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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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choice but i cannot stand donald trump with all my heart. [ cheers ] >> i got to walk down to trump supporter here. gabriel, you said you wanted to vote for trump because of his tax policies. >> i like how he's going to bring the economy back on 35% and we are going to get jobs back for america and he's going to make america great again. >> i am going to snap chat. >> hey, halie, you want a selfie stick? >> oh, good. >> hi everybody, it is good to have you with me. ha ha halie jackson is hanging out with the kids. it is a beautiful day here at hofstra and we are a short distance away from where the debate is going to take place. lets here it, gang! [ cheers ]
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>> yes, hofstra university campus, we are outside, these podiums are sized differently according to the heights of the nominees, hillary clinton and donald trump, their faceoff is hours away. the stakes could not be higher. new polling showing a deadlock race in two political states. hillary clinton heading into round one, could she dominate tonight's debate and regain ground? >> what are her rules of engage sn ment? >> again, that's going to depend on donald trump. hillary has to make calls minute by minute >> then we ha. then we have the political outsider, which donald trump are we going to see on that stage? >> this guy is ready tonight. i think donald trump has gifts and skills that sometimes escape
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typical polpoliticians. tonight's debate has the potential pfor the most watched only. this is 90-minute of must see tv. we have coverage for all this, how are they ready to rumble, our correspondence is all over and the spin room is covered as well this afternoon. lets begin with katy tur and kelly o'donell is across campus and chris jansen is in place, too. >> you are covering details of how different this debate is going to be in the past. how so? >> reporter: there are some notable changes. unlike past years, the two campaigns did not sign a memorandum, a mini contract to set things about the mechanics of the night of who walks out first or who gets the first question or that kind of thing. that was old school, typical way of doing it.
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they did not feel that was necessary, they did not think it was all effective, if the commission and moderator did not sign on. l instead, they flipped a coin when necessary and worked it out. i am told there are no sticking point that is went unresolved. knowing that these are two candidates with a difference in heights. we also learned that hillary clinton's strategy has changed and she has been preparing so much for a bombastic donald trump. her stance in for donald trump was playing of a gracious trump to help her prepare for that and giving test compliment in a mock session to help hillary clinton ready for a different softer donald trump who may appear later tonight. thomas. all right, so we also have new information from our katy tur of the guests that's going to be in
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place. there is a lot of heights. >> jennifer flowers is not coming according to the trump campaign even though she was invit invited. we know the benghazi survivor and a gold star mom and general keith and bruce levell. donald trump and hillary clinton are preparing in two different ways. donald trump is not the traditional candidate. he's somebody that does not sit down and do mock debates. he shoots from the hips and he likes to be unrehearsed. he could be too stiff or practice. he does not like that. what's worked for him in the primaries and worked for him so far is his anti-politics stance. his political personality,
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somebody who says the wrong thing. >> the outsider. >> he says the wrong things and apologize for it. >> meanwhile, we got this today, it was the trump debate prep survey that went out to the supporters. it was 30 questions, number four was about whether or not he should call her crooked hillary. >> this is a 14-page survey that was sent out to all supporters. part of the reasons to do this is getting engagement online and target them direct lily. it is also to get a little excitement around the candidates. i don't think anybody expects him to call her crooked hillary on stage. they need to make him look more presidential and board room donald trump if you will and not necessarily fiery campaign primary donald trump. they need to attract moderate republicans and women and they need to convince that he can be
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a stable candidate and presidential and not the wild and crazy donald trump all the time. >> the temperament question, we have this of the polls showing it being neck and neck race. how are they preparing taking on this candidate? >> either one of these, donald trump could show up. it could be this gracious guy if you meet him behind the scenes in a personal way, he's gracious and we have not however seen that donald trump very often on the actual debate stage. clinton team is being careful to prepare for both of those things. there is a lot of pressure on her tonight and she as they think through her potential challenges. one of them is to make sure she does not come across as c contemptuous voter. and you can tell that her team does not totally have her mind
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wrapped around why this election is so close. she will have to be careful to not show her contempt. let me explain this, those are the kinds of moments they want to make sure to avoid. >> they both try to balance out of style and substance. there is some trolling taking place on twitter ahead of time talking about mark cuban. >> if you cannot handle mark cuban in the front row of the debate, how can you handle being commander in chief? >> there seems to be a little attention between the donald trump that emerged with jennifer flowers. they don't seem to be totally aligned, i am wondering if they can stay align for 90-minute. >> that's the big question of donald trump. you willet one portion and
