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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  September 27, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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on the other side, hillary clinton had 300 voter activities today alone. florida, florida, florida. >> chris jansing in florida. that will do it for this hour. mtp daily starts right now. >> if it's tuesday, donald trump is trying to clean up the mess he made last night, but this morning he may have made matters worse. >> tonight, spin cycle. how trump's debate performance went from bad last night to worse today. >> my microphone was terrible. he gave me unfair questions at the end where she gained a massive amount of weight and it was a real problem. >> for clinton, trade. for trump, birtherism and taxes. >> here didn't pay any federal
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income tax. >> that are makes me smart. >> in an election where people have taken sides, what did the handful of undecided voters think? this is mtp daily that starts right now. good evening. i'm chuck todd here in washington. welcome to a spin cycle that might be spinning out of control for the trump campaign. it was as i noted last night an abnormal debate. something you don't normally see and something that we hope we don't see in the future. this was not the way the debate process was designed to be. that said, we didn't get much issues after the first 20 minutes. it became more about the positions and personal problems
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of one candidate. trump is suggesting he might have been sabotaged. >> my microphone was terrible. when i tested it, it was beautiful an hour before. i said what a great mike. it was much more than hers and it was crackling. >> what a great mike. clinton jumped on those comments with reporters. >> anyone who complains about the microphone is not having a good night. >> a little shade there. the trump campaign can't figure out how to spin last night. we saw trump and his allies trying to point to trump's restraint, specifically for avoiding the topic of bill clinton's personal affairs. >> i'm glad i didn't mention it because chelsea was in the room. >> were you tempted to? are. >> he showed discipline and he was measure and restrained. >> as a woman i appreciated the
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restraint at the end. i'm not sure i would have been able to exercise it myself. >> rudy giuliani blew that up pretty quick. >> with that woman did to monica lewinsky. she attacked monica lewinsky and after being married to bill clinton for 20 years, if you didn't know the moment monica lewinsky said bill clinton violated her, you are too stupid to be president. >> she suggested trump should pull out of the debates because he was not being treated fairly. he walked that back and then came this odd moment on fox news. donald trump was asked this question. clinton was trying to get under your skin a couple of times. did she? he started reliving where they attacked him for saying demeaning things about a lateen in the miss universe contest. his defense, she got fat.
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>> shoefs a miss universe contestant and ultimately a winner who they had a tremendously difficult time with. >> i didn't know that story. >> she was the winner and she gained a massive amount of weight. it was a real problem. we had a real problem. not only that, but her attitude. >> that was this morning and there were three hosts that appeared almost speechless. as bad as the debate was, this might be worst. this fuels the new cycle with a new piece of information. they held a press call and put out an ad and they slammed trochl trump as a misogynist. they are struggling to figure out what he said. here with kellyanne conway.
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>> he believes that climate change is naturally occurring. >> here doesn't believe it's man made. >> correct. >> just a few hours later, mike pence muddied the waters. >> it doesn't matter that the president and vice president of the united states believe that global warming is man made? >> there is no question that, that, that the activities that take place in countries around the world have impact on the environment and some impact on climate. >> folks, the trump campaign lost the debate and now they are lawsing the post debate. steve schmitt who ran the day to day operations at the mccain campaign and was a rapid communications guy in the 04 bush campaign and has been there when debates have gone well and not so well. how are you in. >> doing great. good to be with you.
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>> let me ask you this. when should a campaign acknowledge they lost a debate. i heard stories and in fact this morning from some of your old colleagues about the decision to very quickly acknowledge that didn't go well, let's move on. >> sometimes it has to be what it's going to be. when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. the trump campaign found itself in a hole and they dug another three feet down. what they need to do is acknowledge the obvious. say that this was donald trump's first one on one debate and mistakes were made and opportunities were missed and they should focus on what he did well which was highlighting the differences on trade and hoe had an effective first 40 minutes before he lost the plot. i said i thought he looked like a runner who just collapsed from exhaustion and as he got more
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tired, he was more rambling and the comments were more bizarre. he went down tangents and he was defensive and responding to every piece of bait that hillary clinton threw out there. he will have a live audience in the next round. he is certainly not the first candidate to have a bad debate performance though it arguably was the worst any candidate running for president ever had. >> it seems like the challenge is the candidate himself. i want to point out a few things. at 10:40 there is a tweet that goes out that says this. nothing on e-mails and nothing on the corrupt clinton foundation and nothing on benghazi. at 11:05 in the spin room, donald trump says the following.
