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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  September 24, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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will not be simple. you gonna have to ride the belt. so simple, it's the obvious choice. i have liquids in my body! don't touch me. do not touch me. >> when anger builds -- >> [ bleep ]. you all started [ bleep ] with me. >> and people are pushed past their limits. watch out. >> did they just deck the bride? >> wedding parties collide. >> everybody is punching each other. >> the slap heard across the field. >> it was pandemonium. >> and it's the end of the line for an angry passenger. explosive outbursts. >> i want my mom! i want my mom! >> violent confrontations. >> [ bleep ]. >> outrageous behavior. >> get off the [ bleep ]. ah! [ bleep ]. crazy.
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"caught on camera: rage." it's the last stop on the train for this man when he has a meltdown, and another passenger takes action. >> that's when he got in his face with a [ bleep ], i'm going to kill you. [ bleep ], i'm going to kill you. >> september 27th, 2012. minneapolis, minnesota. it's a chilly 29 degrees as shawn daivari heads to the airport on the hiawatha train line. >> light rail in minneapolis is as nice and clean as you can get. >> but on this day, nice and clean gets down and dirty when a car full of commuters has to contend with an unruly passenger. >> when i first got on the train, he was just kind of,
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like, randomly yelling out, cussing a lot and stuff. i sat up in my seat, put on my headphones, pulled out my tablet like i always do. there were a lot of kids and older people on the train and stuff which really didn't bother me that much. i just thought it wasn't very polite. >> the security video is silent and low quality, but it appears from the man's body language he's getting more agitated by the second. >> he was just kind of moving up and down the trains not necessarily talking to one person, but just kind of being loud and obnoxious to anyone who was in earshot. i just sat back and kicked up my heels. i've got 20 minutes to ignore this guy and then things started escalating. >> when a train rolls into the next station, a request from a boarding passenger sends the agitated traveler off the rails. >> one specific guy got on his train with the bicycle and there was a bike rack where you lock your bikes up and he was kind of blocking the way. he was going, excuse me, excuse me. he was like, [ bleep ], [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. he was kind of just generally saying kind of all kinds of
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nasty stuff and cussing and swearing all over the place. and then, like is the case with all sorts of public transportation, there's always some crazy loony tune screaming and saying stuff. i've seen much worse and more crazier in manhattan and australia and stuff. everyone else from a small suburban midwest town, it was very unsettling for them. >> just off camera, one brave soul decides to take a stand against the bully, and he, too, finds himself the target of the man's verbal assault. >> it's, like, a little old asian guy was telling him to, like, hey, sit down, be quiet, you're making this train ride very uncomfortable and hostile for everybody. that's when he got in his face, [ bleep ], i'm going to kill you, i'm going to kill you. i kind of, like, looked around the train and saw everyone else. my first thought was, damn it, i'm the only guy who can do something about this. >> the belligerent passenger has no idea who was sitting behind him. shawn daivari is known in the professional wrestling world as sheik abdul bashir.
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>> the character i've played on all the shows i've been on is always the top villain. >> on this day, the villain is the hero. >> if you've seen the footage, i have to go up to grab him. i couldn't grab around his neck. i do a little jump. fortunately i was strong enough to be able to pull him down. fighting uphill always sucks. i knew i couldn't out-muscle him. so i had to choke him out. once he started fighting me off and hold himself up. his body was starting to lighten up and i grabbed him in a body scissor. there are a lot of ways to get out of it, or counter it. fortunately, he didn't know any so it worked out best for everybody. >> and just like that, the menacing passenger is down for the count. >> once he was out, like, i didn't know what my next step was. i mean, it's not something you hold on forever. it i don't want to kill the guy.
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it's also something if you let go of him, he's going to be back on his feet in 45 seconds. the train just happened to hit a stop and the doors opened up. i figured, like, get rid of him, throw him on the platform and hopefully no one else is there and no one else's problems. one guy said, help me throw him out because he was so heavy. i threw his backpack at him. someone threw my jacket. it was my jacket. it was an expensive coat, too. >> passengers may have been relieved, but metro transit officials recommend contacting authorities rather than taking matters into your own hands. >> what we would tell people to do would be to use that call box as you see people do in the video. >> there's a call box located in each train car which can be used to alert metro transit police. >> we saw the gentleman with the bicycle went over and used the call box to notify the rail operator. when that happened, our supervisors in the rail control center started to use the station cameras and focus in on what might be happening, and so what they see is basically customers just regularly getting off the train and then a man sort of gets shoved off and a
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couple men sort of follow him. and then they prevent him from getting back on the train. and the train pulls away. >> defeated and dazed, the man slowly gathers himself on the platform. police question both the man and witnesses, but no one presses charges. and shawn daivari shows that behind his bad guy persona on tv is a good man willing to help. >> this was a nice for one time, people see sean, people differentiate him from who they see on tv. coming up -- civility hits a road block. >> you're crazy. >> when "caught on camera: rage" continues. i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker. i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder what do i mark? because i'm everything. and i marked other.
