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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 22, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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presidential debate. i want to hear from you. we'll be holding a facebook live event on monday and you can find me on any of these social media platform. hang out, for now, we'll switch it over to thomas roberts. >> halie, thank you very much. we are expecting to hear from the state governor at this hour, he's expected to take to the microphone in about 30 minute in regarding to the shooting and killing of keith lamont scott by city police and the night protests that followed of the sit of charlotte remaining under a state of emergency. no evening curfew is planned right now after violent protesting for a second night. 44 people were arrested and one man was shot in critical condition currently. the mayor says the city is opened for business. charlotte remains on edge after the deadly shooting of keith
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lamont scott. now, the chief says only scott's family will view the video now and keeping it private to protect the victim. >> if you think i say we should display a victim's worse day for public consumption, that's not the transparent i am speaking of. members of the black caucus held here own protest marching to the justice department to demand action. >> law enforcement officers have not been detoured from targeting and profiling and killing black people. >> and then to the campaign trail in pennsylvania, donald trump calling the violence a national crisis. >> our job is not to make life more comfortably for the
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violence disruptive but making life comfortable for the african-american parents trying to raise their kids in peace. >> i want to get to the latest from the city of charlotte, ron mott is there. what is the move there for the people of charlotte and any insights on what we can expect from this announcement from the city's mayor, is it potentially the curfew? >> reporter: hey there, thomas, some people are surprised that the curfew was not announced. talking to a handful of people here, the bus station downtown. they were shocked by what happened last night with the vandalism and the violent outburst and the shooting. this one was not charlotte like. i think officials here are trusting that their community can come together and prevent what we saw last night. the governor is expected to speak at the bottom of the hour and early this morning at a news conference, both the mayor and the police chief talked about
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this decision about the curfew because a lot of people were bracing for it and city officials believe that it is best to trust that the community can come together and pull our heads and can prevail here. a lot of leaders are talking to constituents today. here is a little bit from earlier. >> this designation does not allow for that. i don't intend to use it. it becomes an issue and we need to clear the streets sooner. >> we have eyes on the ground. >> reporter: now, i think thomas, if you can hear me, i think the national guards presence here is going to be muted in terms of -- they are here as a backup to local law enforcement, if you go back to last night, it appears that some of the clashes began when the protesters, some of them were at that park which was to start in as a peaceful protest and broke
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off of that and made their way closer to downtown here and saw cops in riot gear and of course, sometimes tends to racthing up the emotions. they are going to be backup in a support role only to local law enforcements. there are some concerns obviously once the sun goes down and who comes out. >> it was just an hour about where loretta lynch came out, for folks to come out for a peaceful protest. i know some shop owners witnessing a mob mentality of vandal licism taking place. are they talking about it if they plan to show up tonight and returning to the streets? >> reporter: well, with new curfew, people are free to go about their business here tonight around charlotte and police obviously will have a
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presence downtown here and there is a lot of expensive real estate in downtown charlotte of the banking community in the country. there is a lot of as sets that officials here want to protect. bank of america told some of its workers to work from home because they did not want to put their folks in any danger of going forward today. it has been calm tonight. i am not from charlotte and i have been here many, many times. it is hard for me tknow what downtown charlotte looks like. there is light traffic as my estimation here. we'll see what happens here once the sun goes down. i have yet to see a large contention police officers or law enforcement gathered any where of my travels downtown today >> do we know that the governor is supposed to speak at a half hour mark. ron, has it been a difference with protesters of folks that's deemed bad actors? >> reporter: one more time
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>> has it been a difference with folks organizing peaceful protesters to those that would come and exploit this situation for vandalism and looting and taking advantage of the peaceful protesters. >> reporter: right, that's a general consensus here for people saying this is not charlotte and to see people behaving this way and you may have had some opportunities last night looking to take advantage of the situation and becoming criminal under the cover of protesting of police involved shooting in town. the community clearly needs to have a conversation about race and law enforcement and the use of force here in charlotte. th what happened last night was not a result of what happened on tuesday night. >> ron mott reporting in charlotte. thank you. cla mark claxton is joining me here.
