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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 25, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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panera. food as it should be. paragraph hello, everyone. i'm joy reid coming to you live from hofstra university on new york's long island. right here in 24 hours hillary clinton will face off against donald trump in an historic debate that promises to be one to remember. now i want to bring in my guest msnbc contributor, from radio networks and msnbc political analyst hugh hewitt. let's go through and talk about some of these polls, friends. let's start with this question about what college educated white women are going to do. this is a group that typically actually votes republican. white women typically vote republican, 14 points for mitt romney. right now hillary clinton is winning them 57-32%.
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hugh hewitt is that a problem for donald trump. >> it's an enormous problem. he's got to do better among college educated white, men and women. not just women but men and women. it's his biggest deficit. also perhaps with a good debate performance he could make up the most ground and she could lose the most ground. you've nailed it, it is his biggest vulnerability. >> ej, same question to you, one of the reasons donald trump struggled to get to this 90% was this lag between college educated men and women. is this is a winnable cohort because hillary clinton is for them the same way barack obama was for african-american voters? >> i've been saying the only way you could ensure donald trump's selection is to repeal women's suffrage. if you look at his deficit among women generally,
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and college educated women in particular, it's such a huge barrier to getting past hillary clinton, even though obviously the polls have closed since the convention. i'm not sure, particularly in the college educated women group, that it is simply or even primarily a voting for the first woman president, although a lot of women would like that to happen. i think donald trump's attitudes towards issues, the attitudes he's shown toward women, his views on a lot of questions of concern to them, the sense that he lashes out at groups he doesn't like, none of those go down well with college educated women. >> and april ryan, there does seem to be a dichotomy between these sort of excitement level of african-american women, of hispanic women and white women quite frankly on the question of, a, hillary clinton being the first woman president and donald trump, the intensity of dislike
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for him. african-american women seem to be intensely against donald trump in a way some groups are not. do you think that is enough and is there enough pro active excitement to vote for hillary clinton to help her get over the finish line. >> as i said before, the pro active excitement has to be ignited a little more. when it comes to women in general, particularly when it comes to college -- women who attended college and women who are self-starters, when they look at someone like donald trump and these women are trying to make ends meet, trying to make it work and trying to break glass ceilings on the job, they hear this kind of thing from donald trump, things he said about carly fiorina, things he said about rosie o'donnell and also the female fox commentator, they take a step back. they understand i've had to deal with this before in the workplace, maybe even the home, i don't know if i want that present. yes, there is a bit of i'm happy
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that hillary is a woman and she's breaking glass ceilings, i think at the same time she needs a little bit more magic and momentum on her side. donald trump for many women trying to make ends meet as women are more and more becoming sole provider particularly for minorities in their home and the single parent person in their home. donald trump is really a death knell for them. i think. >> there is a question of style, whether they come across likable. i want to ask about panelists, substantive issues and which will be more salient for voters. we do hope people are listening for answers on substance. the latest polling shows on the issue, economy donald trump has the advantage over hillary clinton 50-43. on terrorism they are approximately tied, trump is 47, hillary clinton 45. in etdics in government, they are approximately tied, trump up
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one point. on immigration, hillary clinton is up three points depending on the margin of error, pretty close to tied as well. hugh hewitt, which of those issues -- i would throw in two more, supreme court and russia, donald trump's ties to russia. which do you think will be the most lethal and most beneficial. >> in reverse order, most beneficial with donald trump. it's interesting with your interview with rob reiner, i want to talk about supreme court. i think hillary clinton has the problem and a lot of conservatives will end up voting for donald trump because of the supreme court and not just supreme court but 80 plus vacancies on the bench. she has advantage on mastery of facts and mastery of the country in a crisis. i can't believe anyone who thinks crisis would think, we're better off with donald trump. he could change that. her biggest problem, by contrast, the other issue you do not list there, is change of
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direction. is the country headed in the wrong direction. overwhelmingly the answer is yes when polled and that usually spells disaster for the in couple ben party. i'll regime to e.j. you and april are too young to remember reagan had a problem of being disliked intensely over 25 to 30 years. secretary clinton has that same nixonian problem of being disliked intensely and leads to an enthusiasm gap, enormous enthusiasm gap between her supporters and trump supporters. >> real quickly before i go onto the other panel, hugh, donald trump is more disliked. polls show he's the most disliked. i want to ask one more question we didn't touch on, russia. do you think this issue -- it has to come up in the debate, i can't imagine lester holt doesn't bring it up. is this issue a problem and problematic for republican voters? >> i don't think so and here is the reason. crimea was not russian when president obama took off and secretary of state clinton
