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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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after a night of dangerous protests, the latest from charlotte, north carolina, just learning that we'll be hearing from the scott's family around 3:45. that's about 45 minutes from now eastern time. we are on top of that story. our team of correspondence is standing by with the latest developments. lets begin with politics and the trump campaign, nominees are pl making their rounds. i am joined by jacob rascon. trump started intentionally talking about what happened in charlotte. >> reporter: he did. he spoke for the need and he said of a national anti-crime agenda. he did note address specifically of the tension between police officers and young black african-american males seem to be the victim.
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he said that african-americans who are the victims of the violence that we see and said that there is no room ever for violence of that kind or destruction of that kind in the street. >> take a listen to what he said. >> many americans are watching the unrest of charlotte unfolding and others are witnessing the chaos and violence firsthand. our country looks bad to the world especially when we are supposed to be the world's leader. how can we lead when we cannot even control our own cities? >> reporter: it is notable that he did not talk about stop and frisk. he brought it again this morning and clarified that he only meant
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it was a good idea for chicago, at least right now. he did not go into that today. he has not gone back down from it. of course, it is a very interesting strategy for him to try to make end roads with african-american voters but then going after and saying stop and frisk is a good policy and one that's well documented and it disproportedly targeted african americans and other minorities as well. >> jake ccob rascon. thank you, we got four days until the first presidential debate. pop the popcorn. kelly o'donell has been keeping track of what hillary clinton is doing. kelly, nice to see you here in new york. >> nice to be with you >> the onion puts this out today. blindfolded clinton invites debate coaches to attack her with talking points from all
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sides. it is a joke but it is not far off from what she must be preparing for. talking to a series of advisers and democrats people in the room and those of allies of hillary clinton. she's been doing a personal prep and tons of readings and working over her materials and where she's in a real sort of situation using electors and having someone playing trump and we are figuring out who that is and someone playing moderator and they're looking at her performance and where there is real secrecy around it and all the other reasons preparing for their strategy without the world looking in and then going into the questions and trying to see how can they improve an answer. they got to do it through time.
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they don't know which donald trump will show up. the idea that trump can be unpredictable or estranged from. they have no idea how he's going to be one on one because he has never done it. there is times where he hangs back or picks his moment. i am told she's ready to do that and she wants the moderator to play "appropriate role." on the trump side, it is a metaphor for everything we have seen. no rehearsals, just as trusted group of a few people running questions with him and showing him tapes of primary season debates where they thought he perform well or did not and trying to reenforce subject areas, the gut player that he think he is is what he wants to bring on monday. >> very different preparations. >> he's not doing at standing at the podium with someone playing
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clinton. >> there were reports that laura ingram is doing that and i am told that's not accurate and she's not been involved and mostmos mostly inner circle. they have been working through questions and trying to get him to focus on things that they think he needs to pay attention to and he's approaching it in his own way. i am told he's got high degree of conference, no prisurprise t this is a forum that he could do well and he's looking forward to it. she's confident on preparation and her team is saying that the questions are not always and not in this one-on-one situation, they don't think he gets questions that are as tough or detailed. that's something they want out there in advance of the debate. she gets asked about all of the policy and they think she gets graded on a curve and they want to be ahead of that.
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>> we'll be watching it all on monday night with lostester hol. >> plenty more to digest today. robert costa, as i'm siting here and i was talking to kelly. i apologize that people were ha handing me these new polls. these are state polls. colorado, clinton 44 and trump 42. so very tight. georgia, another swing state, trump 47 and clinton 40. iowa, trump is 44. virginia, clinton up 45 and trump 39. both campaigns are going to be digesting the numbers that i read off. what will they make of those polls.
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colorado is a tight battle but it has a large hispanic population. trump's view could be to some of those voters. virginia, and north carolina, part of that mid atlantic and part of the country, that's where democrats hope to do well and a lot of suburban voters and north of virginia. they hope trump temperment maybe a turn off. >> you and your colleagues are focusing on the birther issue. i want to play something that trump said last night on ohio station. take a listen. >> what has changed? >> i want to talk about jobs. i want to talk about reeling jobs back in the area.
