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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 21, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow us online on facebook and on twitter. hallie jackson is next. right here on msnbc. hi, hallie. >> hi, andrea. hi, everybody. here in toledo, ohio, along the river. just a few miles from where we are walking at any minute we expect donald trump with mike pence at toledo's stran man theater. donald trump making news already today at a campaign stop with pastors in cleveland talking about race and the recent shooting of an african-american man in tulsa. >> i don't know what she was thinking. did she get scared? was she choking? what happened? maybe people that choke, people that do it can't be doing what they are doing. they can't be doing what they
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are doing. >> these comments about a female police officer as our brand new nbc news "wall street journal" poll out this hour shows nearly 70% of voters say they have concerns about trump's comments and his language about women, immigrants and muslims. more on the poll in a moment. we want to start in charlotte, north carolina, where the chief of police is defending his officer's actions in the wake of the shooting of a black man. gabe gutierrez, what do we know new about the investigation? >> good afternoon. we are here where the protest deinvolved into chaos. just down the block is the scene of the shooting. we spoke with a witness a short time ago. she said, she claims mr. scott was not holding a weapon. she said he was holding a book
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while waiting to pick up his son. however as we heard this morning from the police chief the police are telling a very different story. they say they walked up on the scene. they were looking for another man trying to serve a warrant. mr. scott was uncooperative, decided not to follow orders and they say a weapon was found on the vehicle. let's listen to what the police chief had to say a few hours ago. >> i can tell you a weapon was seized, a handgun. we did not find a book that's been made reference to. >> hallie, 16 officers have been injured. mostly minor injuries. one officer was hit in the face by a rock. the officer involved, his name is officer benson. he also had a body camera that was not working. there were several other officers on the scene. the body cameras were working.
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the police chief said they were reviewing the evidence now. the officer in question now is on paid leave as is policy during these types of investigations. there is a dispute with what witnesses are saying and with what police are saying now in charlotte after that night of violent protests. >> so the body cameras, do we think police will release the tapes here? will we see them? >> the police chief was asked about it. he said the tapes are part of the criminal investigation. he said they were not to be released at this point. he said the tapes don't show the totality of what happened. certainly members of the community are asking for body camera or dash cam footage to be released. hallie? >> gabe gutierrez there keeping an eye on developments in charlotte, north carolina. thanks so much. to tulsa, oklahoma, now. the peaceful protests after the
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deadly police shooting of terence crutcher, an unarmed man. betty shelby, the officer involved in the shooting, said he was acting erratically including, she says, he refused to comply with orders. they say a vile of pcp was found in the suv. you are looking live at the reverend al sharpton holding a news conference with the family. we'll monitor that and bring new information as we get it. in the meantime, crutcher's sister had this to say to tamron hall within the last 90 minutes. listen. >> the video is so clearcut. his hands was in the air. the window was up. he was unarmed. he was moving slow. he was not a threat. he was not a fleeing felon. they had helicopters, multiple comes. they treated him like a new york
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bomber. >> donald trump, by the way, also talking about the shooting. during a meeting with pastors here in ohio in cleveland. >> i watched the shooting, in particular in tulsa. that man was hands up, went to the car, hands up. put his hand on the car. to me it looked like he did everything you are supposed to do. >> notable with jacob rascon in toledo, you're not far from where i am downtown but talk with us about the messaging that trump has on race and comments on the police shooting. we haven't heard trump comment for a few days afterwards. now he's sort of getting out there. what's the big headline of the
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day? >> this is unusual. he said before there are bad apples in the police department than any other organization. we have never heard him criticizing the officer involved here asking or wondering aloud if she was scared or choked. going after the actual officer before we know all of the facts of the case was unusual for him. he spent a lot of time courting the african-american community on different churches and organizations, spending a lot of time in rallies in his scripted speeches talking about the inner cities, blaming democratic policy for failures in the inner cities. we expect him to touch on that today. he's spending a lot of time talking about national security and refugees. always wanting to turn the conversation to refugees, comparing them, too, as we heard
