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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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tweeting any nasty thing. does thomas looks nice today. >> i want to let folks know that we are scheduled to go first. >> we are juggling a whole lot of news this afternoon. good afternoon, i am kate snow. both presidential candidates are speaking right now at this hour, we are monitoring both of them. they are in key battleground states in ohio and florida. both of them are talking about race. here is donald trump. this is from this morning at a church in cleveland repeating a line that's a corner stone to his pitch to african-american voters. >> then one day i said, what do you have to lose? i mean what do you have to lose? i am going to fix it. what do you have to lose? and somehow that resonated. some people did not like it. i said what difference does it make?
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it is true. what do you have to lose? >> last night, trump said african-american communities are "in the worst shape they have ever been before." >> our john lewis. >> i don't know what mr. trump is talking about to say the situation of african-americans is worst than ever been, is it worse than slavery when we could not take a seat at a lunch area and be served and be denied to register to vote and participate in the democratic process and to live in the neighborhood and communities. we have seen changes. i invite him to come and walk in my shoes. >> the backdrop for all of this
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of related police shootings. the latest yesterday in north carolina with violent clashes over night last night. police say keith lamont scott was warned to drop a weapon. he was unarmed and reading a book. we'll have reports from charlotte and all of that coming up. our team is covering all the angles standing by in florida and ohio with the latest in politics. lets begin with hillary clinton. he he's in orlando and nbc's kelly o'donell is there. she's leading off our coverage. i know you have to keep your voice down. keep us a little bit of what she's been talking about. >> reporter: okay, we are just about six rows from hillary clinton. she wanted to do two things today. she's got a message and she made at the top of her comments about the situation that we have seen and she's spoken at terms of naming the family and the victims saying she said her
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condolences and prayers but also saying we now have two more names of african-americans, she went onto say things of law enforcement and said that we would all be safer if communities respected police and police respected communities. that got a lot of applause here. to give you a sense of how she addressed this, here ais a piec of what hillary clinton had to say. >> we have got to do better and i know that we can. if i am elected president, we will and we'll do it. [ applause ] >> exactly together which is the only way that can be done. [ applause ] >> look, i know that i don't have all the answers, i don't know anyone who does. this is certain, too many people have lost their lives who should not have. >> reporter: she also made a very direct point that all the
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facts are not done so she's trying to be careful to not prejudge and say things that's not offensive to law enforcement community. at the same time she's sharing her heart with families who had been touched about law enforcement encounter and she talked about some of the mothers who lost their seasons or family members to these sort of encounters over the years that's been apart of her campaign. we are in orlando where the message is about disabled people and opportunities for them, pointing out some who have worked in the white house where the state department. this is one of those times, kate, where the outside and headlines of the day are driving the public conversations made their way right into this campaign with hillary clinton, trying to connect with african-american audience here and noting the sort of pain and the question of frustration on
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these encounters and how it plays out in people's lives. >> kelly o'donell with hillary clinton, thank you very much for that. donald trump, jacob rascon is with trump today. he's still speaking behind you. he wants a lot of support. is he saying anything about the police in tulsa right now? >> reporter: he's talking a lot about immigration and being a changed candidate. this was surprising and was not kpengti expecting this. he was asked during this leadership, a variety of pastors from across the states. he not only said there are some bad apples which he said before, he specifically went after the officer involved in the oklahoma shooting asking and wondering if she was scared or choked or
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should not be doing that job if she's a choker. he likes to use that word "choker." that's a little surprising because he has not of yet gone after police officers specifically. he also said that terence appears to be doing everything that the officer were asking him to do. he said he was very troubled about it. he has not reference that yet at least here. but, it was notable. he talked about it today. >> jacob rascon with the trump campaign. we'll keep on with both of those events going on. >> the trump campaign pushing back today against the washington post. this is the story we told you about yesterday, i interviewed the post david, he found examples of the trump foundation being used paying off legal settlements. the trump campaign is insisting this is one big witch hunt.