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we really want to go back on the subject of jobs and military and taking care of our vets. >> so he says that he just wants to get on the campaign and clinton campaign responded by saying after spending five years championing a conspiracy theory to under mind our first african-american president, he only gave his statement last week to try to change his subject and did not work. is this an issue moving forward of this birther issue, do you think it will come up monday night? >> we have seen his interview last week having different kinds of answers for the background of president obama's background. he's been reluctant to do so and trying to change the subject. for many voters who take this issue personally and many voters who were not african-americans
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taking this issue personally on attack of president obama and it could linger. >> i want to go over some polling while i have you. we just talked about state polling and national numbers, our wall street numbers came out today or last night. first off, head to head, clinton leads by seven points considering all the stuff that happened in the past week of her health scare, did she come out unscaped? >> we see this question about trust coming up again and again and the polls. she still has a fundamental favorable position in many of these states and nationally because of the demographics and a lot of these votes and the country. trump, he's the changed candidate for some voters because he represents a break from the last eight years, democratic and administrations
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so the win are swirling for both candidates. can they capture it and put in a certain direction. >> robert, when we look at this poll, we look at african-american voters, look at these numbers, 81% and 7% for donald trump. today, we have news out of ohio where trump's chair there had to resign after she made some comments after no raise racism. she later said those were inappropriate comments. i wonder where you see trump's pursuit of african-american voters right now. >> he faces an uphill climb. a very much high climb perhaps, if you look at some of these polling data. the question of clinton will be, can she have historic level turn out. maybe not the level of president obama in 2008 or 2012.
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can she get african-american voters or other groups to turn out near obama's level. trump she's been trying to go to flint michigan and baton rouge and we have not seen evidence that this is paying off in any huge way for him. he's making overtures that are public. >> robert costa, it is great to have you with us. >> as we head into a third night of potential protests in north carolina, a state of emergency in effect. the police chief says he will release video of a deadly officer involved shooting but not to the whole public but just to the family involved and they call for transparency from proterroripr protesters. . . to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain.
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police chief is saying today of the officer shooting and killing the man to that man's family but will not make it public. a second night of violent protest of the wake of the killing of keith lamont scott. one person was shot during the protest last night apparently by another civilian. >> we are hear to send a message that we'll not be pushed balcony longer, we are here together and we'll stand together and as one, we'll persevere. ron mott is live nfor us, it is daylight night and things are calm, are they worry about tonight? >> reporter: i think there is some eye brows raised. they said if it becomes
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necessary. i want to show you some of the damage here. there is a lot of middle damage in charlotte, downtown charlotte, what they call uptown here. the window here was knocked out and they knocked out the glass here and five doors of retail strips here. three out of the five of the store front is damaged but reparable damages like glasses that can be repaired rather quickly. what police are saying is we are going to have a different law enforcement protecting the uptown area of charlotte. you know the national guard has been deployed. they are serving as a backup to local police. police cannot to make it clear they're not going to tolerate what they saw last night with vandalism and people throwing rocks on windows. ph the body cam video of the apartment complex in atlanta of mr. scott's death.
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a new state law does not go into effect until october 1st, is called upon here. they'll not share that video publicly right now. the law will give them some official protection beginning october 1st. they said they are not going to release this to the public and only to the family and the law. just so the people will know going forward here in north carolina. sort of dashcam video and police involved encounters will be allowed to be viewed by that person that appears in the video of the individual of the civilian or members of the family of someone who lost their lives. we are going to head over here about half hour's time to see the family here and if they gotten a chance to see the video, what happens, what they'll say in a half hour's time is our factor the next few days whether we have calm or unrest. >> the radio, the key thing here is the family has seem to be a
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different account from what the police have said, right? >> that's correct. so many of the family members and the daughter apparently tweeted out to social media and reported some videos that said police shot her father while he was reading a book and police say they uncovered a gun and you can see a still image that's circulating on the internet that appears to show an object. it did not look like a book to my eyes. it is dark in color and police are saying again, they did recover a weapon at that location. the circumstances of how police and mr. scott came together are really, it is really up for debate. authorities were at that apartment complex to serve an arrest, they were not looking for mr. scott and somehow police and mr. scott came together with this result. >> as ron said we are waiting for the press conference from the scott's family.
12:19 pm
we'll keep a close eye on that and bring it to you. the congressional black caucus calling on the justice department to investigate these recent police shootings. >> we'll not continue to ask our constituents to be patient without any hope for change. you have the unique opportunity and constitutional responsibility to change this narrative. we believe that every person whose civil rights may have been violated is entitled to a full and complete investigation by the department of justice. we are joined now by congresswoman maxine waters, california, where you just saw on tape there and joining us, dwayne walker, pastor at the church in charlotte, north carolina. congresswoman, thanks for being with us. let me start with you.