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yeah. now what? >> the woman in this pickup truck believes another driver cut her off, and that makes her angry. >> [ bleep ], two people pass you before you all started [ bleep ] with me.
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>> august 18th, 2012. akron, ohio. 2:00 p.m. simon fulmer and his girlfriend are heading to a store when they cross paths with an aggressive driver in a school zone. >> there was a purple truck that was following us, and she got pretty upset when i slowed down to 20 miles an hour. so i changed lanes. and she changed lanes. so i changed lanes again to get out of her way. and i think she thought that i was trying to block her from going around. >> fulmer says he isn't deliberately provoking the woman, but she's clearly upset and becomes more aggressive. >> she came to the side of the car, again, and threw a cup at the car. that's when i told my girlfriend, you know, call the police and tell them that there's a pretty serious person on the road with some road rage. >> akron police and fire. >> there is a dodge truck. it is purple. they just threw a drinking glass out of their car at my car. >> his girlfriend is on the phone and fulmer records the woman's next move with his cell phone.
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though police say you really shouldn't record and drive. >> sometimes the best proof of things is a video. the police had said that they were only about 30 seconds away, and because she had thrown things at the car, if we were close enough, you know, just keep your distance. >> the couple does not heed police advice. >> she told us to pull into summit mall by putting her hand out of her truck and pointing toward the mall. >> fulmer pulls up next to the purple truck in the mall's parking lot and when the driver steps out of her vehicle, she's raging mad. >> they're pulling a bat out. >> yeah. now what? put your camera on. you let two [ bleep ] people pass you all before you all started [ bleep ] with me. >> we pulled probably about 30 feet from her. she got out of her car and started yelling even more, and then she pulled a bat out of her car. really surprised me, the first thing that went through my mind was there goes my windshield. >> but the woman isn't coming after fulmer's car. the passenger side window is
8:12 pm
open and the video shows the enraged woman reaching in and attacking fulmer's girlfriend. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> they're that in my car and they stole my glasses. >> she slapped her. it's kind of like, wow, she's taking it to even a higher level of smacking her. i think she was trying to knock the phone away, but she slapped her and she hit her glasses. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> and in my car and they're hitting me. >> i was really upset that she took it to the extreme that she did and the whole time i was just thinking to myself, where are the police and when are they going to show up? somebody that has a shirt on that says "no stress, no pressure, no problem," she takes the littlest thing on the road to a complete road rage. eff you guys this, eff you guys that. she was just cursing up a storm. >> fulmer's girlfriend calmly relays what's happening. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> they're in my car and hitting me.