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lester holt did a great job. i give him a c, c plus. i thought he was okay. there seems to be confusion as to how trump feels about the debate or how his team feels or how they are communicating it with donald trump. >> one of the things was a big mistake. it's off brand for him in terms of how he won the primary. he has been running as the strength candidate. one of the indictments he made about president obama is how weak he is. with donald trump launching blaming the moderator and everyone to his left and the right. it was the microphone's fault and hillary clinton has been mean to him and he doesn't play the victim particularly well. he is not a sympathetic victim in that role. it's off brand for him. i think one of the points worth mentioning, what the republican debates were at some level was an audition where they said wait until i get on that stage one on
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one with hillary clinton. i will annihilate her. i will hold her to account for 30 years of service in the public sector and tear her to pieces. he got on the stage last night one on one with hillary clinton and his campaign said he was the babe ruth of debating and it was a historically bad performance. >> it took the gore campaign to put al gore down and made him watch a parody of his performance. it seemed as if president bush knew quickly. you get the sense within a day. david axelrod said of president obama and the romney debate they didn't do well. there is strategic adjustments that need to be made. how would you advise kellyanne
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conway to advise trump? >> they were quite clear that donald trump did not prepare for the debate. he doesn't believe in preparing for the debates. he was unprepared as a result. he missed dozens of opportunities to engage secretary clinton. from a republican perspective, there is a powerful argument to be made indicting the national security policies of this administration, specifically during her tenure as secretary of state. he missed every one of them. importantly when you got into the national security section of this debate, he was absolutely incoherent. richard angle, the chief correspondent and expert in the middle east, someone who knows the region well talked about his plans in iraq and views as being out of a science fiction novel. indeed they are. he had one main thing he had to
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do in this debate. show that he had a command of facts and the temperament to be the commander in chief. say it's a high bar jump set at five feet and to be elected president, you have to clear that bar. not only didn't he clear the bar, but he wouldn't have cleared it at three feet, two inches based on the performance. >> tell me how you really feel. much appreciated. thanks for your views and staying late. appreciate it. we reached out to the trump campaign with multiple invites. they chose not to offer anybody from the campaign right now to defend themselves on the show. let's bring in the panel. the center for american progress and "the washington post" chief correspondent. you had to write the lead for major moments like this multiple
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times. how unusual was this one? >> it was unusual in the sense that it was not a substantive debate. it was a debate that veered in lots of different directions, none of which donald trump seemed to be able to control. he had a pretty good opening stretch. the discussion of trade played in his favor for two reasons. she is not fully comfortable with her position on trade. you can see it. secondly, it allows him to make the change argument which is the strongest argument he has got in this campaign. once she began to poke at him, he couldn't resist responding. the thing that was remarkable, he has no substantive depth. when she went at the business record, he is so insecure about that ordetermined to prove
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he is a great business person, everything she criticized him about, he took credit for. not paying taxes. that's smart, he said. he played into her strategy. >> his columnist -- he went at it from the point of view that the a trump supporter should be angry with donald trump today. >> he choked. mitt romney had a fantastic debate performance in the first. and strong throughout. he lost the campaign for various reasons, but on the stage for three times and did pretty well against a stilled debater, president obama. what's interesting is it wasn't inevitable that he would do as bad as he did. we basically -- i don't think the arguments are right, but he stayed on message and pummelled hillary clinton for what he
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thought was a winning issue on his side of trade and tied it effectively to the change. he could have done that for the next hour. he could say look, we can get into that later or two sentences to discuss what i said about birthers. this is about the future and here's the question you have to face american voters. do you want more of the same? that's secretary clinton. change immigration policy and an issue that was not mentioned. maybe lester holt was not nice to him, but he could have pivoted off of every question. >> cyber security. >> you want someone who puts your e-mails on a private server. i know kellyanne conway well. he couldn't resist it. didn't allow him not to defend himself. he is to blame and the wind was
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at his back and he choked. >> could the clinton campaign have scripted him any better? >> no. >> that's what we are saying. everything he took down. >> absolutely. they were setting the barlow for trump. not only is he not preparing, but they didn't prepare at all. i don't blame his staff. it's him. he is incapable of admitting that he is wrong. he will never apologize for the birther thing. imagine if he said i apologize to the african-american community and here's what i am going to do to better their plight? he can't do that. >> taxes and birtherism because of how he responded, she has an open way to hit again. let me play both of those moments here quickly and let's talk about them on the other side. >> nobody was pressing it and caring much about it. i figured you would ask the question of course.
