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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 21, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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that choke, people that do that maybe they cannot be doing what they do. >> we have reporters on both campaigns on the ground and in charlotte. we want to begin in florida, that's where secretary clinton is going to be speaking. jacob, we'll start with you with the campaign. they are a little bit late of the event that's happening in ohio and stands by the comment of what trump made about that police officer in oklahoma. >> reporter: yeah, they have not backed down from that. although in the past he had said there are bad apples in the police department just like many organizations. he went further than that and he criticized specifically this officer asking and wondering if she choked or if she was scared. that was interesting to hear. we know trump has a lot of support from police unions. if they have anything to say about that since we don't know all the facts, of course, about
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the case. this is the most we have heard him talk about any police shootings like this. today we do expect him to talk as he has in the last month on every rally about african-american voters. today, just before coming here of a full hour of fox news anchor about african-american issues and he spent a lot of time trying to change his outreach there. it will be interesting to see how it is received as usual. trump has said that his support has gone way up in the polls where black supporters -- the truth, it has gone up but only from zero or 1% or 2% or 5% or 6%. >> jacob, standby. lets go too'donell. this is the first time we'll hear from her since the arrest last night in charlotte from
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hillary clinton. >> reporter: well, for hillary clinton, this is an opportunity, thomas, or sort of a make up day. the intended message of this day is to talk about an inclusive economy especially for disabled persons. this is about sort of the counter point to donald trump's. hillary clinton's comment on this issue really comes from twitter where she tweeted with, we have come to know with the h. this is a personal tweet. too many others, this has to end. it is the kind of message where hillary clinton is already weaving these themes into her campaign throughout the time traveling with her and watching her campaign. there is been no specific comment about this. expect her to be sensitive to these issues because she has had so many of the mothers who have lost a son or a family member to
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this sort of situation where law enforcement was involved. she has been bringing them into her campaign and hearing from them. they were prominent part of the democratic national convention. this is an issue where she has a lot of ground and a lot of support and so she's not naming any specific comments beyond the tweets. her campaign day is just beginning. we are on the campaign bus heading to her orlando event and she heads back to new york tonight. her campaign is really trying to balance the essential comment about what's happening in the world outside and then also dealing with the campaign's schedule which is about making up some time lost when she was ill and also doing the work of debate prep. we heard from senior adviser from the airplane of some of the hard work she's been doing. and, concerned that they believe a bar may be set too low for
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him. they're gaining ex pepectations given monday's debate. >> five days to go. jacob and kelly o'donell, travel safe. black community leaders say they cannot control what happens in that city. charlotte over night of the wake up of the deadly police shooting of keith scott. scott got out of his vehicle twice and armed with a handgun and opposing for an imminent deadly threat. black community leaders say witnesses had a different account of what happened. >> they're standing here behind the police line, a 13-year-old told me everything that happened. she just got off the bus and witnessed everything. >> we don't get justice. this is what you see and you are going to see more of that. so the officer who fired on scott has been identified now as
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bren brently vincent. kate, let me start with you and talk about the concerns of the violence and those in the church communities, what are they doing to calm protesters. >> reporter: we are here at the apartment complex of the scene of shooting. the mayor is here and so as govern governor pat mccory. we'll do everything we can to support the mayor and the police chief and their efforts to keep the community safe and get this situation resolved. it is important that we all work together as a team to solve a difficult issue and bring peace and resolution. thomas, as you have noted, this has gotten national attention. this situation unfolded in tulsa. there is a lot of anger here in
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previous police shootings. the officer has been identified, vincent, last night protests following the shooting into chaos of a social media post by a woman claiming to be mr. scott's daughter went viral and many people were upset saw of excessive force used by police. now there are two conflicting stories emerging. some witnesses said that mr. scott was not holding a gun at all that that contradicts directly of what the police chief said this morning. we spoke to one witness this morning, she said she saw the shooting from her balcony that mr. scott came out and simply asked what was going on and he was holding a book. again, police chief said that no book was found as part of their