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ha halie jackson is in toledo for us. the story that we reported contained accuracies but they did not say what the accuracies were. have they clarified? >> reporter: no, they did not say. listen to what mike pence had to say. >> i think what we found is that there is a number of factual errors in that story as there were in previous stories about the trump foundation, i am confident to believe able to address those and demonstrate that they fully comply with the law. >> do you know what the fact errors are? >> well, the foundation will be able to lay those out. there were error in the previous washington post stories. >> reporter: governor pence there echoing in a statement that came out over night that the post report is inaccurate. it is clearly intent on
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distracting attention away from the corrupt clinton's foundation. you can see the rest on the screen there. nbc news confirmed several pieces of that reporting including some of the do you meanation -- documentations and the general office confirming this is apart of the inquiry. >> this is an issue that continues to dull out donald trump. the question is, how much will voters really care and how much will his supporters really care. when you talk to jacob and folks out of the campaign trail, his supporters leave that this is an issue in the media. halie, as trump is wrapping up here. one more question about this. if people did not hear about this report yesterday about the this post article.
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these were deals of the trump foundation paying off legal settlement. in a couple of cases he used money from the trump foundation to buy portraits of donald trump's and the awe futhor putt out report saying have you seen where these portraits ended up and they found one over night. >> here is why this matters, if trump used money to pay for these portraits and if these portraits are not used for a charitable reason or hanging at a golf course or at his home, there will be likely questions raised about that. the attorney general you mentioned in new york has raised questions. so he has found this curious case for the donald trump's picture. one portrait is four feet and the other is six feet. someone tweeted the photo they found it in south florida. it is the four foot version and
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the six foot portrait of trump is still out there with question marks of where that picture or painting or work of art maybe. >> halie jackson is over in ohio for us. the fbi is asking for your help as they investigate this past weekend's bombings in new york, new jersey, why investigators want to find these two men on the screen, on the other side of this break. in the middle of the city, so now everyone knows... we have some of the freshest juice in town. see what the power of points can do for your business. len more at
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we are following fast moving developments in the case of suspected new york bomber, ahmad rahami. the fbi want to talk to these two men may have a key piece of evidence or may know something
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of that evidence of a suitcase. rahami has been charged in new york and new jersey of federal accounts of using weapons of mast destruction. for more, lets turn to pete williams following all the latest latest. lets start with the picture, what can you tell us who they are looking for and why. >> seeking information and what they say is these two men that you see here were caught on surveillance cameras and witnesses also say they saw them, they believe the authorities that the bomb that was left on 27th street did not blow up. the pressure cooker bomb was delivered in a rolling suitcase and these two men were seen on surveillance video coming up to the suitcase apparently finding it there and looking surprised and thinking maybe they want it and they opened it up and took it out which turns out to be a pressure cooker bomber. the fbi want to talk to them as witnesses and want the suitcase
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back. >> because it may have evidence on it, i presume. >> exactly right. >> in terms of the charges that were filed late last night, we learn a little from the u.s. attorney today. what's the plan in terms of moving forward and charging the suspect that's in detention. >> right, he's still in state detention, rahami is held by new jersey authorities on the charge related to the shoot out with the police in linden, new jersey. the u.s. attorney says he will be brought first when he's ready to face the federal charges when the government is ready to bring him. he will be brought to new york to face the charges there. but, the new york prosecutors insist they'll go to trial first in federal court than in manhattan. >> one last thing, pete, this caught our attention, mike mccall holds up a picture and says this is rahami's journal on capitol hill, what do we know about that journal and anything,
12:16 pm
learning any new detaildetails? >> this is what he says of a photo copy that was provided to him. this was the notebook rahami had with him when he was stopped by the police. there was a bullet hole in it and stained with blood. according to mccall of what he said that's new that we did not hear last night. he's holding it up over and over again. what's new is not only there are reference to al-qaida figures, osama bin laden, but also to the top propaganda to isis. so that's the first time we heard that there is a reference to isis in this notebook so it appears that he was interested or inspired by a variety of terrorist sources primarily al-qaida but some isis as well, the authorities said. >> pete williams in washington, always so good to check into
12:17 pm
you. thanks so much. lets turn to ayman, he's out following in rahami's home in new jersey. we know the rahami's wife, she was questioned. what more can you tell us about that. >> reporter: we understand from senior law enforcement officials based on their investigation of their questioning of her, she said she did not know anything about this particular attack and no prior knowledge or previous knowledge that this is going to be carried out. at this stage of their investigation, they do not see her as a particular person or suspect involved with anything to do with this. in terms of her whereabouts, that remains unclear. we know that her plan was always to travel to pakistan. so we believe that she left some time ago with the kids for summer vacation if you will and was supposed to be returning to the united states on monday. that was also just a day or so after the attacks got under way.