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before, to a snake or a trojan horse coming into the country. notable in his comments we were not expecting about the recent shootings he would go after the police officer and say that the person looked like he was doing everything he was supposed to be doing. >> there was another unusual moment. we learned that bobby knight, the basketball coach will be joining him. trump was joined today by don king who raised eyebrows with this. listen. >> i told michael jackson. i said if you're poor, you are a poor negro. i would use the n-word. but if you're rich, you are a rich negro. if you are intelligent, intellectual, you are an intellectual negro. if you are dancing, sliding and gliding [ bleep ] -- i mean negro. you are dancing and sliding and
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gliding negro. so dare not alienate because you cannot assimilate. you are going to be a negro until you die. >> jacob, what do you make of the moment? what was trump's reaction as he was sitting behind the stage there at church with don king? >> he was smiling at the time. we could say he was smiling for a lot of the time he was up there. seemed to be fixed there with a smile. a lot of people behind him there laughed. some others weren't laughing when it happened. we have had awkward moments like that in several of the appearances with trump at the church in detroit or elsewhere. when i ask about his outreach to african-americans most say we give him credit for trying. trump mentioned his support among african-americans is shooting up. i think recent polls it is going
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up one or two to six or seven percent. hallie? >> we are joined now by ken blackwell, republican and formerly of the state of ohio. >> good to be with you. >> let's start with the new poll we referenced. just two-thirds of people have concerns about donald trump's language towards women, immigrants, muslim. isn't trump's rhetoric costing him votes? >> first, donald trump has started to engage with those voter groups that are important to his victory this november. language -- his language is his. he is not going to change his language patterns just to fit in. so we ought to get over that.
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what i take a look at is what he's talking about in terms of policy. he's talking about growing the economy again, creating jobs. he's talking about expanding school of choice, not just to suburban whites but to inner city blacks and hispanics. he's talking about moving from a growing dependency on government to empowering folks as families and as individuals. i think that's starting to resonate. because too many people are tired of the status quo because it is not working for them. they want change. i think when he's speaking about policy changes, that resonates with folks. >> let me follow up. you said we ought to get over that. let me tell you what trump said about members of the
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african-american community. >> the schools, safety, jobs, it's all horrible. i mean, in some cases they are less safe than places like afghanistan. it can't get worse. the inner cities cannot get much worse. perhaps they can, but not much. >> is it your experience that cities in ohio are worse than afghanistan? >> there are cities where life expectancy 57and incidence of violence are comparable to afghanistan. the fact is when you talk about a mother who wants opportunities for her child or children. many of our inner cities, that abundance of opportunity for a quality education and upward mobility doesn't exist. that's the point he's trying to make. >> why not say that if you are donald trump? why draw the comparison to
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afghanistan in a way people find offensive? >> i have had the benefit of being a city councilmember, a mayor, a secretary of state. a state treasurer. i have had voter interaction. so i speak the way i speak based on my experience. as i said before, i think donald trump is speaking the way he speaks from his experience and it is -- that's why i look at his policies and his behavior. i look around. he has been provided opportunities for hispanics, blacks, women. he doesn't just give lip service to many of the things his opponent gives lip service to. you could actually look at measurable achievements in those policy areas and make the connection. yiem not going to be an english teacher or ling quist for donald trum trump. i want to know his policies in terms of making america an
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opportunity society as opposed to an ever growing welfare state. >> right. so critics would argue that donald trump came out very late with policies that would help members of the african-american community. some would say it is an attempt to court white college educated suburban voters and not members of the african-american community. i want to play what congressman john lewis said. you know congressman lewis. this is his reaction to donald trump's pitch to the black community. >> i don't know what mr. trump is talking about. to say that the situation for african-american is worse than ever is to talk about worse than slavery? worse than the system of segregation and racial