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investigation and that a weapon was found. they are looking through body cam footage and dashcam footage to see what transpired. many members of this community wants the video to be released quickly. this point it is apart of an investigational. not actually have a body camera but the other officer did. police chiefs are looking into that right now but it may not show the whole story even in that video. gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. i want to bring in tremaine lee. he's here we me. thank you. >> only one of those men have been confirmed to be unarmed and in total four black men and one white man and one asian man. scott was not a person of interest for the police in this. what is the account of what got
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them. >> at which point they stumbled upon mr. scott and got back in the car and stepped back out. that's the point of contention here whether it was a book or as his family said or whether it was a gun. one point to note that north carolina is an opened carry state. it would have been clear if it was a concealed weapon or not. >> but, also when you look at this case in charlotte and tulsa, in both cases, there was a man, edward crutcher who was stalled in the middle of the street. his vehicle stopped and police are in route to another crime. both end up being shot and the other apparently waiting to pick
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up his son from school. when you see a community like this, it is redundant to say that they're one incident away from protests and up for violence. when you look at a case in charlotte, jonathan ferrell, case by case, it is adding fuel to the fire. it is no surprise when we see unrest. when it turns violent, everyone wants to understand what happened. we can no longer tell these young people not to protest. generations of black folks in this country we are told to let justice takes its course. last year thousands of people were shot by police and very few police officers were indicted or arrested or fully prosecuted. in many communities, enough is enough. >> in the case of scott, do we know if he's a licensed gun owner? >> we don't know at this point. the police would have known either way if he was not raising a gun or whether or not it was a
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threat. >> scott's family said he was unarmed and readings a book. we do have the police chief answering questions about body camera video and whether or not that's going to tell the truth about armed or armed with a book. >> that's right. here we are still trying to assess what is fact and what is fiction. what's interesting and this is a point a number of people have raised about the body cameras, the individual, the officer who actually shot him, he did not have a body camera on or was not working in tulsa. >> but, we have the other views of the other dash video from tulsa, also, the areal of the helicopter and in this situation, i think there will be videos that emerges, too. we'll wait to see that and the police address concerns about that this morning about what evidence they have and how their story is conflicting of witnesses.
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tremaine lee, thank you. as details continue to emerge from the deadly police shootings in tulsa and charlotte, will justice be served in either case. the results, take a look for yourself, 30% say yes and 70% say no. check it out on take a look, these two men is wanted in connection of the bombings. details is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ geicmotorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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. we filed a four count criminal complaint against rahami.
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and destruction of property by explosives of the chelsea bombing. the charges laid out last night of evidence. the fbi and nypd were able to gather in a short period of time. in the evidence we believe shows, this is a premeditated act of terrorism. >> a big development of the breaking news of the last hour of the investigation in new york and new jersey. federal authorities are trying to locate these two men considered important witnesses. they removed an undetonated device from a suitcase that they found on 27th street on saturday between 6th and 7th avenue. they took it and walked away with the luggage. >> witnesses, okay, we are very much interested in talking to them and finding out more about where they were and how they came on this bag. >> while they are looking to question them, ahmad rahami is
11:16 am
charged. our reporters have the latest developments in this case, i want to begin with our justice correspondence, pete williams, what do police think they can learn from those two men. they were at first considered, it was a homeless couple of guys or something like that took the suitcase, that does not seem to be the case. >> well, they want the suitcase back and they want to talk to the two about how they found it. there is no consideration here that there were any way involved in the bombingbombings. they're referred to the two luckiest new yorkers on saturday night. they saw the duffel bag sitting on the street and they looked inside and saw whatever it was and took it out. it was the pressure cooker in that white plastic garbage bag and they had no idea and they took off with the suitcase. the fbi want the suitcase back and talk to the two guys about
11:17 am
what they saw and where the bag is precisely and where it was placed that's wh placed. that's what they want to know. >> and have your sources said if they have any clear way to figure out who these guys were. >> they would not be doing this if they knew who they were. it seems that their fingerprints were on the pressure cooker and one of the challenges for the analysts on sunday night when they got rahami's fingerprints according to the federal charges, is they have to figure out whom prints are whom. clearly, the fingerprints at least one of these two men were on there as well but that did not lead them anywhere. now, they're asking public's help to find and they're hoping that the men themselves will see this appeal and turn themselves in and bring back the suitcase >> the luckiest two new yorkers right there.