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then he will revert. >> it is commercial free. >> hillary clinton's goal is to make that second donald trump show up. >> at some point in that 90-minute. >> ladies, we got to jet. ka cas katy tur and kasie hunt, i appreciate it. i want to bring i think rick tyler who advised ted cruz in his debate and brett o' donnel. gentlemen, it is great to have you here. how know how hard it is to pin these folks down. we got the new wall street turn out that there is a third voters to help making the decision in november. is he capable of answering questions of substance of honestly and truthfully. >> sure, thomas, i spent ten hours total across the stage for donald trump and for his debate. he's a very accomplished performer as one would expect
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from someone who spent 10 years on reality television show. i think the pressure is on secretary clinton, she has so many things she cannot do. she cannot cough or laugh or shout like she did at her supporters last week. she could con desense. i have noticed that hen when hes not have any idea -- obviously, to embarrass himself. i do believe that while the expectations gained favors donald trump, he brings a lot of strengths to this of experience and performance in debates and in reality television past. >> so rick, let me ask you because you helped ted cruz prepare fo prepares for the debate and before you played donald trump
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in a mock debate. i want to remiend how trump treated ted cruz. >> right now today, he supports federal taxpayer funding for planned parenthood. i disagree with him on that. >> you are the single biggest liar and more than jeb bush. this guy lied -- >> calling him the single biggest liar. >> one piece of information, i want to get on the air our kelly o'donell is reporting. hillary clinton is confirmed at hofstra university for this debate this evening. rick, let me ask you, does donald trump actually call hillary clinton "crooked hillary" tonight? >> new york city i think that's all predebate mind games and it is working very well. it serves to get people to wonder which donald trump is
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going to show up. i am certainly believing this charming donald trump is showing up and this crooked hillary is designed to not know which donald trump is showing up. the expectations for him are low, he's won that part of the game. i think the expectations for hillary are extraordinary high. the momentum is in donald's favor. he's been closing the polls in many of the battleground stage. this debate is very important to her. >> brett, let me talk to you about mitt romney and you worked with him in the 2012 race. there is a memorable moment, i want to remind folks what happened there. >> i went to my staff and i said how come all the people in this job are all men, well, these are all the people that have the qualifications. well, can we find some women that are qualified.
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we took the effort to find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to be members of our cabinet. i went to a number of women's groups and said could you help us and they brought us a binder full of women. >> so brett, explain to us for donald trump who said he has worked within history to help make women more powerful as exa executives within his own organization. how does he reference that and go after hillary clinton and not sound sexes at the same time? >> that's the tight rope he has to walk. donald trump has to be on offense without being offensive. he cannot cross the line and be seemingly towards hillary clinton, a woman and be careful of the language he uses. i think he's right. he's more practiced at this than hillary because of his background in television. donald trump is good to talking to the heart. hillary clinton is not very good
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at talking the heart. i think that she faces a bigger challenge in how she handles him than how he handles a woman candidate. >> gentlemen, i want to show you this internal metrics today. >> also, that same aspect applied to hillary clinton via twitter for winning the nomination but negative headlines for the health ascare and the fbi headlines. let me ask you, who serves better tonight delivering a zinger or an aspiration remark for folks like you talking on the radio tomorrow? >> the debate will actually decided after a massive fall in the last hour within the first 30 minutes of the blue mark twitter account begins to render
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their verdicts and under scores certain matter like the rubio and krischristie exchange. he referred to mr. putin as a small and bullying leader in russia and he referred to him as graciousness. he had some many lines and people can read it that telegraphed that donald trump is gointo be just the perfect gentleman this evening, absolutely confounding and everyone in the armada in the elite media, told me have been pounding him for 96 hours. i call it the mass infantry of the media. he's going to confound expectations again as he did throughout this. >> we are a little over than seven hours away. hugh and rick tyler and i know
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all will be watching. >> tonight, our coverage begins, "meet the press" daily and don't miss our live forecast moderated by lester holt at 9:00 p.m. following by our late night coverage. we have been asking you of our microsoft pulse question, do you think tonight's debate is going to change who you are going to vote for in november. the pulse is live. take a look at results and we'll check back in on as we go through the hour. 7% of you think yes and 93% of you think no. and it is a beautiful day here on hofstra university, right? >> yes, we are going back to college. yes, we are going back to college. coming up next, what is hillary clinton plan to do to win over one-third of americans. i am going to ask her campaign spokesperson, brian fallon, when
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welcome back everybody, we are live at hofstra university. it is a beautiful day. this is where hillary clinton and donald trump will be facing off on the first presidential debate. hillary clinton is enroute to long island here at the university. this is a third time in a row that this campus have hosted this debate beginning at 2008.