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discrimination when we couldn't take a seat at a lunch counter and be served? worse than being denied the right to register to vote, to participate in a democratic process? i invite him to walk in my shoes. >> if you are satisfied with the sta cuss quo, with blacks, norms being pushed out of the educational system in terms of quality and abundance of choice. you are talking about folks falling out of the labor market. and an economy that's growing at an anemic rate that's not producing opportunities. if you, in fact, want to embrace the status quo, what you are telling people is that those deplorable conditions are it. he is a disrupter. >> quickly. >> that's very important. he's disrupting the status quo and getting the economy growing again. >> before i let you go i want to ask. i know governor kasich is popular in ohio. you're a fan. reince priebus said this week kasich needs to get on board with trump or face penalties. should governor kasich get on
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board? if not, what penalties are appropriate? >> i don't think it makes a difference. the republican base will be 92, 93, 94% behind trump. i think -- >> so the governor's input won't matter? >> i think what will happen is he'll get a cross over of blue collar white church going, gun owning whites who have been democrats to come over to his side of the aisle. >> that's the question. thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you. >> our new nbc poll has concerns about hillary clinton when it comes to international hot spots. what her campaign manager could not answer about syria today. perhaps not going to help. i will talk with senator barbara boxer about it next. today's microsoft pulse question. as details keep coming from the deadly police shooting, the one in tulsa and charlotte, are you
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you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease e 2017 passat s for just $199 a month. we are back now with breaking news. as you take a look at what we are seeing. some conversation here potentially related to the bombings over the weekend. we're going to monitor. we are going to listen in. >> in new jersey as well as for the bombs rahami planted in seaside park and elizabeth, new jersey. the first case to proceed will be the federal case brought yesterday in manhattan federal court. we have filed a writ for rahami with the u.s. marshall service and expect he will be brought soon into this district. the charges we unsealed last night lay out considerable evidence that the fdny and nypd was able to gather in a short
10:19 am
period of time and the evidence we believe shows this was a premeditated act of terrorism. that evidence includes 12 fingerprints recovered from the undetonated bomb from the 27th street location in chelsea. including on the pressure cooker, duct tape and the triggering cell phone. surveillance video of rahami near the 23rd street bomb 27 minutes before the explosion. surveillance video of rahami walking with a suitcase near 27th street minutes after the explosion four blocks south. license plate reader showing a car tied to rahami's residence entering manhattan through the lincoln tunnel about two hours before the explosion. leaving manhattan about two hours after. also a handwritten journal found on rahami at the time of his arrest talking about, among other things, jihad, pipe bombs, a pressure cooker bomb and the sounds of bombs heard in the street as well as laudatory references to anwar al-awlaki
10:20 am
and osama bin laden. this weekend as you all appreciate, the american way of life was attacked and everyday routines were shaken by explosions in chelsea and seaside park. the response to these misguided acts of terror has been classically american. what we have come to expect in our city from new yorkers. care for the victims, calm in the midst of chaos and swift law enforcement action. now thanks to the response rahami will face federal terrorism charges in a court of law. so now let me turn to what we came here to talk about showing in some ways the diversity of our docket. sometimes law enforcement does us so proud as we saw this week. sometimes, sadly, law enforcement does not. that brings me to today's case. excessive use of force in prisons, we believe, has reached crisis proportions in new york
10:21 am
state. we have taken aggressive action, time and time again at reicher's island but the prison problem doesn't end there. now we are addressing the issue -- the same issue of abuse -- >> all right. we are going to continue to monitor this. the u.s. attorney talking about bombings in new york and new jersey. ayman mohyeldin live from outside the rahami family home in elizabeth, new jersey. listen, we heard new facts here from this press conference. it is happening now. he'll take questions. we believe. we'll come back and monitor. talk about the premeditated act of terrorism, what was found. the handwritten journal with references to bombings, for example. 12 fingerprints on the scene. more details about the comings and goings of the suspect. what stook out to you from the news conference? puttext for us.