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rahami's wife voluntarily submitted to questioning by officials in the uae, what have you heard about that? >> here is our understanding of this. i think there is been some misunderstanding about this. she left the united states in june. that had apparently always been the plan that she was going to take their two children, go back to pakistan and spend the summer there and then come back to the u.s. i think her original plan was to come back to the u.s. this past monday but the fbi found out about her travel plans and stopped her in dubai so she could be quickly questioned. she was questioned by a veteran fbi interrogator who worked many high profile terrorism cases. according to the people we talked to, she said she had no idea about this or had no idea of her husband planned the bombings. >> thank you, sir. i will bring in our colleague in
11:19 am
elizabeth, new jersey. what are we learning of these charging documents against rahami? >> reporter: well, we are learning of the evidence and the time line indicates that's against him to the u.s. attorney and pete was mentioning those 12 fingerprints found on the pressure cooker. we learned a little bit of the motive. the time line, we know that he came to manhattan about 6:30 p.m. and entered through the lincoln tunnel and spent about two hours there and stayed beyond the attack in manhattan before coming to new jersey. i want to keep peace of this. we know there is terrorism charges involved is establishing a motive. that's going to be very important to look at the writings that he put down in a journal that the fbi and u.s. attorney's office recovered. in that perhaps, a glimpse in his journal where he talks about
11:20 am
osama bin laden. the u.s. attorney's office is going to try to pursue. that was an important piece of indictment. there is a key piece of video that emerged two days prior to this bombing campaign. it shows rahami in elizabeth tried to ignite something, it explodes. there were some laughter and they're trying to figure out who shot that video in the brou background and whether that individual know anything about this. >> you recently interviewed the father and tell us about the family and the whereabouts and how they are helping investigators link up with whoever shot that video. >> reporter: yeah, we believe that the father is still here in new jersey and not too long ago,
11:21 am
a few minutes before we went on the air, a family relative came out of the house escorted by police and came in this grocery store and grabbed something and went back in. we know there is some activities in the house. one of the shop owners told us, it was his brother, given the activity in the house so far is mostly family and relatives. we believe there are people still inside. there is still police presence outside of his house and suggesting that there are individuals staying in there. his wife, we know that he's in the united emirate. and we know the father, i interviewed yesterday and asked him specifically about whether or not the fbi knew about this case two years ago and he said not this specific bombing but knew about his son and he said yes, the fbi knew about his son and he had spoken to him in addition to the fact that he was surprised that his son carried out this attack.
11:22 am
>> ayman, thank you. >> we go back to the fatal police shootings in tulsa and charlotte to talk about. now, we have the unarmed black man fatally shot by police speaking out. you will hear for the first time with reactions to the account of police officer involved. >> he was tased after she was shot and he was shot. he laid there. i am talking about officers who were supposed to protect and serve serve. no one went to check on my brother.
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11:26 am
introducing mike pence, he's coming out to speak to folks right there and mike pence will be introducing donald trump. don king has been with them as they have been barn storm rg throu ing. don king was apart of the african-american outreach when he left the n-word slipped out in church. we'll be back in a moment. well i'm retired now. so i just sit here watch nothing. if i were you, i'd work as long as you can, son. get nfl sunday ticket - only on directv. and watch live football anywhere. switch today and get $100 reward card.
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11:30 am
did not die in veain. doctor tiffany crutcher says the video shows her brother fully complied with police. >> he was unarmed and moving slow and he was not a threat. he was not a felon. they had helicopters and multiple cops. they treated him like he was a new york bomber. the new york bomber is alive right now. janet, where is the investigation stand and what is the account if terence's sister says he's complying with police. >> reporter: one is the justice department and the other is the district attorney and both of them are looking at those videos
11:31 am
from the helicopter and the dashcam with his hands in the ear. there is also toxicology report that had been done by terence crutcher. doctor tiffany crutcher says whatever the results are, it is not relevant. it does not matter whether he's on drugs or not. his hands were in the air and that does not warrant the use of deadly force. we'll hear about those in a couple of weeks. officer betty sheldy is still on administrative leave. the public here is reacting in a different way than charlotte. the protest last night started small of 300 people. they were respectful and there was no violence and no problems and it seems to work hand in hand with the police officers who were here sort of protecting their rights to protest.
