of the republican primary electric. the question has been the groups of voters that donald trump has to flip in the general election, we talk about the suburbanites all the time. is there too much red meat in the message for them? >> that's going to be the question. is the head or the gut going to win out? will there be voter who is are evaporate and want somebody who is promising a simple answer to a complicated problem. that's exactly what donald trump is doing. he is trying to tell voters in this country that the only way to defeat isis, the only way to stop terror on our american soil
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is to stop immigration. that's why you hear him hammer away at his plans for immigration. building a wall and doing extreme vetting. the muslim ban is still on the website and calling for racial profili profiling. he is really hitting this message as hard as he can in north carolina. this is a state that he needs to win in order to win the election. it's one of the swing states that needs to go into donald trump's corner. they need to get to the magic number. this is a message that the campaign thinks is working to put it in cold terms. so far when there has been a terror attack in this country, it benefitted donald trump. donald trump's voters are voter who is believe in the muslim ban and they agree there is a problem in that part of the world and that needs to be kept there and not brought to the soil. the issue that donald trump will have going forward is trying to convince voters that don't
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necessarily think he has the right temperament and might be too quick to answer and might have too thin of a skin. that's hard to define because when you talk to voters in swing states or anywhere in the country, when you talk to them about hillary clinton and donald trump, as voters will say, they think donald trump is unfit for office and they will say she doesn't seem trust worthy and will stay at home. donald trump likes the idea because that helps his column. if hillary clinton voters don't come out and vote. can clinton find a way to connect with them in a way that donald trump has not and convince them to stand in lines for her because they believe donald trump can be too hot headed. >> the critical swing state of north carolina. thanks for that. meanwhile, hillary clinton, donald trump's opponent held a conference call from both sides
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of the aisle and echoed what we have been hearing since the attack and called for strength, stability, and what she called a real strategy. following the clinton campaign, she joins us from brooklyn where the international headquarters are. when you talk to the clinton people, what katie was just describing, the sense that exists in the campaign when there is a terror attack and incident, it triggers something in voters that moves them towards the gut message of donald trump. whether they are motivated by fear or a desire for retribution, that benefits donald trump politically. what does the campaign think of that? >> steve, privately i think that acknowledge that is a real thing that is going on. when i talked to swing voters and if you remember back to when we started the campaign, there was a lot of focus on president obama and how he was leading from behind. there was a lot of frustration with republicans and
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independents and others that america was losing standing on the world stage and that underscores the entirety of donald trump's simple message. this make america great again idea. for the clinton campaign, their goal and everything that they have been putting out on this subject for the last several months since it was clear that donald trump was going to be the presumptive republican nominee for president has been aimed at undermining the credibility that he has as a potential commander in chief. they are doing that by labeling him as unfit for office. they are trying to respond with a simple message of their own by saying this guy is not the guy that you want to trust with the nuclear codes. hillary clinton is doing it, her surrogates are doing it and joe biden said there is a guy who follows me around with a nuclear football and can you imagine if he was following donald trump
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instead. the challenge is to have hillary clinton herself be an example that underscores that message against trump. that's the tricky part for her. what they are doing is showing her in as presidential upsetings as possible. today she had the call with democratic advisers on the national security team. that was followed with a press conference she had where she stood in front of this impressive group of generals, petraeus by a video conference and others who showed up with her. i think that's all aimed at the same thing and this is somebody who can step into this role. as shealks about how she was in the situation room when they were talking about how to go after osama bin laden. this is the kind of person who understands the sober way to make the decisions. i think the question is, does that fit in with the overall tenor and climate and is that what voters are looking for.
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that is an open question based on everything we have seen. >> casey hunt in brooklyn, thanks for that. and a reminder we are six days away from the first presidential debate. msnbc will be on the ground on the campus of hofstra university all day and the debate is moderated by lester holt and will start at 9:00 p.m. eastern. monday, september 26th. the clinton campaign is taking a look at the electoral map and think they are sitting pretty. a new memo said they think they have a bunch of paths to 270. we will give that a reality check and head to the big board and see what the numbers say and we will be joined by clinton's campaign manager. that is just ahead and an interview with donald trump's running mate, mike pence and where he stands on calling the new york bomb suspect. you are watching msnbc, the place for politics.