12:18 pm
it was at that point that the fbi alerted the united emirates official that they did in fact have her in custody and they too have questions for her of particular events or any known associates of that country. her wroutshereabouts, it is not confirmed she's making her way back to the united states or not. >> ayman, thank you. up next, we take you live to north carolina and to tulsa, oklahoma, as investigators work around the clock to determine if officers were justified in firing tafir firing fatal shots.
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now's your chance at completely clear skin. just ask your doctor about taltz we have been following out of charlotte, north carolina, today, where police shot 43-year-old man, keith lamont scott. police used tear gas to disperse
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the crowds. i heard there will be a march later tonight, i believe? >> reporter: yeah, kate, there is a vigil planned at 7:00 down the road in 20 minutes. if you take a look here, you can see some people are gathered, that's where the shootings happened. we are told that scott was park inside the car there and that's when police came in the car and searching for somebody else with an outstanding warrant, they saw that scott had a gun and he got out with the car with a gun, police say he was in a threaten manner and that's when they shot him. according to his family, they say he was waiting to pick up his son from the bus stop and he did not have a gun. he got two different story lines going on here. lets listen to what the police chief had to say about this. >> mr. scott, as i said exited his vehicle armed with a handgun
12:23 pm
as the officers continued to yell at him to stop it. it is time to change america because i can tell you from the facts that the story is a little bit different as how it is portrayed so far especially through social media. >> reporter: obviously, police and community leaders are hoping that tonight's vigil does not turn into what happened last night. more than dozens of police officers were injured. everybody is hoping for the best tonight that it is a peaceful night. >> are you hearing anything tammy of how many people are expecting or coming out to support the family? >> reporter: kate, that's tough to tell. a lot of people have been posting videos and a lot of social media out there about this tonight. who knows how many people are
12:24 pm
going to show up. it is definitely being talked about. >> all right, tammy leitner will remain there. thank you very much. the u.s. attorney general today saying the justice department is looking at both incidents now. the shooting death of terence crutcher was captured on video tape. nbc's janet is in tulsa with the latest there. >> reporter: the tulsa's da had its own investigation going on. people here in tulsa are calling for either of these agencies to file charges against this police officer, betty shelby, who fired the shot against crutcher last friday night and we are hearing from tiffany crutcher, she spoke with us earlier today, here is a listen.
