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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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that 'caudoes it for "andre mitchell reports" live from hofstra university. hallie jackson is up live here next. follow us @mitchell reports. >> thank you very much. listen to the crowd. they love you. hi, i'm hallie jackson live on the fired up campus of hofstra university. a lot of excitement with t-minus eight hours until the ultimate showdown here. hillary clinton and donald trump head to head for the first time ever on this debate stage.
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some hundred million people expected to tune in for fireworks. we are getting new reporting that hillary clinton is gearing up for, quote, gracious trump. a new national poll breaking this hour shows clinton hanging onto a fragile four-point lead. after the battleground surprise today. both sides they are ready to go. >> we actually view tonight's debate as a big opportunity. the first, second and third objective is to positively talk about her vision for the country. >> i see this guy as ready for tonight. he's an actual debater. he's gifted. donald trump has gifts and skills that sometimes escape typical politicians. >> joining me on set some of the nbc reporters who spent basically the last year of their lives with the candidates. criss-crossing the country, kristen welker, katy tur, andrea mitchell and kasie hunt. thank you for being here now. so much to discuss.
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kristen, we have new reporting on the clinton campaign's strategy now against donald trump tonight. [ inaudible ] >> -- trump to be more restrained. kelly o'donnell reporting they are expecting him to be a little bit gracious off the top of the debate. the challenge for secretary clinton will be to try to get under his skin a little bit, to try to rattle him, knock him off his game so he can fit into her broader characterization of him as temperamentally unfit. i'm told her strategy is to talk about her own policies and aspirations, to focus on that. the campaign thinks this is an opportunity for her to reintroduce herself to the undecided voters and millennial voters who are important. she's been in prep all weekend inclauding today taking this seriously. one of her former top aides at the state department, a tough guy. andrea has worked with him. he's been throwing tough barbs.
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>> when you talk about the preparations one thing that's striking is how much she's preparing and how differently donald trump is preparing. i got off the phone with a senior adviser who said he's relaxed and focused. i don't think they would say anything different. what do you think of who will be here and the run-up to tonight? >> he'll have his own people in the audience just as hillary clinton is. mark cuban will be in the front row and donald trump invited gennifer flowers but now the campaign saying they were trying to make a point. who will be here? a benghazi survivor, a gold star mom, general mike flynn, keith kellogg, both on his foreign policy advisory team and the executive director of trump's diversity coalition. they have been not been preparing as hillary clinton has prepared. that's never been their style. they didn't do it in the primaries. donald trump is a shoot from the hip candidate. he feels if he practices too much he sounds too rehearsed.
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he doesn't want to be a typical politician. in effect though he doesn't have the same policy depth as hillary clinton does. even if he were to sit down and drill down on the issues he just wouldn't be able to go toe to toe with her on the issues. they are trying to get in and discredit hillary clinton, also maintaining a presidential look themselves. they realize who they need to get now are moderate republicans and women. people who might be concerned about his stability, if you will. concerned he might be too much of a risky candidate. they want to convince them he can act presidential, look presidential, be presidential. that's their goal tonight. that's the goal of hillary clinton which is to knock him off his game. >> let's pull up the tweet from jennifer palmieri, the idea she's saying if donald trump can't handle mark cuban in the front how, how is he going to be commander in chief? k will it rattle trump? is this a mind game? >> absolutely.
