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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  September 26, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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that's going do it for my hour live. stick around. no classes today. steve is right here picking up the coverage. hi, steve. >> thanks for that and thanks to everybody here at hofstra university. home of the pride. the pride that they used to call the flying dutch men. some people still do. we are 43 days and counting until election day, but more importantly just hours away from the first presidential debate. hillary clinton and donald trump will share the stage face-to-face for the first time ever tonight. this comes with a tight national
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race. this is interesting. we can show you this with a lot of pollsters circling this date on their calendar. they wanted a poll that comes out on debate day. we have six new polls. three of them on your screen. the newest in the last hour. the new survey monkey online gives hillary clinton a lead of five points. you have a clinton lead of one point. you have four points from monmouth. these are all out in the last day. clinton by three in a poll from the economist. trump by two in a bloomberg poll and clinton by two in "the washington post" poll. there is a range of seven points here that goes from trump by two points on one end to clinton by points. that sets the stage into the debate tonight. we are expecting what could be a record shattering television audience as hillary clinton and donald trump meet on the stage
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not far from here on this campus here at hofstra university. here to kick things off as we get the countdown going. casey hunt is covering the campaign and both on set with me. great to see both of you. are. >> look at you in your fleece. it's good. >> i have to say it's a great atmosphere. it is like college game day. >> good signs back there. i like this shot first. that's the greatest. >> we will see what shows up this hour. for both of these, let's start on donald trump. we have seen hillary clinton in debates and haven't seen her in a general election debate, but donald trump on the stage like this, he had ten candidates to share it with. this is one on one. he is not prepared with a stand in? >> nothing like that. not the debate prep.
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he never had a debate like this where it's him and another for 90 minutes. we have been talking about this and it is preparation that is different. look at today. hillary clinton was preparing and doing her last minute prep. i am told that he wasn't. he was hanging out at home and getting focus and feeling relaxed. he was not doing that last minute cramming and he hasn't done any mock debates. he watched game tape of hillary clinton and past performances. he had issues of his advisers, but not what you expect. if it ain't broke, don't fix it. he didn't do that for the primaries. >> from what i can tell, it's the opposite of what she describes. >> she has been crapping for the test and setting tup specifically so that she will be put in a situation that is like
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the one she will be in. starting it at 9:00 and the rehearsal and finishing it. she is even doing last minute prep today and prepped for gracious trump and nasty trump and everywhere in between. her team feels confident about any policy-related questions they could get from moderator lester holt. she is ready to talk about isis, foreign policy and all of the things that she studied up on that she talked about in the primary debates. the question is these more personal subjects. whether it's something, long the lines of bill clinton's personal life and places where bernie sanders didn't for the most part go after her on the major vulnerabilities this time around. they are trying to manage out that works. they are hoping to provoke him in the first part of the debate.
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>> they are trying to trap donald trump. >> part is to try to get him to do something they think voters is unpresidential because it plays into what polls are showing is a perception that they are rate to buy into, but there will be people and polling showed, there are more people who say hey, i'm not supporting trump now, but i'm open to it than democrats who say the same thing. >> i am told he is ready to handle it if she does come at it. or calling him on his tendency to misrepresent facts. fact checking in realtime. this is something he knows will be a potential issue and something he has been talking butt with his advisers. adding to what casey said, 34% of voters said the debate will be important 20 their decision making in november.
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donald trump has never seen an audience likthis. they are showing a mixed picture and not just the national polls. we are getting read outs from the battle ground states. he has got to try to turn red and they are blue states. this just out today is a cnn poll. this caught a lot of people by surprise. trump by a point? even clinton said they had colorado locked down and pulling resources in terms of television advertising. now an indication and there have been a few that shows it really may be a close race there after all. we can show you how about this.
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pennsylvania is another state that early on the trump campaign was targeting. they got discouraging numbers, but here is a poll showing a close race in pennsylvania. there is more that come out and this is another one. last time maine went for a republican, the twist in maine. they give each one of them an electoral vote. this is rural maine and bangor, auburn. donald trump is dominating there. there will be a split of electoral votes in maine and see who gets more state-wide. that person will get two for the state. those are the swing state polls to fill you in on.