11:32 am
people with weighing in on the tulsa and the charlotte incident donald trump to hillary clinton. this has touched the nerves all over the world. all you have to do is put tulsa in a twitter search and all kinds of reactions. >> janet, thank you so much. joining me now is our retired nypd sergeant and now professis professor. it is good to have you both with me. let me start with you, the police chief in charlotte, we'll start in north carolina, lamont scott, put down that weapon tchthe weapon. his family disputes that account that he had a book. >> no, i mean, there is a
11:33 am
problem, tom. they have not released the photos of the gun or shown us anything. we need to get this information out there because the narrative seems to be growing and has to be able to be stopped. if you have evidence to the contrary, lets see it already. i mean the dashcam videos, lets look at it. >> the we know police chiefs have talked about evidence that's incorporated and what's taken place. black community leaders are saying that they don't feel comfortable telling those folks that are protesting to calm down. they have the right to protest and they don't want them to be violent. >> no, the owner is not on black leaders. time and time again, we see as law enforcement officials putting out certain information that don't have others or body cameras are on or not on. we only have this piece of evidence over and over again, we don't see that and law enforcement is able to police
11:34 am
themselves. if it had not been for the protests and people raising their voices and pushing back over the last several years and before that, we would not actually have any justice or in incentivize people to do the right thing in position of power. law enforcement has an opportunity here to put their cards on the table and to say what actually happened and if there is a problem, and in fact, all things look like there is then we need law enforcement to come to the table and willing to put forward a structural change as well accountability for those in the wrong. >> rashad, is this a white and blackish or black issue or a blue and blackish. >> to the extent that you know this is not simply about one bad apple or two or whether or not black cops or white cops were in fault. this is about structure that in
11:35 am
incentivize and support and defend the killing of black people over and over again without accountability. it is an issue of race. but, it is about structural rai racism. until we deal with the structure and allowing other communities get off the hook then we'll not have the type of change that provides for safety and justice for all of us. >> joe, when it comes to oklahoma and north carolina which are both open carry states, how does training go into our police forces in those kinds of laws to have split second judgment about life saving or taking. in both of these cases, these men, crutcher and lamont, were not people of interest. they were not people they were actively going after. >> correct, then you have to
11:36 am
negotiate with that time that you have. that gives officers the extra split section that you need whether to shoot or don't shoot. and those four minor steps should be taught nationwide. i don't know what kind of training these officers get and i don't know what happened in north carolina or tulsa. listen, there has to be some national standards on how these things are done in police departments. many of them are so small, they don't have the money to do the training or the right equipment. i brought this up before, we need to look at what training has been given and we need to know how it is been given. >> all right, guys, i want to show you live images that's coming in from charlotte happening at the campus of university of north carolina, beginning of the protest that we knew it is going to be happening at this hour. rashad, let me start with you as we talk about policies within police justice reform and looking at certain instances that are suspects.
11:37 am
do you think that there could be a really top down approach or does this have to be a small police force interior approach and then it builds out and gets better from within, in small local police stations. >> well, i don't think there is any history of civil rights that can tell us that things just happens sort of small individual pockets and bubble up overtime. if we waited for that, i would still be trying to find lunch counters that i can sit at in dc. and have a bite to eat. if our federal government does not get involved and not just the national standards which i agree we need -- but, real accountability, unless we are collecting the data that's necessary and having a clear view of the problem, we have law enforcement departments that are still keeping track of information on note pads in some
11:38 am
places until we have information that we can understand and until people are fired or tracking federal dollars so performance and holding everyone accountable then we'll not get to the type of change necessary. so i do think that we do need change. we need conversations. at the end of the day, people need to know that their jobs are on the line and that their money is on the line and they are not allowed to continue with the status quo and until that happens, we'll continue to see these situations over and over again and we'll continue to send a message to black people , and to black communities that their lives and children do not matter. that's unacceptable. >> this is a big topic on the campaign trail. i am going to ask both gentlemen sta standing by for me. we have two big events of hillary clinton and donald trump in ohio, donald trump is taking
11:39 am
to the mic. lets listen in. >> all job killing regulations and all illegal executive orders will be immediately terminated. [ cheers [ cheers ] do you believe that? i want to put that money back boo the pockets of the american people where it belongs. i am going to direct the department of congress to identify every single violation of our rules by our foreign competitors, who in my case is chief. >> we'll apply every lawful remedy to end these trade abuses once and for all. we have no choice. we are going to end them. [ applause ] trade will be fair and reciprocal and products will be made in america and sold all
11:40 am
around the world like we used to do it, you know, when we were smart. we are going to pass one of the biggest and boldest tax reforms and reductions in america's history. it is going to include a 15% tax rate for all businesses, small and large making our country a magnet for new jobs. that's 15% down from 35%. [ applause ] income taxes will be cut dramatically for workers, i mean the really hard workers, you are paying too much tax, folks. everybody knows it. [ applause ] so for the workers, the middle class and families and everybody, we are having a major, major tax reductions and i will tell you ivanka trump wants child care taken care of. >> hillary clinton in orlando talking about the tragedy that happened at the pulse nightclub.