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they stole my glasses. they just threw my glasses at me, ripped them off of my face. i want them arrested for assault. >> she's always been good at keeping her cool, and there was yelling back and forth wasn't going to change anything. so try and do the better thing. >> police are on their way, but fulmer gets out of his car and confronts the bat-wielding woman. >> ripped them off of my face. i want them arrested for assault. >> i want you arrested for assault because you guys are the ones that tried to run me off the [ bleep ] road. >> threatening with a deadly weapon. >> oh, please. >> [ bleep ]. the police are on the way. >> go get them. go get them. call them. because you're the ones -- i got a witness here, too. >> she's on the phone with them. >> you two are the ones that were driving in front of me trying to get me to hit your damn car. >> you know what, this is the witness. this is the witness. >> okay. you're a witness. >> go on. oh, here they are. good stuff. >> eric hendrickson with the
8:14 pm
fairlawn police department arrives on the scene. >> when i arrived they were still arguing pretty heavily, and i wanted to get them separated. that way i could talk to them to try to figure out what happened. >> both sides give conflicting stories about what leads up to the confrontation, but the video reveals what happens in the parking lot once they pull over. >> after we reviewed the video that simon showed us, we approached ms. brown, advised her that the incident had been caught on tape, and it had been determined that she was the primary aggressor in the situation. we placed miss brown under arrest. >> she pleads guilty to assault and aggravated menacing. she serves five days in county jail. even though fulmer's video is useful to the police, hendrickson warns once again against taking matters into your own hands. >> confronting the suspect in this type of situation isn't advisable. if you can keep your distance while you're on the phone with
8:15 pm
the 911 dispatcher, that way you're not putting yourself in harm's way. for simon to exit the vehicle, put himself into a dangerous situation. >> as for simon, he has second thoughts about his actions that day. >> it's probably something i should have just let go and just keep driving because it wasn't worth all the hassle. it wasn't worth what it was. >> it's not good to lose your cool with another driver. and you really should take a deep breath before you scream at a police officer. >> are you [ bleep ] crazy? i wasn't speeding, you [ bleep ] fool. >> july 16th, 1992, lincoln, maine. state trooper steven murray is patrolling a busy expressway when a red suv zips by. >> checked his speed and saw he was going 30 miles over the posted speed limit. within the 40 mile zone, the vehicle was coming at me at 75 miles per hour. >> murray stops the speeding vehicle. the police dash cam shows the
8:16 pm
officer walking toward the suv when the driver erupts into a shrieking fit of rage. >> i'll have to plead guilty. i have to work. i can't afford to take the day off. you damn, [ bleep ]. >> i knew almost immediately this wasn't going to be your typical traffic stop. when i approached the vehicle, he was upset. you can hear him say that. just give me this thing and let me get the bleep out of here. >> i know what i do. you're ripping me off. >> murray stands a couple of feet from the driver's window and attempts to explain the ticket. >> can i explain to you, sir, so you'll know what you need to do? >> but the driver doesn't want to hear it. >> i don't deserve it because i didn't do nothing wrong. just give me the [ bleep ] ticket, and i'll look at the date. if i'm working, i'll pay the [ bleep ] fine because i can't afford to take the day off. >> unfazed by the man's tirade, murray makes a second attempt to explain the ticket. >> what i need you to do is sign the "x" so i can explain this to you. >> the driver's need for speed got him in trouble in the past. he's already quite familiar with
8:17 pm
the procedure. >> i got picked up for speeding before. you're guilty and pay the fine and hope your insurance doesn't go up and try not to speed the next time. that's what i've been trying to do for four, five years. it's worked damn good, until i run into you, you asshole. >> the driver simmers down enough for murray to read the instructions. >> this says you have 20 days to respond to this summons. read the back of this hard copy. this will explain how you can have a trial if you want to. >> when the driver learns the price of his ticket, he has another meltdown. >> the fine's right here, sir. it's $137.50. >> you're [ bleep ] crazy. ah! i can't -- you're [ bleep ] crazy. >> when he grabbed the ticket book, there's always the potential for danger. his heightened arousal, i would say, is beyond normal. he's very excited and that could have led to a lot of things. when you watch the video, you can see the vehicle going back and forth. he's just, like, shaking in his seat, going back and forth. he's moving back and forth. grabbing the steering wheel and screaming and hollering. he was so upset. my thought pattern was that this guy needs to vent.
8:18 pm
this is going to make him feel better, then by all means get it out. >> it's unclear if this is making him feel any better, but vent he does. >> you're [ bleep ] crazy. ah! i can't -- you're [ bleep ] crazy. >> unlike the driver, trooper murray keeps a noticeably cool demeanor. >> if you don't pick these up, sir, i'm going to summons you for littering. >> are you [ bleep ] crazy? i wasn't even speeding, you damn, [ bleep ]. $100 and some dollars? jesus. >> at that time, littering was $100. i would have wrote him another summons if he refused that because that's just a blatant disrespect and disregard for everything. there's some more right there. >> i've never heard of a fine like that in my life, you [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. you damn, miserable [ bleep ].
