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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  September 22, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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. certainly. brian, thanks for having me, but again, i think you're right, this idea that unfortunately, this is dallas. we have them after baton rouge. we have them in ferguson. we've had them in baltimore. and the question is not only what will happen in charlotte. will we see the video? what will happen tomorrow. what will happen to the young man who was hurt tonight. but the other lingering question is what will be the next city? when will be the next time that we're on the phone or on the air together. where will that be? will that be in my back yard or will bit in yours? what we know is there will very likely be another one of these conversations. >> our viewers have been listening to wesley lowery of "the washington post." wesley, thank you. we have bridged the top of another hour. the first minute of that new hour as we look at the station. not so much a standoff as a
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standby. we've seen police lines steadily advancing tonight in charlotte, north carolina for most of the night. it needs to be said the city of charlotte did not have control of its own streets. the protesters did, fueled by anger at his family says he was warmed a book. the police department says he was armed with a gun. there is some imagery. there is some video of the altar indication. we don't know how exculpatoriy or damning it would be, zpending on how you slough it. the mayors and others are going to view it tomorrow. no one's having a real discussion about how and when to release it. presumably what we hear about it will be through law enforcement and maybe elected city officials. tammy lighter in has been among our corresponds at street level and has her encounters with protesters, police and tear gas.
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tammy, what does it look like now? >> brian, there are still about 75 protesters out here. you can hear them chanting "hands up, don't shoot. kwoilts the riot police have been slowly advancing for the last 15 minutes. they're about # 5 yards from us right now and they've managed to move down the entire block. they fired off a flash grenade maybe two or three minutes ago. it was a loud boom. a flash. it's meant to stun people so that they can continue moving forward. there have been continual pepper fires tired off. if you get hit with them they hurt really bad. no to mention they put pepper spray all over your clothing. we've seen a few people benltd over wheezing and causing that have inhaled some of those pepper balls. brian? >> jim cavanaugh continues to watch with us.
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jim, it won't surprise you to learn that the electronic avenue through which i was listening to the charlotte mecklenburg police scanner has gone down. they've taken the frequency down so people like me won't be able to listen to it. prior to that happening, i did hear an announcement that all tactical calls, ie, when to fire flash-bang grenades, pepper balls, and when to advance would come from a specific lieutenant on the force tomorrow, i'm guessing kind of the on-scene shift commander. jim, you think this kind of thing will move slowly, because you don't want to ramp the excitement, the anger level back up? >> yeah. they've done such a good job since the whole night, really, since the report of this shooting, which is persons in critical condition and, you know, we saw the bearcat move up. we saw more officers deployed. they really handled this very
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methodically. they've had a number of officers injured. they've made some arrests. but anyone who watches this sees a very professional force here letting demonstrators demonstrate. certainly they've employed some gas, pepper balls, maybe some flash-bangs but these are the tools that are used to disburse crowds in cities in america today. so the police are limited as well. they're not magicians. they have certain tools to use to disbursz the crowd. if their appearance and force doesn't do it, they have to go to the tools we've discussed all evening, and that's tear gas and smoke and so. they've used those things. they've not overly used them. you don't see any images of officers wildly striking people with batons and just -- no. this is a very controlled professional force. it's under tight command. as you point out, the lieutenant
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will be on the on-scene commander making the decisions, so individual units or officers aren't going to start using gas or pepper balls unless the commanders decide. that's really important. the thing you pointed out earlier i think is as important as well. the charlotte observer will probably have it all in the morning. what's happened in other precincts in the city? has there been some violence activity, looting or anything else? because there's been some reports of that. that will probably come to light tomorrow morning. has anybody been injured. before i finish, brian, i'd just like to say what a great job tammy lightner and gabe have done. yacht think they could have gotten any closer. they're right up there. they've been there all night, they've been getting gassed. just super reporting all