12:20 pm
are you suggesting that the attorney general in this country is not doing much. >> not, not at all. she has the constitutional authority to be aggressive to use the civil rights law that are available to her and have civil rights prosecutions. we are trying to encourage her and despite the fact that oftentimes the department of justice do not feel they can make the civil rights prosecution stick. they can make it work and so go forward and for everybody who believes their civil rights have been violated, particularly, when you see these men, african-american men who are holding their heads high indicating to the police, they don't want to cause any trouble
12:21 pm
and they get shot down, we want to move aggressively on that. the picture we were showing, that's a picture that we obtained that appears to show a gun on the ground next to where mr. scott was killed. you are in the community, i know the mayor said that there is dialogue going on and there is members of the religious community and churches are being called to help calming things down. what are you hearing? >> well, there is frustration all around. first of all, our concerns is for the scott's family because a man's life was taken, someone's husband and someone's brother or father had been killed. our hearts go out to them. at the same time, many of us did not see this as an isolated incident. this is a series of hashtags where mr. scott becomes the latest one and to many of us, it is frustrated. >> congresswoman, what role do you think you or your fellow
12:22 pm
members can play at a national level. what can you do and i guess it is the question that everyone has to try to change and get rid of those hashtags that he just mentioned. >> well, you saw the congressional black caucus get on a bus and do some walking and go to the justice department to meet with loretta lynch and our attorney general to ask her to use the law. and her office to be aggressive in the prosecution. >> this is kind of unheard of for you know, 30 members of our caucus all to get together to go down and present her with this letter. not only describing again what's going on in this country but asking her to use her power again more gres saggressively. we have introduced a lot of legislation but as you know for those of us who are democrats,
12:23 pm
we have no cooperations from the republicans. we cannot get our bills heard. we are fighting upstream. we are fighting and we recognize the pain and we feel that pain and a horror of these lives being loss and these families being upset and absolutely, you know, disturbed by what is going on. we are right there with the people of all of the communities. we are standing up and we are voicing our opinions and making sure to say no and that we are fighting for them and we are not going to stop and doing everything we can. unfortunately, in the local communities, who have the jurisdictions, the police have all this credibility and they don't indict them and they don't call them to justice at all. you don't know basically if the police having to pay a price and having been killed.
12:24 pm
we know that the problem is at the local community, in the police department, in the courts with the jurors and all who think whatever the police say is kr correct. of course, the police protect each other. we'll continue to struggle and talk about what we think they should do and trying to put this legislation in and asking the attorney general to use her office to deal with civil rights prosecution. we are doing everything we can. >> reverend, let me ask you about a short term for the moment. no curfew in charlotte, are you concern that people will mobilize again in social media or destroy property? >> of course, i am concerned. i hope that tonight will not be as volatile as last night. i think people has the right to express themselves because there is frustration in our community. i think it is necessary that people are able to express themselves in a peaceful way. >> i thank both of you.
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with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? last night during a fox news town hall, donald trump called for a stop and frisk policy to reduce urban violence. it stop and frisk was widely used in new york city until a judge ruled in 2013 that the practice was unconstitutional. earlier today, trump clarified his position on stop and frisk
12:29 pm
saying that it should only be used in the city of chicago. >> we have tremendous shootings, number of shootings. now, chicago is out of control and i was really referring to chicago with stop and frisk. i was talking about stop and frisk for chicago. we had 3,000 shootings from january 1st, obviously, you cannot let the system go the way it is going. some people think it is a great idea and some people don't like it. >> for more, let me bring our political supporter for coug guardian. talk to me how this is all playing out sabrina. the question put forward to donald trump did not mention any mention of chicago as he's trying to imply today.
