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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 23, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thank you to you and thank you to all of your guesour guests. that's going to do it for me, i am chris jansen. thomas roberts. >> it is so hard to watch and i use that word lightly because also, i do put myself in a different situation, to be able to shoot that and have that refle reflective belief that this is something that i have to do. the emotion of watching that is a little overwhelming. chris jansen, thank you very much. >> nbc news just obtained the video of the deadly shooting of keith lamont scott. you are going to hear his wife in the video, who shot it, narrating what's happening and
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the moments before and after her husband was shot. there is an ongoing debate of police releasing this body cam video. charlotte police decided not to release this video. this video that's given to us by the family is disturbing. you will hear the deadly gunshots and not hear anyone get shot. >> don't shoot him, he has no weapon. he has no weapon. don't shoot him. [ shouting ] [ eep ] don't shoot him! he didn't do anything. >> drop the gun! drop the gun! he does not have a gun. he has a tbi, he's not going to do anything to you guys. he just took his medicine. [ bleep ] drop the gun! don't let him break the windows. come on out the car. keith, don't do it.
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[ gunshot ] >> keith, get out the car. keith, keith, don't you do it! keith! keith! [ gunshot ] [ bleep ] did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he better not be dead. he better not be [ bleep ] dead. i know that much, he better not be dead. i am going to record you. he better be alive. the police officer shot my h husband, he better live because he did not do anything to them. ain't nobody touching anybody. they're all good. i know he better live. i know he better live. how about that, i am not coming to you guys.
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he better live. he better live. y'all hear this so you see this, right? he better live. i swear he better live. yep, he better live. he better [ bleep ] live. he better live. he better [ bleep ] live. i ain't going anywhere. stop it. [ bleep ] did y'all call the ambulance? >> so nbc's gabe gutierrez is in charlotte. he obtained the video from the family. lets pointing out, there is at least one video of body camera and another video of a dashboard. it is not body cam vid yeo from the officer who fired the shot. explain how you got this video
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from the scott's family. >> reporter: i will get to that in a question. we have reached out from the city of charlotte for comments. the attorney for the scott's family telling us they are giving this to the city for the first time. we are waiting for that comment. they tell me in terms of context as we have been reporting the last hour, that the wife of keith scott went into that apartment to get a cell phone charger for about three minutes and came back and started recording that cell phone video. now, i am joined now by justin, one of the attorneys for r the scott's family. perhaps you can shed lights on something that we are watching this live. the first moment of the shooting of keith scott. my first question is, why release this video now? >> well, essentially, as we have said from the beginning, we are not jumping to conclusion of anything in this case, we are
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gathering the facts and taking puzzle pieces and create a picture of what happened because people do want to know and the family wants to know, you know, we have requested that the city release the dashcam video and the body camera video that we saw yesterday. we are thinking that shines more light on the situation, you know, of course, we are waiting on that to happen. at this point in time, we felt it was important because people were asking and they want to know what happened. we have the video and wanted to make it public. >> reporter: scott's wife giving this to the police right after the shooting, why did she waited until now? >> she's dealing a lot right now. and you know hindsight is 20/20, i am not here and i don't think anybody should try to hold anything against her because
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she's in mourning and at the end of the day, regardless of what the final facts are, she lost her husband. the dialogue is shifted towards it is enough being doing to piece together what happened and are the facts being made public. you know -- everybody needs to remember that this video is another piece of the puzzle, you know, it shows what it shows and you hear what you hear. you do see that at some point, there are objects on the ground. it is not clear what those objects are and we don't know what they are. this is one step towards piecing together and figuring out exactly mr. scott lost his life. >> reporter: we have a small monitor here some of this video being played out. why don't you walk me through of what we are seeing here. if we can rwatch as the video