10:22 am
>> reporter: the new york case will proceed first and what really stuck out for me was that, in fact, ahmad rahami will be transported at some point from the hospital in new jersey to the southern district of manhattan to face federal terrorism charges. interestingly enough new york was the third or perhaps the last of the three to file charges because if you recall you had union county prosecutors immediately filed the five counts of attempted murder against rahami on the first day after he was apprehended. that was based on the shooting during the shoot out that happened when he was captured. last night you had new jersey and new york filing the two separate charges for federal terrorism charges. we now know new york will be the first to go forward against them. he will be transported into the custody of new york officials to face terrorism charges. we learned in the document articulated by our attorney
10:23 am
there. the specific details they have to bring it including 12 fingerprints on the pressure cooker bomb found in manhattan. plus the ideological component. we know these are linked to terrorism. now we have the journals and the writings found to show motive. this will be critical of trying to have a link between terrorist groups, al qaeda, and what he did here. it's criminal. it's gone further than that. criminal and terrorism. >> barbara boxer. i would be remiss if i department ask about the breaking news. the news conference from the u.s. attorney. we are going back to it. if and when he's taking questions on this. i have to get your reaction of the premeditated act of terrorism you heard him talk about. some suggested that rahami
10:24 am
should potentially be tried as an enemy combatant. give us your reaction to what's unfolding. >> what's unfolding is we know this was an act of terror inspired by al qaeda, isis, bin laden, you name them. it is just a pattern that's emerging in europe and here. that's what i this presidential election is so important. to deal with it you have to understand we have a many front battle. it will be a long battle that we will win at the end of the day. it is defeating without the big american footprint in the middle of a civil war. that's number one. we are making great progress on the ground in the coming days over in iraq. you need to have really good intelligence and good community relations with the muslim community and other communities here at home.
10:25 am
all of that together will lead us to victory. let's be clear. this has been predicted since 9/11. he talks about it all the time. polling shows he edges out hillary clinton when it comes to who people trust when it comes to fighting terrorism. we have our new poll showing there is a question of judgment now for hillary clinton. pull it up on screen. when it comes to judgments and decisions. how can she over come this perception problem she has when you look at the numbers that donald trump will be tougher in the fight against it. >> that whole thing is ridiculous. when you look at the experience of both candidates. >> why? >> let me tell you why. with the resolve of the candidates. with the understanding with the fact she was in the situation
10:26 am
room. people were very nervous about going after bin laden and she was the voice there. anyone who has seen her work at the state department where when she came in we were at the low point as far as the world opinion of america. and that we went way up and turned the whole thing around because of hillary clinton. i have to say this. when we get to see the two of them side by side we will see an extreme candidate in donald trump. this country is not stronger when we attack each other on the religion of somebody. the color of somebody's skin on their heritage. that means we are stronger in a fight against terrorism. i think this will all come out. keith olbermann did an incredible discussion on youtube. 176 reasons to vote against donald trump. it is all extreme rhetoric.
10:27 am
it's waking up the far right groups, the white supremacist groups, the hate groups. that's not going to work in the world. i think this first -- >> there are a lot of voters, senator, who believe it will. >> she's ahead by five points -- >> people know about her experience. >> in your own poll -- >> senator, people know about secretary clinton's experience. she's still trailing when it comes to perceptions of who will be tougher. i wonder how she possibly can close the gap. people already know what she's done and her history. there are still questions about how she would treat it. >> that's what the questions are for my dear girl. people had misperceptions of me. this is why you have debates with your opponent. this is why you have the plans out there. of course she's leading by five points. the last one i saw is 50% against donald trump. even though people have questions and of course they
10:28 am
would. this woman has been barraged. she's been just, you know, attacked from every corner. day after day after day. she's still standing and people like the way you come up after you have been knocked down. they will see that there is an assurance in her. there is a calmness there, a logic there, a deep knowledge there versus a showman. i have faith in the american people. that's what the election is about. they have perceptions. now they need to know the facts. >> senator boxer, thank you very much for being with us. i appreciate your reacting to the breaking news. we want to go to recap for viewers within the last 20 minutes the u.s. attorney coming out, talking about charges against the bombing suspect, the person suspected in the bombings in manhattan, new jersey as well. pete you were listening to the news conference.