12:30 pm
donald trump did mention the crime rate in chicago in his remarks. he did suggest stop and frisk more broadly. he did not specify that it is should be limited to any city or region. now in an attempt to walk it back, that over looks the fact that donald trump is proposing a policy that's found to be unconstitutional and to also disproportionately impacting african-americans and as well as hispanics. he's doing that at a time where yet again two black men is killed by police. it is also, i think raising questions about who this so called african-american outreach is intended for. i know intrasabrina, you have b talking to other leaders in terms of that outreach, what do you hear? >> well, many leaders i have
12:31 pm
spoken to on this subject, they say to me that they found it is condescending. he talks down about them how they have no job or no education and nothing left to lose. in the other night, they were in the worse shape ever which makes no regard for slavery and segregation. one of the leaders i spoke with made a point that even if donald trump is trying to reach out to the community, they view him as someone as at the oend tend of day, raising questions of the first place of the president of the united states. a lot of his role in pushing for the birther conspiracy is something they're not going to forgive and for get. fundamentally, a lot of what he's doing is so called soft softening. they should feel comfortable voting for him because now he's trying to reach out to
12:32 pm
minorities. >> nice to have you with us today. >> thank you. >> for more on stop-and-frisk, i want to bring in glenn martin in an organization that's dedicated to prisoners. >> i have been stopped and frisked many times. in 2013, i was on my way to the gym after coming home from work and three officers approached me and asked me to put my hands against the wall and began to search me before they asked any questions and rough me up a little bit and when i asked questions of why i was being stop-and-frisk, these are the same officers sometimes saying good evening to me sometimes when i am walking home with a suit on. >> because you have a suit on. >> i cannot think how to phrase
12:33 pm
how high the tension is right now given what's happen in charlotte or tulsa, oklahoma. trump is talking about stop-and-frisk in chicago only now. what do you make of that. >> it is found to be legal? new york and chicago and what it does is further deteriorate relationships between communities of colors. to me, it makes no sense. i am not sure why we would be surprised. if we go back to 1989, i remember donald trump took out a full ad condemning young black men of color, to find out they were not innocent and not to even apologize to those young men. he's been wrong on law enforcement for a very long time. >> in terms o f the policy, we have been looking at the numbers since he said this last night and it is disproportionately that african-american and
12:34 pm
minorities were stopped under these policies. >> 83% of the stop-and-frisk of the height of this policy where we are stopping and frisking 800,000 people. >> more than 50%, where african-americans who were stopped and frisked. >> donald trump frequently pointed to homicide rates in chicago. he pointed out yes, the rates are down nationwide but we not pockets, new york sometianalysia map a few weeks ago. baltimore, chicago and houston and milwaukee and nashville and washington. baltimore had the largest increase of 133 more than 2014. this by the way relies on
12:35 pm
preliminary data and we are waiting for the final number next month. does donald trump have a point that we have a problem in major cities and what do we do in your view? >> first of all, there is no evidence that stop-and-frisk reduce the amount of murder anywhere else. we need to help police officers to get their jobs done is to increase their relationships and strengthening their relationship. it deteriorates those relationships. i suggest that donald trump we need to take a close look at what's happening in those cities and figure out what works in terms of public safety elsewhere and coming up with public solutions that match our values as american. >> glenn martin, president of just leadership u.s. a. so nice to see you again >> a live look in charlotte, north carolina, a few minutes from now, we are expecting the family of keith scott.
12:36 pm
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why put up with just part of a day? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. lets take another live look right now in charlotte, north carolina, they getting ready for a press conference will. the family of keith scott will speak out. that's the man who was shot by police who setback to back nights of violent protests. lets go now to, we are two days away from an important event in new york city. the global citizen festival, you can watch it right here on msnbc. it is meant to raise awareness about major global awareness issues like food and water and health issues. we are happy to introduce chris
12:40 pm
kuehn, he's supporting the festival. you have to explain what it means. this is all the food that we waste and all the people that need food. that's right kate. >> i am thrilled that msnbc is broadcasting this global fast value. >> senator ambassador corkell a requested a greeting. by statue, that food aid has to be delivered after being purchased in the united states as a commoditcommodity. the food travels from the american heart land to port on ships and to places around world where people are hungry and also means that it has a negative impact from famine will dump a significant amount of food aid. for years, both republicans and
12:41 pm
democrats have been talking about reforming the system so that it is more efficient and responsive and we can feed more people. senator corkell and i have been ambassador tavar corresponding a bill. i am grateful for everyone that has been encouraging this and i want to encourage them to keep it up. >> this is bipartisan. >> very much so. >> kate, we have made tremendous progress in bipartisan legislation. the foreign aid transparency and accountability act is also a bipartisan bill, the president signed into law earlier this year and just this week, republican senator jeff flake and i heard that our bill of the end wildlife trafficking bill, global citizen has also
12:42 pm
supported to clear the senate and the house and it is now on its way to if president's desk for sure next week >> can i switch gear and ask you about what we are tooabout to s in north carolina. i know it is all the talk on capitol hill as well. what needs to happen in those country to stop these horrific incidents that we are seeing almost on a weekly bases. >> well, kate, i had the opportunity to be with the crutcher family on monday morning and in our caucus lunch today, the author of "white rage," spoke to us and senator booker spoke to us and what is our policy going forward and what do we need do. we can take clear and strong steps to improve police accountability to strengthen relationships between community of colors and police departments and frankly to enforce -- i