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you know how this works, we are over at the big board and we will be here on election night counting to 270. which can get 270 and become the president of the us. robbie mook took a look at the map and it went to donors. it went to the press too. that might have been part of the design and said the clinton campaign is feeling very good about the position they are in. let's take you through the numbers. we can show you the new survey monkey national online poll shows a five-point lead for hillary clinton, but this is the
1:22 pm
news. the clinton campaign is looking at the electoral map and say seven weeks out from election day, they have multiple paths to get to 270 and donald trump only has the most narrow of paths. this is what the clinton campaign said they are looking at. they use this as a base line. as a base line is 191 for each. what they say is five states right now are looking really good for them that are gray on here. look at minnesota, look at wisconsin, look at michigan and pennsylvania and virginia. they think the polls are moving very well in their direction. if you give clinton those that puts them at 260. it wouldn't take much from that point to hit 270. donald trump meanwhile would have to get a bunch of these gray states. what does the race look like in those gray states?
1:23 pm
here's the average. these are the states that clinton is saying are the battle grounds. there is a few here and colorado has a new lead. new hampshire and north carolina has a tie. florida has a tie. donald trump in iowa, ohio and even nevada. clinton is saying if our projections hold here, donald trump has to almost run the table in the gray states to get to 270 and hillary clinton would only have to pick off a couple or even one of them. that's what they are looking at. to find out more about the thinking behind it, we will turn to the guy who put the memo together. he is the campaign manager and joins us from clinton headquarters. i wish you could have come to the board today. i like having a guest here, but we will try this and i appreciate you making the time. let me ask you about what you have in the memo and start with a couple of these states and put
1:24 pm
the poll numbers up. donald trump is trying to win ohio and iowa and even nevada. these we obama states the last cole of elections and the poll numbers, donald trump seems to be doing better than mccain and romney did. why is he outperforming them in those states? >> one of the points i made in the memo is a lot of public polling numbers are not always accurate and there is a lot of methodologies that get used. we used our numbers to track the sorts of things. from a practical stand point, we are 20 points behind. it doesn't affect how we operate on the ground and we are running the most aggressive robust program on all of these states. what's going to matter are the numbers we see over the next few weeks when people start voting.
1:25 pm
that's coming sooner than many of us like to expect. i am not worried about the numbers moving and i am certain we have the ground game in place in any one of these states. >> we said there were two layers of states. you put wisconsin in this and you feel really good about it. i'm curious about wisconsin. i'm going to get a public poll out of wisconsin and that is the gold standard and they are coming out with a new one. we look at iowa and that's a state we show donald trump doing the best in the polls. there are a lot of demographic similarities in wisconsin and when you look at this, if you go back to 2004 and 2000, republicans almost picked this state off twice. just a fraction of a point separated from victory in 2000 and 2004. you said you are feeling good
1:26 pm
about it, but when i look at the numbers, how sure are you they are in the likely clinton category right now? >> there a few reasons. wisconsin is more diverse than iowa. there is a sizable african-american community in milwaukee. we can't take it for granted and we need to earn all the time. that is one piece in our column. the other thing i would say is one of the things we are noticing across the country is voters are moving differently according to different education levels and that varies by state. i think there are advantages. we have wisconsin, but i will point out in iowa, it has one of the longest voting? any state. we feel confident that our ground game is superior to anything that the ground game has and it's as good or better
1:27 pm
than any campaign ever has. we are looking forward to leveraging that advantage and i think we will get out extra votes. >> you mentioned that we have been breaking down that the demographics and the diversity in different states and i wanted to ask you about florida as well. it really is stark among white voters and they found hillary clinton was up by a point. a 21-point advantage and black voters with a 78-point lead and a 40-point lead for hillary clinton. florida is one of the states coming out of the 2012 election, a lot of democrats and analysts say it's only going to get more diverse like the rest of the country. if president obama could barely carry it in 2012, the next democrat should have an easier time. i start to look at the numbers and say there is a reaction taking place not just in florida and other states among white voters to how much more diverse the country is getting. is that helping donald trump and driving up bigger numbers than