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evening. >> i'm duty bound as honorary tv parents to say that they've not been as cautious as they should have been at times. but we've been the recipients of their up close and personal reporting both when they've been doing the talking and when our cameras got in when we heard from manuel who we assume has been swept up, absorbed as we heard its put tonight, arrested as the police line advanced. jim cavanaugh, our thanks to you as well. dr. goff, we made the economic point. you correctly raised ferguson, that kind of strip of urban highway culture that was doing poorly on a good day, struggling businesses, mom and pop places. hair salons, package goods, check cashing. that became, you know, highway 1
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in vietnam localized. that became a war zone for those days of protests. it got chewed up, burned up. this greemg downtown charlotte, quite different and a quite different police stance. >> yeah. it has been. i do have to say, agreeing with jim, hearing that they have taken command up to command staff, that the lieutenant is going to be the one who's going to be the arbiter of when force is used, that is the sign of a professional police department. jim, who has been on point all night is saying what you don't want is these last protesters, tammy saying 57, a significant number, but still, the last of them who have been here and have outlasted pepper spray, pepper balls and the other sets of things they've been subjected to and it's getting late in the evening, they may be deciding to try and provoke. you don't want an individual officer who's tired, who's had a rough day, whose profession they feel like is under siege to be deciding, yeah, you know what?
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it's time. it's time for you to go ahead and move out of the way. so that moment, hearing that, helps me feel like we started with a good news story, right. i think we can end this with a good news story as well. i'm seeing tammy there. >> yeah. i also want the folks watching, the firefighters, charlotte mecklenburg, fire on the scanner tonight. they've been busy. they are different in that police are outfitted for this. firefighters are responding to put out fires. they have no offensive weapons. their trucks are not meant as defensive vehicles. they've had to roll through this and around this and they have done it tonight as they did last night. there were pictures of an engine company going right through the heart of the protests responding to a call. they have, as usually, an call large and professional department in this area, 17th largest city in the united
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states. tammy, can we get an update from your camera location, what you're seeing? >> yeah. brian. so they're at a bit of a stand still. they have not moved forward in the last couple of minutes. there is i would say maybe a hundred riot police officers lined up here. the line goes back a couple deep. there's probably still 75 protesters out here on each corner. one thing i wanted to note. you guys has mentioned earlier how patient these police officers have been. i've seen people throw things at them. i've seen them blow smoke in their fashion. i've seen them yell obscenities at them and they've stood there and been very professional and very respectful with the protesters. >> we watched flower pots being tossed at them in front of the omni. we watched pieces of debris picked up and tossed at them. look. as you reported tonight, tempers have been hot. that's what we're covering tonight is a crowd aggrieved
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because of yet another police-involved shooting in this country. and the local police department saying, no, we need to get control of these city streets. >> absolutely. brian, i want to remind you, this started as a vigil around 6: 30 tonight, about 12 blocks from here. there were about two or 300 people out there and now, this is what it's turned into. we've had police officers injured. we have riot police that have been out here for hours. and things have escalated. as you can tell, everybody has an opinion. people are very passion ait out here. >> tammy, thank you. we keep talking ability if our viewers have been with us for a while. manuel. there was this moment where thanks to tammy and her crew, tammy was able to walk up during a silent standoff. manuel was a handful of one of the the protesters standing inches ow h away from police in
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riot gear. it was probably an hour ago now and manuel has been subassumed by the advancing line of police. but let's play for you the passion of manuel as he was talking about the kaz tonight to these peaceful protesters. >> what are you doing out here tonight? >> we're out here to send a message that we will not allow people to keep being killed by police officers. it's not going to be allowed anymore. there has to be a sense of accountability on all sides. especially for the police department and especially when there's people being killed and there's no one being held accountedble for it. >> manuel, i notice you've been standing here about two feet away from the riot officers with your hands behind your back. what message are you sending? >> it's not about violence. it's about standing and not backing down.