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handed vladimir putin's second in command medvedev the reset country. the ukraine, secretary of state reset button. russia works against facts with hillary clinton. putinesque interest, elite media meme that may be working against hillary clinton as she tries to explain why the reset button went so very, very wrong. >> i don't think people talk about the reset button but tie, direct tie. but i'll let e.j. your witness. >> russia would be a problem if hewitt was running against her but he's not, donald trump is. the warm, chummy things donald trump has said about vladimir putin, the one change in the republican platform to take out a condemnation of what happened in the ukraine, trump is
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genuinely scary to conservative republicans because of his ties to russia. and to go back, the issue i think hillary needs to focus on is the economy. she should not have that deficit on the economy that she does now, and i think it is, a, questioning what sort of business guy donald trump was, trump university and all kinds of other transactions. but b, taking a look at his tax plan. i would love a simple question of donald trump, can you explain your tax plan and how these tax cuts actually benefit working people, because they really don't. >> that is a good question. i hope it comes up. i hope that comes up and i hope the carter page question which troubles me more than anything else, question of whether or not adviser of donald trump was meeting with officials there, i think is pretty salient. what do you think is?
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>> one piece you did not put in there, lethal for donald trump, the issue of criminal justice and also policing. i think that is a big issue for donald trump particularly when it comes to what's happening now. he's been flip flopping. one person when it came to the primaries and now he's another person leading up to this november 8th election. i believe terrorism. i believe if she plays it right, i believe hillary clinton can win on that. but of course they are going to bring up the e-mail issue. that could be either-or for her. she's going to have to knock that out of the part and explain when it comes to terror and the issue with benghazi and the e-mails so she's going to have to walk a fine line with that to hit it out of the park. for donald trump i believe russia is definitely a death knell for him. his relationship to putin and also talking about the hacking of computers particularly as we're hearing about a lot of hacking going on right now with airline hacking, the first
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lady's information has been hacked. i think that's a big piece for him as well. >> let's talk about the expectations game. i think this is what a lot of people are playing out there in the world along with the drinking games they will be playing during this debate. let's listen to the battle of the expectations between campaign manager for hillary clinton and kellyanne conway for donald trump. >> a double standard. donald trump can't lie on the debate stage and win or even get a passing grade. donald trump cannot demonstrate that he doesn't have a command of the issues and get a passing grade. so all that we're asking is that donald trump show he is ready to be president of the united states. >> i can understand why the clinton camp is very nervous, because donald trump has got great president stature, he's a brilliant debater. newt gingrich put it best, former speaker said donald trump is the best debater he's seen. he's like the babe ruth of
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debates, he shows up and swings and does a great job. >> hugh hewitt, there has been an attempt to lower expectations, that's always what campaigns do going ahead, one person unfairly advantaged by the media. in your view, who has the advantage, just on the expectations game, going into tomorrow night. >> donald trump is expected to lose, so he has the advantage in the expectation game. that meme is common, the mass infantry of the elite media all believe secretary clinton's 38 one-on-one debates, maybe it's 40, maybe it's 36, i'm not sure, can you fact check me. but she has done this with bernie sanders. she did it with president obama. she has had so much more experience one-on-one. now, i've watched donald up close. i've got some trump tattoos to prove it. he's very good. he took them out one by one by one. but this is a new reality show for him. >> he was said to be the babe ruth of debating by his team but hugh hewitt says he's not got the advantage, has the advantage
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in terms of lower expectation. april ryan, who has the advantage in terms of the expectations game? >> when it comes to optics, hillary clinton looks presidential and donald trump does not, so the expectation is she will have the look. when it comes to the verbiage and knowledge of the information, she has been in the executive branch as the first lady. she's been -- and helped her husband. she's been in the legislative branch. she knows the issues. i believe she has a wealth of knowledge. the expectation for him is when she puts him in the corner. he's going to come out swinging with those one-liners as we know. my expectation is she will knock it out of the park unless he throws her off her game. >> this is interesting two-fer, let's go to number three. e.j., you're my closer, who has the advantage in terms of the expectation game tomorrow night. >> i agree with you. the expectations of trump are very low, so that helps him.