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nobody was caring much about it. i was the one that got him to produce the birth certificate and i think i did a good job. >> we are talking about racial healing in this segment. what do you say to americans? >> i say nothing. >> maybe he doesn't want the american people, all of you watching to know he has paid nothing in federal taxes. >> that makes me smart. >> she brings it up in the next debate. >> she sure will and she will keep bringing tup as long as he answers in the way he did. she has figured out more about him than he figured out about her. she will use that in the next debate. i don't know what he does in the next debate and the degree to which he is either capable of or will be advised to change. what we saw last night was donald trump being donald trump. i go back to this throughout the
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campaign. donald trump still believes he was the smartest candidate throughout this election and knows how to do things. he has to do it differently. >> i'm going to take a pause here or they will kill me. did it move the needle with undecided voters? we will hear from them. how donald trump took hillary clinton's bait hook line and sinker time and time and time and time again. stay tuned. ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ i can't lip-synch in these conditions. ♪ savings ♪ oh, yeah
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before we start that, my father gave me a small loan in 1975. >> donald trump said he hoped the housing collapses so he can buy some. >> that's good business. >> he paid nothing in federal taxes. >> that makes me smart. >> he didn't pay what he needed to be paid. >> maybe he didn't do a good job and i was unsatisfied with his work. >> you decided to stay home and that's okay. >> i think donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to be president and that's a good thing. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. that is proved over and over
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>> i will start with trump. how many thought he won the debate? >> zero. >> no one thought trump won the debate. 11 said clinton was the winner. a majority, 17 of them in the group said neither won. 26 of the 29 said neither candidate spent enough time talking about issues. >> there was not enough information that i feel like is going to be like a leadership person. >> i don't care about their past. i want to know from today where you are going to go and take us and how you are going to work with everyone in washington. >> she baited him and he fell for it. neither one of them to me tells
2:23 pm
me anything that is worthy of me to go out and vote for them. >> how many were convinced to vote for either clinton or trump? zero. of the undecided ohio voters, i think that's the part of this that we are all caught up in the back and forth and trump take a debate here and clinton prepping over there, the last sentiment, the lack of issue discussion that was lamented by that group, it is my understanding it was repeated in focus group after focus group. it was a universal criticism of this debate. >> yeah, part of the base is probably happy. definitely the media is happy because they have great clips. in terms of moving voters, neither did a really good effective job. to that extent, that's a failure on both. no question based in our group
2:24 pm
that hillary clinton had a stronger debate. what was clear is that trump started well and completely imploded. the goal here and it has to be the goal to move the soft leaners or undecided voters to you. they didn't do it. that raises the stakes on both of them, more so on trump for the second debate. >> i want to play the clip with testing on the question he got on the birtherism. that's for the test. >> nobody was caring much about it. i was the who got him to produce the birth certificate and i think i did a good job. secretary clinton also fought it. everybody in mainstream is going to say it's not true. it's true. sydney blumenthal sent a reporter, the last week, the interview with your former campaign manager and she was
2:25 pm
involved, but just like she can't bring back jobs, she can't produce. >> i'm going to fall back to respond to that. there is a lot there, but we are talking about racial healing in this segment. what do you say -- >> i say nothing. he should have produced it a long time before. i say nothing. >> what did you take away from that? >> when you are at first, you are not moving anyone. when you are below 50, you are losing them. we saw this, especially this was one of the defining moments in the debate. when he went off the rails talking about birtherism and trying to rationalize it, he lost the folks. then the debate came unglued. in contrast to secretary clinton who had a solid performance. she didn't have as many highs,
2:26 pm