11:41 am
[ applause ] >> i am here today to talk about how to make our economy work for everyone. first, i need to say something about two very upsetting incidents that took place over the past few days. terence crutcher shot and killed by a police officer in tulsa and keith lamont scott was shot and killed by a police officer in charlotte. i am sending condolences to families. there is still much we don't know about what happened in both incidents. we do know that we have two more names to add to a list of african-americans killed by police officers in these encounters. it is unbearable and it needs to
11:42 am
become intolerable. we saw targeting of police officers in philadelphia last week. last night in charlotte, twelve officers were injured in demonstrations following keith lamont scott's death. everyday police officers across our country are serving with extraordinary courage, honor and skills. we saw that again this weekend in new york and new jersey and minnesota. our police handled those terrorist attacks exactly right and they likely saved a lot of lives. i have spoken to many police chiefs and other law enforcement leaders who are as deeply concerned as i am and deeply committed as i am to reform. why? because they know it is essential for the safety of our communities and our officers.
11:43 am
we are safer when communities respect the police and police respect communities. [ applause ] >> i have also been privileged to spend a lot of time with mothers who lost children and young people who feel as far as their countries are a concern and their lives seemed disposab disposable. >> we'll do it and exactly together which is the only way that can be done. [ cheers ] i know i don't have all the answers and i don't know anyone who does. but, this is certain. too many people have lost their lives who should not have.
11:44 am
sabrina fulton has become a friend of mine. her son, travon martin, was killed not far from where we are today. sabrina says this is about saving our children and she's absolutely right. we need to come together, working together, white, black asian and latino and all of us to turn the tide and stop the violence and build the trust. we need to give all of our kids a chance to grow up safe and healthy in their communities and in our country. now, there are so many issues we need to take on together. that's why we are here today. in just 48 days, can you believe it? [ cheers ] americans will go to the polls
11:45 am
and choose our next president. [ cheers ] >> well, i hope so. [ hillary, hillary, hillary ] >> well, i hope so. i want to just stress that our campaign is about the fundamental belief that in america, every person no matter what you look like or who you are or love, you should have the chance to go as far as your hard work and dreams will take you. [ applause ] >> that's the basic bargain that made our country great and it is our job to make sure it is there for you and future generations. building an economy that works
11:46 am
for everyone and it is not those at the top is the essential challenge of our time. i take it personally because i am a proud product of the american class. my grandfather started working in a lace mill in pennsylvania when he was just a boy and worked there for 50 years. thanks to him, my dad was able to go to college and started his own business. >> we are hearing clinton going in the background of her speech of the family upbringing growing nup t up in middle class and the work ethic she's learned from her parents. she's talking about the police community and she mentioned fulton involved with the mother movement. fulton was the mom of travon
11:47 am
martin. speaking of skittles. don jr. got a lot of hot water when he tweeted that image of a bowl of skittles and comparing the refugees of crisis and comparing them to be poison candy. donald trump is speaking at the same time about the syrian crisis. >> we'll also provide safety and we are going to take a swift strong action to protect the american people from radical islamic terrorism. [ applause ] in recent days, terrorist att k attacked in new york city, new jersey and minnesota, it is going to get worse. it is going to get worse if hillary is president. it will be a disaster. if trump is president, you will be very, very happy.
11:48 am
no, no. >> not a pretty picture. if trump is president, you will watch how good it will be. it will be a whole different story. [ cheers ] >> these attacks like so many others were made possible because of our extremely opened immigration system. it is time to put firm immigration controls in place. [ cheers ] >> extreme vetting, right? to quote the bipartisan commission, 9/11, it is to state that terrorists cannot plan or carry out attacks in the united states if they're unable to enter or country, how about that? that's why my first day in office, i will suspend the
11:49 am
admission of syrian refugees. [ cheers ] [ applause ] president obama wants to bring in another 100,000 refugees. we know nothing about the people. [ crowds booing ] all together the hillary clinton's plan will bring in 620,000 refugees in her first term. her plan would cause $400 billion in terms of lifetime welfare and entitlement costs. think of that. not only the danger of it all, this is not a matter of terrorism but also a matter of quality of life. we want to make sure that we are only admitting those into our country who support our values
11:50 am
and love and i mean love our people. [ cheers ] [ applause [ applause ] >> all right, donald trump speaking to folks in toledo, ohio and they're talking about his policy plan when it comes to say if he's effected, suspend my syrian refugees from coming into america and this is referring to him on the campaign trail talking about the secret policy that he has to defeat isis. the only words we gotten out of him about that plan is that he would bomb the you know what out of them. basically, isis comprises geography in syria and iraq. basically, he's going to say bomb the you know what out of the folks in syria and cutting
11:51 am
out any harbor for refugees to coming to america. jacob is in the rally. >> reporter: yeah, once or twice here and three times and trump does not respond directly to that. that line you are talking about in him references immigration and not allowing syrian refugees in got a standing ovation, this crowd is energetic and responding to everything he's saying about immigration. he said that those attacks that we have experienced recently, the way has been paved for them because of our open immigration system and saying that we need to have better vetting, extreme vetting letting in only those people who love our country. he has not detailed what he means by that.