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although i think every democrat should quote kellyanne conway and say what a great debater trump is to try to flip that. here is a thought. the expectations may not matter nearly as much as one or two moments in the debate. if the expectations overwhelm all of the analysis, then the expectations game matters. if there are just a few moments you show and everybody on television shows over and over that help either hillary clinton or donald trump, the expectations won't matter, those moments are what's going to matter. >> you will see kind of the power as hugh hewitt called mass armada of the media. whatever gets shown over and over and over again, that is what people remember. that's the agreement by all. my guest will be back later in the hour. up next, a decision by an ohio court that could have a major impact on the upcoming election. stay with us. for lower back pain sufferers,
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he was in five or six swing states just this week and every single time it was a policy speech. so tomorrow will be nothing new for him. >> in battleground ohio fox news shows trump up by five points. ohio could be decided in the courts. friday ohio courts ruled against purging voters from the roles. here to explain nina turner and civil rights attorney. thank you both for being here. let's start with purging it's self. a reuters story about the number percentaged says the following, the ohio voter percentage found the number of votes percentaged in counties include cleveland, cincinnati and columbus in the three biggest counties at least 144,000 voters have been removed, according to reuters analysis.
3:18 pm
the statewide total is unclear. another quote from that story. in franklin county, home to capital of columbus, 11% of voters in democratic leading neighborhoods have been percentaged since 2012 due to inactivity. only 6% of voters in republican neighborhoods have been percentaged. how did this happen? in your view, did this ruling fix it in time for the election? >> well, the numbers could be in the hundreds of thousands. i've spoken with council who represented homeless coalition in this case. how it happens is you have an ohio secretary of state who very aggressively wants to remove voters from the roles for inactivity when that was specifically prohibited by federal law. that's what the sixth circuit court of appeals held. it was barred from federal law -- he was barred from federal law from doing what he did. >> could it be a coincidence that so many more voters in democratic leading counties are being percentaged than in
3:19 pm
republican leading counties to vote? >> well, it's only a coincidence if you start to view every other activity from the ohio secretary of state and ohio attorney general, dewine, both republicans as being coincidental they continue to affect voters, in particular african-american, other voters transient, who change addresses, change registration. at some opponent you have to look at all these data points and say, look, they are going after democratic leaning voters. they can't help themselves and they simply can't respect democracy and let democracy flourish in ohio. >> you ran for secretary of state against this gentleman, who is there now. one of the issues you repeatedly brought up was the seeming hostility to the kinds of voting used primarily by african-americans. let's look at early voting. in 2012, more than -- nearly 1.8 million people took advantage of early voting in ohio. that was 31% of people who cast
3:20 pm