but didn't have any lows. that was really well when she was talking about american jobs and trade. when he talked about himself and these crazy experience theories, people were reminded of his temperament and the issues they don't like about him. >> as much as clinton cleaned his clock in this group and a number of issues, when you asked who would do a better job of helping the middle class or working class, 10 picked trump and four picked clinton. after all of that, he has a built in advantage here if he knew how to exploit it. >> no question. for the first 20 or 30 minutes, i was saying he could win this thing. his message that speaks to the frustrations and anger of the american people especially on the economy is real and effective and i think it's something they need to be sensitive to. they need a stronger mode of context that speaks to the
2:27 pm
frustrations that people feel. he is able to do that, but he didn't do that for 60 minutes of the debate. that is what people are remembering. the question is going into the second debate. does he go back to his strengths or does he go back and end up becoming a mud fight. if it's a mud fight, the secretary will win buzz she will look stronger policy-wise and not going to move undecided voters and that is the key point. move your undecided voters to you. that's the challenge of the second debate. >> with fascinating findings in your ohio focus group. still ahead, hillary clinton gets tripped up on trade. could it provide an opening going forward as we discussed? i will have a conversation with bernie sanders. he will give me reaction to tpp and the whole trade mess after this. most always on my mind.
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there are lots of different ways markets have reacted to the debate. let's check in with the market wrap. >> thanks very much. the dow was up and the s, and p up nearly 14. in other news today, space x founder revealed a plan to colonize mars from private funding sources.
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the senate blocked a bill needed to keep the government running past friday night deadline. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
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welcome back. if you tuned into the debate late, you may have missed donald trump's strongest moment pressing hillary clinton on nafta and the transpacific partnership trade agreement. >> your husband signed nafta which was one of the worst things that ever happened. >> that's your opinion. >> you go to new england and ohio and pennsylvania and you go anywhere you want and you will see devastation. now you want to approve transpacific partnership. >> that is just not accurate. i was against it once it was finally negotiated and the terms were laid out.
2:36 pm
>> you called at this time gold standard. you called it the gold standard and said it's the finest deal you have ever seen and you heard what i said about it and you were against it. >> i know you live in your own reality, but that is not the facts. >> so is it president obama's fault? is it president obama's fault. >> look, there are -- >> is it president obama's fault? because he's pushing it. >> clinton's shortcomings were not as pronounced as trump, but she was open to trump's attacks on trade and the economy. she doesn't have a good answer for her change of heart on the tpp. that dogged her in the primaries. the candidate bernie sanders is now supporting hillary clinton and on the road for her. welcome back. >> good to be with you. >> when i heard the trade argue ams and when you heard the trade
2:37 pm
arguments, what was your reaction and what would you would like to have heard clinton say? >> my reaction is that secretary clinton has been strong in saying that she is opposed to the transpacific partnership and will oppose it coming on to the floor of the congress in the lame duck session. i heard her make a valid criticism of the trickle down economic theory that would give hundreds of billions of tax breaks to the very richest people in the country including $4 billion for the trump family if the estate tax is repealed women don't want to go to trickle down economics again. we had enough of that under george w. bush. >> why should voters believe her on this? her track record and her husband's track record is what donald trump was bringing up does indicate that when she has to decide on a trade agreement, she seems to side on the free
2:38 pm
trade side of the agreement. the more internationalist side of the agreement. since debating you, since running against you, she has gone to the other side. why should voters believe this change? >> because she senses right now that most working people in this country do understand that our trade policies have been a disaster. ceos and large corporations benefitted by moving it low wage countries and she now understands that we cannot continue those types of policies and yes, she has been clear in saying she will oppose the tpp and oppose it coming to the floor. i will do everything that i can to make sure that in fact we defeat the tpp if it comes to the floor. >> no one has been more of a leader than you. you moved much of the democratic party in this direction.