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starts to play out. >> you see miss scott coming out and she sees the situation going on. she's informing or attempting to inform the officers of certain things and you know you hear her say that, he does not have a gun, you hear her say that he's got a tbi, he just took his medicati medication. >> reporter: speaking of that, tbi, traumatic brain injury, we heard that he had a motorcycle accident of october of last year, what type of medication is he taking and how may that contribute to this? >> i don't know the specific names of the medication. i am not saying that the medication definitively had an effect one way or another. we are looking into that. it is no t a far cry to think that someone who had just taken medication depending on what it is might react slower or a delay
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there to process this in co compliance. there is still questions to be answered and some of that involves him going through his record. >> reporter: so you are saying based on your view that his medical condition may have played a role in response to the officers or you are looking into that? >> yes. >> reporter: lets keep going on this time line. so the wife comes out and starts video taping this on her cell phone then what happens? walk me through the next sequence of events. >> looking at this video, you know, it is not clear of the interactions between mr. scott and the officers. again, we are looking at this video in isolation so i am note goi not getting into the dashcam or the footage shows. looking at this video in isolation, we hear a lot from her in terms of her reaction and
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things she said based on what she's observing. what we do see is mr. scott on the ground after he had been shot and appears that his arms are behind his back and they are all -- behind his back, how do you mean? >> it appears that they moved his arms behind his back. i don't know if they handcuffed him or not. typically in this situation, you will have the officer search the individual after they have been shot or handcuffed. i have no reason to believe that did not occur here. of course, i don't know. >> reporter: so there are several questions and we should point out what the police chief have said. the evidence found at the scene that there is a gun found. a narrative that emerges after this shooting and on social media, that she was reading a book and he did not have any gun and police contradicted that. police chief have said that it
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is not definitive that -- there is nothing proved that he pointed the gun. he did say there is a gun. what do you feel of this video either contradicts or respond to that, that a gun is found. there is questions of the latter part of this video that some sort of objects were there that were not there at the beginning. how are you processing that information? >> this specific video, you cannot necessary see the actions or see anything in mr. scott's hand from what i see. what you do see is at some point there are what appears to be mutt objects on the ground and you cannot make out what they are. at this point, nothing in this video affects whether their allegations that they found the gun or whether there is a gun or not. this video does not answer that. this video shines some light and
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fills in some blanks because as of right now. no one has seen anything aside from a few witness' video, the after math, correct. >> reporter: a question has come up as well as we look at that cell phone video. at one point, his wife screams out, d"don't do it, don't do it" what is she referring to? >> as my understanding when she said "keith, don't do it, don't do it." there is multiple interpretations. one being is she's saying don't do it to law enforcement and don't shoot him. speaking with her and her recollection of that event as we kind of gone overtime and time again, as she recalls saying that because she's telling keith, you know, what she wanted to him to do is stop and standstill and as we have seen
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on the dashcam video at the time she w he was shot that he's stepping backward. that's her recollection of that's what's happening at that point in time. >> reporter: that's the video that many demonstrators here and many activists here have been wanting -- today, we learned that the bureau of investigation is taking over this case and the mayor came out and said, now, she says that she does release the body camera footage, it is a question of when. the police chief also, you know, said that he did not favor or release it right away but that's apart of the process. you sa yw that video and said tt the best view of this incident is from the dashcam footage. why don't you walk us through what you have seen one more time that we don't see in this video.