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>> the chief says the mid vvide not conclusive. how can police exonerate themselves in the wrong doing of that video? >> it is going thomas hoo be challenging. i don't believe dash cameras are answers. they are tool used to promote transparency. if the law allows it. oftentimes that you will find is the video will, it does not indict police officers, per se but oftentimes exonerate them. police officers themselves should be strongly encourage in the purchase of this equipment and be encouraged to use it. >> does it change your mind,
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marq that this is in an attempt and the public really is protecting the victim on its worst day. >> i am telling you the truth is some of the comments that the chief has made at this point. >> why did you say that? >> the lack of objectivity from the first conference that was given, the chief indicated that he's going to relay the facts of the case and talked about the importance of managing the narratives. these were his quote and lay out a fact pattern that was completely the police office's fact pattern. i had trouble with the lack of the ability to be transparent. we talked about the release of the video information that's out there. he has an opportunity to deescalate some of the tension and fiction. he had an opportunity to rachet
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this thing down but he seems more refiant and digging his heel in. mary claxton, thank you. >> the obama administration is offering its assistance to the state and the city of charlotte >> i believe strongly not just allowing individuals to exercise those rights but in the responsibility that government officials in every level has been protecting the ability of private citizens to exercise those rights. that's important. >> i urge those responsible for bringing violence to these demonstrations to stop. you are drowning out of the voices of commitment and change
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and ushering in more tragedy and grief in our communities. >> there we have our attorney and loretta lynch spoke about the unrest in charlotte. >> this was a scene last night, riot police fired tear gas to disperse protesters. arrested about 44 people. this is the latest incident of anger at policing fill spilling out to the streets. it is been a year than a half of the death of freddie gray. >> mayor, it is good to have you with me. i appreciate your time. >> you are getting rid of me already? >> no, no. have you spoken to mayor roberts in charlotte about your experience of the crisis in baltimore? >> yeah, so my team has reached out and i planned to, i
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understand being in the midst of a crisis, the timing and understanding that you really want to focus on what is most important and that's the safety of your residents and the offices and bringing piece to your city. as i have done before and i make sure that mayors know, i said that we are all in this together and there is a way for me to help or any other mayor to help, we are certainly at her back and call. >> no justice and peace, that was a slogan that protesters used and adopted in other cities. this was after most people got to see the cell phone video of freddie gray's arrest. six officers were charged in baltimore and they all walked free. if police body camera exists that exonerate police wrong doing, would you encourage the chief and the mayor to release it? >> i don't encourage them to release it if it is against the
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north carolina's law. they have to operate within the law. the lack of trust of what you are talking about, the under lining that is the fact that people don't trust police officers and many communities don't trust the media and elected officials. this lack of trust is what we have to focus on and how we are going rebuild those bond of trust so you don't have these issues where everything is show me, show me. you will know in advance that justice will be served. that's why i focus so much in baltimore and not just on transparency but building those relationships and before the tragic death of freddie gray, i was out in the community and having these forums with the community asking how the police and government can work better together and when i felt that we had done all that we knew how to do. i asked the department of justice to come into collaborate a review so we can do more. even with those things in place, we still erupted in violence.
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that shows how volatile things are with race relations all across the country and we have to start the hard work of dealing with the under lining issues. >> since you specifically are trying to deal with the wounds that are created after the death of freddie gray and you will not be in another term as baltimore's mayor, i appreciate of what you have learn and what you have been able to do quickly for the city of baltimore that can be replicated elsewhere and what is going to take the long hall of basically you report yourself. >> i don't necessarily think you reap what you sew. we have a difficult and complex history in our country when it comes to race. it is going to take us having very tough conversations and everyone coming to the table and earnest. that means the fop coming to the table and being honest with themselves and the public. when they see an officer that's
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in the wrong, they need to be able to call it what it is in order to earn the trust of the community. that takes the police department doing the same thing and that takes the community stepping up as well. you know it is very clear when they are instances as we have seen in the past when officers have been immediately disciplined where there is, you know, someone that has been the officers have acted outside of the law. we have seen that on video. >> what about state legislature, the baltimore's state attorney says that she over reached and that was the reason why there is really no justice for the people of baltimore. what do you say about that? there are people that feels that these six officers got to walk away free. >> i don't know if she said she over reached. i think that's what other people have said. with respect to those officers. this is all i can say. she put on the case she thought
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she had. the judge made his decision. i am focused on healing the city. i am focusing on things of reviewing our use of force of policies which has not been changed over decades. >> how do you feel of being black as a crime, how do you make them feel safe against people and men and women in blue? >> again, it is about dealing with these under line issues and having a national conversation about use of force, about community policing and everyone's role. people are looking for easy answers and nothing is going thomas hock quick and easy. it is going to take all of us being able to do the hard work and understanding that along the way, nobody ever wants to see the lost of life. but, we have to understand that we are going to see these incidents. >> the challenges.