2:39 pm
why do you think president obama has not been convinced yet? >> that's a good question. i am a friend of the president's. we worked on many, many issues. on this issue he is dead wrong. if he were on the show, he would say i am dead wrong. he has his views. what history will record is that one of the reason that is the middle class in this country is shrinking, one of the reasons we are seeing so much income and wealth inequality is the fact that over the last 15 years, we lost 60,000 factories in america. not all of it attributable to trade, but a lot of it. there is a race to the bottom where american workers will have to compete against chinese workers. that's not the way it should be. we should lift up poor people and not see the middle class in decline. >> do you believe nafta was devastating and do you think it was more negative than positive? >> absolutely. that was the beginning and other
2:40 pm
trade policies followed. it's not just -- and i have been a leader against all of these trade policies, but it's not just trade. what trump has to tell us is not only why he wants to give tax breaks to billionaires, but why he doesn't want to raise the starvation minimum wage and why he doesn't support pay equity for women and why he doesn't have a plan to create millions of decent paying jobs. his record, i know he was a john i one note here on trade,fine. if you look at the broad policies, they will be a disaster for worker families. >> many people have been coming to you and asking this question with this issue of millennial support for clinton. it is waning if i show you the most recent survey monkey poll. she doesn't crack 50% with voters under 30. donald trump only 26%.
2:41 pm
i'm focused on the gary johnson jill stein combination. 23% together are picking either johnson or stein. do you think something happened that will make that change? >> i think something did happen, but it's got to continue to happen. actually tomorrow. tomorrow i will be in new hampshire with secretary clinton and what we will talk about is a pretty radical proposal and that is that any family in america earning $125,000 or less, about 83% of the population can send their kids to a public college or university tuition-free and clinton has a proposal to reduce student debt. add to that the fact that donald trump's position on climate change where he thinks it's a hoax is absurd. a lot of younger people are concerned about the cost of
2:42 pm
college and climate change and they will come on board secretary clinton's campaign. >> your name did make an appearance at the debate. let me play that clip and get you to respond. >> you don't know who broke in to dnc. what did we learn? we learned that bernie sanders was taken advantage of by your people. by debbie wassermann schultz, look what happened to her. bernie sanders was taken advantage of. >> how do you like donald trump invoking your name. >> defending me? taken advantage of? strange way of putting it. from day in my campaign, we understood that we were taking on the entire political establishment. including the dnc. the revelations that came out, frankly were disappointing, but they were not shocking to me. we knew that from day one when
2:43 pm
there were just a few debates scheduled, etc. you prepared for more revelations that may come out that may make your supporters more upset? >> look, a lot of people are upset for a lot of reasons. some of them valid and some of them not. at the end of the day, either donald trump will be president or hillary clinton will be president. i think trump will be a disaster for this country and on a number of issues, clinton's position is quite strong. i think we should try to make her stronger. the day after the election, we have to bring millions of people together to make sure she is the most progressive president we can see her become. i think the choice is crystal clear on every issue. she far and away the superior candidate. >> you are here in washington. not traveling. it must feel odd to be back in d.c. you are hitting the road soon.
2:44 pm
appreciate it. >> i will tell you why i'm not obsessed with something that happened about 1500 miles away and it's a moment everyone should see. . grilled, glazed korean bbq shrimp. and try as much as you want of flavors like new parmesan peppercorn shrimp. just come in before it ends.