10:29 am
that's still happening. we'll jump in if there is a q antd and a. what stood out to you? >> the u.s. attorney followed the rules. the post statements have to stick within the four corners of the indictment. he didn't add anything new to what we learned in the criminal charges last night. we have something new today from congressman mike mccall, chairman of the house homeland committee. he showed the journal found on rahami when he was arrested in new jersey. for the first time we heard the mention of isis. the criminal complaints and the u.s. attorney mentioned the government said rahami made references, glowing references to osama bin laden and anwar al-awlaki. referred to past events inspired by al qaeda and anwar al-awlaki. there are references to the top
10:30 am
isis propaganda. that's the first time we heard there may have been isis influence here, too. i guess it's not surprising. we have seen in some of the recent attacks a blend of interest in both al qaeda and isis. john miller who is the counter terrorism chief for the new york police department was with congressman mccall. he said this may be a case where it is isis-inspired as well as al qaeda-inspired. that was a new piece of information we heard today that he was also apparently aware of isis propaganda. >> what does that tell you? >> rahami was aware of it. >> so how does that play into a potential investigation moving forward at this point. >> of course there's been all sorts of talk about how this is a terror attack. so far there is no per se terrorism charge. that may change because the initial criminal complaint was in place. he had to be indicted by a grand
10:31 am
jury in a month or so so they can add the terrorism charges. the investigation is still trying to find out whether he had help. no sign of it so far. those are all the questions on the table. what role did the over seas travel play. those are things they are looking at. >> what level of cooperation, if any, do investigators think they could get from rahami? nothing? >> i don't know that they have thoughts on that. they are trying to. he hasn't been responsive to questions, we are told. of course the fact is he had a couple days worth of surgery. he's been sedated. he was shot in the arm, leg and shoulder. he may have been shot as many as 10 or 11 times. he's not been in much shape to talk to them.
10:32 am
whether or not he's willing to do it i don't know. his lawyer sent a letter to the judge saying we want him hauled before a magistrate as soon as possible for a hearing. i suspect that's the public defender's effort to get questioning from the fbi shut off. clearly the fbi is trying to get as much information out as it can. about whether others were involved. that's an important question here. there may be a danger to public safety would be their argument about the need to get him questioned urgently. >> pete, thanks. i know you will keep moner toing that u.s. attorney conference. shifting to politics in toledo ohio. it is likely that his continued talk on terror will be part of his speech. as we have seen. i want to bring in shane
10:33 am
goldmacher. you were at the rally in waiting for donald trump. let's pick up where we left off with the news conference from the attorney in the case against ahmad rahami. how much -- how integral to trump's strategy in ohio and the other battleground states is his talk on terror and national security. we have seen it linked to immigration security. it feels like the central component to trump's argument. >> it's the lead of some of the rallies. he said immigration security is national security. a line he recently developed. this has been his focus on the trail. he met with african-american leaders at a church. it may be here. he's going to day ton afterwards. absolutely focused on national security, especially through the lens of immigration where chants of "build that wall" ring out at
10:34 am
his rallies. >> former cruz campaign manager jeff row talked about who senator cruz might endorse thinking about the endorsement of donald trump we know senator cruz hasn't said who he'll vote for in november. any new intel? what do you think? >> cruz kept a low profile. he was booed in cleveland for not endorsing trump. there is a hint he's considering it. again he has not said he'll support clinton or trump. he's tried to stay out of the limelight. that's a tough position to be in -- not supporting either of the two major candidates. >> shane, i hope to see you later this afternoon. meantime, we'll continue to wait for donald trump and mike pence to take the stage in toledo, a state that has the seventh most electoral votes of all states. 87% of republicans here are
10:35 am
backing trump up to 77% earlier this summer. lots going on in this battleground state. stick around. we'll be right back soon. donald trump and hillary clinton running neck and neck. everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician, now that the train makes it easier to get here, the neighborhood is really changing. i'm always hping on the train, running all ov portland. i have tgowherever the wor. trains with innotive siemens technology help keep cities moving, so neighborhoods and businesses can prosper. i can book 3 or 4 gigs on a good weekend. i'm booked solid for weeks. it takes ingenuity to make it in the big city. i'm booked solid for weeks. i wanted to know where i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me.