8:19 pm
jesus christ. >> he called me lots of things. very descriptive, colorful wording. that my mother was proud of. >> though murray is on the receiving end of the lengthy outburst, he takes mercy on the driver. >> i'm giving you a warning on the failure to produce insurance. that's expired. >> can i give you another one? >> no. >> my wife told me it was expiring today. she went and paid her -- >> expired on 10th. today is the 16th. >> even though the driver's having a bad day, he's optimistic about a brighter future. >> but there is hope, and i'm going to watch it tonight when bill clinton gives his acceptance speech. >> it was toward the end of the traffic stop, so at that point, everything was over. so that was the last of his speech that i was allowing. i did allow him. so he took the podium and he gave his speech. >> because there is hope. if we can get this economy going again and start feeding people, and get fools like you to do
8:20 pm
something decent instead of picking up some [ bleep ] innocent guy that wasn't speeding to begin with. >> bye. when you have a person like this, that certainly adds to the stress of your day. so what i'm thinking is, you know, the rest of my shift going to be this way? is the rest of my career going to be this way? i was glad it was over. bye. coming up -- here comes the bride. and here comes the brawl. >> did they just deck the bride? >> when "caught on camera: rage" continues. ...and clogged the gutter system creating a leak in the roof. luckily the spider recently had geico help him with homeowners insurance. water completely destroyed his swedish foam mattress. he got full replacement
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priority number one is keeping those lights on. it takes ingenuity to defeat the monsters that live in the dark. when two wedding parties clash into a hotel lobby, it's an all-out bridal brawl. >> did they just deck the bride? >> october 14th, 2012. philadelphia, pennsylvania. max schultz of harrisburg is celebrating his 15th birthday in
8:24 pm
the city of brotherly love. >> we kind of just drove around the city, did all the usual philadelphia tourist things. >> when max and his family return to their hotel at night, there's a wedding taking place. >> as we were walking into hotel, there was a sign outside that said, you know, welcome, wedding guests. we saw some people around dressed fancy. >> when the schultz family turns in for the night, the wedding guests continue to party on the floor below. >> the wedding party had been going on kind of all night. we've been hearing them yell, yell and shout, and it sounds like they're having a good time. but i realize, you know, hey, like, these people don't really sound like they're having fun anymore. >> when he woke me up in the middle of the night, he said, hey, mom, something major's going on. we have to go down and check it out. >> just to give you the idea of a noise level, i sleep with ear plugs and a noise machine, and this basically woke me out of a sound sleep. >> max and his parents
8:25 pm
investigate the disturbance. >> oh, my goodness. >> and police are swarming the hotel lobby. >> this is really not something you see every day. and i thought, hey, you know, i'm here, i have an iphone. people might be interested in this. >> it's hard to follow what happens next, but the wedding celebration descends into a brawl. >> once the physical fighting broke out, i mean, it was just kind of chaos down there. everybody was punching each other. police were punching people. and people were punching police. and it's a mess. there was so much screaming and yelling. there were probably 100 people with a whole lot of cops there. the cops were trying to control the situation, i think, by whatever means necessary. at that point, i saw a cop take down a lady in a, what looked like a long white dress and thought that might have been the
8:26 pm
bride. >> the fight goes on for more than 20 minutes before police can get the crowd under control. >> after the fight, they put a couple people in handcuffs and escorted them out of the hotel. >> police say guests from the wedding being held at the hotel were having a disagreement when a second wedding party from another venue showed up at the hotel bar. it's unclear what transpires between the two groups, but the disagreement escalates. the violent night turns tragic for one of the families involved in the fight. >> nbc 10 has learned the uncle of one bride collapsed, suffered a heart attack, and tie -- died at a local hospital. >> what we found out later that the uncle of the bride had died that night, and it just kind of made us feel a lot differently about what happened. it went from just, you know, a crazy, wild situation to more of a sad one. >> despite the number of people involved in the fight, only two wedding guests are arrested. matthew sofka and brian lanza. both men are from the same party. they're brought up on numerous
8:27 pm
charges. a judge finds sofka not guilty. lanza pleads guilty to simple assault and all other charges are dropped. as for max schultz, he has this video of a reminder of his 15th birthday. >> it's my freaking birthday. go to bed. this situation happened again, i'd definitely film it. a crazy thing. never going to forget this birthday. >> these weddings end in violence, but this couple doesn't even get to say "i do" before their celebration turns into a furious fight. november 28th, 2009. arakipa, peru. the district is hosting its traditional mass wedding. remi cadillo and max gutierrez are covering the annual event for a local television station. they've covered mass weddings before, but this time they're looking for a fresh approach. >> translator: the truth is that the whole story i was building was a bit boring, and i couldn't get a good angle for it. >> but that's about to change.