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in terms of expectations, you heard halle jackson talking about how the campaign approached this. something else unusual. something else unorthodox about their approach. the campaign manager, kelly ann conway is not trying to lower expectations. listen to this. >> this guy is ready for tonight. he is a natural debater. he is gifted. he has gifts and skills that escape typical politicians. >> that was kelly ann conway. the senior adviser to the trump campaign, i know the 1kri79 for these things and the advisers and the campaign manager are lowering the bar and saying we will just be happy to have a nice night. why are you raising expectations? >> i don't think we are raising expectations, but we are coming to the game ready. donald trump has been preparing for this not just over the last year and a half, but his entire
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life. he has been creating jobs among the american people, and he will have a good night tonight. >> we are hearing from halle jackson, but this is a standard thing in modern campaigns. democrats and republicans, they will rehearse and have someone play the opponent. have to deal about w time constraints and 90 seconds. donald trump is not doing that? >> he hasn't done the mock debates. the way the candidates prepared is one of the greatest contrasts in the race. hillary clinton is a poll tested script driven candidate and donald trump who is an authentic candidate. people are tired of career politicians and 70% of americans are looking for change. nobody can argue that donald trump doesn't represent change better than any candidate more than we have seen. hillary clinton is the ultimate status quo. that plays into his favor and
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authenticity will come out tonight. >> halle jackson was saying from the trump campaign standpoint, the debates went well for them. hard to argue at that. in the primary season, you had ten people. you had commercial breaks. i don't know if debate was the right way to describe it. he would get two minutes to talk and disappear for 10 or 15 minutes. >> i don't think donald trump disappeared from any debate. >> he would go quiet for them. >> remember while there were ten candidates, the majority of the time most of them were coming after donald trump and he is ready to take hits. i think he is far more prepared than she is. >> ready to take hits. it sounds like the clinton campaign. the plan is to try to bait donald trump into saying or
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doing something that will unnerve people. is that a concern? we saw it over the weekend, news about mark cuban showing up and the first thing donald trump does as he reaches for the name jennifer flowers. >> the clinton campaign has and the reason they want to bait trump is they can't talk about her record. it's a terrible record. she has nothing but career corruption politician and she wants to avoid that and focus ongoing after donald trump. that's her only play and i don't think it will work well. >> sarah huckabee. that is the trump side of things. what about the clinton side of things. the local favorite around here. >> long island. >> you bring your own crowd with you. steve, we are in your district right now?
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we are just outside of it. very close. from long island. obviously a top democrat and hillary clinton supporter. let me pick up on that and the trump people like the contrast leading into the debate and they like the idea that they are cramming and studying and having one rehearsal after another. donald trump is not overpe prayering for this. >> god for bet we should have a president who actually studies. donald trump is a born television grandstander and he fired people on television for a living and enjoyed it. if the standard is who is the better television performer, donald trump will do well. if the american people have a standard on who has ideas to strengthen paychecks and reduce college debt and protect us from isis and protect social security and medicare, i expect millry clinton will do well. >> the clinton campaign thinks
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they can bait donald trump into a disqualifying moment. >> this guy has a history of being baited. >> we don't know the donald trump that will show up tonight. is it going to be the donald
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trump who is reading for teleprompters. we will see which shows up tonight. there is a vivid contrast and hillary clinton who has specific solutions will be there tonight. if this is a debate on ideas, she will do well. if it's a debate of insults, trump will do well. >> give us a handicap. what is hillary's biggest weakness? >> she has to be able to describe the solutions without giving a 22-point plan. trump is challenged by the truth. he makes stuff up as he goes along. she should not be baited for him. he was for the war in iraq and against the war at the same time. she should avoid being baited by that. >> when you say baited, you don't want her to jump in and challenge the statement? >> this is not going to be the most watched in campaign history. it will be the most fact chekted debate. the challenge she will have is
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not to spend an hour and a half fact checking. she has to resist the temptation to fact check him and talk about the contrast who is the vilifier and has no ideas and no clue. hillary has specific solutions to the challenges facing america. pt barnam is that he is a showman. how to perform well on television. he doesn't understand how to perform as president. that's what you will see tonight. >> the range we have, clinton plus 5 and trump plus two on the other. looking at the swing states and those are blue states in a lot of places. donald trump is making inroads. >> my advice to the american people is don't look at polls. in this election environment, you need a neck brace. here's what counts. hillary clinton has about 215
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electoral votes in the bank. donald trump has about 160. the stakes that count are with her. donald trump has a steep and narrow path and as we get closer to the election, undecided voters break significantly. >> close to the district. as many as 100 million people expected to tune in for tonight's debate. super bowl size ratings that would smash the debate record of 80 million people who tuned into the 1980 debate between jimmy carter and ronald reagan back in 1980. tonight's debate is live here at 9:00 eastern. we will have a lot more to cover here live at the debate site at
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he hit my hands. i never heard of this. look at these hands. are they small hands? they referred to my hands if they are small something else must be small. i guarantee you, there is no problem.