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>> that continue to tear at the fabric of our society unless we deal with these issues. >> mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. it is always nice to speak to to you. >> thank you. >> so far, 17% of you say yes and 83% say no. the pulse is live so go check it out. before we head to break, these are the flooding in parts of virginia and prompted some major water rescues.
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. as they gathered, they put their backs to the glass doors and we saw people begin to be struck with the clubs and we saw people falling and we heard a shot. it was chaos, people began to run. i want to be clear that we came to be a presence for justice, clergy and leaders, 40 of us in the city out in the night. as soon as the shots were fired, we heard a smoke bomb. as soon as the smoke bomb was released, we heard some kind of light or sound, bomb. and tear gas and we could not run out of there fast enough. last night did not have to end like it ended. >> yes. it did not have to end like it ended. >> yes.
11:21 am
today we are hearing from our charlotte pastor, robin tanner, describing what happened last night. many of them peaceful showing up showing outrage of the death of keith lamont scott. there are some bad actors that's taking advantage of those showing up to have their voices heard. joining us now is alma adams. congresswoman, it is good to have you with me. first, your reactions of what happened over the last couple of nights in charlotte. is that the city that you know? >> it is not the city that i know. it is one of the greatest cities in the country and we are just very distressed about what's going on there and i flew back in charlotte evening after, i met with many of the clergies who were apart of the peaceful
11:22 am
protests who described to me what i just heard them describing to you, it was a very painful thing to listen to. i could see the pain and the faces of the people and i also had an opportunity after that to meet with some elected officials who are apart of city governments. so, we really hope that what did happen last night and the night before will not continue, it did not have to end the way it did. you know i think people should be allowed to protest peacefully. that's certainly what i know as a product of the '60s and growing up and watching martin luther king and being apart of many of those protests, protesting for a better life and protesting for equality and for
11:23 am
justice. >> do you think congresswoman, and i don't mean to cut you off. we do expect to hear from the governor of north carolina coming up in the half hour, i want your opinion about potential cure few for the city of charlotte. obviously, you support the right of the protesters to be heard but for the safety of others and businesses, do you think that it is reasonable to put a curfew in place? >> well, i am going to let the mayor and the city councils whoever makes that decision make it. i would hope that we don't get to that point. i think those kinds of things seem to exacerbate a situation that's already severe but of course, i know that our primary concern are to be the safety of all of our citizens just as we are concern about the families who are grieving now and who are very concerned about having lost a loved one, keith lamont, was
11:24 am
a -- scott was a father. he was someone that people knew and he's now gone. we don't want anymore loss of life and i understand there was someone shot last night and is near death today. >> correct. >> i understand there were 16 police officers i believe who were injured over the past, the day over yesterday. >> congresswoman, your city is one that's on edge and we are watching folks in a live shot. we had a second ago setting up of remarks coming up from north carolina, governor, congresswoman, i want to thank for your time and dedication of the folks there in your district of charlotte of north carolina, alma adams. thank you. >> we'll be back in a moment. >> thank you. we'll be back in a moment and
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so we are waiting for the governor of north carolina, governor pat mccory to give remarks coming up here at the half hour mark. we are watching reporters set up. the national guards arriving in the city of charlotte this morning after another night of unrest after the death of keith lamont scott. no sign of a curfew will be placed in the city of charlotte. one man that was shot during protests, it was not police involved. they believe it was the hands of another protesters. this is leaving the city of charlotte on edge. we have two campaigns talking about this, donald trump and hillary clinton. trump is not backing away from the suggestion of idea to bring back an illegal policing tactic in chicago. that was a practice rule that was unconstitutional. new york used it.