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this video of few people have seen. tell me what you have seen that no one else have. >> looking at that video from start to finish of what was shown to us. you hear officers given commands to mr. scott in his vehicle and you see mr. scott stepping out of his vehicle, again, from an non aggressive point. >> reporter: from what vantage point? >> from the left of the vehicle, facing the driver's seat. he steps out and did not make any motions in terms of jerking his head or anything that would lead you to believe that he's arguing. you don't hear anything but you don't hear him saying anything of the video that his wife shot. you see him. >> reporter: that's a big
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mystery at this point. what exactly keith said to the officers. >> absolutely. >> reporter: why do you think the officer saying repeatedly dropping the gun. and being able to say that we give this man a warning. what's your explanation for that, why would they say drop the gun, drop the gun. >> you are correct, they did give multiple commands. i believe somebody counted it maybe 12, to drop the gun, i cannot speculate. i have not seen any piece of evidence verifies that he did in fact have a gun in his hand. what i have seen in the evidence that i am aware of shows that he may have had some type of object in his hand, but you cannot tell from the dash video or the body
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cam video or miss scott's video of any of these objects are. >> reporter: i have not seen it that close but from being at the scene, somebody found a black glove on the scene as well. how did that play into all this? could that be one of the object that is we are seeing on this cell phone video? what is your take on that? >> i don't know, this is the first time i heard of a black glove being left out there. the scene depending on how things are heard or who went out there or who had access might shed more light on that. as far as i know, mr. scott did have a wallet on him and my understanding is they do have a cell phone on him. again, and i urge people to not be quick to rush to judgment based on speculations. we are dealing of facts and all of this is getting down to the bottom of what happened and why,
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most importantly because that'll leave to closures for his loved ones. >> reporter: thomas, you would like a question as well? >> yes, i do. this is thomas roberts back in new york as we are watching this video here. i want to be clear of folks at home watching, there are dashcam videos from which vehicles? the marked police's suv or the unmarked? >> i do not know one way or another which vehicle that footage came from. i would be speaking too early to try to speculate. that's something that, of course, law enforcement would be best suited to answer? it was not the body cam video of officer vincent who fired the shot, correct?
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>> my understanding and based on the video's perspective and what is being said, no, the body camera video that we saw was not video from the shooter's perspective. >> do you see officer -- do you see officer vincent in the videos ofhe body cam or the dispat dashc dashcam? his position to mr. scott? >> no, you don't see it clearly, you see someone there and i have to go back and watch this. i have not looked at it recently. i believe that you can see an individual that may be him but you cannot definitively make out to say yes. >> reporter: if i can jump in here, justin, i have one more question for you. as this video becomes public of the first image that we are seeing, what is your message of the community here.
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there is difficult days in charlotte, what is your message of our community? >> frankly, i have a simple message from the beginning, i have said and i have said all day yesterday that we are just gathering facts. we don't want anyone to rush to judgment. the video shows what they show but they are all one perspective that'll complete an entire pictu picture. let the process runs its course and let the family's legal team do their job. let this independent state agency that's investigating what's happening do their job. there is absolutely no reason for violence or damaging property. the family have said they do not want that. i formally request that people do their best to respect the wishes of the family and the sense that violence is not the answer in this situation again. we support peaceful protests and we support people's ability to
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voice their opinions and let their position to be known. there is a way to do it. we don't want to do anything quite frankly that would jeopardize the safety of citizens living here. we also don't want to do anything that could potentially lead to distractions that would force law enforcement to have to deal with x, y, and z when they could be spending additional time helping us to get to the bottom of mr. scott losing his life. >> reporter: thank you very much for joining us. thomas, i will send it back to you. >> again, thank you, this video was given to our gabe gutierrez and nbc news exclusive by keith scott's wife. that's terrible to watch and knowing the reality of what was happening there. this is the first example that we are getting from the scene because the police have not been able or willing to publicly release the video. the chief of police said he
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wants to be transparent of this but protect the victim. the family have seen the video and asking for public release. i want to bring in our cal perry, i know, cal, and his team have been pouring on this the last couple of hours. walk us through the key moment of this video shot by keith scott's wife. >> we are going to take you through this video chronologically. you are going to hear the wife of mr. scott. the first segment is her talking to the police of her husband's state of mind. >> don't shoot him, he has no weapon. he has no weapon. don't shoot him. >> no! [ bleep ]. >> don't shoot him! he didn't do anything. >> drop the gun! >> he does not have a gun. he has a tbi.
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he just took his medicine. you can hear police say drop the gun. and you hear her saying he has a tbi. there was a bad accident a year ago and he suffered severe bodily injure. this next section that you will continue to hear the wife of mr. scott's pleading to the police, not to shoot him and she's trying to talk him out of the car, take a listen. >> [ bleep ], keith, don't let him break the windows. come out the car. >> drop the gun! >> keith, don't do it. >> you see they'-- he's taking
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taking safety behind that white pickup truck. officer thomas is key to this as we go through that video. that officer right there we'll be talking about him quite a bit. the next section i have for you is the moment where keith lamont scott is shot by police. again, i want to remind our viewers that you will not see him but you will hear it though and it is disturbing. take a listen >> keith, get out the car. keith, don't you do it. don't you do it. >> drop the gun! keith, keith! don't you do it. [ gunshot ] >> did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he better not be [ bleep ] dead. >> very difficult and democrram moment there. thomas, you and i watching this video, it sounds like four separate gunshots that could be potentially five gunshots and echoes in these wooded areas.