8:28 pm
they start interviewing this couple, edwin ortiz and his blushing bride. >> translator: and during the interview, the guy seemed nervous. but remi asked him, do you love her? and he put the microphone next to him and the guy looked to both sides and then he said, yes. >> translator: then i started gathering information, and i thought to build my story, edwin's story would be one of the most interesting ones. and lucky me, it was the most interesting one. >> interesting because cadillo's simple love story gets decidedly more complicated. a group of women storm the auditorium and start pounding on the groom. >> translator: they started screaming and punching him and saying, that man is an adulterer. he has two children. how can he possibly get married if he has a wife at home? he's tricking this woman. >> his wife's family is furious that he's getting hitched to another woman.
8:29 pm
they unceremoniously run him out of the auditorium and into a stairway. standing by his side and defending her son until the end, ortiz's mother tries to shield him from the ambush and the women show her no mercy. meanwhile, another woman chases the would-be bride from the auditorium. the frazzled bride had no idea that the man she was minutes away from marrying was already taken. >> translator: and he had started a relationship with this woman, and he obviously hid everything from her. she didn't find out anything. she didn't know he was in another relationship and that he was a father. >> ortiz doesn't get a second chance at tieing the knot. security guards break up the fight and throw him and his relatives out of the event. once the unruly group is gone, the ceremony continues. after the incident, the bride goes into hiding. >> translator: like magic, she disappeared.
8:30 pm
she left the scene and nobody saw her for days. >> as for cadillo and gutierrez, they certainly got the fresh angle they wanted for this story. >> translator: i mean, an event like that, you'd never think it would happen. but, wow, i was lucky enough to have the camera rolling and captured the scene. >> translator: during all my years as a cameraman for television, i've never seen anything like that. coming up -- >> leave me alone. [ bleep ]. >> new technology meets an old-fashioned beatdown. when "caught on camera: rage" continues. [ electricity crackles ] hey at least you got your homeowners insurance through progressive. by bundling it with your car insurance you saved a ton! yeah. do you want to see the rest of the house?
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i'm dara brown. breaking news out of washington state where police have captured a suspect wanted for killing five people in a shooting spree at a mall in burlington. no details on the motive, but police are expected to speak shortly. charlotte police have released dash cam and body cam
8:34 pm
footage of the deadly shooting of keith lamont scott. it's unclear from the footage if there was a gun or anything else in scott's hands before the shots were fired. now it's back to "caught on camera." a wild chase to recover a missing iphone turns violent. >> leave me alone, [ bleep ]. leave me alone. >> when the owner confronts the man he believes has it. december 30th, 2012. san diego, california. sundays at torrey pine state beach are typically quiet. on this day, it's anything but. >> get on the [ bleep ] ground. now. >> two men exchange blows on the sand while a third man records every punch. >> leave me alone. >> so what started this scuffle? >> you have my [ bleep ] cell phone, dude. >> 48 hours earlier, kenneth schmidgall is rocking out at a concert when his iphone disappears.
8:35 pm
>> i never panicked because i have the iphone tracker. >> the iphone tracker, or find my iphone app, uses gps satellite to provide the location of a missing device. >> when i first logged into the find my iphone app, i saw it stationary in encinitas, and it kept staying there all day so i figured maybe somebody at the show had found it. when i woke up sunday morning and checked the tracker again, it moved all the way to carlsbad. at that point, i knew it was on somebody. >> schmidgall and his roommate, greg, watch the iphone make its way around the san diego area. in an effort to reach the person who has the phone, the friends send a few kind words using a find my iphone feature on kenny's computer. >> you can do a message to the iphone tracker, so i was sending alerts and said, hey, this is my phone. if you can contact me, that would be wonderful.
8:36 pm
>> when they get more response, they send more aggressive messages. >> i kept changing the message every once in a while. i know where you are. i know you have my phone. kind of just kept building up until i started to get a little angry about it. >> after four hours of watching his phone ping-pong around san diego, the friends decide it's time for action. terkelson, a camera man by trade, uses his iphone to document the search. >> we both got up and were like, okay, let's go get this thing. we got in the car. we start following it and start going up there, up to la jolla. >> the beacon was moving faster than somebody on foot, but slower than a vehicle. we kept driving back and forth. then we realized we keep seeing this same guy on a bike. >> let's pass him one more time and then go? >> no, pass him up a little bit and i'll [ bleep ] get out. >> all right. >> i believe he knew we were following him. i think he saw our car pass him multiple times. >> yeah, he's looking over his shoulder. >> stop, get -- [ bleep ] stop.