12:43 pm
think we need to take more seriously of what it means for our country to have month in and month out of tragic incidents like the ones we are seeing unfolding in charlotte and tulsa. i was struck earlier this week that the nypd and the fbi were able to investigate and move so quickly and arrest alive and alleged terrorist in the new york area. you got two african-american men, one who was sitting and reading a book in his car and one who had his hand up and both is dead. we need to find a way to thank the police and recognize and support them for the great work anding increasing accountability and transparency and making it clear that in a democracy, policing has to be accountable to communities. >> senate from delaware, chris kuehn, thank you very much for
12:44 pm
being was. >> make sure to tune into msnbc for this global citizen festival. it is at 3:00 p.m. eastern, live from new york city. you can see performances by rihanna and republican democrat, kendrick lamar and you can visit to learn a lot more behind this great music. hillary clinton is off the trail today to get ready for her first debate which is just four days from now. joining me now is maxwell, the director of progressive media for the clinton campaign, alena, it is nice to see you today >> thanks so much for having me. >> clinton is down. why does she need so much time, why is she taking so much time to prep? >> and this is an important moment in the campaign.
12:45 pm
hillary clinton is someone who believes in preparation and understanding the details and the ins and outs of policies. she's going to study up and prepare and demonstrate to the american people who are watching that she has a plan and vision to move the country forward and building an economy working for everyone. >> halie jackson brought this up during the 1:00 hour. rich lowry wrote about the deba deba debate. trump can win by clearing a bar of acceptability and where as clinton has to do more than that and making compelling positive case for herself. do you agree with that assessment? >> i think she's going to be prepared walking in on monday. there is a different standards, there is a double standard in this election and certainly here at the hillary clinton campaign, we would like both candidates to be held to the same standards. that means transparency and having plans and details to show
12:46 pm
the american people which they are going to do as president. you are not seeing any of that from donald trump. we have thousands and thousands of pages of policy plies planned you don't see that. >> zerlina, i know you have been looking at your tweeter feed and what's been happening and we are waiting for the scott family coming up. there is a real discrepancy of what the family said has happened in charlotte. i wonder what your take is on the mood of the country right now and not just in terms of what your candidate may do on trying to change it but your observations? >> as a black american, i think it is a really tough time for all americans, actually. time and again we see all these tragic things happening with african-americans interactions with police and often there is not a full account nablility an transparency that holds someone
12:47 pm
that has done something wrong and holding them accountable for that. you have a shooting essentially when we go through the same r e routine every time and he was armed. we know the script and we have been through it before and what we need going forward is rebuilding the trust between the communities of color and the police department. that's why hillary clinton is talking about putting funding in training so that police officers who are protecting the community as a color has a full understanding of those communities. so as i began saying, this is a really sad time and it is really in some ways, of what secretary clinton said yesterday, all americans have to get to the point that it is intolerable reality. >> zerina maxwell. thank you for being with us.
12:48 pm
>> thanks for having me. >> we are moments away with the family of keith scott. it sparked violent protests over the past two tonights. forgive me, one person was injured last night but not fatal fatally. we are keeping an eye on the podium. when the scott family steps out the speak, you will see it right here live on msnbc. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide 15 million vaccines through the un foundation. it's that easy to make a difference. ♪ walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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12:52 pm
carolina. we have new information about the bombings last weekend in new york and new jersey. we learned there was an extra set of fingerprints on the pressure cooker bomb found on 21st street in manhattan. it's one of the reasons police are looking for these two men who took a suitcase and disca discarded it on the side of the street. we learned that rahami was more injured in that shootout with police in new jersey than we originally thought. let's go to pete williams in our washington newsroom as always. pete, police still interested in those men because now they think they might need their fingerprints. >> that's one of the many reasons because there were several sets of prints on this pressure cooker bomb, we're told. we know ahmed rahami left his fingerprints, but they want to see if the two men who left the
12:53 pm
suitcase had their fingerprints on. they want to know who those fingerprints belong to. were they people who held the bomb? were they people who touched the pressure cooker before it ever became a bomb? that's what they want to find out. for rahami's condition, we were originally told he was shot in the arm, the shoulder and the leg, but it turns out he was also hit in the torso which apparently came very close to hitting a vital organ. he's been in several rounds of surgeries, he's sedated, he's intubated, he's in no condition to talk -- >> pete, apologies, i'm sorry to interrupt but we have the scott family now speaking out in charlotte, north carolina. let's take a listen. >> i want to thank you for coming out here today. my name is justin bamberg. okay. thank you all again for coming
12:54 pm
out. i'm justin bamberg. i'm joined by charles annette and brandon curry. we are the lawyers representing mr. scott's family. leading up to these moments the family had every intention of being here, however, they are in a moment of grieving, and quite frankly, emotionally they weren't ready. i would apologize for that, but i don't see a reason to, because at the end of the day, this is about the family. this family is grieving the loss of someone they cared very deeply about. and honestly, this family has questions and they deserve answers. this community deserves answers. we're hearing this side of the story, that side of the story. it seems as though every which way you look, there is a witness who says, i saw this, there is a witness who says, i saw that.