11:29 am
trump believe that giving police more power is the answer to our police. >> we have tremendous shootings that they see a person with a gun or may have a gun, they'll see the person and they'll look and take the gun away. they'll frisk and take the gun away. they won't have anything to shoot with. how it is not being used in chicago is, to be honest with you it is unbelievable. >> nbc jacob rascon is in pittsburgh. it is been one we have heard from donald trump. what more has he been saying of stop and frisk and knowing that it has been deemed constitutional. >> reporter: we brought it up yesterday. and this morning he talked about it though clarifying and saying
11:30 am
he was only talking about chicago and during his speech here in pittsburgh, he did not bring it up. i don't know if he's backing away from it but it is not one of those official policy positions where they have a whole speech about it or coming up something where they put on the website or maybe notable that he brought it up. in the past, he brought up ideas to see reactions and called the audience to see if this idea sticks. notable that we did not hear about it in the speech. we'll see how much more we'll hear about it now. we have a graphic of this. the actual nypd language of what is stopping this. when a police officer reasonably suspects that a person is committed or is committing a felony, the officer is allowed to stop and question and frisk that person. trump asked what stop and frisk meant this morning and he got it
11:31 am
wrong and he did not have the definition there. it is notable that this was ruled unconstitutional in 2013. it is widely disputed on what the effects were at the time. the commissioner who helped as an architect there when he was reinstated or when he came to new york called the policy a mistake. >> many did not bring crimes down. it targeted disproportionately. it would seem though simultaneously trying to have in rose within the african-american community. it is puzzling some say. >> jacob rascon in the campaign trailing donald trump. thank you very much. we do anticipate the governor of north carolina to speak for the media coming up here at this half hour. we'll have that for you live on
11:32 am
msnbc. but, from charlotte, marcus was out last night working and taking pictures of protesters involved in last night's situation between police there in the city. marcus, you got knocked around a bit. tell me what was your experience and did you feel as if you were a target specifically from protesters? >> reporter: well, i am not sure if anybody was a target. the violence was just so random and it was just whoever happens to be in the way. the first time i got pushed on the ground was when i was film looting at a cvs. someone grabbed the cash register and tossed it to the ground and i was a little bit above it and somebody came up behind me and body checked me. fell to the ground and my camera was fine and i was fine and i kept on filming. the second time was when i was standing around sending a text
11:33 am
message saying i am okay. from behind out of nowhere, i got hit to the back of the head and fell flat on my face, again, i was fine. it was a scene of really intense chaos. there was a good four hours between 8:00 p.m. and midnight where i just did not have the time to take off migy gas mask just because there is so many pepper balls and gas being thrown by police. it was not just police throwing tear gas at people, there were also protesters using fire works as a weapon against police. i have some amazing footage of fire works being targeted at police and fire works would explode at line of riots every couple of minutes. >> mark, we know the governor is expected to speak here shortly. there is no curfew in place. the national guard is in town. would you describe that you
11:34 am
would see the same amount of chaos tonight? >> right, so i think what happened last night is it was a little bit disorganized. it started off as a peaceful rally and once it moved downtown, it started more chaotic, just because everybody split up and running around. today we'll see more organizations from police and protesters. at one point last night, the only police presence that i saw is against a group of a thousand protesters was a line of 20 riot police. and that made me very nervous because it took me and rather took police about two hours to get more backup there and if anybody really wanted to take down that line of police, they could of. >> marcus, standby for me real fast because the governor of north carolina is at the microphone, i want to listen in.
11:35 am
good afternoon, i would like to welcome, i am governor pat mccory of north carolina, i would like to welcome my chief of staff thomas stiff and general greg and secretary frank perry and secretary of public safety. i would like to recognize, of course, the greatputney. first of all, i want to command during the last 48 hours tchhe incredible work of charlotte, mecklenburg, they have been contagious a courageous and passionate and they have done their job and they still have more work to do. i would like to ask our state and community to support their efforts in their difficult job.