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i guarantee. >> you probably remember that debate in early march. donald trump one of the most memorable to the campaign. they were all talking about that the next morning. that was donald trump and one of the many republican primary debates he went through on the way to t nomination. the firstver one on one debate just him and one other candidate. 90 minutes. no commercial breaks. that's something they had in the primaries. commercial breaks. not going to have those tonight. we will expect no shortage of shareable moments. i don't know if they will be like that one, but both candidates will be pressed on records and policy specifics. the senior contributor and informal adviser to the trump campaign, larry kudlow is author to jfk and the reagan revolution. casey hunt is back here joining me. the donald trump we showed you there, are we going to see that donald trump tonight?
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>> i don't think so. but i don't know. trump is a smart guy. that's why he is where nobody thought he would be. you are asking me to gauge his debate before the debates and i don't have that answer. i know that people may under estimate him and expect weird things and people can run around talking about it and i think he will disappoint and he will be more disciplined than folks think and may even have humor. zone if mrs. clinton has humor. does she? >> the preparation is what we are hearing. almost like a predebate spin standpoint. they love the idea that hillary clinton is working overtime and sweating this one and doing all the debate prep. donald trump is just yeah, i will see what happens and trust my instincts. is that what's going on or more happening behind the scenes? >> there is a lot more happening with respect to mr. trump. she boning up and we have been pitching in and giving suggestions and ideas and
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one-liners. my view, i know i'm an economics guy and that's boring, but the issue in every poll by two to one against number two is the economy, jobs and wages. my view is he has a strong economics plan with tax cuts and deregulation. he will repeat that mantra and he has a prosperity vision and i don't think mrs. clinton has anything. she has across the board taxes. i don't think that's a winner. i am trying to be an issues guy. you convinced that he has decided it's not boring that the issues are not a snooze fest? >> he has a good grasp. he has done a lot of tv. he knows it's different from the primaries. she well briefed on all of that stuff. to my way of thinking, this country has been in the doldrums for years. going back to 2000 on the
1:24 pm
republicans and democrats, folks are not happy. they want a change. the one thing that has not been tried, we had the stimulus package and all the infrastructure and spending that didn't work. he is trying the tax cuts which worked historically. i think if trump makes that case succinctly, he is a winner. what is her growth message? that will be the key issue. you won't know that reading the media. when people watch, this they will ask what are you going to do for me and my livelihood? to me mr. trump will have a big edge. >> what are is the biggest vulnerability and weakness in a setting like this? in a debate setting? >> i think she is going to am at him and make a lot of references to a lot of things he said through the campaign and so forth. the question is how mr. trump handles it. i can't predict anything.
1:25 pm
all i know is i'm sure he knows that he has to keep his cool. i'm sure he knows that his responses to those attacks are measured and maybe has humor, but he has to get back to the issues. if he sits around on the defensive, she is going to try to put him on the defensive and he is probably not going to do well. if he can put her on the defensive, why are you going to raise taxes across the board an why do you want to nationalize health care when it hasn't worked. that kind of thing. i think he will do well. will he keep his cool? will she keep her cool? >> let me ask casey about that. she thinks she can get trump into an unpresidential moment. what are they expecting from trump? >> that has been a big part of the debate prep as well. they are in the debate preparation. he is not exactly afraid of
1:26 pm
hillary clinton and that's what they are expecting from donald trump. one of the challenges for her is making sure she is prepared for a wide range of questions. one thing we have seen from hillary clinton is defensiveness when pressed on things. you saw her pressing on e-mails by a moderator. the challenge for her team is not reacting that way in the face of donald trump if he does that. and also kind of in a complementary way, she has to not be condescending to the people who support donald trump. there is a level of -- they are almost surprised that she is as close to donald trump as she is in these polls. that flashed up with the 50%, why am i not 50% with donors? >> i think you are completely right. she has a lot of vulnerabilities. he may get under her skin. everyone is waiting for him to
1:27 pm
blow up. she may blow up too. i don't understand that speech. she was giving it to a labor group. she blurts that out. that's the oddest thing to say and she was yellinga the the top of her lungs which is not a good style. is that her style or not? when you get to the media that overplays that. voters are smarter than folks think they are. people have not had it well in 15 years. wages haven't moved and investment hasn't moved and incomes haven't moved. they want to know how are you going to help me? what is your plan? we never talk enough about issues in the media. i'm trying to help you. >> i will tell you what. >> you will be surprised at how much issues are going to count. >> let's see if donald trump
1:28 pm
delivers. he has the forum for it. let's see if he does it. thanks as always and appreciate it. how about this. 14 people on the planet who have done what hillary clinton and donald trump will tonight. ♪
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>> it may not be great politics, but the secretary is right. and that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you, me too. me too. >> back in the primary season
1:32 pm
there, bernie sanders, remember him against hillary clinton. we are back here live at hofstra university. we are just hours away from hillary clinton and donald trump, taking that stage not far from where i'm sitting right now. the crowd behind me is ready for it. the 1988 democratic nominee for president.michael dukakis is on very few people who know what it is like to do what hillary clinton and donald trump will be doing tonight. thanks for taking a few minutes. on a personal level, think back to 1988, middle of the afternoon on debate day, these canned ddi are a few hours away from this. what is going through your head? >> actually, steve, i think i was taking a nap to be perfectly frank. we had done a fair amount of preparation and i think i was feeling ready for the debate.