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from both sides. they talked about mark cuban. he came back, breaking out of bounds saying well, then let gennifer flowers come, see how they feel. kellyanne and mike pence saying quickly, that's not going to happen. in terms of her guests, she's bringing a 9/11 survivor, a young woman who spoke at the convention and spoke at a rally with cerebral palsy, speaking out for the disabled. this is the counterpoint to what was put up as a commercial as well. donald trump ridiculing, they say, and most people believe, ridiculing a "new york times" reporter who is disabled, who has a disability. he said it was not meant to reflect that. but that's one of the commercials they think was most effective. here jennifer palmieri on debate day trying to use twitter to get under his skin. >> we looked at the polls from colorado and pennsylvania. i know the trump team is fired
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up. i wonder how the clinton camp is feeling? they were dismissing the colorado one. not sure about the demographics there. but the pennsylvania one has been her firewall. is brooklyn freaking out? >> not over pennsylvania. >> i don't think freaking out, no. they would probably point to assumptions that the cnn poll made about what the electorate would say that it's not feasible or they don't think it's the group of people that will show up on election day. colorado in particular is one that when i talk to colorado republicans they say this feels like a lost cause for donald trump. now it's closer to being a swing state than pennsylvania. she has spent a lot of time in pennsylvania. i feel like i keep going back to philadelphia or pittsburgh. she did the bus tour. we were both on it. they believe very strongly he cannot be president if he doesn't win in pennsylvania. preventing him from winning is at the top of their list. >> that's their firewall.
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>> yeah. >> they can see him winning ohio, florida, north carolina. >> maybe nevada and iowa. >> certainly iowa. iowa, they think, is the most at risk to lose. they don't know what will happen in north carolina. they don't know how all the racial violence will play. will it energize the african-american voters? is it going to energize the law enforcement white voter, frankly? this is a racial divide. they will do a lot of polling there. at this point they have to hold on to pennsylvania. >> one of the other interesting things about tonight, we have hung out at the primary debates. that was the last chance we got to be together. tonight the rules are different. the start time is 9:00. 90 minutes, no commercial breaks, no bathroom breaks, no conferring with advisers. they will get the two-minute question and response. donald trump has never done this. he's never stood on stage with
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one other person for 90 minutes. >> he's had the benefit of being among a lot of candidates on stage which means his debate times have been speaking times have been low. i think 20 minutes is the most he's ever spoken during a debate. we'll see how he can sustain himself over this period. if he's able to expand on policy. can he make three salient points about the economy or will he regress into the general lis tick terms we see him use on the campaign trail. he's been more detailed because he has a teleprompter. he won't have one tonight. which donald trump are we going to see? the first 30 minutes probably the more presidential donald trump. hillary clinton and her team want to find a way to destabilize him as he goes. use fatigue to their advantage. she's been on stage one on one a number of times and knows how it works. he doesn't. again, donald trump is a wild card candidate.
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he's got roger ales on his side, famous for writing pithy lines that are used over and over. i won't use my opponent's inexperience against him. that was reagan and mcgovern. it will be reaired and suck the oxygen out. >> it's the thing the next day. >> what's interesting about that point is secretary clinton has close to 40 debates under her belt. this is her first general election debate. i talked to one of the top aides who said this is uncharted territory for us as well. she's been holding mock debates that last 90 minutes, mock debates that start at 9:00, end at 10:30 so she can get a sense of how it will feel tonight when she faces off against donald trump. she's been preparing to face off against donald trump who is more restrained and the one who goes on the attack. >> the more restrained donald trump, we haven't talked much
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about it. katy, you know this from knowing him, it would not be unnatural for him to be gracious. it's a different version of the donald trump you see behind the scenes and get to know in a personal way. he's not displayed it on the debate stage. >> he can be anybody he wants to be tonight. >> i wish we had seven more hours to talk about this. >> we do. >> see you on the commercial break. kristen welker, katy tur, andrea mitchell, kasie hunt, our all-stars here. we have more including robbie mook on the "today" show this morning feeling confident in his candidate if clinton and trump are held to the same standard. listen. >> i don't see this so much as winning and losing but more about have the candidates had an opportunity to present to the american people whether they are prepared to be president of the united states. all we are asking from donald trump is he stick with the facts, that he give clear plans, and that he have command of the