8:37 pm
>> with the suspected culprit identified, the guys call for backup. >> i'll [ bleep ] call the sheriff, dude. like, i don't care. >> we called police. they start to send out a couple units. they tell us, stay put. we want to look at your screen. we want to see what you're seeing. >> but against the advice of the police, the duo follows the man, and they continue to record the pursuit. >> that's not him in front of us, is it? >> yeah, it is. >> the phones are determined to get the phone back, but the man denies stealing it and is set on keeping it. >> when we saw him the second time was down at la jolla shores. >> go. >> that's when i got out of the car and was able to tell him he had my phone. >> but schmidgall is not able to stop him and gets back into the car. the roommates follow the beacon again and intercept the cyclist about seven miles up the coast. but the encounter turns violent. >> leave me alone, [ bleep ]. >> i walked up to him and said, dude, you have my phone. he started screaming, i don't have your phone, i don't have your phone.
8:38 pm
i said, i've been tracking you, i know you have it. >> leave me alone, [ bleep ]. leave me alone. >> so they're throwing punches, and he got ahold of his backpack. he kind of pulls his backpack off. at this point, we still don't know where the phone is exactly. i'm telling him, you know, get on the ground, stop punching my friend. i have pepper spray. i will use it if i have to. >> he says the man reveals the iphone, but he's so caught up in the heat of the moment that he doesn't capture this on camera. >> and i'm, you know, threatening with the pepper spray. he pulls the phone out of his pocket and right there, we're like, that's the phone. >> look, i didn't steal from you, [ bleep ]. >> that is your phone. >> yes, it is. >> i recognize the case. >> schmidgall gets his phone back, but the fight is not over. he makes good on his threat to use pepper spray. >> take him down. >> the guy lunged at greg. he pepper sprayed him. it didn't keep the guy down at
8:39 pm
all and he kept coming at us and coming at us. >> he puts down the phone and joins the fight. >> i'll [ bleep ] pepper spray you. get on the ground. >> with two against one, the pepper sprayed man is defeated. >> you're hurting my wrist. get these guys off me. >> they restrain the alleged thief for several minutes before police arrive on scene. >> relax. >> i'm a cop. i said i'm a police officer. >> he's a cop. listen to him. >> i had a busted lip on top and bottom and some scratches on my face. >> the guy looked a little worse off than i did. >> the man is led away in handcuffs and schmidgall is happy to have his phone. the police consider the two men mutual combatants. >> the lesson i learned from this, pay more attention to my phone. >> don't just go out there thinking, oh, i'm going to get into a fight and get my phone back. that's not at all what we wanted to do. but if you're going to go out there and try to get your stuff back, if you're going to track your stuff down, involve law enforcement prior to doing
8:40 pm
anything. >> dude, get on the [ bleep ] ground. coming up -- in custody and inconsolable. >> i want my mom! i want my mom! >> when "caught on camera: rage" continues. kwlrp i work 'round the clock.
8:41 pm
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8:44 pm
>> he was causing a scene in the lobby, using profanity, cursing another patron. when he came outside, he continued to yell, use profanities. a crowd started to gather out front. he started to yell profanities at the crowd. >> a police dash cam captures three officers surrounding the belligerent man. >> all we want to do is get his i.d. and send him on his way. he refuses. he doesn't want to cooperate. he's refusing to comply with our orders. refused to give us his i.d. at one point, he finally did pull out his i.d. and throw it at officer delgado's feet. at that point we decided this is it. we're going to arrest him for disorderly conduct. >> just out of camera range, an intense struggle erupts between the police and the man. >> get on the ground. >> they put him in handcuffs, but he refuses to get into acosta's patrol car without a fight. >> i grabbed him, and i got him to the ground. he started to flail his feet,
8:45 pm
kick, scream, yell, again with the profanities. his temper rose again. officer dean ran up and assisted me trying to get his feet situated. >> it takes all three officers to force him into the back seat of the car. >> would not stop kicking. >> help me. help me. help me. >> once they get him in the car, he can be seen on a camera facing the back seat. >> ah! >> he cries. begs. >> please, i did not do anything. >> spits. and when the police don't release him, he violently kicks his feet and bashes his head in the back of the car. >> what the [ bleep ]. >> enraged, he continues to battle the police, refusing to remove his leg from the door.