1:33 pm
i think i took a nap and wanted to feel good and alive and alert. the afternoon before the debate was time to relax for me. >> does anything when you finally walk out on the stage and you have the lights on you, does the weight of the moment hit you at all and was there reaction walking on the stage? >> remember, most of us who ran for the presidency have been in lots and lots of debates. not presidential debays, but when you have run for the legislature and run for governor four times and won three times, you have been in a lot of debates. it's not something new. you know it's important and this is the biggest audience that will listen to you. it's not like this is not something you have done before and you hope you are ready for it. >> what he has been through before, give hillary clinton
1:34 pm
advice here. i don't know if she is watching msn msnbc, but you are a clinton supporter and want to see her do well. looking at her and donald trump, what do you think the key is for hillary to have a good night tonight? >> i don't know that there is a key and i'm not sure i'm the guy to address this. she is running against a guy who is a pathological liar. he can't tell the truth. i'm not sure i ever had that experience. secondly she is running against a guy who i think is the only presidential candidate in the last half century who wouldn't tell us whether or not he paid his taxes and if so, how much. this is a new experience. at least it would be a new experience for me. i do think the issue of his tax returns is an important one. he has 90 minutes to tell us whether or not he paid taxes and if so, how much. that's something that i would
1:35 pm
insist he do whether it's because i'm debating him or whether it's because the moderator insisted he do that. this is eye time when we know whether or not this guy will bait on the question of what he paid in taxes. if he is not prepared to tell us, i think it disqualifies him as a candidate for the presidency. i really do. i may not be the best guy to give advice about this. >> you have been through it and that's one of the questions that has been floating in the air about hillary clinton and i. how aggressive is the congressman from long island saying he didn't think she should get caught up and donald trump said something about what he was saying about the iraq war. she should not get involved in a back and forth of him. there is that question about how aggressive should she be tonight in the issue of the taxes in pointing that out and returning to that.
1:36 pm
hey, donald trump, i don't think you are telling the truth here. >> i don't see how you can avoid that. she is a good debater. she is thoughtful and knows her stuff. she is going to be fine, but i do think given who she is debating, there is going to be an exchange of views. she does have to come at him on some of this stuff. she is going to point that out. other things like that. i think she is going to be strong and measured. this is a debate after all. i think she has to pick up on these kinds of things and insist they tell the truth and in particular tell us whether or not he paid his taxes. in a 90-minute debate, that's at least some part of what it has to be. i think we will have a good
1:37 pm
lively debate. >> i want to ask you this on the question of this has been to bother the clinton campaign, this is from one of the new polls, the question of honesty and trustworthiness, this is from new cnn poll out today. which is more honest and trustworthy. at 50% and hillary clinton at 35%. not the first poll that spits back this result. what do you make of that? >> she has taken a pounding over the e-mail thing. i think the whole thing is a crock. i don't know of any, steve, in washington who doesn't have a private e-mail. and doesn't use it all the time. we know her two predecessors did that. if you want to get ahold of somebody in washington, you either want his or her cell phone or private e-mail. it happens all the time. i don't know of any evidence that her using a private e-mail
1:38 pm
which by the way was by no means unprecedented because her two predecessors also used it. i don't know of any evidence that american security was compromised in any way as a result of that. the focus on this which obviously is coming from the folks who wanted to feed her. i think it has been absolutely preposterous. i have known her for a long time. she is thoughtful, she is trustworthy, she is honest and cares deeply about this country and people. i hope we are not going to spend a lot of time tonight on this foolish e-mail thing and think the senator from vermont who said enough of the e-mails and let's get on with the real issues. i hope that happens tonight. >> michael dukakis, 1988
1:39 pm
democratic candidate. thanks for taking the time. >> a pleasure. >> how much does the debate matter? our poll said the debates will have a big impact. 34%. one out of every three voters saying the debates are very important in deciding how they vote. they will talk about that coming up.