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donald trump preparing to come out on stage in toledo, ohio. fourth biggest city in the battleground state. the latest polls show trump leading clinton by three points, within the margin of error. joining me now to break it down, democratic congressman tim ryan of ohio and the chairman of the ohio republican party.
10:39 am
thanks for being with us. >> hi, hallie. >> let's start with you. i want to talk about. i guess you could call it friction between you -- republican chairman reince priebus regarding john kasich's refusal to endorse donald trump. you said there shouldn't be penalties against the governor. are you concerned the lack of endorsement will hurt donald trump in this state sp. >> we have a great governor in ohio. he has the responsibility to govern the state the way he sees fit. it made no sense to me to bring up issues from the past in this election. we'll know who the next president of the united states will be. a lot of it will be determined in ohio. right now we have a lead in ohio. not only is donald trump ahead but senator rob portman looks like he'll get re-elected. it's not over yet, but his campaign has been exceptional.
10:40 am
they are doing a wonderful job. there is great momentum for republicans in ohio. we are trying to keep it going. >> politics is in a vacuum, right. what the governor does or doesn't do will have an impact on how trump does or doesn't do in ohio. should the governor break his silence? does he need to? >> we were talking about something over the weekend and yesterday that it's good to put it behind us because that was stuff from the past. that was stuff from the primaries. the primaries are over. i'm looking forward. i'm looking forward to what happened seven weeks from now. >> that's my question. should he break his question? >> you have to ask the governor that. i think the governor made his position clear. we are moving forward with the campaign. i think the team on the ground in ohio, donald trump's team is doing a great job. rob portman's campaign is the best in the country and the ohio republican party is strong and i think we'll have a good year in ohio. >> congressman, let's talk about that.
10:41 am
when ohio yans were asked about nafta and other trade deals 57% said those deals lead to the loss of companies and jobs. you know the part of trump's strategy is to appeal to working class voters. how does hillary clinton make up the gap here in an area where she's trailing? >> first let me say hello to chairman borges. i wish we were cheering on the buckeyes at a weekend football game. we agree on that but disagree on some political issues. we'll get through it. the real issue here is trump's credibility of which he has very little. he comes in areas like youngs town, talks about china and mexico. but he's outsourced jobs from his company into countries like china and mexico, ships the products back. the very problem we have been having in places like youngstown. we are now getting out the message. i heard a colleague of mine say, you know, ohioans tell you when
10:42 am
they will get engaged in the election. that will happen in the next few days. we are post labor day. people will be paying attention. whether it is trade or another issue, when they hear what trump's dealings have been like, that he outsourced jobs and caused the erosion of manufacturing in the united states they will have a much different opinion of him than they may have now. >> congressman, your answer is striking to me. we are talking about hillary clinton and you are making the anti-trump case. but there's been discussion that perhaps secretary clinton needs more of an affirmative case when it comes to working class voters. >> doesn't she need to try to close the gap? is it going to be enough? >> it's not going to be enough. if she has an aggressive pro manufacturing message she won in the primary 55% of union households. her message did resonate to people who were paying attention in the primary. as i said, ohioans are starting to get engaged now.