12:25 pm
>> i don't know what she was she was thinking. >> reporter: okay, we don't have that. we do not have that from doctor tiffany crutcher. the point she's trying to make is that even if these toxicology reports coming back positive, he had his hands in the air and he should not -- that should not be held against him. now, we have that sound bite, lets go to it. >> the video was so clear cut. his hands was in the air and the window was up. he was unarmed, he was moving slow and he was not a threat. he was not a felon. they had helicopters and multiple cops, they treated him like he was a new york bomber. >> reporter: while the crutcher family and the public at large
12:26 pm
here are pressing for charges here. we have seen a completely different environment here than what happened in charlotte last night. right behind me there were an evening gathering and a very large group and adamant perhaps of getting the officers to resign or firing here. people here are hoping that it will stay that way. with that said, they're not going to be happy as time goes by. they're feeling like as the focus sheriffs charlotte now, w forgotten or will terence crutcher become another statistic. >> janet, thank you so much. joining me now, nice to see you again and thanks so much for being with us. i wish there is a better reason, we always seem to talk to you in
12:27 pm
terrible news. in charlotte, keith scott, was armed and posed a threat. the public does not think that's the story. do you think we are seeing a rush of judgment against police in charlotte? >> i think we are clearly seeing in this case and as many other of instances of police involved fatal shootings of unarmed individuals is the police in mecklenburg indicated that intended to shape the narrative as oppose to providing evidence and information and having a transparency so when people who are ready, some what distrust full of police agencies across the nation are face with these types of incidents and limited amount of information coming out that could be thought of being objective, you will find that people becoming frustrated and
12:28 pm
will be a natural reaction and that's why you are faced with some of the protests that turned violent last night. >> let me ask you about what janet just talked about of the sister of the man shot in tulsa, terence crutcher, she said here talking to tamron hall. in new jersey, police were able to arrest an accused terrorist without hurting him in any large way and he's in the hospital but he's not dead. yet, this happens to her brother. i think that's been out there all over social media as well. why do you think we see such different responses in different situations? >> i think because you know it seems as if there is a dismissal of a concern about blacks. you talk about dismissal of black lives matter but the general term of what is important to blacks and the reality of many black people across the nation and i think law enforcement has been dismissive of concerns. i mean when you think about it,
12:29 pm
you have to believe that time and time again you have black folks unarmed of black folks many timed s and armed or engagg in a conduct that's so abnormal that they are basically placing themselves at the mercy of a police force. that cannot be the case. we choose to be dismissive of concerns of people and that's where you will find that the frustration is beginning to boil over. you cannot dismiss the reality of history and legacy of police violence towards black people. there is no way to dismiss that. it is time to address it affirmatively. >> as a former officer, there is so much pressure on the police right now. you are under the microscope, not just in charlotte, tulsa,
12:30 pm
but across the country. how do you fix things and building trust against the community? >> well, first off, i have a huge problem with some of the things that's going on. it is time for us to stop about this thing of police. i was a volunteer, i was not a victim. i was a volunteer and i knew what think responsibilities were and i knew what the job required and i knew there will be difficult time and faced with dangerous situations and perhaps i may not make it home to my family, but i volunteered for that because i felt that i can do my job in a certain way. i upheld those standards throughout my career. it is time for us to stop and stop providing excuses and providing disclaimers even when you criticize police by saying that 90% of police doing a great job. it is time for us to really address the issues that concern
12:31 pm
our society without having to bowing down to police officers, these are volunteers and not victims. they should be held to high professional standards and it is time this country, this government, does just that. >> marq, this comes to the political dialogue now. donald trump talked about the officer in oklahoma, i want to play that sound and get your reaction to it. >> i don't know what she was thinking but i am very troubled by the -- i am very troubled by that. did she get scared or choking, what happened? maybe people like that, people that choke, people that do that, maybe they cannot be doing what they're doing. >> what do you make of that comment? >> use less and it is not just mr. trump who offers a lot of
12:32 pm
use less lip service but his individuals who cannot impact of the fact of the way law enforcement is handled across the nation or giving the same type of curious or not knowing what's going on or cannot figure out what's happening here or not taken it -- it is time to change the mechanism of policing in this country. it is time that policing become really totally committed to bond with the community and we cannot continue to further the divide between police in the community and it is getting dangerous not just for the civilian population but for the police population and use less lip service such as that does nothing. we know what the issues and problems are. now, who has the specific and detailed plan to start addressing some of the problems that we have. >> marq claxton, thanks so much
12:33 pm
for your time and perspective. >> thank you kate, appreciate it. >> hillary clinton is laying out her vision for an inclusive plan. clinton supporter is joining me next. also, a quick programming note for you, be sure to catch chuck todd's exclusive interview with hassan rouhani, that's at 5:00 p.m. eastern time right here on msnbc. yeah. or, digital industrial.
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ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they don't taste chalky and work fast. mmmm. incredible. can i try? she doesn't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. they automatically shrinkn itemthe pricesjet carts, millions of other products. very impressive. whew... it's got a little kick to it. at, we're always looking for money saving innovations. today, i want to focus on one area that has not gotten enough attention. it concerns a group of americans who are too often invisible, every looked and under valued. who have so much to offer but are given too few chances to prove it. now, that's been true for a long time and we have to change it.