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the moment they say leave, i'm not taking a step back. >> are you prepared to get arrested tonight? that may be what happens. >> that will be what happens. if someone does not stand, we are giving ground. we cannot give ground. we're not here for violence but we're here to send a message that we will not be pushed back any longer. we are here together and we will stand together and as one we will persevere. >> and as we heard, someone said manuel was absorbed by the police department as it advanced. manuel ended up being one of three lone nooelg protesters linked by their raised hands together. we have every reason to believe they were grabbed fairly gently, all things being equal, and cuffed and arrested, but you
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heard manuel forthrightly say he was willing to be arrested for the cause. not all the protesters brought the heart and mind and attitude that manuel brought to this tonight, some resorted to violence. some have resorted to abuse of the police officers. they were facing. you see the gentleman there taking part in the hands up-don't shoot movement. a couple of headlines for those just joining us at 13 minutes after the start of this new hour tonight. we have at least one civilian in critical condition. we later learned tonight after reporting there had been a fatality, that was long wrong and we are pulling for reports that this civilian is alive. all bee it on life support. we have several wounded and reason to belief that on both sides, police and civilian,
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several wounded. we have arrests probably starting at a dozen and going much higher when it's all counted up and we've had damage to municipal and private property, including but not limited to stores, hotels, apartment buildings, and even landscaping and pup areas in front of the omni. the state has declared a state of emergency for the city of charlotte. that's going to give these streets a different look, probably starting in the dark tonight but when sun comes up tomorrow we're going to see the characteristics look we saw. we've seen it in hurricane katrina, ferguson, the nafgs comes out. they come out with vehicles. they come out wearing cameo. they are citizen soldiers. they will come out and take their positions on street
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corners and they will relieve police of some of the security details. but that is a big deal. dr. goff, this is your life's work covering law enforcement, specifically the interface with the people it's designed to protect and serve. doesn't that change the cast of one of these events? >> it does. the add vent of policing was to make sure there was a force that needed to be armed that was different from the military. >> right. >> you want to make sure that your folks that live there don't feel occupied. that's part of the dplant some of these communities are having. >> that's right. >> it changes the complex entirely. my hope is that after such a difficult night that the temperature will decrease just a little bit. that's going to ride a lot on what they're doing and how the video gets moved out.
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-- when folks are back at homicide in bed and the sun rises the next day, i have never seen in the history of racial history in this country folks who are leaders of state organizations trying ernestly to move in the same direction as the communities that are protesting. and that has to say, that's got to be a good race story. i pray to my god every night that we're able to report that leadership is lifting that up and not sitting on the skirmish lines saying that's going on. >> i'm going to insist that for this segment yours is the last
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word. it was general russell honora when the national guard-game came in in new orleans who ordered must lgs down. from on the ground and from above with the trouble tonight in charlotte, north carolina, after this.
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unchanged since the last time this same pole was taen in late august. champ rp new hampshire had shown signs of tightening up. johnson gets 10% and stein gets one while 3% remain undecided. with fewer than 50 days left to go, this is the time of year political junkies obsess, constantly hitting refresh on sites like 538. clinton with the 56.8% chance of winning and trump 43.2. spread is larger over the up shot which gives clinton a 75% chance of winning. each side using his own model and the polls themselves are subject to interception. as the up shot 30i7b9s out this ek would. they gave the same raw polling data, the responses from the people called to four good reputable pollsters and each coming up with a different result.
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sometimes i think that you guys are just fortune tellers with like computers. >> human beings want some priest to read the entrails and figure out what happened. >> for me, a rabbi. so -- >> yes. >> or a prophet. yeah, sure. all these numbers are open to interception. our model somewhat different from the up shot's model. if you compare our model and up shot's model we see a tightening race. >> what seems to me is when you aggregate it all out, things are pretty clear. the race gets tighter during the ka sear khan it was clear the race was opening up in the wake of her almost fainting at the 9/11, the race has tightened. >> right. >> here's what's fascinaing to me now. new fox news polls.