ballots. this hostility to early voting, these attempts to remove people from inactivity from the roles, how do you read that? is it straight partisanship trying to reserve a republican majority in ohio? what is going on here? >> i think so. as you remember from 2004 -- 2014 because i was hopping mad, i said he changed secretary of state to secretary of suppression and here we are in 2016 and he's still doing the same thing. it is not by coincidence. i agree with attorney shond ra. this is not by coincidence, secretary of state and aided by attorney general, both these men, i want ohioans to know will seek to run for governor in 2018, they do not respect the voters of the state of ohio enough to make sure that you make voting -- it should be accessible, easy to vote, accessible, yet they have been using their collective political clout to cut voting opportunities. it has disproportionate impact on poor people, people of color
3:21 pm
and people with disabilities. all those people just happen to be -- the majority of those people just happen to be democratic leaning, leaning democrat, i should say. >> to stay with you for a moment, nina, when you were in the state senate, ohio passed some of the most liberal voting laws in the country, one of only 13 states to have same day voters registration, pretty good laws that opened up the process. when you were in the state senate, what did your republican colleagues say to you as your answer to why they wanted to roll those things back. >> fraud, joy reid, fraud. they know it good and well. they know it, we know it. people have a greater likelihood of being struck by lightning than they do for somebody to impersonate somebody else in the voting booth. also, a professor, if irl, did a study in 2014. he looked at over a billion and i think there were only 31 cases out of almost a billion of
3:22 pm
in-person voting fraud. it is nonexistent. we certainly have ways to catch it. you want people in office whether democrat or republican to believe and expand access to voting box especially if you're secretary of state. we are not surprised in the state of ohio, those of us who believe in voting rights we are not surprised at what our republican colleagues are doing, joy, but it is shameful. >> so this has been a relentless sort of legal battle between those who want to restrict people from voting if they sign their name with a signature, trans pose a number, ways of trying to get people access to the ballot. what can a voter do it about it? if you're a voter in ohio, what legal protections if you fall into one of these categories secretary of state is targeting for removal. >> if worse comes to worse and we find additional suppression
3:23 pm
activity we can go to court. our courts are generally effective of the right to vote. barring that voters have to be incredibly careful. they are playing a game of gotcha. for example, if you fill out your absentee form and many ohioans are doing that now. they have come to rely on it. you leave a zip code off, say. you've gotten everything else perfectly, but you just leave your zip code off, secretary of state acknowledged at trial, we know who they are, we have no issue with their eligibility, but nevertheless, they will disenfranchise a voter over that trivial error or omission. in the big questions where democrats are cuyahoga county, franklin county, those voters will be disenfranchised for a missing zip code. that's what it showed. small white rural counties, those votes will be counted. secretary of state has done nothing about iflt.
3:24 pm
they have to be vigilant and make sure they don't make trivial errors on the forms. this game of gotcha shouldn't be played. it's wrong, just because somebody fills out in cursive letters if it's legible, of course it should be counted. i kid you not secretary of state's testimony at trial is the vote shouldn't be counted. those are the games in ohio. they really are jim crow type attitudes and don't reflect the modern world and don't reflect a reference for fundamental right to vote. >> keep an eye on north carolina, it's relentless, aggressive, and targeting democratic leading voters. i thank you both for being here. thank you both for being here. appreciate it always. coming up, a little bit of fun. i asked my tweets what they wished moderators would ask donald trump in a debate. you do not want to miss their answers. we thought fibers that help you stay regular caused unwanted gas.