11:20 am
this is not new to state of the unions students like this, right? they are used to this attention. hillary is on way. in terms of eye balls and hundreds of millions of americans are expected to watch clinton and trump facing off for the first time tonight. now, with the set of new and our polling, this raises tightening. the pressure is on clinton to out perform trump. what can we expect from the nominee tonight. here is her running mate the last hour. >> hillary clinton is going to do very well, she's going to lay out. she's going to lay out the vision, this positive vision for our country and she's going to talk about plans, the thing about 90-minute, boy, you cannot tie. you have 90-minute and it is a moderator and two of you on stage. you can run and you cannot hide.
11:21 am
we'll see tonight donald trump, can he give details on anything? >> we have tim kaine in the last hour. he's going to stay in florida campaigning, we do expect mike pence here tonight supporting donald trump. brian fallon, it is nice to see you. as we look at this new polling in colorado and pennsylvania, only one point ahead for hillary clinton, this is considered a firewall for you. how did your candidate reverse that trend. there is no doubt that the race is closed. i think in august, people got a misimpression about the race. some of the national polls having us up eight or nine or ten points. i think in those particular states, we feel better in those polls. we have to work hard in the next six. >> why take your advertisement out of the important states like colorado, virginia and ohio.
11:22 am
>> we feel confident about a state like ohio and a state like virginia. >> with these polling numbers, what do you feel about that? >> even though we may not be on the air, we have our ground games in place. we feel like if we turn out our supporters that we identify them in most states that we'll come out on top. there is no question that this is going to come down to ground game and these three debates. tonight, actually the stakes are high for both candidates. >> yaeah, this is first faceoff. take a look on "morning joe." kellyanne conway had this to say. >> it is just incredible number and yes, she's the nominee this time. there is no connection that we could see between her debate performances and any time of major lift in the polls there
11:23 am
after. she's surrounded by many people. >> this is her sweet spots. >> we know that hillary clinton has been preparing for this. was it her conscious effort not to over prepare your candidate to avoid looking stiff or robotic in this big moment tonight? >> no, i think she does a lot of preparations because she takes this platform seriously and owes it to the voters to take it seriously. >> a lot of people, the 90 or 100 millions or so tuning in tonight will be tuning into the race for the first time. they may not have followed it all through the primary. in a great level of details and that's what she's going to do and we expect that donald trump needs to do the same. >> in different capacities, there will be questions about hillary clinton e-mails coming
11:24 am
up. i think people would like to know and hopefully see demonstrated tonight that she r recognizes her judgment has become an imperative question because of that. how does she convince folks that's not the problem? >> that's fair, i think what she's learned about her e-mails is when she's getting in the lead of explaining why she made the decision why she made, it sounds like she's making their excuses. she takes full accountability. >> that's the sentiment that she will express tonight. when it comes to transparency and being an honest broker. >> good judgment. >> sure. >> thati think that you heard i recent week in the campaign trail people like president obama and running mate tim kaine and elizabeth warner, they're actually going to be campaigning
11:25 am
together later this weekend in new hampshire. that speaks to the fact that even some of these people have been on the other side of president obama, senator sande , sanders, they trust hillary clinton and knowing that she has the commitment to be commander in chief. >> part of clinton's challenge is winning over. we'll discuss what hillary clinton needs to do and say. that interview and much more ahead from our very lively campus from hofstra university. back in a moment. we've just been hearing so much about how you're a digital company, yet here you are building a jet engine. well, ge is digital and industrial. like peanut butter and jelly.
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when those two candidates taking the stage for the first time, no more parsons of words. the american people will be able to hear from two kacandidates a they'll hear about two futures. >> here we have mike pence, here we are on the beautiful campus of of cihofstra university. it is the only place with three consecutive debates. you are telling me about your hat, how did you get that? >> oh, i got it for free. >> it looks like a hat that you will get for free. the obama coalition carried in the white house twice. the president's strongest supporters are not sole d on hillary clinton.