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trump up in nevada, north carolina, and ohio. a world in which hillary clinton is up six points nationally and down five in ohio is a hard world to make sense of unless something very significant is happening in a kind of realignment sense of what's happening in this election. >> i think there are two things and you can split the baby in two. i think ohio has moved to the right compared to four years ago but i also think that probably you're not going to be leading by five in ohio and down six nationally as in the nbc news poll. you have a model and what you come out with in a model whether you look at up shot or our own than clinton is ahead but by a shrinking margin. >> there's a question of what states will put her over the top. the reason for the new hampshire poll is like back in 2004, ohio was everything, right? this time if she holds colorado, virginia, and wisconsin, she can actually lose both florida and
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ohio which was not a situation john kerry was in back in 2004. >> that's exactly right. barack obama didn't need to carry ohio. >> quickly, here's 2012, fascinating. this is the final rcp average, obama outperforming an average of three points. that's a big differencing, right? is that turnout bump in your model or is that just essentially a question mark? >> it's a question mark. we don't try to patrol which way it's going to go. it was republicans who did. we're not trying to guess which way. >> right now your model is not -- that data is exterior to the model, right? you're using it just off the polls. itself could be the case for either side, right? >> right. >> the operation who saw a good turnout probably netted them a
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bunch of states. >> exactly. i would keep my eye on north carolina, the early voting data coming from there. the democrats are doing well. but it's early. >> it's a small sample but it's the first hard data we're getting on votes in this election. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> coming up, new details coming out of the bridgegate trial including a disturbing story about chris christie.
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washington post hack all over the donald trump organization. he spent 20,000 on a six foot
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tall portrait of himself. we have yet to lay our eyes on that painting, though it was reportedly shipped to one of trump's golf clubs. then another portrait has been tracked down. with an assist with trip advisor, someone stated this photograph showing the portrait to the website prompting him to tweet the photo along with the caption "i found it." that prompted univision anchor to go to the hotel and discover it for himself. he stood in front of the baint painting for five minutes trying to determine why anyone would do this. that's a good question. it is illegal to buy a painting of yourself to hang in a business.
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that is not charity. that is just the tip of the ice berg. the reporting has exposed that trump has not devoted any money to his organization and has been used as a slush fund. the trump campaign is not happy. up next, david responds to the trump campaign's attacks after this break .
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donald trump is a charitable foundation.
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trump hasn't given any money to his charitable organization. it's largely full of other people's money. he's used some of the foundation's money not for charity but things that seem to benefit h himself. we learned yesterday more than a quarter million dollars to settle lawsuits that involved trump's for-profit businesses. again, this money from trump's foundation being used not for charity but to settle lawsuits against businesses owned by trump. that's illegal. asked about the story on this network, mike pence claimed the washington post got it wrong. >> i think what we found is that there's a number of factual errors in that story as there were in previous stories about the trump foundation. i'm confidentiality they'll be able to address those and non that they fully supplied with --
12:32 am
complied with the law. >> to back up just a minute. do you know what the factual errors where? >> i think the foundation will be able to lay those out. >> the post report is peppered with inaccuracies from a biassed reporter. they did not detail what was inaccurate and oh midded and the trump campaign did not respond. trump himself didn't offer clarity when asked about the story today. >> can you explain to people why you may have used charitable donations for personal uses? >> well, the foundation is really there and the money gives money to vets and it's been doing a good job. i think we can put that to sleep by putting out the last report. >> at a carolina rally. he extolled the general benefits of using other people's money. >> we're going to get the gulf
12:33 am
states to safe for safe stuch. we do it -- there's nothing like doing things with other people's money. >> joining me, national politics reporter david farenthal who has covered the trump foundation and broke yesterday's story. what are the inaccuracies or omissions are in your reporting than topic? >> no. in this case we had sent a number of questions before that story ran, sort of laying out all the different scenarios we were going to describe and then we got no response at all. after the story ran you saw the statement coming out 12 hours later. since then nobody's heard anything about specific things they believe are wrong. >> there's a little bit of -- it appeared a break in the case today. you've got this foundation. the foundation has for a public and charitable purpose and laws require that you can't use it to benefit yourself.