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>> i asked my followers, otherwise known as tweets, what they would ask donald trump. hashtag ask trump one question from hilarious to sobering. now i'm asking you viewers to get in and join in. keep tweeting your questions with hashtag right now. e.j. and michelle and april. we'll ask you in a minute what yours are. i have to share with you some because the people who follow me on twitter are the most hilarious and brilliant people out there. let's read a few of them. sonya had a great one. she would ask donald trump are you running for the highest office in the land because you think president obama dised you at the white house correspondence dinner. >> a lot of people believe that. a lot of people believe he made the decision to run right after white house correspondence dinner. >> i think he made the decision long before that when he decided to use the birther movement. >> icing on the cake. >> e.j., it does seem sort of
3:29 pm
barack obama trolling donald trump, rich people trolling him feeds into his psyche and is the reason he's running for president as far as we can tell? >> i'd like the theory that was the night he did it. i have the feeling from the kind of ego he has that he's been thinking about it for a very, very long time. but i do think that the birther question should come up if only because he gave that one sentence statement, blamed hillary clinton for birtherism, which is another lie, and then a few days later he said, i only said that because i wanted to move on. i think he should be asked, did you believe what you said then or what you said before? sounds like i was for it before i was against it. >> real quick before another tweet, april, as somebody who covers president obama in that press pool on a daily basis, do you think president obama has the reciprocal desire to see donald trump defeated just because he has such personal, i guess, loathing for him? give us your take on what he
3:30 pm
thinks of all this, birtherism, et cetera. >> i do believe the president has a loathing for donald trump. i think it's bigger for this president to defeat donald trump. i think it's about the course of this country. we are at a very pivotal time. we are seeing things we've never seen before. i'm not even talking about the election, the kind of terror we have. now we've gone from groups like al qaeda to now lone wolves and it's very real in this nation as well as around the world. the economy, if the economy is not corrected or stayed on course, we could teeter back into what was a recession. also we have issues of policing with the community, tensions between the community and law enforcement and homeland security head jeh johnson has said when there's tinge, it's a national security issue. so we have so many things on the table. this president wants to make sure we stay the course and even go farther and do better. it's a little bit more. as they say when they go low, they go high. i think it's more about keeping the nation on course with someone who knows what's going on versus someone who doesn't. >> absolutely.
3:31 pm
let's go to another smart question. penny's question was would you agree, donald trump, to provide an affidavit naming all business contracts and bank loans you have with russia. >> i love that question. i wonder if he'll say i can't do that us he's under audit. >> e.j., you had a thought? >> i absolutely think trump should be asked that. if he says no, the follow-up, or denies any business relations with russian oligarch, he should ask how are people to judge that if you won't release your tax returns or any other financial information, because i think that is a really live and legitimate question about donald trump. his son has said they got russian money into their companies. what are we to make of that, when you think about everything else he's said about putin. >> more transparencies needed. >> exactly. the fact that carter page, one of his foreign policy advisers
3:32 pm
is actually in russia and now being sort of looked at as far as what he was talking about. let's go to another one. this is another good one, should be asked at the debate about donald trump's own past. this is lynn whose tweet was in the 1970s, donald trump, why didn't you rent your apartments to black people? >> it seems to be unimaginable it would not come up with a debate during donald trump settling his company, his father's company settling a housing dispute. >> i think that's exactly right. this has been a 30 year type of reporting we've been hearing about that. it should be brought up, right, because the african-american community is a very important part of the coalition of electorate, general electorate in particular. i think that question should be asked, a very important question. just in general, he needs to be asked the tough questions. >> he needs to be asked but he also needs to answer it and really answer the question and not blame it on somebody else or punt the issue. give an answer to the black
3:33 pm