1:28 pm
you expected? >> we didn't see that at all. we are seeing segments of the white electorate where we are doing better than president obama. college educated white women i would argue we are tied or a few points up over donald trump. president obama lost that segment by double-digits. i think we are growing among the white vote. as you pointed out, the key thing that is happening in florida or states like north care linea is the proportion of the population that is african-american or hispanic is growing. president obama lost north carolina by a little bit more than a point or closer to two points in 2012. the voters have been 2% more than african-american. that should be an advantage for us as long as we can earn their support and turn the voters out. i think the demographics are shifting and the other thing you
1:29 pm
look at in florida is that we are getting historic levels of support not just from the hispanic community, but younger cuban voters. we are looking to leverage all of these advantages through the ground game. >> i have to ask you one more. this is a scenario that we talk about every four years. you probably know where i'm going, but when you look at the states, i do see the possibility of this. i don't want to oversell it, but hillary clinton carries colorado and the numbers we just show and say donald trump ran the table. nevada, iowa, florida, carolina, new hampshire. you see what that does. the 269-269 tie. you talk about this every four years. when i look at it, there is a real possibility it happens. not a probability or a likelihood, but a possibility. this goes to the house of representatives if that happens. is that a scenario you are thinking about and planning for?
1:30 pm
>> we have to plan for every scenario. i would say a few things. number one if something like that were to happen, i'm sure whoever wins, the people would respect that. i think the most important thing to keep in mind and you touched on this, that would be a pretty -- i don't want to say impossible thing. a few hundred through the data system. that is a tiny fraction of the scenarios to come out. i don't think it's likely. it would make a great fiction novel. >> a lot of people think back to 2000 and say we have something close to that. we will see how it plays out. thanks for taking the time. we appreciate it. a member of one famous dynasty is making waves with what she said is about the patriarch. this is an interesting story.
1:31 pm
kathleen kennedy townsend and she met with president george h.w. bush and he said he is voting for hillary. bush is not confirming or denying this. he said the vote president bush will cast as a private citizen will be just that. a private vote cast. he is not commenting on the presidential race in the interim. bush has not endorsed donald trump and did not attend the republican convention. trump has been intensely critical of hiss, jeb and george bush. he struck up a friendship with bill clinton. in the early days of the campaign in 92, hillary clinton made headlines for repeating rumors about bush's personal and later a popologizedapologized.
1:32 pm
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>> welcome back. new revelations into new york city bombing suspect ahmed rahami. the fbi looked into ra hammy in 2014 after they were tipped off that his father called him a terrorist during an argument. also on monday, rahami was captured and was carrying a notebook and inside there were rrchss to previous terror
1:36 pm
attacks. clinton claiming she is tougher on the reporters. what will be the final speech to the united nations as president. president obama repeatedly denounced donald trump's brand of politics. one reference, the president revoked the nominee's plan to build a wall along the u.s.-mexican border saying a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself. it is splitsville for one of the highest profile marriages. angelina jolie filed for divorce from her husband of two years, brad pitt citing irreconcilable differences and seeking sole physical custody of their six children and asking to grant pitt visitation. turning to tulsa, oklahoma where
1:37 pm
the department of justice is investigating the shooting death of an unarmed black man by a police officer. they captured this helicopter footage. 40-year-old terence crutcher is walking away towards his car with his hands up. he was tazed by one officer and gunned down by another. police were called following reports of a stalled vehicle. the officer who opened fire said crutcher ignored police commands. that officer is on paid administrative leave. tulsa police chief has confirmed there was no gun on crutcher nor was there in his car. in tulsa, oklahoma, she has more. janet, we see this video emerge and what do we know about the roots of the story. what started this? >> terence crutcher was on his way home from a community college class at tulsa community college. according to his sister, it was his first day there.