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i am talking about people with disabilities. >> that was hillary clinton in orlando, florida, talking about the need to create an economy, clinton outlined a number of plans to help people with disabilities including highring practices and now i want to bring in hoyer. it is nice to see you again. >> she outlined her new initiatives that will connect people who have autism and new opportunities. we did an hour on "dateline" about the number of people born with autism now and this wave of young people coming to the system, that once they are 21, they aged out of the system
12:38 pm
without jobs. tell me more about this and i know you are in this issue as well. >> well, i was the sponsor of the american of the disabilities in the house back in 1989 and '90 when first george bush signed it into law and in july of 1990. we had great success in making things assessable and more usable for people, transportation and one of the areas that we have not had success, however, as much as we need to have is employment. it is integrating people with disabilities and frankly, i tell people drop the disk and focus on the amendment and focus on what people can do and a lot of things people cannot do but there are a lot of things that we can do. focus on the positives. that's what hillary clinton's speech did today. call attention to the fact that those with disabilities have a lot to offer our society and want to live independently and
12:39 pm
want to contribute but they are having difficulty getting in the job market. so she saets some subsets of ho that can be done. i am very, very happy that hillary clinton has chosen during the course of this campaign to focus on the important issue of our country and yuutilizining assets of our people. it is certain to theirs detriment and to ours. this is a focus that she has given to this issue and energy that she's given to this issue and a respect that she's given to those who we say have a disability. frankly, it is some what in contrast to the really unfortunate mocking of some reporters with disabilities that mr. trump fnd himself doing. so i think this is a positive
12:40 pm
step and it is another reason why hillary clinton will make such a good president of the united states because she knows the issues and she's sensitive to theish issues and making amea a great country. >> this is our wall street journal polls just out today. voters were asked which of these four statements reflect their biggest concerns about hillary clinton. 36% said her biggest concern was her judgment on syria and use of her private e-mail server and 9% said the deplorables comments that she made and 8% of recent health issues. what's your big concern of your candidate, hillary clinton? >> well, the biggest concern is, i think, the american public are not paying attention to the details and the specifics that her experience, i think she's going to win this election and other polls shown her to be
12:41 pm
leading by three our seven points. >> our new number is at five. >> okay, that's the average, i guess, of three to seven and five is the average. >> i mean they're out at 5:00 p.m. and we'll have new numbers. >> oh, okay. >> go ahead. >> one of the concerns that i have is americans are thinking too much of the souper ficial. trump does not say how he can fix it. hillary clinton has specific proposals but much more than that, she has a record of accomplishments and she has a record of successfully respecting our country abroad. she was a success in the senate and a success in secretary of state and a success in united
12:42 pm
states. >> that's not how donald trump says it. i want to play a clip talking about national security and terrorism and isis. >> hillary clinton is a weak and in effe and -- i will tell you if you choose donald trump, your problems with going to go away far greater than anybody would think. >> congressman, you mentioned his appeal to those who want another solution, are you worried that kind of message is resonating right now given what we have seen the last four days with new york and new jersey. >> frankly, i have great confidence with the american public. he has simplistic answers.
12:43 pm
in fact, i think he's dead wrong on hillary clinton. hillary clinton demonstrated throughout her life a strength and inner strength and a sense of purpose and a vision for america and for our communies and for our people that resonates with the american people. i think that's why they are going to select her as president of the united states. when he says she's weak, she's an extraordinary strong woman, i know that from first and observation. i also know it from watching her career. she's been tested, probably more than any person i know and she's found not wanting but found to be tough and able and focused and as it relates to frankly foreign policy, she was one of the stronger voices urging the fact that we go after isis and we make it safe in syria and make sure that america is able
12:44 pm
to meet all its challenges. i think trump is simply and most people are going to see that. >> congressman hoyer, nice to see you. >> thank you. >> perspectives on what their families are going through of the two shootings and how to prevent similar tragedies from a man who lost his sister in the charleston mass sker. massacre. to me. i try to balance my studying with the typical college experience. this windows pc is a life saver! being able to pull up different articles to different parts of the screen is so convenient. i ed to be a mac user but this is way better. ♪ everything kids touch at school sticks with them.