8:46 pm
>> when you release your leg, it won't hurt anymore. >> [ bleep ] you. you hurt me, man. you hurt me. >> we're about to tase you. >> don't hurt me. >> they're about to tase you. >> he would not listen. warned him numerous times if he did not cooperate, he was going to be tased. again, he did not care, refused. at which point i administered a drive with my taser to his chest. >> acosta's stun gun delivers 50,000 volts of electricity to his body, but the powerful jolt does not subdue him. >> when i tased him, he dislodged his leg from the door frame. he kicked me in the face, which time i backed and reengaged him and administered a second drive send. >> put it in. >> that swift kick fractures acosta's nose. though the second zap doesn't quiet him, he removes his leg from the door and officers take off for county jail. but he doesn't stay still for long.
8:47 pm
>> he's banging his head numerous times. worried about him injuring himself, damaging the patrol car. he'd be calm for a moment then he'll escalate. be calm and then he'll escalate again. just screaming. he didn't do anything wrong. >> i didn't do anything. >> calling for his mom. >> i want my mom! >> crying. fits of rage. back to screaming again. >> ah! >> kicking the back partition. then he'll be calm again. it was a very emotional ride for him. >> i swear to god, do not touch me. you do not [ bleep ] touch me. >> after a bizarre 15-minute car ride, he finally settles down when he arrives at the jail. >> i'm good. i'm good. >> when he got to the jail, he was sweating profusely. he had a bruise on the crown of his head from banging his head on the partition. >> he is brought up on numerous charges, including battery on a
8:48 pm
law enforcement officer, resisting an officer with violence, and disorderly intoxication. he pleads guilty to all counts and is sentenced to five years probation. as for acosta, this is an arrest to remember. >> we have several bars in altamont so deal with a lot of intoxicated people. out of all the incidents i've dealt with, restraining a subject in the backseat, this is probably the worst one i've had to deal with. >> i want my mom! i want my mom! coming up, unsportsmanlike conduct. when "caught on camera: rage" continues. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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sharing a ten by ten room,ng threestruggling.nding, i rent this place and then i started home sharing. my roommates help out all the time. they are glad to meet the guests and that opportunity that airbnb has given me is such a priceless gift. i was able to take three months off to take car of my family during a family tragedy. the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life. a kid's football game spirals out of control. >> he's coming after us. >> when the grown-ups stop playing nice. october 13th, 2012. it's a hot afternoon in west park, florida. and the game between the west
8:52 pm
park saints and miramar patriots is even hotter, as they battle it out in the youth football semifinals. patrick manuel, a coach for the miramar patriots, is excited about the game. >> there had been a lot of hype around the game. south florida youth football even has its own dedicated channel for youth sports. >> and dion robinson, a each for the west park saints is just as pumped. >> the atmosphere was good, because it was like number one versus number two and we really wanted to see what was better. miramar or west park. >> it's the second half of the game, and the score is 8-6, patriots. >> every call was a big deal. there seemed to be a series of calls in a row that actually had both sidelines a little bit on edge. >> come on, we don't need any of these penalties. >> but when this referee calls two penalties in a row against the west park saints, tempers
8:53 pm
flare. >> he throw threw a flag, i said what for? >> number 7. i can't throw a flag when the guy is almost down the field. when i said that there, he threw another flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. >> this isn't captured on camera, but dion robinson says after the heated exchange, the referee shoves one of his players on the field. >> when he walked through, it was not like a little bump. >> the alleged push on his player pushes robinson over the edge. >> that's when i come out there on the field, i'm telling him, you have to apologize to the player. he tells me he doesn't have to apologize. you don't hit a kid like that. >> alex chisholm, a coach, watches as the intense confrontation unfolds. >> i wasn't standing that far away when he got into his face. i saw all of it. like, what's really going on? i see their coaches running on the field. at this time, all the kids just start dispersing. so there's a lot of words exchanged. i guess the environment became too hostile. so at that point, there was a
8:54 pm
referee with a white cap who we referred to as the white cap. he called the game. >> the game is called, and the west park saints are disqualified. while the miramar patriots start celebrating. saints coach dion robinson doesn't act so saintly. >> dion, he started to trot behind the referee as they were trying to escort them off the field. >> he's coming after him. >> i'm like, okay, what the heck is going on? there was pandemonium. >> get the kids off the field. >> going right to his left. then i just came. the open slap. if you look at the video, it shows a slap. >> the blow knocks the referee to the ground. >> open hand slap with my left hand. and i'm right handed. he was acting. >> get the kids. get the kids. >> the referee quickly gets up and heads to the patriots' sideline, but he's being