people that he keeps addressing. >> not pivot to clinton like they also do. >> april, this is one of those things where the trump surrogates when asked this question will just say he didn't do it. they will just sort of make a blanket denial of it. can he get away with that in a debate, say we settled because we didn't want a lawsuit. >> i don't think so. if it comes up at the debate hillary clinton will let him, she will make him look bad. he's trying to go after african-americans right now. if you really want to go after african-americans you need to tell the truth. this is something hanging over his head that's one of the albatrosses around his neck when it comes to issues of race. hillary clinton talking about she's got the mothers of the movement. she's done this, she's done that. now, he's got to answer certain questions now that he's found a way to black church and found religion in the black church and doing everything with black people now. >> let's do a quick lightning round of the questions you guys -- if you had your ask one question for donald trump. i'll stay with you for that, april. what would be your one question
3:34 pm
if you could get it in the debate tomorrow night? >> i'd say, mr. trump, you say you support the african-american community, there is a division in this country and the jeannie has been let out of the bottle and the bottle has been broken and can't be put back into the bottle. what would you do when it comes to healing the divide in the country when it comes to race because you are credited with further divide last year when it comes to racial divisions in this country. >> be a good question. >> ooee.j., what would be your question? >> i've put two on the table about russia and tax plan. i think we should go back to the beginning of the campaign and say do you really still believe mexican immigrants -- some of the mexican immigrants coming over are rapists and why did you say that? we can't forget that's how he kicked off his campaign. >> that is an excellent question. i hope it comes up. >> how can the american people trust you as commander in chief if fact checking organizations
3:35 pm
continuously say your campaign is one of the most untruthful campaigns in modern political history? >> that is an excellent question. i don't know if he would answer that but that would be an excellent question as well. michelle. >> my question, i would start off reminding trump jack kemp once described himself as self avowed pleading heart conservative and he had a nack for reaching out to democrats and getting legislation passed and put in the democratic platform where he got republicans and democrats to join in, for example, enterprise zones. my question to him would be would he follow in the footsteps of jack kemp and find ways to reach out not only to republicans but to democrats and actually find pieces of legislation and proposed pieces of legislation similar to what yack kemp did where you would see someone from south carolina signing on saying this is good for my constituents. >> interesting you bring this up. jack kemp 1,000 years ago had a
3:36 pm
republican party that wanted affirmatively to reach out to african-american voters of color. that was jack kemp version, didn't have to agree with him on tax policy and other thins but definitely realized miami beach trying to reach out. i have to put one more tweet out there. you guys did all these great serious, sober but this one was so hilarious i had to pit out in there. this was dirk. he had a tweet his question would be to donald trump why have you been sending former spy magazine editor graden carter drawings of your, the reference to spy magazine calling him short fingered vulgarity. can't get over he sends pictures, drawings of his hands according to jordan. >> i don't know what to say about that. >> send your twitter feed. >> you can now quit twitter. you won.
3:37 pm
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donald trump can't lie on that debate stage and win or even get a passing grade. >> he's like the babe ruth of debating, he really shows up and swings and does a great job. >> donneald has been able to ge away with things that hillary clinton couldn't and frankly nobody could. >> some people go in and memorize note cards and spew out lines in front of a mirror, rehearse them a number of times. >> she's easily flummoxed. she did not see bernie sanders coming and did not do well against barack obama and never anticipated our comeback in the last five weeks. >> yes, the predebate spin cycle is already in full effect. but at least some of the fight
3:41 pm
will be won in that spin room after the big debate is over. let's talk about the spin cycle. let's go back, take a trip back to the very first barack obama-mitt romney debate back in 2012. most of the pundits said that romney had actually won that debate. let listen to david axelrod's spin post that debate. >> the president brought his c game. what's going on here? >> i wasn't surprised governor romney gave an energetic performance, he's been practicing since june. he's a very good debater, particularly when he's on the attack. >> i'm going to break my tradition of going to the folks that aren't at the table i have to come to karine, you're an alum of the obama campaign world. >> it's his job. axelrod is a senior strategist, communicator. >> and a very good one. >> and a very good one.