1:38 pm
he apparently had car trouble and there are a couple of 911 calls that back that up. a vehicle that is stranded on the road and the police officers were not responding to those calls. they were going to another call when they came upon the car and result as you mentioned, two separate vantage points. two pieces of video from dash cam on the ground. it shows him, a father of four unarmed with his hands in the air when he was shot and killed we talked to her attorney and we said she has never been frighten and she thought perhaps he was on drugs. meanwhile, we are hearing from the family of terence crutcher. here's what he had to say in a press conference earlier today. >> on the record, this was an
1:39 pm
unjustified killing. the position of the family is resolute on this matter. this is clearly a case of excessive force. the video is there. >> beyond the shooting, they are looking into the possibility of failure to render aid. it was more than two minutes after terence crutcher fell to the ground before someone went over to see if he was alive. he later died at the hospital. back to you. >> janet shanley in tulsa, oklahoma. thanks for that. turning to politics, an exclusive interview with the republican candidate for vice president, donald trump's vice president, mike pence. he is the current indiana governor. kelly o'donnell sat down with him a while ago and a lot were talking about one thing that came up. the birther controversy after
1:40 pm
years of denying that donald trump was born in the united states. >> steve, we had a wide ranging conversation about the state of the race. the things that have been making news of late and included in that is the issue of donald trump embracing the fact that president obama was born in the united states and making a declarative statement. i asked about the fact that many of trump supporters, perhaps tens of thousands were led to believe otherwise in part because of trump's leadership on that false issue. should he say more about it? should he offer an apology? we talked about the twitter skittles controversy and people paying attention know what that means. here's a bit of the excerpt from the interview with a back and forth with me and governor mike pence. >> the reason why we have tremendous momentum is from the outside of this campaign, donald trump has been focused on the
1:41 pm
issue. i think it's over. the american people want to see the candidates that are focused on their feature and not the debates of the past. >> that's it? >> that's it. it is remarkable to see the level of outrage about a metaphor used by don jr. when hillary clinton is calling for a 550% increase in the syrian refugee program. all the while the fbi and public safety official tell us we can't know for sure who those people are coming into this country. what don junior was doing was trying to explain a policy that makes no sense when it comes to the safety and security of the american people. what the american people are offended by is continuing policies that even our own public safety community say will compromise the safety and security of the american people. >> as you can see, mike pence is
1:42 pm
willing to engage on the issues even though his political style is quite different. if you look at his social media, you don't see the same provocative use of imagery or words. he is a bit more restrained in how he engages politically. it doesn't mean he doesn't take shots at an adversary and tends to not be the who steps in these controversies and he is often asked by reporters like me and others to answer for the actions, the words, the tweets of donald trump and in this case donald trump jr. governor pence talking about how he is working to pair any frayed relationships in the republican party and working to bring people in. also it tells me that scott walker is getting good at his tim kaine impersonation because of the rival he will face at the vp debate and i pressed him on
1:43 pm
whether donald trump is doing his homework to prepare for next monday's debate. pence said he will be prepared and in command. we talked to him on a range of issues that we played on the news today. steve? >> kelly o'donnell in norfolk, virginia. coming up, the campaign ads you can't avoid if you are watching television, but it used to be a great ad can make a campaign and a devastating ad can ruin one. we are in the age of netflix and video on demand. do campaign ads matter anymore? if you are a hillary clinton supporter, you better hope they do. we will explain it. that is next. ugh. heartburn.
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1:47 pm
repeatedly raped his girlfriend. weekend prison passes. dukakis on crime. >> the willie horton ad, one of the most infamous in history and of the most effective in history. a big reason george h.w. bush was able to crush michael dukakis. the willie horton ad. that has been the story in campaigns. if you can come up with a devastating ad like that, you can get an enormous political benefit from it. that takes us to the most important number of the day. that number is five. what does five have to do with it? if you add up the spending from the trump campaign and the pro trump super pacs and the clinton campaign and the super pacs, it is a five to one advantage for hillary clinton's side. we have never in the modern television age seen this disparity. usually it's pretty even.