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now, we get to items on the ground issues. this is what people are looking at. this is why people are urging police to release their dashcam foota footage. as we go through this video. it is two-minutes and 12 seconds in length. we can go ahead and show you as we start to see these items. there is item number one, that comes flick out at one minute and 24 seconds. that's new. that's something we have not seen before and certainly this is the time line that we are going to unpack as we look at the officer in the red t-shirt. i want to move to something between the legs of that officer's. as we zoom in, we'll zoom in clearly here, this is the officer on the right and red
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t-shirt. we'll take a closer like there. there is not an item there on the ground. we are certainly at this point not going to speculate. as we move through this, we are going to see the item there not only at his feet but we'll go to those stills that we have from wcnc, those are our affiliate in charlotte. you will see our stilled from charlotte. this is proported to be the weapon. on the right, the video that was exclusively obtained by nbc news, some 90-minute ago, there is no item there. on the left side of the screen, he's over the body of keith lamont scott. on the right side, he's not. from that we can infer, the shot on the left is taken on the shot to the right. there is an unknown amount of time between these two images that we just do not know what has occurred, this is why you see more and more people saying, police should release their
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version of the video. i want to point out on the left side of the screen, we can tell later that there is a police tape. this has now been the crime scene. we blurring out the body. his pants are down on the left side of that screen. there is been a crime scene set up. that preerd of time is n-- thats key to this investigation. >> we don't see a book on the scene. i want to bring in your msnbc's chief correspondence, i know you have been viewing this for a length of time. what stands out to you and does this prove the police chief's point of what they have in the video is not conclusive and the reason why they don't want a public release. can you still hear me? >> we can hear you. >> what we can say from looking
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at this video which does show on camera of a few things that i want to flag legally. number one, how the 50-second lead up to the shot occurred. in those 50-second, we see detud detecti detection. we can see the close encounter which can be dangerous and we hear the officers repeatedly pleading and ordering mr. scott to drop the gun. that would suggest the state of mind and multiple officers and you can imagine elaborate conspiracy that multiple officer that is he had a gun and they're trying to get him to drop it. however, on top of that, you then have the fact that as we were discussing earlier that there is not any attempt to deal with or interacting with his wife, now a widow that our gabe
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gutierrez obtained. that is a police judgment call that they moved back any short of negotiations. that brings us to the next question which is did they see the gun, were they right about that or did they recover the gun? are these dark or spotted objects have been shown actually a gun or at what point will the police, now the state police investigation which was handed off formally today providing some public information. not only the video but the entire piece of narrative there. the last thing i want to say with regards to all of that is determining the law that you hear sometime of a chain of custody. that is as it sounds, what is the sequencing of the objects that are recovered. if you were a lawyer bringing in any kind of civil case challenging the conduct of these police officers, would start raising those chains of custody
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questions. if you recover a gun or not a book or if you say you have it and when did you have it and how did you secure it, is there evidence of his dna and other materials on it. all of that may come to life, we are not prejudging the process but certainly in a situation where you have the brand new video given one perspective, police sooner or later have to figure out what do they match the video with. even though this video does have some elements that would go to the police's narrative that they were dealing of what they thought is a live shooter. >> because this is an opened investigati investigation, no public release, the scott phfamily has seen what the police chief confirmed to be the one dashcam video. does the lawyer have the right to file or where they stand with evidence so far.