12:34 am
in the des moines register, this was lynn patton, an aide, she's sort of an assistant to three of the trump children. she says that biffle the money should count as trump's money. a lot of times he'll give a speech somewhere or raise money. he'll ask the organization to cut it to his charity. it would otherwise be in his own account. eelgts his money, no ifs, ands or ways about it. what do you make about that? >> it's interesting in that it doesn't really -- a lot of more recent contributions have been mysterious. vince mcmahon, the wrestling mogul, richard hebers don't want to explain. it's possible that that is some income they owed to donald trump and he said put in it my foundation. those people haven't commented.
12:35 am
if you look back further in the trump 23r5igs where it seems like in truth somebody paid money to trump's foundation instead of to him. one example is the comedy central roast in 2011. trump said he gave a $400,000 appearance fee to charity. she's talking about a broader pattern. nobody else has identified that so far. >> has there been any follow-up? to me, the smoking gun aside from the entertainment value of the paintings and the tim thibault hell net is the two legal settlements used money out of the trump foundation. has there been any further developments on that? >> no. kelly ann conway has made some references in some interviews to maybe there being more to one of these stories. there's a case where somebody sued trump's golf club after being offered a million dollar hole in one prize.
12:36 am
the hole in one's foundation, that money was paid by the trump foundation and not trump's golf course. kelly ann con way said that was a clerical error on their parts. >> i just want to zoom out here and be clear. you've tried to locate personal donations from the pocket bank account of donald trump. you've only found one $10,000 check, if i'm not mistaken. he's given some money to his foundation but stopped in 2008 and said we have a big pot of moirch. he has in clear instances used the pot of money in ways that benefit him. that's the story. >> there's. >> all right. david farenthal, thanks for being with me. >> thank you. >> still ahead, even after staging a big roll out of childcare, it's difficult to pin down trump's position. what we know. first, tonight's thing one, thing two after this break. to the people you love,
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thing 1 tonight, i'm sure you remember that on this day four years ago mitt romney released his tax returns. it was a big day, circled on my calendar. came after months of harry reid shaming romney for not being transparent with his finances. in the process completely making up claims seemingly just to provoke a response from the nominee, such as an anonymous source telling him that mitt romney hadn't paid any taxes for
12:41 am
a decade. not true. but romney did budge. and finally he joined the ranks of presidential nominees to release tax returns. how do i remember such an obscure date? someone was lashing out at romney after a person insinuated that trump was hiding his tax returns. that person decided to vet their anger on twitter. mitt romney didn't show his tax return until september 21, then only after being humiliated by harry r. a bad messenger for the estab. you might be thinking to yourself, wait a second. donald trump hasn't released his tax returns, correct? ro don't worry. senator reed is on the case. >> donald trump desperately wants people to believe that he's a brilliant, rich, rich businessman. in reality he's a silver spoon toting fraud who would never make in it the real world without his father's money. >> on the floor of the senate, harry reid's full assault, thing 2, in just 60 seconds.
12:42 am
senator harry reid managed to shame mitt romney into releasing his tax returns in
12:43 am
2012. looks like he's taking up the cause again. reid spent a lot of time on the senate floor taking aim at donald trump's financial background. >> trump is a fraud. that's a word that i chose. he was born with an inheritance but lost his daddy's wealth. the trump foundation isn't so much a charity as it is donald trump's personal atm machine. he's always looking for a mark, some victim for one of his schemes. because he's incapable of making money honestly. now, our country's trump's next target. but trump won't release his tax returns. rerefuses to -- he refuses to release his returns, he comes up with one excuse after another to not release his tax returns. perhaps the most damning evidence of trump's tax records would be that he lives off the american taxpayer. donald trump is a freeloader. there's no question about it donald trump is a welfare king. but the welfare king doesn't want voters to see that he doesn't pay tax.