8:55 pm
followed. >> you have coaches, parents. everybody was coming on the field. everybody came towards one ref. >> all these adults on the field, there's all this commotion. >> robinson lunges at the referee again. this time, a parent restrains him and escorts him off the field. but the crowd is still stirred up. >> if you're looking at the tape, you'll see me in the right hand corner. i'm getting into an argument with another guy. there's almost another fight right there. >> the heightened emotions start to subside, and the crowd scatters. >> i think everybody may have been caught off guard, but i think everybody acted rationally and realized, you know, the best thing we can do right now is pack everybody up and get in our cars and get out of here. >> the fight makes headline news, and feeling pressured, robinson turns himself into the police two days later. he's charged with battery on a sports official and pleads guilty. he is sentenced to 18 months on
8:56 pm
probation and is no longer allowed to coach. >> so what comes next? you got to protect. and that's what i was doing. protecting. if i could turn back and have the game again, and the same situation, if he didn't apologize, yeah, i'd do it again. sometimes in sports, the action is on the sidelines. october 24th, 1992. nackatish, louisiana. the turpin stadium is packed with college football fans as they watch two rival teams battle for bragging rights. >> the atmosphere for typical for a game. pretty intense. great crowd. our stadium holds 15,000 and it was close to a sellout. >> even though the competition is fierce among the players, the real tension is brewing between the mascots. it's the ulm mascot chief brave
8:57 pm
spirit versus northwestern state mascot, vick the demon. >> he came all the way over to the other school's side and tapped me on the shoulder and called me out into the end zone. i never went into someone else's turf like that. >> to the northwestern mascot, vick the demon, this behavior is crossing the line. >> i wasn't taunting him. walking back to my side. and, you know, you followed me out here. so i don't know what you want to do. the only thing he said at first was not to embarrass him in front of his school. >> chief brave spirit slaps vick the demon, and it doesn't go over well with the already agitated mascot. >> the main thing going through my mind when the slap in the face happened was i'm not going down in front of my school. i just kind of lost it and went after him. >> i did kind of indent his face a little bit. the slight slap. i didn't know his whole head was just foam. i thought it would have been
8:58 pm
like mine. it was a hard, hard helmet. >> vick the demon uses his gloved fist to deliver a blow to the chief. >> then i realize, okay, he's not just play fighting. because i didn't actually hurt his person. i hit his foam hit which didn't even touch him. we're going to have to do this, i guess. >> the fight is now the main focus of the thousands of screaming fans. they kick and punch each other. vick the demon lunges at the chief and takes him down, but when the chief hits the ground, he breaks the unwritten rule in the mascot world. >> my head was ripped off, and from there, it's a little bit of a blur. the next thing i remember is kind of swinging him over my hip sort of and jumping on top of him. >> i was a bit concerned when the mask came off, but at that point in time, the chief was on the ground and vick may have lost his mask, but the chief is the one who ended up on his butt on the ground. >> beheaded and out for revenge,
8:59 pm
shane goes after the chief's head. but his is secured with a chin strap. >> i grabbed his ponytail. i was trying to pull his head off. the ponytail slipped right through my gloved hands. i actually grabbed the two sides of his head and i was pulling. i probably drug him five feet or something. that's how i remember it. i may not have dragged him very far. i pounced on top of him and shoved his head. i could see, like, this much of him. >> police separate the feuding mascots. they both throw their hands up and declare victory. while the chiefs team wins the actual football game, two decades later, the winner of the mascot fight is debatable. >> i kept my head on. anytime you lose your head literally or physically, i think you're at the wrong end of the fight. >> he did throw his hands up in victory, but i was picked up from being on top of him. so i feel like, personally, that i was on top, so i won.
9:00 pm
when our feet leave the ground, there's no telling how high we could go. >> i wish i could get on that cloud and float. >> i said to myself if i see blackness, i'm going to freak out. >> or how hard we can fall. >> i felt like i'm about to die because 60 feet is not enough for my parachute to open. >> in this hour, two midair collisions send daredevils plummeting to earth. a lurching plane drops from the sky and crashes


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