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had they have access to any prove or what a gun is found or a book is recovered. the family's lawyer has had access to the video. they have been given the opportunity and that allows them to characterize the video. under the new law which authorities are going to follow as of now. as far as they are concerned, that's what they are following. under that law, the family cannot record or copy or distribute the video. folks that are just joining us, there are a lot to this story. the new video is the product of the fact that his wife, a widow, decided to take the whole video. you cannot over state it. she recorded what was ultimately the killing of her husband and kept the video going and tried to call 911 and interacting with the officers. what remains of the other police government created video to this
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point are not released >> the scott's have anyccess to this open investigation to key items, such as a gun or a book, is the only thing they have access to, viewing the video and the drafted police report. >> that's correct. >> we are moments away from the governor, governor pat mccory, we do not know if he has seen this video that's made public given exclusively to nbc news by keith's wife. just a couple of days ago, this is a city that's on edge right now at last night of midnight, it went into curfew mode, we are expected that'll remain in cu curfew mode again. joining me is our congresswoman, mrs. waters, i think you have
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seen this video in full, i want to get your reaction to it. >> i am so upset, watching this video and listening of a cries and pleas of a wife who's saying to the police, he has no weapon and explaining to them what he had just done in taking his medicine. i see no reason why he had to be murdered by the police. as a matter of fact, no police -- was endangered. he was not threatening anybody even if they had to sit there and waited out until she talked him out of the car. why did they have to advance and kill him? >> he was no threat. >> did you feel that the police chief and everyone else provided enough of a narrative. we know that mr. scott's wife left the scene to go back to get her charger. this is roughly several minutes later when she returns to the scene and begins filming with
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this camera and in this video. do you feel the police deserve any benefit of the doubt. >> i believe -- >> while they're trying to inform the people of charlotte. >> it is rare that you can get charges this soon and if a police chief believes that it is absolutely credible and necessary to make the charges with the police chief. you don't get this ease sily. i am looking at what is being shown and revealed. i see no reason why this man had to be murdered and none. nobody's life was threaten and the wife was pleading with them. she told them that he was using whatever he had in order to take his medicine.
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why did they have to advance to him and killed him in front of his wife. i have seen it enough. i believe the wife. i am with the police chief, i am not waiting for anymore anything. anybody who want to wait, and believe it is already to murder this man, they can do it. >> congresswoman, we are waiting for governor pat mccory, we don't know if he had access to see this video shot by mrs. scott. and the police chief has said that he feels in this case it is correct and he does not want to publicize the victim's worst day, what is your advice as a governor? >> let me tell you, i don't care what the law says?
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you have a wife, her husband has been murdered and you tell me she should care about a law that literally is in place to protect police anyway and she should not have shown it, i am wit the wife. i don't care what the law says. the law that's expected to go in effect october 1st, is the law that should not be in place in the first place that says you cannot tell the public and nobody cannot expose the video. i think it is an unjust law. the wife is correct and i stand with her. i am out ladies and gentlemrage been murdered right before his wife's eyes when she's pleading with him. >> congresswoman, maxine waters. this is sad information that we have provided, and it is breaking news. we are trying to figure out exactly what this means.