12:44 am
prove me wrong. prove mitt romney wrong. i dare you to come clean and show us your tax records. what do you want?
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12:46 am
the city of charlotte is under a state of emergency right now after a second night of violent protests following the killing of keith scott by a charlotte police officer. city officials say one person was shot tonight by a civilian and is in critical condition. at least one police officer was injured. earlier it was asked when the video of the shooting might be made public. >> we have a policy that we do not release pieces of evidence. we are still gathering accounts from witnesses and also possible cell phone videos from other angles and until we have all
12:47 am
that in place, i do not anticipate that we will have public access to that video. i am going to work with the chief to try to have the family have access. there is a protocol whereby he can do that even during the investigation. >> mayor roberts when do you expect to be able to see that video yourself? >> i'm asking our chief to see it tomorrow and again, that depends on what the situation on the ground looks like foam. >> if the mayor could see it, which is viewing it outside of the investigative process, could you consider then the possibility of releasing it publicly? >> i think that's a conversation that we can have. i think that, you know, i don't know all that's contained or several different angles. there are a couple of body cameras and a dash camera. i don't know how clear they were or allow close they were.
12:48 am
until i have more information. but i think with that information, i would be in a much better position to judge whether it would be helpful to try to release it as soon as possible. it would be helpful to bring the family in and certainly that's a discussion i will have with our chief and city council. >> all in continues after the break.
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she's a disgrace.
12:52 am
she's a disgrace, and those comments are a disgrace. it's typical of hillary clinton. she knows nothing but the mouth never stops. i'm just appalled. and as someone who spent seven years in law enforcement, she's exactly the kind of politician that law enforcement loathes. loathes her. because she jumps to conclusions for political gain and doesn't care what careers or lives she ruins in the process. >> chris christie in a radio interview responding to earlier comments by hillary clinton about tackling implicit bias after two more shootings of black men caught on tape within the past week. let's take a minute to unpack some of what christie said. first, pretty rich for him to accuse clinton of jumping to conclusions for political gain when the candidate he's so devoted to announced that a bomb had gone off in new york long before law enforcement had confirmed what had actually happened. that same candidate also congratulated himself after orlando and declared the downed egyptair flight a result of terrorism.
12:53 am
four months later investigators have yet to determine what happened. and there's christie's belittling remark that clinton's mouth never stops. again, chris christie, have you seen the guy you're supporting? have you seen the guy you're supporting? and speaking of mouths never stopping. how will the two years christie himself spent denying anything to do with the bridgegate scandal. >> i worked the cones on that. unbeknownst to everybody, i was the guy out there in overalls and a hat. i was the guy working the cones out there. you really are not serious with that question. i had no knowledge or involvement in this issue, in its planning or its execution. and i am stunned by the abject stupidity that was shown here. i think that anybody who works for me who believed that something like this was going to be something that would be pleasing or acceptable to me, didn't know me in the first place.
12:54 am
>> well, turns out that long-term performance was not entirely convincing for some. >> the george washington bridge. he knew about it. hey. having breakfast with people every day of your lives. they're closing off the largest bridge in the world, the biggest in the united states, traffic flowing during rush hour. i would say there's less than 1% chance. there could be. he knew about it. >> you got to tip your cap, when he's right, he's right. in the end, we learn this week that both the defense attorneys the and the prosecutors in the bridgegate trial, people who work in the office that christie himself used to run, that's the prosecutors, believe the governor knew about the lane closures on the george washington bridge as they were happening. according to prosecutors, two of the main players bragged about the stunt to christie at a memorial marking the 12th anniversary of 9/11. i'm joined by michael daly. good to have you back. that photo, what do we know now about what was going on at that event?