11:36 am
in addition to their chief, and law enforcement officers, i would like to thank the members of fire department who were working very hard last night. they were not recognized in many of the news report. the fire department did an outstanding job. i would like to thank the leadership of charlotte including the county commission and jennifer roberts and many of the leaders of the business community doing everything they can to make the community peaceful and as great as it is always has been. charlotte, north carolina, is the greatest city, i was proud to be mayor here for 14 years. it is one of the greatest states in the united states of america. i want to do everything i can to assist the mayor and the chief and the people of charlotte to give back to normal times of
11:37 am
welcoming and peace and prosperity. i also want to thank fellow governors who have been calling me the past 10 hours, governors from florida and south carolina who offered their services in any way they can. i would also like to thank the president of the united states about half an hour ago, i had a nice conversation with president obama and i also talked to the chief of staff. i would like to thank the president for offering his assistance and listening to some of the challenge that is we are facing right now in charlotte. i am here today to basically communicate to the people of north carolina and the citizens of charlotte about the resources that i am going to transfer to the chief of police here regarding his ability to
11:38 am
coordinate additional assets to bring peace to the city of charlotte. i want to explain it and our team who's going thomas hoo be directly, now, the assets that are under my control as governor of north carolina. and it is extremely important that we continue this team work and we had an ongoing communication during the past 48 hours with the mayor and with your chief and with all officials among my team to ensure that we have a well coordinated activity during this tough time. i want to let you know, first of all, as governor, i firmly believe that we cannot tolerate any types of violence directed towards citizens or any type of destruction of property. i am going to do anything that i can to help our police force here in charlotte, mecklenburg to keep our citizens safe and
11:39 am
also ensure that our police officers are treated with respect and also to ensure there is no further destruction of property and those who destroy properties or hurt other people will be dealt with. i want to make sure the chief can do his job with necessary resources. he's got a big job and i knew him many years ago when i was aoki ci city council member. he understands the great neighborhood of this great city and he's got an incredible positive way with fellow police officers and police chiefs across the nation. charlotte is very lucky to have such a great police chief. let me first talk about the assets that i am transferring for chief of coordination. the first is the national guard has been mobilized, general luck has been doing an outstanding
11:40 am
job in the last 24 hour and bringing members o f the guards to charlotte. they have come to the state. there is still some rioting during the past 24 hours. we are trying to do everything they can to support their efforts so they can support the chief of police and his team. most of the men and women are part-time. members of the national guards, they have other jobs so they are taking on this public responsibility and service. i would like to thank them for their service. primarily, their responsibility but it could be changed under the chief of police is to help protecting buildings and other structures and around the charlotte area so the police department here can do their job. in addition, they're going to help with some of the structures regarding the bridges and highways and i do want to let you know all these people who are being moved to charlotte at this point in time have had the necessary police training which
11:41 am
is part of national guard training. the second thing that i want to let you know is that we have allocated a fairly sensible large number of state troopers under secretary frank perry's responsibility. he's working hand in hand with the police chief and accepting the numbers that the police chief thinks he needs to have the needed resources to keep the city safe. we had those ongoing discussions during the past 24 hours. state troopers will be helping with traffic control and supplementing the work of the mecklenburg police department. the third group i do also want to say that has been working very closely during the past 48 hours or so with the city is the sbi, which is also under my responsibility as governor. the main thing i want to say is the sbi is currently is participating and leading an independent investigation of
11:42 am
incidents that occur here in charlotte, mecklenburg. they are proceeding that investigation as quick as possible so we can resolve what happen. i want to recognize our state of emergency team who were headquartered in raleigh. they are dealing with two major issues. one here in charlotte. we are also having major floods in the eastern north carolina. we already had 60 water rescues in the north eastern part of our state. it is not apart of national news busome heroic things are occurring. we are currentoncern of the cred the rivers at this time.