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issue. that's how we think the candidates should be judged and have been judged in the past. we don't want a double standard where donald trump gets the most improved award but hillary clinton, you know, gets judged on the fine points of policy. >> sarah huckabee is a senior adviser to the trump campaign with us here at hofstra. hi. >> great to be here. >> we saw mook talk about the candidate sticking with the facts, talking about donald trump. what happens if trump is challenged on his support for the iraq war or the libya intervention? how does he respond? >> look, you're going to see a calm and respectful donald trump. he's asking a candidate to stick to the facts. that's a big challenge for her. i think one of her biggest challenges is certainly can she come off as likable and not robotic? that will be hard. she's spent the last four days
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doing cram sessions. i think they have set the bar extremely high by taking the time off the campaign trail to do nothing but prepare for the debate. >> you talk about the facts o f case. i want to pull up stuff showing a disparity between the candidates with truthfulness. 128 statements from hintclintone true or mostly true. for trump, 40 true or mostly true. he's going to be fact-checked. that's what happens just on twitter, in the media. i wonder how he'll respond to that without talking about clinton's issues but your own candidate's statements and misstatements. >> he's prepared to take on the debate tonight and answer those questions. i think -- >> and to respond if she fact-checks him in real time? >> absolutely. i think she has the same challenge to address tonight. i think donald trump, one of the
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reasons he'll do well tonight and has done well in the past is because he's authentic. hillary clinton in contrast isn't. i don't think we have ever had the opportunity to see that so clearly as we will tonight. >> you talked about how he's calm. another adviser said he's feeling relaxed. does that mean when the clinton campaign prepares for gracious trump they will see somebody gracious? >> i think so. people ask why he hasn't been preparing for this. he's been preparing his whole life. he's a job creator, an executive, something hillary clinton hasn't done and the times she's tried she's failed. >> she has more experience on stage. >> i disagree. donald trump went up against 16 other very formidable and credible candidates in the republican primary and came out on top. >> sarah huckabee sanders. thank you very much. >> 7:50 left, i think. i appreciate you being with us. we have a microsoft pulse question on this debate day. do you think tonight will change who you vote for in november?
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weigh in at we'll keep track of your answers and may do a quick audience poll of the crowd behind me. up next more on hillary clinton's lead in national and state polling. some of it nearly erased. was it the right move for her to spend almost a week off the trael to prep for the big face-off? we'll ask a strategist who advised candidates for decades. first we have music from the hofstra university band. ♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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what can you say to the
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voters of new hampshire on stage tonight who see your resumé and like it but are hesitating on the likability issue where they seem to like barack obama more? >> well, that hurts my feelings. [ laughter ] he's very likable. i agree with that. i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likable enough, hillary. >> thank you. >> do you remember that moment? that was hillary clinton in 2008, one of 38 debates she had in her political career. tonight, number 39 and perhaps the most important one. just hours from now at hofstra. a fired up crowd. look at the signs. hillary punts and trump eats pizza with a fork and a knife. it's super bowl politics. i want to bring in democratic strategist bob schrum, the
10:19 am
professor of politics at usc. you have worked on a lot of democratic campaigns including john kerry, al gore. one of the debate moments a lot of folks remember was the moment in 2000, al gore sighing, coming off as condescending against george w. bush. hillary clinton is coming in tonight's debate with what's appeared to be more policy experience and expertise. how does she avoid the same land mines that gore stepped on in 2000? >> well, there is not a chance she'll do it. it is a storied moment. people talk about it and practice avoiding it. the big thing she's been doing in terms of debate prep is getting ready to frame the debate, put itn her terms and practicing for the likely moments she can predict what trump will say. the clip you showed at the beginning did make her likable. you don't claim likability you manifest it. if she said, look, i know i have made mistakes, i have said it. but it was no mistake to fight for health care for 8 million
10:20 am
kids, for debt free college for the middle class, for an $18 minimum wage. that would go a long way toward dealing with the problem of connecting or relating, as people put it. >> we have been talking about the polls out of colorado and particularly pennsylvania. this place that's considered her firewall. she was up by nine points there. now a new poll shows the lead is down to just one point. are you surprised to see it? >> not only surprised but skeptical. we chase polls all the time. like somehow or other the poll of the day tells us what's happening today. you had an nbc "wall street journal" poll last week showed her with a six-point lead nationally in a four-way, seven points in a two-way. no way pennsylvania would be that close under these circumstances. nothing has happened in the last four or five days to change the numbers. i think we'll see a lot of polls. the fundamentals favor her. i believe she has to come through in the debate tonight.