11:30 am
the 24 point lead she once held and shrinking the 5% and 81% support she got from black voters nowhere near. rick wade is a former senior adviser to president obama's '08 campaign. rick, it is good to have you with me. are those voters loyal to president obama than they are to the democratic party? >> let me first say thank for having me. >> absolutely. >> i think that coalition will come together. secretary clinton obviously is in her work strengthen our country and moving together. creating more jobs and particularly minority and rural communities and investing in education. all of thoseish issues matter t
11:31 am
most of the coalition. at the end of the day, that ground structure and ground game and strategy is happening. i am confident in that coalition will form and she will receive great support from the obama coalition. >> we know that hillary clinton is pretty much bear hugged obama through this race and he returns back. and over policies but what is it about hillary clinton that voters have not warmed up yet with that coalition. >> i want to be careful about that is sort of, describing hillary and barack obama in the right context. a historic election in 2008 of first african-american and and -- that's why i think it is extremely important that their inspiration and commitment continuing their legacy. also, introducing her own
11:32 am
aspirations for america which she's been doing. she will do that this evening at this debate. this is a place where we'll, you know, hear about her policies and hear about her understanding and empathy to strengthen america. unlike donald trump, who's of divisions and hatred and bigotry. this coalition will coalesce around hillary clinton. >> tonight, we'll see the contrast. rick, how important do you think will be for president obama to get out there on the trail for hillary clinton's presidency. >> well, he's been out there and he michelle obama has hit the campaign trail and that's extremely important. people recognize then, this linkage between hillary clinton and barack obama. he obviously thinks the world of
11:33 am
her. that's a great relationship and as we continue over the weeks to come, that not only people are inspired, they'll appreciate the vision she's providing for us to move forward together. that's what we need right now. i am excited about his role and the weeks to come. >> rick wade. >> it is great to have you on today. thank you for your time, i appreciate it. >> once this debate is over. ka candidates and her team will head into the spin room. that's about who'll perform the best on that stage. chris jansen is joining me and we'll look at how all of those playing out tonight and behind the scenes look. this is the crowd that's going here. [ cheers ] gosh! what it feels like to be young. must be so nice. this is a good looking good of people that came out to support here at hofstra university. they are used to this kind of attention. you are excited?
11:34 am
>> yes. we are back with much more after this, stay with us. ♪ and these are the lungs. (boy) sorry. (dad) don't worry about it. (vo) at our house, we need things that are built to last. that's why we got a subaru. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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there is an energy in the air in here. we are back here live at hofstra. this is our first presidential debate. anticipation builds and the classes were cancelled today, right? classes cancelled? a lot of these folks as i am talking to during the commercial break, a majority of them are first time voters. show me our hands. >> more people are raising their hands now than before. we got our stage debate set.
11:38 am
nbc krchris jansen is giving us live look. take a look, this is where lester holt is going to sit and you go up two steps and you will see those podium. hillary clinton's podium. she's about eight inches shorter than donald trump. there is some questions where they have her step up on something so they'll be more equal. this is a brand new step. first time it is ever going to be tested and ten different cameras around this hall that's going to capture every moment of thousands of lucky people. mostly from the clinton campaign. the trump campaign and the hofstra university student will be in here. they're suggesting 80 or 90
11:39 am
people will be wat million. most watched tv shows of all time is super bowl. if they are hitting 90 million viewers tonight, 90 million wills tie it for 13 most watched of all times. if they hit 100th millions it will be the night most watched tv program of all time. the number one most watched tv program of all time last year is super bowl. 114 million plus. >> thomas. >> we'll know shortly there after from tonight. we'll know where this falls in history. chris jansing, insi inside, lov perspective. we have been asking you our microsoft pulse question. do you think it will change your decision after tonight's debate. here is where we stand so far. you can check out yourself at
11:40 am 94% of you say no and 6% of you say yes. both clinton havs have arrived long island and hillary clinton continues to prefapare for tonight's debate. >> we have a show down tonight. up next, the man who wrote the current atlantic magazine cover story, the key be date primer ahead of this evening. i want to ask him which donald trump are we expected to see tonight. we'll be right back at lively hofstra university right after this.
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governor, there you go again. >> all right, there we have some of the most memorable moments from the debate and the vice presidential debate. these are moments that are really the candidates' legacy. joining me now, james, "the atlantic." you -- i love that and talk about what it means and how that interpret that -- tonight is the most muchmuc
11:45 am
watched since carter and reagan. >> although most of what happens during the debate is about policy and that's why we as citizens are supposed to listen to. t does somebody seem at ease or taken back. when you look back at them it is not good to turn the sound off because you should hear what they are saying. if you want to guess what your direction is going to be is seeing the images and see how they hold themselves. how is donald trump comporting himself. that's the sound off principles. >> james, these are folks that know each other. hillary clinton is going to donald trump's third wedding. how do you think any of that going to play in the professional that we witness tonight or because of the language that's been used for this campaign, is this really the meeting of the two people for the first time tonight.