11:52 am
of course, if they were believed to not love our country, they would not be allowed in here. that's the topic of discussion here that has gotten a big response from the crowd, thomas. >> jacob rascon, i want to bring in evan mcmullen, i hope you got the opportunity to hear both candidates speaking, the donald trump specifically though, his policy about if he were elected to suspend syrian refugees and at the same time publicizing the main policy of defeating isis is bombing the hell out of them. how is this a structure to safe innocent people, what is your policy in contract? >> well, my policy is we do need to defeat isis in the battlefield and there is no doubt about that. our current administration is failing on that front. donald trump's plan is still unknown. he says he's going to bomb the
11:53 am
hell out of them or whatever he says, that's not a strategy and we cannot afford any more time without a strategy. we actually need specific plans. >> so what are some of his specific plans? >> well, constrain, he's carrying out attacks on civilians that are creating an environment in syria where isis and other groups can thrive. >> absolutely, he has to go. the way he has to go is for us to constrain him and change the conditions ton the battlefield o we can negotiate his departure. the u.s. government is trying to negotiate his departure. we need to change the conditions on the battlefield through a variety of means and one of them is through supporting our friendly forces on the ground. >> would you be able to negotiate having any type of public force of american troops
11:54 am
back into iraq, something that the obama administration and the bush administration was not able to negotiate and that's why we had the troops withdrawn in 2011. >> well, the details there are disputed and i will dispute them as well. i will point out that we have 5,000 u.s. troops in iraq now and under the same conditions that essentially when we pull them out, when president obama pulled them out. we can have u.s. troops in iraq when we need them. i am in favor of continuing to support our friendly forces on the ground and limiting the deployment of u.s. forces in iraq and syria. i think we can defeat isis with our friendly forces on the ground and supported by u.s. special forces and cia operators. >> also, what is seeming to be another crisis with police fatal shootings, we have oklahoma and what's taking place in north carolina, the violence over the last 24 hours in charlotte, what
11:55 am
policy do you think needs to be examined and enforced in making as what secretary clinton says returning to police respecting communities and communities respecting police. >> first of all, you asked the right question. it is a question of leadership. we need leaders in the country who's going to offer a tone and an attitude to the rest of the country that's one of reconciliation and harmony. donald trump certainly does not offer that. i saw it from hillary clinton more of a tone that i think is constructive for our country. look, this is the key, there is a trust deficit between the african-american community and other communities in our country and law enforcement officers. >> we have the big debate that's coming up and you are not upholding well enough. how much of a concern is this and when do you consider yourself a spoiler to -- you're a never trump guy to the hillary clinton campaign.
11:56 am
>> we have been in this race for five uniquweeks and we are fall. it is a testament of our success and we have been polling at 3% in virginia and 9% in utah and elsewhere. the fact that we have been able to do that in five weeks say a lot. there is a private organization that decides who gets to be on the stage. i don't think that's right. the threshold of national polling, so far, you have not met that benchmark. >> according to this private organization. >> i want to invite you back. i am running out of town for right now. >> sure. >> evan mcmullin, it is good to have you. we'll be back in a moment. >> thank you.
11:57 am
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12:00 pm
tweeting any nasty thing. does thomas looks nice today. >> i want to let folks know that we are scheduled to go first. >> we are juggling a whole lot of news this afternoon. good afternoon, i am kate snow. both presidential candidates are speaking right now at this hour, we are monitoring both of them. they are in key battleground states in ohio and florida. both of them are talking about race. here is donald trump. this is from this morning at a church in cleveland repeating a line that's a corner stone to his pitch to african-american voters. >> then one day i said, what do you have to lose? i mean what do you have to lose? i am going to fix it. what do you have to lose? and somehow that resonated. some people did not like it. i said what difference does it


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