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surprising as it may be, i'm obsessed with something that happened last night that has nothing to do with the debate. word came on sunday that their star pitcher jose fernandez was killed with two others in a
2:46 pm
boating accident. before the game, the marlins gathered to honor their teammate by wearing jerseys with his name and number, 16. among those clearly overwhelmed was d gordon. gordon heads lead off is a left-handed hitter. he stood as a right-handed hitter as a tribute. just two pitches later he did this. >> going to right. it's deep and it's gone! d gordon has hit it out! >> he doesn't finish rounding the bases before breaking up. what a remarkable moment. what's more is this was his first home run of the year. as gordon rounded the bases he was greeted by teammates and he broke down and the teammates broke down and sports fans and announcers overused words, but
2:47 pm
what happened last night in miami was extraordinary. d gordon had four hits and at-bats and stole a base. afterwards he said of the home run, it seemed like it took forever. i was trying to go back to my teammates as fast as possible and i couldn't get there. wondering where she was not at the top of the steps cheering for me. we'll be right back. you shop online for the best deals on electronics, travel, even shoes. so why not loans? visit today and get up to five free loan offers from competing lenders in under two minutes. then pick the best deal on mortgage loans, auto loans, personal loans, and a whole lot more. if you choose a loan, the lender pays us. that's how lendingtree® is completely free for you. and it's so easy you can do it right from your phone,
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>> time for the lid. it was in trump's response to this exact question. we want to start with the 21st century war happening every day in this country. our institutions are under cyber attack and secrets are being stolen. who is behind it and how do we fight it. here's some of how trump answered that question. >> i was just endorsed by ice and i will take the admirals and the generals any day over the political hacks that i see.
2:50 pm
i don't think anybody knows it was russia that broke into the dnc, but it could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds. >> bernie sanders was taken advantage of by your president lost control of things that we used to have control of. we came up with the internet. they're beating us at our own game. isis. i have a son. he's 10 years old. he has computers. he is so good with these computers, it's unbelievable. we have so many things that we have to do better, lester, and certainly cyber is one of them. >> that was all contained in the 2 minute, 30-second overall answer that simple question, what do we do about cyberhacking. bill, daniella are back. bill? >> as soon as i heard the question, i thought, this is a chance for trump to pivot. >> the most recent secretary of state under president obama who had all of these briefing about
2:51 pm
security, used a home private server that easily could have been penetrated and misled the public about whether there were classified e-mails on that server, et cetera, et cetera. he's very bad -- i've always thought -- he's ultimately a bad general election candidate. but that focus group, she should be clobbering him. if he ever could get disciplined enough in the second and third debates to focus on the two or three big issues, immigration, trade, critique of her, long-standing politician, i don't know that he could come back. i would say that her weakest is not as astonishing as his total incoherence, but it's a little shocking. >> daniella, to build on bill's point, i saw this sort of -- if she can't build a lead after this, should there be some hand-wringing in brooklyn? >> i don't know that there needs to be hand-wringing at this point. it is one debate. i think she won, i think it's very clear that she won. ting there are two other debates
2:52 pm
coming and we'll see what happens. i don't think that he can change himself, because he's just who he is. but i don't think that just because one focus group showed that people didn't move, that there's a need to panic right now. i mean, you look at what happened yesterday, i think she laid out a case why donald trump is not prepared to be president. you can just look at that answer, which is insane, and then threw in some fat shaming for a good measure. i can't believe this man, who was the republican nominee for presidency, said these things yesterday. >> and that's what becomes the head-scratcher of this. and this morning, we talked about, you brought up fat-shaming this person. this morning, to on his own, go back and attack this miss universe, who now is going to become a star. >> well, but we know that he has a very short attention span and we know that he is insecure in the sense that he cannot accept any criticism and wants to fire back. and so he gets himself into
2:53 pm