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was donald trump's strongest moment in the primary debates. he was going back at ted cruz after ted cruz attacked what he called trump's new york values saying they were out of alignment with conservative values. his response got plenty of response and people said it humanized him for the first time for some voters. that humanity and that off the cuff open book anti-establishment side of trump that he will be trying to tap into. we continue the countdown here from hofstra. the global editorial director at the "huffington post." washington bureau chief and casey hunt is sticking around. we can keep that paper from falling off. let's start here.
1:44 pm
in a way, even though we talked mostly about donald trump. what else is new in the campaign. if she becomes too prosecuting,
1:45 pm
she won't pay attention to making people more comfortable with her. if she spends too much time being the cross examiner, she will miss an opportunity to people why she is on the stage. >> the debate is devastating for gore and he never recovered. he kept sighing heavily. he looked arrogant and peculiar. he doubled down on doing peculiar things.
1:46 pm
the countdown continues. we are over four hours away from the clinton and trump debate. we can keep things interesting. they are taking bets on what might happen tonight. here's a few things. a few propositions that stand
1:47 pm
out. will clinton and trump shake hands. the odds are overwhelming that they will shake hands. they will at least do that. here's the long shot that they will share a hug and a kiss on the cheek. how about will trump say crooked hillary. smart money said he will not. he can do anything online these days. here at hofstra university. the crowd is into it. counting back. right after this. you're not a cook, if you don't cook. you're not a firefighter, if you don't fight fires. or a coach, if you don't coach. and you can't be our leader, if you don't lead. our next president needs to take action on social security, or future generations could lose up to $10,000 a year.
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and we are back. the crowd is fired up. for a football saturday, we call this tailgating. we are about four hours away from hillary clinton and donald trump not far from where we are sitting on the campus of hofstra university. this is the third straight election that he will be hosting a debate. this was a bit of an accident that will go to write state university. they had to back out because of security concerns. they hit the lottery and the third straight time it has been here. the anticipation and we are looking back at the ratings for the debates. reagan and carter, a week before
1:52 pm
the 1980 campaign, the only time they went face-to-face that election, that has the record. a lot of people think that record will be broken. have you seen anticipation like this? >> this is the biggest debate since that in 1980. what's interesting is both sides are comparing themselves to the carter and reagan debate and casting themselves in the role of reagan and they want to a play the concerns voters might have and comes through in a powerful way. one will end up being carter who lost. >> the floodgate just opened. is either one of them capable of a night like that? >> a night like ronald reagan had? i think they are both theoretically capable, but i keep coming back to the sentiment in the sign behind me. i won't repeat it, but these are two widely disliked candidates.
1:53 pm
in a way that means it's likability and not your position on which faction is back in syria. that likability thing in the trustworthiness and the comfort level where the american people are so upset with politics and don't like. i think that will be the deciding factor.
1:54 pm
i remember in 2012, i watched the first debate between barack obama and mitt romney from inside the room. from my seat inside the room, it seemed like a perfectly standard back and forth. i couldn't tell you who won the debate. when i got out i went to the hotel bar at the marriott in denver and they are all watching the highlights. they are tossing back beers and they are so excited. what is going on? i saw the president looking over at mitt romney. i looked over at the dismissive way. this is how everyone experienced it. it was instant. >> i make a football game. it's like a football game. you watch it in your living room instead of a stadium. >> the difference is crowd sourcing. everyone's digging power is on the moment. the whole country can dig up anything and take it to the bar. >> the shared moments on social
1:55 pm
media. the spin room is twitter in a lot of ways. if you want to be part of this, you can follow us on twitter. while you watch on msnbc, over four hours from now. thank you for being here. casey hunt as well. chris jansing is with opportunities here at hofstra university. checking in with her. when we return live on the ground at the site of the first presidential debate. stay with us. and i wouldn't want to mess with that. but when (my) back pain got bad, i couldn't sleep. i had trouble getting there on time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. for pain relief that can last into the morning. ♪ look up at a new day... hey guys! now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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>> hillary clinton lost about 20%. sierra and christina who are deciding between johnson and clinton. what will make the difference for you? >> if clinton can be trusted tonight? >> you don't trust her? >> she has done shady thing in the past. if she is not reading from a psychiatrist, i can probably vote for her. >> i agree. i will see after everything that happened in the past. >> it's no surprise that later you will see the first lady out
2:00 pm
on the trail and more bernie sanders and part of the plan by the clinton camp to win back millennials. back to you. >> that will do it for this hour. i will be back tonight live at the big board for special team coverage that starts at 7:00 eastern. mtp daily starts right now.


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