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back to the developing story right now out in south carolina. >> police chief is saying today that scott was armed to police officers. malcolm brown, he happened to lose his sister at the church in charleston, he's a long time
12:48 pm
member in the community there. thank you for being with us. you served in north carolina for 18 years. i wonder what goes through your mind and your heart when you see what's happening in town. >> well, it is not the charlotte that i know and i represented the university on the charlotte city council for six years and honestly, any time there is a police shooting, we want to know quickly the transparency so that the community knows exactly what happens and giving comfort to the family. the family deserves to know exactly what happened and we are so concerned of what happened here in charlotte and we want transparency to make sure that video cams can be shown so the family and the public can come in peace. >> were you satisfy of police yesterday that he was indeed holding a gun but they have not
12:49 pm
viewed the tape themselves. >> it is an ongoing investigation, obviously the police chief is a great guy. one thing that needs to happen quickly and as i said earlier is to release the video cam corders and that way the family and security know what happened and we provide a transparency to the community of a sensibility. my hope is that we can provide as much information as soon as possible. >> malcolm, you lost your sister in 2015 at the ame church in charleston, this man was holding a gun, we don't know if he had a permit, given all that you went through, do you see this in the context of weapons and guns in this country and how many guns there are out there? >> well, certainly, there is a proliferation of guns and right after the charleston massacre, i called for gun control
12:50 pm
throughout the country. we know that we have a permit to carry guns yesterday. certainly, he has the right to carry if it is permissible. all those types of
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
the ceo of the pharmaceutical company that makes epiy pens, one of the companies is testifying on capitol hill and lawmakers
12:54 pm
grilling her on the triple-digit increase. utah congress someone a republican and had this exchange. >> what is the difference in the generic version? just the name? >> it will be the same product with the injector on it. it will be the same product. >> it's 608 and you will have a generic and that will be $300. your reef new will go up on the direct product. you say you only get $275 and you will get $300, correct? >> the direct will be in case they catch everybody and we were hoping that. >> you are raising the price? are. >> no, sir.
12:55 pm
>> you will have more revenue. >> our sales will go down. our net per pen will go down dramatically. >> that happened moments ago. the hearing continues here. joining me by phone and our medical contributor. remind us how we got here. there was so much outrage about the cost of this epiy pens heading into the school year. >> this is not unprecedented unfortunately. the drug that had been around for a very, very long time and to our knowledge has gone under changes that would warrant an increase in price becomes so cost prohibitive and it's untenable for people to afford. a lot of time this is happens and i would never presume to know the details and the testimony continues.
12:56 pm
a lot of times the argument is that the drug was improved. the drug was enhanced and more safety or efficacy was establish and that therefore is the justification for the price increase. and again, i'm not necessarily speaking specifically to epiy pen, but there are examples of this in other categories. in rheumatology we have a similar situation and a year ago we may all remember. that is how we got here. we got here to a place where with a drug that by the way, whenever we talk about which drugs we must get rid of, we put into the category, epiy pen and nitroglycerin. families with children with allergies keep it around and had to discard a fair number over the years. because of that concern. that is money down the drain and
12:57 pm
by the way, driving up the health care costs. >> medical contributor natalie a czar on the phone with us. tom costello is there and we will get a full briefing coming up. we'll be right back. i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. soon learned that one of oura. th is my ancestor who i didn't know about. this dog treat called max and dentalife.covered
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nachos and karate. ahh. not that one so much. the rest were really good. socks and shoes. ok, ricky... that wraps up a packed hour of msnbc live. steve picks things up now. >> good afternoon, everybody. live in new york and the countdown continues. we are 48 days away from election day and topping our agenda, the politics of race, police, and the election. two police shootings of black men in two days and donald trump not rushing to the defense of officers. >> did she get scared? was she choking? what happened? >> trump continues what he says is outreach to black


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