10:43 am
when they hear about her manufacturing initiative that she wants to focus on renewables like solar panels and windmills and the component parts in the windmills, 8,000 of them are manufactured in ohio. we need a plan forward. we don't just need rhetoric from someone with zero credibility. we need a plan. hillary clinton has the plan to resuscitate manufacturing and ohioans will pay attention in the next 50 plus days and they will vote for hillary clinton. >> matt, when we talk about ohio voters getting engaged some are suburban women, crucial to victory in the buckeye state. you know we talked about the new polling showing some 70% nearly of voters believe donald trump's comments about women, immigrants, muslims are concerning to them. you talked to donald trump. what advice do you give him about how to get beyond the perception that's hurting him with the voters he's trying to win over. >> you're right. i have spoken with mr. trump several times.
10:44 am
on the phone and in person about message and what we need to do to carry ohio and how to get organized here. >> what do you tell him about suburban women when his comments offend them? >> look, we have talked about how to win ohio. something in the ohio republican party we know well how to do it. we have an exceptional record of doing it in races for the last many years. we swept the ticket. we have rob portman running strong. we have been expanding the map and winning in democrat areas. so we are doing it this year. i have had many conversations with mr. trump. along the lines of something congressman ryan said with regard to ohio state football. i saw donald trump prior to the ohio state/oklahoma game in norman this weekend. i'm not going to say who he was rooting for. i did notice he was wearing a scarlet and gray tie. >> before we wrap up i want to go to the congressman on one
10:45 am
more topic. hillary clinton's campaign manager on "morning joe" this morning, asked about her policy on syria. you might have heard the moment. i want you to listen. >> what would she do differently? >> again, i think you're going to have to ask her that question. that's a matter of policy and i'm going to leave it for her. >> we love you, buddy, but what are you here for if you can't answer basic questions? >> you are asking new policy questions -- >> should the person running hillary clinton's campaign be able to answer questions on policy, specifically policies of voters like the ones here in ohio care about? >> i will answer it for you. let me first say if donald trump was wearing a scarlet and gray tie there is a chance it was made in mexico or china where his other products are made and shipped back to the united states. having said that i would say hillary clinton has been for doing what president obama is
10:46 am
now finally doing more of -- arming the opposition in syria, making sure they have resources they need, training they need. she was advocating for that a long time ago. that's part of the plan including the no-fly zone. creating safe havens for refugees. we are having this conversation on one side. intelligent, thoughtful conversation hillary clinton wants to have about making sure there are safe places for refugees to go so they don't go into turkey, into jordan and other countries, eventually make themselves if they are terrorists through western europe and over to the united states. we want to prevent it from happening. you don't say we'll build a wall and ban a certain religion. hillary clinton has a plan for a safe haven. let's arm the opposition. these things take thought. they actually take nuance. they take a deep knowledge of what's going on in the region. you have donald trump on the other side saying putin will never invade the ukraine. he has no clue that putin is already in the ukraine.
10:47 am
we cannot make him president of the united states. he's clueless on these issues. hillary has thoughtful positions. >> congressman tim ryan on ohio, ohio republican party's matt borges. one day we'll get through a segment with both of you without talking football. i expect that won't be for a while. we are still waiting for donald trump live in toledo, ohio, as we were also just five days from the first presidential debate. tune in to msnbc for all-day coverage live from hofstra university. we'll be there beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. don't miss the live telecast of the debate moderated by nbc's own lester holt at 9:00 eastern. your dvr should be set already. we'll have more ahead from toledo, ohio, as you look at the shot along the riverwalk outside zia's italian restaurant in toledo. this is me, using a wrench to build a jet engine. well we thought ge programmed machines to talk.
10:48 am
ge is an industrial company that actually builds world-changing machines. machines that can talk to each other digitally. hello? they don't talk to each other like that, ricky. shhhh, you'll anger it. he looks a little ticked off now.