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the video that was obtained of the deadly shooting of keith lamont scott. the video given to us by keith scott's family. you are going to hear keith scott's wife. she shot this video and narrates what happened moments before and after. there is this ongoing debate about the police when be see the dashcam and body cam video of this shooting. the charlotte police decided not to relice thease this video. we'll warn you again, you will hear the gunshot. don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he didn't do anything. >> drop the gun. >> he does not have a gun. he has a tbi, he just took his
11:36 am
medicine. >> drop the gun! [ bleep ]. >> keith, don't let him break the windows. come on out the car. >> drop the gun. keith, don't do it. drop the gun. get out the car. drop the gun! keith, keith, don't you do it. keith! keith! [ gunshots ] [ bleep ]. >> did you shoot him? did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he better not be [ bleep ] dead, he better not be [ bleep ] dead, i know that much, i know that much he better not be dead. i am not coming near you. >> backup. i am going to record you. he better be alive. yes, over here, yes, 9453 lexington court, the police
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officers shot my husband, he better live because he did not do anything to them. i know he better live. how about that? i am not coming you guys, he better live. he better live. y'all hear this so you see this, right? he better live? he better live? i swear he better live. don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no -- he better [ bleep ] live. he better [ bleep ] live, i ain't going anywhere. did y'all call the police, the ambulance? we are watching there of a video shot by keith scott's wife. i want to bring in our county commissioner in the submit area,
11:38 am
sir, watching this video and knowing what mrs. scott witnessed, is in the police chief or the force's best interest to put out their own video that backs up their story? >> look, we are a community in crisis and there is no doubt about it. in moment of crisis, i believe transparency is the best solution. now that this video is out, we should know the facts as best as we discern what the facts are. to say that we are not releasing facts leads to further distrust from the public. i believe we need to be as transparent as we could be under the circumstances. >> do you feel that you had any extra special access to the facts within your position is serving for charlotte, mecklenburg, and what the city and the crisis that is serving
11:39 am
right now. well, the way our form of government here in north carolina is the city council is responsible for our police department and so they have the first responsibility and access to this kind of information. the county commission that we represent over a million people but are concerned of major human services, i think to your point that we need to be able to speak with one voice. but, to do that, we have to make sure that we establish trust with the people and the only way we can do that is by being fully forthcoming with all that we know and not standing where the chips melee, we need to tell the public what we know and what we know so that we can begin to establish trust. we are a community of crisis, the only way we can alleviate
11:40 am
this crisis is being as forthcoming with the op. >> thank you very much. we are waiting for the governor of north carolina in a news conference to begin shortly. we'll see that on the lower right hand side of your screen. the other video is a video that was given to us exclusively by the widow of keith scott's of what happened on that day when police interacted with her husband. i want to bring in our professor of social psychology of criminal justice. you have been watching this over and over again. one of the interactions that caught your ear was you were able to distinguish, it sounded like a snap before the gunshot tch, you would say that is what? >> the taser that was talked about. >> you hear mrs. scott saying
11:41 am
"don't do it" and they're going to break the windows. from your opinion, how that scenario is playing out. >> many of the tactical training that goes on in major city around the country, that's an opportunity for deescalation. the reason is you have to break the window if you are going to drag him out of the car. rather than having to break the window that creates a situation of chaos and confusion, what you do is you de-escalate and wait until they inside to get out of the car. you have a wife there and you can talk to her or if they drive away, you end up pursuing out of distance. there is no reason to escalate especially when you have barriers in between. >> we do not know the minutes leading up to this situation, mrs. scott returned to the house
11:42 am
for a charger, comes back and starts videoing. we have the scene that plays out. from a tactical standpoint how they are positioned and other than one marked car, we don't see another officer arrived at the scene. one thing we are seeing here that was distinguished twelve times where the cops are chanting "drop the gun." if one officer on the scene says that phrase, do other officers who may not have seen the gun for themselves, repeat that chant as a show of force, believing there are other officers. >> that's possible. we are in the land of conjecture here. the science of all of this says not only can someone misperceive a gun from seeing a different kind of objects that looks in the same kind of mass but absolutely i can believe that i see the gun because you told me
11:43 am
you have seen one. because that's an eminent threat when someone is drawn down from someone, whether or not i am seeing it, i am likely to join that command until i believe i can see it. >> one officer, brently vicinnc, we are waiting for the governor, he was supposed to begin one. this is the city of submit, they remained under curfew, they began last night from midnight to 6:00 a.m. we expect that to go into pla once again. the other update is from the
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police chief from charlotte saying the family did have the opportunity to look at the video that was shot from the body camera and from a police dashboard. we were talking before just about the state of mind of police and with doctor golf, i will talk about that with the command of drop the gun. in this scene from the very limited window that we have from mrs. scott, what is the state of mind of the police that you are watching from this video. we'll get this tunnel vision and we have multiple officers coming in on this one person. they have to be mindful of that,
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it is a strictly tactical situation that had to be looked at. they did not have an opportunity or give themselves the opportunity to give themselves that extra second. i agree with the other professor and i have to say, you know, there is one other thing that we have to do. there is only one officer that shoots. if they focus in on whether it is a real gun or -- we have this thing calls contagious shooting where everybody just fires thinking the other person has a gun. something to consider when we try to piece it out. the other type of thing is much helpful and i wish they put it out there all right. >> standby with governor pat mccory, lining up to address, we are listening in right now.