3:42 pm
it was his job to do what we just saw. toif say, joy, when it comes to spin room, most voters get their information through social media, partisan media. so voters don't care about the spin. we do. pundits do. it's important to us. i think at the end of the day, the truth is the best spin when it comes to voters. >> that is true. i'll start with you, e.j., voters really take their own council, get their own information from social media. i do think the collective wisdom, if you want to call it wisdom, of the pundit class, the way it's discussed after a debate is over, can have an influence. what are people tweeting? they are tweeting news stories from the "washington post" or "new york times." they are tweeting stories from "huffington post" or talking points memo. they are sending out the content they are getting from us. do the pundit class have an overarching or overabundant influence on the way people perceive these debates? >> i think that what happens in the 24 hours after the debate,
3:43 pm
not just in the spin room, but what stories are sold about the debate can actually alter people's perceptions of the debate. first, all the people who don't watch the debate. even this time there will be a lot of those. you saw that with al gore and george w. bush where the content of the debate was lost behind al gore's size and the way he looked. i think the spin room is becoming increasingly obsolete because of social media. the debate is being spun at the moment it is happening. in has obama-romney debate, you could tell romney won because the pro-object spinners almost winter silent on social media. by the way, that david axelrod answer -- they really did. that david axelrod answer, it wasn't an enthusiastic response, i think it was honest. it kind of sounded like he said
3:44 pm
mitt romney beat him today. >> april, you know, it's interesting, it's the shonda rhimes-ization of politics. people are live tweeting these events, if they are watching "scandal" and how to get away with murder. >> and having debate parties. >> you can actually have people, they don't need to hear me spend, they are spinning it in realtime. >> people are spinning it in realtime. going bag to that debate you were talking about with mitt romney and president obama at the time. i remember clearly, we thought the world had almost come to an end. we were like, wait a minute, this is the greatest orator in the world and he wasn't ready. they had to hurnger down and say he'll be ready for the next one. this the first debate. every time the candidate is at the mic, they have to rock the mic. every time they are in that spin room, they have to anticipate. if hillary clinton is off her
3:45 pm
game, it's going to be a death knell for her. when she went to -- when she was ill a couple weeks ago at 9/11, she lost a lot of ground. she cannot afford any kind of moments like al gore sighing or president obama not being ready for mitt romney. she's got to come out swinging and rock that mic every time she gets it. >> you brought up the illness. we actually have a clip of bill clinton actually spinning that illness, that pneumonia, this is on the 12th. let's play that. >> rarely. on one or more occasion in the last many years same thing happened to her when she got severely dehydrated. she's worked like a demon as you know as secretary of state and as a senator and the years since. >> karine, one of the things that sproofd me during that whole pneumonia-gate was the fact clinton campaign didn't turn it around and spin that
3:46 pm
this the toughest woman on earth. she decided with pneumonia to power through and do to that event. why wasn't that the spin? >> i think they said they could have handled that situation a lot better. i totally agree. when 5 to 10 million people get walking pneumonia per day. everybody powers through something, especially when you're talking about every day working people who just have to make it through life. i agree. i think that's one of the things about the spin, the post debate spin is everybody needs to be on the same message, a very strong message on the different topics that came out through the night. i think one of the things we're going to see and they are listing out hillary clinton's schedule for the next couple of days after the debate, she's going to be barnstorming along with her surrogates and crisscrossing the states going to battleground states. i think she's doing to four battleground states in four days. ic that's the opportunity to sell, right, the messaging that came out of the debate to those people. there's voter registration deadlines. >> sure. >> i think that's part of the
3:47 pm
strategy that's really important. >> e.j., i'll come to you on this question. who would be more likely to go into the spin room themselves and attempt to work the crowd of media after this debate, hillary clinton or donald trump? >> you know, my first gut reaction was neither of them, but i think the answer is if somebody really felt they had a good night, if it were trump he'd want to go in and brag. if it were kellyanne, she'd stay away from the spin room because she wouldn't want to wreck it. >> yeah, absolutely. therein lies the distinct difference between these two personalities. all right. karine is sticking around. thank you e.j. dionne and april ryan. in the next hour my colleague chris hayes picks up special debate coverage. first i have more live coverage from the debates at hofstra university. listen to those lovely people. more after the break.