12:55 am
>> well, if you are down there and you saw these guys yucking it up in the middle of a memorial, i mean, that was offensive enough. now they're saying in court that what they were yucking about was that this bridge was closed up, the george washington bridge, the lanes were closed, but worse than that, what they were specifically laughing about, according to the prosecutor, was that the mayor kept calling and calling and calling saying it was a public service emergency. the mayor is worried that first responders would be unable to respond. they're standing in a place where hundreds of first responders were killed trying to save thousands of people and they're laughing about oh, this mayor keeps calling. >> he's got ambulances stuck in traffic. >> you know, you don't even know what to say. it's beyond offensive. i mean, it's obscene. it really is. >> you know, people i think have forgotten that chris christie right now is running the
12:56 am
transition operation for donald trump's campaign. he is the guy, you know, i have been around transitions before. what those people focus on are personnel. >> who gets the jobs. >> who gets the jobs. that's the transition. so you have federal prosecutors making a case in court right now that his sort of direct underlings pulled off this massive abuse of power. luckily no one got hurt, but this is sort of pennyante stuff with regard to what you can do with the federal government. >> think what you can shut down then. >> that's right. >> when he talks about, i was in law enforcement. i mean, when they were yucking it up, not too far from where they were, there was a port authority police officer who worked in the recovery effort. four months after the attack he was digging down, 60 feet down, and they see a little patch of blue. and they keep clearing, and they clear for 12 hours and they find five port authority police
12:57 am
officers dead surrounding a woman strapped in a rescue chair. one of those was captain kathy mazza. when people were bottlenecked in the north tower trying to get out, she shot out the window to make sure they get out. she goes back in, up to the 29th floor and she gets found 60 feet down with four other port authority police officers, and with the woman they were trying to save. and this guy is using the port authority to close down that bridge, and they're all down there at the site where kathy mazza was killed and they're laughing about it. >> you also have got this situation now where you've got these e-mails about them threatening reporters or talking about what reporters they like and don't like. you really get this kind of like -- you're getting a window into what kind of operation they were running over there. >> yeah. i mean, you know, if you think
12:58 am
back to him when people started taking notice of him. you remember that school teacher he abused? >> yep. >> she was on her lunch hour. >> dressed her down, right. >> she was on her lunch hour, school teacher. and she went to see what he was saying. he ends up bullying her and shouting at her. and everybody's like, oh, chris christie is a tough guy. he talks about jersey style. jersey style apparently is closing down a bridge, having the mayor worried that people are going to get hurt, then going down to where thousands of people were murdered and laughing about it. that's jersey style apparently. >> have you ever covered a more head-snapping reversal of political fortune than chris christie? this was the guy who was the next big thing after he won that race and people thought, he's the future of the republican party. and i sometimes peek into the alternate universe where he is the nominee. 50 days before the election they're starting a trial in which federal prosecutors say the republican party lied about this misuse of power. >> this past 15th anniversary
12:59 am
he's down there with donald trump and rudy giuliani. and donald with his little ducktail thing, they're like panicked behind him. he's like their last hope. he's the guy that will keep them in the spotlight. he's the guy that will keep them being able to give people jobs and do this and that. here's these two guys who acted like they were mano a manos. and they were scary, little ducklings going behind donald trump. >> you say giuliani and christie. >> yeah. >> do you think for them this is a shot at a political future? >> well, i think it's just a political life. i was surprised by how kind of frightened they looked. it was really kind of unsettling. >> no, but they both have projected sort of tough guy independent, you know, sort of attitudes or personas so long in their political life. it was amazing to watch them be so sort of supplicant and to play this role essentially
1:00 am
they're sweeping the carpet in front of him. >> they really looked like little ducklings. it was the strangest sight. >> michael daly, thank you very much. that's "all in" for this much. that's "all in" for this evening. the rachel maddow show starts right now. america blue and black. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews up in new york. donald trump and hillary clinton addressed the latest case of african-american menning with shot by police. terence crutcher was seen with his hands up and taken moments before the shooting. and police say he exited the car with a gun a


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