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>> good afternoon, i am governor pat mccory, on the stage with me, i would like to recognize our water team which i will be talking about in a minute. and our mc national guard and colonel gray and joe wright. this has been quite a week for the state of north carolina in several areas of our state. we had major flooding in the eastern part of the state, that receives no national attention, partly because of the issues, we also had a gas shortage due to the pipeline break. we also, of course, have the ongoing protests situation in the great city of charlotte.
11:47 am
we had some of the worst flooding conditions since we have seen since hurricane irene. to the national audience and to the statewide audience over 17 inches of rain in some parts of our state. >> we have been listening to governor pat mccory talking about the situation facing north carolina of multi front situations for that governor of what he's talking about there, flooding in eastern north carolina that was brought in that state by a tropical storm and the situation that's taken place in charlotte. we anticipate the governor addressing something that we are not aware that he has seen this himself. we would imagine at this point, someone within his contingent of folks that are on stage with him
11:48 am
have had the opportunity to see keith scott's wife in this video. joining me now is the charlotte's city councilwoman, lionels, have you seen this video and do you know if mayor roberts have seen this? >> i am not aware of this. the mayor is taking that moment to get some rest. i would say this is one of the most painful and disturbing videos that i have ever watched. >> councilwoman, hillary clinton just tweeted charlotte should release police video of keith lamont scott shooting without delay. >> we have councilwoman waters saying she does not care about the law.
11:49 am
>> what's your advice of the police and not releasing the video of the scene. my advice is that we are here at the local level and we are having to deal with this everyday. we need peaceful protestings . d we are backed up and we turned over this investigation to the state bureau of investigation because there were accusations that we could not handle it appropriately. everybody wants to have trust and get this right. truth is something that we want. >> council, let me ask you to standby because the governor is addressing this situation. >> first of all, the charlotte, mecklenburg police department, i think they did an outstanding job of these men and women in blue who did their job.
11:50 am
they are under a lot of fatigue and stress right now. i am proud of the way they did their job and i am proud of the chief police also in doing his job. yesterday, i gave total authorities to have the chief of police to also coordinate our national guards. our general is here with us today who's gotten little sleep and neither did national guards. we are talking about hundreds of individuals who traveled throughout the night and the night before last on buses or other type of transport. these men and women who primarily have part time jobs, many were coming to charlotte for the first time, because they are coming from all over the states. i got to greet them when they arrived at the guard head quarters yesterday in charlotte before they were deployed out of the streets of charlotte, i was so impressed with their professionalism and their willingness to do their jobs and
11:51 am
of course, with their follow thre through. the rest of the nation saw that the national guard is for the country of north carolina, what they did upon extremely short notice, last night under very trying conditions in supporting the police department of charlotte, i think just a role model for guards and all 50 states. i want to thank the general of his professionalism of his team and all your commander of the work they have done. i have been notified by the chief that we anticipate them still wanting to be deployed over the weekend and i have committed whatever sources he needs and i will follow his directives. thank you very much to the national guard. you saw people hugging them and them hugging bag.
11:52 am
it was the best of america that we saw. i am proud of it. i am very proud of it. i would like to thank your h highway patrol and troopers. they have still there and sleeping right now ready for another night. i hope some of them sleeps. they are all in cots at this time. i would like to thank colonel gray protecting the highways and infrastructure around downtown, charlotte and throughout the city. our men and women and black and gray, i just thought they did an out stastanding job and to you, colonel gray and frank perry, i would like to thank for your leadership. i want to stated the mayor, i want to thank the members of the
11:53 am
charlotte community and the neighborhood leaders, the city that's close to my heart since i was mayor there for 14 years. we saw the best of charlotte last night. we saw members of the lclergies stepping in and the guards and some individuals were not wanting to engage in a peaceful process and wanting to cause struggle. community leaders diffusing the situation of the best of charlotte and the best of north carolina, we are still going to need you in the coming weekend as we come to a friday night or a saturday night as the mayor and the chief of police said we need the community leaders as much as we need and more of the public safety officials. i want to thank my hometown of charlotte for helping them out of this effort. there are some things that still concerns me.