10:21 am
she has to do a good job. both of framing the debate, defining the choice and connecting with people. >> you're making the point about polling but i look at colorado where the campaign pulled out advertisements. now you aring looing at what appears to be a tightening race. has she taken some battlegrounds for granted? >> i don't think so. i'm sure they will be back on the air in colorado. that's not the point. the point is we take one poll and suddenly think something big has happened. as somebody said earlier on the show if you talk to republican operatives in colorado they think trump is a lost cause there. if you look at the sum total of the polls and the people who know what they are talking about you would have to conclude that. >> democratic strategist bob shrum. quickly, the one thing her surrogates have to get across in the spin room? >> the post spin sometimes matters the most. if you read the 2000 debate with gore and bush, gore won.
10:22 am
it's in the spin room it became all about sighs and that became the story. people who thought gore won in the initial polling, two days later said bush won. you have to get in there and understand what tpeople are talking about and bend it in your candidate's direction. thanks for joining us in southern california. a reminder. our special primetime kovj at 5:00 and the live debate at 9:00 moderated by lester holt. the crowd here at hofstra university is getting bigger by the minute. more signs. clinton/tim kaine, trump eating pizza. next up, the two sure to push buttons tonight. maureen dowd, an expert for getting under the candidates' skin previews their attack plans. we'll be right back after the break at hofstra where i can barely hear myself talk thanks
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woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. today starts the closing stretch of the campaign. hillary will do well. she's going to just lay out the vision, this positive vision for our country and she's going to talk about plans. the thing about 90 minutes is, boy, you can't hide. you've got 90 minutes with just a moderator and two of you on stage. you can run but you can't hide. >> that's tim kaine on the trail earlier in florida making the case for hillary clinton as she gets ready for tonight's debate. all eyes here on hofstra university on long island. we are just hours away from the first face to face showdown. these college students are ready.
10:27 am
let's go to chris jansing across campus inside the debate hall with the behind-the-scenes look. we haven't seen a stage like this before for trump and clinton. one on one, 90 minutes. >> yes. so just that very much is making this the heightened excitement. but here is this beautiful stage. i don't know if you can see it. the guys are leaving after making adjustments on the lighting here. brand new set, first time used. built outside of washington, d.c. i don't know if you can tell from this perspective. but hillary clinton's podium which is on the right is a little bit shorter than donald trump's to make up for their eight-inch difference in heights. this is where lester holt will sit. they were actually adjusting his light there a few minutes ago. then you come out into the audience. hottest ticket in town. a thousand seats divided between the clinton campaign, trump campaign and the students you have been talking about at hofstra who got lucky enough to
10:28 am
win a lottery and are able to sit here. i was talking to frank ferencoff. he said there is a lot of discussion about who will be in the front row. he said the business about mark cuban and gennifer flowers is b.s. and issued a warning to the audience if they misbehave they will get rid of them, kick them out. they are aware that 80 to 100 million eyes will be on this stage tonight. and across the country we have been checking it out. there will be debate parties. clinton campaign alone, 1200 of them. there are thousands. look at any major newspaper, hallie and they are having debate parties across the country and in countries all around the world from singapore to ecuador we found presidential debate parties. >> what do you think the undecided voters will be watching for tonight? >> yeah, that's going to be
10:29 am
interesting. that's the key. that's the target. i think there are four main things as i have talked with folks from both campaigns and an insider from the last debates in 2008 and 2012. first the expectations game favors donald trump. two polls show that hillary clinton has higher expectations for her. then you have image, higher bar for donald trump. he has to look presidential tonight. consistent messaging. one thing you will hear from hillary clinton when the question is she'll be talking about things like he's erratic, risky. you will hear similar themes from donald trump and final ly s you know both have issues with honesty and that's important to get across tonight. >> hillary clinton and donald trump will be going head to head tonight. both candidates looking to get under the other's skin. if one person knows how to push both candidates' buttons it is
10:30 am