12:55 pm
we have been made aware that the police apparently have video footage that may have caught some of the incident that is the subject of us being here today. and the family requested to be able to view that video. and later on this afternoon, we will, in fact, review that video and we hope to have some additional answers. when we looked at what happened to mr. scott, and when we look at what has happened around the country with individuals being shot down and killed by law enforcement, we can't talk about those incidents in isolation, because we have to look to the root of the problems. when you look at the fact that there has been rioting in charlotte, north carolina, there's been property damage in charlotte, north carolina, there have been individuals injured here in charlotte, north
12:56 pm
carolina, and many of us wonder why. let me make this very clear. this family does not agree with rioting or innocent individuals being injured or killed. but they do support citizens and their right to voice their frustration, to voice their ang anger. and when you look at those who take to the streets and you look at those who raise their voices and take certain actions whether you agree with them or not, you have to be willing to step back and understand why they feel the way that they do. in this country we do have a problem and it has to be talked about. regardless of the facts of how these situations play out at the end of the day, many citizens in this country feel as though many minorities, when they are
12:57 pm
encountered with the police, they're guilty until proven innocent, they're a threat until they prove that they are not a threat, and quite frankly, many feel as though they are inhuman until they are proven to be human. that is the underlying problem. i asked for calm. we asked for calm here in charlotte. we don't want to see people getting hurt. we want you to voice your opinions, but we don't want you to destroy the very community that you live in. the family doesn't want that, either. however, feel free to voice your opinion. feel free to speak up against the things that you see as injustice against the injustices that have unfolded and been uncovered. feel free to do that, because that is your right, but do it in the right way. again, the family wants answers, the family deserves answers, and
12:58 pm
we will continue to work and investigate the facts until all of the accurate facts come to light. >> thank you very much. right now this family is in deep mourning. they lack the answers to bring closure to their lives. they've hired us to do an in-depth investigation to ascertain the due process of keith lamont. they've asked us to look into the situation to see whether or not what happened to mr. scott was lawfully legal. and we intend to do so. we're here. the land cries out for an answer. the blood, on of a black man ha been shed. thank you for coming.
12:59 pm
[ inaudible ] >> we don't know what's on the video. in terms of answering to the public, we can't do that until we see what it shows. you have to understand, in regard to these videos, we've seen videos leaked on line of individuals losing their lives before the family even has the opportunity to find out. that is traumatic. we have become desensitized as a society to the killing of citizens in this country. and these videos contribute to that. so we have to be mindful of the feelings of the loved ones of the people who have died before we rally to say, make the video public. today we'll have the opportunity to view and see what's on the video and then we will address the rest later. >> to be clear, though, so you're disagreeing with some of the protesters and demonstrator who say that the video has to be
1:00 pm
released for transparency. right now you're saying you're not sure if you want the video released until you see it? >> first and foremost, what we want out is the truth. >> ultimately what i think the whole community here wants is the truth. and to the extent that release of the video can somehow help us reach that truth, i think that the family will ultimately support its release. but one thing we did learn in the jonathan farrell case and other cases is these videos don't always hold all the answers, and that everyone needs to reserve judgment until we know all of the facts. >> will the video be watched by the family today? >> yes, sir. >> in the moments after the shooting first happened, some members of mr. scott's family were adamant he was holding a book. does the family still maintain that position? >> yes. yes. the individuals who saw this maintain that they saw him holding


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