3:48 pm
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we are back on the campus of hofstra university with the best looking crowd ever. ever. here on what we like to call p.m. joy reid. what are you looking for tomorrow night. >> i'm looking for him to lose his temper. i think he has a thread bare temper, any little thing hillary clinton says will come out tomorrow night. is it going to be about bill clinton or stick to the issue and concentrate or hillary clinton and who is the best commander in chief. >> they walked back the gennifer flowers thing sitting there
3:52 pm
staring saying i'm the billionaire, i'm the billionaire. >> millions of people are going to be watching tomorrow who are not paying attention. they are going to be tuning in. i agree with michelle. donald trump has not proven he can spend 90 minutes unscripted without getting himself into trouble, right? any time we've seen him unscripted he has managed to say a racist, bigoted massaisogynis thing. there's not a break, teleprompter and he can't hide behind 16 people so we'll see. >> it will be interesting to see if he leans on the podium. before he had 17 people and he can take breaks by leaning and the facial expression. >> doesn't have an earpiece. >> there you go. let's go and ask what are you anticipating hearing tomorrow night or what question would you ask? >> hi. we know you've expressed your regrets generally speaking but would you like to take this opportunity tonight to
3:53 pm
apologize, among others, to senator mccain and the disabled reporter. >> yeah. i think that would have been a great question to ask before the command commander in chief forum, would he apologize. what question would you like asked tomorrow night? >> since it seems like mexico is not too on board with funding the wall, i'd like to know who his back-up option is for that wall of his. >> will he write the checks himself out of his billions of dollars. >> i'd like to know what he thinks about the hofstra campus, i think it's pretty sweet. >> he thinks it's great if he has any sense. a question down here? >> yes, i would like to know from donald trump. he bragged too much about politicians using teleprompter, why is he using teleprompter. >> he loves it. he loves the teleprompter but talked so much about everybody
3:54 pm
using it why is he using it. >> somebody here saying hi to their mom. we love mom. let's go back down this way. we have conner here. one person inhofe extra, friends we met before. you asked your question before. watching the debate party, watching on your own, how are you watching it? >> debate party. four on campus and they will be exciting. we're really hyped. >> are we invited? >> yes. >> let's go back down this way. let's go back down this way. we have little people. are you guys by any chance going to watch the dpbt? >> yes. >> why would you be watching the debate? because your mom controls the tv. >> yeah, i guess. >> they are the next first, second or third female president. >> exactly. i think we're looking at potential first, second president of the united states if hillary clinton wins. some more hands. i want to hear a question. >> i want to hear tomorrow during the debate about their positions on race, especially
3:55 pm
what's happening in charlotte. >> absolutely. that should come up. it's got to come up. i can't imagine that wouldn't be asked? >> do you have a question? >> yeah. i want to know what donald trump is going to do to help students after they graduate from college to be able to pay off their student loans. >> a very important issue. student debt it's a huge issue. all right coming here. a question? a question? >> tomorrow in the debate, i'd really be interested in hearing donald trump's position on race relations and how he actually plans on soothing race relations because the way he talks about it now, i don't really think -- i haven't heard a plan for him. >> one of the things he has said is he would bring backstop and frisk, donald trump. do you guys think it would be a goodeyed to bring backstop and frisk and have it on a national scale? >> no. >> you don't think that's a good idea. why not? >> because with stop and frisk, they only stop black and brown people, they don't do the same for white people. >> very interesting. all right. we have another person -- a high hand up.
3:56 pm
what question would you like to ask. >> seems like journalists are stumped when it comes to asking pertinent questions for trump. i don't know what it is. i'm a former journalist myself and i would find it very difficult to ask questions, it's dodge and weave all the time. do you think journalists are doing a good job right to the best of their ability to ask questions of trump? >> it's very difficult. there's been this big question about journalists, moderators should fact check. hello. do you think fact checking should take place during the debate? >> absolutely. the way technology is right now they can fact check instantaneously. why not? keep them on record. they are reporting to us, we're not reporting to them. >> this young lady is adorable. we vote for mom and dad. we love everybody. let's go to one more. last person. that you. >> i would love to ask secretary clinton why is she abandoning the left and going after votes from republicans? that's what i really want to
3:57 pm
know. >> that is a good question. we definitely will probably hear more about that, questions of both hillary clinton and donald trump. i want to thank hofstra university and all these amazing people who came out today. we are going to go out to chris hayes who will pick up coverage at msnbc. we're live at hofstra university where the first big press decks debate takes place tomorrow night. yoll be here for that and sure will they, i'm sure. take care. [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ♪ on the road again [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month. get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens
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