the author of "the year of voting dangerously," columnist for the "new york times" maureen dowd. thanks for being with us. >> thanks, hallie. >> kelly o'donnell has new reporting that the clinton campaign is preparing for a gracious trump to show up at the debate. you heard sarah huckabee sanders say that's who we'll see. what does a gracious trump look like in your view? >> well, i think we are going to have to wait until tonight and check it out. i'm hesitant. >> it sounds like you are having a tough time talking about what gracious trump looks like. do you think he's capable? >> hillary has been meeting with psychologists and plotting how to get under his skin. i think she's going for "a few good men" with jack nicholson and tom cruise where tom cruise baits him into screaming "you
10:31 am
want me on that wall." he is just going to try and make her seem like the establishment wonk. he wants to be the pie in the face of the establishment. he's been coached as he cannot be seen as -- he can't comment on her looks. that will be hard for him. there is a lot of stuff as a woman, you know, when he's debating against a woman he has to avoid. >> when you look back at the primary debate performances there are examples of him shooting off zingers. >> this is a tough business to run from president. >> you're a tough guy, jeb. >> i have a policy question for you, sir. >> let's see if he answers it. >> i will. don't worry about it. don't worry about it, little
10:32 am
marco, i will. don't worry, little marco. >> you yourself maureen have been the recipient of a donald trump zinger. he called you wacky. what advice would you give hillary clinton about how to go after trump tonight? >> i think she should the do -- you know, remember when tina fey did bitch is the new black? she shouldn't be afraid of being a tough, strong woman. that's what people like. she's worried about humanizing herself, presenting herself as a mother and grandmother. i think people like it like the sunglasses and the blackberry. where she's tough. in zack galifianakis she gave him a maternal glare.
10:33 am
she can try to convey that donald trump is a child but that's an insult to children. >> we have to leave it there. thank you very much for joining us from washington. appreciate it. quick check of the responses to the microsoft pulse question. do you think tonight's presidential debate will change who you vote for in november? here is how you're answering so far. take a look at the screen at the number of you who say, yes, it will change who you vote for. just 7%. 93% of you say no. keep weighing in at pulse. as we continue live from hofstra university. a high stakes showdown between clinton and trump. let's ask the audience the pulse question. will tonight's debate change who you vote for? yes, no? too loud. nobody can hear. quick note, thomas roberts will be sitting down next hour with clinton campaign press secretary brian fallon. that as we continue here live
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for the first time hillary clinton and donald trump will be on that debate stage you see on screen. an estimated 100 million people watching. just over a third of registered voters say the debates will make a difference in who they vote for. it is the super bowl of the campaign season so far. if you are picking up a college game day vibe there are a lot of young folks interested in what's happening in tonight's debate. we'll go now to jacob soboroff. he's in battleground ohio. you will be with some of the voters tonight, talking with them during the debate. fill us in on what your plans are tonight and what you are hearing from key voters like suburban women. >> no republican has won the
10:38 am
white house without winning the great state of ohio. all the gear around me will be picked up and brought into the room by the men and women of nbc news where tonight we'll be holding essentially a focus group of some of the swingiest voters in one of the swingiest states in the union in ohio. before we come in here i want to talk to a particular subset of swing voters in ohio. suburban republican women. very important. check out why. what do you do here? >> this is the statewide headquarters for the hillary for america campaign in ohio. >> how important are suburban republican women to hillary clinton winning ohio? >> they are certainly a piece of the puzzle. we are trying to have conversations with those women, whether online, through facebook or twitter orring knocking on doors and engaging them in traditional ways. >> or the parking lot of a supermark supermarket. >> absolutely. >> made it to grove city. where better to get the pulse of
10:39 am
a suburban voter than in the walmart parking lot. do you thunk she has a shot? >> i hope not. >> anything about donald trump turn you off? >> no. >> who did you vote for last time? romney or obama? >> not obama. >> so romney. >> yeah. >> do you like donald trump? >> no. >> not so much. >> your daughter doesn't like donald trump. what about hillary clinton? >> she's made some mistakes. >> she sucks, too. >> how about the last presidential election? >> i voted for mitt romney. >> who are you voting for? >> gary johnson. >> why? >> the other options are atrocious. >> republican or democrat? >> registered republican. i'm not sure. >> hillary clinton, i know for a fact. i was at her campaign office. they really want to win over republicans in areas like this. does she have a shot to win your voes?