11:43 am
my emergency respond team is handle that in raleigh while also helping this team here in charlotte. so we got several situations that's going on at once in north carolina. again, our goal is to be a team and our goal is to provide peace and safety for our citizens and work with the community and to continue to make sure that the city continues to be great because it is. i want to let the national audience know that charlotte, north carolina is a great city, great people and great place to live and work and raise a family. we are not going get a few hours given negative impact on, a great city. this city is also very, resilience. i know it because i still live here and i am proud to live here. with that, i am going to have mayor roberts to say a few words. mayor roberts.
11:44 am
thank you very much for your work. >> thank you very much, we do welcome governor pat mccory here, even though he still lives here. we always welcome you back. feel free to come here and get to your own chair. good view. >> i want to reiterate that our local police chief, chief punpuy is remaining in charge. i want to add to that of our cmpd and our fire department and medic and our sheriff's office, all of our first responders at the local levels have done heroic things in the last several days. they have been a team and worked well together. chief putney has a reputation that's not regional but national. i have talked to other folks and other mayors who have officers who served with him and they
11:45 am
have the highest regard for his capabilities and for all that he's doing right now. we are really grateful to have a leadership chief. i want to thank them for their professionalism. there were some wonderful moments that were caught over the last couple of days of true interactions with officers and with our first responders, and citizens and truth compassion and care and examples of community policing. i think we have one of the finest forces in the country. i also value the support of our national guard and our state high patrol. we want to welcome to charlotte and we twoowant to make sure th are welcome here. we appreciate it. i know that they'll work seem
11:46 am
lessly together with our law enforcement to continue to keep our city safe. welcome them here to charlotte and hope that they won't be staying too long. >> but, love to have them here. we are pleased to be partnered with our states government as we move through this difficult time. i want to thank our faiths and business and leaders in our city that's been working so hard in calm and peace. i look forward to continue to work with all people in our community for a better charlotte and for return to the calm and the peace and collaboration and working together that is so characteristic of charlotte. >> we are listen to the mayor of charlotte, jennifer roberts speaking after governor pat mccory making remarks of what was taken place. the governor mentioned that the president, he spoke roughly about 90 minutes ago with the
11:47 am
president offering his assistance. >> the governor says president obama listening to the challenges of charlotte. i want to check in with ron mott, you mentioned before that you did not see much of a police presence. has anything changed? >> reporter: no. in fact, i just scramble back to the camera position because i went over to bus depot to grab a quick bite to eat. the restaurant where i ordered food, the manager, he and his employees were talking about a cure few. maybe the business community has been told to prepare for one if one needs to be announced suddenly. he mentioned the hour at 7:00 p.m. we have not heard anything official of a coo you are few. >> based on the mayor and the comments today, they do not want to go that route.
11:48 am
we can tell you that a lot of people that we have talked to have been really disappointed and dejected by what they saw because they don't believe if it is anywhere of the city of charlotte, they thought maybe some came out and tried to atta attack of peaceful protesters and when they saw the opportunity to break windows and misbehav misbehave and they did that. tonight is going to be much more sizable police presence on tn streets of downtown. a lot of folks when they hear the national guard deploys in situations like this. emotions are already raw and more charge if you will. so if national guard is going to serving only as a support role of law enforcement and local police department is going to be in charge to be around
11:49 am
mecklenburg county. because of all the community leaders who have been in touch with city hall and in touch with their constituents that calmer heads will prevail tonight. if there is any sort of gathering, it will be peaceful. >> we know the mayor reaffirm the fact that chief putney is going to be staying in charge with the national guard in town. i want to take everybody out to the campaign trail in indiana, mike pence made comments about the situation in charlotte, take a look. >> last night we woke up to watch about news in charlotte. charlotte is a number of states away. it is not that far away because we are seeing challenges in our city. i was a mayor and city council american before i was governor. we see challenges all over the country and challenges that
11:50 am
exist between communities and law enforcements. those gaps are painful for communities and they are painful for law enforcement. what we need to do is just think about the families and keith lamont scott. those are two more names on a long list of african-americans that's gone too long. hillary and i join faith leaders and scott's family was here calling for calm in charlotte. these issues have to be raised and we got to talk about them and put them on this table. it is not easy. we can do that with a calm and peaceful spirit and we call for that. >> we also think about it is been a week where we are thinking o f the bravery of law enforcement. we had a bombing in new york and very, very quick -- law