11:46 am
>> well, one reason why i can hardly believe that people will not be watching tonight is that we have never seen this kind of extreme contrast background of personal bearing of approaches to politics and public life. as you say, donald trump and hillary clinton have met each other in the past. over the last year and a half, they had different paths to this part of the presidency and trump's style is so aggressive and except when dealing with fa face-to-face with women. all of this dressing down, that's one more reason where it is really difficult to fascinat see how they interact. >> and donald trump showing up tonight and acting like a politician. is the and clinton acting like a woman and turning on the personality? >> i think with both of them,
11:47 am
there is an almost every trait that you can name. there is a narrower range for hillary clinton than donald trump. in her case, there is the internal burden of trying fto b a woman or public affairs. if she's too strong she will seem harsh or shrill and looking confidence. and for trump is whether he could fill the two-minute answer or does he come across being somebody that you can imagine accepting as president. they'll have different challenges and we'll see both played out over 90-minute. >> thank you very much, everybody to watch. i know you will be watching tonight. i hope we'll get to catch up soon. >> i will. >> reminder, our special primetime coverage of our first presidential debate beginning with "meet the press daily" and don't meet our live telecast debate moderated by lester holt.
11:48 am
that's at 9:00 p.m. eastern followed by late night coverage with our post debate team and there will be a lot to talk about. hillary clinton and donald trump have had an infamous moment during these debates. up next, we'll watch the pulse. live with me here on hofstra university. we'll break down those moments we'll watch for tonight. we are live atofstra university, these guys are having fun, right? yes. what's not to love? we'll be back in a moment.
11:49 am
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we are back live here at hofstra university in long island. it is a great moment for both of the campaigns. hillary clinton is fighting to inspire the democratic phase to
11:52 am
vote in big number and donald trump is trying to prove to america that he's made of presidential material. you have news about bill and hillary clinton, they are together on their way? >> yes, they are on their way to the debate site. we don't know where she's holding up. >> she's be preparing at a local hoteand she's preparing there. >> there is questions about whether hillary clintbill clint with her tonight. >> yes, he will be in the audience presumably with the rest. >> well, we don't actually talk very often with the unique
11:53 am
aspect with a spouse again, of a living spouse once held. it would be weird for the supportive spouse of a presidential candidate not to be in the audience. even though it is unusual to have a former president in the audience >> we are crossing a first tonight. do you think there is an otis on hillary clinton to show, she's got policy and tbehind the credential to be able to show her personality. >> it is a hard thing, right? this is in many ways an audition to be president and you think policies would play well. but, it is a tough decision, this is a performance and in
11:54 am
addition to showing that she had commanded the material, she has to be present it well. that's going to be a real test for her. >> hours away. great to have you here. especially in person. >> thanks so much. we have been asking you about our microsoft pulse question of the day. do you think the debate tonight is going to change your vote in november. the pulse has been live. earlier it was not much of an influence. 6% of you say yes and 94% of you say no. >> up next, i head back in the crowd. [ cheers ] ye yeah! a lot of fun. they are energetic and kids that you will want to meet. we'll have the opportunity to
11:55 am
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it's me in control now. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. welcome back, we are live in hofstra university. classes have been cancelled today. how about a cheer for that. [ cheers ] >> joining me now two students from the university. student journalist and one of our formal intern and we have rob, the organizer of the not who we are campaign. b, i am going to call you b. it is good to have you here. fe first, what is it like for tow cover the presidential campaign >> this was an opportunity for me, i was here when i was under grad. i was not able to cover it and i did not know much about it so i
11:59 am
kind of watched from afar. now, i have the opportunity to be a student journalist and it is a surreal moment for me to interview people and i love it. >> it is amazing. >>. >> what do you hope to achieve with hofstra university today. >> here at the university, we work to rule out racism and sexism and those are the same forces that donald trump used to get for where he is today. >> tonight, we'll see how it is all illuminated on this stage as they go against each other. >> briana smith and rob, thank you very much. >> thank you for folks here.
12:00 pm
we'll wrap up this hour, i am thomas roberts and kate snow is picking things up right now. i am kate snow, we are also at hofstra university on new york, lo long island. we got six hours to go before the debate on 2016. everybody stop as and watches t same event. tonight's debate as many as 100 million people could tune in which would break the record. and also, in neighbor of the super bowl which gets viewers. donald trump, donald trump and hillary clinton spending much of yesterday and today with their advisers hunker down. that's not to say they are doing the same thing. coming up, the key differences in the way they are preparing and brand new at this hour literally being released reeigh
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