10:40 am
>> no. >> no chance? >> no. >> how about you? >> i need somebody honest and upright in that office. i also know somebody who knows how to be a diplomat. i don't know who i'm voting for yet. >> are you a republican or a democrat? >> i'm a registered republican. we'll see. >> who are you voting for? >> our dog. >> you might win over some voters. high five. >> both hillary clinton and donald trump have a long way to go with this group of suburban republican women in ohio. you can see we are getting ready for a big event tonight where these important voters will be watching what both candidates have to say. we'll bring it to you on msnbc after the debate. >> why aren't you helping lift some of the heavy gear? i don't know. you're leaving it to the folks in the background. >> have you seen the guns, hallie? i have been working all morning. now you have to call me out when
10:41 am
i do my second job. >> i want to talk about the panel. this is a group of voters who we have been coming back to. we have talked to them before. is this trying to get an idea of where their allegiances have shifted or not? >> that's exactly right. our colleagues, katy tur and kristen welker were in columbus with the same people i will be here with tonight. our intention is to trap these folks all the way through the presidential debates and see where they end up. it is a mixed group. age-wise, race-wise, gender-wise. we'll come to them to see what happens in the debates actually sways them or if they double down and are entrenched in the way they already are feeling. >> go sit down. take a load off. put your feet up. let the guys do the work for you. >> good to see you. thank you very much for being with us. we are in hemstead new york. much more ahead at hofstra university.
10:42 am
home of the hofstra pride and tonight's presidential debate. help make hofstra great again. take a stand. third obama term. i saw hillary -- i don't know. we have it all happening. college game day is back live next. hey listen, when you tell our friends about your job, maybe let's play up the digital part. but it's a manufacturing job. yeah, well ge is doing a lot of cool things digitally to help machines communicate, might want to at least mention that. i'm building world-changing machines. with my two hands. does that threaten you? no! don't be silly. i'm just, uh, going to go to chop some wood. with that? yeah we don't have an ax. or a fireplace. good to be prepared. could you cut the bread?
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>> ever ready. it's very high energy donald. >> the high five heard around the world. the rare gracious moment between donald trump and jeb bush several months ago. that was over a year ago, if you can believe it when both were asked what they want their secret service code name to be. bush said ever ready. later trump said he wants his to be humble.
10:46 am
kelly o'donnell joins me. i know you have been working the phones. you have new reporting on how clinton is preparing for maybe a different kind of trump. maybe more humble trump, if you will. >> we have seen an evolution in the debate prep for hillary clinton. she has done all of the book homework and doing mock debates with a former aid cast in the role because of his own personality of being able to tell the boss the tough things and being sort of big enough in his own personality to be trumpesque. philippe reinus worked for her in the state department and senate brought in to help with mock debate. as things evolved they have planned for the caustic, difficult, insulting trump and decided based on what they are hearing and feeling, what the mood of the moment is they believe they are now betting trump will be much more gracious, affable and subdued. so mock debate work happening today on the day of the debate,
10:47 am
hours before the real thing is about helping hillary clinton get ready for that trump. if she's planning for counter punches, this is a chance to do something different. to give you an idea of how it unfolded inside the room i'm told in the faux opening statement where the candidates get to begin that the affable trump in this mock setting complimented hillary clinton on the historic nature of her victory to become the first woman as a major party nominee, something people may not think would be the first thing trump would do. he isn't known for passing out compliments during primary debates. it is an evolution from the primary style to now a more affable, gentler donald trump they want her to be prepared for tonight as well. one other thing our colleague monica elbes said is bill clinton will travel to long
10:48 am