11:51 am
enforcement activity set the local federal to find the person who did that horrible thing that arrest them quickly. that's not easy to do. >> things like that are not easy. that shows the professionalism of our law enforcement community. there is a need to build better bridges between law enforcement and the communities they serve. hillary and i understand that. we twoowant to invest in traini that'll strengthen the relationship. our strategy is that if you build bonds between the police and the community then not only are you creating alliances and understanding and respect, you are also creating safer community. this is something that we are really dedicated. we know we need this in charlotte and virginia and nevada so that we can close those gaps and making sure that
11:52 am
our law enforcement in communities are hand in hand and respecting law and respecting everybody. >> all right, you are listening to virginia senator, tim kaine, speaking to college kids in reno at the university of in evidene. i want to bring you back to our freelance photographer, mark. the police chief depth of knowledge, for the post that thank you interacted with last night and people that you spoken to. what's the opinion of the police chief and his force? >> reporter: what i am hearing from witnesses that police need to actually listen to the people on the ground. i have no way whether or not these withins have been interviewed. the people that i talked to at the shooting scene that were residence of the neighborhood saying that they have not been
11:53 am
interviewed or if they have been interviewed, i have to be careful about how i say it. the men that was shot, keith was apart of their daily lives that every time they walk to the store at this time of day, he was shot, they saw him sitting in the car and reading a book. they saw this over and over again. >> so they definitely that the police are listening to them. >> when it comes to and that's something we have not been able to confirm or whether or not he was someone known to police. the folks you spoke to says there was an active police presence in their community at most times. >> that's true, i did speak to some people. it was rarely uniformed police. they say it was always under covers and sitting in blue, unmarked vans and sometimes beat up minivans and they always said that it was rarely uniform
11:54 am
police. >> all right, marcus. >> thank you for your time. stay safe if you intend to go back out. thank you, i want to check in on the pulse today. we have been asking over the protests over the police shootings of keith scott. take a look, this is where the pulse stand. 22% of you say yes and 78% of you say no. check it out on it is time for your business entrepreneur of the week. the accordian. people traveling all over the world to visit his philadelphia store. to hear more of his story, watch your business sunday morning at 7:30 on msnbc. >> brought to you by american expre express. visit for ideas to help you grow your business.
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and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at i am going to be respectful of her. i think she deserves that. i am going thomas hoo be nice. if she's republicspectful of me will be nice. we'll see where it goes. >> there is donald trump this morning how he will respond to his attack of his first presidential debate, clinton and donald trump sharing the stage for the first time. both candidates have been
11:58 am
prepping behind the scenes. here is how clinton described her strategies this week. >> i am going to do my best to communicate as clearly and fear lessly as i i can in the face of the insults and attacks. you know i understand it is a contact sport. >> joining me now is our presidential historians, mich l michael h-- >> yeah, that's right. we'll e we may see both. sometimes we lose track of if donald trump is elected this november, that would be the first time in american history that american has elected a president with zero public
11:59 am
experience. and on hillary clinton side, people are assuming that she's an incumbent in her ability of handling the presidency on day one. if she makes some error that the people think she should know, that could be damaging, too. >> michael, thank you very much, we'll be talking a lot about that. >> that's going to wrap up this hour, i am thomas roberts and my colleague kate snow. >> you picked up one of these last night. >> oh, so did you. >> congratulations to you. >> it was much deserved, some mass. thank you very much. it is officially fall. hillary clinton is off the trail to prepare while donald trump takes over in pennsylvania.
12:00 pm
after a night of dangerous protests, the latest from charlotte, north carolina, just learning that we'll be hearing from the scott's family around 3:45. that's about 45 minutes from now eastern time. we are on top of that story. our team of correspondence is standing by with the latest developments. lets begin with politics and the trump campaign, nominees are pl making their rounds. i am joined by jacob rascon. trump started intentionally talking about what happened in charlotte. >> reporter: he did. he spoke for the need and he said of a national anti-crime agenda. he did note address specifically of the tension between police officers and young black african-american males seem to be the


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