11:54 am
first of all, the chief of police stated there are some group that is are coming into our state that are here to cause anarchy and not respecting our law and property and our citizens. i will say again as i said the other day, this state and governor, and the city of charlotte will not tolerate the destruction of property and harming individuals and harming the men and women of our national guard and the men and women of first responders and firefighters and medics who were putting themselves on the line to deal with a difficult issue and i say strongly of those individuals coming into our state and someone who live in our ate who wants to cause harm, we'll not accept it and tolerate it. again, i appreciate those citizens who were all stepping in and staying this is not the
11:55 am
best of america and those types of behaviors and destruction and hurting other people. i am pleased that the police department as my understanding made an arrest of the suspect in the shooting death of an individual during the protests two nights ago. i am pleased to see someone in custody. there is a lot of false rumors out there regarding of an individual, law enforcement being involved of that shooting, and some individuals were interviewed on national broadcast that i saw. i am convinced and i very much trust know no one from law enforcement was involved at all. i am glad they arrested the suspect based on a lot a lot of
11:56 am
evidence. i will let you know, it is literally the last hour of the chief of police, the chief of police again has requested that we continue to have the national guard presence and the presence of the fbi and the presence also, the highway patrol through sunday. if it comes early or things calm down, maybe many of these men and women coming back home and helping us for the rest of the state. we'll do anything we can to support the great city of charlotte and keeping it safe and we'll fulfill those obligations. i want to let everyone know in the state that this does not come without a cause. we had the cost of flooding of $81,000 that we are pulling out
11:57 am
of emergency funds. we have cost -- at this point - >> you are listening to governor pat mccory. we do not know if he has seen the video that was captured by the widow of keith scott. jo for a lot of viewers, mr. roberts, that folks maybe a little disturbed that the governor has not addressed what many people across the board have seen this video and appears to be a little tone deaf to his current crisis. >> well, i am pretty sure they are thinking what i am thinking as i am watching his speech that flooding is more important than a black man's life. these are serious issues that we
11:58 am
have to address. i understand how tough it may be to run a state but you have to understand how tough it is to be a black man in this country when you have folks dying at the hands of unexplained police behavior. >> mr. roberts from what you know of what has taken place and having the video, is this an attempt by them to force the police to release the video that they have or witnessed? >> first of all, they should not be forcing anything on anybody. there is a leader there and chief of police and mayor. there are leaders that should be standing up and i commend mthe mayor for calling these folks to release the video. i don't understand what the problem is. how do we have the citizen releasing the video from the police do. it is his wife and she's showing
11:59 am
us what it takes to lead in this country and her husband is dead. this is absolutely ridiculous. at some point, some things should have to change. we should not be the ones leading in situations where our elected officials and our paid officials are not. >> mr. roberts for tonight, it is the weekend and the governor was talking about community safety because of the curfew going in place but more folks traveling into the state, what do you think will face the national guard and charlotte police tonight. >> i pray as well as i am sure members of that community and around the country, we are praying together that there is some peace that comes this evening. what we have seen in the past is that when folks don't have a voice, when community don't have a voice, they're going to riot and it looks like there is some foul play in the situation. as a former cop, i can tell you there is a lot of questions that
12:00 pm
you see. we'll go in the analysis later. at this point, my hope to the community and my message to the community is let us talk about this. i will be your voice, i will talk to you or i will listen to you, i will represent your best interests. let us not go out into our community and destroy them. that's not going to change anything. i know the policies and i will represent the truth here. so we have to form a different leadership structure when the leaders that are elected don't. >> mr. roberts, we'll have to end it there. i know you will stick here at msnbc. my colleague, kate snow, is here to pick things up. >> thomas. thank you very much. we don't to follow this breaking news of this hour on the shooting of keith lamont scott. you are just goining us njoinin


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