these situations. so in a debate like that, you have to be thinking strategically. you have to have a strategy going in, it's not clear that he did. but you have to be thinking strategically in the middle of the debate about how to take advantage of things. and there was no evidence last night that he did that. and i don't know whether he'll be able to do that in the subsequent debates. >> i mean, he'll probably lose and he deserves to lose, in my opinion. but in a change election, being the candidate of change, of the party that's not in the white house, is a huge advantage. and voters are willing to excuse a lot of faults in that candidate. but trump -- >> there are a lot of -- >> too many faults. too many really personal faults to get to the core question of, is he qualified to be president. >> i don't -- >> if he can get over that bar, i think voters would say -- >> he has to be able to take advantage of that environment. you can't just say, the environment is good for me. >> there's a bar, like, you have to cross, of confidence. >> what do you do if your pat toomey today, kelly ayotte quality. >> run. >> you were suddenly getting -- you were, a week ago going, you
2:54 pm
know, you know, he's not going to hurt me. he may actually help. >> that's a lot in the sense that they're not supporting him, but they're not associated closely. i would say the republicans have done a better job than i expected. three months ago, i thought, trump will destroy himself. and a lot of these republican senators and house members have done a pretty decent job so far of both distinguishing themselves, running their own campaigns, and not paying much of a price for having trump at the top of the ticket. will that change in the final six weeks? >> i feel like that might change and last night is the beginning thoof. it's hard to keep distancing yourself from the leader of your party after a performance like that. >> didn't president obama give everybody the get-out-of-jail free card when he said trump's neither a conservative or a republican. >> and it's a little hard to say that pat toomey is like donald trump, when what we've been talking about all hour is personal things to donald trump. >> that are unique to trump. >> it's not like, this is what conservatives are -- >> but if you're giving him a pass and saying, i'm going to
2:55 pm
support him, then you say, i'm sorry, you don't get held accountable. >> they have been doing pretty well. we're going to have to wait to see what these polls look like in a week or ten days. and frankly, afterwards, you know, we don't know at this point whether that debate really moved the needle. >> history says these debates rarely move the needle. this, of course, was unlike any other debate we've seen. bill, danielle, dan, thank you. we'll be back with one more story you might have missed and it actually has to do with poles. doctor you want to see. so if you're on medicare, consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like any standardized medicare supplement plan, you'll be able to stay with the doctor or specialist you trust... or look for someone new -- as long as they accept medicare patients. and you're not stuck in a network... because there aren't any. so why wait? call now to request your free decision guide and learn more.
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finally, in case you missed it, there was some confusing reporting about who won and who lost last night's debate based on polls. obviously, a lot of the early analysis on tv was pretty unanimous about clinton versus trump. maybe not a full-fledged knockout, maybe not a full-fledged humiliation, but a solid win for clinton over trump based mostly on preparation. so it was with some surprise when we saw trump tweet, quote, such a great honor, final debate polls are in and the movement wins. really? well, it turns out, and this is a good time to use air quotes, those p aren't really polls at all. in these surveys that are being circulated around by some trump folks, people can vote, refresh, vote again, refresh, clear your cache, vote again, so forth, you get the picture. you get enough enthusiastic supporters with enough time on their hands and you have a
3:00 pm
landslide. then all you need is for someone to say, hey, look at this poll, and report it. well, sean hannity last night who was hawking those non-poll polls. the thing is, he was the one that was quick to dismiss those same surveys eight years ago when ron paul kept winning them after every single debate. the only real scientifically based poll out there last night was by cnn and they had clinton winning 62-27. party ideas a little out of whack, but it was a scientifically kind of conducted poll and that overwhelms any party issue. so after the next debate on october 29th, when you hear about the post-debate polls, consider the source, both of the so-called poll and the person reporting it. that's all for tonight. "with all due respect" starts right now. >> i'm john heilemann. >> and i'm mark halperin. with all due respect to those who wondered if donald trump is tech savvy, with asked and answered. >> we came in with the internet. we came up


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