1:48 pm
if you look at it right now, this is the amount of money clinton has spent on the tv adds and about $120 million less from the trump side of things. a little bit more even in 2012. romney's side outspending obama's side, but a five to one difference. if you believe the old rules apply about how if you have more on the airwaves, you should be killing your opponent in the polls, that doesn't explain what it happening. donald trump's side is barely making a dent when it comes to the tv ad wars. look at the swing states he is in the mix in. he is ahead in ohio and iowa and hillary clinton is leading, but it is a lot closer than the old rules about tv ad spending. that is something coming out of this election they are going to look at. do they spent the money and devote the resources that they
1:49 pm
have been in the past. it's the most important number of the day. new accusations soeds that donald trump may have misused thousands of money from the charity. could he be on the hook to pay it back? stay with us. ng here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. nealka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. i'm going to make this as simple asossible for you. you can go ahead and stick with that complicated credit card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or... you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back you can get the quicksilver card from capital one. on ev-e-ry purchase, ev-e-ry-where. i shouldn't have to ask. what's in your wallet? i'start at the new carfax.comar.
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trump and the film flamer he is is on to another scheme. he even cheats charities. >> harry reid on the floor of
1:53 pm
the senate calling him a cheater. this is a new article from "the washington post" that finds trump used $258,000 from his charity to set legal problems. he may have violated rules for self dealing from using charity to benefit themselves or their businesses. joining me now is a political reporter and white house correspondent and the latest story about donald trump and hartley the first about this shady questionable stuff about his charity and business dealings and a trail of small business owners said he never paid us. what does that add up to? >> this is also underscoring the fact that donald trump has not released tax returns and we don't what he has given to charity that prompted a lot of this investigation by the post. really, really good reporting.
1:54 pm
the grand scheme of things, the clinton campaign will show that trump is scamming people fitting into their argument of him being a fraught. they released a statement tying it to things like trump university and that kind of thing. it does raise questions among perhaps independent voters or those who are supporting him among the supporters and i don't think that makes a difference. trump himself as signalled he is not taking this seriously and the ag is looking into this and trump dismissed the ag as biased and a supporter of clinton. he is acting right now as though he is not affected by this reporting. judging by what we have seen, this is serious stuff. >> we are talking earlier and the big story this week is what happened over the weekend. the politics of terror, trump messaged straight at the gut and aimed more at the head. which one of those will win out?
1:55 pm
>> it's hard to say. this plays into october and going into a possible october surprise. a terror attack has been one of the questionable things. people might actually say okay, she has been dealing with terrorism all along and this is what happened under an obama administration. it's anybody's guess at this point, but it does play into her and i know this issue in and out. i have been doing this for the last few years and his issue as well. he is the new guy and he can do better than she does. >> i keep thinking we saw in the primary season a lot of references to san bernardino. and they promote his stance to immigration, saying security is
1:56 pm
national security. i think trump thinks that this is something that will advance him in the next familiar territo territory. that plays to fears and insecurities and pushing the immigration he hasn't backed away from. >> i'm sorry this was the hurry up offense and as always, we will be right back.
1:57 pm
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1:59 pm
that's going to do it for us this hour. do not miss the one-on-one interview with former defense
2:00 pm
secretary donald rumsfeld tomorrow morning when talk about colin powell's e-mails and the possibility of bush 41 voting for hillary clinton. tomorrow morning at 9:00 eastern. stay tuned for that and first, mtp daily starts right now. if it's tuesday we are awaiting donald trump to speak in north carolina in a day of tough talk on the trail. tonight, how profiling, the refugee crisis and skittles are taking center stage over national security. >> what's insensitive is to turn a blind eye to policies that are very likely compromising safety and security of the american people. >> how the rise of donald trump is playing on the world stage. >> today a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself. >> the investigation into ahmed khan rahami. this is


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