island with the former secretary. it is unclear where he will be watching the debate from. in the hall, somewhere nearby? will he be backstage? we saw it play out before as well. kind of giving her a moment. he was usually in the same city in the same location where she was debating during the primary season but not in the typical cut away family shot. we know the trump family will certainly be here. some question about where bill clinton will be exactly. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you so much. less than eight hours until the big showdown. we have a lot more coming from hofstra here on msnbc. i was doing a quick survey of the crowd. one gary johnson supporter. some trump, some clinton supporters. quite a mix out there. from the first moment you met
10:49 am
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i don't have any speech writers. i make those charges that's seen on television. now, you don't have to wonder if it is me talking. what you see is what you get and if you don't like it, you will have other choices. >> that's ross perot back in 1992. unlike perot, he will not be participating this time show down. i am joined now by one of those candidates, green party presidential, doctor jill stein, thank you for being here. [ applause ] >> you have a contention of college aid students joining you. you are hoping to make sure way peacefully and respectfully into
10:53 am
the university to try to get to the debate stage. what are you hoping to accomplish here? >> i am hoping what the american people are hoping accomplish, open up the debate so we have a fair and in clclusive debate at time where the american people rejected and the two establishment candidates at record levels of the most dislike and untrusted candidates in our history when the american people 72% are saying they want to hear all four candidates who are on the ballot on enough voter blots that voter ballots that we can win the election. they have the right to know who we can vote for. >> i know you are familiar about it. you are at 2% and hovering. i know your goal is to hit around 5% if you can to send a message. what do you say to your critic who argues that you are trying to capitalize bernie sanders's
10:54 am
supporters. >> it was revealed by the leaked e-mails to be colluding behind closed doors between the dnc to smear bernie sanders and wipe him out. there is a lot of voters feeling they have been left without a place to hang their hat. our campaign has been swiped out. donald trump and hillary clinton have had between 20 or 30,000 times coverage on the immediate yach media. as we begin to be seen and heard, we expect that to change. >> 43 days out, you and gary johnson have a mark on the space, who do you fear most of commandeeri commander chief? >> what's the trajectory going
10:55 am
forward? who would you be more scared to see in the oval office personally, you. >> i would feel terrible in donald trump gets elected and i will feel terrible if hillary clinton gets elected. [ cheers ] >> it is a 50/50 proposition for you. >> i don't think they are the same. but i don't think they are different enough to save your jobs and lives or save your planet. we live in a democracy, we have more than two choices just on the power of millenials alone who are locked into student loans debt and that's enough to win the presidential race. if they learn that they have an option to come out and take over the election and win it to cancel students debt and make public higher education free and ensure that we have emergency job program to solve the crisis of our economy and our climate.
10:56 am
>> dr. jill stein, thank you for joining us. >> lets get a follow up check of our microsoft pulse question. do you think tonight's presidential debate will change who you vote for in november. 95% of you say no, you are locked in and 5% of you say tonight could change your mind. we are back from hofstra university of the crowd tonight ready for tonight's faceoff with hillary clinton and donald trump. stick around, we have tonight coming off from our hofstra crowd after the break. aggressiv. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here... no matter how lame they are. well said, ann. i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business
10:57 am
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you can't see these microbes, but they might be there. so, learn the right temperature to cook each type of meat. keep your family safe at we are back at hofstra. you are a clinton supporter, right? why are you voting for her? >> honestly, i would not vote for any of them if it was my
11:00 am
choice but i cannot stand donald trump with all my heart. [ cheers ] >> i got to walk down to trump supporter here. gabriel, you said you wanted to vote for trump because of his tax policies. >> i like how he's going to bring the economy back on 35% and we are going to get jobs back for america and he's going to make america great again. >> i am going to snap chat. >> hey, halie, you want a selfie stick? >> oh, good. >> hi everybody, it is good to have you with me. ha ha halie jackson is hanging out with the kids. it is a beautiful day here at hofstra and we are a short distance away from where the debate is going to take place. lets here it, gang! [ cheers ]


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