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the schools and safety and jobs, it is horrible. in some cases, they're less safe in places like afghanistan. the cities cannot get much worse. perhaps they can but not much. >> that was donald trump, a couple hours ago in ohio in a meeting with pastors. leading that meeting was daryl scott, a trump supporter who's joining us now. thank you for being with us here, pastor. i want to talk to you about comments that donald trump made. what is he talking about? >> cleveland is not too far from my church is, there is a city called east cleveland. it is the number two most depressing city in the united states of america. the pregnant girl was just killed last night or the night
10:52 am
before during some gang activity. it is pretty hostile in the streets. i was raised in the streets and before i turn my life around. that area at a certain time of the night, i don't go in or i make sure i watch my back. there are a lot of areas in cleveland where it is very, very dangerous. >> so pastor, comments like that, rhetoric like that and the way donald trump speaks about urban black communities, stereo typical and he's painting with a broad brush when it comes to members of african-american community, do you understand that criticism and do you see that? >> no, if a black leader says the same thing, no one will be offe offended. the only thing is donald trump is not black. if he's going to be president, he needs to speak to all issues and call it like it is and not trying to sugar coat it and not trying to be politically
10:53 am
correct. if it is a black leader, i would stood up and say the same thing. they think trump does not have the right to speak to african-american issues. if he's going to be president, he needs to speak to all issues because he's president for all the people. >> what's specifically is he proposing in order to help the african-american community. what's specifically has he told you he would do for black community members across america. >> first of all, once again and he's not trying to be the president of black america. he's trying to be the president of all america. black people -- >> but, we are talking about his outreach. >> hold on a minute, let me talk. >> go ahead. >> everyone thought president obama is going to be the president of black america. the proposal that donald trump has will affect all americans especially those that are
10:54 am
disenfranchise of our ethnicities. if we need jobs in the community, he's creating jobs. if we need economic stimulations or better health care, he's going to address that. he's going to help the black community and the american community, it is included in it. right now, we are disin franchise. >> thank you very much for being with us. we'll see you here in ohio, quite a bit over the next 48 days. we appreciate it. >> two live events we are waiting right now, donald trump is here in toledo and hillary clinton is in orlando, florida. you can see the split screens of the two live events. he looks to be behind schedule, he was holding an event in cleveland today as we were talking about. we are live in toledo, ohio.
10:55 am
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time now for another look at our microsoft pulse question as details keep oncoming out about this deadly police shootings in tulsa and charlotte. will justice be served in either case. here are the results. the pulse is staying open for another hour. 39% of you say yes and 61% of you say no. keep it coming at i will be live leading up to
10:59 am
donald trump rally, my hometown and you may get to meet my parents if you stop by. follow me online and on twitter and facebook and instagram. a lot is coming up for you as well with my colleague, thomas roberts. >> i totally want to meet your parents so we got to come to philadelphia. halie, thanks so much. hi everybody, good to have you with you. race and politics on verging on the trails of the pivotal battleground at the hour. donald trump in ohio and hillary clinton in orlando where she will take the stage there. the fatal police involved shootings in black men in oklahoma and north carolina. >> in cleveland trump raised eye brows by suggesting the officer in the tulsa shooting choked. >> this young officer, i don't know what she was thinking. was she choking or what happened? maybe people like that, people
11:00 am
that choke, people that do that maybe they cannot be doing what they do. >> we have reporters on both campaigns on the ground and in charlotte. we want to begin in florida, that's where secretary clinton is going to be speaking. jacob, we'll start with you with the campaign. they are a little bit late of the event that's happening in ohio and stands by the comment of what trump made about that police officer in oklahoma. >> reporter: yeah, they have not backed down from that. although in the past he had said there are bad apples in the police department just like many organizations. he went further than that and he criticized specifically this officer asking and wondering if she choked or if she was scared. that was interesting to hear. we know trump has a lot of support from police unions. if they have anything to say about that since we don't know all


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